Poor Mans Book of Assistance

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Event Name: Poor Mans Book of Assistance
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easy when you have believers together in

one group and there's no distraction so

he's saying in some places is actually

really difficult and in some time so

we're in a difficult time so we have to

be aware of that what I can the minutes

Allah he does I used to be a man but the

gift of Allah is not specific to a place

or a time so don't worry a lot gift is

always there and we should never have

yes which is the spare what I am now ha

would you that definition McCann

nor is it prevented because of

the difficult things in any place in

other words those things in the place

that are difficult will not necessarily

prevent this gift of Allah specifically

medaka Kapila trust in your lord as

somebody who is going to take care of

you were talking to Ikeda and take him

as your protector Finola Delia hey woman

hustle oh ho he will never betray or let

down the one who seeks him will i you've

middlemen allah alayhi wa item edible

and he will never neglect the one who

seeks refuge in him and depends on him

while methodical hey t-50 salmon lazuli

lay all the keys of good are in seeking

refuge in him constantly

what's acid amore was you that

automatically and the foundation of all

matters is in the existence of depending

upon him catchy melody Hara tada

one year collected Allah he of wahoo

whoever trust in Allah allows enough for

him why you care few who will I fear who

when I was little in other words the

kaffir who will appear who announced it

was the one who will be enough for him

to protect him and to give victory to

him what kind of exam in makka even

something you give in mythology that the

apple we have ship a suit doesn't Allah

answer the one who's in absolute need

when he calls him and he removes all

harm valcara esna men open Romania yah

Austin de la patrulla yourself and mr.


whoever trust in Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

is guided to a straight path allah

taught us relies on a lot incident

either seldom ilaha Halima meseta if you

ask Allah then magnify your request make

it great don't ask Allah some small

thing ask Allah for big things have high

Hema welcome even nuclear yasuo love

then we will do much of that yellow suit

Allah and then the prophet Elijah and

self kata Allahu Akbar Allah will do

more in other words if you do a lot of

dua Allah will do more for you he'll

answer you hey ask are we Gaveston in

other words he does a lot of answering

valcara sort of water why you said I

want a when all he is do I am your harem

and a janitor whoever is given

our supplication will not be prevented

from it being answered

he will not be deprived of its answering

there's a beautiful story that Mawlana

Rumi cells called Elana he said that

once a man he was making do am and he

was doing in half like really cool which

is muffled when you make your alia Allah

like begging and Anna Sinek passed by

and he said to him how long have you

been asking and he said for many many

years and he said have you received the

answer yet and he said no he said then

why are you still asking and then Rumi

said the man fell into a confused sleep

because this is somebody who put check

in his heart doubt in his heart and then

he said in his dream he saw a couple and

her brother said why did you leave your

supplication he said because I realized

I've been doing it all the years and I

never got the answer and I'll shut up

said don't you realize the supplication

was the answer if I loved put you at the

door what greater gives me one what

greater gifts that you're occupied with

what you were created to be occupied win

and everybody else is doing something

else that's the answer so why do you

expect things when the greatest thing is

to be remembering Allah stood behind

with the Adam and that's why even even

I'll pay that he says the dua is really

for his heart

so who sure what would hold or the point

that dua is to realize your Abu Zia to

Allah because Allah knows what you need

and that's why the one who remembers

Allah there's a hadith in with the

promise of life and I'm said that the

one who the remembrance of Allah

preoccupied him from asking a lot you'll

get more than the people who asked and

then he says one man rusev and his staff

our alumni reminyl sirrah whoever was

provided with if safar will not be

deprived of forgiveness so follow has

given you a subset Allah if he's

we knew that gift of remembering to say

uh socks or Allah then you will not be

deprived of being forgiven there's a law

under seasonal muhammad sallallaahu that

amounted to the love of a message and

muhammad sallallaahu there's a lower

energy than a Mohammedan for Malati's

that i'm not electable super hand out of

the gutter but I said yeah I'm male

people will said I'm an animal city what

happened in the Arab time