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d picture of where the our brain is

at but now we have another brain we and

which is that it's the next stem up


it's a midbrain they got a midbrain

because now we're moving into a more

sophisticated level of behavior and and

the midbrain here is the brain in which

emotion is is where we feel emotion it's

where we experience love and hate and

these type of thing now we also share

this with the higher animals primates

have these brains of dogs right who they

actually will get sad I mean there's a

Yemeni who wrote a book called the user

Adam from Jung who wrote a book called

pallucci lab Ilyich adhere to me man

University AB the preference of dogs

over many people that were close right

so really we do injustice to dogs

because dogs are very trustworthy right

they don't bite their master right I

mean there's human beings that do this

stuff that are on the are brain level

because the dog has a midbrain so is

that working at a functioning at a

higher level than these creatures that

are down on the are brain level at the

midbrain right at this middle level this

is the development of emotion way of the

wretched of the criminals of the

wrongdoers and it tells us the way of

the MOOC we mean the right doers this is

the clarification of the Quran this is

why it is called elf upon the criterion

that which we can distinguish truth from

falsehood that which we can distinguish

what is clear and what is true and what

is real this is so this is the nafs that

most of the Kafar fall into this

category and unfortunately many Muslims

in this age but Allah has told us up now

we move to the next NAB's the oxy movie

Yama Yama

well our oxy movie Nessun Dorma ice

Allah swears by the Yama Yama the day of

qiyama which is a day of regret and

remorse for many people especially the

people of Amara of Nelson Amato the

commanding South the next

of self is called the the

self-reproaching self the self that

blames this is somebody that's in this

kind of emotional type state of trying

right but fall into wrong they're not

fully in control of themselves because

they're Apple that is not being utilized

the word in Arabic Apple of a tight

afternoon Appa means literally in the

Arabic language to bind your camp this

is what it means there's a chord these

thing the Arabs were on the hat on the

head have you you know these that that

is called an akan they called it again

the the upon is literally it comes from

when the Arabs really did have camels

now they have Toyota's in the old days

they had camel and they used to put a

cord on the camels front feet and they

would hobble the camel it's called the

hobbling cord in English and they would

hobble the Campbell with this iPod why

would they do that in order that the

camel would not go astray because it

would stay within an area that they

could keep an eye on it this is the

function of the intellect this is what

the Apple is supposed to do it's

supposed to keep us in line is supposed

to prevent us from going astray but if

you don't use it it's worthless it won't

do anything for you if you never reach

to the level of the intellect of the

Apple itself you'll just stock either a

reptile or some emotional neurotic wreck

I mean this is where you're gonna be you

have to move you have to transcend these

brains that we need we need them we need

that what we need to breathe right I

mean thank God we don't have to think

about that right if you have to remember

to breathe some people my little boy

when he gets when he gets upset he

starts going nice I say breathe breathe

I'm me and then he can't it's hard for

him cuz he forgets he gets so

and then I start doing this thing and

it's very funny because he starts then

he tries to do it with me you know wait

till you have children if you don't have

them yet

it's all true so this is where we have

to get to where the uncle is functioning

as a lat sake lune don't you use your

intellect in Angela Quran and out of en

la look on taki lune we set this down an

Arabic Quran to use your brain to use

your intellects to function as human

beings this is what we have been honored

with the Apple and you have to honor

your Apple

by utilizing it and not becoming some

nebula and creatures that just spend

their life sleep walking around like

everybody else listening to this drone

doubt music that will literally turn you

into a zombie I mean going to the malls

and watch these people walking around

they look as the Night of the Living

Dead it's not a joke it's real life it's

America I mean when they made this film

about the Living Dead they went just

filled normal streets in San Francisco

that's all they did

and it looks just like they're all just

zombies walking around because they

don't have it they're not functioning as

human beings they're literally going

through life in a state of sleep they're

asleep in a Sunni yam human beings are

asleep this is a hadith of the Prophet

and a Sunni yam human beings are asleep

in other words they haven't woken up to

their potential to their realization of

who they are and who they belong to and

what they have to do in their lives and

what we need to do to become human being

we have to use our brains we have to

enter into a state of our Adamic nature

and recognize that we are Kalevala

subhana wa ta'ala and all of you I mean

you're young people your whole life is

in front of you don't waste it because I

know and you can ask your parents I know

that many of them regret much of what

they did in their youth I mean this is

just a reality learned by their mistakes

learn by their mistakes and seize hold

of your life now this is what all of you

need to do become deep people become

reflective people don't become people

who waste their time

don't become people of television if you

look in a study

they did in a survey that the average

worker like service worker in this

country watches 30 hours of television a

week children they say 40 to 60 hours of

television a week a full-time job

watching nonsense

this is what they're doing when you go

to the managers of these people they

watch 20 hours a week when you go to the

the heads of the of the you know the

people over the manors the overseers

then you get like 10 hours a week when

you get to the CEOs they watch 2 to 3

hours of television a week 50% of that

material is material related to the work

that they're doing so the movers and

shakers in this world are not sitting

around watching television they're

utilizing their lives for show for evil

and they're spreading their facade all

over the world but they're busy at it

and the Muslims are asleep and because

we have gone to sleep they have taken

over because we have gone to sleep they

have taken over and that's why we find

ourselves in the horrific condition we

find ourselves in and until the Muslims

wake up it's just gonna one nightmare to

another we're just going to be in one

nightmare to another that's all it is

they're just nightmares because we're

asleep and when we wake up then we can

enter into the light of day and Islam is

a Deen about waking up that's what it is

religion is supposed to wake people up

Islam is not an opiate there are other

religions that fulfill that function in

fact they got rid of religion and now

they just spread opium quite literally

the same people that used to control the

state the controlled religion to

maintain the masses to do what they want

them to do when they got rid of religion

when they found it was no longer useful

now they literally spread drugs you can

see this there on the CIA in this

country is directly involved and engaged

in drug dealing bringing in cocaine

putting it into the inner cities in this

country in Liverpool in England in

Liverpool this is not a joke I'm not

making this stuff up you can go buy this

in in mainstream bookstores and read the

stuff of people within these

organizations that admit this they'll

even admit this on 60 minutes I mean

this is not a joke this is

ality people there are people that want

to keep you asleep if they don't use the

drugs of white powder they'll use the

drug of television they'll use the drug

of their mass media they'll use all

these drugs but they're gonna keep you

asleep because they fear the day that

you wake up that's what they fear and

you should be very well aware of that

because allah subhanho wa taala told us

this in the or on the OREA verano waha

Manawa do know to whom ah man a minimum

yaarun to shove around all these

political tyrants and to shower man all

these multinational economic political

economic powers that are literally

subjugating humiliating stealing the

minerals and resources of Muslims and

human beings all over the world in order

for them to play golf on the weekends

and then you have Judah Houma don't like

the Pentagon and all these powerful

militaries that go around terrorizing

people and humiliating people bombing

innocent civilians gassing human beings

we had Kurdish human beings that were

gassed be aware of that people Kurdish

human beings living in villages mothers

with their babies gassed by these people

this is how they feel about human beings

this is how they feel about it those gas

bombs weren't made in those countries

they're made by the same people that

bring good things to life and it's not a

joke this is reality people this is

reality and if you don't like it go back

to sleep but this is really you're all

adults and you better start just being

aware of what kind of world we're living

in and what we have to do to make some

changes because the changes aren't going

to come around and we just keep sleeping

along dozing along putting on the snooze

button because the alarm clock keeps

going off allah has given us enough

warnings and we just sit around but

allah says that he promises to show down

her man and his armies what they were

fearing from these people you see when

the day that they wake up the day that

they say we're not going to take anymore

i mean this is what has to happen but if

we stay in this state of just taking in

all these things

and believing all the lies and and going

on as if nothing's gonna get better and

change muslin we don't despair

Muslims are not people of despair this

is not our Deen we're people of hope

where people have out lots of panel into

Ana al azar mo da al azar Mona and we

should be aware that how the word out

for what they live in that there is no

strength and no power except by Allah

subhanAllah Diana I mean this is this is

it this is reality and I really hope

that all of you including myself I

include myself in every talk that I give

because I need my own advice as much as

anybody else that we have to become

people of did of seriousness people that

are worthy of this Deen people that are

worthy of this Deen if you read the

stories of those who went before us when

they asked them what was it been all my


they asked NASA the servant of him and

Alma what was he like well lie lies with

the owner hood he the man said don't ask

me about it because you'll never do what

he did they said well what did he do he

said he did will do for every prayer and

between the prayers he was either

occupied in in important matters or

reciting the Quran these were people of

depth and seriousness they weren't

frivolous people they went and they

literally spread this Deen to the ends

of the earth and this is not pie in the

sky rhetoric this is not pie in the sky

rhetoric our Deen is not a Dean of

rhetoric is a Dean of action is not a

Dean of eloquent words it's a Dean of

doing things of going out and changing

the world and the people in this room

have the potential to do that the people

in this room have you have the potential

to do that if you're willing to rise up

to the level of the Dean but if you

choose to remain in your sleep in your

son amulet states if we choose all to

just carry along mosey along go to the

mall become consumers until we're

consumed by born to by the one with the

most toys and the end wins right he

still dies right you don't the toys

don't go with you and we're not people

of play we're not people of play

but Anne said that Allah didn't create

this world as a play and a pastime not

even will ever it's not for playing and

pastime it's not for sports

I mean well like your men you're not

children you're men don't waste your

time watching sports on the on the CNN

or whatever you watch it on get up and

do something with your lives become

serious people of depth and

understanding and we really do it just

do it right just get up and do it don't

then just sit around and and until the

next games on and and they'll just keep

giving it to you they'll give it to you

they'll give you football and then

they'll give you baseball and then

they'll give you a basketball and then

they'll give you a football again and

then they'll give you a baseball and

then they'll give you a basketball

they'll keep churning out the songs for


one after another they'll bring the new

pop stars they'll bring the new

actresses with the beautiful faces

they'll bring the new design the latest

fashion the latest fad they'll just keep

doing it for you they'll keep churning

it out as long as you keep eating it up

and buying it the day that you turn it

off is the day that you have overcome

them that is the day that we that we

have had victory the day that we say we

turn it off we turn all this rubbish on

that's the day that we have victory but

until that day comes we're just gonna go

from one nightmare to another as an omen

oh we need to rise up to the level of

this being a poodle Cody hatha was tough

little logy what I saw