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can never

be destroyed so let's just sit around

and drink sugared drinks in the palaces

of Istanbul or the palaces of Cairo or

wherever they were and then the

Europeans meanwhile are busy whittling

away at developing more sophisticated

crossbows more sophisticated cruel and

barbaric ways of killing Muslims and

before you know what they were there

right with their cruel and barbaric ways

of killing Muslims and the Muslims were

kind of like what happened right like

waking up from a dream and so the the

whole educational system begins to be

dismantled and this is all documented

you can actually go and read

eat how they did this they study that

they sent in people studied the whole

thing recognized here's key issues these

are the things they're divisive about

they they reintroduced areas of divisive

pneus amongst the muslims particularly

the al-qaeda which is a big area that

the muslims have always had some pepitas

like the belief system but pretty much

things were smoothed out so let's renew

this argument right so now you have

Muslims all over the Muslim world making

tech feel right calling other Muslims

there at Peter's not straight and this

isn't right and that's not right and and

that goes on all over the Muslim world

now right so as these Institute's are

destroyed the last one that was actually

intact was the you Sophia which in 1938

is basically finished off by the French

and so there you severed now completely

the Muslims from a historical link to

their traditional understanding of Islam

and what emerges out of this is a new

I'm going to get to if you don't think

this has anything to add our it does but

I'm going the long way around right so

just be patient we've got how much time

left how long have I been talking 20

minutes ok is this boring uh ok all

right I just want to make sure cuz I'm

like I said about 37,000 feet I keep

wanting to say coffee tea

so where were we right the you Sofia so

what happens is they dismantled all

these and what's left is these a few

kind of places left and in the middle of

Swat Valley in Pakistan or India or the

deserts of Mauritania or Molly and the

only people now that go to religious

schools are the people that can't get

into any other school right so you've

got like 4th and 5th 6 rate intellects

studying Islamic law that was written by

first-rate int'l X right now that's a

big problem because they can't

understand them so now they've had to

rewrite all the old books in this new

what they call a wall day right

clear fit like clear jurisprudence

because that other stuff was so

difficult and ambiguous what it means is

jurisprudence for mentally incapacitated

people right so we wonder why we're not

producing any first-rate thinkers in

islamic thought right because nobody's

studying it they're all in engineering

school discovering the latest cruel and

barbaric way to blow up people and

they're working for rockwell

international doing it or wherever i

don't know i mean isn't that what

muslims are all the brilliant Muslims

are digest met this guy is like a PhD

and nuclear physicist physicist from

algeria and he's working on a new laser

device to zap people right which is

probably nicer than a crossbow through

the heart but nonetheless it's kind of

got the same mentality there right try

your enemy that that'll be the motto of

the corporation that sells it right you

don't have to drop smart bombs just make

them disappear with our new laser device

that can actually be automated from your

command control in in washington DC with

the satellite over dubai

so you don't even have to go over there

right no more costs of shipping all the

troops over and all this logistics just

push a button and Baghdad disappears I

mean that's where they're heading isn't

it it seems like that if you look at if

you want to get into arms that's a real

interesting right these great western

people that love peace and the United

Nations is founded on breaking down

weapons swords into plowshares right so

we can grow wheat for everybody and

these same people right are sitting on

the boards of corporations that are

spreading vast amounts of highly

destructive technology all over the

third world over fifty percent of arms

sales goes to the third world and

forty-nine percent of that goes to the

Middle East itself but those same people

are there saying we will not let

anything interfere with the peace

process all right except our profits

right because that we can't interfere

with that right because that's the

bottom line which is what these people

are all about the bottom line so there

you have it right that's the state of

the Muslim world now and now America's

worked out even a better way right of

dealing with the whole thing America is

so sophisticated right there like eons

ahead of everybody else and how to

control and manipulate people so the

Americans say let's not dismantle

anything let's let's let them do

whatever they want but let's broadcast

our television programs there so you

know I'll just sit and and vegetate and

watch I Love Lucy reruns in Cairo in

Arabic right and I'll hit the Lucy right

bed mekia Lucy I mean that's what

they're doing in Cairo they actually

it's a big crisis because the quranic

mattress is now the children can't

laporan because they're memorizing I run

I Love Lucy reruns right I mean

seriously this is actually happening

there how people can't memorize anymore

because they sit and watch flickering

cathode rays that zapped your brain

right so before you know it there's

there's no longer any neurological

pathways so people can't think anymore

and that's why they continue watching it

because it gets more and more

thoughtless each year because they

realize now in Hollywood why produce

really expensive stuff when people are

so stupid now we can just put anything

on there so now they have all these

programs where they just run around

behind people in 911 they don't even

have to pay for actors or anything they

just run around actual real people quote

unquote and film them and then people

sit and watch these things right they

watched them so anyway what's this have

to do add our

what it has to do is that what we're up

against very serious competition when we

call people to Islam we're up against I

Love Lucy reruns and 911 right which is

a real concern for people that have to

do dowa but nobody's doing it so why

even worry about it right well what it

has to do with dow is the fact that

there's an Arab proverb that has a lot

of truth in it and it says hockley do

Shaytan they all--they somebody that

doesn't have something can't give it

right now Islam is obviously something

and according to the Muslim belief it's

the most precious thing but if you don't

have it you can't give it now if we look

at Islam right Islam has basic two

fundamental aspects to it the first then

we could almost look at it like in Mecca

and Medina and it's beautiful the

dichotomy between the two that we've

been given Mecca and Medina and they're

very different Mecca is mountainous it's

rugged it's harsh all the people are

harsh not all of them but most of them

and medina is all flat and soft and easy

it's actually mecca's called wow and

Medina's called sad one means hard

another means easy soft and the people

in medina are all easy and soft right in

Mecca it's like this guy was trying to

do I was just there and this guy was

wanted to do fall off right and he was

trying to get through people and these

people from Mecca didn't want him to get

through and so him to go around and he

said the guy said just do throw off from

outside right from way out there don't

don't go up there and the guy this isn't

a what I you know you're like what a

sweet man you are a great sense of humor

so the point of that little story is

that there's this dichotomy and and

really the way we look at it is there's

a personal salvation right which we can

look at as the Meccan period and then

there's a social salvation that we can

look at is the medinian period and Islam

dress addresses both issues and

oddly enough the personal salvation is

more difficult than the social salvation

that's why if you look at Mecca it's all

persecution and struggle and Medina is

all victory right it's all it's really

it became easy once they got to Medina I

mean they had jihad and they had all

this struggle was all still there but it

was all sudden it was different all

sudden they had what's called a is in

the Arabic language and the Quranic

language dignity and you know Allah

raised them up and the secret of their

being raised up is that they were so low

and humble right that's the secret of it

so you can look Islam has these two

aspects it has the Meccan which is the

personal salvation which has two aspects

to it that's all very simple the first

aspect is what we believe and it can be

summed up in when the man asked the

Prophet for advice he said old i'ma to

be laughing mr. him say I believe in in

Allah and then be upright that's it

that's all there is to it that is what

is called personal Islam and that is

what is ingrained in these people during

the Meccan period is believed in Allah

and then act accordingly right and what

happens is if you do that you will find

that people suddenly become hostile

right they become hostile why because

all of a sudden your actions are

actually threatening the status quo

because if you start acting up right and

everybody else is something else right

the way the jinn put it is so beautiful

mineral Saudi hoon women are doing it

attic but we have righteous people and

then we have all these other people so

if you act up right you will find that

people start getting a little uneasy you

see if the woman puts on the hey job and

actually instead of displaying her

sexuality actually covers it and

conceals it all of a sudden

people get a little and they never got

worried about nuns right all these nuns

right wearing this is a jab right the

nuns wear a hijab in fact they probably

got it from the Muslims but nobody ever

got upset this is against women's rights

right well of course they'll say because

the nuns chose that right that's what

they'll say well didn't didn't the

Muslim women she said no no you see

they've been brainwashed they didn't

really they only think they chose that

but in reality they didn't choose that

you see it's just a socialization well

what about the nuns isn't that kind of a

socialization no no that's something

different why well because that's

Christianity an end of argument right oh

okay I'm silly of me to even question so

there you have it right the if you act

up right you get people upset which is

so odd right because what they say is

they want people to act up right but

what they say and what they do like mr.

Emerson said your actions shout louder

than your words and the truth of the

matter is we're living in probably the

most barbaric society that's ever

existed Western civilization the I mean

really what what's happened okay is that

well let's look at Queen Elizabeth right

that great bastion of Christianity Queen

Elizabeth had these characters around

her that were called Corsairs right what

the air was called a la cena and really

what the Corsairs were they were pirates

and and what they did they went around

attacking ships and stealing all their

gold and bringing it back and giving a

good portion of it to the crown and so

it was kind of like a mafia setup but

the Queen was like the godmother or


color and these guys were all these real

slimy henchmen and but it will all

looked really good because she was the

defender of the faith right Christianity

and they were these nights which were

noble titles but nonetheless what they

went around doing was pirating people

and this develops right into

colonization it started out just as

these characters running around pirating

the Spanish and saying well that we

really do it because we're at war but

what they were really doing is just

pirating so they go back to England and

the English army would actually protect

these pirates and ultimately the Muslims

were kind of this problem because the

Muslims were actually and it's

interesting because this is what the the

criminal always will say that the

Society's unjust that's the nature of

the criminal he has to say that in the

same way that racism is justified

because really what it's about

exploitation the same thing criminals

will say it's the society that did this

to me right that's what they'll do so

what these pirates did is they called

the Muslim army right which was the

Ottoman army pirates and they were

actually these noble people because the

Ottoman aren't Navy actually patrolled

the Mediterranean and they had tributes

just like now you have tributes right

like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait knowledge

they just paid a big giant one for this

army to go out there and defend their

little kingdoms whatever you want to

call them shakedowns or something but

it's still it's the same basic principle

so what happens is is that this army

said you know hey you can't pirate

around here because we don't believe in

this stuff right so that suddenly they

said we got to find another way to get

around to Asia because these Muslims are

real pain right so they start sending

out these

and finally the rest is history right

they discover this whole thing so what's

happened now is it's become so

sophisticated because these pirates now

we're three-piece suits they don't have

patches on their eyes anymore and but

they still have skull and bones right

George Bush right remember the club he

was a he still a member in good standing

right you have to dig up somebody's

bones as your initiation rite right

there somebody said he his was Geronimo

that that's what he had to do go dig up

Geronimo's bones so he's a member of the

Skull and Bones club which is a very

easy secret Club so is Buckley right

everybody know that idiot that poses an

intellectual he has a television program

well you know he's got this kind of what

do they call it firing line or something

so they're all members of the Skull and

Bones club right because that's their

old flag it's the same group so what

they've done is they've solidified all

their power right and now they work at

the level of Nations and actually

they've gone beyond that right now they

called the United Nations which is

really just a pirate organization

because they realize that crime doesn't

pay but organized crime does right so if

we get organized it'll all work out and

that's what they did and so here you

have it now the muslims are in this big

spiders web right it's been kind of put

out all across the world it's

interesting all their signs and symbols

or spider webs have you ever noticed

that the United Nations is a spider's

web over the earth and the CBS it's a

spider's web on an i right it's all

spiders webs I mean I just started real

I read a book on spiders

it's not funny I I read it because I

wanted a law says that they're like

spiders right and that's what Allah says

committee Anka booth it's chocolate beta

they're like a spider that takes a house

that's what Allah says about these

people so I wanted to understand that

metaphor so I started reading about

spiders and it's amazing that they're

just like spiders it's it's a beautiful

metaphor because spiders one of the

things spiders do is that they actually

don't eat their victims they have this

poison they inject in their fangs a

poison that's that liquid that liquefies

the interns above their victims and then

they suck all their vital fluids out of

them so all there's left is a shell in

this spider's web right which is what we

call Western civilization and now the

Muslim world they're just all shells in

this spider's web right and the spider

keeps getting bigger and bigger and and

every time a victim comes into the web

they have to they have the most

sophisticated telecommunication system

the spiders right they don't need

satellites but it's very similar they

always have a string attached to the web

so anything that touches the web even if

they're sleeping like spiders sleep even

if they're sleeping the web shakes and

they wake up and they run to the web and

if it's a big victim and they realize

they might get out of the web they have

all these milking glands and they squirt

all this extra silk onto their victims

so they totally cover them up in this

stuff but if it's just a little one

right then they just sit kick back in

the White House and just watch it

just watch it kind of died right so I

mean seriously like Iraq was kind of a

big victim right so they went down there

right and then like shut out all this

stuff and and got them completely

wrapped it whereas bosnia's kind of this

lit I'm it's not funny it's not a joke

but it's a metaphor business is kind of

little victim stuck in the web that they

can just sit back and watch it suffocate

right from the webs of intrigue that

they've created and it's interesting

that this Jewish writer wrote the what

he called about all the how they armed

Iraq it's called the spider's web right

it's an interesting book to read the

spider's web so that's what they do so

where where what's this have to do a

Dawa I know you're all asking that

question it has a lot to do it down

because what we're dealing with now in

the Muslim society is a society in

turmoil and in really decay is I mean

decay kind of indicates that there's

still something alive there right I mean

if something's in a decaying state it's

not completely wiped out but it's almost

too easy a word to use for my the way I

look at the Muslim world it's like I

can't remember his name but he wrote a

book called coma where they kept these

people alive just in a coma so that they

could use their organs right and that's

what the the Western powers due to the

Muslim world they keep them just in a

comatose state so they can get their oil

and get their cotton and get all this

right is organ donors because they have

a dying society up here in the West

that's based on consumption and that's

the only thing see the meaning of these

people's lives is to consume if you take

that away from them all sudden they're

in a complete void and voids are scary

eighty percent of Americans that attempt

meditation have acute anxiety attacks

because they close their eyes and all

sudden they say oh my god I'm inside

myself give me something to look at some

stimulation turn on quick turn on the

television turn on the music right let

me look at a billboard they get very

uneasy right because all sudden they

might have to think about something like

why am I here why was I created where am

I going when I die right those are kind

of scary questions for somebody who's

never given them an ounce of thought

right and they've kind of lived their

lives based on the fact that those

questions don't exist I mean it's very

frightening you see them on their death

beds right I used to work in a critical

care unit and watch them die I don't

want to die I don't want to die I saw

that many times why because that's where

they've lived their lives you see

they're frightened they're scared you

know what Islam is about is about taking

away fear see if you're a Muslim what

are you afraid of right because of for

the first thing that you accept as a

Muslim the very first thing there's no

god but Allah which means there's

nothing that i should have any fear of

except God and therefore everything else

becomes secondary death is a secondary

see if you believe in God if you believe

in the fact that you were created for a

purpose and that you're going somewhere

and it all has meaning then all sudden

everything becomes secondary to that

primary fact which it is a fact is he I

mean the Prophet said in the agenda to

hop will not help what P yamaha it's all

hot it's all true the fire is true the

gender the garden is true the day of

rising and judgment is true the Me's an

the balance is true going into these

things so really getting back to this

what we're calling

people too first of all we have to call

ourselves that's the first thing right

we have to call ourselves every day and

you have to be giving dalla to yourself

constantly every day of your life it

doesn't stop you become Muslim that's

people I've seen people they become

Muslim and I tell some people kind of

get upset when i explained islam to them

but people that have become muslim that

I've given Shahada to and people around

and say why'd you tell them all that

stuff is so heavy right because it's

better they stay out of the house right

then come in and be a foul guessed right

and if you don't want to observe the

manners of the house don't come into the

house because the house has manners and

the house has a low Earth he's called

drop will bait and if you come into

doddle Islam into the abode of Islam you

better observe the manners of the house

and the manners of the house came from

the Lord of the house and if you don't

want to observe them get out of the

house because you're just fouling up the

house and that's what's happened all

over the Muslim world you have these

people that are claiming they're in the

house right but they don't use the

toilet they urinate wherever they want

to write they leave the food all over

the place just to rot so give the house

of stench and then people that see the

house think you know it's like somebody

that looks at a mansion that's totally

dilapidated right and they think I

wouldn't want to live there right as a

beautiful it looks like it was a

beautiful thing at one time I mean

that's the way people look at Islam now

if you hear Orientals talk about Islam

the golden years of Islam right that's

what they talk about the golden years of

Islam because now they look at it's just

like a mansion in total dilapidation

right so what we want to do is is find

out where the Carpenters are to rebuild

this thing

because it's there all the blue priming

what we have now that house is gone

right what they call the golden years

it's over typical aluminum pallet now

have my cus of it what I come back us up

some those people they're gone they have

what they earn and you have what you

earn you see they're gone we can't live

off them anymore it's no longer viable

but what we have is we have a vision of

what it was once at one time but we also

have an intact blueprint and what we

need is a critical mass of people that

will take on this Dean personally take

on it as individuals and then call other

people to it you see we have to rectify

our homes we have to rectify our

character we have to become people of

Easter AMA of uprightness and if we're

not we can't call anybody to anything

because we don't have anything to call

people to it's an empty call you see and

Dow is not an empty call I mean Dowell

is a call to the house to the abode of

Islam is calling people enter into the

abode and right now my sustenance and

I'm sure many of your sustenance is a

personal sustenance because we're not

living social Islam you see I would love

to be living social Islam I would love

to be living in a society where there

weren't thieves because people don't

need to steal where there weren't drugs

because people don't have need to get

out of their state and into a state that

puts them into a sense of oblivion where

they don't have to think about the

problems of their lives you see where

women aren't beaten in their homes

because they have recourse to ways of

solving their marital disputes in their

troubles that are humane and that are

based on justice and wisdom you see I

mean that's that's the society that I

yearn for is a society where people can

live Islam where knowledge is the

highest and most primary function of the

human being to acquire knowledge and to


based on that knowledge acquired elbow

hari has a chapter in his great opus

that's called bad in public Olli

willamette the chapter of knowledge

before speaking and action see because

Islam is based on knowledge the first

thing that comes down in the Quran is

okra bismi rabbika alladhi holla read

that's the first thing that comes down

read what in the name of your Lord learn

knowledge in the name of your Lord learn

knowledge because Allah has don't learn

knowledge to make more money right no

learn knowledge to get a degree don't

learn knowledge so that you can go work

for a corporation that's developing new

and improved ways of killing people

learn knowledge because you are

commanded to learn knowledge and then

apply that knowledge and then take that

knowledge out to other people and that's

what Islam is about it's a very

fundamental call back to the way of

ibrahim ali sent him to the way of the

honey and if I him was a simple man

living in the midst of a desert in a

tent but he had the deepest spiritual

experience of anyone in his time you see

because he was a hanif he was a man who

Hanif is an upright man it's a man that

believes in the Dean of Citra the

inherent religion of man and woman which

is Islam and acts up right and that is

if I him and our call is to the way of

Ibrahim as it was finalized in the way

of muhammad sallallahu syndrome and

that's the call of the muslims and it's

the call of truth and the people that

hear it and respond to it will be the

people whose hearts have that mule have

that hannah phia you see then they're

out there they have to be I don't

believe that they're not and we have to

go find them that's your job in Toronto

they're out there they must be I don't

believe they're not because this is the

feta it's the inherent nature people

will never be happy until they submit to

Allah and people won't be happy until

they know why they were created and the

Quran tells us to worship Him to adore

him to love Allah Subhanahu time I mean

that's what it's about so we have that

individual Islam and that's all we have

now bottle Islam the abode of Islam has

been reduced to your own body you are

Donald Islam now there is no longer this

integral thing that we can call bottle

Islam and this other thing that we can

call that on how this is a time when as

the Arab say I follow that have been

avid everything's mixed up nothing's

clear anymore I mean that's the truth of

the matter and the only thing that is

clear right is the vision of this

teaching because it's still there and

it's still intact and it's there for the

one that takes it up but it has certain

conditions and just just say a few

things about the conditions the first

condition is sincerity why my middle

alethia but a lot more the scene they

were only commanded to worship Allah

with sincerity with a cloth LaHood Dean

the Dean is for Allah it's not for you

it's not a personal way of being better

than other people it's not a way of

banging people over the head with hadees

or I as a verses of Quran you see which

some people do they take the Dean

becomes this tool whereby I can become a

petty tyrant in the same way that Saddam

Hussein is a big tyrant alright so I can

beat people over the head with hadith

the the teaching is a teaching of top

here it's not a teaching of ten field

it's a teaching of calling people in the

best way of calling people back to their

own selves you see of the real true

nature which is submission that is the

true nature of man is to be in

submission to Allah Subhan Allah to

honor and that is what the call is it's

a call to that Beshara that good news

that if you submit to Allah if from a

believer or a male or a female huh

beside a hand wahoowa min deccan and I

want our whole movement for whoever does

a righteous action after their belief

right from male or female and they have

a man then Allah houses Lana here norm

hyatt on by you we will bring to life

for them a beautiful and pure life you

see so even in the midst of all this

turmoil those people who have that

individual sense of Islam will have a

higher Eva a pure and beautiful life and

now we'll be able to sustain them

through this time because we're in times

of sub up we're in the time that the

prophet elias adam said holding on to

islam is like holding on to a call of

fire that's what it's like you see and

islam is about subah in alumnus Aberdeen

and Dawa is about learning subah about

learning patience about learning how to

interact with people about learning how

to subjugate the nuts about learning how

to become humble and it's difficult and

it's a journey and we're all on it you

see none of us have arrived we arrived

when we die and the whole thing is a

process of becoming better and better

you see I wish Islam as a coat that you

could buy in a store and just put it on

and all sudden you're a Muslim but it's

not it's not acquired with ease it's

painfully acquired and so I'm just been

given the warning from the moderator

that's nice usually it says 10 minus Z

they say 22 seconds left right I won't

mention any places or I've had that

happen to me so I well I'm going to just

cut it here because I'm my thoughts have

been a little disconnected right we're

like I said it's an age of

disintegration so my talk was a little

disinterest has to do i'm using excuses

right there they said I other alignment

of them like this excuse is worse than

the what you did wrong so I'm dsi stop

it here and if people have questions I'm

going to remain standing because I'll

probably fall asleep if I sit down I'll

protocol the head of a stuff will not

leave it up anything

okay we're getting so we're going to

take a break and then

no we're going to have a 15 min break

there's refreshments outside it should

be some downstairs and upstairs were

level take time to look at the different

displays we have and we have some books

video games as well some of them is this

the video tapes are also available in

the factor and child 15 mins will call

you back

Melara number him saw that was sarah a

sheriff an mb a-- even more sitting call

to islam and ridicule Christianity and

Christians while addressing an audience

in the bastion of Christian learning in

Canada the University of Toronto Dow is

not a forum to ridicule anyone the amino


my background I was actually raised a

Greek Orthodox and Greek Orthodox are

cruel and mean people they're the ones

that are bombing Sarajevo then so I've

still got some that cruel and mean

streak in me I I went to Catholic Jesuit

schools as well so part of my distaste

for modern Christianity is my experience

with it but I'm not certainly not

speaking as a somebody it was born

Muslim right and then like a medida

right everybody's favorite critique of

Christianity but I accept that as a

criticism the because it is a question

but it's really a criticism and I accept

that and it's it's not good to ridicule

people or other religions and but on one

hand I'm going to get nasty now um the

Quran says I'll people be with you