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Event Name: Curing the Heart
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>jihad and liova and these type of thing

so then he says they jazz it up Tom what

happened out of behalf these the the if

we want taqwa there are four aspects to

it four aspects to taqwa and then he

says well he had a static super in

Montana and it is for the person of

snuke it will take them to the paths of

benefit and he says you hold Warren in

here and in my hiding me he should the

first thing that we learned is that the

seven the seven limbs and he'll go

through each one

yeah who'd wanna hear and in Mohave me

where you're Khufu some ago an Anatomy

Cathy Burton Mimi tan zuoren kideth

woody Sano a Hara the turkey modulate

that he should Yahoo do a name here and

in Mahara me we should lower our gains

from what is haram : mock me Nina

Yahoo doe min episod he him tell them

what we need to lower their gaze and

tell them what me not to lower their

gaze this is on the haram what is ever

held on to look at then we should lower

our gaze from it because the eye

although the rule AMA have agreed that

the eye is literally not connected to a

kuvira that there's no action that the I

can partake in that is connected to a

grave wrong action

but my Cuban as I said la salle Hirata

bidis tomorrow there is no little wrong

action with esteem rah with continuity

of actions so if the eye is always

looking at the haram that itself becomes

a Kabira

so the actual if the eye sees haram

occasionally which is especially in this

country you're just out of the villa I

mean we're just surrounded by imbibing

the Haram which is a disaster for one's

iman because they agree also that the

the ostrich area hasn't had a facade of

odd and I mean the quickest limb to

destroy the heart is the the eye itself

this will destroy the heart and part of

it is because visual things are actually

more difficult than to get out than

hearing you can hear many things but

you'll forget them you can hear music

but you'll forget it but I guarantee you

if you've watched films that you've got

those images in your mind right now I

know that everybody in here who's seen

films or watch television you can close

your eyes now and imagine a film that

you saw and there's images of the Haram

that are in your heart they're there how

do you get rid of that we shouldn't have

looked at it in the first place now it's

there what do we do this is a disaster

and this is what chef anh does he likes

to fill the heart with the Haram so

there's no room for the halal because

the Haram is a is a we are and every

container has limits and you have to

empty it of the Haram and the jelly

before it can be filled with the halal

and the noir of Islam and that's why the

Sahaba of the Martin who said the

Prophet literally emptied us out of

jahiliya to fill us up with Islam so

there's an emptying that has to take

place before there's a filling just like

you have to exhale before you can inhale

just like the heart has to be contracted

before it can be expanded this is the

nature of a lot of creation the

diastolic the systolic this is the the

very nature the pupil is expands in

order to take in and it contracts in

order to prevent light from coming in

and this is the nature that Allah has

made us on so contraction and expansion


and el vaso he's these two the expander

and the contractor so the more we expand

for chiffon the more we contract for

Iman or for Rahman the more we expand

for the right man

the more we contract for chiffon and

this is really the nature of creation so

he's telling us Yahoo Buena here and in

Mahara me and then the Khufu scimitar

one in the Anthony he turns away from

listening to that aha shut up so he

begins with the I because that is the

most important organ and then he goes to

the ear now that here is very

interesting also if you look at the eye

the eye literally takes in only a linear

we have a basic peripheral vision but

it's limited we don't see behind us but

if you look at the ear the ear by its

nature is circular it takes in

everything around it and this is why

generally in the Quran Allah begins with

in the summer well borrow wada hula-hula

i kakano anhu Missoula that they eat the

hearing the sight and the heart all of

these things the human being is

responsible for we are literally

responsible for these things why because

if we allow our ears and our eyes to

open up to everything then the heart is

what suffers so the ear in the eye which

are called more water than in and

melodicas yeah they're the areas where

knowledge comes in but also we're

ignorant comes in and they come in and

enter into the container of the heart

and so literally the movement is

somebody who protects and guards his

eyes and his ears in order to protect

his heart they're literally like oh dude

like boundaries in which he must defend

them so these are armies that were to

use for Allah to protect the city of the

heart which is the residents of Iman

that is the medic that is the king that

we should respect and protect but if we

literally open up like any country that

just leaves its borders and anybody can

flood in

then this is what happens with the human

being the heart is left unprotected and

literally the armies of jahiliyyah flood

into the heart because that's what they

want to conquer and this is what chiffon

wants to conquer he wants to become king

of the city of the heart and this is

what Allah is warning us about he's

warning us in the Quran

don't take shot chiffon as your friend

don't take chiffon as a Nasir

he's his hadoo his reward he's deceptive

he will betray us and this is the nature

so he tells us that we have to protect

the ear from what's wrong and then he

gives us the examples Carrie Burton

nummy Merton Zoran kideth diva is he

begins with Heba because Viva is the

most common this is what most of us have

this is what we're dealing with Muslims

have become people that back bite yes

tell Baba Baba and Allah says laughter

Babu come baba don't let one of you back

by another of you well I asked got him

in a moment don't let a group mark

another group don't let one group mark

another who don't be people trivial

people of backbiting and trivial

pursuits these type of thing know we

should be people of death and so he's

warning us about backbiting and then he

says mamimi

because mamimi literally is that which

separates people is called if sad battle

vain and the Islam is based on his life

that'll vain for us today Havana hueco

rectify between your two brothers and

then he says zu ands or is false

witnessing bearing false witness which

is really this is a wretched thing one

of the worst things that a human being

can do is to bear false witness against

other people and then he ends with kitty

because this in a sense is really a

generic under which these other things

will fall and kideth is anything that is

opposite of the truth and this is

something to be avoided

neither listening to it and then he says

the San who ihara the atacama Judith

it's even more important

not to listen to these things but not to

speak them yourself in other words don't

become that's a vesicle whereby people

pour this poison into you but don't

yourselves pour it into other people

because it's actually worse to be the

one who is pouring this found us into

others than to be the one receiving it

what cheetah homer shut up and both of

them have evil both are evil States and

then he says yeah follow but no woman at

her army now he moves to the the stomach

so he's dealt with the eyes the ears the

tongue and he there's seven limbs that

are literally like the war or the the

boundary and then he goes to the button

the stomach yeah for the what no human

at her army that he protects and guards

his stomach from the Haram the prophet

sallallaahu incident told us about that

if you have Elsa to Panama City or

hadith in what was no Harry a button

wherever to Panama that don't even worry

about whatever afflicts you from dunya

if you have a mana trust was Cisco Hadid

well Hadippa to husana and good

character and then guarding what you eat

a mizerock said all of nana can be

reduced to two things look ma and Sabah

what you eat and the company you keep

and he said so God what you eat because

you will do according to what you eat if

you do eat hell out you do hell out if

you eat Haram you do Haram in spite of

yourself and he said look to who you

take as a companion because you're on

his Deen you're on his Deen and morality

Neha Leela he fell young boy I had a

cool demon Johanna

a man is on the Dean of his companion so

let one of you look to who he takes as a

companion to who he takes as a companion

so that he protects his stomach from the

Haram yet Akuma should be happy man and

the next thing is Turkish shougo had

Turkish ubu hot so here he's covered the

he's going through these things

the Turkish super hot is is literally

leaving anything in which is doubt

anything in in which there is doubt and

this is a mahom of what's called voila

or scrupulousness and the people of what

are the people who leave the most heavy

hat those things in which there is doubt

and then he says yeah motherfucker ooh

well you're lucky she heed that he

guards his private part the prophet saw

the light is that I'm said manba mean

Ally my benefit kay he was foggy day he

come into the hole Jenna the one who

will guarantee for me the town and

what's between his two sides or her to

side then I will guarantee for them the

Jenna and so guarding one's Forge

literally is part of taqwa and this

follows the food because eating the

haram leads to doing the haram you see

each one of these things moves one of my

mother had told me once he said I know

Betty do zina the eye is the post it's

the post sending the letter of

fornication is that the burrito zina and

this is why everyone has a degree of

zina written for them and the farts you

can't do boohoo oh you suck nipple the

the private part will either negate it

or confirm it so the eye the hand the

tongue like giving more our da or some

type of flirtation with the tongue this

is a type of Zena touching for leather

is a type of Zena looking for leather is

a type of Lena and the looking between

the Muslim have to be with a deaf you

know and you can get into difference

about and watch who would campaign and

these type of things

I really don't these are all my secular

fear that people have but the basic

bottom line is that you should not let

her take do that if you're finding that

you have leather from looking at the

face of a either a man or a woman then

you have to fear Allah it's a key glass

where you hold them in paucity heat and

don't lay it the unmanned

mahasin and Murad that a man should not

reflect and contemplate on the beauty of

a woman unless he intends to marry her

or it's his wife

and the same goes for the women that

they were a Izumo rosado's Sita Rama and

Nisa in other word halma city of the

life would hide Ibrahim in his fate

Allah says that it's not obligatory for

the man to cover what is Haram for the

woman to look at in other words that

between the rock VII and the surah is is

not his hour for the man the chest is

not the aura that does not mean that a

woman can look at it is not permissible

for a woman to look at a man's chest

without the shirt on but it's not

obligatory on him to cover it she has to

lower her gaze and this is really

honoring women because Allah has made

the woman cover because of the weakness

of a man whereas the woman because she's

stronger in that area and this is the

truth that the the man is more

susceptible to that type of facade but

the reason a lot began was zania to a

zani with xania - was an e he begins

with the female because generally

fornication happens when the woman

allows the man and inclines the man

towards something that he already has a

susceptibility so if the woman is strong

the man might desire but doesn't have

the opportunity you see but the woman is

actually has more info in this matter

than the man and Allah honors her

because of that and this is why he's

asked her to veil herself so that she's

not accosted by men who are weaker in

that aspect and this really is is I mean

it's very clear by istikhara by analysis

of the Quranic picture that it's showing

that the same with women praying behind

men you see a man the reason where men

can't pray next to a woman or a woman in

front of a man is because the man's

going to lose himself become preoccupied

with something that he's not supposed to

be thinking about when he's praying

where the woman can prayed behind the

man because that she's not as

susceptible to that by the nature of who

she is then the man is again this is an

honoring and we know during the time the

Prophet that there was not a curtain

between the women and the men in the

Masjid the young boys would pray by

but we also know the Prophet said the

worst ranks of the women are the first

ranks for that reason that they have men

in front of them that are bowing and

things like that but just the fact that

that exists again shows that the woman

has more strength and it has been proven

in studies of

Dinah to pupil dilation they do these

studies these people study everything

and they know that the pupil will expand

when it sees something pleasurable and

contracts when it sees something that is

not pleasurable and what they do is they

do these studies where they show people

pictures pleasurable pictures men's

pupils will dilate

whereas women's don't but they found

that women are more attracted to the

voice than they are to the visual

pictures and things like this is the

fascinating studies that are done about

that that confirm again the wisdom of

the Sharia and in the same way the fair

pheromones of human beings which has

been established now that we have

pheromones that are that are literally

sexual receptors that go out and attract

the opposite sex the pheromones of women

have been shown to be radiating that

they actually radiate and the pheromones

of men are obtained through touch and so

again the hijab literally is part of

that protecting the the inherent nature

of a woman and so it's all the wisdom of

the Sharia will be confirmed again and

again so did EMI Athena said I'll copy

one pussy M hotta at the bayon Elohim

and we'll help they Allah will show them

all these signs until it becomes clear

and then yeah for the photo julia

talking Shaheed said but she was sorry

demon ooh and you read and he should

fear the witness of the angels in his

limbs his two hands and his two feet

said what she was saying so there he's

completed the seven the seven things

that we have to guard the heart with and

this is the eye the ear the tongue the

button the pouch the hands and the feet

and this is the way we destroy our

hearts and if we guard ourselves

become responsible because these poor

things are going to bear witness against

us on llamo Keanu these hands will bear

witness against us on the OPM and say he

made me do this we are in charge the

Apple is in charge here the hands are

not in charge if I want to drink a cup

my hand did not do an autonomous action


it didn't rebel against me you see no I

commanded my hand to go and pick up the

glass and now I'm telling it to put it


you see stop that doesn't work like that

unless you have Parkinson's disease or

something like that where it's beyond

human control and then people shake and

things like that but that's not what

we're talking about if you've got those

problems then you can't do anything

wrong right somebody paralyzed there

that's it and that's why the share who's

Annie is the worst type creature you

know the ones that are old and decrepit

and you know they're still doing these

hard on things it's something despicable

so though then that's that's the first

we're dealing with four things here of

how to purify the heart and achieve

taqwa that's the first one and I'll go

briefly through the next three will

you'll pay for the water at the Y anima

mala FINA be here but the hakama that he

should not do anything without knowing

the hokum of allah and this is something

that we're very neglectful about there

are many people that go into businesses

go into contract go into relationships

without understanding what the hell come

of our lawsuit behind with data is and

this is something that's disastrous we

have to know what allah has commanded in

everything in every single action and

allah has not left us without guidance

we even have guidance when you don't

have a choice but between two haram


this happens in existence and we have

also li principles that protect us and

guide us but we have to have taqwa and

we have to go and ask the people that if

we don't know we have to ask the people

that know and then he says you'll fire

on Bulba Minnery ie what hazard in

Richmond what coolly die so the next


achieving taqwa after the seven limbs

and after learning the Sharia of Islam

is Sapiro pal that you purify the heart

men Maria and the prophets Allah

lightest and I'm said that Turia and his

OMA is alpha min American men the the

shirk is more alpha it's more discrete

then the new militant soda a black and

fill a Latin Valmer

in a dark night a la Sahara Tim Elsa on

a smooth rock this is the shirk of the

prophets ulna it's a very subtle shirk

and it's called the RIA which is showing

off your iron ass showing to people and

not guarding what Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala is commanded and then so he

begins with react because that's the

foundation of all sicknesses and then he

says what has it and husband willfully

died hath set is to be envious and this

is one of the worst things and the

prophets all I said I'm said in Al

Hassan uh yeah bullet has an ad come

attack or not

al he thought that the Envy will eat the

good action like fire eats the dry wood

and so Hassan what has he neither hasad

seeking refuge from Hasan and hazard is

when it's different from guilt ah in the

Arabic language in the fifth at the

house at the Prophet Allah has said that

in Lafayette name that hazard is called

the HIPAA which is where if somebody has

knowledge or has memorized the Quran you

don't have hassle but you wish that you

were like him you wish you had what he

had without him losing it or her losing

it and that's called Gupta that's a good

hazard that's a good Envy wealthy

Vatican pietà novice and molten Fe soon

that we should compete and buy with good

action there's nothing wrong with that

so that is a high thing it's not a low

thing but hazard is where you're not

content with Allah's decree and it's a

horrible state to be in because Allah

gave that person and if you're not if

you want him to lose that it means you

want Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

to take away what he's given which is

good for that slave and then rushman

Rajab is different from Cuba because

rigid is that the the merger

he's impressed with himself without

necessarily being with the Aliana hat he

might not be exalting himself over

somebody else but he's impressed with


you know Maj Melanie I would've you that

my lemony multi ebony that type of

attitude like oh I'm so wonderful and

I'm so you know this or that and this is

a deep sickness urge and the prophets

all aligned is to them he said one of

the signs of the end of time is Java

Cooley the Ryan veeraiah he where

everyone who has an opinion is impressed

with his opinion that's one of the signs

at the end of time where people think

their opinions are so wonderful and so

Rajab is a deep sickness and the way

that Rajab is is uprooted from the heart

is that you see who the money is if you

have a gift that Allah has given you you

recognize that it's from Allah Allah is

the money Allah is the one who gave you

that gift and so you recognize that it's

a gift from Allah and just as he gave it

to you he can take it away from you and

eventually you will be if you're

beautiful your beauty will fade if your

intelligence your intellect dies just

like everything else this is the nature

even the most brilliant person Allah can

Yoda Julieta of the Lama he can send him

back to senility like a baby that I

don't want to shake up not knowing

anything and this happened people PhD

look Ronald Reagan now he is the

president United States now he doesn't

even remember who his wife is you see

this Alzheimer's disease you know you

can be so impressed with yourself and

Allah can literally take away everything

he's given to you and this happens

people lose their minds they lose their

memories they lose all these things so a

jib is a deep sickness and it has to be

uprooted from the heart what could he

die and then you get into many hazard

both Bovina there's a whole bunch of

diseases of the heart that I really

don't have time to go into and then he

tells us we're gonna be an awesome

awesome ideal al-fatih he gives us the

source of all of these diseases

habari aza were powerful auntie

loving leadership loving leadership

wanting to be in charge and the Prophet

said learn I'll be harder I'm a monk

Bulava who one man yeah how do you

swanny we don't give leadership to

anyone who seeks it or once he's

obtained it covets it and none of us

should see ourselves as everybody's

expendable everybody if you're the

greatest wise or the greatest move to

condemn you are expendable in Allah's

Deen Allah Dean does not need you it

doesn't need me and it doesn't need any

individual because Dean will continue

and we will all die everybody in this

room like the Prophet said within 100

years will be dead and there will be new

people to take this Deen on the deen

does not need us we need the Deen

that's a moon remilia is phenomenal

don't start telling me that you've come

into Islam as some gift to me this is

what the Prophet is told to tell these

people but Allah gives you the gift of


you don't give you Salaam your gifts

Allah gave you those gifts and blessed

you with Islam that you might use those

gifts for Islam and so this love of

leadership is a disease and like the

American Native American people they say

that the biggest problem is when you

have too many chiefs and not enough

Braves you have too many people want to

be chief and not enough people that want

to do the work because the chief is the

one that commands and doozie but you

need the people who and now everybody

says who's he to tell me what to do

who's he to tell me what to do and this

is and there's fold-up anarchy even the

family has become

anarchical because there's no structure

and then these type of things and then

what Butterfield auntie is

procrastination and this really is a

whole dump in itself the idea for crash

nation it's one of the things that

fascinates me more than anything else

why we procrastinate why given what we

know we put off the after all

Caliban to head wound and agita to Rick

Boone and I do that what's our own and

our hell

you put off you love this Angela that

Sonia is going the dunya and you put off

the I'll Cara and you put off what's

immediate what's really right in front

of you

Elmo to occur abu allah Abdi min

shyrokyne Adi he death is closer to us

than the strap of the sandal death is in

our face every day of our lives

and yet we put off we go to sleep we

fall to sleep as he will pop down to

hostel and so putting up in data meet

mentions a beautiful hadith in which it

was related that she Auto share pod at

us we've you'll be husband movement that

be the slogan of share bond is

procrastination that he thrust into the

heart of the believer well hey we'll

better agenda who the best righteousness

is the one that's done immediately

that's why the prayer is done

immediately all the action should be

done immediately like the saying and

that you should live in the dunya as if

you live forever but work for after as

if you die tomorrow if you're gonna die

tomorrow in in internal matters you're

gonna try to get them all done today

whereas in dunya matters if you have to

forever to do them you can procrastinate

with dunya matters you can't

procrastinate without her no matter what

we do now is we procrastinate for al

Qaeda matters and we do dunya matters

and one of the signs of taqwa in in in

is that the moment if he's given a

choice between dunya and akhira he

chooses the dunya matter over the the

the after no matter over the dunya

matter that's a sign in itself and then

he says Russell javea who could agita

the source is love of Angela that's why

this procrastination Lisa Dawa Allah

Akbar Allah there's no cure from all of

these things that he's mentioned except

to flee to Allah subhana WA Ta'ala to

void Allah he and then I'll just end

this by a saying of Ibraheem and Hawass

who was one of the sannin from sham and

he gave five things in which the heart

could be cured

the world pollution city Asha karate

Lauren with the dub or reading the Quran

with reflection the heart can be cured

by the Quran the Quran is she Fatima to

Sodor it's a cure of what's in the heart

and we have to return to the Quran we

have to become people of Quran we have

to become people of T now WA we have to

become P and chill our in Arabic means

to recite but it also means to follow

it's a beautiful language you see it

means to recite but it also means to

follow allodynia to do Nikita Ally

hospitality he those who recite the book

of allah as it should be recited as it

should be followed not only do they read

it but they actually act according to it

what a family that ilaha the moon when

it follows the Sun Tala it's the same

word Tala it's Lou to recite so reciting

the Quran should mean following the

Quran so we should recite it with to

DeBoer and then he says well halal

button the album titled heaven fitna

that too much food will ruin your

intellects and one of the signs the

Prophet said after the firown' and

Moffat Allah he said he'd open horny

from melody Nia Luna home to melody nyan

own thumb my Alvaro VM is Semin and then

he said and then people start getting

plum plum and that doesn't count for the

ladies it counts for the men because the

earth of people some countries the woman

are plump and there were Sahabi at that

we know even the prophets beloved wife

so de omar when he saw her because she

was a heavyset woman even though she had

a fee death he said I know who you are

so that because she was heavyset so the

Prophet didn't bother her about that so

it's not you know that's that's not the

women need wait for childbirth and

things like that but not pathological

ways and we should know the difference

so the halal boppin what p.m. a nail the

getting up in the night literally this

will purify the heart and cure the heart

of diseases whatsoever in the south and

the time of Sahara is an important time

right before the puja that is the

important time

my she wrote a beautiful poem

yeah NFC a foamy water a one's a jelly

will let that Valletta to do neodymium

Fedora and then he says well a CML who

you are walk the sahari

leave all of the pleasures of this world

especially that Pleasant sleep right

before fedja

you have to abandon that sleep and in

sha Allah give us the strength to do

that because that's a time will be as

hairiest at home most octoroon though

those people who doing that as hard they

ask forgiveness of Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala and really this is what we have

to do to revive this Ummah to begin to

get up and complain to the one who loves


Allah loves complaint everybody in

creation hates complaint you come to me

start complaining to me and I'm gonna

not be very patient but you go to Allah

and he loves complaint and we know in

the hadith that he actually will not

answer the prayer of a slave that he

loved because he loves to hear him call

on him maja

so Allah loves that so we should make to

the rock and the last one who genesis of

Saudi Xin sitting with the righteous

people yeah you had latina amino at

Apple la well Coulomb I saw the pain o

you who believe

have tap of Allah and be with those of

sip of truthfulness people who remind

you of Allah like I'm in Zurich said let

us help in men you know Hitler Kahana

who where you do look at all I'm Apollo

who don't take as a companion except one

who his state will get you Micheel with

get you going get you energized to be

worship Allah while you do look an

alignment honorable and what he says

takes you to Allah a photo Kody had it

was tough for the lodges are

brothers and sisters there are more

questions than we can ever answer I

would say due to the time limit our

brother has to travel today brother

Hamza Yusuf I'll try to cover a few

questions and with him first one is

would you please address those teenagers

who want to go every Friday night with

the American friends apparently

non-muslims to move his parties and how

haram this is and how it affects their

lives you know the postal item said if

you knew what I knew you wouldn't go out

at night and that's not a joke

because most of the mafia - a lot takes

place in the night like vampires they

they're awake at night they have to go

into the coffins

they're past during the daytime and

that's why they say normal body marry

gotta the sleep of the oppressor is like

worshiping because it's the only time

they're not doing anything wrong and the

people of night sleep during the day so

you know the other thing I mean it's

unfortunate I think part of it is you

know Aisha there's beautiful tradition

that Anna Solley relates about Aisha of

the Alana when the Habashi were dancing

in the Masjid and they were singing

ibaka Sampaguita in Habashi they were

like praising the prophet in Habashi a--

and she the Prophet took her and he was

hiding her with his Rida his cloak and

he asked her a - deviant and Lauri yeah

I should you want to look and she said

yes and then she she said I got up on

his shoulder and her cheek was next to

the prophet's cheek and she said

something about the Aloha and huh she

said that the Prophet said how spooky is

that enough she said that you know I

want to see some more and then he said

after a little while how spooky

is that enough she said no and she said

well I I didn't want to watch them

I just wanted women to know her mom how

close she was to the Prophet so a lot is

enough it's a view she's a young girl

she was very young girl and she means

but in the hadith the point of that is

she said I was at an age that people

yeah 10 below that the entertainment

still was something enjoyable which is

an indication that at a certain age when

people are youthful that entertainment

is something and the Prophet was not

opposed to entertainment really he was

not opposed to entertainment in fact he

asked about Malema for the Ansar is

their level and when they said no he

said bring some entertainment because he

said you're a diva home al-ansari you're

a diva moment allow the unsought

they like entertainment and he also said

at one point bring some entertainment on

this read because I like to show the

Jews and the Christians that we have put

half in our Deen that there's some but

there were not all these dry Puritan

type people that don't have some

enjoyment no entertainment can be but

what type of entertainment this is the

question you see I mean our

entertainment is not like their

entertainment their entertainment is

filled with things that we really

shouldn't be looking at and what they

call parental guidence subhanAllah I

mean this just really pornography from a

Muslim perspective and it corrupts are

you it corrupts the youth it really does

and even you know I'm actually want to

I've written one commentary on a Disney

movie I'm watching all these Disney

movies too not encouraging youth to do

that but to do actually analyses of them

because they're very insidious films

that that actually have deep hidden

subliminal messages to our youth and

most of the messages deal with in fact

disobedience to parents it's not a joke

I mean it's it's it's very deeply

ingrained if you look at the Little

Mermaid it's basically about a girl

who's refusing to obey her father and

what the message of the movie is disobey

your father marry whoever you want which

in this culture means sleep with whoever

you want and your father will still

you that's the message and the same with

the Aladdin is actually a deep attack on

the Sharia of Islam in fact it's it's

even though they don't blatantly say it

I'll just give you very quick examples

the the scene where she steals an apple

or takes an apple to feed a four person

and they're about to chop her hand off

which has nothing to do with the Sharia

of Islam because poor people first of

all there's no cuttin in food and the

Prophet Elias and I'm said about the


there's no cutting when people are

hungry so that that's not Sharia but

they're showing the Americans that idea

of cutting the hand for stealing to help

somebody it has nothing to do the song

but the the deep insidious attack is

that the woman she's a princess who

cannot marry a common person and this is

the idea except in in Islam and in the

shaft reMed have there's the idea of

khufu that a crazy woman who is cory

shia the father can refuse to marry her

to a Tamimi

or to a Calvi because that she is

parecía and that is an acceptable

position in islam even though it's not

the jump or position of Maddock ahmed

and our hanifa of Dalarna it is an

acceptable position and people should be

aware of that

of the idea of excel and it attacks that

whole idea and basically again says that

the king in the end says well i guess it

is a tradition in other words it's an

old sacred law but we can just change it

and this is the message and aladdin

Aladeen becomes ow

which is exactly what they want an out

Dean - ow

TV watching movie and even not knowing

the game watching each other well you

know I just about TV I could go on for

hours because and so can TV how they can

mean or Kings the hard haha what what I

would what I would do initially there's

two ways you can go with TV TV is an

addiction it's just like it is just like

heroin or morphine or opium they don't

like to talk about this but all of their

statistics show that people are addicted

to television and they show the same

type of withdrawal symptoms when they

stop watching television as they do with

other addictive drugs this is all been

scientifically documented it's not

something that I'm making up and there

are many bugs the plug-in drug by these

win or for arguments for the elimination

of television amusing ourselves to death

a whole bunch I've read a lot of books

on television written by very brilliant

analyst of that medium and so basically

it is an addiction if you are addicted

to television and I would say watching

it every day is a sign of addiction

because anything you do on a regular

basis every day is a type of addiction

if you're watching it every day then

first of all the the first thing you

have to do is look at what you're

watching now that's the most important

thing first as just a first step

you most people will find that what they

watch is rubbish there are certain

people that do watch like the news which

i think is rubbish as well because it is

just empty I mean there's a book called

watching TV news by Neil postman very

clearly articulates the fact this guy is

a PhD in communications theory at

Columbia University that you don't learn

anything on the news you in fact are are

actually dumbed down people during the

Gulf War crisis there were statistical

studies done the people watching CNN

knew less about the war than people that

were reading

articles about the war so and you can

read an article in five minutes it'd

take you a half an hour to watch a news

program about 90% of it is just what

they call fluff and then the 10% is and

the other thing I don't think we should

look and I'm very opposed to showing

pictures of dead Muslims in the Battle

of a hut and then when the prophet saw

the Muslims that were dead he commanded

the Sahaba to cover them over that we're

not we should not denigrate our brothers

and sisters that have died in the way of

Allah by exposing their nakedness to the

whole world to look at and the fact that

the kuffar do this is cuz they're just

dogs over over carcasses that's what

they are they're just dog those

photojournalists they're like dogs over

carcasses they have no human compassion

for the the people and the victims that

they're taking pictures of and the

Muslims should not we should not become

part of that and I really would urge all

of you to write magazines Islamic

magazines and ask them to stop putting

these pictures in our magazines because

one we become desensitized to the

suffering that our brothers and sisters

are experiencing all over the world but

two they literally don't benefit you

what you end up doing is looking at it

feeling disgusted and turning the next

page and that is is something it's

despicable in itself the fact that you

can see that and then go have dinner is

a sign that the hearts dead I mean if we

really have living hearts and you see

one of those pictures you'll vomit or

just weep bitter tears and problems that

he wouldn't eat house an atrocity

somebody mentioned death to him and he

didn't eat for three days so really

think about that but you know the

television is a serious disease what

what I would recommend this Ramadan is

everybody who has a television just

unplug it during that month literally

put it into a closet and don't watch it

for an entire month and just look at the

change that takes place in your life

inside the house it was it positive or

was it negative that's what I would ask

all of you to do and what you need to do

is really incre encourage your children

and instill in them a love of reading

from an early age because if they

if you use the television as a

babysitter as them as children they will

become addicted to it at an early age

and television is hard to compete with

it really is it's a type of neural

stimulation that books tend to have a

difficult time competing with and

children that grow up watching

television end up not reading and this

has also been documented so I would

encourage you to read the literature

there's a book called kicking the TV

habit which is a very good book for

parents and it gives alternatives to

doing these things and one thing with

the children is you know I would just

encourage like family people instead of

getting together to watch a television

program is do something human where you

literally interact with each other and

just enrich our lives a little bit thank

you so much I still would give him your

questions and I'm sure he would be more

than glad to read all of them that's for

me thank you for for you the English

days of