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Event Name: Respond with What is Better
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ven from here

they're from Mongolia so everybody made

Hegira here at some point and and and

migration is a Sunnah of God on this

planet birds migrate if traditional

borders were open people should be able

to go where they want that's a human

right but we have borders now and and

Allah says appear Allah well appeared

rasool what would it Amalie Minko we

have to obey the law anybody that comes

into this country and I said this three

days before 9/11 they didn't report that

they reported something else but I said

three days before 9/11 in Philadelphia I


I said anybody that comes into this

country with a visa or is living under

the law of this land and they commit a

criminal act or terrorist act the

profits eliza dam is against them

because this is our religion you have to

obey the law of the land that you're in

and the Prophet was a law abiding when

he was in Mecca he was a law-abiding

citizen you look at his Sarah in Mecca

he didn't have terrorist cells he didn't

have anybody assassinated in Mecca he

was oppressed but he was a citizen of

that and daughter Ned well were the the

una dama D in Mecca and the only time

you don't obey them is if it's a mafia

to Allah but nobody's know Americans

putting a gun at your hand saying drink

alcohol or eat pork like they did in

Spain in Andalusia right they used to do

that to the Muslims if you go to Spain

today they have this big meat of pork

and when you come into the little shops

in under SIA they cut off a piece of the

pork and they offer it you why they do

that because that was a test hundreds of

years later they still do it because

it's tradition for them but they used to

test Muslims have some pork and if they

didn't eat it they would report them to

the Inquisition we're not in that

situation now the other thing one of the

benefits of this and trust me the only

way you get strong is resistance if you

want to build your muscles you have to

have resistance Allah puts resistance to

make us stronger spiritually and

physically everything is happening as is

good as you when the eMeter movie now

I'm going to hook a little higher it's

all good

that's a hadith in sahih muslim so hey

below me everything that's happening

says is good if we have a nadine if we

have the eye of certainty if you're

caught up in dunya oh my dunya is not

looking good that then that's another

thing that's not ticklin a la la that's

another problem that's a disease of the

heart the unsettling state that the

Muslims are in in this country this is a

good thing it's about time Muslims start

waking up you

been here for a long time what have you

done who of you who've you told out

there who you are where all the amazing

free clinics not learn down in Los

Angeles or one over here where's the

Muslim Hospital where we treat anybody

that comes you don't need insurance

because Muslims traditionally did that

we in this country the Muslim physicians

are worth several billion dollars

several billion dollars where our

institutions where our colleges where's

our television station the Mexicans have

dozens of television stations doesn't

and when we do these things we usually

do them so poorly nobody's going to

watch so we have to wake up but trust me

you have to accept what comes to you

with intelligence but you have to accept

with what comes to Allah is waking this

Ummah up and we're still snoring and it

keeps happening until people wake up you

break the covenant with Allah Ya Allah

Ya Allah Ya Allah Ya Allah you break the

covenant with our law then if Allah

removes his providential care you have

no one to blame but yourself man worship

as hi I'm Thalia Madiba woman widget

ahoy that Erica fillet Lumina Allah

Nessa if you find good thank Allah and

if you find anything other than good

don't blame anybody but yourself because

that's that's the myth help of Islam you

want the men help of Islam

that's the Med help of Islam the mess

help of Islam is but don't know how that

why is this happening why did we lose

our head where the people of truth we

were with the Prophet puh human

dnfullcircle that's Sahaba the best

Kentucky Roma or collegiate leonesse

have we disobeyed the Prophet those

people on the on the mountain that

abandoned their there for booty for

dunya they abandoned

there there plays and they lost they had

they even the prophet was bloodied he

lost part of his tooth

he had the chainmail in his cheek the

place where his blood dropped still

smells like Musk

I've been there the smell is amazing

after 1400 years you could still get the

whiff of that from his blood that was

spilt there but that's our prophet


so if Muslims don't obey Allah and obey

his messenger of the allaha wealthy

Rasul what an anomaly income as long as

they don't tell you to disobey Allah and

that's any government you're under

whether it's a Muslim government whether

it's a Christian government like

inhibition were they having terrorist

organizations planning to assassinate

Najah she that kaffir that Trinitarian

kaffir no they went they spoke him I'm

Adam and I went there and said well they

say this and that about your religion

right when the prophets companions went

there and jabber spoke he didn't say

yeah you're a Catholic because you say

in a lot at ease with Siddhartha you say

didn't know he said here's what our

religion teaches he didn't attack his

religion he said here's what our

religion teaches and the Joshi had tears

coming down his eyes this is the hikma

our prophet never created any terrorist

organization he never had cells he never

had secret meetings at night his his his

home is completely transparent we even

know what was revealed in the house we

know the domestic disputes we know


we know about the honey we know about

zeyneb we know about half son open book

that's our prophet slice em he had

nothing to hide

nothing to be ashamed of and if you're

practicing his faith you have nothing to

hide and you have nothing to be ashamed

of and I'll just conclude by saying one

thing this OMA historically is the

single most extraordinary civilization

in human history no civilization has

record that this Ummah you have nothing

to be ashamed about of your father's

your ancestors but we should be ashamed

about how we represent them today the

people that build Taj Mahal if these

guys got to India they'd blow up Taj

Mahal because it's a tomb they'd blow up

Taj Mahal I would a bitter bitter miss

Allah Allah I feel cool Kody had was

tougher Allah de varela hamdullah

Oh sorrow to a ceremony rasul allah wa

ana adi woman wada alhamdulillah Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala

Yakub Rafiki tabi he in allaha wa ma

equatorial saloon at nav yahan ladina

amanu sallu aleihi were selling muchas


along a salli wa sallim wa barik alaa

say o muhammad we are very fortunate to

be in the Bay Area and that couldn't be

near me now this is a very educated

place and as you know you have neighbors

you have people that you work with at

your jobs they're buying large good

people this is a reality there this

civilization has been trying very hard

to overcome its historical sins of

racism they're trying they're not there

yet but they're trying there's a lot of

people trying Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

says well McKenna rabbuka Leo Hanukkah

reporter balloonman well Aloha mostly

Helen Allah will not destroy a people

for whom Bilbao he says it's ship here

if amongst them are people that are

trying to rectify and there's a lot of

people that try to do that that's

something that we have to recognize

about this culture but these people are

frightened they're scared of us

just like Muslims in the Muslim world

are scared of the Americans they are

they're scared of drones they're scared

of bombs and stripes they're scared the

Americans here they're afraid of us

because they have been brainwashed into

thinking this is a religion of hatred of

terrorism we have a responsibility we

have a responsible and enforcing when

events like this happen and Elohim what

happened but when events like what

happened in San Bernardino where it's

somebody who's been working for several

years at a place everybody knows him

even the Muslims say he didn't appear to

be radical and suddenly he goes

ballistic then people start thinking

maybe who damn you know he seems normal

but look at that guy down there you know

they're afraid and you have to recognize

that do you know so it's important for

us to be aware of the time we're living

in something the other day somebody was

at a place where Bill O'Reilly was

staying and Bill O'Reilly was having

dinner and there was a Muslim family in

a table next to him and they started

having a debate should we reach out to

him and just ask him to and some of them

said as a waste of time he won't do

anything oh man if it and some said no

we should do them so they got a desert

and they sent it over to his table just

as a gift and then he acknowledged him

the next day they saw him again and they

decide to approach him and one of them

sat and had a long conversation with him

about being a Muslim and how what Islam

is then after the San Bernardino

incident when he mentioned it he

mentioned this man beat at the table and

he said unfortunately this taints

millions of good law-abiding Americans

even people that have horrible track

records if it's ripe in the TV accent

listen to the words of Allah in fact in

the TV accent don't return a wrong with

another wrong that's true just that

we'll say yes and say you have to miss

it up women have a wild a hot fire ooh

lalala that's true

law says you can redress wrong with

justice which he called a Seiya it's not

a say yet but it looks like it because

it's harsh and it's intercom but he said

woman I thought while a federal law

right but people forget that they forget

all those verses in the Quran that tell

us and and what did our prophet do

that's his that's his Sunna you want to

follow the sin of the Prophet

reach out to your enemies because that's

what he did he sat with them when when

his wives mother came to Medina

she wouldn't sit with her because she

was a mushrik

she wouldn't sit with her and the verse

was revealed laying how come along

underneath in your cartoon 115 her own

family was fighting but this was a woman

who was a non-combatant she wasn't

fighting you and Allah said she's your

mother bring her in treat her with Bill

this is our religion its viability hacen

Thunder the very valid Abednego be no I

wouldn't I know what you mean then the

one with who you have animosity towards

suddenly he's like your best friend well

that they assume in roar Allah don't

despair of the grace of Allah because

the people that hate Islam most

according to the Prophet a shed núñez

Cara he attended Islam become the best

supporters of Islam that's a hadith so

don't think because they hate Islam

everybody's looking at death everybody's

looking at death one of the Rama's that

we had is the study of Iran that came

out that Harper Perennial published

hopefully many many Americans will buy

that and see an intelligent religion in

a beautiful scripture that calls people

to these high ideals the this is this is

these are these are great blessings in

the midst of the tribulation so not know

Vienna Bella my Lafayette like Imam and

Magette daddy said we're in the midst of

tribulation in the dunya but we have the

well-being of Allah alhamdulillah so may

Allah super Hannah Witton inshallah make


lighthouses that show people what what

true Islam is may Allah subhanAllah how

to elevate our community male

Isfahan without a restore our intellects

for those who have lost them you know la

super han wa tada put the plots of those

who plot against this religion may they

fall back on them may Allah super Hanna

without a protect us from their evil may

Allah guide those who are ignorant

amongst them who want good may Allah

guide them and those who know what Islam

is and yet are distorting it may Allah

deal with them as he deals with people

that are evil may Allah super Han Allah

Tala protect this country and and and

protect the Muslims in this country and

protect the people that we live amongst

may we be good neighbors to them may

Allah so behind without our protect our

women and give them courage in the face

of these calamities and protect our

children may allah subhanaw taala and

shall restore our brothers and sisters

in other places to better times

may Allah restore security to the Muslim

lands and and and and give them succour

and repose and help and may Allah give

us your pain in our hearts to know that

nothing will have flicked us except what

Allah has decreed for us Allah give us

the apenas even at best may Allah give

us the the sincerity of those early

people inshallah and may Allah forgive

all of us forgive this protect this

Masjid and all our muskets these places

of worship and protect the synagogues

and protect the churches and protect the

temples these are the things that we

were sent to protect as a community

kuntum hydromet inordinately nos Lyn

Nass you came out for all of humanity

may allow restore these truths to our

hearts and to our community in the logic

model but a duty with a son he commands

to justice and charity

yeah motivate I did with I sent away

attire either way in her and in fact one

monk up he prohibits founders and

dishonorable things yen handed fashion

monk well buddy and aggression and

oppression he forbids these things to

aggress against people may Allah realize

these truths in our hearts

yeah at the community come to the Quran

he is exhorting us that perhaps we might

be reminded ahora Cody hada was tougher

Allah do you reckon we're sorry no

missing me a pea masala