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Event Name: Making sense of our Past
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I want to say first off that the topic is daunting to say the least.  I certainly don't claim in any way to have all of the answers, it's something that I've certainly given a lot of thought too.  And I was thinking on the way on the airplane actually, that I really in a sense don't have anything to add to this discourse that's original because this condition that we find ourselves in, which is in a sense is exacerbated in the present times for a number of reasons , is nonetheless a condition that this Ummah has been in for quite some time and some far more scholarly and more intelligent people than myself or others have looked at it and considered it quite deeply written.  Several books and many many talks given many lectures and yet the process goes on and continues and as I was thinking that the ayah in the Quran came to me as I looked out the window actually well they kept it in a decorative animal meaning remind people because the reminder benefits the people of Eman and so in a sense we have nothing to offer any more in terms of the discourse the people speaking in this age other than reminders in the hopes that ourselves and that others will begin to heed the reminders and is the purpose of Vica that we remember.

If you look at the title about understanding the past looking at the present condition and attempting to look at some possible ways of change for the future the first thing that I'd like to point out is that I want to use a medical model it's useful I think.  It's per onic because the Quran

says that Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says

in the Quran but come more editin Arabic

on this Quran has come down as a more

than exhortation and Allah says that it

is that is Rama it's a mercy and it's a

Shifa it's a healing

it's a Shiva in Matthews food or or

what's in the breasts of diseases and

illnesses and so the language of

medicine is the language of the Quran

and the prophets now when you look at a

disease or an illness there are certain

things that you have to examine first

you have to look at the nature of the

illness what is its characteristics and

the illnesses have many many different

aspects one of them is in medical

tradition you look at what are called

signs and symptoms now a sign generally

there's probably people in here that are

studying medicine or maybe doctors or

nurses or people in that medical

profession but a sign is something that

is objective that the one observing can

see it and a good position is the one

who learns to literally see signs that

lesser physicians don't see in other

words they see things that

the average person doesn't see so a sign

is an objective outward manifestation or

it could be an inward now because we use

very sophisticated ways of measuring

blood and cells and and these type

things then there's also what's called a

symptom and a symptom is something that

is articulated by the patient the

patient tells the physician what's wrong

I have a pain here well what kind of

pain it's a sharp pain because I can't

tell that if I'm taking a case history I

can't tell that that it's a sharp pain

that has to be told to me and that's a

symptom the sign is that they're

swelling that it's red

those are sign we can see outwardly so

we have to know the nature it's signs

and it's symptoms and then we have to

know the cause what is the cause of the

problem the illness itself has a cause

and this is called etiology trying to

understand where does this disease come

from now when you look ideologically at

an illness you have different aspects of

it you have a what they call causa

profundus a very deep profound cause you

have caused occasion Alice something an

occasional cause for instance somebody

could have asthma but it's a stress that

suddenly brings it on you see that's not

the cause of the disease that's simply a

an occasional cause it's something that

emerges and actually wakes up a sleeping

illness right and this is something that

stress does so you have superficial

causes and you have deep causes now if

you look in the world the vast majority

of what we read in newspapers what we

read in

magazines are very superficial causes if

there causes at all they generally tend

to be signs and symptoms and this

culture is brilliant at articulating

signs and symptoms and yet they have not

a clue as to the cause the underlying

diseases that are affecting humanity

that are afflicting humanity in any time

in place they have no understanding

whatsoever because they know the outward

of this world yeah I'm gonna lie head-on

Mineta hiya to dunya go home on it after

a few from hockey don't they know that

outward of this world they can elicit

the signs but they do not know the

inward they don't know the cause and the

greatest cause of all things is that

lusty pano it down and they're the

furthest from knowing that I lost behind

without it is ultimately the only cause

that everything else in fact is mean so

we have to look at the cause and it has

superficial aspects but we have to look

also deeply at it and then we have to

understand the prognosis which is what

does this mean generally because the

quran is filled with prognosis how does

it tell us the prognosis by looking at

the ancients by showing us the same

signs and symptoms telling us what the

cause was and then saying if you get the

same disease that they had then you have

the same prognosis that they have and

this is again and again in the Quranic

narrative it comes again and again we

see the same affliction they don't come

with anything new I guarantee you read

the Quran look at the people that are

lost behind without that destroyed they

come with nothing new the same old game

the people playing today are the same

players they change the names but

they're the same players we have our

archetypes and I'm gonna talk and tell

about the archetype of Tarun because

he's a fascinating Quranic archetype

Allah doesn't tell us about these people

to tell us about some story that

happened in

past when a bull daughter of elon who

was reminding more our way out of the

Aloha and more about the people that

were hoarding gold and he quoted the eye

and the knee knee effusion at the jabón

foot pop those who are hoarding gold and

silver moly on appeal and who said no

sir that's the key table yeah about that

i was revealed in the people of the book

he said nazareth be him Deborah tell

Lana it was revealed about them as a way

of taking a lesson was there any minute

ever milady the felicitous one is the

one who take speed from the afflictions

of others so that he doesn't fall into

the same afflictions so we have to look

at according to the now not only a

prognosis there are two types of

prognosis there's a prognosis if you

don't take a cure here's what's

generally will happen this is what the

doctor says but there's another

prognosis and that is if you take the

Cure now the difference between their

medicine and the Quranic medicine that

it can propel without right so Phoebe

this is a book there's no doubt in their

medicine is conjecture 95 out of the

statistical studies that we've taken 95

percent of the people that do this

treatments get better well what if

you're in that five percent you're not

in five percent it's 100 percent for you

that you didn't get better right so

their science is not exact it's based on

conjecture it's based on a type of

with the foreign cast Kahana really and

also on how committed which is making a

judgment based on repetitive events and

occurrences occurrences now to look at

understanding the past where do we go

the first thing in understanding the

past there are two types of paths that

we can examine I'm sure there's other

but these are the ones I'm concentrating

on the two types there are understanding

spiritually what took place in the past

and understanding material what took

place in the past materially if we look

at the matter from a spiritual point of

view or and I would have a slash there

unseen value in trying to understand the

past we have to understand what are the

spiritual and the unseen influences that

are involved in the history of the human

being because these are real the

materialist denies them he says there's

nothing other than the material world

and some of them like you or can't they

say there might be other things but we

can't know them the only thing we can

know is the material world and therefore

were cut off from it and this is console

critique of the ability of human being

of reason itself as a way of

understanding the Supra phenomenal world

the Newman or the world that goes beyond

this stuff here we can't understand it

it's impossible so we cannot know

metaphysics in the end what's beyond

this natural world it's not worth

studying anymore and now we move into

deep material sciences and so the

pursuit of man in the Western world

which is very different from the Muslim

world and inshallah I'll try to get to

that the the pursuit of the Western man

because again in understanding our past

there are two paths now that we really

have to understand we have to understand

the past of the I love you tab and we

have to understand the past of the

people of Eastern and because the other

players in this global scene

I really when we look at them

historically they do not have the same

impact on Islam that the energies have

had that you who'd won Masada and when

the province of ariram said that the

seminal adenine and publican Shiva and

the children there are and Athena and

hetero sarah kovin that's correct rule I

know and Yahoo do in Masada if you who

the one Messiah Yahshua little in the

heaven you will follow those who went

before you the blaze they went hand span

by hand span arm's length my arm Nate to

the point if they go down the lizard's

Hall you'll go down the lizard's hole as

well and in anyway and the mesh cat's

hat said Oh Kahneman women at Omaha and

Anita like an anemic even fatter them

even if there was one of them that went

to his mother

sexually there would be somebody from my

Ummah that imitated them in Hawai he

does not speak from passion when they

asked him will we follow the Jews and

the Christians you know sort of why he

said who are the people men Annette who

are the owner who are the nation's who

are the civilization other than those

people in other words not that there

weren't other civilizations there were

and the promise Eliza was aware of that

there were the Dravidians they knew cush

the the Chinese the Confucian is culture

of the Japanese culture but we are

talking about the impact who is being

imitated today the Jew and the Christian

nobody is imitating the the Japanese

people are walking around dressed like

samurais they're wearing jeans and

t-shirts and cowboy and baseball caps

when the Chinese President came here

that's what

did he put on the cowboy hats and went

to the hoedown right not like whole as a

Chinese name that's a hoedown is what

they do in Texas or something like

that's what he did you see he comes and

you look it's amazing it's interesting

because in the pictures that they showed

in the magazine his wife because China

is still a deeply conservative culture

and when you see Hillary Clinton next to

his wife his wife is what these people

would call a Wallflower there's a

nonentity there's no personality being

expressed and next to her is this woman

glamorously turning 15

so people aren't imitating these people

they're imitating these people here the

Europeans and the Americans and in

particular the Americans which is a very

interesting phenomenon so we have

outwardly when we look at attempting to

understand the past there are two paths

going on that we have to be concerned

with as Muslim as attempting to analyze

and understand the age we're living in

because we do not be ignorant of our

aids see ya mr. Wolfe mentioned in his

heart that in the shuffle of Abraham the

Prophet soul I said I was quoted as

saying in the stuff of Ibraheem one of

the wisdom that if I am an age that I

was given was Alan Marie and your Kuna a

different is Amana he moon she can t be

sandy he McQueen and a dashing indeed

that it is upon incumbent upon an

individual to know the age that he is

living in to take hold of his tongue

because that's the Malak that's the

thing that will allow you to possess all

of good in Islam is to hold your tongue

and then to get on with what is your

business the problem is that I'm said

when I first meet Islam and moderate on

Islay I need from the good Islam of an

individual is that we leave what is not

any concern to him so in understanding

this past we have to know the Muslim

past and the European and American past

also and I can't do that well you have

to do your homework the Muslims have to

look and they have to look in an

intelligent way in a sophisticated way

not in these simplistic ways that we've

been given to looking at things for some

time looking at superficial causes

talking about the superiority of

technology as this is some cause in

which the Muslims are defeated and Allah

if there's anybody in this auditorium

that still believes that they haven't

read the Quran and if they've read it

they have not understood it because the

Muslims have never been defeated because

of aruthor

or added they're never defeated because

of good

or edit and just to it's very

interesting to note many people don't

know this but between the period of 1920

the early 20s to about 1938 there was

active resistance against the French in

Morocco a Bloody Mary V is a whole

although higher on for him oh Allah of

the great wouldja heads of this century

killed three times as many French his

people his army during that period then

were killed in World War one putting up

a resistance now there are causes that

have to be understood we have to

understand what they are in a deep way

so we have to look at history because

history explains many things to us now

if you look at and you can understand it

at an archetypal level you can really do

without history if you have a deep and

profound understanding of the Quran I

guarantee you if you have a deep and

profound understanding of the quran

because Quran is history at its

archetypal level it is history in that

is constantly repeating itself and by

archetype I don't mean it in I'm really

using it idiosyncratically I mean it's

simply that it is explaining to us human

phenomena so we can see the pattern

repeated again and again we can see

moosa and throne and see that struggle

with all of the prophets and the

oppressors we can see that struggle

again and again and that's why it's

repeated so many times in the quran so

at looking now to look at some spiritual

and material forces we can go back to

the first and primary concerns which

takes you to the quranic narrative in

understanding what goes wrong right from

the very

because the Quranic narrative is very

powerful in that Adam Addison and his

wife Hawwa and Sharon are three they are

the three important creative figures

that must be understanding the Quran we

believe that they existed that they are

real and and that the story is not a a

mythology it's not a narrative

mathematician M is created by allah

subhana with the ana from water and play

as we all know which modern science has

added nothing to that statement nothing

whatsoever modern science has added

nothing to that statement because you

can take apart this human creature and

you will find water and earth that is

what we're made out of from it we came

and to return that's reality

so the quranic is not three scientific

it is science at its most accurate

descriptive state and I say that because

it speaks in a language that not some

arcane group of scientists can

understand but it is open for everyone

to understand Adam adenosine M is

created as a halifa and there are

different stories that with no facility

in relate the briefs that Imam

affordably said that he was an angel but

he was in the highest gathering other of

the Motor City and said that he was not

that he was from the jinn but he was

allowed in to the angelic realm but the

point is is that if these was a knower

he was he knew Allah subhanAllah chatter

he had so he and he was worshipping

Allah subhanAllah to Anna and he was

actually be sent to the earth to subdue

according to imam arrazi to subdue a

rebellion of the jinn on the earth he

came back and he was told that a lot

halifa India this was Adam Addison em

and he was told when the angels were

brought forth in the presence of Adam at

him they were told to bow down to Adam

and they bow down they went into

prostration special ooh now this is not

sure angels do not connect we're

not bowing down in worship this was

called such that petition Eve it's a

surge that of honoring and it was

something that was done in the

pre-islamic times the Provencal I see

them abrogated the Sharia prohibited it

and he did not allow it

a man may such that to him and he

prohibited he didn't say you're a

bullshitter he knew what he was doing he

was honoring him because the men had

said he was a student of the Prophet SAW

y7 he studied with and the first thing

the prophet sal i said i'm taught was

that in a hail of law he didn't teach

anything before that that was the first

message of our Prophet SAW I said him

that I hate Allah and if you understand

that you cannot if you understand that

correctly you cannot commit ship that is

what removes a person from the

boundaries of the machete team so they

were commanded to bow down

not as much it he came but commanded by

Allah to honor Adam in that way all of

them bow down immediately and we know

there's a discourse that took place

before this one a lot told them that he

was indignant of the Khalifa it was not

a they were not opposing allows wisdom

and placing a Haditha they were

attempting to understand because of what

they previously seen done by the jinn on

the earth they were making analogy that

these people will do the same and I mean

I know what you don't know all of them

bow down except Iblees stick about if

this was arrogant now if you look what

is the illness then what is the disease

the fundamental disease is envy

this is the disease of Gibbons its Envy


a very interesting explanation this was

written by nd is concealed admiration an

admirer who senses that devotion cannot

make him happy will choose to become

envious of that which he admires he will

speak a different language and in this

language he will now declare that that

which he really admires is a thing of no

consequence something foolish illusory

perverse and high-flown admiration is

happy self abandoned and the unhappy

self assertion I think it's a very

profound definition of envy because what

he's saying there you see it least knows

this is a creation of our love and he

please knows

please knows Allah Allah doesn't make

some mother father bought either Allah

dr. Hannibal PITA you did not create

this in vain this is not vanity this is

not some foolish thing Allah did not

create Adam as some foolish creation and

he please knows this but he please

thinks that in admiring Adam Anderson

and he will not be happy he will not be


in fact he becomes angry because he's

envious I said is the disease of disease

he is envious and he says you created

him from mud I'm created from fire from

air and fire I'm superior to him this is

saying he's a thing of no consequence

I'm the thing of importance why are you

bow down to him and not to me this is

very important and inshallah I want to

return to this especially with cotton

now at that point it least is cast out

from the inner circle from the Mela and

if fleece is told he says give me time

give me respite you see give me respite

and then he tells a lot stupid kind of a

kind he makes him old in the same way

that you led me astray just as you have

led me astray

you know of waiting he blames his Hawaii

on a lawsuit hand over to Anna he blames

his going astray and this is the nature

of the envious one he blames the other

and this is important when I get back to

understanding the present condition of

the Muslims he blames the other and he

said you did this for me and then he

said that much my team so you led me

astray and now I'm gonna be

demonstrating spite and he promises to

do that Mahalo scene except those of his

loss the people of his loss and not

vocally singing love scene is a passive

form people that if lost with Sophia for

my loss to pan over to Anna and he says

he promises that like you won't find

them giving thanks shook up he promises

he doesn't want them to give thanks o in

at least we have two very important

qualities one is the gratitude he's an

ingrate and the other is envious so this

is important in

our past because this relates very

profoundly to the human condition and

two fundamental causes for strife and

grief within the human circumstances

that we find ourselves in now at the

other spectrum this is a more negative

in terms of unseen influences there are

other unseen influences so you have

chiffon as an unseen factor in the human

situation we have other factors involved

here one and the most primary is the

fact of Revelation the fact that Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala has chosen out of his

bounty to send human beings to

communicate a lawsuit panel without his

intentions to his creation now if you

look at this it's very important to

understand that a lot of the panel would

say Ana in his intentions through his

creation what he's telling what his yada

is for his creation where he's worried

about his contentment lies he sends

human beings not the Angels human here

and he sends them amongst the people and

he sends them with the language that

they understand there are people that

eat there are people that sleep there

are people that have human needs they

are not from the angelic realm there are

human beings and Allah has sent them

continuously since the beginning of the

human condition until the last one was

sent over 1,400 years ago who is our

purpose of my life

we have the honor of being from his


so revelation here is guidance from

Allah there is an unseen factor which is

misguided creation and there is an

unseen factor which is creating or

bringing into existence guidance for the

human condition so you have both of

these factors you have an unseen element

that is misguiding and you have an

unseen element that is guiding and a

logic panel at the outer promises us and

tells us that I must repent Allah -

Allah is the one who guides and pleases

in other words we are not Judas or Nanak

he is like previous traditions we do not

believe in the God of Darkness Ahura

Mazda and a heavy man we're not like the

modules were not like the Duelist who

believed in two opposing God's no you

believe in the father of all wants to

pan with the NSABB

with somebody here but we he will murder

you it's good and it's bad it's

abundance and it's want if sweetness and

it's bitterness and share pond is from

the father of all gossip and with the

Anna and this is why our toe eve is so

essential to understanding this

situation now you have some other unseen

factors there you have the angelic realm

which is really it's part of the the

realm of guidance but and it there is an

element that is related to revelation

but you have an angelic realm in this

room there are angels these are real

entities they exist this is not

imagination it is not mythology they are

real and they are present and with us we

have guardian angels like Apollo we have

a guardian angel before us and behind us

according to the Quran we have an angel

on the left one is responsible for

writing the hasanat and the other is

responsible for writing to say yet the

good and the bad and the one who writes

the bad is under the charge of the one

who writes the good he cannot write the

good until he take permission he cannot

write the bad until he takes permission

and the angel writes the good tells him

to wait to see if the manager told us

during a certain period of time so this

is real there are a lotta melikhaya

there are angelic inspirations that come

to the human being just as there are a

lot of shaphan young you have CEO from

the nerves from Shepherd there are also

suggestions that come from the angelic

realm and these are having an influence

on the human being and depending on the

purity of the human being is the greater

the influence is the more pure and

individual comes the more strong the

angelic influence is on that individual

and it moves into the realm of heaven

not the instrument because the

instrument is for the profits alone they

have impeccability they cannot fall into

error but there is a type of protection

as an individual whose higher and higher

you see that realm of purity of the self

now if you move and I could go but the

time is limited if you move to you can

go into nuts how I bring a chef on the

enemies of the human being but I want to

go a little bit into the material world

now looking at the we have to understand

that that's there and it's important

because we're not materialist you see

the materials if you read Montgomery

Watts who's a Christian he should know

better but he doesn't montgomery watts

in a book he wrote on spain he says and

when these muslim hordes came over him

not use that word when these Muslims

came over there main goal and I'm

paraphrasing their main goal was

conquest you see and they wanted booty

now were you there mr. Watts no

seriously did you know the intentions of

all of those people who are you simply

making an analogy of the people that you

know or maybe your own self you see this

is how the material is interpreted and

the moon earth depth is similar to that

when Abu baraa 11:30

Avila animal and I'm drop manthan Alf

brought in the one brought gold for the

hustla and the other brought days the

maracas phone said man you are e he

wants to show off and they said about


he wants to be mentioned this is a

disease of the heart you see in other

words they are projecting their own

diseased hearts on to pure human beings

whose intentions were almost of an Allah

to Allah and His Messenger they were not

diseased people by the Shahada of the

Prophet himself Salomon I didn't send

them they were not disease but they are

being considered as having these

ulterior motives access to grind because

those very people with those motives are

projecting their own internal reality

onto the internal reality of these other

people and it's not applicable because

we do not have that boom it's gone

through the whole I have I was commanded

to judge by the hour a shikaka and I'll

be did you split open his heart and look

into it when Osama killed the man who

said that in a hail of love and he said

but never by a Rasul Allah he was doing

it out of hypocrisy a shikaka an apology

he did you split open his heart and look

into it and in another

why he kept repeating to him and he said

that I had loved Bob until Osama said I

wish that I hadn't became a Muslim until

that day and so this is how the prophet

Elijah was teaching these people that

intentions are a lot of the kind of

antennas alone now we can see signs of a


you can see signs of a muhurtham

you see Allah has given us signs of

hypocrites they have signs but to judge

a person is a very dangerous thing to do

to judge their intentions and this is

what the material is does so we have to

recognize these other forces these other

realities that the materialists will not

look at because he only knows the

outward of this world now when we move

to the material and we have to keep the

spiritual in mind but when we move to

the material we also have two forces

working external and internal in other

words the material there are causes that

I'm not relating to the unseen world but

I'm relating to this machine world but

there are X there are signs and there

are also symptoms and the symptoms we do

not know and less there they are

articulated by the very people that are

involved in the matter so we do not know

now in looking at the material we have

two important things to look at one is

proof of itself and the Provencal item

has said and Cooper militant wacky doc

cooker is one system it is one Miele all

of Cooper is one Milda you have the

Marxist the atheist the Communists the

Socialists the national socialist

international socialist the capitalist

the free market capitalist the American


see NAFTA anti GATS capitalists all

different types of capitalists

ultimately one phenomenon called prefer

it's all Koopa it goes under the rubric

of Koopa but it has different

permutations and you can see syphilis

very interesting disease one of the

goals of Medicine 19th century said no

syphilis in all of its manifestations

and you've mastered 80% of pathology

because syphilis is called the great

nimmakur the syphilis can look like a

lot of different diseases and this is a

syphilitic culture but really they had

syphilis they all you know the why they

wear wigs right you see all these

pictures and of men and wigs

you know what cultures had men wearing

wigs their hair was all falling out they

had syphilis Billy what happened they

and then the scrofulous you said they

had sympathetic sculpted us so they

started wearing these high collars very

uncomfortable to hide the syphilis it

was a very common disease in in Europe

I'm not exaggerating it it still is it's

just all gone underground in this

culture they call it AIDS now and AIDS

is its if you look at AIDS and study

AIDS it looks exactly like syphilis and

fast motion seriously I mean a physician

I'll confirm that for me they aids

dementia the first thing they break out

in rashes then later on the conscious

dementia which is tertiary syphilis and

interesting to note that that community

that age began first showing up in the

first signs of it homosexual community

was a community constantly exposed to

syphilis and rectal gonorrhea

the statistics of Public Health in the

Bay Area it's very very disgusting it's

all part of their culture so you have

the point I'm using about syphilis as a


example but syphilis mimics a lot of

different things that can look very

different it's still syphilis and the

same is true with what nietzsche called

syphilis ization right it looks very

different but ultimately it's Cooper so

the eastern bloc looks different from

the Western bloc it's still Cooper now

if we study Cooper and it's an important

study because Allah spends a good deal

tells us not stuff that Allah cannot

spend it tells us in the Quran much of

the Quran is in explaining component so

that we can understand it now if you

look at Cooper the European Kolkata is

very different from other Koko's in that

the Europeans have a deep agitation for

centuries and that agitation a load on

item relates to the fact that they had

partial truths mixed with a lot of

pseudo truth things that appear to be

true their religion was tainted from

very early on their books were altered

from very early on now if you look at

the Christian text the very first

Christians were called Nazarenes by

their own testimony

they're called according to the Quran

and a surah now they're finally

realizing and they actually realized all

this in the nineteenth century but now

they're starting to sell it books about

it in places like Barnes and Noble

after nobody can read see that's now

they can just you can go get all the

information about what they're doing

about their

for everything you go get it now because

nobody's gonna read it because they're

all watching TV so it works they can

tell us the whole story if you look at a

book that Hans Khan did and called

Christianity in the world religions tons

of rights admitting the current research

would indicate that any direct

dependency of Islam upon Jewish

Christianity you see they're admitting

there was something called Jewish

Christianity and that was the first

Christianity of whatever sort because

there were various types even early on

will continue to be disputed for a while

in other words we're trying to find the

direct dependency so it's in dispute

right now because they have absolutely

not one shred of evidence but they do

not and I'll get to the reason why he

has to say this because it's a very

important point he's making we simply

know too little about the arabian

peninsula in those centuries before the

prophet muhammad that's rubbish

it is not true but the analogies are as

astonishing as ever

in other words between Islam and

original Christianity because we believe

that it was Islam this is what he's

telling us and this is very important

because this man is one of the dominant

theologians of this age but for the

Christians even though he's basically

excommunicated by the Catholic Church

because he's just telling the truth and

the truth destroys the foundations of

the Catholic Church

even if we could never scientifically

verify a genetic connection the

traditional historical parallels are

escapable what does he mean by genetic

connection a materialistic connection we

don't believe it's revelation Christian

again shame on you

you're supposed to believe in Revelation

but you can't because you'll have to

become Muslim so we have to find a

genetic material link and how can we

explain why Muhammad's a lot is that him

although he rejected Orthodox

Christology nonetheless always both

sympathetically of Jesus as the great

messenger indeed as the Messiah who

brought the gospel in his theology and

history of Jewish Christianity

hans-joachim jokes taking up the

research of Harnack and Schlatter and

completely completing it with the

studies by Clemen and adrian shader

comes to the following broadly

substantiated conclusion quote though it

may not be possible to establish exact

proof of the connection the indirect

dependence when they mean by in

directives we don't have any evidence

the indirect dependence of muhammad

sallahu son on sectarian Jewish

Christianity is beyond any doubt in

other words we can see it very clear

that the Quran is articulating the

Christianity that our only historical

research is coming to realize was the

original Christianity and that is the

true identity that the Quran is saying

is the Christianity that the Muslim is

believing this leaves us with a paradox

of truly world historical dimensions and

when Co far used the word paradox it

means we can't explain it

materialistically the fact that while

Jewish Christianity Christianity in the

church came to grieve in other words it


it was preserved in Islam and with some

regard to its and with regard to some of

its driving impulse at least it has

lasted till our own time and quote

constant Christian world religion

doubleday New York 1985 page 124 for

anybody who could write that back so

there you have it the Christian the

Christians have done their own research

they did it in the 19th century they

realized that their religion was a false

religion but there was an original

Christianity they called the original

gospel whew

it's what the Germans entitled it which

in the Quran is called Indian sea we

know what it was called

they call it chew to mean the original

to quell the source gospel we know that

it's the Indian now they can no longer

believe in the Christianity that they

have if they're intellectuals the people

that believe in it are Methodists

Baptists Pentecostals and a whole

generic other group of generic what they

call fundamentalism right who are people

that will only read the Bible because

they say this is all the devil's to

handicraft it's very interesting that

our scholars are we have to by

obligation in Islam read the Cooper the

scholars there's a funky ayah which is

rubbish google has which necessitates

that our scholars look at what they are

saying against Islam and refute it and

show that it's false they can't do this

they can't refute any of this historical

research they say it's the devil and

they're all Devils just pointing things

with each other in the end of the day

but I mean that's what they do so the

Christians have this problem and it

lasts for centuries and they they split

and what really the split interestingly

enough as most of us already know comes

with the fall of Spain with the

introduction of the rational sciences

into Christianity people like Roger

Bacon Roger Bacon was teaching in

England in a robe and turban he spoke

Arabic he was accused of being an

infidel he's a monk had heavy and

once he said we have to learn from the

Arabs and then you have Albertus Magnus

really introducing Aristotelian

teachings into the church through the

commentaries of even russia--the Avera

weaves which now somebody showed me on

the way over the life magazine putting

every brush it up there is one of the

most important characters of the last

2,000 years because they're recognizing

it now and they translated all his books

now Butterworth and these people at

Princeton I think they know they're

finally admitting it that stuff was in

Latin for centuries and now they're

admitting that this man had a massive

impact now

even Russian the female of who was a

scholar of extraordinary depth and

profundity nonetheless he was he was

basically if we look at his fifth

writing which are Malachy and are

actually considerable and and their

substantiative writings in other words

thematic you scholars used him as a

source but his philosophical writings

are rationalist and he was attempting to

join rationalism with revelation which

is very very difficult and if anybody

did it the Muslims came close but

there's still massive problems and gaps

that that will continue to be there that

what happened is is that they began to

read these people even leadership is one

of them even seen as another of anxiety

and you can look the Arab influence of

European civilization is better to use

Muslim but they always use Arab many of

them were Persians and you can see

passages side-by-side that are

absolutely identical between you look at

imam al-ghazali's writings and then st.

thomas aquinas put them side-by-side he

was well before st. Thomas Aquinas it's

almost a direct translation and they

were not quoting their sources so this

happened they have massive influence by

the Muslims what that did when they took

the intellectual scholastic teachings of

Islam remove

from the pure revelatory source that

maintained those teachings within a

framework not a framework really it is

reality itself and so the Muslims did

not go astray because of that they

abandon the true understanding of the

world which is brutal heat and they took

this teaching which was the intellectual

and rational sciences of the Muslims and

it began to go diametrically in

opposition to their own religion in the

end they chose to abandon their religion

this is what they did they abandon their

religion and this is the crises of the

modern world when they abandon their

religion and Nietzsche is the one he

declared it god is dead you killed him

in other words the God that we used to

believe in this Trinitarian mystery is

it's a fairy tale we don't buy it

anymore we know its sources we know the

pagan sources of it we studied it he was

a philologist it's over

because of that it's only now that they

are beginning to reap the bitter fruits

of their abandonment of their religion

because the center doesn't hold in this

society anymore and this is where you've

got the leveling there are nihilistic

tendencies it has become a world of the

most base aspects of the human creature

the beastial nature is exalted angelic

nature is denied it is denied completely

greed is good get what you can stab them

in the back before they stab you in the

back there's a book bestseller in

America learning to swim with sharks

right in other words how to become a

shark that's the real title that he

doesn't want to say right because only

sharks swim with sharks right in other

words learn how to be as

ruthless as the next guy and in a wage

slave society in which jobs are

completely expendable and they're given

everybody's worried about their job and

they don't care about the next guy

because they know that the boss doesn't

care about him so he's got to do what he

can to get ahead to stay ahead and this

is what it does to make myself as

marketable as possible increased my

skills bulk up my CV hit it hone down

get it refined and this is the game

that's played constantly right this is

the game of this culture and it's just a

type of COFA right marketing yourself to

come out of the human being is commodity

now what happens in is that you can't

just phase out religion you see you

can't just get rid of religion it's too

deep it has roots that are very powerful

so what did these people do the first

thing they did is they move from from

what they call theism to be ISM in other

words an imminent God that actually has

miracle impacts his creation sends

prophets we have to move that God out of

the way I mean that's horrific language

but this is really how they looked at it

and we'll replace you with another God a

distant theistic God and who's a God of

natural laws and this is the

Enlightenment period but they begin to

talk about these laws and there's no

miracles and this is David Hume the

great he's the big Chancellor of England

he's one of the big bodies of this whole

story and he also borrowed heavily from

the Muslims interestingly enough and

again removing it from its revelatory

source so because he made many many very

valid points but he basically says you

cannot know things through human

understanding it's limited all you can

know is the world but you can't know

anything metaphysical everything that we


graeme must be it's explained through

material causes well the man who takes

this up is Darwin Darwin retuned and

Darwin realizes how do we explain the

origin of man if we remove God because

every peoples before that has a

supernatural explanation something

outside of nature whether it's a multi

God story some creational myth there's

always a supernatural element this

didn't just appear out of nowhere well

Darwin says how do I explain the origin

of species without bringing God into it

and he thinks deeply about this he was a

very clever guy and he comes up after

reading Malthus with natural selection

and goes into this whole idea of random

chance and I guarantee you every should

leads and if you believe in evolution

you have been duped and fool really

duped and fool we do not believe in

evolution absolutely not and if you

understand it as the biologists do and

you still say that you believe in it

really it's like a hakama bid though

because Allah does not there's no chance

in our laws creation right there's no

random chance happening you know that

there's not mistakes made over and over

again and so it suddenly gets it right

right and then that gene is transmitted

and really it's against the teaching of

the song which does not mean there's not

microevolution and things but the

macro-evolution is a story it's a

narrative it is a narrative that

explained the origin of man without any

recourse to the divine that's all it is

and if you believe it you have to

recognize the religious nature of the

belief in that narrative and again you

are it's tough leave it's just blind

imitation of because most people are not

biologists most people have not studied

they're just taking for granted oh it

be true because he got a PhD from

Harvard really Harvard is like a body

used to be with the Muslims right that's

what they used to say it's inside your

body now they say I heard it from a

doctor from Harvard and read what's

going on in evolution read Darwin's

black box right the collapse of

Darwinism not from Christians I don't

read that stuff the Christian creation

signs it spare me you know earth was

created seven thousand years ago on

September 21st you know but don't don't

just catch on to the latest fad and it's

not late anymore and there's the

neo-darwinism you know they've gone on

they're not Darwin it's pure darkness

anymore they had to restructure the

whole thing in the 1940s because there

were so many holes in it and then the

1950s with the explosion of electron

microscopy they had to come they haven't

dealt with the information they've got

this would be his book darlings black

box he's a he's a microbiologist who's

saying we've got some major holes here

and Darwinism doesn't answer them

because the cell is not a simple

organism it is incredibly complex

there's more information in a

unicellular bacteria than there are in

all the libraries in New York City

darling thought it was just empty

protoplasmic nothingness down there if

you've got down deep enough and and we

don't even know what's beyond that

because we're limited I mean what if

they discover another thing beyond that

we don't know if there's something

underlying there really we don't it's

all you think it only is not learning

they follow conjecture and their

scientific theories are the latest and

most explanatory to them to whatever

they're looking at so what happens in in

the Muslim world

I want just to be another fellow very

important and I would recommend Muslims

reading this book which is by David

Franken he's to end all peace because

what happens basically is the Europeans

desired the Muslim world for several

reasons but they really wanted the

Muslim world they wanted the wealth that

was there and they also wanted to

basically destroy a continuing threat to

them which was Ottoman power because we

forget that the Ottomans themselves were

were continuing their movement in the

invasion of Europe or what we would say

the superhot really liberation of Europe

and so the Europeans were very

frightened of them but as the Ottomans

began to diminish become less and less

powerful and they obviously saw and this

is the tragedy of it the Ottomans saw

the waning of the Muslim powers and the

waxing of the European powers and what

the Ottomans did at that point is that

they began to bring European advisors in

and the tongue zmapp of the 1840s is

already a radical departure from the

Islamic tradition this is already

happening within the Ottoman state you

see and the Germans are being brought in

money is being borrowed by the time

sulphonic Muhammad great fan Wilson

ruler enters into power he is literally

powerless to change the massive

destruction that had been done before

him and this is a good sign of a just

ruler who can come into power but

because there's so much corrupted or

corrosion at every other level he's on

evil as an individual to do what it

takes to complete the task at hand which

is to renew the Islamic tradition the

same is true in Morocco with Mele Baha

Theo who was a great Islamic ruler at

the turn of this century

he's deposed by the French he was a

scholar he was a lover of knowledge and

and he was attempting to reify the

Islamic tradition within Morocco and to

protect Morocco from the incursions of

the Europeans but he also failed now

what the Europeans call this is the

great game they call this what they

called it they called it the great game

playing with the Muslims and it's still

going on the game is still going on and

it's actually quite frightening because

what happens is is what I've becoming to

realize now is that of the so-called

liberation movements of the 1950s that

were centered out of Egypt where in fact

nothing other than the power plays of

the Americans at removing the Europeans

from their colonial influence in those

lands the Americans were directing those

movements and this evidence I'm telling

you it's there you can find it if you do

the research they were directing these

movements they were undermining the

European power and they were moving in

for this Pax Americana the American


like post-world War two so many noble

people fought from the Muslims with the

best of intentions many of them died

and until Allah given Jenna but the

truth of the matter is our countries

after all of that bloodshed and all of

that suffering of the Algerian people

the the land of a million martyrs look

at the state of Algeria now

Veon look at the state of Algeria now a

million martyrs fought late 50s into the

1962 were killed at freeing the French

and for what for been done de and boom

ed young people that betrayed the people

that shed their blood for that land and

then Bella then becomes a you know he's

he's like he's saying now as long as the

only solution is but Chevy Shama poor

Hani I was once in a gathering and in

the Emirates and there was a ex Syrian

president there from the early 60s and

he was saying how Islam the only answer

and Shecky showered upon Hani said to

him why is it that you people never

realize that when you're in power and

then when you lose your power you know

suddenly it becomes obvious it's a very

good question now if you if you look at

this book it's very amazing is really is

extraordinary what that they were doing

here right Lord Kitchener Kitchener sets

out to capture as long Kitchener and his

colleagues believe that Islam could be

bought manipulated or captured by buying

manipulating or capturing its religious

leadership and they did it seriously

they did it

there's us howdy shoe that were in the

same three Masonic Lodge as Lord Cromer

in the Egypt its historical fact they're

all declassified documentation you can

see their own handwriting their own

signatures in fact you get this blue you

know the three Masonic and the French

Revolution the three Masonic colors were

red blue

like a galaxy Liberty Goudy and

Brotherhood right modem nonsense

free Masonic rubbish right and so you

get the US hobbies suddenly showing up

with red and blue instead of black

castles I'm not making this out blue

instead of black tassels on their

turbans where'd that come from red blue

and white right there the French flag up

on his head and now it's the American

flag he just needs some stars up there

right it's very sad they were intrigued

by the notion that whoever controlled

the honey controlled this long and it

was Kitchener actually did not want to

split up Islam up into several different

countries he wanted to control the

Haditha and just he said it's better if

we got the leadership we need to troll

the whole thing at one time the other

British divide and conquer it's better

policy we can make a lot of money

selling them weapons while they kill

each other so for Kitchener and his

entourage the possibilities of a Muslim

jihad against Britain was a recurring

nightmare right so they set out to

undermine it now what they did is they

created nationalism right now I just

want to read from Caen here very briefly

but it's very interesting what he says

often referred to as nationalists these

men are more accurately described as

separatists they do not ask for

independence they ask for a greater

measure of participation in local rule

they were willing to be ruled largely by

Turks because the Turks were fellow

Muslims he's talking about Egyptian and

Syrian and Lebanese people at that time

they were not nationalists unlike

European nationalist they were people

whose beliefs existed in a religious

rather than a secular framework they

live within the walls of the city of

Islam in a sense in which Europe had not

lived within Christendom since the early

Middle Ages for like the cities built in

the Arab world and

times the lives of the Muslim circles

centered around a central mosque they

did not represent an ethnic group for

historically the only ethnic or true

Arabs in quotation were the inhabitants

of Arabia

while the Arabic speaking populations of

such promises about a dad and Damascus

and other places were mixed ethnic stock

anyway the book goes on right now just

look what Weisman founder of Zionism

says was introduced to Prince Faisal not

the one that was killed but the one that

was working with Lawrence any people and

was enthusiastic about him a Zionist

enthusiastic about a Muslim that's a bad

sign Wiseman wrote to his wife that


he is the first real Arab nationalist I

have met so this is an indication that

it did not exist in the Muslim framework

only on less than a hundred years ago it

didn't exist does he say he's the first

real Arab nationalist that I met he is a

leader exclamation mark he's quite

intelligent quite can't be very

intelligent right if he said the Arab

and the nationalist right right and a

very honest man handsome is a picture he

is not interested in Palestine like

Sultana of the honey but on the other

hand he wants Damascus and the whole

northern Syria he is contentious of the

Palestinian Arabs who he doesn't even

regard as Arabs

the problem I sense that my Ummah would

be destroyed by little children from the

tribal college that the Omo would be

destroyed by little children of Alania

like little children little boys on the

tribal plane so it goes on but the big

game right they dismantle coup d'etat so

caught up and dismantle the thing and

then what where Islam is redacted and

people don't realize this that a whole

new version of Islam is written and it

begins emphasizing things like hope that

one minute we men love of nation is from

amen which is a saying that refers to

al-kitab primarily right because the

famous poet poetry that Imam noe has an

introduction to his in his introduction

to the real the Saudi King is that the

people who realized that dunya was not

their weapon right they realized that

the dunya was not their weapon so they

divorced the dunya so nationalism

becomes I'm an Egyptian ear Assyrian

he's a Lebanese Europe Pakistani he's a

Turk and this is the separation divide

and conquer we no longer see ourselves

within the fold of Islam the Brotherhood

that Allah has given us in the minimum

unit is what the believers are brothers

we now see ourselves I'm an American

Muslim he's a Pakistani Muslim he's a

Indian Muslim he's a thank God a Muslim

and on and on and on false designations

that Islam rejects completely

and you can go on and on I mean the

story goes on it just gets worse

so what I'd rather do is look quickly at

our present and then when I mentioned

about Envy the disease of envy is a very

because the Muslims have become deeply

envious of the West and you can see it

in that original quote that I used about

Envy that it's a secret admiration envy

is a secret admiration you want to be

like them but you know your happiness is

not going to be in admiring them so you

become contemptuous of them so we have

letter ik from Indonesia to Morocco

about the West and how terrible the West

is everybody's dress is like that they

eat like them they want to study in

their universities they want their green

cards to America and Canada right and

one of the movies in in Palestine is all

Long Island gave a fatwa that anyone who

sells land in Palestine in puts to Jews

is immortan because the Jews were

offering them $100,000 Canadian

citizenship and who runs Canada to sell

man because they'll just buy them out

right and then they'll say look we've

got it's all deeded to us we bought it

from them they sold it anyone in

Palestine now if they're just sitting in

their house really just sitting in their

house is Amerada really just sitting in

the house is an act of jihad in that

now if you look at this disease of envy

because everybody's watching their

television satellite dishes everywhere

they're cropping up all over the Muslim

world every rooftop look at Damascus

somebody was telling me that the

minarets are pointing up straight to the

heavens and all of the satellites are

pointing to Europe right and it's like

you have two choices walkie

right from Allah or what he from chef's

on the ship on has a wacky right you

wish upon Hausa why he because he tries

to mimic God just like a lost set his

throne is on water lettuce chiffon put

his throne on water you see so the green

is unseen influences Shia panic

influences and I'm not making that up

it's not an exaggeration television you

don't know what's going into your brain

but they're all watching it I mean I

just gave her a loose the world not that

long ago they're all in their houses I

went to visit people you can't even have

a conversation because the TV's on and

you're trying to talk and they're like

this and then every once awhile they'll

kind of come back right no this I'm not

making this up it's unbelievable you

have to throw that machine out as

Muslims really give it up it's a drug

it's a truck that's all it is

it's like any drug you kick the habit

you start feeling good get that out of

my system and unfortunately the images

come back and things like that right

really they're all imprinted in there

you can watch movies you don't have to

go buy new ones go out and get the video

you can just play reruns in your mind if

you have a good memory so look here

present condition right ended now about

spot on a lot of the Hanoi data says

about the problem

he says that he was from the people of

Musa at a sedan in the substitute they

say he was his cousin

some say the uncles some say even most

of them say the cousin he acted

instantly towards them but I believe him

he became proud

why because he'd been given him well who

gave him the wealth Allah I'd say now a

minute easy

we gave him in Oakland Uzi to be over

it's a positive we gave him some of the

treasures that exist so much so that the

cheese of those treasures would be a

burden to a group of strong men just

carrying the keys a wealthy man

Bill Gates modern Babu little WA and he

said to his people his people said to

him that's a fact don't rejoice because

you have dunya because Allah doesn't

love the 13 the people who rejoice with

dunya with the the who that I've allowed

with the public and the workmen of Allah

the Quran and the Messenger of Allah

that's what you should rejoice in the

halo me manage my own it's better than

what they're gathering and this is what

the prophets of light is a time when the

ants are were being affected because he

was giving the parade new Muslims that

lethal pollute he was giving them all

the the dunya that they've gotten the

booty and the unshod began to feel like

he's neglecting us and the friend one of

them mentioned after the Pope's allies

and the Prophet gathered them and he

said aren't you content that they get

the booty and you get me because she

went back he left Mecca he went back to

Medina with them they were happy with

that when they heard that they all

rejoiced because they were believers not

deluded by dunya now and then Allah says

if something a female attack Allah and

this is the beauty of pond you can't

translate this thing because the same

word but I am now

you zip tele right but now it's used in

a motel what form it's a reflexive do

this for yourself use what Allah has

given you for the Daraa Daraa don't do

it for dunya do it for accurate what a

sense an Aussie bit minute dunya don't

forget your portion of the dunya the

more fast you don't say the Chaffin is

your portion of the dunya that's what

you take with you that's your portion

what you take is your cousin but you're

wrapped in your funeral shroud that's

the portion of dunya you take with you

when you die don't forget that desire

and there's other interpretation that it

means that it's permissible to enjoy the

move our hats right but not to go to

excess in them but most of the early

ones prefer that one that it's use it

for alcohol and then he says well accent

come accent alone in a show yes and just

says Allah has shown it's and to you and

then what has to be emphasized again

Baha don't desire corruption in the

earth because Allah does not love those

who sow corruption so here's Harlan a

man from Benny is Satya

Benny is right here were the Muslims at

that time let us not forget and here's a

man who because of wealth that was given

to him he becomes oppressive and we can

see many examples of that in the Muslim

world now the Muslim world has some of

the greatest well now right they do

massively wealthy and we have many many

Patil ones now in the Muslim world many

of them on and on but he's being told

now what does they say what do they say

then he says ha mm I will teach you

either a man indeed know this wealth is

for me I have a knowledge I have a PhD

from Harvard that's how I got this well

I'm more clever than you are I think you

really I invented this machine and I got

the patent that's how I got it

Allah didn't give me this that's what

they think and I'm don't does I wanna be

Adam doesn't he know that all eyes

Floyd those before him from other

generations they have more power than

him and they had more wealth but the he

will not be asked the the mujrimun of

this age won't be asked about the wrong

actions of the previous people so when

he came out to his people how do I know

call me it easy and as he came out all

embellished and those Island living the

UT doing that high at the dunya those

who want the life of this world what did

they say oh that we had what other one

had she disease the disease this is the

disease they want what others have the

Muslims want what America have they want

what Europe has they want it why can't

we have everybody have a car why can't

we all have refrigerators - why can't we

have all this dunya like they have now

look what Allah says after that

welcome in Medina was within those who

had knowledge what do they say

Leila come home whoa no habla his table

Neiman and a little sorry huh

the reward of Allah is better for the

one who believes and does righteousness

when are you at a Faja in love sabi room

now here's the key here Sabah because

there's two conflicts the conflict of

the human who's been given things which

is either to show ingratitude or to show

gratitude and the conflict of the human

being who has been deprived of things

and this is either to be patience or to

become envious this is the choice you

either become patient and recognize this

is Allah doing this don't think you see

when people look at them the Europeans

now and the Americans they say look

they're not following Islam and they

have all this it's all working for them

which it's not but this is the way a lot

of superficial people look at it it's

all why is it that they're in control of

look at us we're all backward this and

that etc etc these people have nothing

they are a whip that are lost behind

with that is using to beat the

disobedience servants there are

disciplined that's all they are they're

disciplined to the Muslims they're

disciplining us until we learn the

lesson and they'll keep disciplining us

until we turn away until we lose our

sadistic tendencies of envying what we

can't have and desiring the daughter

ocula giving up our love of dunya

returning to jihad returning to

mujaheddin of the self working on

getting rid of the diseases of the heart

not on increasing them so those people

were warned

now what happens tha soft nabi he will

be daddy had of allah caused the earth

to swallow him up and his abode and in

the tafseer they say that Moosa was

given permission to destroy him and he

made a dua and the earth took him a

third of his body and one to other

people that were with him that went with


instead of going with Moosa because they

wanted his dunya and the other ones

decided to go because he added that he

accused Musa and some things that were

false and the woman that was used to

accuse him admitted that she was paid by

a codling to do that and Harun called on

Musa s Tejada B Musa Musa helped me he

made dua and he was bust again a third

time he was destroyed and outlaw

revealed to Musa Musa had he called on

me I would have had mercy but he called

on you was the Kenaston even thank the

provost Elias and said Omar was like

Musa and Abu Bakr was like Ibrahim

anything so when they saw that after he

was unable to be helped Isfahan ladina

terminó Meccano hope in ants


lekha and Ally ups will respond even you

shot those people when they realize they

were desiring yesterday they wanted to

be like puddle on the next day they saw

what happened they say we're lucky we're

not like him you see now the Muslims

want what the Americans have they're

getting it and they're getting the

corruption of the television the

destruction of the families it's all


now not only do they have social

corruption corruption within the house

itself losing the women really you just

look look around us look what's

happening to the Muslim youth right I

mean this is quite hopeful there's a lot

of good youth here but how many for

every one person in here and I'm not

saying just because I'm doing that I

mean any going to the messages any

Islamic function anything but for one

person in here how many Muslims are out

in Toronto

wasting their lives away wishing they

had what Patil

then after that Allah says this is the

house of the authority' that we give for

those who do not desire to be exalted in

the earth the Muslims we do not desire

to be felted we should not desire to be

prancing around like the American we

want the vicentina of Allah is exalted

not the Muslims when the prophets Allah

SM came into Mecca he came in in a state

of humbleness his head was lowered he

came in with his head bowed down if you

look at the way tyrants come into their

cities when they conquer them they come

in with drums Montgomery you know this

guy Montgomery the British general he

used to come in with bands and Romans

when they defeat this is the way he came


Mike clapping is all of them they're all

arrogance arrogant people who stuck the

ruling the Provos Allah is in came in

with humility because he saw where the

victory was coming from it wasn't from

panels or little Fiat about la stupenda

with Diana

the method is from a lot of the panel at

the Anna alone so this is the disease of

it's a vicious one and it's interesting

that Allah one of the the

second-to-the-last short of Quran what

has she didn't either has said the

envier when he envies now just the

present state looking at the present I

think that sums it up there's a few

other things you can look at the fact

that even though we condemn the West for

all of its degradation and its depravity

and this and that look at our own land

look at the Muslim condition today look

at it reflect on it and then they had a

they had a study done here in the West

in which they said that the the most

corrupt country in the world was Nigeria

and the second most corrupt was Pakistan

and then somebody said in fact Pakistan

won but they bribe

yuria to take the first prize now

Nigeria Pakistan and all the rest the

Muslim countries these countries are

corrupt also but like I was taught from

physician friend of mine who taught me

how to analyze patients said never

examine a patient under artificial light

when you look at the West you're looking

under artificial light the Muslims it's

natural light so they look as bad as

they are appear it's artificial light so

they might look a little perkier than

they actually are but they're in bad

shape and they're corrupt their

corruption is deep but I will say that

my own experience in in the West has

been that generally in certain aspects

at the individual level you will find

and Allah says in the Quran the woman I

had a key cabinet and took men who out

of America thought annuity unit there's

from people from the book up from the

people of the book if you give them a

lot of wealth they'll don't give it back

to you so Allah says from them are gone

and from them are bad but generally the

level of corruption has not permeated to

the extent that it has in the Muslim

lands and that's a very serious

indictment of the Muslim because our

experience most of us we've traveled in

the Muslim world we experienced this and

it's quite devastated so I'll end this

by hope for the future because we're

hopeful and we all have to because we're

Muslims and the hadith

the diagnosis our disease which is also

once the disease is diagnosed is an

indication of what the cheer is and the

cure is also mentioned in another hadith

the hadith is related by a benign and

it's from what I had thought I belong

and there are many versions of it but

this one is interesting he said some a

lot is and is reported to have said

unfamiliar a dubinina the mihrab become

more honorable model for 10 hona and in

one car what she dare he doing a piece

of beauty yah-hoo my top ROP comer

sakura tange you today are on clear

proof from your lord in command to good

and you forbid evil and you struggle in

the way of Allah to get he doing a piece

of beauty that and then there will

manifest in you these two very serious

symptoms of impending doom Sakura

fallujah ignorance was sucked a lot of

the line and the disease of love was

such a one owner and a decaf a data

model Nadine molten what I can hone our

unknown Quran what else you yeah he

don't have his people I hate and

fighting no Yama isn't that she'd have

Eva soon as she the who a euro sham

sinners should be a how do you ask

for a La Nina or min home Hara lab mini


ha ha Ahmed with bizarro of an American

descent in Sofia

music oh I am la a la idea common and

Adam with Elohim acid and I after rona

rocks rona MacArthur a phone where to

donate a a coma

you will soon be taken over by the the

eigen and they will be like lions

you don't flee from you and they will

fight the way you fight and now eat from

your booty

this is also an indication of the force

who became Muslim and the other Muslims

because he was speaking primarily to the

Arab contingency but there's another

hadith which is that

yushik one and tada a little Oh mom I

mean Coolio happen come after that

a cadet akasaki happiness or Allah from

infinite and min Naomi even Okada

na hora kiraku Volta travolta a savior a

2000 Rubicon what you an iguana via

Politico wounds are audible you know

Fallujah I do become the particular

dunya for Tara here the common mode that

it's coming a time when the Jews and the

Christians as interpreting the other

Heidi will come from every walk from

every horizon and they will eat from you

from your plates like energy from a

plate and they said yeah I saw a lot is

it from that were few in numbers they

said no that your life's come the foam

on the top of the flow and there's a

weakness in your hearts and fears taken

out of the hearts of your enemies and

the reason for this video people mad

dunya or cut out here to come in mode

because we love dunya and you hate them

very simple diagnosis which means that

the Cure then are two things one is the

job has to be removed and every single

islamic renaissance if you study the

history of the song began with

intellectual renaissance and you show me

one that did not because the very first

Islam began with a calm

it began in Mecca in a house with one

man saw the lights and I'm teaching men

and women so he double la stupenda went

to Anna and moving from their hearts to

love of dunya and all model of them

under said to the Persians we will send

an army the love of death with them is

just is greater than your love of life

and this comes from knowledge because

the more knowledge one gains and we're

not talking about malumat information

there's Orientalists but there in all

the rules that's not real knowledge

there are Orientalists that know islam

they can lecture about islam they can


everything that can give you the idea of

the Muslims they can tell all these

things but in the end they do not

believe so it is not real knowledge real

knowledge is of two types one is a

knowledge in which one is limited in

their intellectual understandings but

the knowledge penetrates their heart

which even the Bahji become buddy

and the second is where they join the

two they have the outward and inward as

well and these are the people that are

the leaders of food yet Allah in his

land and the third type is somebody who

know the outward but it doesn't

penetrate the inward and that's called a

hypocrite and they're the ones that the

Prophet SAW lice and feared more than

anybody and finally the last thing that

I'll leave you with is I think very

powerful statement by an American who's

talking about the disease of the

autonomy of man Sultan eaten the Russian

said that the modern Western mindset can

be understood as humanistic autonomy

he's given that in that insanity who's

a man transgresses in that he

deems himself independent about law and

these people now deem themselves

independent of Allah Subhan Allah to

Anna and this according to this mental

mutant says is an autonomy of man from

any higher force above him commenting on

this if superior forces are not allowed

current epistemology has no way to

register them I have argued then human

life has no alternative but to appear

autonomous in other words if we deny the

material the spiritual influences in our

lives because they only look at the

outward and we look when we look at and

analyze things we keep in mind

waha and boppin who would over to

without fiddle well by him what about

them we keep in mind both aspects the

outward the manifest and the inwardly

hidden they are only looking

at the outward they do not see the

inward and so because of that there's no

alternative but to appear autonomous the

human being is autonomous

there's nothing behind all of this if we

were surprised to find salt and yeast

and blaming his presumed autonomy for

the fact that the Western world has lost

exhibit courage a fact which cannot be

disputed is the weakening of human

personality in the West look at

seriously look at the the people that

are being produced in these cultures he

tells us it is because the mechanist we

have largely and unconsciously become we

assume that if superior forces exist

they would cheerin eyes we take their

absence to be liberating so we deny that

there's anything superior to us and we

see that if there was it would only be a

tyranny over us it would be a tyranny

over this is very important it would be

a tyranny over us it seems not to occur

to us that such forces might empower us

and liberate us submission in Arabic

Islam was the very name of the religion

that surfaced through the Quran yet its

entry into history occasioned the

greatest political explosion the world

has known that's the outward he's

looking at where did the the power and

the impetus of that political explosion

where did it come from the unseen forces

if mention of this fact automatically

triggers our fears of fanaticism as the

Western reader Islam exploded onto the

world those were those crazy Saracens

the fanatics here's what he says this

simply shows us another defense are

agnostic reflexes has erected against

the possibility of there being something

that better than we are in every respect

could infuse us with goodness as well as

power were we open to the transfusion

what he's saying

is that if you look at Islam and what it

brought and the civilization that it

created and the dignity of man that it

established the education the traditions

the Institute's the the artifacts of

their the remnants of those cultures are

sold for massive amounts of money

because these people the rich people in

this culture want to have them

ornamenting their houses you see this is

this is this ROM is powerful its

transformative it is transformative and

it can transform every single one of us

if we're open to it at the individual

level all of us have to make an absolute

commitment to studying our Deen to

studying it in its in its most

comprehensive and broad-based orthopraxy

tradition in other words the parameters

are broad within limits we don't go

outside of those limits if the Muslims

traditionally have had different views

and I busted behind with China has

allowed that giving us different ways to

practice our faith and to understand it

within generous guidelines of our

messenger so inshallah we ask of us

together with that Allah to make us

people of this Deen and people of the

level of his thing and as forgiveness I

went on for some time with my friend