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benefit you he said what was it to

her her baton man taurah i found there

just nothing all that I rolled that I

never saw all these things that I

learned her baton Mathura and like his

Junaid that buck daddy said somebody saw

him after he died in a dream and he

asked him and he said they Hobart city


was tenet typicality bharat what

happened to fitna Allah okay at kuna ID

hostage offal ale all those fine things

we were saying they're all gone and all

of those wonderful articulations they

disappeared and the only thing that

benefited us was some little Rockets we

were doing in that in the middle of the

night you see so I mean all of the

knowledge once the human being dies


it's it's it's heaven and man thora you

know the savage area which benefits us

are those things those books that people

leave behind and these things where

people benefit if they were placed for

the for the sake of Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala alone I mean there's a great

scholar in Tunisia assitive no Farhat

about the law and he was a really great

scholar and he wrote a book in which he

collected most of the traditions of imam

attica of aloha and this man when he

went back to the two tunas there was

another man saneun who wrote the model

Winnetka bra which is he took from even

on casa móvil Ohana and the scholars of

Tunis asked asset even farhat to look at

the book of son own and to measure it

against his which was called the acedia

and a sediment Farhat said why do you

need his book when you have my book now

that's Zelda you know with all respect

to the imam because he was a great

scholar and imam but the point that he

said that his book was left by the

muslim scholars

I mean his book literally even though

it's there and it's looked at by certain

scholars the model one afternoon is the

book in which a lawsuit Hanna with Dada

gave the towfield and this is very

fascinating there are literally hundreds

of Arbaeen at the the collections of

urban hadith hundreds you can see so

many Lula Mae wrote it because of the

hadith about our brain you know man hey

Villa Albertina man hadith e he enters

into Jennifer's Amritsar fokaha it's a

weak hadith that Imam no we mentioned at

the beginning of the book but because of

the hadith many many people wrote the

Irvine why is it that when we say Allah

urbane everybody knows Imam and no away

I mean why is that that Allah gave this

Imam toefield

in the in his or Bahrain in a way that

no other Imam was given and really Imam

no he has an amazing maqam in this Ummah

because all of his books have a complete

acceptance and really the way that's

understood is the degree of the class of

this email

and his life and what it meant it was

somebody who was not there for shahara

who was not there for to become famous

for notoriety for these things doing it

for the sake of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

which he left that would be the linkages

and without shakoora they don't want

thanks and they don't want gratitude and

they don't want reward they do this for

the sake of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala and

this is a lot but the science of your

cloth literally is how because there's a

difference between Muslims and mullahs

in the Quran both ways are come in the

Quran one is an active form and the

other is a passive form so there is

literally a passive there is a loss that

is active but there's also an a class

that is passive and the two are the ones

that the people of tofu or the Muslim

soul and the muffler's own and multiple

Haroon are the people that have been

purified by Allah subhana WA Ta'ala but

Amazon was Allah who flew home and those

who when their hearts deviate Allah

deviates them more and Sophia Peruvian

Murata Zelda whom Allah o Madhava in

their hearts is the sickness Allah

increases them in that sickness and this

is the difference there's a departure at

a certain point in the individual's life

where they move towards increase or they

move towards decrease ward jihad the

attitude Emani

Vanetta 0r2 in Sani when up to who

binocular paella paella hostgator coupon

Apella that the the Eman itself the road

I must say that rudia had the attitude

Imani that Eman increases our hani Farah

Delano has an opinion that differs from

that and it's a very intricate opinion

but it's really more semantic difference

the Eman increases the metas ego part

with insanity in anything where the

obedience to Allah is increased when

Noxubee noxee ha and Eman decreases as

far as decreases and this is the nature

and by the nature of the Sunnah of Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala we are either in zyada

or we are in knocks and we are either

increasing or we are decreasing but

there is no static state in doing

Stacy's does not exist in dunya it's not

in a biological phenomenon it's not a

physical phenomenon you won't find any

Stacey's in the dunya the the nature of

dunya is change things are either

growing or decaying and such is the

nature of the spiritual world the heart

is either growing with Iman or it is

decaying and the way that it grows is

through obedience to Allah subhana WA to

Anna so in terms of looking at the the

signs of the heart I want to look just

at a few things and then I'm going to

open this up for some discussion or

question the even a shot of the line who

says what over 2 min kulli dhanbin huge

tera that Tova is an absolute necessity

from every wrong action from every wrong

action Tajik will fall and multiple

Mejia Nedim that it is necessary

immediately and against every wrong

action and there must be remorse no

dhamma and the place of Nodame or

remorse is the heart which differs from

guilt in the English language which is

what they call access with them a guilt

is something where the the person

actually believes that they are

worthless in other words their self has

no inherent Worth and and and so they

identified the wrong action with the

nature the the human nature itself this

is not the Muslim position this is the

Christian position the Muslim physician

sees wrong action literally as a slip if

one is a movement into hafla into

forgetfulness and that forgetfulness is

a temporary State for the movement it is

not a permanent state and so you move

literally in and out of Gullah until you

become from the people who are in a

state of awareness of allah amoral kaaba

and this is nuts and most medina so most

of us will fall into the category called

nufs alabama which is the blaming self

where we remember and then we forget we

remember and then we forget and this is

why Toba is the act of turning back to

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala it is a

continual act there is a constant

turning just as the the earth is can

revolving around itself and moving

around the Sun that the movement is

continually making this Toba to a

lawsuit panel at the anna forgetting

entering into Hoffler and making Toba

you see and this is the nature of the

moment the nature of the heart valve in

arabic language literally means the

thing that turns it turned yet the

unloved means literally to turn in

collab is to turn upside down

so the heart by its nature is an organ

that is turning it moves towards

obedience and it moves towards

disobedience what the movement is

desiring is that stationary state of

iman where it stops at a certain point

moving towards disobedience and then

back to obedience and it literally

begins to move continually towards

obedience and this is an achievable

state there are people that have

achieved this state this is not

something that is is unachievable many

of the Sahaba of the Llano this was

their state abu bakr as-siddiq

radiyaallahu anhu

was a man who was continually on the

increase all madhavan a hapa these

Sahaba and we have many examples

throughout history of people that

entered into this state of obedience to

Allah subhanAllah to Ana and this is

where they get the idea that hassanis

would say yes in Makkah ravine that the

good actions of the righteous people are

literally the saith of the people that

are in proximity to allah subhana wa

ta'ala in their awareness of allah

subhana wa ta'ala because the muhammad

exon is terrible the lock and the qatar


- literally worship allah as if you see

him paying them to confer alpha in Huia

rock and so this idea of making this

Toba and so he tells us that Toba is

necessary from every wrong action and

then he gives us the conditions be sharp

alkali and alkaline one knows one of you

is for all that it has to be with the

condition that you leave it immediately

if you're in it in quantum watanabe-san

be and if you're not in it you've done

it and then you must make tawba then the

immediacy of it is still present because

delaying tawba is a wrong action itself

from which Toba must be made so Toba is

like the wrong actions are like

pounded interest it just keeps getting

worse the more you put it off and it

will keep getting worse like the

prophets Eliza them says about the black

spot on the heart it continues to

increase until the whole heart is

completely black and this is a very dark

state to be in because then what happens

is the heart cannot be penetrated by the

nor of ye it literally reflects or

deflects the the nor of washing and this

is the state of the man Adam who can

hear words that are from the Quran who

can hear words that are from the heart

and it doesn't penetrate the heart

because the heart is not receptive to

the meanings that are entering into it

it literally pushes it away like saying

I Hadi said that the Kenney method hop

total fear palpable monadic but at the

health of that this the the the word of

the truth will enter the heart of the

monarch but it will just be in a state

of turmoil Hector to stuck a roofie

husband movement until it finds a heart

of a movement

so the monarch will literally have to

throw it up he'll have to get it out

until it resides in the heart of the

movement and this is a horrible state to

be in

and unfortunately many Muslims are in

this state I mean this is a tragic thing

because Muslims can hear the book of

allah and it has no impact on them


yo Lindo BOHICA hyung and this is

because the sickness of the heart and

the only way that the heart is purified

is through serious scrubbing the Prophet

Elias Adam said kullu shay'in yells bah

were enamel algo yes Bob

everything rust or encrust over and even

the heart becomes encrusted kallab that

run an apple ooh be him Allah says in

the Quran that the heart literally

became this was covered in this darkness

by what they were earning be

mechanically wound by what they

themselves were earning and so the only

way that it's purified is literally

through a washing through a scrubbing

we're in the Sabha that to who vicaroo

law and the scrubbing of the heart

is the remembrance of Allah this is the

polish of the heart and sotoba is part

of dhikr and this is why the Amara men

and photography liner said of the Luger

l walk for under Haram the best dhikr is

when the Haram is present you stop and

don't go into it

remembering Allah when you're about to

enter into Marcia

this is the best dhikr that you remember

Allah when you need to remember Allah

and that is when you are susceptible to

the Haram and then he says well

yesterday among Kenan does still far and

also you have to if you harm people then

you have to rectify that you'll slap

that till vain if somebody stole

something he has to give that wealth

back if it was back binding they have to

go and ask forgiveness of that person

unless it's a type of situation that it

will literally increase the the the

difficulty and then there's you get into

difference of opinion but I don't really

want to look at that well how's he doing

sighs Dean Avenue empty sad and he says

that the the taqwa it is achieved

through avoidance of the Haram and doing

the what Allah has commanded and by the

consensus of the scholars MT thon is

easier than HT NAB it is easier to be

obedient to Allah in what he's commanded

than it is in what he is prohibited and

this is very important to remember that

that it's easier to fall into Marcia

then doing the right action why because

the nature of Marcia is a downward

motion it's a downward motion it's dark

at Jahannam is daughter cat and so there

is in a sense like a gravitational pull

that is helping you to go into this type

of destruction whereas the barrage at is

an upward motion spiritually in other

words it takes an exertion of effort to

do this and this is why the Prophet

salat is that I'm said hoofer tell Jenna

to bill Macatee watanabe shahe wat

Jannah is literally surrounded by

difficult things and the fire is

surrounded by those

appetites things that people incline

towards and then he says theologian and

Wathan Envy that to knob in the inward

and the outward so there has to be a

sheen Avenue m teeth are not simply in

one outward form but in one's in Word

form also

and with this taqwa is achieved and

taqwa is really should be the goal of

every movement because the Quran begins

at even I mean radical kita will arrive

Fe whodunit must attain this is the book

in which there is no doubt a guidance

for people of taqwa it's not a guidance

if you don't have taqwa it can lead

people astray that don't have taqwa and

we have historically many groups from

the jamia to the padilla

to the wasabi yet not neva Mia all of

these different sects and groups that

use the piranhas they're proof for their

bitter for their AHA for all of these

things and literally went astray why

because they did not have taqwa and the

Quran begins eddie flemming

you look in any tough fear of any worth

buy anymore fester and they will say ed

even I mean Allah who Adam Allah knows

what that means so the book itself

begins by telling us there are you are

limited you have any atom in your

knowledge you are limited in your

knowledge and you have to enter into the

realm of this book with humility if you

think you can come to this book and

bring your previous knowledge and

presumptions then you will be led astray

but if you submit to the book and the

beginning is submitting to Alif LAAM

Meem that the answer to a d-flat meme is

Allahu Alem if you submit to that first

criterion in reading the Quran then your

from the people of taqwa but if you

enter into the poor and with arrogance

and thinking that you can in some way

interpret this book and Allah asks are

you more knowledgeable or Allah are you

more knowledgeable or is Allah more

knowledgeable and this is why the


traditionally who have been rightly

guided have stopped at that point and

they look to see the guidance of Allah

His Messenger were only in the salad

thicker in kuntum lighter and a moon

asked the people of knowledge if you

don't have knowledge and one of the

sicknesses of this modern

is all of these people that want to

literally become Muftis and anima they

read one book Asuna and suddenly if

they're lucky and they're giving

everybody fatwa and things like this and

this is a disaster and even worse than

these people are the ones that don't

even read a book and they give fatwa I

mean it's gotten even to that point

where oh don't worry

yeah it's tough to come back like your

heart is a Mufti the stuff the convict

is based on a somebody being fitter I

mean the Prophet when he said to that

man of stuff they felt but he knew who

he was talking to not everybody can take

a fatwa from their heart because a lot

of hearts are just filled with Shahada

and Allah and what their heart will tell

them is do whatever you want you see so

the heart has to be really in a position

before it's it so it has to be in a

filter estate and that takes literally

for most of us a deep struggle and with

jihad and liova and these type of thing

so then he says they jazz it up Tom what

happened out of behalf these the the if

we want taqwa there are four aspects to

it four aspects to taqwa and then he

says well he had a static super in

Montana and it is for the person of

snuke it will take them to the paths of

benefit and he says you hold Warren in

here and in my hiding me he should the

first thing that we learned is that the

seven the seven limbs and he'll go

through each one

yeah who'd wanna hear and in Mohave me

where you're Khufu some ago an Anatomy

Cathy Burton Mimi tan zuoren kideth

woody Sano a Hara the turkey modulate

that he should Yahoo do a name here and

in Mahara me we should lower our gains

from what is haram : mock me Nina

Yahoo doe min episod he him tell them

what we need to lower their gaze and

tell them what me not to lower their

gaze this is on the haram what is ever

held on to look at then we should lower

our gaze from it because the eye

although the rule AMA have agreed that

the eye is literally not connected to a

kuvira that there's no action that the I

can partake in that is connected to a

grave wrong action

but my Cuban as I said la salle Hirata

bidis tomorrow there is no little wrong

action with esteem rah with continuity

of actions so if the eye is always

looking at the haram that itself becomes

a Kabira

so the actual if the eye sees haram

occasionally which is especially in this

country you're just out of the villa I

mean we're just surrounded by imbibing

the Haram which is a disaster for one's

iman because they agree also that the

the ostrich area hasn't had a facade of

odd and I mean the quickest limb to

destroy the heart is the the eye itself

this will destroy the heart and part of

it is because visual things are actually

more difficult than to get out than

hearing you can hear many things but

you'll forget them you can hear music

but you'll forget it but I guarantee you

if you've watched films that you've got

those images in your mind right now I

know that everybody in here who's seen

films or watch television you can close

your eyes now and imagine a film that

you saw and there's images of the Haram

that are in your heart they're there how

do you get rid of that we shouldn't have

looked at it in the first place now it's

there what do we do this is a disaster

and this is what chef anh does he likes

to fill the heart with the Haram so

there's no room for the halal because

the Haram is a is a we are and every

container has limits and you have to

empty it of the Haram and the jelly

before it can be filled with the halal

and the noir of Islam and that's why the

Sahaba of the Martin who said the

Prophet literally emptied us out of

jahiliya to fill us up with Islam so

there's an emptying that has to take

place before there's a filling just like

you have to exhale before you can inhale

just like the heart has to be contracted

before it can be expanded this is the

nature of a lot of creation the

diastolic the systolic this is the the

very nature the pupil is expands in

order to take in and it contracts in

order to prevent light from coming in

and this is the nature that Allah has

made us on so contraction and expansion


and el vaso he's these two the expander

and the contractor so the more we expand

for chiffon the more we contract for

Iman or for Rahman the more we expand

for the right man

the more we contract for chiffon and

this is really the nature of creation so

he's telling us Yahoo Buena here and in

Mahara me and then the Khufu scimitar

one in the Anthony he turns away from

listening to that aha shut up so he

begins with the I because that is the

most important organ and then he goes to

the ear now that here is very

interesting also if you look at the eye

the eye literally takes in only a linear

we have a basic peripheral vision but

it's limited we don't see behind us but

if you look at the ear the ear by its

nature is circular it takes in

everything around it and this is why

generally in the Quran Allah begins with

in the summer well borrow wada hula-hula

i kakano anhu Missoula that they eat the

hearing the sight and the heart all of

these things the human being is

responsible for we are literally

responsible for these things why because

if we allow our ears and our eyes to

open up to everything then the heart is

what suffers so the ear in the eye which

are called more water than in and

melodicas yeah they're the areas where

knowledge comes in but also we're

ignorant comes in and they come in and

enter into the container of the heart

and so literally the movement is

somebody who protects and guards his

eyes and his ears in order to protect

his heart they're literally like oh dude

like boundaries in which he must defend

them so these are armies that were to

use for Allah to protect the city of the

heart which is the residents of Iman

that is the medic that is the king that

we should respect and protect but if we

literally open up like any country that

just leaves its borders and anybody can

flood in

then this is what happens with the human

being the heart is left unprotected and

literally the armies of jahiliyyah flood

into the heart because that's what they

want to conquer and this is what chiffon

wants to conquer he wants to become king

of the city of the heart and this is

what Allah is warning us about he's

warning us in the Quran

don't take shot chiffon as your friend

don't take chiffon as a Nasir

he's his hadoo his reward he's deceptive

he will betray us and this is the nature

so he tells us that we have to protect

the ear from what's wrong and then he

gives us the examples Carrie Burton

nummy Merton Zoran kideth diva is he

begins with Heba because Viva is the

most common this is what most of us have

this is what we're dealing with Muslims

have become people that back bite yes

tell Baba Baba and Allah says laughter

Babu come baba don't let one of you back

by another of you well I asked got him

in a moment don't let a group mark

another group don't let one group mark

another who don't be people trivial

people of backbiting and trivial

pursuits these type of thing know we

should be people of death and so he's

warning us about backbiting and then he

says mamimi

because mamimi literally is that which

separates people is called if sad battle

vain and the Islam is based on his life

that'll vain for us today Havana hueco

rectify between your two brothers and

then he says zu ands or is false

witnessing bearing false witness which

is really this is a wretched thing one

of the worst things that a human being

can do is to bear false witness against

other people and then he ends with kitty

because this in a sense is really a

generic under which these other things

will fall and kideth is anything that is

opposite of the truth and this is

something to be avoided

neither listening to it and then he says

the San who ihara the atacama Judith

it's even more important

not to listen to these things but not to

speak them yourself in other words don't

become that's a vesicle whereby people

pour this poison into you but don't

yourselves pour it into other people

because it's actually worse to be the

one who is pouring this found us into

others than to be the one receiving it

what cheetah homer shut up and both of

them have evil both are evil States and

then he says yeah follow but no woman at

her army now he moves to the the stomach

so he's dealt with the eyes the ears the

tongue and he there's seven limbs that

are literally like the war or the the

boundary and then he goes to the button

the stomach yeah for the what no human

at her army that he protects and guards

his stomach from the Haram the prophet

sallallaahu incident told us about that

if you have Elsa to Panama City or

hadith in what was no Harry a button

wherever to Panama that don't even worry

about whatever afflicts you from dunya

if you have a mana trust was Cisco Hadid

well Hadippa to husana and good

character and then guarding what you eat

a mizerock said all of nana can be

reduced to two things look ma and Sabah

what you eat and the company you keep

and he said so God what you eat because

you will do according to what you eat if

you do eat hell out you do hell out if

you eat Haram you do Haram in spite of

yourself and he said look to who you

take as a companion because you're on

his Deen you're on his Deen and morality

Neha Leela he fell young boy I had a

cool demon Johanna

a man is on the Dean of his companion so

let one of you look to who he takes as a

companion to who he takes as a companion

so that he protects his stomach from the

Haram yet Akuma should be happy man and

the next thing is Turkish shougo had

Turkish ubu hot so here he's covered the

he's going through these things

the Turkish super hot is is literally

leaving anything in which is doubt

anything in in which there is doubt and

this is a mahom of what's called voila

or scrupulousness and the people of what

are the people who leave the most heavy

hat those things in which there is doubt

and then he says yeah motherfucker ooh

well you're lucky she heed that he

guards his private part the prophet saw

the light is that I'm said manba mean

Ally my benefit kay he was foggy day he

come into the hole Jenna the one who

will guarantee for me the town and

what's between his two sides or her to

side then I will guarantee for them the

Jenna and so guarding one's Forge

literally is part of taqwa and this

follows the food because eating the

haram leads to doing the haram you see

each one of these things moves one of my

mother had told me once he said I know

Betty do zina the eye is the post it's

the post sending the letter of

fornication is that the burrito zina and

this is why everyone has a degree of

zina written for them and the farts you

can't do boohoo oh you suck nipple the

the private part will either negate it

or confirm it so the eye the hand the

tongue like giving more our da or some

type of flirtation with the tongue this

is a type of Zena touching for leather

is a type of Zena looking for leather is

a type of Lena and the looking between

the Muslim have to be with a deaf you

know and you can get into difference

about and watch who would campaign and

these type of things

I really don't these are all my secular

fear that people have but the basic

bottom line is that you should not let

her take do that if you're finding that

you have leather from looking at the

face of a either a man or a woman then

you have to fear Allah it's a key glass

where you hold them in paucity heat and

don't lay it the unmanned

mahasin and Murad that a man should not

reflect and contemplate on the beauty of

a woman unless he intends to marry her

or it's his wife

and the same goes for the women that

they were a Izumo rosado's Sita Rama and

Nisa in other word halma city of the

life would hide Ibrahim in his fate

Allah says that it's not obligatory for

the man to cover what is Haram for the

woman to look at in other words that

between the rock VII and the surah is is

not his hour for the man the chest is

not the aura that does not mean that a

woman can look at it is not permissible

for a woman to look at a man's chest

without the shirt on but it's not

obligatory on him to cover it she has to

lower her gaze and this is really

honoring women because Allah has made

the woman cover because of the weakness

of a man whereas the woman because she's

stronger in that area and this is the

truth that the the man is more

susceptible to that type of facade but

the reason a lot began was zania to a

zani with xania - was an e he begins

with the female because generally

fornication happens when the woman

allows the man and inclines the man

towards something that he already has a

susceptibility so if the woman is strong

the man might desire but doesn't have

the opportunity you see but the woman is

actually has more info in this matter

than the man and Allah honors her

because of that and this is why he's

asked her to veil herself so that she's

not accosted by men who are weaker in

that aspect and this really is is I mean

it's very clear by istikhara by analysis

of the Quranic picture that it's showing

that the same with women praying behind

men you see a man the reason where men

can't pray next to a woman or a woman in

front of a man is because the man's

going to lose himself become preoccupied

with something that he's not supposed to

be thinking about when he's praying

where the woman can prayed behind the

man because that she's not as

susceptible to that by the nature of who

she is then the man is again this is an

honoring and we know during the time the

Prophet that there was not a curtain

between the women and the men in the

Masjid the young boys would pray by

but we also know the Prophet said the

worst ranks of the women are the first

ranks for that reason that they have men

in front of them that are bowing and

things like that but just the fact that

that exists again shows that the woman

has more strength and it has been proven

in studies of

Dinah to pupil dilation they do these

studies these people study everything

and they know that the pupil will expand

when it sees something pleasurable and

contracts when it sees something that is

not pleasurable and what they do is they

do these studies where they show people

pictures pleasurable pictures men's

pupils will dilate

whereas women's don't but they found

that women are more attracted to the

voice than they are to the visual

pictures and things like this is the

fascinating studies that are done about

that that confirm again the wisdom of

the Sharia and in the same way the fair

pheromones of human beings which has

been established now that we have

pheromones that are that are literally

sexual receptors that go out and attract

the opposite sex the pheromones of women

have been shown to be radiating that

they actually radiate and the pheromones

of men are obtained through touch and so

again the hijab literally is part of

that protecting the the inherent nature

of a woman and so it's all the wisdom of

the Sharia will be confirmed again and

again so did EMI Athena said I'll copy

one pussy M hotta at the bayon Elohim

and we'll help they Allah will show them

all these signs until it becomes clear

and then yeah for the photo julia

talking Shaheed said but she was sorry

demon ooh and you read and he should

fear the witness of the angels in his

limbs his two hands and his two feet

said what she was saying so there he's

completed the seven the seven things

that we have to guard the heart with and

this is the eye the ear the tongue the

button the pouch the hands and the feet

and this is the way we destroy our

hearts and if we guard ourselves

become responsible because these poor

things are going to bear witness against

us on llamo Keanu these hands will bear

witness against us on the OPM and say he

made me do this we are in charge the

Apple is in charge here the hands are

not in charge if I want to drink a cup

my hand did not do an autonomous action


it didn't rebel against me you see no I

commanded my hand to go and pick up the

glass and now I'm telling it to put it


you see stop that doesn't work like that

unless you have Parkinson's disease or

something like that where it's beyond

human control and then people shake and

things like that but that's not what

we're talking about if you've got those

problems then you can't do anything

wrong right somebody paralyzed there

that's it and that's why the share who's

Annie is the worst type creat