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she was the obstetrician of my family

she couldn't go back to her country she

came to this country to learn medicine

to go back and

this medicine in her country and the war

broke out she was not ashamed of her

people she was proud of her people she

was a literate person people don't talk

about that because history is in a

vacuum history is what CNN tells you

that's not history that's what happened

yesterday or today whatever the latest

headline news is it's told without any

context it's told without any ability

for people to analyze and look at what's

happened this is what people are given

read history really look back all of

this is new if you want to know a

homeschooler I'll give you a great

historical example of somebody who was

home-schooled a man named Ali event have

you found it he was the halifa the Calif

he was the fourth kid he was a brilliant

man he was a genius he grew up in the

house of the prophet muhammad sallallahu

sir he never went a day in school he

never spent a day in school not one day

because he was in the greatest school to

school of the Prophet Muhammad that's

the Sunnah for Muslim soon as the

tradition of their prophet their prophet

was a homeschooler he schooled his

children fatima when the prophet

muhammad peace be upon him was 12 years

old 12 years old imagine this he took a

trip with his uncle to syria of a month

a commerce trip a trip as a as a

merchant 12 years old and look at our 12

year olds today look at them it's

disgraceful it's disgraceful really look

at these poor kids and their victims and

you have to see them as victims and were

complicit in the crime that was done

against them because we're more busy

making a living and we've forgotten

we've already been given a life we've

been given a life by God

and your children are your wealth a man

who will be no Xena to hire to dunya

children wealth and children are other

the ornaments the embellishments of life

on earth but to sacrifice your children

for your wealth if I had to give up one

of the two I know which one I'd give up

and I don't have that much to give up so

it's a lot easier choice than it is for

some people out there we need to retake

our communities really you need to stop

buying these at these corporate really

don't don't buy from them don't wear the

logos don't wear the nike swish why

should you give them free advertisement

they're not going to pay you seriously

why why advertise for them take them off

there they're closer don't buy their

clothes make your own clothes people

used to make their own clothes you can

buy buy cloth go buy cloth learn how to

sew sewing is a good thing to learn how

to do want me to feel stupid walking

around and homemade clothes well who do

you think made you feel stupid the same

people trying to sell you those clothes

that they made that look a lot stupider

than homemade clothes we've got kids

walking with pants halfway down their

bottoms with shoes that are so big I

can't I don't some of these young girls

walking around my god how do they walk

and we know it's bad for their spines

really all of this this is madness

you're not the mad one but if you have

enough sense of who you are and who's

you are you have some individuality you

have some spying you have some courage

to be different it takes courage to be

different people ask me every time they

say what about your children being

homeschooled what about socialization I

said that's why we're homeschooling for

God's sakes get that through your brains

that's why I'm homeschooling I don't

want them socialized into that madness

it amazes me that question

and always come what about every single

person I've ever said what that you

that's it I don't want my my children

there I look out that I see this kids

the same age they scare me when I was a

little kid and I did some Huckleberry

Finn things and I'm probably a little

ashamed of but when I was a little kid

if an adult looked at me with any type

of disdain I felt fear I'll tell you

something I feel fear looking at these

eight year olds I really do and one of

them broke a bottle in front of my house

and I went outside and I said to him hey

excuse me what are you doing he said

what's it to you man this kid was 10

years old if I had said that when I was

10 years old in Mill Valley California

that man would have taken off his belt

and whipped me and my mother would have

thanked him for doing that it wasn't

called child abuse in those days Al

Capone one of the worst criminals in the

history of America according to the the

history books was thrown out of school

when he was 12 years old for punching a

teacher in the mouth Al Capone he didn't

bring a knife to school a knife his

teacher he didn't shoot him he punched

him in the mouth and he was the worst

kid on the block Al Capone went on to

have a extraordinary career in crime but

he was a clever fellow he out people

don't realize that Al Capone probably

did more for the people of Chicago then

most of the multinational corporations

that are centered in Chicago he opened

up soup kitchens and fed poor people

that didn't they loved him Al Capone you

know why they got angry at him poor old

al right you know why they got angry at

him they love now they really did you

can read the history Al Capone at his

trial when they mentioned that he

actually wore they had a somebody up

there who made his underwear homemade

underwear Al Capone was a rich guy he

wore homemade clothes that's what rich

people do they they they don't you think

rich people are buying that stuff

the gap rich people have they pay

somebody to make their own clothes they

eat organic produce right really they do

they eat from homemade balls they don't

buy mass-produced stuff you can make

your own balls rich people they write

they're too busy ruining the world to

make their own balls so they pay other

people to make their own bowls but the

point is they don't eat from

mass-produced things the wealthiest

people don't they really don't Al Capone

when it was mentioned that he wore silk

underwear blushed that's what the

reporter said in other words the man had

some shame in his heart we didn't even

see Clinton blush the President of the

United States when he lied to the

American people didn't even blush Al

Capone blushed because his underwear was

mentioned when Clinton's private parts

were mentioned not his underwear mind

you his private parts the man didn't

blush what does that tell you about Al

Capone and the president united states

well I'll tell you something tells me

that I think Al Capone was probably a

better person really I think he probably

had something in his heart that gave him

a sense of shame despite the fact he was

a horrific human being the reason the

Chicago people went against Al Capone is

because he killed seven men allegedly

not it wasn't the killing of the

gangsters they could care less you know

what really upset them he had his

cronies dresses policemen that's where I

went too far that's what really troubled

them the idea of a police officer being

a mafioso in other words it was too much

even for the people of Chicago seven

people and the people of Chicago were up

in arms we have seven people being

killed every hour and she

go now really I mean look what's going

on out there and people don't they're no

longer shocked at these things my mother

told me who grew up in the 1930s in san

francisco california that if a person

died it was front-page news for at least

a month if a person was killed murdered

it was front-page news for at least a

month why have we allowed this to happen

really something very very wrong has

happened and what it is is that your

souls are dying we're literally dying of

suffocation spiritual suffocation our

souls are dying and and before the

lights are out completely I would advise

all of you to reject this and to commit

your lives to turning the tide because

the danger of people that can see things

another way and have the courage and the

motivation to set out to change those is

that very often they succeed that's why

those people are dangerous people that

can see things the way they should be

and not the way they are those people

are dangerous people and I hope I'm a

dangerous man I really do I hope I'm a

dangerous man and I hope all of you will

commit to being dangerous people a

danger to what's wrong out there a

danger to what is wrong out there and

I'll tell you something you can begin it

if you look in here if the average

person here even has two children and

they raised them to break the cycle to

be different to reject it that can

change the history of Toronto really it

can change the history of Toronto and

Toronto can change the history of canada

and this is the way it begins it begins

with an understanding of the power of

one because one is the greatest number

it is the greatest number is God's

number it's a powerful number and an

idea can change hearts an idea can

change hearts and if an ideas right and

it's true it should change hearts and if

it's not it shouldn't but we're

being bombarded by people who have the

power now to inflict on us ideas that

are dangerous to our hearts and they're

doing it to our children so my advice to

all of you to all of you is to turn off

your commercial televisions this is a

first and major step in changing the

conditions of your households turn off

your and this is an act of courage it's

an act of courage it's the coward that

allows others to amuse himself you see

and I agree wholeheartedly I once heard

somebody to say that they'd never been

bored in their life and it always

troubled them when they heard people say

i'm bored children learn boredom i have

never seen my children bored I've never

once I've never heard them say on board

I haven't heard that I haven't seen that

let them run around and do it they want

you put them in a classroom for eight

hours a day in training and preparation

to living a life of sitting behind a

computer terminal for eight hours a day

being bored stiff really and and think

that this is life know there are there

are alternatives out there people be

creative be creative there's

alternatives it doesn't have to be this

way and if that's the only message that

you take from tonight it's enough it

does not have to be this way we have the

power and the ability to change and we

have to do that we have to change and we

have to listen to our hearts our Prophet

peace be upon him said listen and take

advice from your heart even if others

give you advice what is your heart

telling you about what you see out there

if it's not telling you that something

seriously wrong then as a cardiologist I

would say your hearts dead I'm not a

cardiologist I'm actually cardiac nurse

so I spent a lot of time with

cardiologists and and a cardiologist

will tell your hearts dead if if it's

not registering any movement there's

nothing moving in the heart it's dead

the physical heart and the spiritual

heart and if your heart is dead then

like the Quran says in allahabad mot ha

God brings life to the earth after its

death and our scholars say the earth

here also means the human heart our

children's hearts can be brought back to

life it's going to take some some

serious measures resuscitation sometimes

defibrillation but it can be done they

can be brought back to life because

humans are amazing they have awakenings

I had a car accident that's what brought

me out of sleep that I was in I had a

very powerful car accident and I was

confronted without my own mortality and

that's why they don't want to tell you

about death they don't want to let you

think about death they want to fill your

lives with empty songs empty they'll

replace real friends for friends on a TV

sitcom that know nothing about you they

don't care whether you live or die if

you want to know if you live in a

community then somebody said the the

best way to assess that is ask yourself

will the person at the grocery store

realize if you happen to drop dead today

that you're no longer buying groceries

there that's how you know if you have

any community whatsoever will the person

that you buy gas from will the person

that that does this or that for you will

they even remember that you were a

person in their life because that's

what's been taken away from people we

need community we need community we are

communal beings were beings of community

every religious tradition the song of

the Buddhist the the Ummah of the

Muslims the ecclesia of the Christians

every religious tradition has a sense of

community of bringing people together

and we're difficult to be with each

other you have to set aside differences

sometimes we're hard to be together

that's part of being human it's learning

to deal with that obstinate person over

there and that contrary and over there

and you could be the contrary in

yourself and they're having a hard time

dealing with you but that's what life is

about it's a it's about setting aside

differences for a greater good coming

together listening to each other I i we

were at a poetry recital in New Mexico

we added a spectacular night everybody

read a poem and we had a beautiful night

at doral Islam with all these teachers

and when and when we finished I said

that I would just like to have us a

moment of silence I think or a prayer

for all those people out there watching

television right now who are deprived of

the joy of human companionship of

sharing poems together of sharing

thoughts together and you know what a

man came up to after he was a teacher

and he he was almost in tears he said to

me when you said that I just realized

something I've been spending the last 20

years of my life in front of a TV said

every night and this is the best time

that I've had and it's not condone let

it happen at borders don't let them

co-op that because they'll do it Delta

you come down have a poetry thing will

even give you borders poetry thing and

you can advertise us on the thing make

your own coffee houses really be be

people of creativity be people of

creativity and and the the thing I'll

end on two notes one is Dante legato

said they want you to be docile they

want you to obey orders and it reminded

me of a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad

peace be upon him in which a group of

men went out and he put one of the men

as an Emir over the others which is a

leader on this journey and this man who

is probably a humorous fellow he told

his capacity see that fire I'm

commanding you to jump into the fire and

they looked at each other and they said

the whole reason we became Muslims was

to save ourselves from the fire

so we're not going to do it he said I'm

the Emir I'm the ruler they said well

let's go back and ask the prophet of God

so they went back to the prophets a

lotta time and they told him the story

and he said laughs at oedema hope and

female theater harlot never obey a

creature if it means disobeying the

Creator never obey a creature if it

means disobeying the Creator and i would

put forth that we are in gross

disobedience of natural laws laws that

are part of nature we're in a state of

disobedience and we need to atone really

we need to redeem ourselves all of these

things that are happening on this planet

I believe that we live in a moral

universe that that there's reasons these

things are having there's reasons why

the ozone has a hole in it there's

reasons why the weather is no longer

like it used to be there's reasons why

you don't see birds and bees anymore in

many parts of of our lands there's

reasons why our forests are disappearing

there's reason why our lakes are poison

and toxic there's reason why our food

now kills 20,000 people in the United

States every year 20,000 people more

than was killed in a year in Vietnam in

their own war statistics are dying from

there there the food they're eating

there's reasons for all these things

because we're out of balance and we've

forgotten what the heavens are the

heavens are order and we need to bring

that order down here and there are many

ways to do that I'm a Muslim and I'm

committed to Islam but there's people in

here that have their wisdom traditions

and if those wisdom traditions are

working for them then the Quran says

yeah a little keytab Lester matter she

had to talking with Tara to it in you o

people of the book you're not on

anything until you practice your Torah

until you practice your gospel guidance

has been given to humanity really

guidance has been given and everybody

agrees on certain basic things except

the control paradigm out there they're

the only ones that don't agree in the

majority of people in in in Canada and

America the majority of people according

to the dominant paradigm statistics

believe in God

believe in an afterlife so why aren't

these things ever even discussed in our

public schools why aren't they even

discussed so my advice to all of you

really is don't obey any creatures if it

means disobeying your Creator and if you

want to know what disobedience your

curator is the prophet said disobedience

to the your Creator is what doesn't feel

right in your heart listen to your heart

listen to your heart I thank you very

much and apologize for going on a little

longer than I probably should have and

and I hope that that you do what the

Quran tells you to do whether you're

Christian or a Jew or a Buddhist or a

Muslim the Quran gives a beautiful piece

of advice and it applies to every human

being Aladin st mirren and philadelphia

to be una asana those who listen to

what's been said and they follow the

best of it thank you very much