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#39;s a later invention of

the folk ahah to call dola in the

hemisphere like diplomatic rules the

DOTA is opposite of state state comes

from a Latin words which means status

right which is staying the same we get

static from it like static the status

quo the way things are dhola actually

means the thing that's constantly

changing so it's really the opposite of

a state one because what states do is

they hoard well right what the Islamic

government does is it gives wealth out

there's no hoarding in fact zakat has to

be redistributed immediately it has to

go back into the community and by

Islamic law it's supposed to be gathered

in the community and redistributed back

into the very same community there's no

centralization of power in Islamic law

there's no Washington DC right that is a

totally what there is is there is a

Haditha which is a really a it's a

represent represent ation of the

prophetic hub whereby everything

revolves around it you see that's what

it is he is the ha'la'tha of who of the

messenger of allah that's what the

Haditha is if he obeys him we obey him

if he disobeys him we don't disobey you

see so our hearing and obeying is based

on his hearing an old bang right and so

if he's not hearing and he's not obeying

then we don't listen to him and we

obey Him and that's from Omar Abdullah

know when he took out he give khutbah a

talk to some people and he said about

the Alana what would you do if Omar

started going crooked and one of the

Sahaba pulled his sword out and said I'd

straighten you with this and so all

Marcel had found a leather still people

in this oma that would straighten all

out if he went crooked so he was just

checking that's what they call a checks

and balance system but in Washington you

have Congress and the president that's a

checks and balance you have to have that

system so Alma was giving us the concept

of checks and balances you see to remind

us future generations if he starts going

astray we have to straighten them out

right now what happens when everybody

goes crooked that's the problem so

I have a reputation of giving very long

answers all right go ahead aleykum Selam

thank you brother for coverage of this

artifact factors that were among led to

be the climate innocent enough it's not

the only know it was very complicated my

boyfriend was that when you talked about

Dawa and you divide it up in Mecca and

Medina and you probably make some

comparisons between what happened then

and what could probably be our situation

now love parent Allah says in the Quran

what I definitely thought to do that to

a man I had one and seven prophet

Solomon had given you take whatever

forbidden forbidden you abstain mm-hmm

that's with everything and it moves the

method the 30 cause with which we call

but it's known and down it just self or

scheme that you've isolated that what

that was is now it's just to look at at

yourself and lift yourself you're

listening personality and look at other

personality like it's individualistic

it's more a seven-legged have more links

to the societal level because if used

the sum of individual doesn't make his

authority and if we never have a hundred

percent Muslim individuals it doesn't

necessarily they're not the ivory seed

and the seed of cool addition from

various sites in Mecca his messengers

two leaders of the greatest nations and

karate and he ruffled and he asked him

to get into Islam and he also went there

on the childhood on mecka asking to get

and to give him the rule to give him to

rule by Allah rules and Volusia some of

them gave them give him conditional rule

he chanted so he was after something the

idea that there isn't much that he

outlined for us to manage the nuclear it

in Syria and handle and we have many

Muslim tables and others I think are

better knowledgeable about the serum can

see things for Candide and see it more

and maybe if you can outline much for

other because it felt like its own

individual no no I just do when I talk I

try to talk to the audience I'm speaking

to people have there's called murata to

take leave right and people have

different tech leaf which is your your

responsibility there's different

responsibilities from the vast majority

of people they are not responsible for

for instance the rulers the people that

are to rectify the rulers are the ulema

right these are the people that have to

rectify the rulers that's why the Provos

a licen him said that the greatest jihad

parlin would you hadn't kitten with a

hop Imam soltan in jail the biggest

jihad is actually doua is a word it's

not fighting or anything the biggest

jihad is speaking the truth in front of

an unjust ruler the people that speak

the truth all the people that have what

are called a judge and bara hien they're

the people of proofs and of sound

arguments and those are the ulema you

see and that's why all of the early

community said that the facade of dunya

right the the destruction of the world

is with the destruction of the Roma and

the Umara because the owner man don't

wanna have to have this relationship one

has to be rectifying the other you see

and if they don't then you get

disintegration which is what's happened

in our societies now we most of the

Ummah have aligned themselves with

unjust rulers and so they have lost

their status within the Muslim societies

people really don't listen to them

because they see them sitting next to

Pharaoh and if you're sitting next to

Pharaoh you're in bad company right so

my point is is that I you know I have

been Muslim now almost 18 years and I've

heard a lot since the time I became

Muslim until now and what I recognize is

it that there's a lot of talk and talk

is very cheap and you can sit around in

cafes and discuss about the way things

should be but if people aren't changing

some very fundamental things which is

not to ignore other aspects you see but

the rectification of societies takes

place from those people that are lost

behind without has given them the

intellectual gifts and the spiritual

gifts for that transformation the vast

majority people don't have those the

tools right at the web

the tools of that thumb change which is

to actually change not just themselves

but to change the society people you

know what are called the alarm which I

consider myself from them are the the

simple people right that don't have the

deep knowledge that's necessary to

present blueprints and present we have

Muslims working very hard not just in

the Muslim world but outside the Muslim

world for change at the highest levels

DC and they have that tech leave and

they exist and there's movements that

have been going on for a long time to

bring about those change do you see what

I mean did you follow that yeah so are

you know Muslims should support those

that are working towards that change I

personally the now the Islam that I

studied was I studied very classical

scholars mostly from Mauritania and my

understanding of Islam is that Islam is

not a revolutionary type of teaching

because olerude an assault but what's

called her una sopa in the rules of silk

like going out and actually opposing the

government and things like that

violently there have to be very specific

conditions present for that to take

place and those are details that we

could go into here so Islam is a total

picture and I'm not trying to say that

it's one isolated aspect what I'm saying

is that is the beginning point for us as

individuals and if we have not begun

there then there's no point in trying to

get somewhere else you see you have to

start you know everything starts with

steps you know a child first learns to

crawl and then it learns to walk and

then it learns to run and that's the

nature of growth it's progressive the

there's this Arabic saying that says

bound which evolves from

so the food of the Giants is poison for

the little ones right the food of adults

is poisonous for babies you can't feed

babies meet you see ya rabi alone

where's Mossad that's all we want Musab

yeah that's what we want Mossad given on

there someday cuz I'm then you know

nobody's I wouldn't be here if I lost

hope I'd be at home with my family

sleeping Katya lon yeah but who prepared

mosa mosa didn't come out of a vacuum

yeah Mosab had very serious training

like the element you see they talk about

degrees of Dawa the first degree is

called tube leave right which is

actually where individuals who have

taken it actually go out and spread the

message the second degree is called to

Queen right which is where you the

people that accept the message then are

molded into actual real characteristics

of that message and then the final stage

is Tim keen which is when a lot you make

in a home fedora and that's a promise in

the Quran but there's what's called in

the Quran or Joomla Hallia in the Arabic

language which is a sentence of state in

other words if the condition exists then

that thing is this and in the eyes of

some teen that Allah says well I or what

are you making under comforter be right

he will establish you in the earth yeah

we don't Allah life utica vishay they

worship Allah and they do not associate

anything with him that is the gym

Natalia that allow promises if that


the other thing is this if you look at

the Quran a lot of Hanoi data says yeah

you had latina a taco la vaca luolan

sadita o you who believe have taqwa have

conscious awareness of Allah right and

say truthful things be upright in your

speech in other words have the awareness

of Allah and taqwa is behavioral it's

not at akkad taqwa is not the way you

think is the way you act in other words

behave like a Muslim and speak like a

Muslim now look at the what's called the

the result of that right you slacker

coma a medical he rectifies your state

you slacker coma American while you have

a filler comes a new back home and he

will forgive all of your wrong actions

so in other words your worldly affairs

are rectified and your other worldly

affairs are rectified and then Allah

tells us in the autumn anotado Samoa to

inaudible Javad that he has given this

amana and the amana here the trust that

allah put forward to the heavens the

earth and the mountains and that they

refused it and man took it on is the

take a leave a Sharia it is the

responsibility of implementing this

teaching in our lives and in ourselves

and if we do that if you will get up at

night and call on Allah and do these

saying that is primary that's all I'm

saying if you're not doing that don't

expect anything else to happen which is

not negating the other things Ilan

sitting upon what I do mr. Parkman

kawawa memory behind I mean all these

things exist prepare with power and

strength and horses and which could be

read what you know the means the

necessary mean let's see what somebody

told me once that you see if we were

military had military strength in Bosnia

this would have never happened that is a

fallacious argument right in logic that

is a fallacious argument because if

allah wants a lot could have got the

serves in the crates killing each other

and then after they all killed everybody

they're just be muslims there they have

their country and everything I mean it's

not based on material you can't

interpret things materialistically you

see our Deen is based on the

the second principle in the Dean is the

Amanda light and latina y una vida huh

they believe in allah subhan allah tala

and in the right they believe in the

unseen so we there's other elements

acting and happening in creation that we

don't see that we're not consciously

aware of but that are taking place so

rectification that's all I'm saying is

rectification begins first with the self

if that's not taking place then all of

the other things that extend from that

are of no benefit you see and if Allah

does not give a success then we have to

go back and look at why and the Muslims

have not had success we have not had

success in terms of Tim keen there's

been success hamdillah in people

returning to the Dean and these things

and it's happening and it's happening in

the time that Allah wills it to happen

the other thing that one of the North

Africa shakhnazarov said is that one of

the great tribulations of our time he

said this in the ninth century as the

people he said yes ty Dillon and foot

doona sure will be he that they tried to

hurry the victory or the opening without

having the condition and each one of the

stations right of the tablet to Queen

and the term keen they have condition

for instance in Afghanistan should open

muscle were there but shuru Potemkin

were not there you see the conditions of

victory were there but the conditions

for establishment were not there and

they are you can look at the our

scholars have enunciated them very

clearly from the Quran you see one of

the most beautiful books and I recommend

that you read it is a job of Kathy by in

Oakland Josia because he talks about

what is wrong with the society and his

basic and fundamental analysis is is it

is the wrong actions of the individuals

that compose that society and until that

is rectified until there are not kebaya

in our societies that everything is

going to remain the same you see it

stays the same because this is the

Sunnah of this is the way of the divine

way that has no

change you see Allah says that inquire

if you read the Quran with to elmwood

with with reflection and depth it

becomes very clear why societies are

destroyed and how they're rectified you

see and and we should never forget that

Islam is not a ideology Islam is not an

ideology it's not a political ideology

like communism or capitalism or

something like that Islam is a deep

transformative spiritual power that

transforms the individual and transforms

the society it has political aspect it

has social aspects as all these aspects

but that is its fundamental power you

see the power of Islam is in the power

of personal transformation that is the

power of the Sun and personal

transformation leads to social

transformation that is the Sunnah of

Allah you cannot create social

transformation without personal

transformation that is not the Sunnah of

Allah and you can find that in the Quran

and in the sunnah of the prophet elias a

time you see you should do it I mean

your first victory every day is foggia

you see but even higher than that is

p.m. and Leia but the victory over shat

on the first victory that begins every

day is fuzzy you see if you did not win

that battle you lost the first battle of

the day one down and several to go

that's what chef on says we got him

there so everything else could be a

little easier but if you got up for

fudger running my uncle ship on his nose

is in the dust you see and then he's a

little worried he got up for fudger I'm

gonna have difficulty today and that's

the way it goes so there's a personal

jihad that has to take place if that's

not taking place forget about the big

battles I mean look at there's a great

story when the the Muslims were in Egypt

and they surrounded a city there and

they were fighting and they weren't

getting any victory and so the Emir sent

out to find out were they praying the

prayers all the time were they doing

everything and they said the

the the soldier came back and told him

everything's doing they're getting up

doing night for his everything the only

thing they're not doing cleaning their

teeth before the prayers because there's

no see lack right there's no sticks so

he said go and get find some tree

branches and bring them back and so they

made this so all the Muslim soldiers

start cleaning their teeth and these

Egyptians found from the fort right and

they said the Muslim sharpening their

teeth they're getting ready to eat us

right and it created such fear in these

people they just surrendered you know

that question there's Lama courses

offered a youth key and these are set

out to destroy the youth at school take

the cordless it's worth for Muslim

students who don't know much about the

religion to begin with yeah but on these

courses here yeah it's really dangerous

to take a university course on Islam

because because most of the people

teaching them are either wittingly or

unwittingly undermining Islam I mean

that's the truth you can't learn your

Dean from your enemy all right I mean

you can't it's stupid it's like it's

like going to a somebody that would love

to see you die for medical treatment


yeah and we the result of it is Salman

Rushdie that's what you get that's a

result of getting a degree in Islamic

history from Cambridge because that's

what he did and I think you might have

even generally wanted to find out about

his religion at one point in his life a

lot because he said that I've read some

interviews with him and he went through

a period where he wanted to rediscover

Islam so he decided to take courses at

Cambridge and the rest is history right

because all that crap that he came up

with this from medieval orientalist that

made it all up I mean thomas carlyle who

even though Muslims constantly quote him

in these books like heroes and hero

worship Thomas Carla and they always

take him out of context because he says

terrible things about the prophets a

licen but then he also said some really

nice things so they put all the nice

things that he says right and they don't

mention all that other stuff but one

thing he some scholar says is one of the

greatest intellectual crimes is the

crime of the Orientalist against Islam

because they made up all this stuff

about the prophets Eliza time and and

this is what this guy read so that's

unfortunate these people most of them

they say we're objective right the

university is an objective system right

well the fact that the vast majority of

professors in islamic studies happen to

be from a certain area of the world that

doesn't really like muslims very much is

kind of unusual objectivity right and

they definitely have political agendas a

lot of times in the classes that they

teach and and also a lot of their

arguments if you're not well grounded in

your Dean a lot of the arguments are

very well convincing you see if you

haven't really studied Islam and depth

they can do objectively right it's

called with arabs call putting the

poison in the honey right you see you

say what a wonderful religion islam is

and oh it created this great culture and

data data and by the way right and then

they'll bring in the poison

see and they do it very subtly so you

don't realize you it's like giving the

person a little bit the way the European

women used to kill their husbands as

they put a little bit of hair every day

in the food right and then they get

these balls of hair and the stomach and

eventually die right so it's you give

him a little bit at a time right and

then by the end of the course the person

is totally confused the way to change

that the first thing is that i'll give

you a good example in California there

was a young not so young but I'm

Pakistani man whose daughter went to

seventh grade and she brought home this

book that had a chapter on Islam and it

was all the problems of Bedouin camel

trader and blah blah all this rubbish

right fulani asunder and he got so angry

he started this letter writing campaign

and got all of these people to write

letters now though I'm sure there were

many Muslims that just read it and said

that's terrible you know and and then ya

know none of that's true but they don't

do anything about it see most Muslims if

there's fitna they become great letter

writers I've noticed that like in

communities whenever there's like

trouble mum you get these fuel that

become the biggest activist and where

the calling of the phone did you know it

so and so did involve habla and it just

gets them going right but things about

Dean and about your slaw how about

rectification and changing everybody's

an armchair Muslim right that's terrible

that's horrific and we should change

that but they don't get up out of the

armchair well this man did and because

of that because of his efforts the

California textbook now in seventh grade

has an excellent chapter on Islam I mean

he went to the very tops of the

educational board in California had

Muslim riders come in and they showed

them how it was all incorrect

information and they changed it you see

and that's what that person did people

have to monitor these classes they have

to monitor what's going on people that

know what they're talking about how to

be in there and put pressure you can put

pressure on these people and they should

not be allowed there's some woman

teaching islamic studies in california

was using

salman rushdie's book as the textbook

right and that's all based on the fact

that there are not Muslims with enough

via what's like their jealousy for this

Dean or their love of this Dean that

makes them go out and do things right so

that's that is a jihad it's also a dowel

and dalla is nothing other than jihad

there's no such thing as baba Baba Dawa

in books a fifth there's no chapter

called the chapter of dower there's a

chapter called Babel jihad and the first

section on it is Dawa so that's what

that's a jihad to go out and change what

these people are doing because there's a

lot of people out there very often I

mean the idea or so out of it is how

unbelievable you go all over California

in all the bookstores and and the book

may strong protections kill the doctor

to your book represent Islam and they're

really well publish and all where's that

money coming from the same with a behind

movement carry all funded and the and so

there's fun in there are Muslim don't

have enough people right how do i would

love with their religion to pull out

from their pocket and start doing

something about losing change here we

certainly have the number and we have

the intellectual capacity but there

needs to be people to get out actually

do things and change that and it can

happen so you know that's a starting

place making sure textbooks correctly

reflects the Islamic teaching and

checkbook like maxi

unacceptable anything I I mean I've seen

so many comparative religion book

they'll have the chapter on Buddhism

written by a Buddhist scholar I have the

chapter on Protestant written by

Protestants car and Catholicism I then

they come to the Islamic section is

written by you know some Christian or

Jewish writer that has a PhD in islamic

studies right that's what is objectivity

we're being objective if I'm Muslim

wrote it right it wouldn't be objective

would it right well why do you let the

Buddhist right about the Buddhism well

because it's Buddhism ok so anyway oh

the green one which one many Muslim

youth lead a double identity one at home

and another outside home which does not

confirm to Islamic teachings like the

that's the Clark Kent syndrome in inside

the home there mild-mannered Abdullah

and outside the home they're super facet

right so which does not conform to

Islamic teachings how would you address

this problem to bring the youth back to

Islam well okay

yeah I don't find it anyway oh yeah this

song cursor at U of T is set out to just

know this one's a different one oh yeah

that's right sorry I'm still now I'm

about 25,000 feet coming down okay yeah

that's what I owe Islam you said it's on

metaphorically is a house of God well

it's called battle Islam and that's the

traditional and battle salaam in the

Quran Allah calls yet a dollar cinema

lies the Dawa is to the house of peace

so it's it's not it's a Quranic term and

with certain mannerism is one is not

going to observe them then they should

get out is that not being extreme what

about people going through different

degrees of practicing okay I accept that

as well as a criticism criticisms are

always nice when they're put in this

nice way right I mean when it says you

stupid idiot what are you telling people

you're a fundamentalist fanatic I mean

that puts you off but when it's done in

this kind of nice polite way is that not

being extreme you just kind of naturally

tend to accept things like that which is

nice because that's the way criticism

should be nice so I accept that but I am

extreme so what's you got a problem with


um you know where I got that from actual

I go to the prison's right not as a

prisoner but as of like to teach people

about Islam right and to learn actually

because I do learn a lot there um and

and one of the things is Muslim prisoner

told me right because these guys most of

them have spent about ten years pumping

weights and their arms are kind of

bigger than both my thighs put together

and there's this picture of me with

these five guys around maybe they're all

like six foot five and I'm kind of in

the middle of this thing looking like a

worm or something so one of the things

they told me is that the reputation of

the Muslims is so good at solid ad

prison that when they have shutdowns and

things like that they actually exempt

Muslims from bi start becoming Muslims

to get the perks right but they be

dealing drugs on set yo Salaam alaikum

bro hugs and then they'd be deal right

they'd be selling the drugs right so

they were starting to get a bad

reputation from these guys so what they

told me they did this really great guy

was about six foot five and had arms as

big as my two thighs said that so I said

what would you do with them he said well

we just took him aside and let him know

that the house has rules and if you

don't want to abide by the rules then

get out of the house and that's what

they did right so they kind of

maintained at night and I like the idea

but it is a little extreme so I I do

believe that and I really mean this in

all sincerity particularly in this

country but really all over the Muslim

world we've had incidents really of

young Muslims like actually throwing

acid on women's legs in certain areas of

the world considering that like I'm

gonna bid my loaf and Nana moon car

right like enjoy I mean eyes

bend and this things have gotten totally

out of hand you know and I don't that is

not the methodology of the Prophet first

of all somebody said that you we Islam

does not allow for vigilantism there is

no visual on tourism in Islam you cannot

take the law into your own hand that is

why you cannot go and kill Salman

Rushdie you cannot a Muslim cannot go

out and shoot Salman Rushdie because we

have a system and the alarm it's not

folder if all of a sudden we just say

everybody take the law into your hand

we'll have people out there blowing

people's brains out you know because for

whatever reasons I mean I had somebody

tell me one I guess he learned hanafi

filk and I prayed without a hat on and

show me next time you come in this month

did you pray I'm gonna tear you up or do

this or that and I was like okay I'll

wear a hat next time right last time I

went to that mosque right so I I really

believe people are at different

evolutionary levels Muslim women that

are wearing hijab today five years ago

were not or two years ago or two days

ago so there is an evolution and we have

to be aware of that as well as Muslims

that we're praying some Muslims only

pray jumma last year and this year

they're praying all five prayers some

people are praying all their prayers at

the end of the day when they get home

from work you know so people are at

different stages in their spiritual

development and that is something that

we always have to be aware of and

concerned about right I mean there's the

almost method of the alarm which is off

with their heads and the Prophet SAW

lyceum tempered that down you can see

the transition of omagh you know I'll go

bonkers method that'll be lana was to

kind of be gentle and forgiving for

certain things and the prophets of night

was the most of people that made ease

for people i mean if you look at the man

who came and he said to the prophet

Elijah I'm had actor heck do you know

I've destroyed myself and he said what

happened he said I was with my wife

during the day in Ramadan so the

prophets also lies him said you have to

make Cafaro right to expiate

and he said what do i do and then he

said well you have to feed people right

and he said I don't have anything to

feed people with so the Prophet had

somebody go get dates from the base of

the mile and he gave the mandates and he

said feed the people at these date said

who do I feed he said the poor people he

said there's nobody poor than my family

he said then feeds your family and he

laughed and the point was is that the

man had made toba he was genuine in his

toba and so the prophet shall I Sam made

it easy for him because the point is not

to be harsh the point is to bring people

back to Allah if you see them coming

back to a lot don't push them out and

the Prophet didn't say to him what a

wretched man you are you did that get

out of here get out of my face that's

not the way of the prophet Elijah and a

lot of people unfortunately like that so

i agree with you i was just using an

extreme example because it upsets me you

know when I became Muslim the first

thing i did I read all these books right

about the Sahaba and all model on all

these things and then I went to I won't

name the country because it's not really

fair and I saw all these Muslims and I

was like I mean who are these people you

know what do they have to do with Islam

and with this teaching and to me they

you know one of the doors in the Quran

is or a banner that said you're under 15

attendant latina Cafaro message I'm

gonna fit in attended in a capital o our

Lord don't make us a fitna right for

those who disbelieve right and and that

means don't make us like in Bosnia and

Herzegovina now because those people

that are fighting them they're in big

trouble I mean they are they're in big

trouble what they're doing to those

people is a terrible thing but it also

has that you know don't let us be an

excuse for people not to become Muslim

which is what the Muslims are now I mean

people if you call people is on they say

Islam you mean like they have in the

Middle East right or in I was in

Pakistan or I was in Morocco or I was in

somewhere you know

so that's that just it's upsetting to

see that the Muslims that claim to be

Muslims and then they behave the way

they do and I do it sometimes too so

what you know someone somebody once said

that like making fun of people's bad

habit nice hot all women comet ison

yakumo gentlemen when Allah says be shoe

had that what oh and I'm come you

know bear witness even if it's against

yourselves right so it's a it's I mean

Muslims have to have in soft they have

to have justice and they have to have

that when they deal with people and when

they do it themselves and so you know

there's one man once said that when I

looked at people I cried out to God for

justice then when I looked at myself I

just cried out for mercy right so it's

easy to condemn everybody outside

yourself there's a beautiful hadith of

the prophet Elijah and he said manna

father had a Canasta home the one that

says the people are destroyed he's the

most destroyed of them because it's

kibriya it's like a arrogance you look

at other people and you say they're all

worthless good for nothing except me of

course and that's a real bad state to be

and there's a lot of Muslims fall into

that state oh go ahead miss me neither

but I did come sit on is this a trick



all right go ahead I'm ready just so you

know if you will be bad to hell and so

does everybody don't know will be good

to have