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tertainment can be but

what type of entertainment this is the

question you see I mean our

entertainment is not like their

entertainment their entertainment is

filled with things that we really

shouldn't be looking at and what they

call parental guidence subhanAllah I

mean this just really pornography from a

Muslim perspective and it corrupts are

you it corrupts the youth it really does

and even you know I'm actually want to

I've written one commentary on a Disney

movie I'm watching all these Disney

movies too not encouraging youth to do

that but to do actually analyses of them

because they're very insidious films

that that actually have deep hidden

subliminal messages to our youth and

most of the messages deal with in fact

disobedience to parents it's not a joke

I mean it's it's it's very deeply

ingrained if you look at the Little

Mermaid it's basically about a girl

who's refusing to obey her father and

what the message of the movie is disobey

your father marry whoever you want which

in this culture means sleep with whoever

you want and your father will still

you that's the message and the same with

the Aladdin is actually a deep attack on

the Sharia of Islam in fact it's it's

even though they don't blatantly say it

I'll just give you very quick examples

the the scene where she steals an apple

or takes an apple to feed a four person

and they're about to chop her hand off

which has nothing to do with the Sharia

of Islam because poor people first of

all there's no cuttin in food and the

Prophet Elias and I'm said about the


there's no cutting when people are

hungry so that that's not Sharia but

they're showing the Americans that idea

of cutting the hand for stealing to help

somebody it has nothing to do the song

but the the deep insidious attack is

that the woman she's a princess who

cannot marry a common person and this is

the idea except in in Islam and in the

shaft reMed have there's the idea of

khufu that a crazy woman who is cory

shia the father can refuse to marry her

to a Tamimi

or to a Calvi because that she is

parecía and that is an acceptable

position in islam even though it's not

the jump or position of Maddock ahmed

and our hanifa of Dalarna it is an

acceptable position and people should be

aware of that

of the idea of excel and it attacks that

whole idea and basically again says that

the king in the end says well i guess it

is a tradition in other words it's an

old sacred law but we can just change it

and this is the message and aladdin

Aladeen becomes ow

which is exactly what they want an out

Dean - ow

TV watching movie and even not knowing

the game watching each other well you

know I just about TV I could go on for

hours because and so can TV how they can

mean or Kings the hard haha what what I

would what I would do initially there's

two ways you can go with TV TV is an

addiction it's just like it is just like

heroin or morphine or opium they don't

like to talk about this but all of their

statistics show that people are addicted

to television and they show the same

type of withdrawal symptoms when they

stop watching television as they do with

other addictive drugs this is all been

scientifically documented it's not

something that I'm making up and there

are many bugs the plug-in drug by these

win or for arguments for the elimination

of television amusing ourselves to death

a whole bunch I've read a lot of books

on television written by very brilliant

analyst of that medium and so basically

it is an addiction if you are addicted

to television and I would say watching

it every day is a sign of addiction

because anything you do on a regular

basis every day is a type of addiction

if you're watching it every day then

first of all the the first thing you

have to do is look at what you're

watching now that's the most important

thing first as just a first step

you most people will find that what they

watch is rubbish there are certain

people that do watch like the news which

i think is rubbish as well because it is

just empty I mean there's a book called

watching TV news by Neil postman very

clearly articulates the fact this guy is

a PhD in communications theory at

Columbia University that you don't learn

anything on the news you in fact are are

actually dumbed down people during the

Gulf War crisis there were statistical

studies done the people watching CNN

knew less about the war than people that

were reading

articles about the war so and you can

read an article in five minutes it'd

take you a half an hour to watch a news

program about 90% of it is just what

they call fluff and then the 10% is and

the other thing I don't think we should

look and I'm very opposed to showing

pictures of dead Muslims in the Battle

of a hut and then when the prophet saw

the Muslims that were dead he commanded

the Sahaba to cover them over that we're

not we should not denigrate our brothers

and sisters that have died in the way of

Allah by exposing their nakedness to the

whole world to look at and the fact that

the kuffar do this is cuz they're just

dogs over over carcasses that's what

they are they're just dog those

photojournalists they're like dogs over

carcasses they have no human compassion

for the the people and the victims that

they're taking pictures of and the

Muslims should not we should not become

part of that and I really would urge all

of you to write magazines Islamic

magazines and ask them to stop putting

these pictures in our magazines because

one we become desensitized to the

suffering that our brothers and sisters

are experiencing all over the world but

two they literally don't benefit you

what you end up doing is looking at it

feeling disgusted and turning the next

page and that is is something it's

despicable in itself the fact that you

can see that and then go have dinner is

a sign that the hearts dead I mean if we

really have living hearts and you see

one of those pictures you'll vomit or

just weep bitter tears and problems that

he wouldn't eat house an atrocity

somebody mentioned death to him and he

didn't eat for three days so really

think about that but you know the

television is a serious disease what

what I would recommend this Ramadan is

everybody who has a television just

unplug it during that month literally

put it into a closet and don't watch it

for an entire month and just look at the

change that takes place in your life

inside the house it was it positive or

was it negative that's what I would ask

all of you to do and what you need to do

is really incre encourage your children

and instill in them a love of reading

from an early age because if they

if you use the television as a

babysitter as them as children they will

become addicted to it at an early age

and television is hard to compete with

it really is it's a type of neural

stimulation that books tend to have a

difficult time competing with and

children that grow up watching

television end up not reading and this

has also been documented so I would

encourage you to read the literature

there's a book called kicking the TV

habit which is a very good book for

parents and it gives alternatives to

doing these things and one thing with

the children is you know I would just

encourage like family people instead of

getting together to watch a television

program is do something human where you

literally interact with each other and

just enrich our lives a little bit thank

you so much I still would give him your

questions and I'm sure he would be more

than glad to read all of them that's for

me thank you for for you the English

days of