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was permitted but the dominant opinion

is it's not there are there there is an

opinion of scholars that abortion before

120 days was not and it's not considered

murder before 120 days but it's

considered prohibited by the vast

majority of the Muslim scholars for a

number of reasons one because it's an

interruption of a divine process two

because there's a serious danger to the

the woman which it's not permissible to

put yourself into a type of danger for

something because the Quran says you

know that's up to a radical hush-hush it

said in Locke don't kill your children

out of fear of provision because it says

that chill

are provided for they come with their

own provision that's a belief in Islam

that your children bring their own

provision right there food everything

they're going to get was already decreed

for them so you're not you know you're

not it's they're not taking from you

they're actually bringing their own and

for most people you know that they

actually see an increase with children

you know their lives actually there's an

increase that comes with children now

during this time and it's interesting

it's about 120 days the heartbeat right

is audible you'll start hearing the

heartbeat and during this time the the

soul is in this this is like a bottle

sock every death out of these five

stages there is a death and a birth so

as you leave one realm and die from that

realm you're born into another realm so

we are we are dying and being born into

these realms and during this time it's

believed to be important for the woman

to be in a good spiritual state - and

that these will affect the child what

she eats making sure that her food is

how now also her thoughts her state and

that's why in traditional cultures it

was very important that a woman was felt

very secure that there was an anxiety

that there wasn't and this is why even

it with divorce the divorce period is

the entire pregnancy so that she doesn't

have anxieties about provision and

things like that and it's not encouraged

to divorce during pregnancy now at the

point that the child moves into the next

stage from this Barza into the dunya

and that's why dunya means the lowest

world it is the lowest we are in the

lowest world in this hierarchy of world

when the child comes into the dunya the

first thing that is done is the Adan is

recited into the right ear and the

formula which is known as the otama

which is done before the prayer is

recited into the left ear and then you

put something sweet on the tongue dates

like choose some dates and put it on the

tongue and the reason for this is that

there are two important things that

every human being should know about the

duniya the first is the wide and the

second is the ye the wide is the promise

that you will go back to the Divine

Presence from whence you came this is a

promise you will go back to the Divine

Presence because the child is moving

into the realm of separation they are

still in divine unity and this is why

children are not in a differential state

they can't differentiate at this point

what what will happen is the promise is

the garden but the garden has a key in

other words you the garden is not earned

but it's also not given without struggle

or effort I mean the Muslims confer with

the Christians in that it is through

grace that people are that people are

are given that the divine presence but

that grace is given through a fir

in other words there's nothing that you

could do to make yourself worthy of that

grace so it's not something that can be

achieved or earned but at the same time

there has to be the move towards that

that it's not given without that effort

and that's why in the Quran you will see

verses that indicate that this is a

reward for what you were doing it's it's

a reward that is is is is way beyond

whatever the people were doing but they

don't get that without the effort so the

Yee is this when the child is born it is

the wide and not the way eat because

they're not in the realm of the the

punishment they're in the realm of the

promise and this is why children that

die before puberty have no accounting

according to the dominant opinion and in

fact one of well I'll get to that when

we I might forget so I'll mention this

now one of the things that people whose

children die before they reach puberty

on the day of judgment they will bring

water to their parents on the plane when

everybody else is suffering and and then

they'll actually be happy that that

happened like the pain they had in this

world is transformed into a joy in the

next world and other people envy them

they're envious that they have those

children that come with this relief on

that day and they seek out their parents

they go and find them so the promise is

what is what is told to the child is a

shadow and let you know a lot where

shadow on a mohammed rasoolallah this is

a reminder to the soul that's embedded

in this infant it's a reminder you see

you have this in many traditions you

know the Platonic tradition talks about

this Plato believed that with what this

world was was an arena to remember what

we already knew in the world of

archetypes before we came into this

world we knew truths and this world we

enter into forgetfulness and what we

have to do in this world is wake up to

what we already knew and this is the

allegory of the cave of realizing that

there's a journey to be made we have to

get out of the shadow show of the

illusion right which is really

interesting because in a way human

beings now if you look at film and

television which are the dominant

preoccupations of many many human beings

now it's very similar to the cave

because people are watching these images

projected from lights flickering on

their TV screens and in their movie

theaters and their illusions and there's

this whole other real world out there

and there are people now that are

preferring this world of illusion this

vicarious world this virtual reality to

a whole other world which the world that

they're dismissing is still considered

to be another television it's just a

better program so that is the reminder

to the soul and there's a belief that

the soul hears that and it resonates and

there's a there's a deep belief in the

Islamic tradition that when people hear

la la la la that it resin

with them that they recognize the truth

of it right I mean everybody knows does

anybody not know that I hate la la means

every maid knows that right la ilaha

illa Allah there is no god but Allah

yeah that's that is that is the the I

mean from the Muslim perspective that is

the reason we were created to testify to

that truth that there is no other

purpose and muhammad rasool allah which

i mentioned you know earlier is only the

latest formula there were Esau das what

Jesus is the Messenger of Allah Abraham

is the Messenger of Allah

possibly Buddha was the messenger of the

truth Krishna I don't know about because

they're not mentioned by name but there

are many traditional Muslim scholars

that said that there are high

probabilities that those traditions were

prophetic traditions that came to their

people with their language and their

understanding which is where you'll get

these differences but the the truth of

Leila hey Lala is something that Souls

recognize and Kufa is covering up that

truth that's that's what a person who is

not in a state of submission is called a

calf fill which is often translated as

infidel which is not a correct

translation infidel is actually a Latin

Christian term for people that didn't

accept Christianity in Fidelis without

faith the the belief the kaffir is

somebody who's covering up this truth

that its own soul knows because these

lower passions have overwhelmed the

higher essence of that human being and

they don't like what the implications of

that are so they choose not to look at

it this is how the Muslims view it now

once the child enters into this realm it

will go through five stages mm-hmm the

light is the warning that if you do not

maintain your pre worldly contract which

is that you testified to the truth of

the lordship of your Creator that you

you you're in trouble you're in trouble

now there is a belief in the Muslim

tradition that if you have not been

reminded you're not taken to account for

your forgetfulness right because the

overriding mode of the Creator is mercy

it's not wrath the Quran says the mercy

has preceded the wrath right and there's

a tradition in which the Prophet Salla

lot is that I'm said that God has a

hundred parts of mercy 99 he has

retained in his presence and one part he

has allowed to descend to the dunya and

it is that one part that a mother nurses

her child with that the foot the the

mayor raises her hoof from stepping on

her fall so every act of mercy in this

world is only from that one part and the

99 have been remain in the divine

presence for the day of judgment

now the second stage is the stage of the

lower world so you have the womb and

then you have the childhood now there's

some interesting things before that just

about the womb

there's many verses in the Quran like 23

12 and 4 for 22 verse 5 which deal with

the phenomenon of the womb and one of

the there's a embryologist by the name

of Keith Moore who wrote one of the

dominant textbooks for embryology it's

used I don't know if it is now but it

was a few years ago at UCLA's Medical

School and he wrote in the introduction

that there was no embryo logical

knowledge before I think it was maybe

the 17th or 18th century whatsoever and

there was no detailed knowledge until

the 20th century with the advent of a

lot of the technology that's enabled us

to look I mean now we've seen the

miracle of life right you can watch the

whole thing happen and there's a Yemeni

scholar of the majeeda Zindani who read

this and and wrote him a letter saying

here you're wrong that in the 7th

century there's very detailed

embryological information and Keith

Moore actually ended up going to Yemen

and meeting with this man and being

shown all of these verses and rewrote

his introduction to his textbook and

there are some videos of his

presentations about that in which he

admitted that the detailed information

in the Quran is the earliest example of

accurate scientific information about

the embryo logical stages and somebody

asked him if it was possible for the

Prophet to have known that and he said

that unless he had microscopic

information and and was able to go in

and actually see these because it says

in the 20250 humanity if you're in doubt

concerning this resurrection then know

that we created you from dust and then

from the drop of a seed nota now note

files are really interesting because

these are not good translations nutfah

there is a version of quran which says

that that the man had added insanity no

military dimension with kora in her

clearance and minute patent am schedge

we created the human being from a nutfah

and then it says am schedge

this in classical arabic exegesis was

always problematic because nothi is a

singular feminine form and the adjective

that's used to describe it is a plural

and you can't do that in arabic grammar

so it was always considered problematic

but the word I'm Chad means the the

message is this intermingling of lots of

things so the idea is that we created

you from this seed that has an

intermingling of many things I'm judge

and from that note feh we made you an

Allah this is the next stage the word in

Arabic Allah means a leech like now what

happens with the zai God when it's

inseminated right it gets inseminated

the sperm goes up and there's a very

twisting hadith of the Prophet and they

asked him how are males and females

determined because the the the Arabs had

a lot of superstitions about how you

know theirs they still do this

Arab women will say you know lie on your

left side or you know they've got all

these funny things that they're supposed

to do if they want a boy or a girl and

right and and they actually believe

positions influence that sexual

positions there so he was asked how what

determines the male or the female and he

said yet the sad buckle mat with Decker

Lama antha the female and the male water

race this is in sahih muslim he said the

female and the male water race and the

one that gets there first will determine

whether the child is a male or a female

which is important for a number of

reasons because women were often blamed

in classical Arabic tradition for having

not producing males it was considered

something was wrong with the woman right

and so that indicates you know the X and

the y chromosome that you have the male

and the female water and water is also

used in the Quran in many verses that

are now interpreted to be the genetic

material we feed them all from the same

water but we vary them with that water

and that means sperm as well in arabic

mountain in san man's water is his sperm

so the the Iloka means a clinging thing

so when the zygote comes down it

literally clings to the side of the womb

and it will embed itself in the womb and

actually will will break down to to

cling into the womb so and then it

begins the

to derive its nourishment from the

embryonic sac and then it talks about

being in the three veils of darkness in

the Quran which Keith Moore identified

as these the three layers within the

womb and then it says and then from a

lump of flesh

it says mullah and mullah is a chewed

lump of flesh and when the Wendy if you

see it on the that that first period it

looks like a chewed morsel it looks if

if an Arab was told to describe what

that was you would say moo baa baa even

though it's still microscopic it's a

chewed lump of flesh it looks like

somebody literally it looks like teeth

marks where the where the spinal cord is

forming in that initial period

it looks like teeth marks somebody

literally bit into it and then it says

shapely and shapeless because part of it

has started to shape and other parts are

still left unformed so you can see this

in at the embryonic level you can see

that some of it is shaping and others

still have no shape and then it says

that we may make it clear to you that's

why this is being told in other words

it's saying if you're in doubt about

what we're doing look at this in order

for it to be made clear to you and and

we will and then we cause what we will

to remain in the wombs for an appointed

time so inside the womb this there is an

edge in the womb as well so this is a

life there's an evolution that happens

in the womb and some of it will not

reach its agile in the same way as this

there could be a spontaneous abortion

there could be an abortion

that's wilt or an accident

so once the the child comes out it comes

into the next stage of dunya so Junior

has five stages

the first stage is one through he says

five and there's another one that goes

with seven which is consistent with the

Western tradition you could either go 1

to 7 or 1 to 15 if you go 1 to 7 which

is also considered a classical Islamic

category during these first seven years

it's the responsibility of the parents

to nurture the child this is a time that

there is absolutely no responsibility

none it's prohibited to to have any

physical discipline during this time

even up till 10 physical discipline is

is not permitted in in Sharia other than

the scholars say like twisting the ear

right grabbing the stomach you know

pinching the stomach giving them pinches

any type of physical violent force is

prohibited in any situation whether it's

male adult female adult or child is

prohibited for any violent physical

abuse that is Haram and Sharia

absolutely and there's no proof or

justification for it and we're going to

look at the verse that a lot of people

misunderstand including unfortunately

some Muslims about that but it's it's

well-known in the Islamic sharia that it

is prohibited to physically strike

anyone with violence hmm

no that's poor on ya it's a there are

several verses that deal with that

actually but the one I gave you was

twenty two five

now in twenty two five it continues and

it says afterward we bring you forth as

infants the word in Arabic this stage is

called the foot now Tuffle means in

arabic poof a li is a parasite the

puffle is somebody that cannot live on

its own it needs a host so the child

needs the parents and this is the

responsibility of the parents to nurture

the child now the Prophet Mohammed salat

is that I'm said that every child is

born on fitrah and this is an important

concept in Islam filtra is the inherent

nature of the human being

it's his aboriginal nature it is

believed in Islam that human beings are

good in their nature and it is it is

diseased societies that will affect the

the nature in a diseased way now this

obviously doesn't is not congruence with

the traditional Christian belief of the

corrupt nature but there is a similarity

between the Islamic and the Christian

belief in that there is a hadith that

says that every child is born with a

black seed in the heart and this is

similar but not the same as the

understanding of original sin

it's going kinda yeah this is going to

be the shield the actions of the parents

affect their children and there are like

in the Bible the idea of visiting on

seven generations which is you know it's

a lot you're dealing with sixty four

parents there is that concept in Islam

that your actions do affect your

offspring but there is no accountability

of the offspring in other words nobody

bears the burden of you do not like in

some of the Chinese traditions you have

the idea of inherited curses you know

that a family gets cursed for doing

wrong in one generation and their

offspring will suffer the fate of that

curse but there is a belief in Islam

that that righteousness will affect your

offspring and also wrongs will affect

your offspring you don't think as it is

available the concert hall

of inhibited agent but was a clang baby

in the census starts all over and

addiction an addiction right and the

mother is responsible for that not the

baby so the mother has has affected the

and that's we have that ability to

completely destroy the fitrah the

parents can do that to the child they

can ruin it and that's what happens

filter is not you know children will not

be if they're nurtured properly now

there is a bad seed there is a concept

of bad seed in Islam there's definitely

a concept in other words there is a

belief that there are Shelton and intz

which are demonic humans and this

results one that demons will actually

partake in the insemination that there's

Hadees that indicate that people that

are like in fornication in and it's

interesting because Islam accepts

marriage in every tradition you know

even though it doesn't accept the the

Buddhists as a people of the book that

you know they're accepted as a as a

tradition in that they can pay the jizya

tax according to imam malik but they're

there their books are not accepted as

revealed books they're not rejected but

they're not accepted it's not in the

articles of faith like the Bible and the

gospel but Buddhist marriage is accepted

if if two buddhists become muslim their

marriage is violent they don't have to

renew that marriage because marriage is

believed to be a divine institution that

it was through revelation that marriage

came about so marriage in any tradition

is accepted and therefore children that

are born of legitimate marriage in any

tradition those children have the

protection of the

sanctity of the men of the union

children born out of wedlock do not have

that protection and there can be effects

on the children because of that and one

of the things that the Prophet salat is

that I'm said is beware the wrath of

bastard children beware the wrath of

bastard children that if you do that to

children they will be angry and their

wrath will come back to you and he said

if he legitimacy spreads amongst the

people then they are spreading the wrath

of God amongst themselves and the wrath

is in the children because that was a

right that you have deprived them up

they have a right to legitimacy and if

you do not give them that you have

oppressed them and oppression engenders

anger and they are often they don't know

why they're angry right they don't know

why they're angry but they're angry and

and for our country when you're looking

at 70 percent the legitimacy rates

amongst certain communities right and

the dominant community it's it's it's in

the 40 percentile range right that which

a lot of you grew up in an age where you

know girls disappeared in high school

right I mean it's really amazing how

much has changed in our generation right

I mean in 1968 a woman was kicked out of

Vassar for living with a man in an

apartment 68 and it's really interesting

how how that's happened in this culture

so this fifth row nature is this

inherent nature and it is that the

potential for good and evil exist but

the inclination is too good if it's

nurtured but the seed of evil can be

nurtured also and if that's done then

you get people that that will they're

inclined to doing bad stuff not good

stuff absolutely and there is no

responsibility until puberty of the

child it all falls on the parents after

puberty according to the hadith the

parents are taken to account in the next

life but not in this life once the chap

you know like if you've got children

that were raised brutalized right by

their father you know or a crack-cocaine

mother who doesn't do anything for a

child these type things the

responsibility this is why you can't

judge people in this world in any

absolute sense the prophets that I was

commanded to judge outwardly but not

inwardly we we do not have the authority

to make inward judgments against people

we can only judge outwardly and those

outward judgments in Sharia are related

to transgressions but you cannot condemn

people to hell you can't none of that

that's all inward judgment and we have

no authority in that realm the variables

that are involved in any human action

are so vast that no individual can grasp

them we can but responsibility is lies

on the adult once you reach adulthood

you are responsible and in Sharia it's


hold up in court to have a psychologist

in there explaining what happened when

they were children and why they're doing

that that does not hold up in in Sharia

Court although Sharia laws are often

contextualized in that upon decide to

implement a HUD punishment one of the

the penal punishments because of

contextual circumstances that that does

exist so there is that realm it's it's

very organic the Islamic legal system is

it's not black and white at all between

7 and 15 Buddhism huge difference to

some communities or traditions through

the 1 to 7 and the other one to 15 I'm

looking at all you know a lot of the

crimes being committed by 315 yeah

that's that in in Sharia if they're

adult they're responsible although this

culture by Islam you cannot apply

Islamic law in the United States you

can't it would be completely

unacceptable because Islamic law is

organic it's it's a it's a holistic

system you cannot have so like let's

chop off the hands of thieves and you

have a consumer culture where the whole

society is is is is is locked in to the

the system of creating consumption as an

addiction right I mean you have to

change it's it's you know the Islamic

legal system the first chapter of

Islamic law books is called the chapter

of purity I mean it's a spiritual

tradition before it's a legal tradition

and so you can't cannot impose

the legal laws on a materialistic

society you have to introduce and this

is why the Meccan stage precedes the

medinan stage the Meccan state had no

legal rulings it was a stage of changing

the perceptions of the people and once

that ship took place this radical

paradigm shift once that took place then

the rules begin to make sense but to

apply the rules without that would be

injustice which is what you know this is

the kind of conservative approach let's

just make harsher laws right see the

problem is the laws aren't harsh enough

well you know why are people doing what

they're doing and why is it that our our

prisons you know are over 60% in fact in

most places it's more like seventy five

eighty percent minority why is that well

that's more evidence you know that these

are inferior type people I mean there's

a lot of that's an unspoken belief

amongst a lot of people in this country

you know I mean there's a lot of people

that are politically correct in their

public discourse not in their private

discourse there's a lot of people that

say well you know these people you know

they're different from us they have

different values whatever or no values

so whereas the Islamic situation is

saying look what's going on right that

these situations are being produced

what's in generating this because this

is alien you see if if you go to a black

African if you go to a Gambian village

where there's no crime right I mean it's

true or not true and isn't it a large

percentage of the african-americans in

this country are from Senegambia right


their genetic inheritance so why is it

that a Gambian African in his village is

not stealing raping and pillaging right

and their 12 year olds aren't going

around doing gangbang and yet the same

genetic bank in in the inner cities of

New York or right or Chicago are doing

that you see what's going on well from

the Islamic perspective you have a

diseased Society and therefore you have

symptomatic pathology and the pathology

is manifesting in children that are

being raised in a diseased engendering

culture so during these seven years it's

not encouraged to teach children either

because they're learning they have their

own learning schedule and in traditional

cultures you did not begin to train

children until they reach seven which is

consistent also with the the Waldorf

right Rudolf Steiner fell back in the

20s that if we begin to educate children

at the age of five we are going to see

precocious sexual development occurring

and the reason he said that is is

because you're dealing with a divine

programming that's designed at that if

you if you bring programming that's not

meant to be introduced earlier then

you're going to pull the whole process

down so instead of the sexual maturation

occurring like in this culture when

people who here might have grown up in

the 50s at the age of fourteen most boys

and girls we're not thinking about

sexual experimentation right really they

weren't and you can talk to your parents

if you're not that old right I mean this

is not I'm not making this up this is

even the menage has you know the period


we have early onset periods we've got

girls now at 7 & 8 that are beginning to

menstruate ins in certain areas right so

something's going on right now if you

introduce it's actually considered

damaging now this is not true of all

children there will be because there

you're going to have children that want

to read at the age of 3 or 4 but the

vast majority of children are not going

to be like that and so they're doing

their work between 1 & 7 they know

exactly what they're supposed to be

doing and you let them do that

they're developing their their minds and

and they're actually they are according

to Islam and according to a lot of our

neurological research it's confirming

these ancient beliefs because this is

not just Islam this this this is

congruence with many traditions 7 was an

age of initiation in many many

traditions and in the classical European

oral culture before Christianity litter

eyes that area 7 was actually you are an

adult at 7 you went from childhood to

adulthood at the age of 7 because in

oral cultures 7 year olds speak like

adults and you'll notice a radical

change in the the ability of a child to

articulate at about the age of 7 and 8

there's a real change in their ability

to express themselves and this is why

even in England you know in the 8th 9th

century at 7 year olds and 8 year olds

were being hung for a horse theft right

which I mean obviously that's horrific

but it's indicative of an oral culture

and how they view and this is why you

will find marriage occurred in oral

cultures at early ages also it was not

uncommon in Europe Asia the Middle East

Africa for an eight or a nine year-old

girl to be married not uncommon at all

because they were considered to have

already reached

the age of maturation in the oral

understanding so at the age of seven

they enter into what's called sinew

Tamizh which is the age of

discrimination they can't now they're

beginning to understand certain certain

things Imam al-ghazali said you can

introduce to them now the concept of

time in a real way so they can

understand things like that they're in

time creatures and also the

responsibilities of actions although

they're not fully responsible yet

because they don't have all of the

hardwiring yet

so this fitrah and it's in the chapter

called the chapter of the Byzantines or

the Europeans or Rome means Europe it

also means the Byzantines it says that

you set your face to the religion which

is the religion of nature the fifth are

given by God and then it says and do not

change that nature which is an

indication that we can alter the fifth

era of people and we have thousands of

years of anthropological evidence that

most cultures were benign cultures I

mean we have a great deal of evidence

you know we would like those people who

make weapons would like us to believe

that we are aggressive by Nature

in other words that by nature we like to

inflict violence and aggression there

are many people that there's there's a

vested interest in having that the truth

is that most of the evidence that we

have from Aboriginal cultures is

contrary to that the Shoshone Indians

you know this is a good example of a

culture that really rejected violence as

a as an option right and there are many

many other many African cultures where

this is very clearly the case that that

violence was seen as surgery you know

that you did not use that route unless

there was no other alternative whereas

in our culture it's its primary care

right its lines in the sand and anybody

who knows Arab psychology knows that you

don't draw lines in the sand if you want

to stay at the the table of dialogue

right if you want to reach some end and

you know it's it's really fun I want to

get into politics but that what happened

in 1991 was an act of madness complete

act of madness and we were as a culture

collectively drawn into something that

had nothing to do with our vested

interests right and and unfortunately

still going on but Arab posturing is

anybody who knows the Arabs is that

they're people that posture this is part

of their nature and Saddam Hussein you

know was was literally doing a classic

Arab posturing because the OPEC

countries reneged on a promise that they

made that they would help him with his

war debts that were incurred during the

Iranian Iraqi war and they reneged on

and he put his troops there at the

border as a to force their hand and th