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so was some other sort of an MDI one

more sitting my daddy he was I have to

be here with me today my sanity I am

again a long studying technical and

shoddy not necessarily said everybody

Quran Allah aluminum - I don't know if a

female intern with no edema Allah Miller

in memorandum tenant in the concerted

email I seen what I hold or whatever was

in there adding an album or sorry know

who matter season Muhammad water

anything more five years in I mean

without who know what up work every

nerve in their family inshallah when you

go over at least parts of a book written

by CD Ahmed rock horribly low the other

and who said Varanasi and chassis he was

born in 846 but he Durazo his ninth


he died in 899 had a short life but very

full life out of the law on whom the

Christian equivalent was 1492 and one of

the things that he said was that towards

the end of time that that's when his

knowledge would begin to diffuse in the

world they called Moctezuma with Odia

which is the one who corrects the anima

and the olya and Abdullah Ganu in the

famous Moroccan scholar said nobody in

the history of Islam was given that

title so some anima get titles like I'm

America's daddy in the Sunni tradition

is known as hedges that Islam even

though the Shia have that title in their

system from the Sunnis a registered

Islam they mean in a lot as Adi

shareholder Islam they're using

insha'Allah I'm sorry

there are others I mean the modern

people say chef Shahada sanam now has

come to me even Tamia but that that's

not the case traditionally meant

Abdullah I'm sorry

almost always in

although there are many people that have

been given that title it's not anyone

share called the yard was called

Chihuly's now there's other people that

have that title but generally there

there's Ellicott these are known as

nicknames and this was the name of CDF

Nazareth was massive with a mallet

Odia the one who corrected or rectified

that with Amanda Odia and he's also

known as one of the rare people who

joined between the inward and outward

Sciences is quite rare in Assam he was a

mohith studied with Imam so how he one

of the great Mahad buffoon he was also a

he studied with some of the

greatest of his aide Imam and Julie one

of his students was Imam at how fob who

becomes one of the great of the later

Mataji Fatah and he was also a Sufi he

studied with I would I better Habra me

among others but that was his primary

share who was a poverty shattered he

share and he's in the chains of the shed

area so one of the things that he

complained about he didn't believe and

this is obviously something that people

disagreed with him but he did not

believe that there were any real shoe

left of the inward scientists he felt

that the real shape was not doomed

that's the word he used that he didn't

exist anymore

and yet he felt because people need to

continue on and trying to purify

themselves and drawing closer to Allah

subhanAllah dahi focused really on

several books that were guidebooks

almost like self-help books in fact one

of them he titled few days what I'm

behind the rock didn't wanna be the

guidance of my lord when the Madhavi is

lost in other words a share of Tobia he

said basically that people now and this

is 9th century remember the people now

he said no longer have the conditions of

perfection total cut camellia he said so

you take from people what they have and

you recognize that everybody now has


people of perfection are gone that was

his consideration and obviously that

would certainly be much truer today than

it would have been at his time and a

lust pen without a nose best because

there's always been jealous people of a

love this science is called an sn2 so

wolf there's a lot of words for it a

couple of things one the soul is not


and it's important for that to be

understood Paraiba is something that

traditionally in the Muslim world there

were a lot of foot up and there still

are but the soul is a science from the

Sciences of Islam it's always been

taught it's been taught within fatiha

it's been taught without paratha it's

just one of the sciences of Islam

generally what piraka was was like you

had a hadith transmission you had silk

transmission into so if you also had

changed the transmission and I thought

if I generally was a silsila but what

happened is they tended to end up being

formulated into Brotherhood's almost

like you had a membership in a group and

they had lodges which were called Sawa's

and you could travel from Morocco to

hatch and if you were in one of these

photo you'd go to the zeliha if you are

in a shadow deified okay you'd go to the

shadow DS alia and these were all your

brothers and you are all joined in this

party episode there was a spree Dacor

and also it tended to be associated with

guilds in other words crafts like people

were shoemakers often all the shoemakers

would belong to the same party top and

this really happened in the Muslim world

you had people that was almost like

union membership obviously there's a lot

of problems that go with that there's no

doubt about that because the psychology

of groups is a very interesting

phenomenon and you get group psychology

you get groupthink

people become ëletís people will always

consider that their share is the best

share their share is the put up their

share is over all the other shoe

and it can be a divisive element as well

so there's good and bad in everything

it's the nature of being on the earth

but you know I just want to say that

this is not being taught with inch as

ideological or something like that I

want to make that really clear that this

is just one of the sciences of Islam and

that's the way we're looking at it you

don't have to be in a product life to

benefit from the knowledge the other

thing is that I'm really not qualified

to I mean I've studied this book with a

share from beginning to end and but I'm

not qualified to teach it in that way so

he's the teacher all I'm going to try to

do is present what he's saying to the

best of my ability so I want for you to

understand that one of the early

Christian ascetic whose name was John of

the ladder he was a pre-islamic

Christian he said about teaching when

you teach spiritual things he said if

you have some knowledge of it don't let

the fact that you're not practicing it

yourself stopped you from teaching

because people are still in benefit of

it and he said the hope is that you'll

be so ashamed of yourself that maybe

you'll start practicing it when you

teach something so having said that and

again that's not like I'm being humble

or something it's not humility is just

telling it like it is you know you make

claims with Allah and Allah does things

to you see demons are rocks Edmund at

the hospital a set level for the hashish

I did in with your hand if you claim

something that you don't have

Allah will expose you to people so I'm

not making any claim I don't want to get

exposed I'm happy having the sister of

Allah so anyway this book is about the

heart about the human heart and the

heart is an interesting thing the word

in English heart comes from a Sanskrit

word which means that we sleep because

obviously at some point people felt this

thing in their breasts and we have some

other words core is one of the words in

English for heart if you look in Old

English core is heart and in Arabic you

say Lube Lube is one of the meanings of

heart and Lube

means the exact same thing is core it

means the innermost the piss of

something so the core of the human being

is the heart the Latin word core means

courage and it was the belief that

courage was in the heart the Arabic

people they say he doesn't have a heart

mandible tongue I mean he doesn't have

any courage so they use it as a metaphor

for courage I mean it has heart has

courage amongst the Arabs if you look at

the physical heart it beats around 60 to

70 beats per minute it carries in that

time two gallons of blood in a period of

about an hour it'll carry around 100 120

gallons of blood it's forcing that blood

through about 60,000 miles of actual

vasculature through the body about

60,000 miles that's more than the

Earth's circumference twice it's a

phenomenal organ and it will do this for

60 70 80 years without ever complaining

really it's an amazing thing just a

physical organ of the heart is an

incredible thing

we don't really feel the heart is not

like muscles it doesn't get tired in the

same way I mean people get depressed

which is related to the heart depression

spiritual depression things like this

but generally the heart is not like

other muscles in the body it doesn't get

tired like other other muscles it gets

stronger with exercise like most muscles

but even lack of exercise does not stop

it from doing its job so people that are

completely sedentary the heart can still

pump for 70 years obviously some of you

exercises that they're going to be

healthier they can run they don't get

out of breath is easy things like that

the heart is four chambered organ it has

four chambers which is interesting and

then it has two motions it has the

systole and diastole one of them is that

it contracts and the other is that it

expands and this is what Boston Arrow

it is two names of a lot of our bill and

our boss helped a lot is contracting and

he's expanding and at the center of the

source of the human being is this

shuttle bus this is what it's doing in

out the same with the breath the lung

you breathe in

there's expansion of the lungs you

breathe out there's contraction of the

lungs the lungs in the heart are related

there's four beats to every breath every

breath has four beats breathing speeds

up with the heart so faster your heart

beats the faster you will breathe so

breath and heart are related and the

rule both the word in Arabic in Greek in

Hebrew and also Chinese language Shan

means spirit Shen is centered in the

heart in the Greek psyche is used it

means breath the word comes from a root

word which is related to wind the Hebrew

say nefesh the Arabs they say next nest

is your rule and netha is breath NEFAs

nuts with the Ciccone over the fat is

the rule so these are all related the

brain now only in the 1970s that they

discovered that there's neurons in the

brain in other words the same cells that

you find in the heart in the brain you

find now in the heart there's over

40,000 neurons in the heart now this is

recent knowledge so there are actually

brain cells in the heart they used to

believe that the heart was the center of

the human being

Galileo showed that in fact it was the

nervous system the central nervous

system which was basically at the center

of man's volition mobility all of these

things that if you cut nerves then

people lost the ability to if you cut

off the nerves from the arm people can't

move but that's not true of the heart

because we now know that you can

transplant a heart which means severing

all of the nerve endings that are

connected to the brain and the heart

still continues to beat so the ha

is an autogenic organ it's not being

told by the brain to beat your urine is

the reason you urinate is because your

central nervous system there are

messages from the brain from your are

stem brain that are telling you to

urinate and that's why you go you're in

it that's not true for the heart the

heart is beating on its own the heart

actually about 17 weeks in the embryo

the heart begins to beat before there's

any central nervous system or brain so

heart cells begin to actually beep

before there's even a brain developed

now the Muslims have always believed

that the intellect is centred in the

heart not in the head now they're

beginning to admit that the heart does

have a type of brain in other words it

does 10 messages because there's

actually now we know that messages are

sent to the brain to speed up the heart

and sometimes the heart doesn't respond

it takes its own time and also there's

hormones that are released in the heart

there's there's actual cardiac hormones

that are released that send messages to

the brain the proton says at home for

overnight gonna be half they have hearts

and they can't think with them which is

an indication that the heart itself

people can be cut off now that was not

talking about people that were couldn't

think or talk or do mathematics or you

see when the Quran says don't pollute

life gonna be half as Co fog so a lot

saying they can't think with their heart

that doesn't mean they can't think with

their brain it means they can't think

with their hearts so the thinking of the

heart is not the same as the thinking of

the brain what we call mental cognitive

faculties this is not the intellect of

the heart the intellect of the heart is

rooted in the light of the human being

so a human being has light in the heart

and a heart that can think is a heart

that is in harmony with Allah subhana WA

to add as intention with his creation

there's a hadith wahby assualt since man

came to the brought even matter came to

the Prophet Elisha and he said the

province of light and said he said it

takes on a sort of lights on lights and

I'm chocolatey

said to me a Jessica said Oh an adverb

did you come to ask about righteousness

bill and he said nah he said the 50th

handbag ask your heart take an opinion

from your heart sister husband he didn't

say a 50 be martyr 50 o'clock he said

it's 50 of husband ask your heart and he

said alvaro melt my enmity a heinous

righteousness is what the heart the soul

the nuts feels tranquil with what mana

in a young child and the heart feels

tranquil with it there's format Nina

that's one of the conditions in the

prayer is you have format Nina format

Nina is Sakina that all your limbs come

to resting place that means that your

heart rest is still with goodness it's

comfortable with it what is mu my

Hackett is what not Hackett enough what

talent does the eating a subtle the

wrong action is what troubles the soul

and the breast wavers

there's wavering in the breath what LF

second death what in a second that even

if people give you their opinion step

the appendix we know second s listen to

your heart even if other people are

trying you to do something else so the

indication there is that the heart has

the potential to guide human beings your

heart can actually guide you to what's

right and what's wrong

the Quran says about the yamaha yama

yamaha yama you what a Vanunu allotment

at Allah and as a logical in saline that

is the day in which neither wealth nor

children will avail a human being unless

he bring to Allah a sound heart he'll


Salameh is sound from false have done

Sally moon one of the things of freeing

a slave the slave has to be Celine can

have false or blemishes something like

that so a heart that sound is a heart

that doesn't have sickness now the Quran

says about the monatti bone here for ovm

Marrowbone facade along madhava in their

heart is a disease so there's diseased


there's also dead hearts a woman can

immediate invasion ah who another who

nolan mg beefing that come a method

elusive Bhanumati they saw her lazy

dakara human is he like the one who's in

darkness and can't get out so somebody

was dead and a lot of rats brought him

back to life with what with MN somebody

was dead his heart was dead there's a

hadith and even Majid oppose Allah and

I'm said anaphora pavane under the earth

Corolla well a delay is caught a lot

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