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A Life Worth Living – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

1.     50 years ago, Time came out with a question asking whether God is dead

2.       Atheist take a position that God is too great and it is impossible to believe in him

3.     We taught Allah the names

4.     Adam replied with the names

5.     And, God confirmed that yes, this is a learning creature

6.     Go down to the earth

·        Go down to the earth, and knowledge will come

·        Whomever follows that guidance will be well

·        Breaking the desires

·        Breaking the desire of lust and food

·        Control desire for corruption

·        Franz Rosenthal

·        Quotes

·        Know of no longer civilization that places the acquisition of knowledge at the center of ethos

·         Books

·        Knowledge Triumphant: The Concept of Knowledge in Medieval Islam 1970 (reprinted 2007 with a Preface by Dimitri Gutas)

·        Knowledge

·        Read in the name of your Lord

·        Be a student, be a lover of Knowledge

·        If one can not be a student, then help and facilitate it

·        Family Traits & Dedication

·        Every Irish family, gave at least one of their children to priesthood

·        Every muslim family gave at least one of their children to Islamic Scholarship

·        Non Scholars can participate, as well

·        In Example

·        A bedouin in West Africa

·        Whoever believes in Allah in the last days should honor his guests

·        Two people

·        Learners

·        Some people are facilitated to learn

·        The circumstances are right for it

·        Whereas some are not

·        Other people are deprived

·        Those that have the gift should actively seek to spread it

·        Honor for sake of our tradition and of our God

·        Signs of the latter days

·        People will no longer learn for the sake of Allah, but for other ends

·        Sign of depravity

·        It is a sign of the improvised state of our community that people like me actually represent …

·        Do not say so humbly, but based on knowledge of our tradition

·        Why people choose not to believe

·        Those who see knowledge

·        But, yet fail to ascribe source to it

·        Sees a beautiful written letter, yet state their is no writer

·        Empathy

·        Empathy is core of most religions

·        Social-path

·        So important that some people fake it just to be seen has having it

·        Just to be part of quorum

·        1 out of 20 in US are suspected to be social-path

·        lack compassion from our own adversity

·        Some people

·        To know God through secondary knowledge

·        Not as Angels

·        But, through difficulty the soul is expanded

·        Fundamental Sin

·        Distraction

·        Easily distracted

·        Boredom

·        NoonDay Devil

·        Spiritual Sickness

·        Seek distraction through Sex, Money, Pursuit of Money

·        Atheist

·        Koran states to the Atheist let us weigh it out

·        God is too mighty to create all this

·        Unrequited Love

·        Questioned about Job

·        My servant, Job, has spoken rightly of me

·        Job insisted that he was not not in the wrong

·        But, is it possible that someone spoke the truth, and yet still be wrong

·        One can speak personal truth

·        But, yet not speak God’s truth

·        Is suffering a wound that will remain until clarity comes

·        Abrahamic tradition did not fully develop the concept of Karma

·        It speaks of it in a world to come

·        Where is God

·        Free will is a packaged deal

·        We are caretakers of the children

·        Where are God’s people

·        We have moral responsibility

·        Atheist is closer to God

·        For Believers God sometimes becomes an errand boy

·        Taking Responsibility

·        Adam took responsibility

·        Satan did not take responsibility

·        Current TV

·        Lamented that we have lost the pleasure derived from real beauty

·        Father is an erudite

·        Visited Sea World

·        No longer nature based

·        Stupid dresses on animal

·        Whereas animals are by nature dignified

·        Knowledge & Submission to God

·        Knowledge

·        One has to know self

·        Soul

·        Indivisible

·        He who know himself comes his creator

·        He who knows self know God

·        From your tongues and complexities ( complexion )

·        Language is a celestial thing

·        Part of revelation is worth

·        God taught him from the names of all the animals

·        See the one in the many

·        From the knowledge of all, comes knowledge of one

·        Submission

·        Abdullah

Dr Hamza Yusuf  – The poor to the rich mind 2016

·        A re-emergence of family has the center

·        Father has been taking out of fatherhood

·        Father has been taking of motherhood

·        Brother out of bortherhood

·        Sister out of sisterhoo

·        And,  all you have left is the hood

·        Chris Hedges

·        Boook – Empire of Illusion

·        Dissolve the Police Force in Camden

·        Throwaway people

·        The immigrant population has a moral responsibility they have not accepted.  And,  that responsibility is to adopt the indigenous people.

·        A ethical and strategic mistake

·        Clip – 30 minutes

·        Inner City

·        Giving victory by the weakest among you

·        Dignify poverty

·        Protestantism at his worst

·        Matthew 19:21

·        The lion has a natural limit

·        He will not eat the whole flock


Many Lessons from the story of Adam – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

·        Satan refused to bow them because of

·        Superiority

·        the fact that he felt he was created through fire, but Adam was created through the soil

·        Material Superiority

·        Sameness

·        Both Satan and Adam have consciousness of God

·        Casted down

·        The presence of God is not the place to show show superiority

·        Question gratitude

·        I will come ahead of them

·        I will come before them

·        And, will show they are ingratitude

·         Knowledge

·        Above is revelation

·        As long as you have connection to God, the Devil can not come overcome you

·        Under is humility

·        Satan does not accept humility to anyone

·        Only Authority

·        Only Authority Satan as is suggestion

·        Satan lied

·        He led them astray with guile

·        Law

·        Buyers Beware

·        Roman Law

·        Sellers Beware

·        Islamic Law

·        Trick to it

·        In Belgium there are squatters in there

·        When they tasted the tree, there nakedness appeared to them

·        Lessons Learned

·        Oh Children of Adam learn this lesson for yourself

·        The one who is felicitous is he one who does not have to learn that lessons for themselves

·        Two Struggles

·        The Struggles

·        Your desire

·        And, then there is this thing, that is tempting you

·        And, the struggle is that you continue in it

·        Book

·        Religion creates the problem that it solves

·        It makes people feel bad

·        And, then it tells them how to make amends


Shaikh Hamza Yusuf Emotional Q & A 2016 University session America

·        Terms

·        Define terms before you enter them into dialogue

·        Books

·        The Creed of Imam al-Tahawi: Hamza Yusuf

·        Book endorsed by Arch Bishop of Canterbury Dr.Rowan Williams

·        Faith

·        Faith is without experience

·        Faith increases with good acts

·        Faith happens in the Heart

·        Increases With

·        Fasting

·        Give Charity

·        Purification

·        Islam

·        Piety

·        relationship with Allah

·        Direct and immediate


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