Elements of a Strong Aqidah

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Event Name: Elements of a Strong Aqidah
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We shall talk a little bit about the topic that was mentioned and then I would prefer just to open it up for some

discussion because I need yesterday and

there were a lot of some comments and

questions so the elements of a strong

aqeedah is the topic that I was given and first yesterday I think some people, like I recognize some faces from yesterday, we talked about the aqeedah and the

meaning of aqeedah, right.  for the

Muslims and, as I mentioned yesterday is a word that was introduced later was not a word that's found in the

the first community but it was

introduced later as a way of describing

a formal structure which is the belief

system that was in a sense codified by

scholars and they codified it out of a

necessity to clarify certain thing and

that is because in many ways the initial

community that the purpose of life that

I'm taught there were they have many

advantages over the people that would

come later and one of the greatest

advantages was that they were although

many of them were illiterate in terms of

reading and writing

they were extremely sophisticated in

terms of thought and they were able

because of the nature of their language

and the sophistication of the language

they were able to understand the Quran

with extraordinary depth and the Quran

really is a book that details what we

believe I mean if you want to find what

we believe you will find it in the Quran

but more than that and something I think

that's often not ignored but a lot of

times people are unaware of the

underlying or the undercurrent in the

Quran these things that don't always

appear at the surface of the pond if we

give the point on a superficial reading

and this is why Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

says in the Quran today a soda bottle


I'm Anika Ruben oxido ha don't they

reflect to double don't they think

reflect deeply about the Quran or are

their hearts filled do they have lots

that they can't they're unable to

understand it and so opening up and

looking at these things you'll get into

some extremely the most sophisticated

thought you see and really it deals with

the way we look at the world and what

athletes does it enables us to perceive

the world as it is as opposed to

perceiving it in a state of delusion and

what delusion is right we have illusions

and delusions the illusions are things

that we see outside of ourselves and we

don't see them in their correct as they

are like the person in the desert sees a

mirage he is seeing an illusion the

illusion is something that we believed

right that is incorrect ISM it's a false

belief and this is what the vast

majority of humanity is in a state of

they're in a deluded state in the Arabic

language it's called my war that they

are Mahal and she upon one of the names

of chiffon is Al hawa the one that

deludes people you see he takes them

away from reality

and this is a chiffons nature and it's

his job the Muslim is the one that

perceives reality as it is he perceives

it with Mozilla and Becerra is a word

which comes from buffer which is sight

but the Arabs in their language they say

a buffer all the lines can be austerity

little pal that the site and buffer is

for the eye what the box IRA is for the

heart in other words the heart also has

a vehicle right of perception which it

sees the

the heart sees things and when the heart

sees things

it recognizes those things to be as they

are so this Basia

is the thing that is opened up in the

muslim and this is why in the quran at

the end of surah yusuf an age to them

the process of item is commanded to say

upon hadisha very thorough in aloni out

of bosnia Anna

one minute's Abani say that this is my

path I call Dawa this is what Islam

after one has accepted it himself of the

invitation the Dawa

I called to this path right a la Fiera

on a true which comes from an inner

sight I and those who follow me so it's

not the boss sirens not for the Prophet

alone but it's for those who follow him

as well and that comes from a correct

perception of reality which come there's

an intellectual aspect to it but

unfortunately the intellectual aspect

isn't enough because we have Jewish

people in universities in the United

States or Christian people or atheists

or whoever they are that have studies

for instance what the Muslims believe

and in some cases much more deeply than

the vast majority of Muslims and yet it

has not impacted their perception of the


so it's something more than simply

intellectually being able to say yes the

Muslims believe this this this and this

it's something that goes beyond that and

so the ateva if you look at what those

elements are the elements there is an

intellectual aspect to it you see we

have to know those attributes of are

lots of cameras on us we have to know

what is impossible for Allah helmet on

we have to know what is permissible what

is it in the realm of possibility and we

have to know also about the Prophet the

nature of the Prophet you see and once

you have this these elements these

essential elements to use this the title

here once you have these things then you

have an actual criterion of for fun or

meta a criterion by which you can

measure all of those things that you are

confronted with and this is why it is

the most essential element in Islam you

see the

we are correct understanding is takes

primacy over all other aspects of Islam

before tip before anything we have to

correctly understand things and perceive

things as they are if you look at the

Shahada what I was saying about both era

that both era is a is a perception that

has to do with a type of site if you

look at actor work ash hadu an LA illaha

a lot she had a means to witness so at

the type of seeing it's translated as


or or this but if you look at the arabic

word Shahada it means to witness to see

such as i see that there is no god but

allah well ash hadu Ana Muhammadan Rasul

Allah so that seeing is a fight that

takes place in the heart that is why

that is the place of Eman is in the

heart it's not in the intellect it's not

in ratiocination intellectualization

it's in the heart and that is when the

intellectual understanding and the

spiritual or the cognitive mo that the

human being has unite and this is when

we have a complete human being and if

you have emotions without an

intellectual perception then you fall

into the trap of the Christians you see

who everything becomes love I love all

of you in the name of Jesus it's all

emotion that has no meaning and if you

go to the intellect without the heart

you become like the Jews because the

Jews are the ones that that look at

everything in terms of the intellect

they take things apart they like to what

type of cow is it female is it a male

does it do this does it do that what and

that's what they do and that's what

Allah tells us about them that is their

nature they try to take existence apart

they split the atom right and there's

three Jewish people that did that they

actually split let's find out what

happens when we split the atom all right

and then they found out and now we're

living under this constant threat of

nuclear mutual assured destruction whose

acronym is mad right so they call it now

they call it the Islamic bomb this I

mean its interest if you think about it

we didn't invent it who invented it

Linnaeus all right we based on

theoretical formulas that was given to

them by Einstein all right the thing of

zionists and he was a scientist too

so that's it's actually the Jewish bomb

and that's how you should call it the

Jewish bomb say oh we're worried about

the atomic bomb no no it's not this

Homer it's the Jewish bomb they invented

it they have it and they've used it I

mean we know now that they had secret

contracts with the South Africans and

they were testing nuclear weapons in

South Africa which is very odd I mean

it's interesting that the South Africans

who are the most racist white people on

the earth and the Jews from the most

racist people on the earth like get

together they must hate each other right

and because the South Africans I don't

think like the Jews but they have so

much in common right they feel

comfortable because they have the same

operator it's interesting

but birds of a feather flock together so

those are the two ways of going astray

and it's interesting that they're both

mentioned in surah Fatihah when I love

Hannah Montana's Yaak and I will do what

ya understand that by Fiza her hoody is

for Allah it is Diana like worship

adoration is for Allah and if the Jana

is for Allah dependence remind is that

we rely upon Allah is Yakka now with

what you have in a sign and then if you

know so often with nothing guide us on

that straight path right that's straight

path shut off and levena and I'm sorry

the one that you your Nana is with those

people they're on the right path laid in

marble dining and those that the Provost

office that was the Jews and if you look

at it extended it embodies anybody that

falls into I mean even Kenya or him

Allah says that the Muslims will go

astray two ways by the Jewish and that

is their tendency this is in the hadith

that we are the

closest illness of any dysphoria and the

public poll I said and said in a hadith

it's in the mishegoss and my father yeah

he said that that's it the VMS women a

novena man probably compote he said

somebody lucidum sicilian the Benitez

for our ears had won and the man

Hospital Kahneman woman after awhile

Ania the cameraman uma team infernal

Erica that you will follow the Jews just

in their footsteps even if there was one

that went to his mother

sexually in the open there would be from

my Ummah one that did the same thing so

the tendency of the Muslims is to go

astray like the Jews to become obsessed

with the intellect and to lose sight of

the heart that is the tendency the but

the other way is there too and it's

embodied in ignorant worshipers right is

it that and and look if you look at the

Muslims now how many people in the

Muslim Ummah they're ignorant worshipers

they're worshipping Allah without

knowledge and this again is a separation

of these two essential elements in Islam

which is the intellect that Allah has

given has been honored us with and the

heart and these two elements need to be

working and functioning together and if

they're not then you have an incomplete

human being so if you look from an

appeaser point of view the most simple

and basic and it's not it's not simple

it's a bad word but the clearest hears

him sort of it is halal now it's

interesting that it's culturally a flop

because your class means sincerity right

it means to be purified to be Mullis to

be the one that is sincere that they

don't have ulterior motives in what

they're doing and it's also sorted so he

it's the sort of so he so that the

action of the heart

according to Fabio evocative in and out

of these the party not the the Sufi

father Abu Bakr says that the action of

the heart a Middle Earth is two things

and a TFI the the belief was a flop

those are the two things that the Muslim

has to have in other words he has to

have the belief the correct belief but

he also has to have the sincerity that

enables that the need to take into our

last pleasure and content

and so if you're looking for a teraflop

this is the most clear commentary on the

the unity on the dot Peter which the

fundamental and essential element of our

Peter is the stories of a lot of panel

data this is what we differ from all the

other religious teachings in that they

have all deviated from that primal

teaching which is so sheet that is the

primal teaching of Adam and the prophets

that came after him uneven to them and

the culmination is in the Prophet

Muhammad's allotted to them and it's in

the what offensive who are the element

the people his inheritors who have

preserved this teaching by a lot of

panel data and to this day we have still

why he doing the Muslims are not in ship

so the air philosophy is the simple and

clear it's not this a lot I want to use

that word it's not a good word for the

pond but it is the clearest perception

of so he in very concise and the most

eloquent language but if you move then

to to that understanding of absorbing it

then you look at the practical

application that the public alike and

I'm gay if you look at the hadith that

even our bad about the alignment relates

that the promise of my Center was behind

him one day and he said yeah well then

find in the yell with them well I knew

more Peck hitting that let me teach you

some words this is the prophet Elijah

salvia it is teaching the youth because

if an adverse was very young at that

time he said let me teach you some work

and what follows is the pure Islamic


this is the pure is from yes Holly

laughs yeah opener guard Allah which

means preserve that he'll dude about

lots of panel of data and Allah will

preserve you one of their own Emma says

in Allah Allah yup aloo Goliath Atoka

Anna that one else Lisa when in the

mayor said O'Connor ulema when Noah he

grew hey Luca he said that a loss of

animal data will not ask you about his


nor will he ask you about his attributes

this is the theologians go into the

essence and the attribute and these

meanings he said he will not ask you

he will ask you about what he commanded

you to do and one of them naturally is

to affirm his unity and he will ask you

about what he forbade you to do so he

said seek Allah where he seeks you so

then the prophet Elijah them says yes

I'll be left the second time and this is

a techie that's an affirmation of the

importance of Muhammad which is

preservation preserving our Deen

preserving what Allah has given to us

and this is what the Muslims have lost

as Hevel see they've lost it and the

first thing that went according to the

hadith the boats Elijah and said that

that look that the grips of Islam or WA

Eastern and he said the grips of Islam

will break one by one and he said Oh 1

million of these lock down the cam

that's the first thing that goes in

other words the Sharia the hokum Perdue

and he said and the last thing to go is

the prayer so that is a dangerous sign

for those people out there those Muslims

who thinks by Joffe that I'm a Muslim in

other words in my intellect I'm a Muslim

right like the man in New York who told

me I said how's the fasting going he

said fine I said you're not hungry

because it was long right in the summer

he didn't no no I'm fasting in my mind

so and this is what happens you see the

Muslims that they they've completely

intellectualized Islam out of existence

so there's nothing left because Islam is

not a pita alone in other words it's not

just a belief system that belief system

has the impact on the life or it is not

a PITA in reality it's only information

like the Jewish professor of Islamic

Studies has and our University or

wherever he is

that's all this information and it's

meaningless because the information

without action is meaningless and so he

said yeah I'll be laughs say it whoo -

Jack if you preserve these things these

hadoo that Allah has given us you will

find him in front of you right you will

find a lots of panel of Dianna will be

your Mona your Nasser

he will be your master he will be your

the one that gives you victory he will

be constantly protecting you and then

you said either to enter that's any done

if you add a scale of the panel

because Allah loves when you slave asks

him and likewise the slaves do not like

people to ask them by our nature nobody

you like to give some about but nobody

really likes the beggar to come up to

him and say give me some celica nobody

likes tha