Muslim version of A Life worth living

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Event Name: Muslim version of A Life worth living
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t;margin-bottom:.0001pt;text-indent:-18.0pt;line-height:normal; mso-list:l1 level2 lfo3;tab-stops:list 72.0pt;vertical-align:middle'>5.     And, God confirmed that yes, this is a learning creature

6.     Go down to the earth

·        Go down to the earth, and knowledge will come

·        Whomever follows that guidance will be well

·        Breaking the desires

·        Breaking the desire of lust and food

·        Control desire for corruption

·        Franz Rosenthal

·        Quotes

·        Know of no longer civilization that places the acquisition of knowledge at the center of ethos

·         Books

·        Knowledge Triumphant: The Concept of Knowledge in Medieval Islam 1970 (reprinted 2007 with a Preface by Dimitri Gutas)

·        Knowledge

·        Read in the name of your Lord

·        Be a student, be a lover of Knowledge

·        If one can not be a student, then help and facilitate it

·        Family Traits & Dedication

·        Every Irish family, gave at least one of their children to priesthood

·        Every muslim family gave at least one of their children to Islamic Scholarship

·        Non Scholars can participate, as well

·        In Example

·        A bedouin in West Africa

·        Whoever believes in Allah in the last days should honor his guests

·        Two people

·        Learners

·        Some people are facilitated to learn

·        The circumstances are right for it

·        Whereas some are not

·        Other people are deprived

·        Those that have the gift should actively seek to spread it

·        Honor for sake of our tradition and of our God

·        Signs of the latter days

·        People will no longer learn for the sake of Allah, but for other ends

·        Sign of depravity

·        It is a sign of the improvised state of our community that people like me actually represent …

·        Do not say so humbly, but based on knowledge of our tradition

·        Why people choose not to believe

·        Those who see knowledge

·        But, yet fail to ascribe source to it

·        Sees a beautiful written letter, yet state their is no writer

·        Empathy

·        Empathy is core of most religions

·        Social-path

·        So important that some people fake it just to be seen has having it

·        Just to be part of quorum

·        1 out of 20 in US are suspected to be social-path

·        lack compassion from our own adversity

·        Some people

·        To know God through secondary knowledge

·        Not as Angels

·        But, through difficulty the soul is expanded

·        Fundamental Sin

·        Distraction

·        Easily distracted

·        Boredom

·        NoonDay Devil

·        Spiritual Sickness

·        Seek distraction through Sex, Money, Pursuit of Money

·        Atheist

·        Koran states to the Atheist let us weigh it out

·        God is too mighty to create all this

·        Unrequited Love

·        Questioned about Job

·        My servant, Job, has spoken rightly of me

·        Job insisted that he was not not in the wrong

·        But, is it possible that someone spoke the truth, and yet still be wrong

·        One can speak personal truth

·        But, yet not speak God’s truth

·        Is suffering a wound that will remain until clarity comes

·        Abrahamic tradition did not fully develop the concept of Karma

·        It speaks of it in a world to come

·        Where is God

·        Free will is a packaged deal

·        We are caretakers of the children

·        Where are God’s people

·        We have moral responsibility

·        Atheist is closer to God

·        For Believers God sometimes becomes an errand boy

·        Taking Responsibility

·        Adam took responsibility

·        Satan did not take responsibility