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eged we live and we die and nothing

kills us but time there have said and

and will we be decayed bones dust in the

earth and brought back to life they say

who's going to revive these dead and

decayed bones the quran says paul Yoji

Haneda and shia

/ Amara the one who brought them to life

the first time he'll do it the second

time the Quran says we created you the

first time the commentators say second

time around is always easier right if it

was done once it can be done again now

how did the Quran deal with this

disbelief because it's very interesting

that the the Arabs didn't believe this

how did it deal with it the way that it

dealt with it was it told the Arabs to

look at the dead earth and instead we

take a dead earth send down rain from

the heavens it mixes with the seed

and we bring forth we bring the earth

back to life again and like that you

will be brought back now this analogy

there is a hadith that says that the

Prophet Muhammad said every human being

has what's called as Ashbaugh venom the

wondrous tale and it's it's at the tip

of the coccyx and it's the seed of the

human being so the Muslims believe that

there is a seed that every human being

has and like seeds seeds are very

interesting because they're very hard to

destroy right you swallow seeds they

come out the other end hydrochloric acid

doesn't break them down in fires seeds

stay right forests that are burned down

come back to life because of seeds that

are there that aren't destroyed drought

comes kills everything but the seeds

when the rain comes back it comes back

to life now the belief of the Muslims is

that every human being has a seed and

that seed will not be destroyed we don't

know where it is or what it is the

hadith indicates that it's in the coccyx

but we don't know what size it is what

it looks like nothing like that but from

that seed every human being will be

recreated from a divine reign and it's

interesting that we deny resurrection

and yet our own culture is talking about

recreating human beings from one cell

bringing back the entire human being by

cloning one cell because all

of the information about you is

contained in one of your cells and this

one of the verses in the Quran is it

says we will continue to show them our

signs in their selves and on the horizon

until it becomes clear to them that what

we're saying is true so the belief in

the resurrection is absolutely

fundamental to the Islamic tradition and

there is a belief that every soul will

be completely renewed the body but the

body that's recreated is not the same as

this physical body

yeah no it's not reincarnation now

here's a little schematic the this was

what we called the world of spirits and

from that we move into now one of the

things about the world of spirits

according to the prophet muhammad's

Eliza time if you met people in the

spiritual realm because we actually

intermingle if you met people in the

spiritual realm you will have a natural

affinity for them in this realm so there

will be people that you meet in your

life that you immediately connect with

and this is believed to be a pre worldly

meeting that is replicated in this realm

and there's a recognition of that and

likewise the people most distant from

you on that primordial plane will be

people that you have natural you you're

not attracted to them and this can also

be within within families and within

religious tradition in other words it

could be a Muslim for a Muslim you know

there could be Muslims you just don't

feel comfortable with and that is not

seen you know you're not you're not

supposed to be mean or cruel to them you

know or take them as enemies or

something but it's recognized that there

are natural affinities and these

affinities are from a pre worldly

recognition and there is a hadith in

which the Prophet said souls are like

regimented ranks those who knew each

other before feel affinity in this realm

and those who did not fit if there's

differences you know and it's like if

you look at it for a metaphor here you

know you have the the Armed Forces and

they're all on the same side but when

Marines are at a bar drinking and then

some Navy boys come in right there's all

this kind of aggression that that will

often happen you know because they're

from different regiments you know that

that these guys are another group even

though it's the same army there are

another group and there's that kind of

animosity that's a result of not being

from that same

Regt now this area is the world of life

choice and effort this is called anima

dunya so you enter into this and from

here you move into the butter sock

now according to the hadith when your

soul dies it hovers above your body and

it's a very discomforting experience and

this is why a sleep is considered to be

the little brother of death in Islam and

the Quran talks about we cause them to

die and there are those we return to

their bodies and others that we keep

them in other words that sleep is a

death it is a type of debt one of the

things sleep is the indication of the

afterlife because what happens when you

go to sleep is like you live your life

you go to sleep and you enter into this

this bottle Zac and then waking up is

like the resurrection you come back into

the body or and you wake up you your

resurrected during sleep you can live

lives you can have extraordinary dreams

you can feel like you were dreaming for

just all these things happen and those

are indications of another world and

this is why the Muslims believe that the

dream realm is a very important realm

and they differentiate between dreams

the quran differentiates between dreams

that are at what we would call in this

culture like food dreams you eat a lot

of food before you go to sleep and then

you have all these funny garbled dreams

so there's but you're still in that

what's called the animal haya the

imaginal world it is part of the unseen

realm but there is also true dreams and

the more ones spirituality soul

work becomes Lucent the more access they

have to that realm and the more opaque

and materialistic they are the more cut

off they are from that realm so there

are people who literally their dream

world is incredibly rich there are

people in our tradition there are many

people who saw The Messenger of Allah

every night in their dreams like Imam

matica van Deniz he said he never woke

up without having seen the Prophet in

his dreams there are others that have

what are called true dreams in which

there's information given to them and

much of the dream realm is symbolic and

there is an extensive science of dream

interpretation in Islam several books

written on it where you will see very

specific things and they have very

specific meanings and this is a first

century work by eben Sedin which is

about dream work just very extensive if

you see this it means this if you see

this and there are there multiple

interpretations that it doesn't always

mean one but that work is deals with

these other realms there are also

spiritual journeys that are taken in the

unseen world so people will have very

profound spiritual experiences in in

their souls

now that the mirage of the messenger is

believed to have been was not a dream it

was a of the soul and the body although

time expanded because he returned to his

bed and it was still warm so he went

through this entire experience he saw

many things on that journey he described

them he went in fact if you are seen

palacios work indicates that much of the

Divine Comedy is actually taken from a

very famous exposition of the messengers

journey through the

the hell's and through the heavens the

seven heavens right

until you have the beatific vision which

is was the result of that now Dearing at

the point of death it's encouraged you

wash the body you do a ritual you pray

for the body and then you put them into

the grave the grave

this is shoulder link and then there's

what's called a nod where you put the

body there's not supposed to be any

coffin it's wrapped in a white gown

white seamless garment like the one that

men wear on the Hajj both women and

females males and females are placed

into this you're placed into your grave

facing Mecca and then three when they

place them in the grave you everybody

throws dust the whole community who goes

to the funeral partake cygnus they all

throw dust and they recite a verse of

the quran from dust we created you from

dust we return you and from dust we will

bring you forth again and then it is

believed that the beginning of the next

stage this is the barzakh stage right

we've got these five stages the next

stage begins in the Barza there are

angels that come to angels munkar and

nakir these angels are very frightening

they're very powerful

they have voices like thunder and they

ask a person who is your Lord

what is your Deen your your religion

your way and who is your prophet the

Prophet Muhammad said the only thing a

man takes or a woman takes into their

grave will be their actions according to

the tradition because now you're moving

into the realm of meaning you're no

longer in the

of sensory although the realm of sensory

is a symbolic realm according to the

Quran these are signs in the next world

the signs right it's not sensoria that

you're in you are in meaning so all of

the things that you did in this in this

life are translated into meanings in the

next life so there are these foul

creatures that people will find in their

grave that smell and they have a strong

stench and the soul is distressed by it

and the soul says leave me alone who are

you and they say don't you know us we're

your actions and this is people who did

evil things in their lives and then

there's others where it's very pleasant

and there's a perfume that diffuses and

the soul finds itself in this and and

and he asks who are you and they say

we're your good actions so these angels

ask and this begins the testing phase

and according to the Quran it says we

will make firm those who believed and

did good works in this life and in the

next with the true word which is lela

lela but we will make them firm so they

won't have these tribulations and the

prophets on the lot is that I've said

that according to the person's

experience in the grade that will

determine whether what comes after it is

easy or difficult so it's the first

stage of the next journey at this point

the grave either becomes a very wide and

expansive or it becomes dark and

constricted based on what people did in

this life and there's a verse there's a

hadith also that indicates every human

being will have an initial constriction

the grave will literally constrict them

to where they think they're going to

burst their soul and then it will become

either easy or difficult and there's a

prophetic tradition of Jesus son of Mary

who they were looking at a man who was

being buried

and all the companions said it sews

constricted and narrow and Jesus says to

them you don't remember the wombs of

your mothers that expanded for you in

other words that the tomb can also

expand for you if the soul grew in this

life whereas if it was stunted it won't

so this is the sole work that's done in

this dunya realm that's going to

determine whether you're constricted or

expanded in this next stage here in this

stage now everybody who has died before

us is in this realm with the exception

of the martyrs the martyrs do not go

into this realm they go directly to to

the divine presence they're not they

don't go through this stage so they're

there they are the exception and Islam

does not restrict martyrdom to those who

died witnessing their their belief which

is the traditional meaning including in

Greek a martyr was anybody who died

witnessing their belief a person who

dies in a fire is considered a martyr a

person who dies of a sudden disease like

cholera a person like dies in a plague

that's a martyr death a person whose

roof falls on them like in an earthquake

and the Scott modern scholars have said

that includes by analogy airplane

crashes and car accidents that these are

martyr deaths as recompense for the

trauma of that experience and not having

been able to deal with your difficult

you know people I mean it's people who

know they're going to die it really

helps them to resolve a lot of things

where if you die suddenly there's a lot

of untaken care of business and so this

is a recompense for that drowning is a

martyr death those who drown so these

are all deaths of Martin

so in other words if you've been a real

rascal all your life when you died in a

car wreck because you were DWI or

Sackett how you be drunk yes yeah see I

mean it's it's it's based on acceptance

yeah like it just depends on what state

you were in because people who can die

you know that's the the assumption of

the community is it's a martyr's death

but but that is not an absolute

including people who died on the

battlefield we assume that they're

martyrs but there's a hadith that said

one of the first people to go to the

Hellfire is a soldier who fought to be

called brave and he tells God I know I

fought for your sake and God says you

lied you fought to be called a brave

person and you got your reward they said

you were brave and the same with a

scholar who learns that God says why did

you say he said I studied for your sake

to teach your religion and he said you

lied you studied to be called a learned

man and you got your reward and the same

with a wealthy person mm-hmm on the

other hand you have a prostitute

according to the hadith who once came to

a well and and and put her shoe down and

brought water up and drank it and there

was a dog who was who was dying of

thirst and she looked at the dog and

thought that dog is like me thirsty and

so she put her shoe down and gave the

water to this dog and got and the

Prophet Muhammad said she was forgiven

all her wrong actions for that one act

right and there's another man who said

who comes on the day of judgment the

only good action that he had was used to

loan money to people and when he sent

his bill collector out he said if they

don't have it just leave them and the

hadith says that God said I am more

generous in absolving my debts than this

man so he forgives him mm-hmm

case of soldiers fighting both sides of

the name of Allah safest iran-iraq war

yeah give the souls of both sides that

can happen and be back in happen yeah it

depends on it whether it was a valid is

she hard or not if there's a hadith

which says the one killing and the one

killed are in the fire right so

generally it's it's not the case and

they said we understand the one killed

what about the one killing or we

understand the one killing what about

the one killed and he said well he would

have wanted to kill him had he been able

so they both have that whereas if there

was a valid ich T had which is where you

know both sides like in Maui and Ali

this and the initial Great Tribulation

between the two companions who fought

the there is a hadith that said the one

killing and the one killed are both in

paradise except the one who killed Ahmad

and that is considered a motivator

hadith which has the highest level of

veracity it's it's a hadith that so many

people narrated it it's impossible for

it to have been considered a lie and and

that that's in the tradition so and

that's part of you know human beings do

crazy things and and this is part of the

human condition you know that there's

fits not what's called sedition and

troubles right and and and these are

often seen also as purification because

a lot of the tribulations people go

through are actually purification and

raising them to higher levels so at a

certain point there are two trumpets

which obviously this is not like you

know these are things that we don't

really understand but these are

approximations and and we have this in

the judeo-christian tradition also the

the first blast

is what's called the our the Sam and I'm

going to talk about this on the last

lecture I have which is about the end of

time at the moment it literally means

the moment the great moment when the

world comes to an end and it says in the

Quran that like the the the cosmos was

expanded at the end it will be

contracted and rolled up like a scroll

right which you know the modern

physicists talk about the Big Crunch

which is you know when it all goes back

to this initial and that's consistent

with with the Quranic view that there is

a rolling up of the cosmos and it's also

the heat death because everything heat

like the it says that the oceans boil

over everything ends in it in a massive

heat death so when this moment comes

every person that's on the earth is

going to be killed at that point it's

all over and and then the second is that

what's called the bath which is the

resurrection and then what happens then

is a very mapped out scenario in the

Islamic tradition at this point all of

the souls have left the dunya and the

next stage they go to which is the


and then you have the bath you have the

the what's called the neva

which causes the resurrection now at the

point of resurrection all of the souls

are bought brought to a plane and that's

what Auto phat is a preparation for that

they're all brought to the plane and

then according to the tradition

everybody is naked and they stand this

is this is where they wait for what's

called the that he said the reckoning

and according to the tradition it says

the waiting is 500 years and and people

are in it five I'm in the pod on talks

about you know a year with God is like

fifty thousand of years a thousand in

different verses so the idea of time is

very different in this realm it's not

like it isn't where we are here and

according to the Quran when they're

asked how long did they tear in the

earth they'll say a day or part of a day

that's what our lives on earth will seem

like in relation to the next world now

at this point according to the Islamic

tradition all of the souls some are

shaded by their actions and others are

literally up in sweat drowning in their

own sweat because it's so intense and at

this point after waiting an incredible

amount of time and it literally says

that people are going in and out like

waves in and out it's a very there's a

lot of confusion there's a lot of it's

it's actually the descriptions are

terrifying with the exception of people

that were the good people in this world

and then what happens is people say

let's go ask the prophets to get us out

of this and the tradition says they go

to Adam the first man and they say help

us intercede for us and he says nefzi

NFC my own soul my own soul

so he refuses he said I can't do

anything for you people go to their

mother they go to their father they say

nefzi NFC this is the day where nobody's

thinking about anybody else because the

soul is looking at infinity and in the

Quran it says when when we enter into

this realm the first thing the soul says

is Yahweh Lana member tottenham in

Medina oh woe to us who has woken us

from our sleep this is what the

messengers promised this is what they

told us they were truthful in telling us

this and this is the promise of the

merciful and they use that attribute

because that's what they want now in the

world people like Thomas Jefferson said

I used to beg for divine justice and

still when I looked at others and then I

start examining my own soul and started

asking for mercy right so this is the

day where people aren't thinking about

justice they're thinking about divine

mercy and what happens is they go to

each of the prophets they go to Noah

they go to Abraham they go to Moses each

one of them says nefzi NFC and they give

a reason that relates to stories that

are mentioned in the poem and finally

all of humanity according to the Islamic

tradition goes to the Prophet Muhammad

all of you met the Muslims the Buddhists

the Hindus everyone goes to the Prophet

Muhammad and that's why in the Quran he

is called a mercy to all the worlds

because on this day when they go to him

he according to our tradition is

uniquely the one who says Allah this is

my place and he takes the intercession

and it said that he enters into the

divine presence prostrates praises and

then it says

to him raise your head ask and you will

be given intercede and you will have

intercession and he asks for the

judgment because people are so terrified

in this waiting period they just want

the judgment to happen you know it's

like people that would rather just I

just tell me what's going to have I

can't wait anymore and so they that they

move to the next stage which is that he

sab because of this shafa'a

so so the intercession occurs here now

it's interesting the the Muslims

identify in the in the New Testament and

one of the names of the Prophet in the

Islamic tradition is parallels which is

the Muslims identify the Paraclete that

is mentioned in John 16 in the gospel

when he says I'm leaving but another

comforter is coming after me the word in

Greek Paraclete means comforter but

actually the first meaning of it is

intercessor it's the one who intercedes

who gives comfort and the Muslim

traditionally have believed that that is

the Prophet Mohammed the Christian

belief is that it's the Holy Spirit and

at this point they go now to the

reckoning that he Sam now there are

people that will not get up and remember

from the Muslim perspective the all the

traditions the righteous of every

tradition is going to be in a good

situation on this day this is not you

know I mean the prophets community is

only one community there are many

previous communities of prophets and

those people that were following their

prophets living according with their

prophet each one has their place and

that's why according to the hadith they

line up behind the people that they were

behind including the bad ones like false

prophets and say everybody's going to be

with the people they followed and those


the burden of leading people astray so

you know the Marxists are going to be

behind Karl Marx the whole it's it's the

Nazis are going to be behind Adolf

Hitler everybody's going to be with

what's that a big sign right

materialists over here well yeah I mean

there's a history of materialism so

there's there's definitely the first

philosophers of materialism the Greeks

have you know there in fact if you read

I really like Prometheus press I don't

know if anybody knows about them do you

know about Prometheus press it's a New

York public they publish everything

against religion right there they're

like total materialists and they can't

stand with it they publish books called

like the problem of God right why I am

NOT a Muslim and they're actually really

interesting because it's it's always

important to get reality checks right

from really radically different

perspectives you know I like to do that

for my own you know just okay I see how

you're seeing it's helpful to clarify

your own understandings to listen to

something that's so different from what

you know it's a really good thing to do

so at this point then at the hey sab

which is the reckoning and this is why

there's a hadith that says reckon

yourselves before you're taken to

account in other words if you do your

work in this world you don't have to

deal with it in the next world so

there's a tradition in Islam of what's

called Mahasabha and it's also a

Christian tradition they're they're

they're orders that do this as a

practice in Christianity of at the end

of the day taking oneself to account and

really looking at one's actions during

the day if they were good you praise and

if they're bad you ask forgiveness right

and this is also penitence and you know

confession in the Catholic tradition is

going and getting this stuff off your

chest admitting

you know I did these things and then

having some way of atoning those wrongs

and then what happens is there is a

record on this day of everything your

entire life and according to the Imam at

Ozaki people will watch their lives in

front of them like a film they'll

literally watch their entire life and

there's a hadith that God will veil

people who for his veiling because

having to see your life you know all the

things that you did so in other words

there are edited versions right there's

a divine editing that can take place

where things are removed from your life

if if you ask them to be removed with

sincerity and at each stage there will

be testimony against you the hands

according to the Quran testify the feet

testament they ask them how will they

speak and he said the one who gave them

who made your tongue speak will make

your hand speak and the genitals

testified the tongue test because all of

them are afraid well the body is that we

don't want they know what's coming and

they're they're afraid and so they're

all owning up and they're saying he made

us do this in other words they don't

want to be taken to account which is

also there's an indication of this in

the Gospels when Jesus said if your

right hand offends thee then cut it off

for it's better to enter the kingdom of

heaven Maine right then than to go into

the fire with that you know it and and

that is obviously a spiritual severing

it's the it's not you know it's not

literal right I mean they're probably

some people out there they take that

stuff out and

oddly center yeah those are values that

when you enter into Islam everything is

erased with the exception of debt so so

in that case we may believe that all the

seems to happen for anything that you

have not taken on a literally removed

from your slate completely and then what

happens is there's what's called a

sahifa which is your the book of your

life right the book of your life and

your actions are weighed in in scales

and you'll find this in Egyptian

mythology and tradition in the Egyptian

Book of the Dead the way and there are

many glyphs about this right the

weighing of the basket and the soul

being in the basket and the actions

weighed and you know I had a in the same

teacher professor Kramer you know

mention the you know that isn't that

from that Egyptian mythology and there's

absolutely no indication that that

information was available in the 7th

century in Arabia and the way the

Muslims would look at that

is that much of Mythology is in fact

remnants of prophetic traditions and in

fact much of mythology you know some

religious scholars differentiate between

mythos and myth you know mythos is is

truth related in symbolic tradition and

myth is like fables and fairy tales and

stories whereas mythos is is something

that's true

and so people then are given their their

books and the book of their life will

either be given in the right hand or in

the left hand if it's given in the right

hand then it's an indication that they

they were successful in this reckoning

now there's also at this point there's

intercession so there are people that

intercede for other people in all the

traditions the righteous people of the

traditions can intercede for other

people and the first to intercede are

the prophets they will intercede for

their communities so Jesus will

intercede for the Christians Moses will

intercede for the Jews and and then

there are people from the community that

reached very high spiritual stations

that will be given permission to

intercede also and then after this the

Me's on the wing the next stage is so

you have the weighing here and you have

the people of the right and the people

of the left the people of the left

go to the place of ultimate divine

alienation which is the fire and the

people of the right go to the place of

ultimate divine intimacy which is the

garden now the Quran says that the

people that go to the garden inherit

they inherit places in the garden

because every human being according to

the Islamic tradition has a place

allotted to them in the fire and a place

allotted to them in the garden every

human being has property in both places

and they will sell their property from

one or the other

those whose free their souls in this

world and sell their place in the fire

then their places are taken up by others

those who free themselves in this world

and purchase according to Quran it says

we have purchased the souls of the

believers and their wealth and against

it is paradise that's the that's the

bargain that's the that's the

transaction that you give your soul to

God and God gives you the garden and so

now there's also a point here which is

known as the the hole and this is a

massive according to the Prophet

Muhammad it extends more than the

distance of between Yemen and Syria and

it is a watering place in which those

who drink from it will never have thirst

after that and he will those who were

the most righteous from his community he

will actually give them drink from his

own hand and this is followed by

what's known as the the qantarah which

is a bridge and people see the hellfire

and go over this bridge to paradise now

according to the hadith the Prophet

Muhammad said that the most punished

person who had the worst life in in this

world in the next world he will be asked

did you ever know grief sorrow or pain

and he'll say I never knew grief sorrow

or pain in other words just entering

into this divine presence all

remembrance of the suffering of the

world is removed and also the person the

wretched one who had the most pleasure

in this world is asked the same question

in the fire did you ever know pleasure

and he can't remember any pleasure in

the world

so these these are the final the these

are the according to the Islamic

tradition the final oppose then and that

day which is the day of judgement is

known as the last day there's there's no

day after it is there any questions

twelve O'Clock that's pretty good I

didn't even look at my watch everything

comes to an end

see this is the realm now the soul

according to the Muslim belief knows all

of these things what's happened in this

realm is were in the realm of

forgetfulness and this is why in the

quran in surah turn off the the QAF

chapter it says a young chef Narang

kelapa vibhava

waka chef Nawab autocad Yamaha D we have

removed the veils from your inner sight

and now your understanding is

penetrating see people will know all of

these things right people are going to

know these things

is there God is a fire in the city well

this possibility right now there people

do according to some tuition there were

people that will taste the fire and then

come out of it and there's two views and

these are not dominant views but there

and it's interesting because there are

two extremes who meet at this place

there's the view of eben tamiya who's a

very famous scholar from the 9th century

Syria Damascus who actually believed

that the fire went out he believed that

ultimately the mercy overrides and that

was his bleep the other extreme was

somebody who he didn't even consider a

Muslim at one point in his life is the

position of even our abhi the Andrew

Seon philosopher Sufi philosopher who

said that the fire also eventually

became it went from a DAB to a dub ad

that means punishment ad that means

pleasure so in other words that

ultimately there was the soul was

purified that is not the dominant belief

the majority belief of the Muslim

theologians is that that there is

infinite residing in these in these

abodes so thank you very much