IIS Interview: Islam and Women

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Event Name: IIS Interview: Islam and Women
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amily one

vote that was the idea it wasn't the

idea that women didn't have the right to

vote it was there was another saying of

a family unit but generally that family

would support and if you have a husband

and a wife that are voting for different

people I mean you've got a serious

problem in your family right in other

words there's a real conflict that is a

conflict I think that's a very deep

conflict that's not a superficial

conflict and they should have maybe done

a poll before they got married to see

how they would vote or something like

that because that's going to indicate

some compatibility and many marriages

have ended in divorce because of

Republican and Democrat splits so you

know do you think the woman that

shouldn't know I don't I mean I think

voting the the whole idea of voting is

it's there's a magical element here this

mystery of I think that the last

election in the United

States indicated the the reality of the

vote in this country I mean people are

trying to wonder are we living in a

banana republic in the United States

when when a presidential candidate can

get the popular vote and you lose the

election well I have to wonder what well

why am i voting hmm I mean seriously why

am i voting all right so I don't know I

mean I don't if men are gonna vote I

think their image should suppose why not

I don't know problem with that I think

it's just logic that I think we have to

question the entire see for me I I want

to question the whole system I mean do I

really I don't federalism is a very

strange form of government I think to

have Washington DC dictating how Irvine

should run their local I think people

locally should decide their own people

say without shoving it into the local

community I mean I would I'm a

libertarian when it comes to that type

my position you know just let let people

locally decide what they need to do if

people locally want to have prayers in

school why can't they have prayers in

school if you've got a hundred percent

Christian community in in Idaho they

should be found the government tell them

they can't add 25 minutes before they

start their classes whereas if you have

Hindus and Buddhists and Jews and and

and and secular humanists or a Marxist

that say they don't want to have that

will have five minutes of silence and

everybody can do what they want where

they can do their homework or something

but this idea of dictating the people

like these are these potato wise men to

learn it elders are going to dictate for

us how we should run our families and

our societies I think that you're an

infant for seven years of your life and

then you begin to take responsibility

and by the time you reach adulthood if

you haven't worked out what you need to


you've either been poorly raised or

something seriously wrong with you what

challenges do you think we women face in

this society today

I think women need to decide that for

themselves I think that I would say the

for me that challenges that women face

are the challenges that men face we're

wearing this together we're on the same

planet half my my family I'm married I

have a wife and I have children her

concerns are my concerns and my concerns

are her concerns and I think if you're

in a relationship that's healthy that's

that's the way it should be so I think

that what's out there in terms of the

society is as detrimental to men as it

is to women I really believe that I

think that men are up against as much

difficulty in trying to be human in this

world as women if not more if not more

okay then we appreciate you being with

us this hour and thank you very much

thank you