IIS Interview: Why I came to Islam

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Event Name: IIS Interview: Why I came to Islam
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nt of social justice

right which is called Sharia the sacred

law now one of the things that you I

want you to answer a little this is

importantly we get back to this colonial

idea the Quran very clearly says then

total Bank of you who do what and asada

had to get me little home

the Jewish a tradition and the Christian

tradition which is not religious it's

the social phenomenon which I now think

is European and America this is the

judeo-christian phenomenon they will not

be content until you follow their Minda

now in the Quran does not say Dean which

is their personal piety or their

personal transactions with God no it

says their Nilla and how they function

up a collective body now the dominant

milla of our of our modernist condition

is the consumer society this is the idol

of the age consumption that we were born

to create to consume now first of all

two interesting things to note one is

the consumer in Old English means the

devil and the Quran says in animal but

didn't wanna shell thing the those who

are equipped to ously extravagant all

the companions or the or the brothers

the Brethren of the say a teen in the

champagne who are you know this perverse

element in human society and in the

human heart which is calling people to

lower functions and so that the idea of

the consumption now it is being

presented to the world as innovation

human as salvation that you will be

happy through buying that you will be

happy if you will have all those goods

that are going to make you happy this is

the constant message of the television

the constant message of media the

message of government's more it will

just make more schools if we can just

put more computers in the school if we

can just have more prisons there'll be

less crime so everything is more that

I'm not cynical either part of

capitalism absolutely well yeah at this

last stage is the epic but what Islam is

saying is no by having less you have

more by diminishing your exterior wants

and increasing your interior wants

because we have interior and exterior

wants our interior wants are not the

same because if I'm coal is my body that

shivering is not my soul and and I can

deal with that I just put a blanket on

and and I can resolve that crisis but if

my soul is shivering then what do I use

to cover up that well you can attempt to

put a blanket which is what consumerism

is you see no no vibe and the blank

doesn't work well here--here's

new and improved right this is what they

love to use in their commercials the new

and improved blanket this will really

make you warm or this new car which you

get this new stereo this new television

it just keeps going and going and going

and in the end this human being is left

consumed because the consumer is

ultimately consumed because life

consumes us