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tting rid of

his cows at one time just because it

wasn't a animal of the Prophet but he

decided because ibraheem Alisa dam had

cows that did that it was alright

because ibraheem after the incidents I

mean he brought a young healthy calf and

said the cap so there's certainly

nothing wrong there is a hadith that

says lamb will buckle Valon well daniel

has Shifa and that's Asahi Hadi and it's

called mush kill with the Mahadi thing

it's the meaning anyway that the meat of

the cow is a disease and it's milk is a

cure and now we know it's it's it's one

of the number one causes of cardio

arterial vascular disease right all of

the arteries get

and now they have like in in Pakistan

because people like this me and things

like this

and by the way bypass operations are

very common amongst upper-class

indo-pakistani people it's true or not

true very common tragic because if you

follow the Sunnah you would never have a

bypass operation and I'm amazed at

people that they say things like a hum

do masha'Allah the operation went very

well and this American masha allah allah

masha and sal you know and i want to say

to them you know why you blame things on

allah Sakuma why shareable allowed to

city food in a little bit misleading eat

and dreams but not to access allah

doesn't love those who are excessive the

prophet elijah himself higher allah

quran for me from melody nia you know

whom to melody mia know whom some may

other famous them and the best of my own

that is the first generation then the

second generation then the third

generation and then they start getting


that's a hadith ie they start getting

plump so you eat all this food that

allah told you not to do and then you

say masha'Allah

I got a cardiovascular disease no you

say you know you blame your naps it was

your own appetite that led to that

condition there's no reason why you

should have I mean there are people that

have certain congenital disorders that

is true but for most people it's just

simply a matter of bad eating that there

enough Scott the better of them and they

weren't able to control that so people

really should recognize that that the

body is literally designed to live a

hundred and twenty years by Western

materialistic scientists the body is

designed to live a very long time the

proposal I sent him said a model Ummah

team of a necessity no a subterranean

myomas ages will be between 60 and 70 so

the majority of the Ummah will die

between 60 and 70 that's a sorry hadith

and that's what Allah has determined the

agile of this Ummah

hamdullah the Prophet died at 63 he was

in perfect health when he died he died

of a fever but they said that his

stomach was completely flat that he had

only 17 gray hairs in his beard that he

was very strong he had the strength of

40 men and he walked very and he was

doing jihad until the last I mean Hamza

Rabia was 55 on the Battle of Badr and

they said yo mo burger can a young hamza

it was hams day because of what he did

with the mushrikeen on that day and what

she was hired by him because of what he

did on butter he killed some of the

great warriors of forest he was 55 years

old you look at a 55 year old now in the

Muslim Ummah and they're all dent over

they've got their guy and share food on

you know so the body has certain rights

in the Lee Jessica a later haka your

body has a right over you and the right

of the body is that we eat we fuel it

properly we exercise it properly we give

it enough sleep that it needs Oh Mohamed

Atta's Adi says the maximum amount of

sleep that you should give your body the

maximum amount is eight hours that's the

maximum if you some people need a lot of

sleep if you need a lot of sleep that is

the max and you should never go more

than eight hours and it actually becomes

negative sleep now it's just to talk a

little bit about sleep because sleep is

nourishment it is literally food for the

law the body is is fed by proteins

carbohydrates and lipids but the Lua is

fed by Vicar and by known by remembrance

of Allah and by sleep and that's why the

more dickerer you do the less sleep you

need people that do deep dhikr actually

sleep less than people that don't this

is a fact and even interestingly enough

people that do forms of non Islamic

people that do forms of meditation where

they've shown that they go into theta

wave states in their

they also need less sleep so it's not

simply an Islamic phenomenon you can

find this in other traditions that

people that do learn how to concentrate

or meditate at a deep level don't have

to sleep as much as other people so

there's something to be said for that

just from that perspective now the

nature of sleep is if you sleep before

12 and I'm using 12 midnight not that

number 12 like on the clock

but before midnight if you look at five

years at four and mother is at eight

then twelve would be half night midnight

right but if Rogers at three and mother

lives at eight then it would be eleven

o'clock the sleep after Isha before

midnight is worth twice of sleep after

all right so if you sleep one hour

between say now you go to bed at 10:30

and you sleep till twelve that's the

equivalent of three hours sleep it's

only an hour I have but because that

sleep is before the half night it's the

equivalent of three hours right so

people and this why the Sunna of the

Prophet was to go to bed immediately

after Asia and in this I'm not making

this up this is really this isn't sleep

houses theories or something like that I

mean this is actually from food and it's

confirmed by if you do it so now the

other thing is if you sleep after fejoe

before shuttle it's negative sleep so if

you sleep an hour it's as if you were

deprived of two hours of sleep alright

you won't get rest from it it's negative

sleep if you sleep after a sort of the

four mug ative or before Asia it's

negative sleep all of that is negative

sleep it's it's as if you didn't sleep

you actually lose sleep if you sleep

after the the whole prayer before I saw

it's positive sleep and it's worked

twice so if you sleep one hour between

one and two o'clock say you prayed the

hora at 1:00

if you go to sleep at 1:30 get up at

2:30 it's as if you've had two hours of

sleep in terms of the regeneration

rejuven application of the body

rejuvenation all right so you following

this now if you sleep also after awesome

there's a hadith that Imams feel they

relate in the third whenever we and I

don't think it's sound but he's related

in there and it said whoever sleeps

after a sir and wakes up mad today

alumina in Lenexa let him only blames

himself memory was there for them

there's Nina that I owe to Amanda Elena

said that usually blame himself

so some share was telling that in the

nitrate and some crazy guy got up and

said no that can't be right I always

sleep after Asif so that's basically the

benefit you know of the sleep that we

should and the prophets Elijah and used

to sleep after the home and he said

Peter finish up in late afternoon take

Tallulah which is that afternoon sleep

because shellping don't take Tallulah so

it's a good sleep to do and it's also is

tiana out of qiyama layin it helps

people get up at night

to do the night friend because if you if

you're up all day from after pleasure

all the way up to asia you're exhausted

and you're gonna sleep very heavily and

you you won't have any rest if you and

also they've done studies these are like

medical studies that the universities

have done in the states and these have

been published in medical journals that

mediterranean people who have tabooed at

like southern spanish italians that's

where the studies were done they didn't

don't bother do him on the muslims and

in greece those people had lower blood

pressures lower heart attack rates less

stress rates they were healthier people

right and and they felt that there was a

direct correlation between afternoon

naps and actually based it on level

stress levels rising throughout the day

that when you stop after the hora and go


sleep that literally bring you back to a

starting point that you had in the

morning so you literally get a deep

rejuvenation that takes place in that

type of sleep so I mean basically what

you know the point of this is that I

think none of us should forget the

responsibility that we have just to keep

ourselves healthy you know it's really

important now sickness is not a bad

thing because it's fahara for this Ummah

and and you know they say Lafayette I

suggested in either I'm no model there's

no good in a body that doesn't get sick

you know that it's it's a purification

and the Prophet Elisha him got sick we

know that he didn't have any fowl

illnesses which is not permissible for

the prophets right a model of Tahu some

disease but they can get the simple

illnesses coughs colds fevers things

like that they they can get these things

generally you will get sick when your

immune system goes down the immune

system goes down when you're not giving

the body it's half if you eat for

instant sugar if you're eating over 40

grams of sugar a day they know very

clearly in Western physiology that your

white blood cell count goes down quite

radically so people that are constantly

taking sugar are in an immunocompromised

state and this is why your sugar intake

should be actually very slight sugar

should not you shouldn't take a lot of

sugar it's actually quite harmful if you

do I think personally drinking all of

these sugar drinks is really bad for

your health people that drink Pepsi and

Coke first of all I would not want to

support those corporations that's the

first thing because they really are and

mostly doing for auto and second of all

it's totally unbeneficial and it's

actually doing worse if there's no

benefit in it you're actually harming

yourself if you drink if you eat a meal

and you drink water that there is an

effect on the digestive system that's

why the sumo was not to drink we

with meal the father did not drink with

meals and it's in a bad Judy mentions

this if you drink sugar not water if you

drink sugared water with a meal then you

create a fermentation that takes place

inside especially if you've eaten

carbohydrates and bread

I mean neat because what happens is your

your your your stomach actually there's

two stomachs you have a cardiac stomach

pyloric and cardiac the the cardiac

stomach is the higher stomach right and

initially when you eat something it will

stop at that point for a period of time

and and the the Thailand and and the

other enzymes that come from the saliva

if you chew your food well will begin to

digest the food when it moves down into

the pyloric stomach what happens is

whatever enzymes were not there in the

food then will be released into the food

when you take water with that you dilute

the enzymatic power of those so the

digestion is weakened right and it also

puts out the fire of digestion because

digestion is heat and it needs heat if

you drink cold fluids that's why it's

better to drink a warm fluid actually

then a cold fluid it's actually

deleterious to your digestion to drink

cold with your meals right because

you're actually putting out the fire of

the digestion and the other thing is the

when you get into the the element theory

which is it's an Islamic theory it's not

even though the Greeks had it the

protozoa isn't clearly articulates it in

several Hadees and a debate and by

jewelry on his karma chair and the Shema

intervene on pyramid ii in the hadith

that about the eating the dates and

eating the the cucumber with it the

Prophet said had a you'v re-do hada the

the cucumber cools the heat of the date

and that's based on the four element

theory because basically they divide

foods into hot hot dry cold wet

that's every food can be classified so

dates are hot and dry they're hot and

drying foods and cucumbers are cold and

wet and so they actually counter if you

eat too much of a hot and dry food then

the body get creates too much heat and

it'll create an imbalance in the body if

you eat too much cold and wet foods then

that will also create an imbalance and

cold and wet is all those it just

depends somes worse than others it

depends but generally if you want a good

memory you'll tend you should tend to

eat more hot and dry foods because

people that are hot and dry have better

memories and people that are cold and

wet phlegmatic people what they used to

call phlegmatic people in the West

people that are heavyset have a lot

produce a lot of mucus and and these are

cold and wet people they tend to be less

acute less sharp than the more hot and

dry type now there is a natural drying

out as you get older the more cold and

wet you are the more sleep you need the

more hot and dry you are the less sleep

you need so what happens is babies sleep

all day long and they're very wet and

and they're actually wet and hot but

they sleep a lot because of the wetness

as they get older they get colder and

drier so by the time you get to old age

you're actually quite dry and getting

cold because the vital heats being

extinguished and this is why old people

actually in the West they call it

insomnia Muslims don't have insomnia

because they just take it as a sign they

should be praying right but in the West

older people get very upset about not

being able to sleep for a Muslim it's

kind of like you're getting on you know

you're going to die tomorrow or the next

day or the day after so you better take

advantage of your night right seriously

I mean in in traditional Muslim

societies an old person that didn't get

up and do too had you then it was a fool

right so people that have insomnia in

old age they should really what they're

supposed to be doing it's worshipping

and they don't know

so food can be related to those things

and there should be a balance of your

food but I think what the basic thing is

food should be reasonably simple right

it should not be you shouldn't eat a

whole bunch of different things and

certainly don't eat more than one meat

Atta I mean that's actually quite

disgusting to have like chicken beef

lamb at the same setting I mean it's

very extravagant to do that now Sahara

story was asked once about people he

said what do you say about a person that

eats once a day and he said I couldn't

Mb yet that's the way the prophets eat

and he said what about somebody that

eats twice a day and he said I could

have thought it came and he said what do

you say about somebody eats three times

a day and he said even Anna who never

just build him a stable right well he

can graze all day now I think that if

you eat reasonable amounts there's

nothing wrong with having a breakfast a

lunch and a dinner if you're eating

reasonable amounts if you're getting

extravagant you know breakfast should be

it's better to do some work before it

you know do some get the body moving but

it's it should be you know reasonable

meal and then the lunch should be the

heavier meal and then that's why you're

supposed to sleep after lunch the Arab

they say they'll have that - medic - I

shaft and the chef's eat lunch go to

sleep eat dinner take a walk so lunch

should be the heaviest meal of the day

and then dinner should be a light meal

and the Prophet said eat dinner even if

it's just a handful of dates and he also

said about suppose the Sahara in the

fist of all the Baraka take the Sahara

because there's Baraka in Soho it's a

time it's about at a time to eat it and

when there's Baraka that means that you

don't need a lot to sustain yourself

throughout the day so there are times

where things have more about our kind

like fruit has more Baraka in the

morning than it does

the evening it's better to eat fruit in

the morning than it is in the evening

and imam Aseel t mentions that in the


fruit is gold at lunch it's silver and

in the evening it's LED right so the

benefit of it decreases through the day

and because fruit is a spring food and

the the time of the day that relates to

spring is the early morning right and

then the other thing is that it's better

to roast in the winter to boil in the

summer right roasting meat in the winter

boiling it in the summer because

roasting infuses it with heat which you

need in the winter and boiling it

diffuses the heat because you need less

heat in the summer you don't want to get

too hot and that's why you should eat

less meat in the summertime than you do

in the winter winter is a better time to

eat meat because it's cold and and it's

a yang food it's a strong energetic food

and meat will give you energy there's no

doubt it gives you an energy but you'll

pay a price for it if you do it

constantly it becomes addictive just

like wine is a stimulant initially and

then it becomes a depressant meat is

like that it's a stimulant initially but

it'll eventually wear your body down

until the body actually goes into

disarray so these are just some general

guidelines about this matter and part of

I really think Muslims have become

really inattentive to these these

aspects of the cinema because food is

definitely a very important thing the

phone-- soul hasn't came to teach us how

to eat as well we definitely came to

teach us how to eat and I think if you

want to know what to eat the best thing

is to traditionally look at what your

people ate your ethnic group ate in

their traditional food not modern diet

but what they ate traditionally and that

will usually be the best genetic food

for you in terms of what you need to eat

when you're in a country like England

it's better to eat cooked more cooked

foods hot foods heating foods than it is

to eat raw and cold foods when you're in

hotter climates you eat more raw foods

you know because the body needs that

innate heat so here it's it's a damp and

cold country you need more hot and dry

foods if you go to a tropical country

you need more drying cooling foods if

you're in a middle country you need more

balanced foods so it just depends on

where you are geographically and this

these are all real concerns I mean

they're not there's a very good book by

El Elyon Hass called eating through the

season and he gives very good guidelines

based on traditional Chinese medicine on

what types of foods you should eat

throughout the year because they change

and the Chinese understand this and the

Chinese by Western studies have shown to

have actually the healthiest diets they