Muslim version of A Life worth living

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Event Name: Muslim version of A Life worth living
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t:34.35pt;margin-bottom:.0001pt;text-indent:-18.0pt;line-height:normal; mso-list:l0 level2 lfo26;tab-stops:list 72.0pt;vertical-align:middle'>·        Unrequited Love

·        Questioned about Job

·        My servant, Job, has spoken rightly of me

·        Job insisted that he was not not in the wrong

·        But, is it possible that someone spoke the truth, and yet still be wrong

·        One can speak personal truth

·        But, yet not speak God’s truth

·        Is suffering a wound that will remain until clarity comes

·        Abrahamic tradition did not fully develop the concept of Karma

·        It speaks of it in a world to come

·        Where is God

·        Free will is a packaged deal

·        We are caretakers of the children

·        Where are God’s people

·        We have moral responsibility

·        Atheist is closer to God

·        For Believers God sometimes becomes an errand boy

·        Taking Responsibility

·        Adam took responsibility

·        Satan did not take responsibility

·        Current TV

·        Lamented that we have lost the pleasure derived from real beauty

·        Father is an erudite

·        Visited Sea World

·        No longer nature based

·        Stupid dresses on animal

·        Whereas animals are by nature dignified

·        Knowledge & Submission to God

·        Knowledge

·        One has to know self

·        Soul

·        Indivisible

·        He who know himself comes his creator

·        He who knows self know God

·        From your tongues and complexities ( complexion )

·        Language is a celestial thing

·        Part of revelation is worth

·        God taught him from the names of all the animals

·        See the one in the many

·        From the knowledge of all, comes knowledge of one

·        Submission

·        Abdullah

Dr Hamza Yusuf  – The poor to the rich mind 2016

·        A re-emergence of family has the center

·        Father has been taking out of fatherhood

·        Father has been taking of motherhood

·        Brother out of bortherhood

·        Sister out of sisterhoo

·        And,  all you have left is the hood

·        Chris Hedges

·        Boook – Empire of Illusion

·        Dissolve the Police Force in Camden

·        Throwaway people

·        The immigrant population has a moral responsibility they have not accepted.  And,  that responsibility is to adopt the indigenous people.

·        A ethical and strategic mistake

·        Clip – 30 minutes

·        Inner City

·        Giving victory by the weakest among you

·        Dignify poverty

·        Protestantism at his worst

·        Matthew 19:21

·        The lion has a natural limit

·        He will not eat the whole flock


Many Lessons from the story of Adam – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

·        Satan refused to bow them because of

·        Superiority

·        the fact that he felt he was created through fire, but Adam was created through the soil

·        Material Superiority

·        Sameness

·        Both Satan and Adam have consciousness of God

·        Casted down

·        The presence of God is not the place to show show superiority

·        Question gratitude

·        I will come ahead of them

·        I will come before them

·        And, will show they are ingratitude

·         Knowledge

·        Above is revelation

·        As long as you have connection to God, the Devil can not come overcome you

·        Under is humility

·        Satan does not accept humility to anyone

·        Only Authority

·        Only Authority Satan as is suggestion

·        Satan lied

·        He led them astray with guile

·        Law

·        Buyers Beware

·        Roman Law

·        Sellers Beware

·        Islamic Law

·        Trick to it

·        In Belgium there are squatters in there

·        When they tasted the tree, there nakedness appeared to them

·        Lessons Learned

·        Oh Children of Adam learn this lesson for yourself

·        The one who is felicitous is he one who does not have to learn that lessons for themselves

·        Two Struggles

·        The Struggles

·        Your desire

·        And, then there is this thing, that is tempting you

·        And, the struggle is that you continue in it

·        Book

·        Religion creates the problem that it solves

·        It makes people feel bad

·        And, then it tells them how to make amends


Shaikh Hamza Yusuf Emotional Q & A 2016 University session America

·        Terms

·        Define terms before you enter them into dialogue

·        Books

·        The Creed of Imam al-Tahawi: Hamza Yusuf

·        Book endorsed by Arch Bishop of Canterbury Dr.Rowan Williams

·        Faith

·        Faith is without experience

·        Faith increases with good acts

·        Faith happens in the Heart

·        Increases With

·        Fasting

·        Give Charity

·        Purification

·        Islam

·        Piety

·        relationship with Allah

·        Direct and immediate


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