You and Your Families

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Event Name: You and Your Families
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and Allah o salat wa salam wa ala


whadda Ethiopian Opia demas Ahava t he

woman to be our whom the icin and arel

you Nadine praise to Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala and his blessed prophet

sallallahu wasallam

and his blessed prophet peace and

blessings be upon him and his family his

purified family and his companions and

those who follow them with Exxon

I don't know does that sound better or

what should I do

Serena remember him the topic that I was

given yesterday was was about family

that I didn't really know about it

before but I want to say I really think

that probably everybody in here is very

respectful to their parents I'm actually

more concerned a lot of times about

parents showing respect to the children

than vice-versa and I'm very serious

about that I think a lot of times so

much emphasis is made on children

showing and young people showing respect

to their parents and I think parents

often times forget that actually that in

Islam young people have rights as well

and I'll tell you one story that's a

sake story about a young man who was

with his father

and he went into the Masjid and the

father gave a very poor man some money

and the young man went back and he took

the money from the beggar he wasn't a

beggar but he was obviously in the

scheme and he took the money from him

and then the father said why did you do

that and he said because I I'm in need

of it and they went to the prophet

Elijah and the prophets of lice and I'm

said that his own son was more worthy of

his charity which is a beautiful an

indication that they used to go the son

could go to the Father to the prophets

Eliason with recourse and traditionally

people could go to the follies as well

and unfortunately a lot of that just

doesn't exist anymore and I'll tell

another story that say now Ali once a

man came to him and complained about his

son that he was being disobedient to him

and the prophet sallallaahu said I'm

said I mean said no Ali but I'll be a

lot and who said how did you treat him

when he was young and he said Kunta of

me know who I used to neglect him and

say no and he said so what do you expect

and I personally believe the hadith that

the Prophet Elias Adam said show piety

to your parents and your children will

show piety to you

that it's a young child's natural

inclination is to love the parent and

and honor them and we all know the Quran

all the verses and all of these

indications are very clear in the in the


well saheba Macedonia Moldova be in the

best companionship with them in this

life Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says hamada

to Omaha and r100 Philadelphia I mean

honestly while you re dake Allah subhana

WA Ta'ala says that the mother carried

the child for two years for in in the

womb when an ro1 sapped and weakened and

then weaned it in two years a total of

three years of a devastating state to a

mother and the women inshallah who

haven't known that state will come to

know it and will appreciate because my

own personal appreciation from my mother

increased radically after I had after my

wife gave birth to my first child

muhammediye it just radically changed

seeing how what my wife went through not

only during the pregnancy but also the

whole process and then giving so much

attention and care getting up in the

middle of the night to the cries of the

baby and things like this it was just

really an amazing and a very humbling

experience and this is why motherhood is

so deeply honored in Islam the prophet

Elijah was asked who is the most worthy

of your companionship of my

companionship and he said your mother

and then who your mother and then who

your mother three times and then your

father we and I think everybody knows

this had is there anybody in here that

didn't know the hadith that had to


it has anybody not heard all of these

ayahs that I'm telling you literally


I mean sometimes your parents probably

those are the only eyes they teach some

of the

because they're the only ones they know


everybody wants their perks from the

floor on I told me no wannabe Bob that

icky tablets a foot wannabe Bob you

believe in some of the book and you

don't believe in the others those things

that suit you so instead of talking

about family in Islam I'm gonna talk

about something else and with deference

to the MENA group I didn't like the

title you gotta love them cuz a lot of

times it's really hard to do that but

that's a horrible thing to say and I


in fact I'll tell you there's a man of

kindy who was horrific miser at kindy

he's very well known he was a scientist

and but he was a real miser and he has a

famous statement he said he said that um


uncles are just misery well hot wobble

and paternal and maternal uncles are

just disaster

well Appa and your brother's a trap well

of the book and your sister she's like

foreign camel

and he said when nom you Xena now and

saying yes to people just will dissipate

your blessings what a horrible thing to

say so I don't agree with him at all I'm

not saying that we should adhere to that

philosophy hamdulillah the Prophet

Muhammad Allah says in the Quran

yeah even ladina Amaral itaku itaku

vocal melody Rococo menacing wahida

have guarding awareness of your Lord

awesome awareness of your lord who

created you from one cell maja

I'm in hazard yaha and made from that

self its mate

well bet them in Houma region and Kat

here on when he's ha and from those two

the male and the female have made us all

diverse all of us wanna come in from

Adam and Hawwa Elena Macedon and and

then Allah says what taco melody Tessa I

don't abhi he well our ham and have

fearful awareness and guard your lord

who you ask one another by you say like

well I help me or something like this

and the our ham your wounds guard your

womb bonds that we are bonded by a womb

our first and primary bond is the

literally though that we have all come

from the womb of hala with their own

science these people their own science

has confirmed the Quranic picture now

they say that the human beings have

descended from one mother this is their

own genetic information is telling them

this you can see in a book called the

story of Eve which is somewhat

problematic because of some things in it

but some basic ideas in there very

interesting and also recently after

doing a study of 38 different genetic

materials from all over the world they

are now realized that people were not

they thought that human beings were were

developing at different places on the

earth and now they realized that

actually there was one father as well of

which naturally they're calling Adam and

these things Barnabas so new da Maya

Tina Fatah

Museum we will show them our signs in

the horizons and in themselves

Hetalia Tobiah nada hoon annual hoc

until this becomes perfectly clear to

them that it's true and these are things

we have believed on faith alhamdulillah

but it will continue to shed light as we

watch one of the things even a bad said

about the Quran he said min aya de mal a

to Fusaro in laboum Aurora's a man

there are signs in this book of Allah

that will only be interpreted as time

passes in other words that we at our

human understanding at this point in the

material sciences have not arrived to an

understanding of those verses of the

Quran so what I want to talk about for

all of us and I'm talking to myself as

well of all is up I think most of the

people that I'm seeing here look like

they're adults already there might be a

few younger people but I want to talk

basically about what what the Quran has

given us as a way of becoming human

beings because this is the deepest

challenge of all of us is literally to

to enter in to our Adhamiya to our human

nature to our Adamic nature to enter

into the the the mahom the station of a

human being

and a lot of Isfahan e the great scholar

from iran was one of the sunni scholars

from iran he said that ignorance is the

flaying of humanity from the creation as

long as we stay in ignorance we do not

have access to our humanity and as a man

or woman increases in knowledge they

increase in humanity so what I want to

do is just look at and I want to apply

also some of the modern understandings

that have come with this this idea that

the human being is carried in the womb

we are literally

a result of this nutfah that Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala tells us in the Quran

that there is that we first begin as a

nutfah and this not feh is the result of

the intermingling of two fluids which is

in the Quran it's an extraordinary

embryological fact of the beginning of

life begins with the intermingling of

the male and the female fluids and this

is what they call the zygotic stage as

all of us Mahanama hell italian insanity

no minute daddy

Lamia Concha and McCory we have all been

in our linear evolution as human beings

a not father this is a remarkable thing

if we simply reflect on this that we

were once literally a drop of fluid and

here we are human beings by either an

tumba haruna-san typhoon your human

being I mean this is a remarkable thing

really to think about have any of you

have you thought about that you have

your interest in genetics right so I

mean you must have thought about did it

ladies thinking about that because you

were you were drops too not just the men

I mean it's a remarkable thing to think

about that this was our state you know

that we were once drops of fluid and

suddenly the human being as we grow I

mean look how arrogant the human being

starts prancing about on the earth

thinking that he can do or she can do

whatever they want without any

remembrance of this fluid that we were

once men that in Maheen from addis

pickle I despised through a fluid that

people wash from their clothes I mean

this is the reality of the human being

this is where we came from but this is

not what the human being is the human

being is this is only our material

source there is another aspect of the

human being that takes place at a

hundred and twenty days and this is the

entrance into the womb of the raw itself

the roar of allah subhana wa ta'ala that

he thrusts into the womb of our mothers

at a hundred and twenty days which is

approximately 17 weeks which is when the

heartbeat of the human being becomes

audible with the scientific instruments

that we have now to gauge that at seven

approximately seventeen weeks the human

heartbeat the fetal heartbeat becomes

audible this is the beginning of human

life prior to that it is a creational

process we do not call that fetus prior

to that a human life at the point where

the rooh enters in to the fetus now we

have a human life the pipette he said

aha date any fahisha Janina will come to

the table where d'ye you nourished me in

the womb of my mother as an embryo and

you and I belong to you before I was my

parents colony Muslimin well now la

fábrica Lam - Evita you are the one who

created me or Muslim

and if it wasn't for your blessing I

would have never known this beloved

prophet salallahu alaihe salam so this

human being during these nine months of

which we are literally in the wombs of

our mothers there is a massive

transformation from a union unicellular

entity to this extremely complicated

creature that literally has a brain has

all of these incredibly intricate organs

I mean the kidney alone if you reflect

on the kidney alone and really I

encourage everybody here to study

physiology because physiology literally

will just overwhelm you it will

overwhelm you at the intricacies of the

human species itself of all species but

the human species is something

phenomenal it's something beyond

comprehension the way that our entire

nervous system works the way that we

have volition the way the brain

development now if you look at the human

brain the human brain according to month

neurology is divided into three sections

they call it the are stem or the

reptilian brain and this is based on

evolutionary theories where they get the

names from but it's still very

fascinating to look at these because I

think they have serious implications for

us as human beings the our stem or the

reptilian brain is that which deals with

with simple responsive reactive aspects

of our human nature in other words the

dilatory the pupils if they dilate when

the light goes out and how they contract

when there's the presence of light the

the breathing function all of these

things that we really have no control

over are governed in this low stem the

our brain of the human being we share

this with even the lowest of creatures

all of us have this brain now there are

many human beings literally functioning

at the reptilian level they are reptiles

in the forms of any atom I mean this is

not it's really true there are people

that only know reaction

they have never given serious conscious

thought to their actions these are the

type of people that literally will shoot

somebody if they look at them the wrong

way it's like a snake that only knows to

strike when it feels threatened or

something like that because all the

snake has is that little our brain

that's all it has and there are people

that function at this level in this

society and all over the world we have

one of them is ruling one of the Muslim

countries now his name Saddam Husein

his his brain is probably I think a

cobra who'd probably have a larger brain

really because he's functioning purely

at a at this level

his son Uday right does anybody know

this guy O'Day

I live in LA this man a friend of his

came to the hospital when he had a

broken arm and he was telling him how

grieved he was that his arm is broke he

said oh really

you're really grieving he said yes he

said well then since you're so

compassionate you should feel what I'm

feeling and he told his bodyguard to

break his friends arm and he did that

this is the type you see this is this is

beyond we can't even come for your hand

somebody functioning at this level right

I mean this is literally and this man is

the head of the security and I mean this

is what we're dealing with at a human

level as a nun is infrahuman ladies in

Spanish is infra amano like subhuman

right this is a infrahuman person he's

beyond I mean a butler minute minute an

hour he lower then the creep these

creatures really and he deserves to the

same thing that we do on either of ha

this is the saint that's the only thing

benefit this type of person I'm not

joking there's only thing that means you

go out miss me lalala crowd took me

you know we'll put him out of his misery

and we'll put him out of our misery as

well he's making a lot of people

miserable but this man has a sports car

collection of 200 cars sports car drives

around looking for whatever he's looking

for and and his brother-in-law had a

Lamborghini that he didn't have right

and so they got in an argument over


are you guys your dad I'm having dinner

with something like this I mean I was

this guy gonna eat you know seriously I

mean it's just like some kind of

Creature from the Black Lagoon or

something I don't know

but this man I start getting an argument

with his brother-in-law over a

Lamborghini a sports car from Italy

right this resume you put him in a

sports car from Italy and drive them off

the cliff and and he shot his

brother-in-law because he wouldn't give

him this Lamborghini and this is

unbelievable right so this is a

reptilian he's in our brain that's his

level right if he ever sees this tape

will probably come after me or something

like that you know

I take it all back

so that's the are brain so you have a