Beyond Schooling

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Event Name: Beyond Schooling
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of our lands there's

reasons why our forests are disappearing

there's reason why our lakes are poison

and toxic there's reason why our food

now kills 20,000 people in the United

States every year 20,000 people more

than was killed in a year in Vietnam in

their own war statistics are dying from

there there the food they're eating

there's reasons for all these things

because we're out of balance and we've

forgotten what the heavens are the

heavens are order and we need to bring

that order down here and there are many

ways to do that I'm a Muslim and I'm

committed to Islam but there's people in

here that have their wisdom traditions

and if those wisdom traditions are

working for them then the Quran says

yeah a little keytab Lester matter she

had to talking with Tara to it in you o

people of the book you're not on

anything until you practice your Torah

until you practice your gospel guidance

has been given to humanity really

guidance has been given and everybody

agrees on certain basic things except

the control paradigm out there they're

the only ones that don't agree in the

majority of people in in in Canada and

America the majority of people according

to the dominant paradigm statistics

believe in God

believe in an afterlife so why aren't

these things ever even discussed in our

public schools why aren't they even

discussed so my advice to all of you

really is don't obey any creatures if it

means disobeying your Creator and if you

want to know what disobedience your

curator is the prophet said disobedience

to the your Creator is what doesn't feel

right in your heart listen to your heart

listen to your heart I thank you very

much and apologize for going on a little

longer than I probably should have and

and I hope that that you do what the

Quran tells you to do whether you're

Christian or a Jew or a Buddhist or a

Muslim the Quran gives a beautiful piece

of advice and it applies to every human

being Aladin st mirren and philadelphia

to be una asana those who listen to

what's been said and they follow the

best of it thank you very much