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Event Name: United we Stand: One Destiny
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sheikh hamza will be speaking on united

we stand when destiny was sought to a

serum i know her husband very well so

don't he's a friend of mine him was

sorta to a cinema received in o Muhammad

he was happy was Adam Testament Kiera

what I heard our our in the Holly

darling a hundred the the problem with

being at the end of a long day is that

people one are tired because there's

been a lot of speechifying and talking

and so the mind begins to wander people

are thinking about dinner and other

things but this is my fate today is to

be here and I want to say a lot of

what's been said were thoughts that were

in my mind so people articulated a lot

of my own feelings certainly dr. Jackson

and thought of Carol Milan also dr.

Ramadan's points about standing up for

truth and recognizing that the

us-and-them dichotomy is what can be

referred to as a false dichotomy to put

you into these us in them categories and

say oh we have to be either you're with

us or you're against us there are other

options on the table so I was asked to

talk about where are we going which is

one of my favorite questions because

it's a Quranic question for Anna Todd

have wound it's also a Christian

question Quo Vadis where are you going

it's something we all have to think

about obviously that question can be

thought about on a lot of different

levels it can be thought about on a

metaphysical level where then are you

going as a creature that is both

spiritual and material that has a soul

but also has a body if you ask it on a

metaphysical level the Quranic the

Quranic determination the answer to that

she is very professional very conscious

that you you're either going to bliss or

you're going to dis which is actually a

nice daunting word you're going to the

other place one of the things that

Charles Dickens said about France during

the Revolution was it was the best of

times and it was the worst of times and

then he said we were all going to heaven

and we were all going to that other

place I think this time that we're

living in is the best of times it's also

the worst of times and to ask the

question where are we going

depends on the individual when people

say to me you're too liberal and then I

get other people say you're too

conservative I have to question the

question or more than his remark why are

you too liberal or why are you too

conservative I have to ask the person

why do you think I'm too conservative or

why do you think I'm too liberal because

some people tell me I'm too conservative

and other people tell me I'm too liberal

and you're gonna confuse me I'm just

trying to be true to my own

understanding and if you blame me for

that or challenge what's in my heart you

can't challenge what's in my heart

because by the grace of God only God

knows what's in the heart even the devil

doesn't know what's in your heart so

when we ask the question where are we

going we can ask it at a metaphysical

level but I want to look at where are we

going at the level of being in finite

bodies in this world not the afterlife

because none of us can answer that

question if as Muslims I know that

there's certain strains of Christianity

that will say we're definitely going to

heaven and they're all going to hell and

I've actually read in one Christian book

about Islam he said one of the worst

things about Islam is they actually

don't know whether they're going to

heaven or not ask any Muslim are you

absolutely 100% sure you're going to

heaven and they'll say

I'm not and they say but thank God

because we're Christians we know we're

going to heaven that's a different way

of looking at where you're going in

terms of this country and where we are

today in some ways we are so much better

than we have ever been as a nation let

me give you one example African

Americans most of the African Americans

in the United States today have

ancestors that were brought to this

country in Chains and this was not seen

as as something wrong or immoral except

by a very small group of British people

and American mostly Unitarians there

were pamphlets written by Jews by

Christians not only justifying that

black people were the accursed

descendants of ham and therefore this

was their fate but that the Bible

justified the conditions of slavery in

the United States that was not that long

ago people in the 1950s when Eisenhower

was president African Americans could

not drink from the same drinking

fountains as white people in many states

in this country it's hard for people

here to imagine them but there are

people here that are alive today that

don't know the history of this country

that's not old history it's recent

history that most people of color in the

United States of America fifty years ago

had the option of being a janitor a

night watchman a maid

a servant these were the options that is

no longer the case there is a man of

color in the White House that was white

for over 200 years that house was white

for over 200 years so things have

changed to deny that change in this

country those positive changes

is to deny an aspect of America that is

very important so from that perspective

things are much better that's just one

example and I could give many other

examples but from other aspects of the

United States there are very troubling

signs going on in this country right now

let me give you an example in the FBI

they issue certain guidelines for

determining extremists one of the recent

guidelines was if they talk too much

about restoring the US Constitution

that's considered extremism or a sign of

extremism because there are certain

people's in this country that are very

troubled by a lot of the rights in the

Constitution and aspects of the

Constitution that have been trampled

upon they're very troubled the right to

be free of illegal search and seizure

without probable cause the fact that

people can now be patted down I was in

an airport and my six-year-old Todd I

almost went to blows because I've got a

lot of Irish blood and I was in an

airport and this guy wanted to Pat my

six-year-old child down and I told him

you're not laying your hand on that boy

and if you do you'd better get your

Taser out I'm telling you the truth and

he got very offended I said look I

actually wrote a paper on pornography in

this country and I know the statistics

of pedophilia and I'm not accusing you

but I don't know you you are a stranger

and when I was a kid my mother told me

watch out for strangers so I don't want

you touching my child now if you want to

bring a lady out here if she has to

check a six-year-old boy then I'll let

you because statistics show women don't

molest little kids they might aid and

abet a molester but they don't do it

because that humanity is still

tact for me that is a complete gross and

egregious trampling of my right as a

parent to protect my child what kind of

a world are we in when a six-year-old

has to be patted down what kind of

experience is that for a six-year-old

child people don't think about these

things but this is the world they're

growing up in when I was a young boy the

whole family went to the gate in the

airport you remember that Iman Kassam

imam zain imam sera that was the America

we grew up in you went to the gate to

see her family off there was no you

didn't have to stand in front of a

machine that was going to basically

undress you for some stranger to look at

you now let me give you an example of

the problem of wealth in this country I

was with a group of very wealthy Saudi

Arabians and we went to a private

Airport in the United States of America

not that long ago this a few years ago

we got onto a private jet our baggage

had no cheque we didn't have to put them

through any machines or anything we just

got on the plane and I'm thinking here's

Saudi Arabians because they have a lot

of money they can hire private jets and

they don't have to go through any of

this security what does that say about

our country what does that say about our

country we have so many contradictions

in the United States and until we as a

people start dealing with the

contradictions of this country the

disparities between the powerful and the

powerless between the enfranchise and

the disenfranchised between the rich and

the poor until we start really looking

at who we are as a people we are not

dealing with reality we're living in

bubbles and those bubbles will

eventually burst like they've bursted in

places like Syria Gaddafi now he's

watching television and

saying who are these people ripping up

my my picture they loved me my people

love me cuz every time he went out sound

gazonga every time he went out they

would all clap Gaddafi Gaddafi got and

he's just eating it up

they loved me and then he had around him

all these people saying well I have you

to become an uncle of cotton your hip

book shop your hip bucha you see this is

the delusional State Bashar I said is in

this delusional State they don't

understand what happened

krishna mubarak was surrounded by people

wallahi bucha Shabana sorry ow he didn't

in your hip book and this is what he's

and then he shocked he doesn't and then

he gets up my beeble my people opening

his arms thinking that that they're

gonna all go home this is the delusional

state that these people are in we have

people in power today that are in

delusional states when Barack Obama says

that arugula the price of arugula has

gone way up you see this is a man who's

he's living in a different world from

somebody in East Oakland or South

Central LA he hasn't even visited any of

these places he's living in a different

world and he's surrounded by people

living in different worlds this sets up

a situation that leads to revolution if

you read history this this denial of the

suffering of common people when you have

bailouts in this country of hundreds of

billions of dollars for private bankers

and individuals losing their houses

because those private bankers tricked

them now you look at this because this

is completely Haram and Sharia but let

me give you an example they now the FBI

had recognized this long before 2008

because the FBI does good work as well

they do they do good work in certain

things and in other things they you know

they have problems they're a human

institution but in something um Muslims

you know there's all these you know

horrible government and isn't that but

when the house gets robbed nine-one-one

can you send some police over as quick

as possible I've just been robbed

you see people this is human nature

these banksters what they did was they

they would have somebody go and they

would say oh this house is worth

$800,000 and it wasn't it was worth

maybe four hundred thousand dollars and

then they would loan a person the loan

they would loan them the money eight

hundred thousand dollars and then they

would take several of these loans and

they would put them in a package

securitized debt and then they would

sell this debt to the farmers to the

retirement of teachers funds to the

fireman's funds they as triple-a loans

even though they knew that these were

subprime loans and that they were very

very susceptible to collapsing but they

that's why

who cares if if the same rating

institution that downgraded the United


those were the same rating institutions

that were giving triple-a loans to

subprime securitized a the same

institutions you think I trust them

triple a double a single a C B D F

they've all failed us they say too big

to fail but the reality of it is they

were too big to jail because they're too

powerful this is the reality but the

average American is suffering and

they're being told you're the problem

you're the problem

move from far the problem Oh the

boogeyman over here there though it's

all their fault you see this is what's

going on on this planet this is what's

going on people are being hoodwinked

they're being fooled and if you look he

says you know what is relevant for both

Muslims and Americans in terms of where

we're going

Muslims and Americans

assumes already that there's some

difference between Muslims and Americans

know what is relevant for Muslims living

in America as well as the population at

large because I'm an American I'm as

American as apple pie I'm serious

I'm sweet too but I am as American as

apple pie I my ancestor on my mother's

side 1764 my Irish great-great-great

grandfather came here fought in the

Continental Army with Washington as a

lieutenant and this is all I can prove

this I can be a son of the American

Revolution if I wanted I just George

Bush is also a member of that

institution so I haven't applied because

you know it used to be a patriotic

institution but I'm as American as apple


18:38 my grandfather migrated to

Philadelphia up the up the river coming

into New York going up my group my

grandfather on my mother's side from her

paternal side 1896 Ellis Island so the

whole spectrum of experience is there

the only one I didn't come as as I

embraced Islam so I can relate to the

post 1965 immigration because I joined I

didn't know it at the time that I was

joining an oppressed American minority

but now I know that I'm part of an

oppressed American minority so I have

the whole American experience except the

African American experience but I have a

connection with that experience because

my mother was an imam zain knows this

because he knows my mother my mother was

very very involved in the civil rights

movement when I was a little kid I was

marching in marches with my mother in

the civil rights movement my mother is

in the 1964 encyclopedia Britannica's

yearbook there's a picture of her

holding up a a placard at the the when

the Republican

convention was happening in San

Francisco and she was there everybody in

the crowd is african-american except my

mother and my older sister and she's

holding up a placard that says civil

rights is the issue so that's the that's

the stock that I come from I come my

mother was involved she followed the

program civil rights anti-war Vietnam

feminist rights and then the

environmental that she was in

environmentalism in in the late 60s we

were recycling in my house in the late

60s so it's not new to me going green my

mother was Green before people had a

term for that

so that's that's that's the that's the

America that I come from it's an America

of struggle it's an America that

acknowledges that this thing began in

order to form a more perfect union

people don't like that they say it's not

grammatical how can something be more

perfect but the point of that

rhetorically is that this is a work in

progress and and dr. American Jackson

talks about this a lot which is

important and that is the the fact that

America is being negotiated constantly

we are in negotiations

it is a give-and-take let me give you an

example right now you see and my part of

my problem is because I'm you know I was

told my mother taught us as kids that a

mind is like a parachute it only works

when it's open so I was taught to be

open-minded and that's probably one of

the reasons I was able to accept Islam

because I wasn't taught to be

prejudicial towards other face I was

taught that other faiths are good they

have truth in them that's the way my

mother raised us but my mother told us

always be open-minded always listen to

another's argument before you condemn it

or judges that's what I was taught so I

read I read Noam Chomsky and I read Pat

Buchanan and I agree with Pat Buchanan

sometimes I disagree with him other time

I agree with Chomsky sometimes I

disagree with others right because I'm

in dialogue with the books I read if you

if you see my library there's markings

on the side what is he talking about

couldn't agree more because I'm in dire

with the books I read that that's how I

was raised that you have to think and

you have to process and sometimes if

something bothers you you have to ask

yourself why is it bothering me why is

it bothering me because sometimes

something bothers you because it's

something you haven't dealt with inside

yourself you see you don't like to hear

it because it might be too true now in

the United States of America we have a

major problem in this country with how

Americans are looking at terrorism just

a few examples when a man who was

rational by all accounts all of his

friends said he was rational he had a

engineering degree he was very


high IQ had made a lot of money when he

flew his private plane into an IRS

building and left a note as a political

protest this was an act of political

protest they said this is a madman but

when Colonel when lieutenant or captain

Hassan kills the people down in this is

obviously a conspiracy he was in contact

with somebody in Yemen he wasn't a

madman you see this this this

psychiatrist who was in the Army when a

man in northern Europe plans for two

years to bomb a building in Oslo and

then kill all of these multiculturalists

and he does it with a political screed

that he writes justifying this and

quoting many many Islamophobes from

around the world including the major

ones that are here when when he does

that it's he's a madman that's all he's

just a madman so why is it that when

these hijackers hijack these planes and

drove them into why weren't they mad

what's the rationale

behind that reasoning it either there to

all terrorists or they're all madmen but

let's have a standard that is based on

some kind of rational criterion because

from my perspective it's madness we're

living in a time one of the arab poets

said enough is eminently forty should do

the heat malaysia hew general philosophy

aqua de we're living in a time that's so

extreme that if it doesn't drive you mad

you're not saying if it doesn't drive

you mad you're not saying when

palestinian if you if you look at

palestine a hundred years ago you Mark

Twain wrote a book about his travels he

went to Palestine he had some racist

remarks it was par for his day but

basically he wasn't afraid of

Palestinians he felt very comfortable

going to the Holy Lands you read

Gertrude Bell and her experiences when

Gertrude Bell went to visit the Ottoman

Bay in Baghdad she talked about the fact

how she marveled that she could just

walk in and sit down with the ruler what

happened what has happened to our world

it wasn't that long ago that you could

go into the modulus of the kings of

Saudi Arabia anybody you could go into

the modulus of the rulers in the Muslim

world just go in and sit down with them

you could bring your complaints to them

this was the world that people lived in

not that long ago in the United States

of America when Andrew Jackson won the

presidency he opened up the White House

anybody could come in they completely

trashed the place it was the last time

they did it but but that was that was

America because Andrew Jackson was the

people's president he was a true

Democrat he was also a

terrible killed a lot of Native

Americans and he's got some blemishes

but he's he was a human living at a time

when it's hard to judge people based on

the time they live in I mean it's easy

for us to condemn people now for things

that they did in the past but those were

the norms of their societies thank God

were beyond those norms we have a

problem in this country one of the major

problems in the United States of America

today is that the economy that's what

they say it's the economy stupid what

they talk about is the problem is

entitlements it's all this welfare no

there's only one problem with the

American economy it is a war based

economy it is spending almost all of our

budget in Washington is going to the

military industrial complex and until

that stops nothing is going to change in

this country they don't want to deal

with the fact that the budgets that the

Pentagon gets could completely rebuild

the entire planet we could have in in

mauritania the main street in mauritania

is John F Kennedy Boulevard

you know why the more tenían say John F

Kennedy Boulevard because he used to

send wheat to the more Italians if you

ask an old more Italian who lived at

that time who was John Kennedy man

Kennedy Kennedy he'll say Roger solid

minute American can you convert a foot

per hour my second a good man from the

Americans used to feed poor people when

Hillary Clinton as sheikh abdullah bin

vania in papa what can we do to improve

America's are are how people view us

abroad Shanna blow the says feed people

up Animal Farm

don't drop bombs on them it won't make

you any friends and they won't even be



don't drop bombs on people Afghanistan

is one of the poorest countries in the

world today if you read Roland me show

this extraordinary French photographer

and his wife in the 1960s they lived in

Afghanistan it was one of the most

beautiful places in the world they fell

in love with it and its people and you

can look at the pictures of beauty

Afghanis used to plant gardens they

loved flowers every half honey had a

flower garden in his house many pictures

of Afghani as he picked showing them

smelling flowers they used to fly kites

there they loved kites of many people

they would go and fly kites

they had picnics in this country they

say these are terrorists how did they

become terrorists those who among them

who are terrorizing how did they become

terrorists over a decade of war Russia

killed at least 1.5 million Afghan Eze

Russians lost about 13,000 people we

don't know how many we've killed but

today we're mourning the dead of New

York and it was said earlier we have to

remind the American people of the dead

of bedad of the dead of Kabul and also

of the danger of the imminent death of

people in Tehran of people in poem of

people in Tabriz for being nothing other

than simple people who are trying to

live their lives in peace and security

and because of the failure of political

people their lives are endangered and

threatened this is the reality we cannot

allow the incompetence of these

political leaders to get you and Isaiah

Narmer John and Abdullah killing each

other this has to stop as a project in

the human condition because the only


benefit by this you know Karen Armstrong

was saying the fact that the people that

support her this program to create more

peace in the world are the businessmen

because business men don't like war

businessmen don't like war unless

they're in the business of war then they

love war then they love war there are

people here that love war because it's

an exciting time for them they make a

lot of money off the blood of people

share Abdullah bin VII said the Arab

Spring was watered with blood this is

what's going on innocent people being

killed whether it's in New York but dad

wherever it is Washington DC it's

unacceptable and as a human community if

we don't begin to recognize that we have

to re-establish and reassert ourselves

as individuals that have rights to have

good governance to have people that are

looking out for our best interest

because these people in power today are

not looking out for our best interests

and let me give you one example it in an

extraordinary study called the China

study of nutrition 20 years with top

experts from Princeton from Oxford that

determined that most of the diseases

that are happening in the United States

of America are directly related to the

diets of the American people and yet

Americans are lied to that they need

milk that they need meat that they need

all these things fat and sugar if you

give it to rats they will die because

they can't stop consuming it all motor

banana Bob in the warmth of imam attic

said yeah krome allow the Anela holder

our captor a little calmer

beware of meat because it has the

addiction of wine you can become

addicted to meat it's harmful for you if

you consume too much meat this is all

proven but when Oprah Winfrey after

reading about this announces it on

national television that she doesn't

want to eat beef anymore the

Hado Lobby sues her the Pyramid of food

that you see this pyramid that you see

of food was actually restructured after

the dairy and meat Lobby said no no

you're going to harm our economy and so

science is subjugated to greed you see

this is the problem when we have most of

our scientists in this country working

in defense industries instead of trying

to find cures for cancer they're trying

to find better ways to kill people and

when they you see they had a problem

when they were thinking about Saudi

Arabia and if we have to ever use

nuclear weapons on these places we're

going to destroy all the oil

infrastructure and so they had American

scientists good people that go to church

on Sunday most likely PhDs from the best

universities so they developed the

neutron bomb that kills all the people

and leaves the infrastructure standing

this is the type of madness that we're

living in

this is unacceptable as a human

condition when the number one industry

on this planet is tobacco alcohol and

narcotics and number two a close rival

is weapons something is wrong with the

human project something is seriously

wrong with the human project there are

two questions to ask why do we need all

these weapons when most of us I don't

have any problem with you you don't have

any problem with me if you want to know

why people get aggressive against you

disrespect them in the ghettos in in

Washington DC there's people that carry

around guns you know what they really

want they won't respect because if you

pull out a gun you suddenly have an

incredible amount of respect coming from

the person on the other end he respects

you and that's the that's the level that

these people have fallen to because they

feel so disrespected that they have to

carry around that they have to look at

you like what you looking at what are

you looking at because they think you're

looking at them with contempt they think

you're looking at them without any

respect that's what the african-american


inner cities in the United States feels

he wants respect she wants respect and

it's not offered and now because Obama

is president suddenly it's all over

races a hey man were beyond that

tell the Tea Party that you know tell

tell the white supremists that tell the

N let me talk about the G Party because

I read the tea party's manifesto and I

agreed with probably about 80% of that

book I'm not exaggerating I read there

man people just say Oh tea party Tea

Party see they never read what they

actually have to say you should actually

read what they have to say a lot of

their complaints are very justified but

the tea party is even though there's

some african-americans in the tea party

undeniably the tea party is largely a

Norman Rockwell America that doesn't

exist anymore these people have seen a

change and the demographics of this

country they've seen a Kenya Luo

tribesman become the President of the

United States of America he could not

get elected in Kenya because Luo people

can't get elected to high political

offices his father was a failure because

he got some of the highest degrees in

this country when he got back to Kenya

because of the tribalism in his country

he was not able to advance and yet his

son could become president of the United

States you see this this these aspects

of America are very troubling to certain

Americans they're troubling to them but

as somebody who has Irish American entra

ancestry welcome to America it's part of

the negotiating process because my

grandfather changed his name from Oh

handsome to Hanson

because H ENS Owen is also an

anglo-saxon name and it's a Swedish name

and John Hanson was the first president

of the Continental Congress so he

changed his name my great-grandfather

you do Chiappa let's change his name to

George he was light-skinned he used to

tell people he was French I see it's not

that long ago I these are the stories

that I grew up with but Greeks now they

have Greek day kiss me on Greek the Big

Fat Greek Wedding

everybody loves Greeks in America now

it wasn't always like that they were

greasers seriously they were greasers

John Esposito could go on all night

telling you about the Italian Americans

and they're still struggling with The

Sopranos they're still struggling with

that stereotype I mean when I listen to

John I love John he's he's brilliant

he's great but I keep hearing the Mafia

Don make him an offer he can't refuse

and to end on the Mafia Don America is

in danger of becoming a Mafia Don this

is not the America that I grew up in

when Dick Cheney can go around this

country selling his book and people

aren't literally spitting on him for

what he did to this country I'm serious

and I'm gonna make a distinction for all

of you right now if people say I'm

anti-government that's a lie because

I've studied the American system of

government in America we differentiate

between government and administration

the government is the Constitution of

the United States

it's the Congress it's the Senate it's a

judiciary system we have checks and

balances that are made to protect we the

people but administration's can

manipulate can abuse can do things that

are wrong and the only way that we can

change that in this system of civil

government's is by voting in different

people and I'm hoping that that's still

a possibility to see a real change in

this country but this country is

polarized it's in a very precarious

situation and the economy is incredibly

fragile it is incredibly fragile many of

the jobs that are gone will never come

back again Americans are gonna have to

think of new ways of making livelihoods

they're gonna have to go back to the

creativity of the 19th century it's a

new America

and Muslims are part of that America

we've been here from the beginning we're

not going anywhere we're here to stay

and Americans Americans in this country

and and and I really mean this we're

part of the family we're part of the

intellectual family of European and

American intellectual tradition they use

Arabic numerals when they learn their

mathematics just to remind them if they

don't know where those numerals came

from they came from Spain

via Morocco via Egypt via Iraq via India

that's how they came when they look up

at the night sky they see Betelgeuse

epple Joseph they see devar on a divan

they see Altair a paya they see the

remnants of Muslim discoveries when they

study astronomy in American universities

they learn Arabic names to think about

those stars because we are part of the

intellectual tradition when they study

my son is studying algebra right now

algebra when ma vana it's it's forced

upon them the words are there to remind

those who know and so that we can show

others who don't know we're part of the

family we're part of the intellectual

spiritual emotional physical

psychological fabric of human existence

we are one-fourth of this planet and

we're not going anywhere it's a big new

Brzezinski said it's easier to kill a

million people today than to control a

million people in the past it was easier

to control a million people than to kill

a million people if having to kill a

million people is the only way we should

end the human project right now drink

the kool-aid get it over with

this is totally completely unacceptable

stop thinking about controlling people

that's the problem

learn how to work with one another

Alwyn we're a little bit early we'll

talk while come together that verse was

about all of us coming to there that

verse was revealed about the people of

Mecca who weren't Muslims work together

in what's good to Allen or a liability

with Dhokla work together this is what

we have to do as a people we have

incredible challenges incredible

challenges but this country is a

creative country it has risen to the

occasion many times before and I'm

hoping because hope springs eternal hope

is a bird with feathers that perches in

the soul I'm a hopeful person I've got

five kids to make me extremely hopeful

this is my country I love this country

it's my home

I love the hills around the Bay Area

that I grew up with I love muir woods

I love the redwood forests I love the

Sierra Madre that I went to as a child

and camped with my family these are the

places that I grew up with when the

prophet sallallaahu them left Mecca and

he met when he got to Medina there was a

man who came sailin high fari

and he said to the Prophet SAW I said

I'm said kafir I hit Tameka - how did

you find Mecca and he said oh the valley

has been filled with flowers through

Maha and he said and all of the cedar

trees were blossoming and I left the the

water was flowing and he began to

describe the physical he didn't say the

Kaaba or masha'Allah dr. Kutner he

described the physicality of the place

that the Prophet SAW lies who grew up

with as a child and the Prophet began to

weep and he said qu franca has

polka-dotted shalwick Tony don't please

stop it's enough you have made me yearn

from my home

he was yearning for the flowers of Mecca

not just for the Kaaba

he was yearning for the trees of Mecca

that he shaded under as a child

everybody loves the place they grew up

in her but what a minute

amen it's part of human condition it's

not a hadith but it's a basic fitness

statement so this is our country all of

you are here with every right unless

there's some illegal immigrants in the

hall now report yourself immediately to

Homeland Security and for those people

who came here who are going to report

back to your whoever that you report

back to because there's private

enterprise as well as public I would

just say this Imams Aid

I've known Imam David for many years now

Imams aide the lies that they tell about

this man just really bothered me

you know these right-wing people they

just recently wrote an article about him

Imams aides what grew up in very

difficult conditions but like many

honorable African Americans he joined

the United States Air Force to get out

of a certain situation he served

honorably unlike all these chickenhawks

Dick Cheney got six referrals right

seriously unlike these chicken Hawks

to talk about all patriotism in this

they've never served this country

they've served themselves they've served

themselves and he spearheaded this event

because he wants to see the best for

Humanity he's a universal man and he

loves humanity and that's what this was

about coming together to commune with

one another to share thoughts to be

together on a day before a very sad day

in American history but I want all of us

to remember the evil that came out of

the evil that occurred on September 11th

as well remember all the dead Iraqis

remember all the dead civilians in

Afghanistan remember those people

because they're nameless people we've

got now a memorial with all the names of

the people that died in New York

and in Washington their names are known

but we'll never know the names when I

read the New York Times it said six

civilians were killed yesterday in

Afghanistan they don't say Zana Hunnam

or BB Majid daddy or they don't give the

names they're just nameless people

nameless people they're not nameless

with God

so don't mind it come