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t to talk to him

physically they tell him send me an

email someone have a sign they just hold

up a sign they won't even say anything

share company when used in New York you

said the strangest thing he saw they

were in a all these cars a traffic jam

and he said he looked over and he saw a

car going this plate and it turned

around and then he said it stopped it

rolled down his window and it spoke to a

box and he said and in the box he said

condemn ovv son and posse yeah it spoke

to him in a clear tongue and then he

said the car drove up a little further

and he said some hands came out of a


with a white box and he said he gave him

money and they didn't say anything to

each other

he said he spoke to the box and he

didn't speak to the person it was a

fast-food restaurant but he was just

looking at it just seeing it for the

first time you see you grew up seeing

this thinking it's normal it's not


if neurosis is a sickness this is

actually pathology and somebody insipid

I can see it for what it is but people

that are out of HIPAA they can't see it

that's when you say go to work and then

they go home they eat alone somebody if

you eat one person eat alone chef on

each with you and shift on just get

stronger and stronger the thing about

chef and people don't realize they Shep

I get strong with heedlessness he gets

weak with Vika the more hustla he gets

strong physically because he's eating if

you don't do dhikr when you eat like

save this meda he eats with you and he

gets fact he has energy because he's got

caloric strength but if you say this

mean that he can't eat he starts getting

weak and withers away if you save this

me on when you go into your house he

can't sleep with you and that's the to

chef as a Hadiya sound I think they met

one was weak the other was strong he

said what's the matter with you said I

have a horrible assignment every time he

eats he says bismillah when he sleeps he

said this was loud when he goes since

like this when I'm not getting any

strength he said oh I've got a good one

he never says this me now when he and I

eat us all I want he goes home I got a

nice bed to sleep in so now look at the

whole world

I mean Christians they used to say bless

us Lord for these gifts which we are

about to receive they used to say that

and then shall not benefit of them they

don't say that now just gobble it down

and so the shell thing are getting

bigger and bigger and now they can just

say their shell thing they actually can

say it now they come out really they

come out literally and say it like rock

bands they say that that we're Satan I

mean they literally announce it I saw

this guy he had a thing I worship Satan

literally on his t-shirt spiked hair and


it said on his t-shirt I worship Satan

and this is happening in Christian land

they used to be so anyway that's the

subject in this book he basically wrote

it as a way of elevating your spiritual

state and taking tomoko it goes through

three stages the first day just ugly

the second stage is Talia and the

Thursday is kiss via and there's three

muffins the mom of the pass is Toba the

makan of the presence is this katana and

the maqam of the future is peak that's

what he said you have yesterday today

tomorrow yesterday the McConnell

yesterday a subset a lot is gone you

just say a stock settlement I wasted the

opportunity today makan don't waste out

to mr. farmer tomorrow if you do that

today tomorrow expect to have

realization if we blow it again today

it becomes the tomorrow today is

yesterday tomorrow today is yesterday so

if your tomorrow today which becomes you

yesterday is as bad as yesterday's today

just say I stopped it a lot and start

over again that's what you have to do

just start over so that's why he did

this so he begin

it's praised that I'm really that

America will have over hey mr. Webb he's

praising Allah super Hanuman to Anna

and then he praises the proper tool I

said I'm who he calls mr. haire with

asthma según el mañana muhammad that I

mean and moral father give me a demean

the one Allah elevated over everybody at

my daddy was heavy as marine fellow

since I'm delusional and what I did

there with the toreador admiral de Hory

sad mother was a possible business thing

are they fighting Diamond evidence when

I out before Elena de Rohan what I hand

where your fossil in dare to have the

eminent what a man but yet they do never

had to had a day Nancy Jimmy at a fee on

Hulu ethically fatherly daddy morality

would Rudy here woman netted over

husband and I'm gonna feel so that's his

introduction then he says a ma public

would be shaken one matter who will

value as for what before everything with

everything and after everything today

Santa Mesa in the law in reality there's

nothing but Allah and what that means is

there's no absolute you Jude there's no

losers and mukluks except Allah this is

resume okay yet it's like in mathematics

who's anybody

mathematician here you have a fraction I

learned this from a mathematician and

the fraction is x over infinity as a

fraction in mathematics X is for the

unknown over infinity now do you know

what that fraction is zero so any

fraction of infinity is zero which means

any existence alongside the existence of

a lot is cancelled out so what that

means is in reality there's not nothing

in existence except Allah subhanAllah

Dada he's at Wu Zhu's and mop-up

everything else is contingent it only

exists because Allah allows it to exist

and it exists in the knowledge of Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala so that's what he's

beginning by telling us he decide

letting you know there's no real

existence except Allah which does not

mean this is a lot don't confuse that

we're not pantheous it does not mean

that this is a lot we don't say that

we're not like Hindus or something like

that this is not asthma or broth amount

and it's also not Maya like the Hindus

call this Maya your illusion you don't

believe it's an illusion we don't

believe that it has real existence but

we'd also don't believe it's an illusion

it's reality is contingent reality it's

it's not permanent reality there's a

really important distinction all right

so don't confuse that there's people

that when they hear that they think oh

so this is all just an illusion no this

is real we are we exist for when you're

not an illusion I'm not a hologram

you're not a hologram we really exist

but we exist contingently and our

existence is only sustained by a loss of

and without espejo Mia he is at hey

Rafael in other words the existence of

the heavens and the earth is contingent

upon a la sky Oh Mia and if Allah

withdraws his sustaining support

existence disappears it's just gone it

came from nothing it goes back to


and then he said when semester could be

happening in the team that if you hold

to the Rope of Allah that never breaks

then you'll be strong woman had the I'm

valiant Terry medic and if you deviate

from his door is noble and generous door

you're destroyed is that all human in

Amity that is that Maracana there's no

nothing to protect you from the command

of Allah the decree of Allah via farival

optics unless he's had mercy on you

whether he dies that Danny man you have

the GRE History Month awesome and

there's no guidance except the one who

in his noble sanctuary is holding a also

not happy about the Sharia so he arrives

to the reality through the Sharia and

this is the different dis wife there's

people who study from so wolf without

studying Sharia and and you waste your

time because the mathematical of the man

who said men to Chevron when only a hot

box cutters herself who ever learned

Sharia without working on his inner

reality he becomes a fasiq because his

intentions are pure

he's got Rhea Rajab Cuba hazard all

these diseases of the heart like

ostentatious nose

showing off arrogance Envy these type

things woman the hot what a

mutation rock prophet says ends up and

whoever learns about realities without

learning about the Sharia he becomes

like a heretic scindia and he said one

manana a banal na ha ha ha ha ha but the

one who joined the to the Sharia and the

hafiz' that's the real one who's

realized as I'm saying of Imam matically

lines the tribute Imam Ali and there's


rewires but that's probably them to

sound this one as a 10 also demon Cunha

avi attend misciagna after you have

removed every foul thing and every

grow testing muta Venice Adama via

ferrata hija Amanda happy Arab assault

it's a creepy preferring soundness or

safety in his path always maintaining

the truth in the carpet spread of

realization be the hidden city man harem

with a sound presence of mind what

husband moon even limo la who novel and

with a heart constantly turning to Allah

and is witnessing a las manos de Anna's

presence yellow kulla shay'in pin la

jolla he he places everything in its

place and that is the definition of Adam

the difference between agile and volume

is Adam yoga okunoshima Holly what

lining Michelle theer reigning mahalia

that's the definition an oppressor puts

things in places where they don't belong

so for instance if I take a book this is

my book I own this book and I burn it

you see me burn it you can't say I

oppressed my book because it's my

property I can do what I want with it

and that's the Shetty I says it's Haram

that's the hokum of Allah but as long as

it's a moba Act

there's too many mistakes in it so I'd

burn it for that reason whatever you

don't know you're looking at me you see

me burn a book you think why is he doing

that that's wrong to do that but I have

a reason it's my book if I take your

book and I burn that's a woman and this

is why if Allah takes his servant throws

him in the fire he has an oppressive

because it's his servant he can do

whatever you want

he's the Malik you're the mum Luke he

doesn't have to do everything out of

muscle aha something like that

remember Raheem we believe that about a

lot but we also read he's added an

Rahman Adana are two very interesting

attributes that can in certain

situations they're not the same they're

different he can do whatever you want

them you can't question that really it's

a sickness to do that is like King Lear

says IRA men more sinned against than

sinning he

everybody else did it to him that's a

disease and that's why he loses his

whole kingdom it all goes wrong because

he thinks did everybody else's fault and

that's what tragedy is tragedy is that

the tragic hero never realizes he

brought it all on himself that's why

they call it tragedy they'll never admit

I unroll they'll never say all the

droughts are because they're wrong

actions they'll never say all the the

terrible things happening the weather

global warming it's not mad cows disease

is mad Cowboys disease because it's not

the cows they didn't do that cows aren't

crazy they're herbivores that's actually

how they're classified this guy Linnaeus

right a man's name who classified

everything if you look up a cow in a

dictionary its classified under

herbivore now what's that mean herbivore

it eats plants it's a veggie everything

so why are they feeding it dead animals

why did they do that because it's really

cheap it's actually cheaper than than

grain feed the cows not mad it's the

human being that's feeding a herbivore

and making among on the board now what's

the omnivore of pig that's the

classification of a pig is an omnivore

it'll eat anything and it's Haram to eat

a lot made omnivores how long to eat but

he made herbivores how about to eat

because we won't get harmed if we eat

herbivores but we'll get harmed if we

eat omnivores it's a mad Cowboys disease

really that's what it is don't call it

mad cows because they'll have a pitch

against the film Keanu they gave us a

disease and said we were mad and they're

the ones that set us meat were

herbivores you created us herbivores we

would have done what we were created to

do had they never interfered in this

whole thing lny Allah says in home care

and then home abundance abhi

they're like cows no they're not then is

forested Rock okay

it's a rectifier they're even worse than

cows in other words a lot says they're

like cows but then he changes it and

this in rhetorical is for a reason he's

doing that he's saying they're like cows

then he said no they're not my cows

they're worse than cows because cows do

what they were created to do and humans

don't in the subsea email machine

famously said a cow runs away from

things that harm it and humans run to

them if a cow cease fire it runs the

other way they actually get scared of

fire because it knows by Hoka Maddy it

doesn't have awesome it knows by Hoka


every time I've seen that bad stuff has

happened I'm getting out of here that's

what it says so it gets it goes the

other way now human beings they smoke

cigarettes I was in a supermarket my son

saw this person smoking my son was

looking at life it was really strange

and the princess don't ever do this it's

really bad for you know think about that

that is amazing and he asked me why does

he do that if he knows it's bad for and

that's why it is a schmuck you know the

expression run amok they come from Malay

language stomach is fat monk in Malay

because the Malays can't pronounce to

have so they chemic they mean a schmuck


so when when they say in English he's

run amok they mean he's run back month

doesn't really I'm not making that up

he's run amok so that's what they've all

done they've run amok they're come far

and that's what Allah saying that

they're stupid because even animals

don't do that I'm always amazed you go

on this airplane and there's this guy

with this computer that according to

them took you know 1215 billion years to

get to this stage where we can actually

make a computer in evolutionary theory

right from the begin

of the universe till now it's taken us

12 billion years to get to the point

where we can make a computer and he's

playing solitaire and this is what

signorina there's a Muslim tradition he

said Allah gave me the power to bring

the dead back to life but he did not

give me the power to cure stupidity

hezonia and Devon Akmal so then he says

the other local machine on how we got

off on that yellow condition Somali he

put everything in its place

well you have to pay the enema well

lamina the Oxley he he realizes

knowledge and action according to the

foundation what in hell that I reasoned

he had yet Esmond achieve what as TMF

the octave are Bernanke will be bothered

I'm Tina and this is incredibly

difficult especially in these days and

especially with certain people in

certain places in other words this is

much harder in America than it is for

instance in Yemen or in Mauritania you

go to the desert of mudita even here

look how easy it is easy to be Muslim

here they're not hard is easy to be

Muslim the worst thing you have to worry

about is if you're a Hannity a Chevy or

hum buddy there's a few dogs out there

that's that's about it other than that

it's very easy and something nobody's

backbiting I hope not

you shouldn't be backed by you don't

talk about people especially in these

places but anyplace but here you know

you're here for knowledge and things

like that but it should be easy it's

easy when you have believers together in

one group and there's no distraction so

he's saying in some places is actually

really difficult and in some time so

we're in a difficult time so we have to

be aware of that what I can the minutes

Allah he does I used to be a man but the

gift of Allah is not specific to a place

or a time so don't worry a lot gift is

always there and we should never have

yes which is the spare what I am now ha

would you that definition McCann

nor is it prevented because of

the difficult things in any place in

other words those things in the place

that are difficult will not necessarily

prevent this gift of Allah specifically

medaka Kapila trust in your lord as

somebody who is going to take care of

you were talking to Ikeda and take him

as your protector Finola Delia hey woman

hustle oh ho he will never betray or let

down the one who seeks him will i you've

middlemen allah alayhi wa item edible

and he will never neglect the one who

seeks refuge in him and depends on him

while methodical hey t-50 salmon lazuli

lay all the keys of good are in seeking

refuge in him constantly

what's acid amore was you that

automatically and the foundation of all

matters is in the existence of depending

upon him catchy melody Hara tada

one year collected Allah he of wahoo

whoever trust in Allah allows enough for

him why you care few who will I fear who

when I was little in other words the

kaffir who will appear who announced it

was the one who will be enough for him

to protect him and to give victory to

him what kind of exam in makka even

something you give in mythology that the

apple we have ship a suit doesn't Allah

answer the one who's in absolute need

when he calls him and he removes all

harm valcara esna men open Romania yah

Austin de la patrulla yourself and mr.


whoever trust in Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

is guided to a straight path allah

taught us relies on a lot incident

either seldom ilaha Halima meseta if you

ask Allah then magnify your request make

it great don't ask Allah some small

thing ask Allah for big things have high

Hema welcome even nuclear yasuo love

then we will do much of that yellow suit

Allah and then the prophet Elijah and

self kata Allahu Akbar Allah will do

more in other words if you do a lot of

dua Allah will do more for you he'll

answer you hey ask are we Gaveston in

other words he does a lot of answering

valcara sort of water why you said I

want a when all he is do I am your harem

and a janitor whoever is given

our supplication will not be prevented

from it being answered

he will not be deprived of its answering

there's a beautiful story that Mawlana

Rumi cells called Elana he said that

once a man he was making do am and he

was doing in half like really cool which

is muffled when you make your alia Allah

like begging and Anna Sinek passed by

and he said to him how long have you

been asking and he said for many many

years and he said have you received the

answer yet and he said no he said then

why are you still asking and then Rumi

said the man fell into a confused sleep

because this is somebody who put check

in his heart doubt in his heart and then

he said in his dream he saw a couple and

her brother said why did you leave your

supplication he said because I realized

I've been doing it all the years and I

never got the answer and I'll shut up

said don't you realize the supplication

was the answer if I loved put you at the

door what greater gives me one what

greater gifts that you're occupied with

what you were created to be occupied win

and everybody else is doing something

else that's the answer so why do you

expect things when the greatest thing is

to be remembering Allah stood behind

with the Adam and that's why even even

I'll pay that he says the dua is really

for his heart

so who sure what would hold or the point

that dua is to realize your Abu Zia to

Allah because Allah knows what you need

and that's why the one who remembers

Allah there's a hadith in with the

promise of life and I'm said that the

one who the remembrance of Allah

preoccupied him from asking a lot you'll

get more than the people who asked and

then he says one man rusev and his staff

our alumni reminyl sirrah whoever was

provided with if safar will not be

deprived of forgiveness so follow has

given you a subset Allah if he's

we knew that gift of remembering to say

uh socks or Allah then you will not be

deprived of being forgiven there's a law

under seasonal muhammad sallallaahu that

amounted to the love of a message and

muhammad sallallaahu there's a lower

energy than a Mohammedan for Malati's

that i'm not electable super hand out of

the gutter but I said yeah I'm male

people will said I'm an animal city what

happened in the Arab time