Islamophobia-The Crisis Of Muslims In The West

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Event Name: Islamophobia-The Crisis Of Muslims In The West
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if you go to a bookstore

today if you go to the width up section

and you how I embrace the movie office

and found inner peace you go to Satanism

how I came to know Satan and found inner

peace I mean it's just amazing every

religion you go to the Muslim section

why I'm not a Muslim

the trouble with Islam you know anything

is wrong it's just amazing that the

people who hate Islam are defining Islam

and that's why blue Boyce's really are

absolutely essential but I would also

challenge those people good people my

sister Mary Ann Farina she always get

embarrassed but I love that woman

because she to me represents the best of

the Christian tradition she is somebody

that takes very serious and I know she

doesn't view Muslims as enemies but she

takes very serious things like turn the

other cheek and love my enemy these are

these are very difficult things to do

but the real Christians have to step up

to the plate the real Jews have to step

up to the plate people are recognized

that an attack on any religion is an

attack on all religions that is just a

simple fact of the matter because that

the essence of religion is a commitment

to something that transcends the set it

all religious people that are part of

this incredible tapestry of religions

that we have in the world are people

that are saying there is more to life

than just this physical world that were

into we share in met commonalities in

our ethics Islamic ethics as sister Mary

had knows is identical to Christian

ethics in so many areas virtue ethics of

Kazami is the virtue

ethics of Aquinas these are the

commonalities and the bridges that don't

need to be built they need to be pointed

out everybody talks about building

bridges there are so many bridges that

are already there

we just need to recognize them through

the fall and then make that effort to

cross them and meet somewhere in the

middle and just enjoy the incredible

view I was once with a group of Muslims

my Bibles with us was amongst Indian

some other people and we were walking

across a bridge just after 9/11 it was a

very narrow bridge and there was some

two two people coming on to the bridge

and we got to the middle and I just made

a joke this bridge isn't big big enough

for the both of us and he looked and he

said you're Muslims aren't men I said

yes and he said the bridge is big enough

for all of us

we're very disturbed at what they've

done to your community there are people

out there that that need to believe the

Muslims need to reach out but we also

need to hear from those people thank you

very much