Islamophobia-The Crisis Of Muslims In The West

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Event Name: Islamophobia-The Crisis Of Muslims In The West
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my teacher chef a fellow in Veda argue

been walking to the iptr Venus at the

White House and Brookings Institute was

he said that in logic were taught to ask

questions in a certain order one of the

things that ill-trained minds do is they

ask questions in the wrong order and

then this results in the wrong answers

so for instance he said you should

always ask what before why so for

instance Newsweek has an article that

says why do they hate us instead of

asking do they hate us because when the

Gallup went out and actually pulled the

Muslims all over the world they found

that they did not hate us and so by

asking why before asking what we come up

with wrong answer so I want to look a

little bit at Islamophobia in the United

States and you see a lot of cartoons and

cartoons ok this homophobia is an

irrational fear of Islamist terrorism

interesting so what would you call the

rational fear of Islamist terrorism

sanity so then this is framing the

already is homophobia is being framed

here so they're telling you what it is

this is not what it's not focus but

cartoonists are actually very very


if you

as many people read the funnies that

don't read any other part of the

newspaper and I've seen that on many

occasions so it's our phobia attorney

according to word net source of many

people's definitions was all phobias

prejudice against Muslims from the idea

prejudging Collins English dictionary

Tucson phobias hatred or fear of Muslims

or of their politics or culture and then

care is some focus in using carrier

Islam hope your person I'm found in fear

up in hostility towards Islam because

phobia according to the psychiatric use

phobia is an irrational fear because not

all fears are irrational like I think

it's it's valid to fear a terrorist

attack as as a possibility for people

that are involved in them but for the

average people you are more likely to

get struck by lightning or diving on a

dog bite in the United States the die

from the terrorist attacks with this

idea of having this fear of terrorists I

mean I always kind of base it at the

airports they say please report any

suspicious behavior everybody's

suspicious at the airport I mean just

start looking around their home

telephoning oh my god you know and they

there because they're going to lose or

they left something think you've got

people with backpacks that could have

bombs in them you know it's a type of

insanity when you create this

environment where people begin to fear

other people because if all of us have a

weapon of mass destruction we drove

you're in it there are millions of

weapons of mass destruction the United

States but people aren't driving their

cars into places some guy did it in

Scotland now those six billion people on

the planet that's not bad right

one guy drove remember that in the

airport crises there

and so there is an irrational fear but

if you want to look at the roots of this

and I think dr. earlier and he said you

know we failed to look at the sources a

lot of these things and I said like the

Crusades and he said even before that

and I would agree because if you I don't

know if they still use it anymore but

when I was in school we had to study a

book called Norton Anthology of

literature and and the first entry in

Norton's book is the Song of Roland

so Western literature begins with a

storm that celebrates the defeat of the

Muslims and this is very interesting and

if you look in if you look at the when

the Pope spoke in Germany he mentioned

men well ii men well ii was an emperor

who went around europe about fifty years

before the fall actually about thirty

years before the fall of constantinople

which is now istanbul and he argued that

the christians needed to help him defend

constantinople from this turkish

onslaught and he failed but if you think

about European identity Europe Europe

has two fundamental identities

historically one of them is a Christian

identity which is a positive identity

but they also have a negative identity

which is that they're not Muslims and

this is very important historically in

the Christian consciousness of Europe is

that they really saw the Muslims for

centuries as a serious threat to to the

European civilization so it's it's it's

important that we remember that the

Crusades are a major turning point in

your leading civilization one because of

a massive influx of Muslim culture into

the West the rise in colleges is a

to read from George magazine also we

forget st. Francis Assisi and the

Franciscans have a wonderful narrative

in their tradition state Francis Assisi

is actually according to Franciscans

ended the Crusades because he got a

papal dispensation to allow Crusaders to

get their explanation by making a

pilgrimage to Assisi in Italy where

where he had a monastery and and that's

part of their tradition there's actually

a book about saint francis the saint of

the sultan which narrates that story

it's a wonderful story now if you look

in the consciousness of America 9/11 now

has emerged like probably for my father

and mother's generation the the turning

point for them was Pearl Harbor and my

mother was actually at the University of

Berkeley when Pearl Harbor was bombed

this was an eternal one my father was

he's younger than my mother but my

father was 17 at the time he literally

got a dispensation from from his mother

he got permission to join at the airport

and so at 17 he did not finish his lives

here at high school but he actually went

into the Air Force as a young man from a

very very wealthy family but that was

the type of fervor that that event

created in the United States where

people literally went just to sign up so

that's important to remember that this

mice my son my 17 year old is as an

artist and he's been drawing pictures of

buildings on fire since he was about 12

so this is in the consciousness of a

generation of Americans now and all of

us you know for people that are I think

over 50 to have when they all know where

they were when Kennedy

assassinated for Americans today they

know so there's a lot of forms of media

that are not being used cartoons and

departments again have this is a cartoon

from the type of the Greeks were

fighting the Turks and Lord Byron

actually went to fight with the Greek so

this was a very popular war for the

romantics to go and fight there's a

wonderful picture of him in in a turban

because the Greeks actually were lived

under Muslim rule for several hundred

years and they actually adopted a lot of

Greek clothing actually come from Turkey

and the Greeks have worried beatings and

also to call them think of the Greeks

problem worry I guess they were wearing

here we have hope anything and for the

Catholics excuse because I violence is

incompatible with the nature of God the

nature of soul are you calling us by the

look on your back that's right I think

wonderful caricature is there if you

look at Jewish that cartoons from the

Germans that very similar it's really

interesting jihad the devil's behind in

Islam I love this one is not a part of

America so that's Barack Obama the

official version but here's the Muslim

how to build a bomb right so this is the

Muslim top they do for Pope's words /

cartoons over the modern world Miami

dyspeptic / car bombing - the headings

dum-dum bodies and then I love this one

the West

I mean disagree with what you say but I

will defend to death your right to her

death right radical

and then here we see my hero zu infidel

kids are finally apologizing Danish

cartoon tank maja I was in therapy

because every day in the United States

people are reading this stuff outraged

by the cartoon husband and then books

written by Ron Wilson so this is is an

incredible industry that's emerging this

is and it's important because you play

all care as American don't be well talk

show radio goes read and then they in

turn you know this

I used to monitor this stuff the first

book that I bought was in 1994 I think

it was called that was just amazing

industry I'm actually in the Muslim up

here with you are you know I'm not a

Muslim mafia done according to Muslim

Brotherhood series and you know what

their evidence is I just want a cool

thing set and they actually caught in an

FBI agent who said mommy doesn't prefer

to live on cooked a sex because it's

harder to do drive-bys and it's harder

for the FBI to monitor them so that

doctor Bassin is on a cook they said

Iman's a typical taste all these moles

of Omar from care bazaar including I

suppose whistles how I have five kids so

that's what I was thinking about like

your car price low but this is

in another book Islamic infiltration I

was a stealth jihadist that infiltrated

the White House so the another one

actually said that I had information

because I said in a speech

two days before September 9th that

America has a Great Tribulation coming

to it so I had insider information and

this was put into a call here I grow so

water and he said well you're a public

defender cockblock

because we don't have good libel laws in

this country but my word means to reject

these dueling because when the freedom

of speech freedom of slaves was a law in

America when they wrote the Bill of

Rights right

they had Julian it wasn't a lot of 1830

so somebody said something nasty about

you you could actually send your ii like

i could send them out to business and

satisfaction jeweled it out but now you

just say whatever you want and since

Sullivan verses of the New York Times

which was a complete liberal

unfortunately it was a complete liberal

disaster because Sullivan was some races

and he was libeled

in the New York Times and he sued them

and because it was during Earl Warren

it was very liberal court system they

actually said because he was a public

figure that they have higher standard so

it's harder to prove like so now we have

two laws in the United States for public

figures and private figures so you can

say whatever you want about a public

figure and they have no recourse to law

to redress that but right so my wife has

protection under the Constitution for

being libel or slander but I don't have

protection and it's just not right but

this is what we're dealing with you know

these people can say with everything one

and they're here doing what is called

swift voting now these are the the

people that are writing moves now

from within Islam 30 degrees Palestinian

given what rock Pakistani leaving Islam

apostate speak out the God who behaves

worthless ohon voices behind the veil

why I'm not a Muslim under this law

origins of the Quran is showing that

it's all made up

why not that jihad and then I am her she

she's the poster child she's attractive

Ethiopia lady

so they love her and then why do so not

be sorry why do we want to kill you yeah

Ethiopians by the way I know a secret

about them they kill because you will

never see something I think they must do

something why do you want to kill you

look at that child and that we have

Muslim performance so you see these are

the ones that want to reform this all

from within changes troubles on today

and this my favorite one learn tolerance

from mr. Collins discussion between

committing adultery Lord show respect

your culture and sensitivity to your

religious values many that's mr.

tolerance for having respect for my

religious values you are indeed an

amazing infidel

so say okay examples may not be high but

commentators read these books and

amplify the effects so you have people

like Michael Savage is this one religion

values so many in America sent an arrest

center themselves when it comes to

evaluating fun is it just beer yeah

absolutely absolutely forget their about

that because they threaten us

that's the cellmate

Meredith decided that the suicide

bombers were Methodists market slices

Massacre types included the problem is

is long and but let me play get back

that water naturally relevant once

between art to mind the middle each in

any any you know that a folder we can't

heal so we have in some of the moment

this quote and the fact that in Mohammed

in law every woman that must belong to

some man as his absolute property either

as a child a wife or a concubine must

delay the final extinction of slavery

until the faith of Islam has ceased to

be a great power among men pretty

outrageous stuff yeah you didn't say

that though I didn't say that Winston

Churchill said that yeah Winston

Churchill as a matter of fact in the

book and the 50s also Mena comparisons

like public in Italy with also Winston

Churchill the comparison between might

come and the Koran one of the reasons

that I'm being prosecuted I don't

remember with intuitive over a Nobel

price for this circle and we would have

been persecuted and I have nothing

against people I have nothing against

Muslims with my point is that Islam is a

totalitarian ideology that should be

compared not so much the power religions

but the power of the determinant

ideologies like communism or fascism

well if we don't stop covering up what

Islam is Islam is a violent no

cigarettes if I start with admissible

as a political system bet on the

overthrow of the governments of the

world at the end and world domination

now see what you have to realize from

this this is going on constantly

I have watched in my lifetime the 700

club I think five times every single

time there was anti-muslim statements so

I have to assume they must do that all

the time and these people reach large

numbers of people you can say Oh only

20% of Americans hate Muslims right well

it's actually compute polls are showing

it's more than 47 percent

but you're dealing with millions of

people in a country that is is rooted in

civil society and if anything should

threaten the stability of that society

because of my personal view is after

9/11 my estimation of the American

people went up considerably

I remember the meanest because I was

convinced that there was going to be a

tax on mosque there was going to be

costing the Muslim women I really

thought it was going to get very bad

that was my initial feeling I was

overwhelmed by the amount of goodwill

that came out of average people we got

for everyone I hate you call we got to

the mosque we got a hundred people

saying we're really troubled by what

we're hearing people

attacks against your religion flowers

were actually set to several of the moms

do you notice a look you're part of

America and and many many people came

out in real solidarity and support with

the American Muslim community despite

the fact that that you know they thought

that Muslims did this horrible thing and

so that to me is a testimony to the one

they make goodness of a lot of people in

this that society but also to the fact

that many of the ideals of this country

that may be at the founding of the

country were not fully realized or even

partially realized that a lot of these

haven't really been imbibed by people

because Jefferson was a philosopher and

Jefferson wanted to see America as a

neutral religious ground a safe place

and he actually says for Christians Jews

muhammadans Hindus and atheists of every

stripe so that was his vision the vision

of the founding fathers was to see a

pluralistic society in IR tunes in the

debates the constitutional debates in

North Carolina that she debated whether

if they didn't have religious tests

there there could be a possibility of a

Muslim president this is 230 years ago

they're debating the idea of a Muslim

president and the debate was worn by

those who did not want religious tests

and one of the things they argued was if

there ever was and Muslim elected to