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Event Name: Advice to the Seekers. w SMY
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My advice to everybody is what Shaykh Qatri used to say, "Learn your Fard Ayn and then do whatever you want to do."  and I was noticing just from a lot of the

questions and also from a lot of the

private meeting with people a lot of

your questions can be resolved very

easily if you get some general knowledge

on your Dean and I'm said yesterday that

i don't think the religion intended for

everybody to be a scholar in that sense

of somebody who dedicates her life just

to knowledge because the world would not

work that was the case Allah has made

people he puts different loves in

different people's hearts some people

love grammar most people hate it but

some people actually love it and because

you need grammarians and he put love of

mathematics in some people's hearts most

people don't like math but some people

they love it it's their life and that's

because you need mathematician so

whatever Allah put in your heart that

you love as long as it's how loud

there's our hikmah there's a divine

wisdom in that and we should be thankful

for that so everybody that you see who's

in some way doing something positive

that that's a blessing from Allah

they're a blessing everybody that you

see out there is possibly someone that

you owe something to you might not know

it you might walk past a person that

delivered the milk that you bought in

the store you just don't know everybody

out there is potentially somebody who

you actually are indebted to and vice

versa so people I think if they would at

least take some time out of their busy

lives to give to a loss of behind with

honor for acquisition of basic al Qaeda

a lot of your problems will be resolved

by this learning basic al Qaeda and then

also a basic text of a vedette in

particular and then if you get married I

mentioned yesterday you should learn the

rules of marriage both the outcome of

Zola's and the

Barack because that's actually part of

marriage knowing divorce and then also

the mizzou diet and hua ji bet Wilma sue

yet the rights and responsibilities the

hokas Oh Jane the rights of the spouses

so that if there's any debates or

anything like that your spouse's know

who they owe who's in the right and

who's in the wrong and problems will be

resolved and then also a basic text on

Alec like multiple ooh of purifying the

heart and working on the heart and

working on those things that you need in

order to change yourselves and in your

condition and then the best thing is to

to find good company find some brothers

and some for the sisters some sisters

that you're comfortable with that have

the same mush shut up that you do

because you don't want to be around

people that are arguing the mamata

karate lon he didn't argue he wouldn't

argue about religion he wouldn't debate

is this as simple as that the raga bliss

bayani says in a Verya that LG dad

macaroon vehicle allama muharram une

fille haha awam that argumentation is

makrooh for ulema because it leads to

behold and shanna leads to animosity and

M nity but it's haram for common people

it's actually haram to argue about

religion is haram I mean understand that

that's that's a how come of the ulema

it's haram for you to sit around in some

MSA and argue about a shoddy or met to

DD or selfie or Wahhabi or sufi or you

don't you have no authority to do that

and you're actually accruing wrong

actions if you want to find out then you

know you have to to study my suggestion

theirs is that you take very seriously

the hadith of the Prophet SAW I am in

which he said be with the majority

there's a hikmah in that

the the prophets allah is adam said that

the vehicle minutemen are calcium that

the wolf will eat the sheep that goes

away from the the flock man shut the

shad effin are the one who deviates from

the majority deviates into the Hellfire

so the majority of Elima are very clear

about what Islam is there hasn't been

any serious debates it's following one

of the schools that are valid which does

not negate tell feel joining between the

schools with with the conditions that

are laid out by the AMA and I don't you

know the Shia I consider them they're

our brothers in the religion it's an old

debate and I'm not going to resolve it

if the greatest ottimo in the history of

Islam couldn't resolve it we're not

going to resolve it we shouldn't be

under that illusion and we should just

have peaceful coexistence you know they

have their mosques and and if they come

to our mosques marhaban they're welcome

to pray with us and we shouldn't get

into fights or arguments with them we

should certainly not discuss the issues

that create the animosity about Sahaba

or I shall Delano or any of those things

and if you don't ask you know you won't

have a problem if you start asking you

have problems CD at mizzou Brooke said

that the worst the the door to every

evil is asking how so and so is doing he

said that's the doorbell myth tohoku

deshara is saying keifa foolin how so

and so doing because it opens the door

of Heba of backbiting and all those

things so you just don't want to do that

people have to learn fault line they

have to go and learn from valid scholars

and my advice about valid scholars are

the people that are following what has

been the majority of enema following for

the last several hundred years and the

majority is that they follow the one of

the four meth head and if they have tell

vehicles with the conditions of tofu of

going to other med hub it's done with

the conditions and that they follow one

of the sound

and a leader of the Muslims which is

either the athlete of Allah has entered

a shoddy ordeal on whom or they updated

with his school not it's not just

limited to his opinion just like Malachy

school is not just limited to the

opinions of Eman medical delano or the

hanafi school the opinions of hanifa

sometimes the school goes against the

opinions of the founder of the school

which is a proof it's not tuk li dama I

mean that's one of the ridiculous

arguments of the people that attack

these schools is they say oh they just

with the I'll sibley Malik and it's not

true because there's a positions in the

manic you met have that concur with the

shaft meth head that go against Imam

addicts position they actually take the

position of the other Medhat because

they think the deal is stronger so the

argument of that is a false argument

people shouldn't listen to that I mean

most of these arguments that people give

our sophistical arguments there they're

based on unsound reasoning and somebody

gave me a paper the other day and it was

just for their own clarification

attacking the shoddy and the Met to DD

meth hub and it's fallacious reasoning

you know I don't know what else to tell

you it's just that a lot of it is very

poor shoddy reasoning based on taking

things out of context based on attacking

people for things that were necessary at

given time so and then the third which I

don't deny I mean some of the element

would disagree with this but the third

is a 30 school like people like you have

the bottom oral delano who were not

shoddy Orma to DD but they were a 30 but

they were not like these people claim

now and that school is closest to the a

P dovey mamata Howie of the Alana which

is very basic simple arpita that goes

into no speculative theology those are

the what the OMA agreed on and then

finally the third aspect of the Dean is

s on yes on has an outward aspect which

is a lock of teddy bear a holla and then

it has an inward aspect which is the


and the mahkumat which are the states

and stations of the sateen of people on

an inward path to Allah and I talked

yesterday about the path of salvation

which is the majority of Muslims are on

of just trying to get salvation with in

the next world and then the path of

sanctification which is to actually have

modify in this lifetime before you exit

the world and that is for people with

the high him masako nozawa new economic

are robbing those are the people that

Allah says are the out strippers sabihin

mo farah doing the prophets Elijah them

mentioned a group of people and he was

asked who they were and he said instead

o Nevada kittila people that are

intoxicated that are addicted to the

remembrance of Allah they're doing it

constantly and you know my advice

inshallah is to find good company what I

was saying is to find that good company

of people of the same mashup so that you

don't fall into dispute ation and

argumentation and if people want to

argue with you you say what nima medical

delano said is they searched adam in

edina fish a argumentation is not part

of the religion simple as that that's

what he said it's not part of our

religion if there's any g Dalits

supposed to be with non-muslims it's not

it's not you know it's and then it's

bility here assen in the best way under

malaria rahman al rahim alhamdu lillahi

rabbil aalameen sallallahu wasallam /

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Maine Warden mathematical hamara he mean

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been estaba en el balon abominable

healthy way and a high roller chain my

bad dear brothers and sisters Salaam

alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh I

don't like the word farewell because I

hope that we meet again and I like

another greeting actually in the German

language of Vida zein we see again this

is what people say in the German

language of it as a and it means we see

each other over again with the hopes

that we see each other over again

farewell means there's no further

meetings because people use the trouble

on sea and there were hardly any chance

they would meet again but I hope

insha'Allah that our ways will cross

each other in other classes in this life

here in the mouth cause or our ways

cross each other in Mecca and Medina and

finally in our last abode in an Jenna

inshallah where we know Allah and we

have hopes that if we maintain our email

sha allah and our righteousness and our

aware that we will be rewarded in aegina

hopefully insha allah in the company of

the prophets of allah allah allah he

will he was in LA with the highest ranks

of enfield dolls and Anna so we're not

going to split or separate from each

other but I hope that some memories of

which adult will remain with us that is

to say memories of guidance reminders of

Allah the sacred knowledge that you

studied with the teachers and I'm very

grateful to have been sitting with you

here probably some of you are grateful

or feel that they are obliged but

actually I benefit from teaching the

students I believe I don't know how far

but sometimes much more than some

students benefits because first of all

and this is

were one without a student the teacher

is never called a teacher so there is no

shape if there is no student otherwise

I'd be sitting at home and I want to be

a shade or a teacher if I don't have a

student second if I don't teach what I

studied just sooner or later I'm going

to forget it third if you don't provide

me with feedbacks that is to say some

remarks questions comments I wouldn't be

able to look up find answers to recent

questions update my knowledge to the

recent situations to find solutions to

the rising problems for Muslims in a

certain country or in a certain area in

a certain time because we need to look

up what is suitable for Muslims

everywhere and sometimes there are

subtleties explanations proves that we

avert when we study or when we teach so

your feedback your questions actually

teach us a lot and besides your

sincerity and your hearts are the most

important things which make sometimes us

speak things that we really are unaware

of its your result and this is actually

what makes me fear allah subhanahu

wa'ta'ala most in terms of making claims

because what I say if it fits a person

or if it comes as a response to a

certain query a person has or to a

certain problem a person has it's not

that I am intelligent it's not that I

prepared it's just your heart your

sincerity that comes like a thirsty

piece of land that calls for water and

it absorbs water it's not that we are

good or we are learned and I would like

to remind you of the categorization an

imam al-ghazali made in the beginning of

a heirloom Dean that we don't have

ignorant people and learned people I'm

not standing in front of you here

claiming to be a learned person having

knowledge being proud of it boasting of

it and then talking to people in front

me as being ignorant and then reminded

them of their ignorance no you are

seekers you are seekers you know I'd

America's Ally said people are of four

categories the first is Roger lon 3y

Adrian know yet if Adela Carly month

interfere will be that is a scholar

learn from him the second Raja Rani a

tree while I Adrianna who he had the

reef Adela cut off you don't finna be ho

he's a heedless he doesn't know he knows

we should draw his attention to what he

knows Roger on lately widely and new

layer 3 this is the case of the Seekers

people who don't know but they know that

they don't know that is to say they want

to seek knowledge they want to increase

their knowledge of the Dean or any

subject then these are seekers and some

of these people would be probably much

higher than many scholars the prophet

salallahu tejada Holly he was seldom in

the motivator hadith Hyrule corny corny

semaine de dar una home some in the DNA

Luna home the best of all generations is

mine then the one that follows then the

one that follows with the exception of

the Sahaba the honour of Sabah of the

prophets of allah allah allah he will he

will send down there could be in later

generations individuals who would outdo

people from earlier generations with the

exception of Sahaba shut off a softball

so there could be amongst your students

who would be scholars in the future

inshallah and this is our hope because

we saw the classes of our teachers when

there were 20 students 23 out of them

became great scholars when they were 100

students 10 7 8 15 became a great

scholars and we have in front of us here

a group of marvelous brothers and

sisters devoted to the Dean your love

for the dinner brought you here your

sincerity your vision that Muslims need

to work on a higher level brought you

here so we are grateful to allah

subhanahu wa'ta'ala that you made the

first step some of you would return home

to apply what they studied in their

homes and within their families some

others would go to teach in their

communities some others probably would

study for 12 x 3 years for denying some

others would devote the rest of their

lives for the dean to become scholars

and this is what the Ummah needs I'm not

going to talk about the fourth category

or ozone layer three well I adrien the

hula Adria man who doesn't know and he

doesn't know that he doesn't know this

is the worst category because with

people like you we can change the status

quo of the Muslim Ummah now and we need

to change direction of Islam in the west

and the way to change it is to bring it

from a level of activism to a level of

intellectualism that is to say we need

to bring the OMA to a higher

intellectual level where the concern of

the oma is the study of the Dean and the

deliberation on knowledge knowledge that

belongs to Islamic civilization

knowledge that stems from the book of

allah the sunnah of the prophet of allah

ma li you send them and the way of the

era lleva not a level of activism

because activism is now stemming from a

void from nothing just from anger the