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don't need a lot to sustain yourself

throughout the day so there are times

where things have more about our kind

like fruit has more Baraka in the

morning than it does

the evening it's better to eat fruit in

the morning than it is in the evening

and imam Aseel t mentions that in the


fruit is gold at lunch it's silver and

in the evening it's LED right so the

benefit of it decreases through the day

and because fruit is a spring food and

the the time of the day that relates to

spring is the early morning right and

then the other thing is that it's better

to roast in the winter to boil in the

summer right roasting meat in the winter

boiling it in the summer because

roasting infuses it with heat which you

need in the winter and boiling it

diffuses the heat because you need less

heat in the summer you don't want to get

too hot and that's why you should eat

less meat in the summertime than you do

in the winter winter is a better time to

eat meat because it's cold and and it's

a yang food it's a strong energetic food

and meat will give you energy there's no

doubt it gives you an energy but you'll

pay a price for it if you do it

constantly it becomes addictive just

like wine is a stimulant initially and

then it becomes a depressant meat is

like that it's a stimulant initially but

it'll eventually wear your body down

until the body actually goes into

disarray so these are just some general

guidelines about this matter and part of

I really think Muslims have become

really inattentive to these these

aspects of the cinema because food is

definitely a very important thing the

phone-- soul hasn't came to teach us how

to eat as well we definitely came to

teach us how to eat and I think if you

want to know what to eat the best thing

is to traditionally look at what your

people ate your ethnic group ate in

their traditional food not modern diet

but what they ate traditionally and that

will usually be the best genetic food

for you in terms of what you need to eat

when you're in a country like England

it's better to eat cooked more cooked

foods hot foods heating foods than it is

to eat raw and cold foods when you're in

hotter climates you eat more raw foods

you know because the body needs that

innate heat so here it's it's a damp and

cold country you need more hot and dry

foods if you go to a tropical country

you need more drying cooling foods if

you're in a middle country you need more

balanced foods so it just depends on

where you are geographically and this

these are all real concerns I mean

they're not there's a very good book by

El Elyon Hass called eating through the

season and he gives very good guidelines

based on traditional Chinese medicine on

what types of foods you should eat

throughout the year because they change

and the Chinese understand this and the

Chinese by Western studies have shown to

have actually the healthiest diets they