The Concept of Jihad in Islam

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Event Name: The Concept of Jihad in Islam
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After praising God and Praising The Prophet Muhammad and upon all his fellow prophets, he said I am NOT standing before you in order to defend and accuse. I haven't counted to defend and accused

but I've come instead to remind myself

and all of you about a great

responsibility and that is the

responsibility that the people of this

land hold because God has given them a

power and a capability that was not

given to prior people and because of

that whenever God gives people give they

are held account for those gifts or good

kathan is Kathy Ron mythically had his


Saadia happy la ilaha ila and the man

Yama who he learned of Hamidi he there

was a annamaria Vividh Bharati

they were hydrogen and he said that Stan

and it's difficult after he has seen

honza come and cause some pain to a

patient who are his people like a

physician causes pain when he puts a

needle in not to harm somebody but to

help somebody

well as we met with a TV show has

alimony on that is eroded empty in

the island one of his file and select he

decided he gender eliyahu water eyelet

automatic but a photo fill Ireland Allah

attacking yet Erica taboo I am an act

Nancy - Nancy what a serial rule in life

in Canada Halawa littered with the

problem but that the how one is a TT

Islander force in a fire limited in the

bush and what's happened this crisis

that we're seeing in the world today

that has become globalized is the

reality of crisis that is a result of

this world becoming divorced from a

spiritual connection with its Lord with

its creator and because of that you see

passionate reactions to events by human

beings that are in fact destroying the

ability for their intellect that were

given to them by God to function for the

reason that they were created a function

and so these passionate reactions that

occur from the cell in their reactionary

mode end up causing the intellect to

become servants of that which they were

created to rule over with the rebellion

and Anantha the drive with the term

military Philippine Legion definitive re

yeah for the one Italia the my afternoon

in my body I was the island

mr. Danaher these are easy fact reading

about in opposing him better than any

Apollo ha they were on the moon or

booster home so because of this

situation we have people that have

before them human history and instead of

using that human history as a way of

this discernment and taking lessons that

will help us to improve our world they

use history as a way of utilizing the

situation's of the past in order to

achieve the desire that their caprices

in the present I don't want to go here

Vania who that in time about the

definitely at the sabapathy Oh a bit

well yes Hama I want to define an

American it leads the people in whoa

what goes to the woman had the holistic

Adam in mmm day only let Daddy and you

go we must move kana will you see that

it'll upload a very nominal is fatigue

electronic well mr. Federman family in


new home will Italian for when my

brother Eli was having cafeteria table

of a rather nasty world and there is a

huge difference between people who use

principles and use history and use their

knowledge as a way of achieving the

desires of themselves and those who used

these things as a way of bettering

themselves of improving themselves as a

way of changing yourself well II had

regard America to Mary Beth Ann Marie

Buerkle hajima American was the woman an

American Fatima hematologist O'Donnell I

believe would say Arriba

li e JD of our academic and Latino high

data in Italian high a deity real

meaning and for that reason there are

two types of knowledge is one is a

knowledge that CERN and the other is a

knowledge that inducting serve the first

one the phenomena

that serve that is a servant of the

human being if that knowledge was the

human being users to help himself to

improve his condition to help the world

that he's living in well anyone was

doing what we live in young body and in

your hold an intern Laramie abuddin

Williamson hello and the ring will be

learn to turn it over to Hannah and the

knowledge that is served so there's one

knowledge that is serving it serve you

but the other you serve it and that is

the knowledge that helps you to

strengthen your spiritual bond with your

Lord with your Creator and any 101 and

the deeper ones hadn't had that freedom

on the world

well a commitment mcdoon who led some

errand I was hardly an artist Amalia

when hisagi got one and what you what

the Sharia when Sam and ma la yaani no

Vadim and Nevada and the theatre Hebrew

hadn't done you happy

so this first knowledge which serves

people is a knowledge that that has all

of the various elements to it that serve

the the situation of the condition that

people find themselves in and so it's

really a knowledge related to life to

the secular world to cars and planes and

bridges and these type things food

production and this knowledge that is

served is something that the people who

share the principle of Revelation like

the Abrahamic faiths they call this

enormous the knowledge of Revelation

they call it the knowledge of sacred law

like the Torah and the Sharia and then

the people who are secular monitor

don't believe in revelation they also

have a word for this knowledge they call

it ideals they call it principles they

call it those things that are held up as

standards for human behavior well he

balances at the end in Montana where

international annamund the human reality

Moosa was a living separate oh it's

ramen the one in pharma was under PG&E;

release Iraq in October multi-talented

Windham at the Apollo of Harvard Baraka

the reality the irony mentality humid in

Indian Leo healthy booby had a better

home at the William and you know people

and put on an Allen analytical tabata

yes Tallulah what a photo hiding in at

the end by only some water so all of the

religious traditions believed that these

this knowledge which is to be served is

a knowledge that those who adhere to it

are only considered true adherence to

their faith if they honor that knowledge

and recognize that that knowledge the

purpose of that knowledge is that it is

to be used by the adherent of the faith

as a way of elevating their station

before their creator as a way of drawing

themself near as a way of giving them a

knowledge that benefits them in their

relationship with their Lord and it

should never be used as a means of

achieving any worldly gain it is meant

to be used for the next world for the

other world and that is why anybody that

does use those then they end up

distorting the failure perverting the

faith and this is why the faith is needs

to be kept pure and that the principles

must be kept pure by the adherent in

recognizing that they should never be

used for selfish and we're usually in

fan detail a mean well they come at home

with salami

Allah yes I would insanity or death in a

carbon carbonyl carbon when 30 km/h like

in the Philomela tea garden Rama adenine

a divine acid water and nearly chelina

so no I would feel masala my eternal

love the deficiency anemia so this these

principles are universal principles that

are permanent in nature they cannot be

used to suit a particular situation that

you might be in so the principle of

teens which is a principle that

religious people for leaving this is not

in any way meant to be a peace that is

only to be used when piece suits you and

it should not be that you use war when

wore suits you but rather peace is the

permanently desired state and you will

do everything to maintain that state and

that is why in the religion that I

adhere to and that I was taught we

believe that the human being is meant to

live in a state of peace not just with

other human beings but with the very

earth that he walks on my lady I am sure

now let me Helena when Jesse do with our

problems that Emma our Quran teaches us

that the servants of the merciful the

servants of God are those who tread

lightly on the earth and when when

barbarous people speak to them they

reply to them peace well even in the

math Ian 30 was javelina body is the

mountain if you will at the ina Somalia

in a guy after him 1:01 to Suhani at the

animal proteins I asked him and the man

Courtney and I want design higher and he

usually puts money in a concern so we

are in a period of time that human

beings are in more need of a principle

than any other time and it is the

principle of balance because balance

creates the state of equilibrium and

tranquility in the heart and this is why

people should not remember themselves

and use these principles for those

things that suit them because it creates

this imbalance random and yet people in

Indiana it's that's a hold that for

magnetic periodic Alaska and Americana

there was not happy

ugly a person at the Abu Sayyaf Agra

forgiving leaf design was the illegal

element in robbing al Qaeda so whenever

people use this knowledge that they mean

to serve themselves and not to to be

served by an ant to help others and what

this does is it engenders a state of

consecutively m and it does not increase

the world in what the desired effect is

but in fact creates more trouble creates

more disturbance creates more data at

the cycle Librium

and results in the state of agitation in

air terminal where that amendment karate

tel aviv dystopia Hannah well judge

denied and in our artists I think he had

a violent and then if we look at all the

calamities that were following the world

that were doing right now and reflect

deeply on this and come to the

conclusion that behind every calamity is

the human animal episode and the fool in

karate who will in fact the end of war

had and the reason the

one of the proofs of this is that the

first creature to be harmed by the

calamities that occur is the human being

not the other innocent creatures

and that is because God is just well I

have an effect and galactica amalouna

told us a scenario that cool off Europa

are you doing that M&R; and is

probability half of a billion well being

that many Al Abdullah anyone mobility

eskimo media can that a cantaloupe least

a couple anything without beasts ammonia

well in the metatarsal Hagen remember

name's Anna rather and perspective an

unfortunate minima body Somalia and a

few young Amelia Island actually

embarrassed so if we look for instance

at the industrial revolution that

occurred this great event for the

premium European history if you look at

all the applications that resulted from

that part of the basis of that was the

fact that there were people who were

using principles as a way of serving

their own selfish desires and they were

using those things that other people

looked on as the most sacred of sacred

of things that should be used only for

the sacred and because they were using

them in such a profane way it led to

this massive disruption to this massive

trouble but an iconic happy and McCants

identity return Hibernia and that he had

been the holocrons becoming an island

waiter for the blooper j.r.r tolkien so

immediately authority over the mechanic

did I get for my darlin and I had a

conniption air in the air Sabu had

immunity Donna connection all your


in America the issue other relative an

and so for this reason when we look at

the industrial

in spite of the fact that human beings

have benefited so much from it we also

recognize that a great deal of harm came

from it and the reason for that is

because if you go back to the origin of

the event the origin of the event was an

exceptional situation in which that was

created out of a misuse of this

knowledge and because of that the

tournament's at the beginning has been

maintained throughout since that time

and so much of the disruption that we're

seeing in the world is actually rooted

in that event you had that when I'm on

Athenian hunt and I'm ashamed of getting

my bag you can I better ask Emily daddy

no daddy

the animal little man whoo get out of

hardwood and about unity and insanity

but it's a human in Savannah alumni and

I gotta believe in order the Shrew I'm

not putting on the my own insanity lazy

Buddha Allah shot car and I'll TiVo you

could even about the fulfilling Messiah

hopefulness that God the two-level fill

it teacher Lamar for a team and we do

omen karna had a secret

Ganoderma for the director alena elisha

was not in a genetic design they enact

magnums yesterday moon up in variety one

water under the you a hardy model inside

of a lemon Yamuna and illa mr. Marwood

and that he who are the go to inside

you'll shoot a bow in and the jacket

and so because of what occurred at the

beginning of this which was a

confrontation with these two years one

view being those who are using the

knowledge which was serving and divorce

themselves from villains who were using

the knowledge which was to be served

there was a split in these two

worldviews and because of that original

split all of the imbalance that we are

experiencing now is a result of this

split and this is why there is so much

destruction in the world because those

people that have been using this

powerful knowledge that was meant to

serve human being as a way of achieving

selfish goals and selfish purposes and

not using it to serve humanity they are

in a very serious confrontation with

those people that are attempting to

serve the knowledge that they were given

for throttle year so they're the crises

that is creating this massive dis

equilibria in the world between these

two forces where either heaven Tara who

knew the man yet aware of them own charm

of still Assyrian family the Navabi will

rule in the teeth of people who dr.

bubay nobility he will read or morality

for people who he was giving you my

opinion you Elena so the only way that

we can achieve once again an equilibrium

in the world is when those principles

that we are known understand and those

acknowledges that were meant to serve us

in the world which is in our human

conditions and those knowledge and that

were meant to increase us in a spiritual

connection in nearness to our Creator

where these two forces once of will come

together and are working hand in

that this is the only way that a

spiritual and social equilibrium can be

returned to the healing state he got the

Bourbon Oh terrible

there's a body in the teacher Miss

America because she didn't obey Natasha

talented logic in reality there is not a

conflict between the heavenly principles

that were given to us to help us on our

spiritual path and those monologist that

we're given to help us as a way of

bettering our human condition that

there's not a conflict between these two

forces that thing that itself evidence

and he can he get that I won during the

time when I heard that one I happened

but the real disciplinarian and

disturbance until the human being that's

in how he or she is working with these

two knowledge --is with these two forces

in the world and what they're using them

for that is where the real problem lies

the hand of Allah and then he will need

Athena's elephant jihad let's go in the

max map manioc with Mobutu hakama I mean

Quran until grown in the back to Anna

okay Quran and the videos for the lava

you are in the center when they are we

happy for my oh my well guru Donati

we had a curriculum and this is why I'm

not surprised

unfortunately by what simple-minded

people or devious people do when they

take to my tradition out of context

and they use it and they take something

out of its context neither mentioning

what was before or after and using all

of their power and their force that they

have in their medias and in their ways

of disseminating these things and they

put these things taken out of context

and they say here's Islam this is what

their soon

and it's that what is the card I believe

in a sign I think I might just add water

into the pocket they have in the

facility booty on the Lucille I'm not

saying I have a Lisa here when I told

her that I wished I had 39 and address

he said have in mind well me up go I'm

gonna marry she know if there are going

to be done then therefore it doesn't

surprise me at all all the problems that

emerge because of this and also the

obsession that these people have in

putting out this distorted disconnected

aspects of a holistic tradition to

people and giving them a distorted

picture of something and then you get

the results of that distortion because

at the root of all of this again is an

imbalance and because there's so much

imbalance environment engenders more in

balance and so we just increase in this

state of disequilibrium when he had that

lemon Rifa miracle no fool fun to share

some of that he then after them they're

lucky Hoonah it was definitely the

bigger he had karaman get a spectacle

commercially manner how are we for vini

were aluminum wanna poop Udine from

about America in the Messiah as a

champion of the common with the people

interact what we got minute canuckdive

just put a bigger so it also doesn't

surprise me when I heard some things

about what my emotion brother hundra

said on a major media that caused some

misunderstanding in me and

when I actually met him and what

happened when he said we spoke for three

hours in a taped interview and they took

three minutes from that three hours it

made perfect sense that they would be

able to take things out of context and

manipulate things and put them in a

frame that they desire

Gahan Lavina Saguna sure about hammer

the MIDI Bella who in the head I guess

you were turkeys occur I do that yeah

I'm really but you have that mr. diamond

other than they should have won that

Hummer then I was a little lean when I

do you know do different put on lighting

you stay home and I'll be more than

alcohol and this reminds me of a story

about the man who liked to drink wine

and somebody said to him that the reason

that wine it was prohibited is because

it has a deleterious effect on the

Internet in whorls

your thinking processes and you end up

doing things that you wouldn't have done


and the man said to him that doesn't I

don't find that in the Quran the Quran

in fact warns about praying it says wait

a minute any Waverley multi-beam loyal

to those who pray and the shape said

that's true but that's only half the

verbs the next half of it said and

lovino about himself and those who are

heedless about their prayers well either

cuneta columnar and kentucky infertility

huh and the value of Somalia was a new

one that is that they had happened to

man and liturgy I believe in fairness I

am he the rewarming large of it let's go

he got the columnar energy habit and you

read one network a limo a woman I'm

going around from anarchy to have the

law here in the ratio

I didn't as one so when we talk now

about a very misunderstood concept which

is jihad we need to talk about it in

relation to these two neurologists the

relation of the knowledge between the

human being and his Lord and that is the

knowledge that we serve and the relation

between the human being and the world he

lives in and that is the knowledge that

serve us that when we speak about jihad

I want to speak about it in relation to

these two directions well in the

mathematical unanimity regime permit and

economics 811 in academia the summary

demanded by this Tamara Mina manager

while in our video nor the Aunt Clara

Nevada the Madeleine was a llamar a

mammal of mine was hijacked and then a

hawk was one approver he's a man in a


Jamia mussolini now what I wanted mean

in energy hack and that is why after

this conclude translation about the

things that the previous speaker had

been talking about what kept coming to

my mind is in what dire need we are in

such dire need we are now of this

principle that my religion calls jihad

that what the world needs today is jihad

we had that lady food oh c'mon connect

to my medaka and an Islamic moved an the

animal a flammable human world when a

man looks old

and let the Howard when I thought I had

had you can I be honest here and now who

that remember if you had in or Judy

finish line point here again is not to


the acute my point really is not to

defend the religion of Islam because we

believe that it is a divine religion is

divinely ordained is the religion of God

and that is why I don't want to defend

it but what I want to do

is examine look at this principle that

we call jihad and how it relates to a

hater will shuttle more than anything

other buddy never wanted a forum window

the military where can a developer

contain in the manage it all and they're

headed higher Manhattan hockey human

female editor Shelley

laughing the body a lot of Harbison the

good and evil these concepts their

reality has been in the world since the

beginning and the conflict is an ancient

conflict that exists between these two

forces that exist in the world and one

of the abilities that the ancients had

was an ability to treat evil in a way

that removed its contacts without

removing the source of the harmful

effects it was a way of treating it that

we did not destroy the human being that

was perpetrating evil but rather we

contained the evil that was in that

person let's see the wedding when I've

got how that lion can you see honey with

our eyelashes in lavender by Al Farabi

the anatomist Ellison who shot the

unarmed about in the algebra of million

even for Melissa to have that I was the

armor oh man yes casually like a burner

to heat the anabaena now and especially

in he had a new Judy melon Mohammed

adamak having said yes the caveat that

goes with this is that unfortunately

there are times when a person has

capitulated to the evil within his soul

to such a degree whereas it no longer is

a conflictual element within himself but

rather evil has become the principle of


yes and these type of people it is

necessary not simply to remove their

harm but to remove the source of the

horror and this is a knowledge that

takes immense wisdom because it can be

misused and this is also absolutely

essential that it be understood in the

deepest way because in the religion that

I adhere to the most dangerous thing

that a human being can do for his own

soul is to kill another human being not

a laminate oh butter masala Hama story

he could even be Moroccan in last

movement alla to get clearance for the

develop of the Father help to develop a

little darted invested already had a lot

away and for this reason in our religion

every single wrong action than human

being can commit he has seen open to

repentance and to to a permanent except

for the taking of a human life this is

something in which even the earliest

companion different on is somebody who

kills another human being without just

one knowingly if that person able to

atone that their Lord and right and so

the fact that there was a difference of

opinion indicates how how dangerous the

matter is where the eminent a woodland

auntie or in a foster home a methodical

intelligent in a had been good yesterday

the coyote at the enemy the - nasty

Google her he with a hot shower oil and

a struggle it is the final tournament

since he had finished a man in a nasty

littoral world aha Allah P after will

not be ready for her here and I wonder

that the reason why this is extremely

important also is because the nature of

life on the earth is competition that

human beings have always had

conflictual elements amongst themselves

and that we find that these Confucian

alarmers emerging all aspects of life

even in the domestic the economic the

intellectual all of these different

fields of human endeavor we find this

push and shove that exists between human

being and because of that the it's most

dangerous manifestation America when

people actually begin to fight when it

breaks down to the point where they're

using physical violence against each

other and so this is part of the human

condition and that's why it's so


well sure herbal people talk to him you

can eat or not eat the fire will be here


the beginning of the surah Gaddafi was

going to be marking him a bad day that

he only no one ever had Wahaha superb at

appear in miniature are the mattify

honey they might have a mother and the

math the only nurse

dilemma absolute the demoniacal yeah

bubble the chameleon and a variety I

will never be I will return at the

oldest agraja a latina shot the

Egyptology Department in Hiawatha

basically and one of the dangerous

aspects also of this matter is that when

human beings have looked at the world

that they live in and look at other

peoples and what's happening with other

people they don't look from the

understanding or the circumstances of

the conditions of the other people but

they ultimately look from their own

circumstances from their own conditions

and so their judgment on other people is

really in their own experience of life

which is very different from the

experience of those other people and so

this leads to further misunderstanding

you have national

and we're after dark or even through

between Allen here Latifah Boomer

Esiason television importantly the

Angeline Sala here in children are

willing and available to collect kata

guruma in them and for this reason the

most the most insidious types of human

conflict that occurred by human

conflicts that were a result of ethnic

diversity the result of ethnic

differences the reason that they're

particularly evil is because they're

about people that are looking at each

other and having no understanding of

each other it's one person looking at

another person and he's completely

divorced from the reality of that person

and has no knowledge of that person

and what type of conditions or

situations that they were in and so the

concept that arises out of these time

have a particular horrific quality

really has been Bashar an approval of

Illuminati my bad list and hostilities

for not welcome enema bag obvious

conclude that the Adonis Paleolithic era

had been available easy and the next

most terrific in these type of things

are wars that have no connection with

any celestial principle but there are

rather simply wars of expansion wars of

exploitation wars of subjugation and

these are the type of war that occurred

in leaders like Stalin who was mentioned

in previous lecture that this type of

law is also another horrific aspect

because it's based on greed on human

desire manic our ability Katya

still nagging Allah no any minute the

horatio career

Leamas also didn't about in Somalia

and the next types of wars that are so

terrible are those that have some

foundation in sound principles but those

sound principles are being used not

enough themselves but rather as a means

to selfish ends so this is the next in

triage of insidious Wars the third one

would be those wars that are fought as

using celestial principles as their as

their foundation and as their

justification but in fact the real

objective is divorced from those very

principles that are being manipulated

yeah Nina I was holding ten authorities

who are the schematic I would marry

follow him and I will hold him and shake

him could we have to get him to Iraq

here Natalya how are you done but really

if we look at the wars that are

currently going on today

they're not even in any of these realms

they're basically Wars based on purely

human desire human passion human Caprice

so there are there Wars that are desired

that the desire and the average of the

human being because he wants something

for himself that this is really the goal

in what happened now that people are

simply fighting for their own personal

desire that wins and they have no real

justification when I ever thought he had

and I might have the only internal he

says he epinasty he was feeling verbally

he'd mythology huh hey diarrhea velu

Judi and the fan and a million lire

caramel and on 9/11 is a NASA

and I need oil and this is where we

arrive at the principle of jihad because

what we are talking about really is a

human being that recognizes these forces

in himself and in need of constraint for

these forces so that he does not become

a vehicle of pure selfish desire and

intent and and forces himself upon the

world with those selfish desires and

intent being the driving force behind

him but rather that he begins to

recognize that he has to conform to

these principles that he had to change

within himself and why did you have in


he had to take the middle if he hadn't

she had in the corner any time of dunya

soo-ji so bigger he an emoji minister

who he that also little autumn I didn't

like that

eleven a and so for this reason in our

tradition this jihad which is changing

the soul the condition of the soul and

the desires of the soul we call this the

greater for the greatest jihad because

it is upon is jihad that all other


are based that the human being must

overcome these selfish desires within

himself so that he does not become a

victim of his own self and begin to

perpetrate crimes against others because

of his selfish desires when the

unmasking feei electricity and in Fanny

I feel to our guy but that so in are

subhan allah wa alhamdulillah he had the

urban favela canada metal honking and I

myself an engine a banana and nanokarrin

FC has component and jacket yet are

several he disabled in can Yeti latina

she did the problem he had

Lukas who like the piracy profile in

jail when America Lima preferred the and

man haha either horizontally potentially

happen for diga diga we develop it

internally the Amana album of jihad tell

him at the hockey and the photon in jail

for this reason when the prophet

sallallaahu from was asked what is the

greatest jihad he said the greatest

jihad the most momentous jihad the the

one of greatest reward with God is to

speak the truth in the presence of

unjust rule is to speak the truth in the

presence of tyranny and the reason that

he said that is because these reactions

that human beings had when everybody is

in this reaction where in Berlin and the

selfish reactions of the human being are

leading to all of these problems what is

the most needed is to bring people back

to the truth and so when a human beings

stand before an injustice that he sees

that has power and authority and he

speaks the truth if actually emanates

from his heart the map shoe penetrates

the heart of the one who he's speaking

to where your food you have read enacted

law and the homophobia mentally methane

and June when James and Jude but little

father when jenk

into our immensity back for this reason

according to our linguist the work you

have is taken from a root word that has

two different sources one of them is

good and the other is dead

giveth is to expand ones it's total

exertion it's the exertion or going to

the furthest of one's to pass

to understand something and then this

the second one jenna is to completely

exhaust oneself in that effort so the

the one is recognizing that one has to

exert everything that one has in order

to arrive at something and the other is

not to stop short from that in other

words don't you set the standard but it

only can occur once one is exhausted all


Baga the m-19 fana say blue blue with

him and next day after you will see the

wi newsela who in elevated boomer boomer

had a certain jab in october and now say

i come to the diary command in German

cameraman Aniston Jennifer Aniston from

a very healing Yehia

well Jenna thought the onion garlic and

seppuku Nabu and I'm a beauty that is

able to look say u gamma minus t human

gia when an availability would be

hugging each other apart and so because

of this these two aspects of it one is

exerting one effort in order to achieve

the goal and the other is the complete

expenditure of all of one's energy in

that endeavor that this the reason that

this is is necessary is because there

are two aspects of that you have won the

jihad is happening internally and that

is in changing one's own resistance to

the truth inside oneself and the other

is confronting that those forces in the

world which are also resistant

truth so these are the two and so that

on the one hand there's this exertion

and on the other hand the Condit the

resistance to it there's there's an

expenditure of immense energy in that


I wish I had a lemon and then in Sinai a

parabolic learning at the scene

well actually learned to kind of hold I

am about to learn and you and generate a

beautiful earth and then I everybody

infernal Judah

well I'm mobility gooniac IATA

Mahakala like an ambulance on a further

learning before hacking that when I can

actually learn to pan over to either way

God and baby human hula the hardy huh

giggle karbala because you have and

because at the root of this is not

selfish desire but the root of true

jihad is it wanted experiment energy for

the sake of God that it's being done not

for the sake of the soul for selfish

reasons but rather as a way of bringing

about good for the sake of God of

recognizing that you're viewing this for

you're doing this for God and you're

also doing this as a way of bringing

that goodness to those around you and so

that this exhaustion is not an

exhaustion of the self it's an empty of

myself the exhaustion that occurs occurs

because the self has being empty

in order for something else to happen

which is that it is done solely for the

sake of God but that's when Olivia

interfere over him in Sangamon Derek

this on

lieth allah will be happy he'll hyah

when I met Elizabeth hi Anton offer

valid Erica saw John Allen fan and

hamana hamana hamana animal indigenous

America who would get a hierarchy he had

a petunia weatherman tomorrow to Quran

Allah and regard annuity yo extraneous


oh but we gonna go in that Ahana in

media and I feel totally Haditha and so

for this reason because the person

that's exerting his energy is not

expecting the fruits of that exertion

while he's in the world so for that

reason they're not selfish because the

self I'm related to this world what he's

doing or she's doing is exposing this

energy for the contentment of the Lord

so that when they move to the next stage

of our existence in his next world they

can say indeed the time that I carried

in the earth was a time of service to

the people of the earth and and to the

earth for your sake when he had that

she's a Latina ethical emunah the

healthy environment knows about the

hotel where Luna and hunger them from

the law where I live you earn yourself a

little bit and where Islam the Messiah

and Jamie laughs it's a gentleman or

build Authority and I'm a mogul at the

bottom in the cameras all in line for

the laura-leigh you are an offender he

has been Jasmina Alastair Barney we're

honest about what we wanted a moment the

enemy another one a congenital disorder

one area who whenever the bleedin

the automatic camera lady just ruin an

infant machine is every day another who

are mean Nativity my approval in

phenomenal myth are they are gamma nada

I was in shady body so he said for that

reason he feels he's very troubled and

disturbed by the some of the media that

has talked about these pleasures that

the mujahidin suppose can receive at the

awaiting him in the next world

because he said that what what we

understand about this is so much faster

than that it's a belittling of what the

real meaning of this exertion of one

for the sake of God is about and that is

why it's it's a much more profound truth

and and when when anything is spoken of

about the lights in the next world

they're spoken about in the context of

people who have given up so much in this

world to serve the world

for the goodness of the world and things

that they do not see the benefits of

while they're in the world am I sure

that the general of the article can hear

the shuffle of ecological mana the

general general is far he had a

September and the monopolization the net

worth in Jalan however cool and you can

remember eager and good matter how Allah

T it sparked in me Ryan I could learn

how aligned and focused upon Eden

Robin she has become an ocean MacArthur

API we live in him father the crockery

and leather cool look how many and I

will show you an amendment now I will

show you on Simon get down to implicitly

the toll of it is one in that a little

while we have it the kind of how

permanent you have in there so he said

for this reason he was very moved by the

response that people in this country had

to the to the firefighters

a family was a little bit emotionally

affected by what is being said because

it's a very serious and emotional

subject for all of us so his request

that I finished and I was trying my best

but I'm also obviously affected by this

as well but I will try to be a happy

therapy Bernadette Mandy had the jowl

shark Enrica the Jaya Jaya

the father and let in Arabic I acted in

the north the bounnam available in the

masseuse that kalyanaraman will be under

having in the human family forever Ohio

homeland motive immortality in gadamer

Newton oh my uncle in god oh god I think

al Qaeda that the Catholics have had the

ashram September he said that on the

event of what has happened that is well

known when these firefighters were going

and trying with a very virtuous and high

lofty goal that they had of saving

people's lives and putting out the fire

and so forth that they the things that

they that were that they were expecting

to receive or nothing was expected to be

received from that of this material

world they weren't expecting to receive

any material thing from this world while

they were doing that

gelareh with Sabine was out of an abyss

the gentleman who you know why you have

this deep feeling and emotional feeling

for these people in the Internet is a

great thing that they have done it you

know why you have that feeling in your

heart and I'm good about my Emily :

- we do anymore God didn't see how to

get higher you know what it is it is the

very fact that they

gave up or they sacrifice the most

valuable thing in this life in the

person's own life they sacrificed that

for no material gain or no personal gain

in this life they sacrifice themselves

for the higher morale or what was what

they were doing in that effort and from

Delta Alpha home Academy dr. Wooten

at namaha well at it as a boar mimic an

Adama can kiss back well up

al-qaeda who cometh again so no one

feels any type of emotion toward a

person for instance who is working in

doing drug dealing and so forth if for

instance he's shipping a shipment of

drugs and so forth and he ended up dying

in that in that cause he ended up losing

his life in that cause no one feels

emotionally affected in that state he

said belvane for two reasons

yep your popular innocent I'm a mother

via pin arm of the entire man worked on

because the first reason of the two

reasons is that this person was not

thinking in his mind of some high and

lofty principles something that was of

noble or honorable he had not thought

about this when he was in this activity

next to him and I didn't hire in the

moment as a teacher he was not he was

not thinking about the advancement of

good or the rectification of what was

around him he was only thinking in

principles of evil or or to spread evil

except abuse an animal can I impose a

villain mohammed al Maleh let me say AG

demented even Mohinder ah and the second

cause is also that he was looking for

material gain and material benefit he

was looking for some type of wealth or

some type of money that he was going

gain out of this interaction that he was

involving himself with Malaysia had a

health back of it as fat the hawala mila

kunis yes Alicia and Moomin allahu

khairan AVOD he in God a Bible who are

my opinion so they removed our banana

dunya Wien and the who not ok own so for

this reason you have the exact opposite

situation with those who are doing the

work of the firefighting power the work

that they were doing is that number one

they were thinking of high goals and

high principles of saving people and

helping the situation and making it

better and the second was is that the

second one and that they were not giving

anything or they would not be given

anything in the return because they knew

or almost with the certainty that they

could lose their lives

so they were not looking for some type

of material gain or benefit well ha ha

hoo I'm a pool without the image you

have you to dinner and now this is the

true and correct understanding of jihad

with the Muslims as you have internet

more down to the volatility jihad in our

for us is DTR defending I on without to

the balcony did have restraining or

pushing back falsehood in giving victory

to what is right for our existing or

aiding what is right

Ruben's Buffy with a correct methodology

or way when he looks little and

for a correct and proper reason ha muji

daddy cabina fairness Delta elugu daddy

this all available on Atlantic

island the proper and the proper

intention of goal is that this should

not be for the lower self or for the ego

or for self selfish purposes but rather

it should be only for the seeking of the

pleasure of God and for his sake and for

a pile of immoral

neither vehicle mudsill and the melissa

is my father that was of allah alayhi

wasallam na minha hidden you gelato p

severely La Jolla well of another demon

you mr. Venus a medical element well

women you geography Sevilla in Russia I

almond Bahamas

welcome o Allah don't need any worries

in domestic and so long after a near

Pune P high school my father welcomed in

college one along on the final lap life

somebody has an inner electron and we

forgot little otherwise dollar so

there's no way that one when looking at

this concept of jihad

there's no ways that you can combine

between seeking the pleasure of God and

doing it solely for the sake of God and

its high lofty moral and personal

benefit personal gain or selfishness

there's no way to combine between the

two types of understanding it can only

only he emphasized only be for the sake

of God and for his pleasure and for this

high lofty moral polyphony in dunya and

what was meant by personal gain or

anything are the things of this world

things at this level of the existence

well it has a little mommy than my god a

melody you drop the dunya

hey yeah he said he did that say I see

on Indiana a hundred jitter of Lihue for

music got up man duty happy to be in

that when I cuz I was cool on some D

Helen and her dad well mom will be man

in geography city and so for this reason

we find that the Prophet Muhammad peace

be upon him in a prophetic tradition

said and whoever is harmed in the way of

God was physically harmed or wounded in

the way of God and then he

pay careful attention to the statement

of the purpose of article in here when

he said and God knows best

God knows best who is wounded or who is

hurt in his way the pool of the gardener

in Malaga mahan talented women hi Athena

either astonishment is Roman decree

impurity I will come the I es una

campaña the amethyst Aladin la Ilona has

a desire and a happy result and buratino

Portugal ballerina and levena Carla

tomorrow know what Rebecca Chadwick when

hid in garden lady who had an

appointment and we're at the power and

unfailing young body

if I can today than that man Ishmael is

do I would lie at the Hamlin and yes you

dopey item from inhaler hillbilly Doug

Liman Carla demo even in garden giverny

the gamma cannon hail mechanically

severely Dalek and father don't wanna

hire them so for this reason even if

somebody doesn't hold it as a principle

in their own life when they see others

that extend themselves and actually lose

their life or are wounded or burn in an

attempt to save other people's lives or

to to help other people that sacrifice

despite the fact whether one one person

believes it or not he field within

himself some type of a very profound

respect and honor that he holds that

person in because he recognized that

there's something very profound about

what's occurring but from the larvae a

hue analyst in them but regularly

evacuated Madonna hidden man well when

do you got to do this knickers

eight-year of the cigar the sugar work

vertically Yugoslavia fell in Korea are

you happy sadena death together from

imam ali you an innocent man die

eternally takuna Kalimantan Bahia so the

prophet sawas room was was asked by a


there are those who struggle and fight

as a way of achieving ability or some

worldly gain there are those who do so

in order to be seen as brave or be seen

as a warrior and there are some who do


in desire some type of position or they

do it as a way of showing off and then

he's with there are those who do it at

because they have some type of false

patriotism just believing that they

should fight for their people for their


irrespective of whether they're right or

wrong and so he was an which of man is

really struggling for the sake of God

jihad and the provost on the lightest

said I'm replied the one who his efforts

are expended in order that the divine

principle is paramount

overall principles that is the one who

is struggling for the sake of God in

other words none of those three were

fighting for God none of those three

were doing what is called jihad in Islam

he then announced that even a jelenia

home what you have to follow good

Hawaiian and airman the American opted

entail hello

Italia shall eternally okona are you

saying in Telugu demon a new dancer

alison Sagarika ji hoddan and the

opponent's move in Sofia and so there

are two conditions here one of them is

that the person a human is struggling

his goal has to be that he wants to

cultivate the earth with goodness that

he wants goodness to spread in the earth

that this is absolutely essential for

that person to have that intention when

they're struggling and his second

condition and then the second condition

is it has to be within the constraints

that were given or the guidelines that

were given in order for a person to

exert any force in the world

and that this does not hit me concerned

conflictual physical force but all types

of endeavor or exertion of human effort

in the world in order for it to be

considered to fall under the category of

sacred struggle jihad it has to be for

with these two conditions felony Katya

necrophilia and me Cathy idea bio Jackie

doesn't an aftershock willow has that

theme answer me the jihad and the

Leviathan Waseda later mmm sorry

there's usually an affiliate empathy and

for this reason in our religion it is

completely prohibited any concept of the

means is justified by the end that is

being sought in other words that I can

arrive at a mobile end by using the

various means that this is a completely

alien philosophy to the tradition of the

song that would anybody exerts their

effort it has to be Noble means in order

to achieve noble goal he hasn't eaten

and I shouldn't be following to be happy

but I wasn't here to be sad couldn't

energy do Andalusia he Dean and young


one metallic lemony yellow chemical

Veronica said well yeah no in carne

asada dunya and then the voice of Fatiha

locking down layer with Abaddon cool a

day happy forget innovative and for this

reason that we find within our own

historical tradition that we learn and

teach that the when people were

struggling for the sake of God in all of

these various ways which includes the

most difficult form which is actual

physical struggle in combat that there

were many occasions in the history of

Islam in which the goal that was

intended could have been achieved


in treacherous but because the people

that were struggling with these

principles refuse to use any means that

were unacceptable in their tradition

they did not achieve the goals that they

could have achieved had they broke in

contracts had they betrayed trust had

they nullified treaties all of these

types of situations could have been used

if they said well our goal is so noble

we can use ignoble needs to achieve it

but because they didn't and we have much

historical evidence in our tradition of

this that was because of this

understanding that they had moral

constraints preventing them from doing

anything that would have been able then

to use those means the government also

ruled by the feel of wooden houses

heavily very young tonight I'm rolling

up the Sahara here the an that rocked

Oklahoma and yes Louie De La Hoya Center

here at the Perry gotten very Nabila who

are now on the mean and she had enough

yeah I do whenever he uncouth aha I'm

one of the definition either opposition

when I was at the helm of the photo back

a karma homologue and the mythology

hiding in Mojave area near halona

apparently happy and this is why we

believe that those earlier people when

they fought and historians marvel at

their victories we believe that at the

root of their victories was the fact

that they were not using these means

that God did not sanction and because we

believe that if a human being

uses those means if he has a journey and

he wants to shorten the journey by a way

that is not permitted for him to do that

that heat that God will prevent him from

reaching his goal even if the goal is a

noble goal and that is why that they

they were given a victory in these

endeavors is because they did have these

principles behind them in many instances

you have that Amazonia I thought I 15

and that each other

see the dementia deep kinda move acaba

and the vias Tahoe t guitar Dyneema

Peter who and Bolivia home and

ultimately PGA alia the LA and lip lock

the Marauder like in the philosophy know

that planets in Ibiza dr. Bashar be the

netcode well that's all a mechanic

pyramid in estate photography well I

look at it and this is why we have in

our own tradition salahuddin which is

called saluting an AUV the famous Muslim

ruler from that I Ruben who conquered

Jerusalem when he was fighting Richard

the lion-hearted there was a point when

his information came that Richard the

Lionheart was sick and one of the things

that salahuddin had done in his studies

was mastered the medicine of his age and

at that point in danger to his own life

he actually went and met with Richard

the Lionheart to treat him as a

physician and so he said that when he

did that that that what he was doing was

representing the the noble the noble

tradition he had he been Machiavelli and

on had he been wanting to use any means

to achieve his goal and he would have

been happy that his enemy was sick and

hoped that he died but that was not in

the nature of that person and so he

actually went to help that person had

that many panthan Hayami and a--they

fever cough it up a theater nothing too

heavy he got it I think you had a nice

to be inside addict

ya know young man and I heard that


he I'll allow you would be are doing

wrong and he gonna be nested when I can

get you go through other woman I didn't

die not still kind of played fulsome you

know what is charitable effort knocking

oh yeah Alan and Miriam we're in a debt

he he I don't know then it was Olivia

well oh I imagine a on mouselina that

about usual

oh my god and so for this reason this

story is not for us amen

this story is not something that people

made up this is a actual methodology

that was being implemented which is a

prophetic methodology because what he

said was had Richard had salahuddin

wanted this man to die what he was

desiring was vengeance in his own heart

which is prohibited but he did not want

that he was struggling for the sake of

God not for the sake of himself and for

that reason when that person became sick

his state change from a competent to a

human being that that needed help and so

he said he said that what at that point

he moved to another principle which is

that there is a reward in treating any

human being whether they're Muslim or

not Muslim and so he acted on that

principle and that's why this that what

you did was in accordance with what we

understand that this this means the

tradition this is not anomalous this is

actually representative of what the

tradition is and that let me echo um

though there is enough of an innocent

well I mean next day we had the MS

Ellison behind our economy photo and

another on you know what I mean until

and the initial Hades in we do it and

the reason for this is that this was a

lawyer who was not fighting with his own

strength he was not fighting believing

that it was he who was going to be

victorious nor was he fighting for the

sake of his own victory but rather he

was fighting knowing that the outcome

was to God that it was God who gave

people victory in this world and it was

God who caused people to lose in this

world not one's own abilities and

efforts and also he was not destructive

for himself but rather for the sake of

God and because this was the background

in the basis of his actions this is why

what was reflected in his behavior was

as high as principal oh yeah I really

had a hard time sort of a long time that

you had because he also knew that had he

been doing this for his own sake that he

would not be given victory from God

because God would not allow that to


he had anything for that reason we

believe that that is why he was given

victory is because he was the embodiment

of the highest moral principles

and if he can Yankee unfaithful when he

been invested in Sammy a telomere

Coulomb soft love of Allah he longed to

jihad the next fella in the bathroom and

didn't last and now in the holiday film

Exodus and then thirty Markkula mercy

she en el Adina Jo middle college Jo the

Isthmus forgiving Athena

like in the how the medical community to

here now elevate to the Methodist violet

an economic woman ah oh yeah

I love amiable LM obedient and for this

reason that when he was finally given

victory and came into this city he did

not have you been fighting for himself

had he been fighting from these selfish

reasons when he came in he would have

humiliated the people that he's been

given victory over and he would have

done the things that people at that time

would have naturally done when they were

given victory but instead when he came

into that city not only did he not

harmed those people but who actually

honored the people treated them with the

highest respect commanded all of his

soldiers not to harm any church not to

break any crosses

even though the Crusaders who have come

and occupied that territory that was

under the Muslim control they have done

a horrific thing but he did not go in

for vengeance of what they've done in

the past but went in for the sake of God

and because of that he adhere to the

constraints and struggled against his

own self suppressing those natural human

urges for vengeance Khedira by the

community men horrible he had from the

terrible mimic our sanitation assha they

also democra the Bible a teenager own at

the measured horrible Antigone in the

Levine dr. Norman and Co far too much

Catholic Ireland sadita Ali oh my own

momentum on the patella he resumed move

up or that other Liliana yoga and so for

this reason that the promise of our

incident when he came after 23 years of

opposition from the people of Mecca who

had fought him opposed him harmed him

and done all of these things after 23

years when he came with at the head of a

victorious army and some of his

followers as they were entering into the

city they suddenly felt like now they

were going to get back some of what they

had been dented in and somebody made the

remark today's today is going to be a

day of Muhammad which in Arabic is like

a day of slaughter and the Prophet

Muhammad when he heard him say that so

Allah said and he looked at him and said

today is not a day of slaughter today is

a day of compassion and mercy God I had

this Karami huh Mugen mccannon say if

there was any book what he had become a

high Bolivian at the car

i'm alejandra just forgot Allah Muhammad

was the part would rain whether a

bonfire was a melody name was a popular

well he had a Mecca

hunga hunga hunga I'm gonna be following

you on who is in it he was entering into

this city and there were two people in

that city one of them had killed one of

the most beloved people to him who was

his uncle and he had actually chopped

off his nose and his ears mutilating him

on the battlefield in humiliation and

there was another person who had paid

him to do that but actually cut open his

body and took out his liver and bit in

it and shoot it and spit it out as an

act of contempt for this man and these

two people were in that city when the

Prophet Mohammed salat is them was

entering in with his army man had and

now have thank you my love and we'll get

some more languages we'll see how would

I thought I had to have any such thing

and then each I had against a lady on

the other schooled in that well I just

go with that and I'm a good villain and

the father but whatever was the Garmon

topic amino acid in Muslim and I feel

after I talk about like in the movie the

director Tomas

is Rambabu mother and so for this reason

when he came into the city there has

been four people who had done a

particularly horrific crimes against

Muslims in their persecution and torture

and killing people and those people he

put on abyss of capital that they would

be punished with capital punishment but

from those people was not those two

people who had actually Massacre and

have mutilated the body of his uncle and

he said that this is the day of mercy

when you came into that city those two

people when they saw the state of this


and forgiveness of his show that his

people they came and they embraced his

religion and when they did that he

actually sat with them and took them

into Islam and they are now considered

to be a companions of the prophet Elijah

known as Abba and they're honored by all

Muslims and he said that that these two

these two people that the public

Alliance one of the fact that he

embraced these two people is testimony

to to this mercy that he showed these

people way that kind of had that Emily

and Nephi my own skin anyway after I had

the Jumeirah school if you had this aura

and by the Allah and the horn actor

apathy you have undergone what he had

that left Hamill and jihad who had that

from the bar Philly liquor for Eva I

will inherit you Madeline episode would

room him liable possibly burn in her

late twenties government could come in

led you in her a little able to sleep

well I can't develop an Allen higher

animal human had Gd Nina and she had

laid a little Google button machine

idiotic what happened the definite

article machine when I was little I

never Google so for this reason at the

root of all of this again is that jihad

is in our understanding it is to

remember Harlem it is to remove those

things which harm in the society and

this is not in order to punish others if

that is the intention it is not you have

the the the point of it is to remove

aggression from somebody so what is

being fought is the the harm that is

coming from that person not the actual

person themselves it is simply the harm

and that is why the people are not

then we have no difficulty or problem

envisioned in conviviality with those

people but it is when there's an element

of farm there that jihad one of the

types of jihad is to repel that honor

and to stop that aggression and then the

shape said and if this is our

understanding as I presented it to you

of combative jihad then because of the

element that is very distasteful to

people in any type of violence and it's

an attempt to elevate this this aspect

of the human being and it should be

understood that the other aspects of

jihad are have even higher and more

exalted principles and understandings

you have an affinity omeka Ireland some

of you had that canal a short reminder

coordinated corn early that you had not

manic tidal energy had if you lived

aside and so we bail him up for the man

who was that Lester I'm gonna see they

don't humanity will pass at the medical

Island but I didn't she had a siesta

they wound me well about the morality of

agent Henry Phil island with were

scientist fatiah math ability she had

she had me in the room acidity via the

thought of the idea in at the table when

I came home with an ensign shut up in

the women in our seal elected Martinez

Hanukkah Netaji had he's really shown in

an antenna not argue that she had EBU

Tina the personal care deity after that

ena and with her suffer - everybody

being opposed here is valium in a cosmic

faith who know how to hit my Mahina

sorry to come in an hour

nothing when I retired you could eat the

third key language I had at the Embassy

so for that reason I returned to my

first premise and that was that we are

in diary that you had today in the world

and I would put in those categories

economic jihad we need to remove the

that economics is having on human beings

that there's elements now within

economics because economics is now

serving selfish interest and not serving

a human being and the the store are

consuming the weak the rich get richer

and the poor get poorer and then the

weak because they're in that situation

began to have contempt and hatred for

the rich and and so again we go back to

that imbalance we need a jihad in our

politics in see a second that the the

point of politics is in order for human

beings to have social order and justice

and when there's harm that begins to

come from the political systems

themselves then there has to be that

those homes have to be stopped and it's

early Apple II that Martha and the corn

header society the economy Akram our

goal should never be to achieve power

that in the world if the goal is I want

to be the ruler and that's my jihad is

to remove the present rulers then there

is a misunderstanding the goal should be

to rectify those who are in power to see

them and who are now causing harm to be

brought back to the truth and to be

helping people in utilizing their

positions of authority in ways that

benefit human being we are an ADEA Ghul

and I believe in Islam it is hardly able

with an embellishment I needed happy

when I heard when they enacted by never

and this is why Imams are always used to

say a famous Egyptian scholar he said

anyone who tells you I watch a rule in

the name of this around he is a liar

because he said that the point is not to

rule in the name of Islam but the point

is to be

interpreter constraint and actually be

ruled by principles of justice and truth

and goodness that that that is what you

should want not to rule others but that

yourself is ruled by those principles

that you would like to see in others and

he said we are also in need of a jihad

and knowledge that the knowledge is now

that human beings have arrived that are

not being used to the best benefits of

human beings but actually much harm is

coming from those knowledge --is and so

we have scientists out there that are

using their knowledge to develop and I

wanted just to add one example to bring

this home the in during the Vietnam War

and one of the things that one of the

things that we did and I say we need

America we used a chemical weapon called

napalm and so what the Vietnamese and

the Viet Cong needs to do in the

villages because of all of the civilian

we're actually haunted by this bond when

they caught and as euphemistic term

collateral damage

they built pools of water and they used

to have in the villages pools of water

so that if the village got hit by napalm

they could take the women and children

and put them in those Helene and so some

very clever American scientists

developed a type of napalm that was not

affected by water so that when the

person went into the water it still kept

eating their flesh and I'm sure they

were probably very nice people that

maybe lived up in the suburbs or

something or Los Altos went to church on

Sunday and probably felt good about

their work but this is the type of youth

that our knowledge is that have been

given to help people end up being used


all people and so we need we've got

people genetically modified foods that

they don't really know what they're in

all these things so that you have that

you find out knowledge is gonna be

hotter that will remove that harm from

the knowledge and then he said we also

need a jihad in our houses so that our

families are protected that domestic

harm is protected that children are not

harmed in their houses that women are

not harmed in their homes that our

children are being protected from the

harmful influences in society and that

they're being raised with with proper

principle and ideal that will make them

beneficial citizen and then we get back

to the real source of all of it what we

really need at the root of all of this

in the jihad against our own individual

souls that each one of us has to commit

to struggling against their own worst

impulses in themselves I feel for what

in that land

when my opponent and Athena could

actually have ten tiny affinity huh

without your knowledge

Leviathan earlier and what you will see

the solidus tyrannically under this new

morality I gotta a lot understand so the

point is is that we don't live for

pleasure that our lives should not be

just pleasure principle that is

motivating us so that everything we do

is somehow to give us personal trainers

but rather we use instead of making

pleasure a goal in and of itself we use

pleasure in this world as a means to

giving us the ability to sustain our

struggle in the world for the highest

principle of human beings

this people they repair asking that God

show all of us the truth and give us the

ability to follow the truth and to show

us what is false and give us the ability

to avoid what is false and the ask that

we hope that all of the hearts are given

life and given guidance in their hearts

and above her faith and what if you