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Bis Millah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim

For the Quran said at their own ears did you

bloom and this ayah is what the Arabs

called a conditional sentence Germany

sharply yeah that there oniy a stage a

blue comb so whenever you have a

conditional sentence it means that

whatever the proposition of the sentence

is its predicated on the condition being

fulfilled so if you don't fulfill the

condition then whatever is being told is

not going to happen so Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala says at the earliest the doubloon

call on me and I will answer you so what

Allah says is if you call on Allah he

promises to answer you as the doubloon

and that's the condition that he puts

that you just call on him now if you

look at the word Dawa like the Arabs

they say that I adore Atman he called or

he invited or he prayed it could mean he

prayed so if you look at the word though

the word has to do with an invitation

it's an invocation or an invitation like

for instance if I invite someone in my

house I say down to eat of a tea

I called him to my house and so what

you're doing is you're inviting somebody

into some part of your life so when you

call on Allah subhana WA Ta'ala it's

like an invitation you're inviting Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala to help you but every

invitation has certain aspects that make

it appealing no invitation is answered

simply as an invite for instance if

somebody who you don't know at all

invites you to someplace you're likely

to say that's all right because you

don't know the person and you might ask

about him later but you're most likely

you'll just ignore that person or for

instance if you invite somebody to

dinner and then when he gets there you

serve him a glass of water and you say

well that's the dinner he's probably not

going to return an invitation again if

you invite him

dinner so what you do or what humans do

they tend to do when they invite people

is they prepare something and so the

invitation is appealing there's an

appeal to it now when you invoke Allah

super Hanuman to Anna the scholars

stated that there are certain conditions

in other words there are things that you

do now there are circumstances where

those conditions are completely thrown

out for instance somebody who's

oppressed when somebody is oppressed if

they call on Allah subhanAllah Diana

there's no conditions even if he's not a

Muslim an oppressed person the prophets

allah said i'm said lazy bane bane and

monomi wallah hey job there's no he jab

between Allah and an oppressed person

well no kaffir even if it was a cafe

somebody who reject just calling you

know pleading because he's being wronged

and allah subhana wa ta'ala is just so

even just like we would side if we're

fair if we're just if we saw a muslim if

he's oppressing somebody who doesn't

believe in allah doesn't believe in his

prophet we're going to side with the

non-muslim like Sharia hello Paulie when

he sided with the Jewish man against

Satan Ali when he was a mirror and what

meaning because he's being fair so Allah

is fair also so even if one person is

says Allah exists and believes in his

prophet if he's oppressing somebody who

doesn't believe in Allah doesn't believe

in His Prophet

I lost behind with the other sides with

the oppress in that case so those are

places weathers no conditions are thrown

out but in normal circumstances there's

conditions to everything and this is why

a group of people passed by Ibrahim even

Adam in Basara a city in Iraq in the in

a famous city famous for scholarship for

great saints and and people of allah

subhana wa ta'ala famous for grammarians

and many many other things the dates of

Basara were also famous it was a place

of immense abundance from Allah subhana

WA to Anna

but these people he was in the

marketplace and he passed by some

merchants and they said yeah abyss hawk

that was his love you know father is how

we have a question for you and he said

what's your question he said in Navajo

super Honora talakad at the erroneous

did you bleep whom you call on me and I

will answer you like in the drew who

when I used to do plena you know we call

on Allah but we don't see that Allah is

answering us which already indicates

they're ignorant because you're not

allowed to say that the Prophet

prohibited that when you call on a lot

you're not supposed to say I I asked

Allah Allah he didn't call because

there's do as that allow you the

suitable he will actually defer

answering the prayers of the Day of

Judgment there's people that Allah just

loves to hear them complain to him so

he'll just just to hear their complaints

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala will defer

answering their prayers and that's why

one of the Persian Post told the story

about the man who was calling on Allah

calling on Allah and a skeptic walked by

and he said how long have you been

calling on Allah he said Oh years he

said have you got what you've been

asking he said no he said then why do

you keep calling and so the man became

confused because he was simple he was

Abid he wasn't the Adam he was just

devotee he got confused and then he fell

asleep and he had a dream and in the

dream one of the people some say how

thought came to him and said to him why

did you leave your prayer he said I've

been calling and I didn't get the answer

he said no no your prayer was the answer

just that you're at the door of Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala is already an answer

because you know who to go to and

whether he defers it or he doesn't is

irrelevant because your certainty

enables you to realize that just being

at his door is the place to be

so they said we call on Allah he doesn't

answer as he said because your hearts

are dead in other words in order to call

on a lot you have to be alive the dead

don't call Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says

do you hear that do the dead hear you

know so the dead can't even even if you

answered they wouldn't hear they

wouldn't where he said that Akali and

the koodoo become admitted yeah I shot a


hearts are dead because of ten things

and then he told them what these ten

things were and this is a hikmah from

one of the righteous people of the early

community he was a great valley of God

and people recognized him for his

uprightness he said out of them Allah

fed him to a duel alcohol you know Allah

but you don't fulfill his rights that's

the first problem your hearts will die

because Allah subhanAllah to Anna said

vitamin new hoola la-la-la know that

there is no god but allah and knowing

there's no god but allah and saying

there's no god but allah are two

different things is because even the

hypocrite says that you know him a lot

but knowing and saying are two different

things so he said you say you know Allah

you know Allah but you don't fulfill the

rights of Allah and now my reefa

knowledge of Allah and His Messenger

engenders love that's the nature of

knowledge of Allah and His Messenger the

more you know about the prophets allies

and the more you will love him the more

you know about Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

the more you will love him now the lover

is obedient to the beloved that's the

nature of love if you have somebody who

claims they love you and then they never

do what you ask then you should know

there is a false claim they don't love


they're just giving you lip service

because the nature of love is that you

do what the one who you love ask and

that's why one of the poets he said

that's you claim to love Allah and yet

you disobey Him you claim you love Allah

but you disobey Him and then he says

this is a wondrous type of reasoning

that you're using we've never heard of

that before somebody claims they love

and then they don't desert nobody you

lay with I'll see you you claim you love

London you disobey him and then he said

in Caribou casada allah - who if your

love is real you would obey him in and

women boom appeal because the one who

loves somebody is always obedient to

them one of the women who had somebody

was in love with her she said to him

tell me about the one who loves me and

he said God it will cut set at an area

as shabeeha relay he is super what a

tongue cause what it is easy you know

tell me about this one

loves me and don't attract and don't

embellish you know just give me the

straight truth and so the poet said his

states in Kenya lumen motive Adama will

confine gurukul ta kispa and guru then

melomelody if he thought that he would

die from thirst and you said don't drink

he wouldn't drink that's the state of

the lover you see the one who claims to

love and the one who loves are two

different say many people claim to love

Shakespeare he said love is not love

that alters when it alteration finds or

bends with the remover to remove

oh no it is an ever-fixed mark that

looks on tempests and is never shaken

that's love love is not something that

changes when the situation changes

people claim they lose their faith you

know I lost my faith they didn't have

faith in the first place you can't lose

faith because when you were tested

suddenly you lost your son gets taken

away your wealth gets taken away that's

when faith is tested that's when the

mettle of a person is shown is not when

things are going well any of everybody's

a believer when things are going well is

when things are going horribly that's

the test of faith so you say out of the

Malawian - I do have to cut out two more

Quran but I'm that little B you read the

Quran and then you don't act according

to it you read the Quran and then you

don't act according to it so if you if

Allah super Henry Tata says an Amur what

poodle in SEO snob speak well to people

that's an honor from Allah Farren armor

well Kundalini see Krishna and then

you're going around cursing this one a

choosing somebody cuts you off the road

Allah Allah anok allow you have a basic

right that's not what kulilin se Hasina

right it's not anything that happens in

the Quran Allah subhana WA Ta'ala either

asaba to Moosa Batum what do they say

auto in early Lionel a garage your own

when an affliction hits them the first

thing they say is we belong to Allah as


in other words we're his property he can

do whatever he wants and we're going

back to him in other words we know he's

going to reward us for any tribute

we had so that's in the Quran Allah says

that's the attribute of the believer so

you read the Quran but then when an

affliction comes you're all over the

place why me why is this happening to me

what did I do

look at all these bad people over here

what's happening to them that that's

what people do they read the Quran but

they don't apply to themselves they

apply to so and so and so and so and so

and so really they apply to the rulers

why don't they obey the four-alarm the

Quran why don't we obey Allah and upon

Allah simple and moving in it hold them

in up sorry him say to the believers

lower their games Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala says Aladin whom feel sorrow team

harsh your own people that have who sure

in their prayer there are people they do

the prayer you know it's they call it

not put a deke just like a chicken

pecking there's people that they'll go

to the supermarket and they'll go over

avocados for five minutes just to get

the right they'll check all the

different watermelons you know and

they'll teach you ways of doing it

they'll show you no no you see if it's

dry here and I had somebody teach math

it's all science to pick a water mount

where does the watermelon go in one and

out the other but where does your prayer


it goes up to Allah subhana wa tada you

give more to a watermelon then you give

to such de and Allah says that you're

closest to him when you're in such de I

mean that's the state of Beni Adam it's

an amazing State people will read a

newspaper they'll spend every day

they'll get the Wall Street Journal

they'll get the New York Times and

they'll read and all these things that

have nothing to do with them whatsoever

nothing you read about some man in New

York that went bankrupt and this sign

and the other and you won't take ten

minutes for the Book of Allah fifteen

minutes 20 minutes but Time magazine

every week read through it cover to


The Economist read through that's what

people do with their life so if they

were reason of what I'm not active

people aren't even reading the Quran

anymore or give some time to the Sunnah

of the Prophet salat incident people get

they get agitated they'll watch


watch a movie for two hours people will

watch a movie for two hours excited

waiting - oh I can't I can't just wait a

second I got to see what happens here

but one of the things in reading the

Quran it's makrooh to look to the end of

the Jews to see when it ends right to

see when it ends so how much more do I

have to go

but they'll rewind something else sports

think rewind it let's see that play


and we know that in the hadith the

Prophet saws and recited verses over and

over and over again the same verse he

recited the whole night but people don't

watch our rerun over and over again look

at his play you got to see this do you

see that look at that kick that's what

people do that's the state of Benny Adam

it's a pathetic state it's a pathetic

state because people waste their lives

so we read the Quran we don't act

according to the Quran the Quran tells

us that we should have fear in our

hearts that we should have all that we

should have love and then he said at the

age of the Rasul for them come it'll be

soon it e you claim to love the Prophet

SAW lisent but you don't follow his

Sunna I'll give you one example

listen up the Prophet on Friday is to

take a shower to wear your best clothes

to wear your best clothes if you guys

were going for a job interview you think

you'd look like you look today if you

are going for a job interview would you

be late for the job interview

no you'd have your CV ready you'd

prepare the night before you'd be doing

all these things right that's what

people would be doing for a job

interview for their dunya not for the

Ankara for their dunya that they might

or might not get they'll go to links and

extremes to impress people about their

dunya but they won't go to any links or

extremes to impress Allah super Hanna

without about their ocula right people

wear t-shirts t-shirts I don't know I

wouldn't even go outside with a t-shirt

because I have

a more of a sense of dignity about being

part of Benny Adam than to wear a

t-shirt out in public that's an

undershirt muscle never wore undershirts

in public even our peasants you go to

side Muslim and you look at how peasants

dress in their daily life and maybe it's

changed now because they watch so many

big loose Erie runs right I don't know

maybe it's changed but that's the way it

was when I met those IEDs

I saw a peasant that looked like kings

because they had some sense of their own

human dignity and that's the way our

women were as well but people don't have

that anymore people don't have that

anymore seriously when I was growing up

as a Christian in this country what we

went because I was I was Orthodox and

Orthodox as most it's like it's more

rigid than Catholicism right we had to

go in our Sunday best when I was a

little boy a child dressed well we'd go

and you had to sit there quietly

impatient and you would listen and they

would do kiddie Eleison care for hours

it's a three-hour Mass that's what I

grew up with so Islam that was a breeze

ahjumma but that's the really that's the

way it was I went I wouldn't think of

going to Sunday enclosed that I wouldn't

wear to a job interview so people

claimed to love the proverb they don't

follow his Sunna they don't follow his

Sunna a little and big thing but

primarily the big thing and part of his

Sunna is just to be kind of people to

speak well of your brothers not to back

by to treat your parents well to treat

your mother well you know just be human

I mean what's happened to people just

being human visiting sick people we've

got sick people in hospitals we've got

sick people people come and go they die

in our community and people don't even

know about there's people that died

that's not a community that's atoms that

haven't formed a molecule communities

are bonded together like molecular bonds

that's what molecules are and that's the

the whole basis of existence is

molecules if it was just atoms that

weren't bond you couldn't do it

so people claimed to love the Prophet

and then he said you claim Takalua in a

chiffon I duel come forth up two more so

I'm going to stop there and I'll finish

in challenge in the future hope but

because it's worth going through each

one of these things well study law

matters here Mohammed why daddy will

sake will send him to sneem and kathira

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see dima what i would over alkyl what

they never had any italian hamdulillah

inshallah i want to continue what i was

talking about last week about the saying

of ibraheem even Adam who's one of the

famous early selleth who's mentioned in

many of the books especially the books

of zoo hood and he was in Alba Sarah in

Iraq and some of the people of boss

thought I came and they asked him

because he was known to be a righteous

man so they asked him they said Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala says if you call on me

I'll answer you and they said but we

call on allah subhana wa ta'ala and we

don't see the results we don't see our

prayers being answered so he said

because your hearts are dead because

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala will call the

one who's alive just like he's called

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says in the

Quran that he calls you to what will

bring you to life so if you answer that

call then Allah subhana WA Ta'ala will

answer your call so he says that the

reason are these 10 things and the first

one he said out of time Allah for them

to adore

you knew our lawsuit behind with Diana

and you didn't fulfill his right so

Allah has her poke Allah has rights like

now people talk about human rights

there's also divine rights there's

people expect to be respected they

expect dignity they feel it's a right if

you go out there and you abuse somebody

they feel like you're infringing on

their rights but who gave them those

rights that's the question because if

this was all just randomness and this

was all just a random event the universe

there's no real meaning behind the

universe it's just a random event then

that means really that there's no

purpose or meaning and therefore there's

no substantiation for rights because I

can say I don't like you and I can shoot

you if I don't like you or I like your

car I want to take your car because the

property has a right but but what is it

is it the right of the state well

somebody can say I'm an outlaw I want to

live outside of the state I don't have

any position with the state so rights

people claim rights but what are rights

based on I mean that's the question

if rights are based on course of power

then it's only might makes right so if

the state says I'm right because I can

put you in jail or I can do whatever I

want to you then that's why we're

obeying law but if there's something

above that if there's a divine right for

instance Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says

that Sakuraba zina don't go near to

fornication don't even go near it he

doesn't send in other verses what I as

noon but in this verse he says don't

even go near it in the who can Ithaca

was set as Sibylla it's a foul thing and

it leads down a foul path so that's an

injunction from Allah lattaker Abu zina

certain armorer you do know Alan would

you it's a command imperative mode and

it indicates that it's a command from

Allah so Allah says don't want to Kate

that's his right that you do not

transgress that boundary woman type the

doodle lava with Erica home avadhi moon

if you go past a head a limit that Allah

has put and you transgress the boundary

you've done something that Allah is

prohibited you from doing so

if those people accept those rights they

have to recognize not only do they have

rights but Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

himselves has rights and one of his

rights is that he's worshipped and that

nothing's associated with him one of his

rights is that he is the Messiah he is

the one that makes injunctions what

doesn't mean that humans can't make laws

if they're for the benefit it's called

Muslim or sada when something is not in

the Sharia but there's a benefit from it

then humans can make those laws and also

the elements say even in a country that

has unjust laws you're still dictated to

obey the laws because it's empty Kaaba

hoffa Bahrain it's taking the lesser two

evils so these things are understood but

the point is is that Allah is the one

who commands and he prohibits that is a

laws place and no one else's and the

prophets all item is called Sheree own

oh ma cherie own magazine metaphorically

because he speaks in the name of Allah

he speaks in the name of Allah no one

else can do that even the mufti can't do

that he can only tell you his opinion

and say well la Adam that's why a fatwa

is non-binding it's a non-binding legal

position because we don't know if that's

the hokum of Allah or not it's a human

attempt at arriving at the hokum of

Allah and that's an important

distinction so Allah has rights if you

don't fulfill those rights especially

after you say you know him then you have

failed to live up to a lhasa expectation

for you as his creature something that

he created ma hook and then he said

karate Omar Quran I am a newbie you read

the Quran and then you don't act

according to it because the Quran is a

book in essence it's a book of tawheed

it's a book of stories what would be

called sacred history and then it's a

book of injunctions commands and

prohibitions commands and probe's like a

pea masala were add to zakah establish

prayer and pay zakat those are commands

from Allah so that's in the Quran but

there are many other things in the Quran

for instance Allah subhana WA Ta'ala in

the Quran Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says

intimate higher to dunya lay upon what

level was

a tune that this world is like it's play

it's level it's entertainment it's Xena

what the fowl don't binnacle and then

it's mutual boasting each person

boasting to the other I did this I did

that I graduated from this university I

got this degree I made this much amount

of money last year I just bought this I

just bought that we went to this place

for vacation we did this we did that

that's altivec alone vanakkam what the

catheter and why he would own that and

then it's also accumulation of wealth

and then multiplying your children your

progeny your offspring

this is haigha to dunya so what does

allah super Hanna would try to say about


he says come and eat eat hay 'then i

baku fought on about to who it's like a

rain that comes down and then it brings

the earth to life so you see it's all

green and the Kafar meaning the farmers

here they look at it net and they're

really impressed it's beautiful just

like it was all green last month if you

looked around it was beautiful to look

at your eyes now it's all yellow it's

dying it's all yellow out there look at

the hills it's all dead allah says

that's the likeness of this world

you're young you're youthful you have

all your vigor but then through me ahed

you and then it begins to you you're in

your Kerviel linear mode you see the ark

has reached its peak and then it begins

to descend famiglia he drew fiyaquun'

amoeba through me o khuda hapana and

then it becomes dry and yellow and then

it becomes chafed is blown away by the

wind or fill a karate audubon sheddy

and in the next world is a painful

punishment for people who didn't take

the benefit of this message of what I'm

telling you about the nature of the

world you're not here to be here forever

you're not here to simply enjoy you're

not here just to spend your lives in

vain pursuits in stupidity those are the

acts of fools those are the acts of

animals that eat and drink and don't

think about tomorrow because they don't

have a history if you have a history if

you know the past you can understand the

present and the future

that's why humans are so different from

other creatures so Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala says that one mouth irritant but

there's also forgiveness well not zero

to middle life what a blonde and also

there's contentment that allows actually

please their people that they're not

even forgiven they're just know he sab

at all those are the people come in so

that's the poor on telling us that so

who takes those messages karate Mehran

for them that little B you read the

Quran you don't think about that Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala says do my arithmetic

eatable Adina's paavana man a budino and

then we caused this book to be inherited

by those we have chosen from our

servants whatever book it was that was

passing but this Quran for us because

this is the Ummah of the Prophet

Muhammad sallallaahu Center and then we

gave them this book a lot Nikita but and

letting us patina those we have chosen

that it's a gift from Allah you've been

chosen to receive this gift from Allah

from in houma boddyhm only enough see

and among them there are oppressors for

themselves they're not oppressing other

their oppressing themselves one men who

mocked us it and then there are those

who are in-between there in between

women whom Saab upon Bharat B is Neela

and then there are those who are

outstripping in good deeds by the

permission of allah subhana wa ta'ala

Vatika would father would kabir that is

vast bounty if you want dunya that's

dunya Farid a decaf Elliott NFS Eddie

Moton fe soon let people compete in that

that's the real bounty in this world

that's the real bounty so a lot

describes three people amongst the

people of poor on people who oppress

themselves those are the people that

don't take heed from the Quran they

don't listen to the message they read it

they say they believe in it but they're

not acting according to it in the tub

seal they say Allah began with that

person so that they don't lose hope

because they're still amongst his event

and there's still people that are chosen

and then the mock the slit is in the

middle and then Sabbath on the Hara B

isn't he laughs and then those who are

outstripping and Allah says about them

by the permission of Allah so they don't

get arrogant they recognize that it's a

blessing from Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

so the

those people the Quran is there he said

you're not reading the Quran and then he

said that there a table reserved for

them tomorrow vicinity you claim to love

the profit pulling consumer hip gonna

love it to be oniy if you love Allah

then follow me

you become Allah Allah will love you

through following me so following the

Sunnah of the Prophet Solomon and a body

will sell them and the Prophet said that

anyone who loves him will enter gender

except the one that refuses and he says

who's the one that refuses he said

whoever turns away from my Sunnah has

refused because love like I said thought

sweet Allah which is horrible you

disobey Allah and you claim to love

Allah the hilaryford theory video this

is something amazing in Kenneth who

bukas our death and applied to who if

your love is true you obey Him in

Morehead very many people know Pierrot

and then he said at the item help agenda

when I'm technically as yeah you claim

to love paradise and then you don't act

according to because the prophet Elijah

time said Allah in the Salah at Allah

Galia Allah in the cell at Allahu Allah

Allah in the Salah Holly at oh Allah in

the heel Jenna isn't this merchandise

that God is selling precious isn't it

precious this merchandise that Eliza in

a large taromenane meaning he's

purchasing it's a transaction between

you and Allah but it's expensive

what's the cost your life that's the

cost in a large taromenane meaning and

fossil home one one home he bought their

selves and their well that's the cost be

an Elohim agenda but against it they get

paradise and that's why one of the anima

said if you had to choose an outhouse

that goes on forever or a palace that

doesn't last your rational intellect

would have to choose the outhouse that

goes on forever so what about giving up

an outhouse that doesn't last for a

palace that lasts forever

that's what Allah is calling us to

because this is dunya in the mansions of

God this is the bathroom this is the

lowest place in the mansions of God and

that's why the prophets Allah lies that

I'm said in the hadith that Imam Ahmed

he said JAMA loli Maharaja mini beanie

add the methane and laguna allah has

made a metaphor for what the son of adam

defecates is a metaphor for this world

that's the nature of this world

it's just consumption it's anabolism

catabolism it's all breaking out and and

repairing and being destroyed but in the

end it goes to destruction and that's

the whole process of digestion is all in

that metaphor that's what it is

digestion you eat and then there's

breaking down and building up you take

from but in the end there's nothing that

will remain the bridges won't remain the

buildings won't remain people won't even

know these names Intel and Microsoft

they won't even know them a thousand

years from now if there's even people

around here they'll just be like some

Roman like we read about Roman there

used to be Roman corporations there were

Roman big businessmen they had offices

they had bureaucracies the Ottomans had

bureaucracies they were writing

contracts they had deeds they had courts

they had people arguing my wealth he did

this he did that they had judges sitting

presiding over them they're all gone all

of them none of them remain and now

we're here and then we'll be gone and

there'll be other people there might

this malls might be around 50 100 years

from now none of us will be sitting in

here except maybe a little child he'll

be an old man then and there will be

somebody else maybe that's where things

are going if people don't take their

lives seriously and recognize that they

have an obligation to this religion

that's what this religion is about is

about preservation you're given to it

you preserve it you pass it on that's

the whole point of your life that's it

it's this laughing

Avada that's why you were created to

prepare the next generation to take over

all your children they're your

replacement that's all they are

look at them they're there to replace

you just like you replace your fathers

and your father's replace their fathers

and their fathers replace their fathers

all the way back to Adam that's all

they're just replacement you're looking

at your replacements and just like when

you're working in a job and they bring

in some young whippersnapper and they

give you two

mentor him what do you think they're

doing they're preparing him to take over

your job and you can either resent it

and feel angry or you can recognize

that's the nature of dunya I'm 50 I'm

not 20 I'm not 25 I'm not just out of

college with all the latest information

raring and ready to go that's what they

want young energy well that's what Islam

wants as well his mom wants young energy

it wants new energy the youth have to

come in and take over the job of the

older people and that's mentoring so he

said you claim you love paradise you

don't act for paradise it dary two men

to come to hub on an odd one empty

harrybo minute you claim to fear the

fire but you don't flee from it and this

is where humans are very strange easy

because if you take an animal any animal

out there and if they see a fire they

run the other way if you ever saw a film

called Bambi I saw his when I was a

little kid I haven't seen it since but I

remember very vividly a scene in there

when all the animals are running because

man has started a fire they're all

running in what in the same direction

away from the fire that's why they're

animals they have intuition they know

it's instinct they're all ready and

there's a point to stop and that and the

little deer says to the the mother deer

the DOE why are we running said because

man's come into the forest started a

fire that's what animals do they run

away from the fire right humans they

don't let's take a drive up and check

that fire out that's what humans do they

want to go see it's like my son was in a

grocery store and there was a lady

smoking a cigarette and he looked up it

was probably one the first time he saw a

cigarette he looked up and you could

tell he was in shock and she looked at

him and she said whatever you do don't

ever do this you see that's the human

condition it's people acting against

their own best knowledge against their

own best interests and that's why Allah

says in whom Kelly and I am they're like

animals Belt

Huma but they're even more astray

because animals will not act against

their own best interests

animals will not do that if they sense

danger they will flee the other way but

humans know we eat too much we drink too

much we sleep too much we waste too much


we prefer things that are fleeting for

things that are permanent we prefer our

appetites and delights over difficulties

that have much greater rewards that's

stupidity that's all it is that you have

to call it what it is you call a spade a

spade you have to call it what it is it

is stupidity and that is the question

are you a napkin or not because I've had

a taki noon I may ask that question in

the Quran don't you use your internet

after that's afternoon it's right there

in the Quran aren't you using your


just think about it think about what

you're doing with your lives and whether

they're useful or not and then he said

at the a - Menasha planner I do a locum

valois - moot you claim that

Shaitaan is your friend or your enemy

and then you do what he says

right and chiffon is a trickster Wakasa

mahoma in need Akuma lemon and mousey

him and he sworn oath to Adam and Eve I

am giving you sincere counsel at the

locum Irish aderholt Vulcan letter blah

blah blah can't I indicate you how to

gain eternity and a Dominion that never

perishes he sworn oath Fidel ahumada

heru-ur he led them astray deluding them

that's what she found out and you can't

say you haven't been warned Allah warned

us in the Quran he told us who he was he

gave us all his characteristics his

descriptions he even told us what he

says in secret everything we know

everything about chiffon the only thing

about chiffon that is our disadvantage

is we can't see him and he can see us

you can't see him but he can see you so

that that's the disadvantage now chiffon

swears an oath right

Llewyn Nome ajma'in vias etiqa he swears

our oath by there is of

God by the exalted nature of God he

swears an oath I will lead them all

astray Allah Eve addict a minimum and

Mahalo scene except those who have

sincerity among I don't have control

over them and that's why I share pond

when they all go into hell share pond

says to them what god I found a lemma

odl Amaral when the affair is over but

it won't fill general available to shot

you right that's it

a group in hell and a group in paradise

hardship on Walker - upon lemma OD an

Amur innallaha Kunwar that Huck what

were I to come far left to come Allah

promised you a true promise and I

promised you a false promise that's what

he tells just he has a hope in hell and

all the denizens of hell are there

present for that whole but and that's

what he says to him Allah promised you

the truth everything that was in the

Quran it was true everything was in the

Torah it was true everything was in the

gospel is true all those prophets spoke

the truth he gets all of them that

harvest of humanity the whole lot that

disobeyed Allah subhana WA Ta'ala are in

there and that's what he says to them he

said I Allah promise you and I promise

you you believe me you didn't believe

Allah I betrayed you and then he says

mcanally I did come in so far

I had no authority over you Allah and

out to confessed a joke to me the only

thing I could do was invite you to sin

and you responded I could invite you to

be miserly I could make you fear just

like if you go to a family planner you

know he's going to say to you he's going

to say what are you going to do when you

die what are you going to do you know

did you know that 6% of people will have

a major illness did you know that before

they're 50 you're 45 there's only five

years left you could be and that's what

they do that pawns game fear put

aside put aside you know go up you'll be

on that's what white penny for a black

day put aside Sheth on that's what he

does a lot and outfits to dip to many

fellow money volume or unphysical don't

blame me just blame yourself

manna be mostly calm I can't save you


well not until be mostly and you can't

save me

that's what Chevonne says to everybody

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