What Conservatism Really Means - Roger Scruton in Conversation with Hamza Yusuf

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Event Name: What Conservatism Really Means - Roger Scruton in Conversation with Hamza Yusuf
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that the house is there and instead of

tearing it down and rebuilding a house

if it's a beautiful house with with with

a solid foundation we need to renovate

it to make it new again absolutely

well it's that's the same task that we

have in the West but of course there is

we have the freedom to do it that's the

important thing that many people worry

about about the Muslim world do people

have the freedom to do what do you want

to do well I think you're certainly

doing your role in in promoting the idea

of conserving the best of the past my

last question to you one of the things

that troubles me most about a lot of

attacks on conservativism is the idea

that the best of progressivism like the

elimination of slavery the the the the

idea of getting rid of racism as you

know the this this idea of somehow that

there can be ethnically Pirie or 'ti of

one people over now I believe that there

there are civilizational aspects that

are certainly I think I would much

rather have freedom in than despotism

and this idea that we can relativize

these type things is wrong but the idea

that one group of people is better than

another group is a very audience idea I

think to anybody that has thought deeply

about that problem but this idea that

conservativism is conserving the worst

of the past as opposed to the best and

and is not also acknowledging the idea

that there are things that have to

change and then it becomes what are the

strategies to bring about that change

that that are going to go I would say as

I understand it of course human beings

are imperfect that's the whole reason

why they need institutions in order to

mediate between them and overcome

conflict without violence you know

but we have inherited those sort of

institutions institutions that enable us

to rectify problems and make things

better we're never going to make them

perfect but that's why we what we should

be conserving there is procedures the

things that that enable us to relate to

each other in a humane and civilized way

and that's that for me is what it's all


all right well on that note I want to

thank you just for coming out and

gracing us with your intelligence and

and and you've been supporting our our

work with the journal the Renovatio I

hope you're some of the people that

enjoy reading yours will also benefit

from from our journal I surely will yeah

maybe you could give a little plug yeah

I will definitely I think cytuno is one

of the points of hope in the world in

which we live now well thank you all

right well god bless you and and thank

you and I'm going to look forward to a

continued discussion




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