Islamophobia-The Crisis Of Muslims In The West

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Event Name: Islamophobia-The Crisis Of Muslims In The West
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highest office in this country it would

be one or two reasons it would be

because that people found in the best

and most virtuous candidate or because

the majority of people had become Muslim

in either case that is their prerogative

so this was the argument of the founding

fathers which is quite extraordinary so

I think it's really important for us not

to underestimate that impact one of the

things my father told me in 1940 he saw

a very big impact on a young young boy

and he saw as a cartoon in which but in

the first friend had Hitler saying the

world is flat and everybody the audience

says that's crazy and then in the next

frame he's saying the world is flat and

then somebody is saying to one of them

well what's the evidence that it's

actually round and then in the next

friend he says the world is flat and

then they say you know he's got a point

there and then in the final frame he

says the world is flat and everybody is

saying the world is flat that one of the

things that our marketing masters in

this country know is that repetitive

messages have an impact if you keep said

something over and over again it

eventually takes whole in people which

is why you'll find yourself buying Chris

now just asking quantity Islam is the

first and the American and Western

religions the first as acquitted me that

the American left and the rules like our

caller stand up for his long because it

is an Academy of American everyone

committed and they not better by the


and then this is a whole other field

which is very important 20 million

people got that in the face of evil 21

hours of munich muslim terrorist islam

what the West needs to know Delta Force

all these have Muslim terrorists among

us at the siege Aladdin right because a

lot of Indian there he says you know in

my kids they don't like your face they

cut off your nose it's barbaric I know

but it's home and then he's got a scene

where all that who steals an apple and

the guy's going to cut

handle so it's an associate little

children associating with now this is

another amazing because see now these

terms like Tapia is a rarefied term as

long as well but most Muslims don't even

know but but and this is something in

the Shan tradition it's more emphasized

but it is also permissible in descending

tradition if you are under the threat of

death you can actually deny your Islam

so somebody's going to kill you because

I'm not a Muslim

that's called to me but there are you

know when hums Yousef comes and tells

you as long as a peaceful religion he's

practicing Tapia because he's a stealth

jihadist and he doesn't really believe

any of this you see so it's very

insidious the way that they're using

these terms and then you know bomb is to

do move America these are burden one of

the interesting things about some of

these you have run times with the the

armaments Lobby is funding some of these

it's very interesting raise the arm you

know General Electric mean good things

to death

and then conservative dialysis moving

liberal waste from the American blood

stream from hate to love and this is I

think one of the worst because it's all

from original sources and one thing I'll

say about the reason sources and this is

a problem pre-modern text I can take st.

Thomas Aquinas which I've read enough

Aquinas to know that and sister Marian

dinner PhD I think we can ask a

Christian advice on this also but I

could take Aquinas and make Christianity

look like a completely insane religion

by just quoting him in certain

environments I mean Aquinas argues for

apostate laws capital offense you can do

all this and Aquinas is is an incredible

brilliant emphasis spiritual master I

mean so many things but I didn't take

the pre-modern tradition from the Jewish

tradition the town moon that a

six-year-old child and I asked the chief

rabbi of Israel because the baby who's

the chief rabbi but I asked one of the

chief rabbis of Israel about this

because we were talking about Aisha and

marriage laws in the town would six

years old a American be consummated with

a six-year-old you can take any

pre-modern religion and in modern with

the modern sensitivities you can show

the insane

tradition really I mean this is we do

this with Christianity with Judaism with

Islam any of these religions but how has

the normative practice over time to find

itself this is what is not painful so

it's taking these things and if you

notice this this is more from the right

within progenitor the Jewish tradition

to be fair to the Jewish version I've

seen very little from the Jewish

community about this because if you live

in glass houses don't throw stones what

you can do with the Islamic preponderant

revision you can do with the Jewish

tradition as well and so that that's an

important aspect it's the gates of

Vienna City USA the real story

jihad watch again I mean any son really

well they're very well funded so when

you do searches you'll often come up

with these websites I'm going to pass

through this one people probably saw

this and then unfortunately and this is

the ugly truth because I want to be fair

we have not choices we have 1.3 billion

Muslims you will always have a

percentage of people in any religious

tradition that are insane it's just it's

just statistic because you have the same

people here like for instance people

talk about all the cow blood in Pakistan

is that what they kill you know ten

people yesterday twenty people were

probably murdered in the United States

yesterday violence is a human problem

when it's done in the name of religion

it's particularly odious but people are

violent we've got a problem

religion the major common religion is

that you can get normally good people to

do really evil things

pointed out and I have argued that in

some ways the metaphor that I like to

use is in some ways religion if a

metaphor for religion could be atomic

energy atomic energy is a lousy

including energy but it has toxic waste

and that toxic waste can be very very

harmful as we're finding out from Japan

if religion in store has had ways to

mitigate that and it hasn't always been

successful but we do have a problem and

this form British lady first of all you

know we can say in Islam I mean I

studied theology that's one of the areas

that I spent a lot of time on is

studying with real really great teachers

it is prohibited in Islam to say

anybody's going to help the Quran talks

about what the hell and condemn a

certain people help that's true but I

cannot point to anybody and say you're

annoyed at that it's it's not it's not

our prophet of to do that and so you

know this is just a lot of even

dismantled wonderful for the tabloids

because he actually had a hook as a hand

on eyepatch and used to go on about

jihad for the UK I mean if you ask these

people what is showing that they

couldn't define it I guarantee they

couldn't no none of them are scholars

they're you know they're just these are

slogans great thanks with friends like

that enemies right those who say

for the soldiers burn in hell

massacre those consultants all this

awful dominate the world and then we've

got now I just want to look a little bit

in the past you know does anybody know

where the Ku Klux Klan got their fashion

design from Morocco no does anybody know

seriously do you know probably from the

Inquisition this is the Spanish

Inquisition and that is exactly where

they got them from this is one of the

early terrorist organizations in the

United States and they were Christian in

their understanding and they model

themselves after the inquisitors in

Spain and so there's a lot of

transference of racism against Blacks

and Jews and other communities now on to

the Muslim community because Muslims by

and large in the United States are brown

they're people of color and so there is

a lot of it in fact you know if you join

us wrong you will join an oppressed

minority and learn how it feels to be

african-american or I have an old white

lady in Canada who became Muslim put on

at a job that she said I really felt

first hand that I got to know what it

was like to be in an oppressed minority

because she said I didn't realize that I

had this white my the Mexican wife is

not here

those who cannot remember the past are

condemned to repeat it the demonization

of of Native Americans right there it is

right and we don't show what we did to

them right in this country but this was

and that's what it leads to

Wounded Knee we're unarmed maybe this

was the last really battle in the

American Indian Wars unless include the

aim battles the later ones like Alcatraz

and things like that

I like this home a security this wasn't

the original home and ship fighting

terrorism since 1492 demonization of

african-americans this is something that

our culture was very good at also one

people she had she you know she tried to

commit suicide that poor girl I mean she

people read her history Elizabeth

Beckman I think her handler but even

death all raised mixers with there's a

hidden genocide of this country that

nobody talks about in the south whole

black populations after the Civil War

disappeared in Captains literally

disappeared because they just killed

them all and this has been documented by

historians in this country so we have a

very dark history we forget apartheid

when I was a born that was still

apartheid in this country so it wasn't

that long ago you know and people

struggled to get these rights many of

them Jewish Americans a lot of these

people that were the early civil rights

movement were out of the Jewish

community because they understood they

sided with them and there's wonderful

book called when the Irish became white

which because the Irish Catholics were

I'm going to get to that in a second so

the evil Chinese right same thing fruit

doctor - Manchu exclusion laws there

were exclusion laws in this country

excluding Chinese immigration and we

forget also the problems of the Chinese

that happen even in San Francisco we

have a horrible history of brutal

attacks on the Chinese community right

world dictatorship sounds familiar right

cruelly insidious treacherous Doctor Who

Manchu Malins dr. al Belva in his

ruthless mad scheme to rule the world so

and this is one of the beautiful

Japanese also we forget the demonization

of the Japanese community jab keep on

moving white knight saber this is your

enemies again

and then this is what it ended up it

right so japanese-americans were

interned in California we forget because

a lot of the best farming property in

Santa Cruz

Monterey Southern California were owned

by Japanese so there was a move to get

japanese-americans in turn here

confiscated their letters it didn't

happen in the Midwest Japanese fought

they were actually interpreters enemies

many of them were decorated soldiers

it's still there and by the way this has

never been overturned constitutionally

internment a collective group of people

in the United States it has to actually

happen again to go to Supreme Court but

but there was an official apology in the

70s but it has never been constitutional

and FEMA has actually they have

internment camps this is one of the 25


censored stories Sonoma State the School

of Journalism has shown that they're

actually internally camps if that was

ever called illegal immigrants becoming

rebellious so that they actually have

camps to internment we sort of won no

Spanish or max

but this for some people Mexican this is

called a slap you know Texas was stolen

from Mexico when I said to my wife once

you guys are taking over she said no

we're not we're taking back so the

demonization of Jews I mean happens

without how it's like they are upset say

whatever you want

so that look just like Arabs - that's

what's so interesting you know is that

the cartoons of the Jews look very

similar but this is this all has impact

on people there's the Jew body is ghetto

and so this is how the anti-defamation

league and other organizations were

started because of the lynching of a

Jewish man and then obviously the Jewish

financier is controlling the world the

Jews of Tears and subversive 1907 USSR

humanization of high regard this is my

favorite one because my family suffered

from this you know any cover or Catholic

country except Irish like you know Help

Wanted no one ever to need apply not in

that and then look they're

african-american Jewish and the Irish

death so they were all the equal

opportunity to prejudice the they were

seen as drunkards they were actually by

the african-americans shown to be a

blight and then this is what it resulted

in the Kensington riots this happened in

Philadelphia in 1840s they actually

there was a rumor spread that the Irish

were going to get the Catholic Bible to

replace the Protestant Bibles in the

public schools and they saw this as the

Protestants offices kind of atheism and

so they went and they burnt two huge

cathedrals that were built by the Irish

Americans might very great my


Michael Oh Hanson what was in

Philadelphia at this time he migrated


thirty-eight so he was there these riots

and scores of Irish were killed it

actually changed the consciousness in

this country because people became

ashamed after work but the Irish were

bribed into enfranchisement Daniel

O'Connell the great Irish forager as the

Irish Catholics to stand by the

african-americans in their fight for

liberty in this country and

unfortunately I would be much prouder of

my heritage

have they done the right thing but they

didn't they they went into the political

process and they actually sided with the

oppressor in that case here's

citizenship there's the Irish just like

now the Muslim is the guide to campus

simulate and he's got is 90 because the

Irish are violent anyway the final thing

is just about models of possibility I

think it's important to remember that in

this country that people people have

overcome immense difficulties and you

know I these are the great Chiefs

meeting at the White House with Coolidge

now we have many many great Native

Americans that are recognized by the

dominant community African American

model is also an extraordinary model but

it was done with a lot of hard work and

effort you do not in enfranchisement in

this country easily it's never been

given to any group of people outside of

the anglo-saxons that came to be short

it's never been given to any group of

people without a struggle and that is a

part of the history of this country and

it's possible so I think the Muslims how

the Chinese also por favor

during this the Muslims food is one of

the things look now they're learning

Thai chilies be shooting people

acupuncture we've got governors now from

the Chinese community Japanese also have

the Mexicans also and please the Irish I

mean to tuning precedent the first

language president that was Anton

Jackson people don't know but he was an

Ulster hi she was Protestant and that

wasn't more considered either the FBI

Kennedy's considered the first the

Mexican please excuse the next slide

not the Jewish model is an extraordinary

model my point is now that you can just

look at the vote the Jewish vote and how

much it impacts politics in this country

so the Muslims have possibly but but the

Muslim gain has to fight it in Chinese

there's a debate about this but the

ideogram were crises is also the in the

Video Grabber opportunity in any crises

there's always immense opportunities the

Muslims have an opportunity and people

there are people generally interested

I'm courting if you go to a bookstore

today if you go to the width up section

and you how I embrace the movie office

and found inner peace you go to Satanism

how I came to know Satan and found inner

peace I mean it's just amazing every

religion you go to the Muslim section

why I'm not a Muslim

the trouble with Islam you know anything

is wrong it's just amazing that the

people who hate Islam are defining Islam

and that's why blue Boyce's really are

absolutely essential but I would also

challenge those people good people my

sister Mary Ann Farina she always get

embarrassed but I love that woman

because she to me represents the best of

the Christian tradition she is somebody

that takes very serious and I know she

doesn't view Muslims as enemies but she

takes very serious things like turn the

other cheek and love my enemy these are

these are very difficult things to do

but the real Christians have to step up

to the plate the real Jews have to step

up to the plate people are recognized

that an attack on any religion is an

attack on all religions that is just a

simple fact of the matter because that

the essence of religion is a commitment

to something that transcends the set it

all religious people that are part of

this incredible tapestry of religions

that we have in the world are people

that are saying there is more to life

than just this physical world that were

into we share in met commonalities in

our ethics Islamic ethics as sister Mary

had knows is identical to Christian

ethics in so many areas virtue ethics of

Kazami is the virtue

ethics of Aquinas these are the

commonalities and the bridges that don't

need to be built they need to be pointed

out everybody talks about building

bridges there are so many bridges that

are already there

we just need to recognize them through

the fall and then make that effort to

cross them and meet somewhere in the

middle and just enjoy the incredible

view I was once with a group of Muslims

my Bibles with us was amongst Indian

some other people and we were walking

across a bridge just after 9/11 it was a

very narrow bridge and there was some

two two people coming on to the bridge

and we got to the middle and I just made

a joke this bridge isn't big big enough

for the both of us and he looked and he

said you're Muslims aren't men I said

yes and he said the bridge is big enough

for all of us

we're very disturbed at what they've

done to your community there are people

out there that that need to believe the

Muslims need to reach out but we also

need to hear from those people thank you

very much