Elements of a Strong Aqidah

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Event Name: Elements of a Strong Aqidah
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We shall talk a little bit about the topic that was mentioned and then I would prefer just to open it up for some

discussion because I need yesterday and

there were a lot of some comments and

questions so the elements of a strong

aqeedah is the topic that I was given and first yesterday I think some people, like I recognize some faces from yesterday, we talked about the aqeedah and the

meaning of aqeedah, right.  for the

Muslims and, as I mentioned yesterday is a word that was introduced later was not a word that's found in the

the first community but it was

introduced later as a way of describing

a formal structure which is the belief

system that was in a sense codified by

scholars and they codified it out of a

necessity to clarify certain thing and

that is because in many ways the initial

community that the purpose of life that

I'm taught there were they have many

advantages over the people that would

come later and one of the greatest

advantages was that they were although

many of them were illiterate in terms of

reading and writing

they were extremely sophisticated in

terms of thought and they were able

because of the nature of their language

and the sophistication of the language

they were able to understand the Quran

with extraordinary depth and the Quran

really is a book that details what we

believe I mean if you want to find what

we believe you will find it in the Quran

but more than that and something I think

that's often not ignored but a lot of

times people are unaware of the

underlying or the undercurrent in the

Quran these things that don't always

appear at the surface of the pond if we

give the point on a superficial reading

and this is why Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

says in the Quran today a soda bottle


I'm Anika Ruben oxido ha don't they

reflect to double don't they think

reflect deeply about the Quran or are

their hearts filled do they have lots

that they can't they're unable to

understand it and so opening up and

looking at these things you'll get into

some extremely the most sophisticated

thought you see and really it deals with

the way we look at the world and what

athletes does it enables us to perceive

the world as it is as opposed to

perceiving it in a state of delusion and

what delusion is right we have illusions

and delusions the illusions are things

that we see outside of ourselves and we

don't see them in their correct as they

are like the person in the desert sees a

mirage he is seeing an illusion the

illusion is something that we believed

right that is incorrect ISM it's a false

belief and this is what the vast

majority of humanity is in a state of

they're in a deluded state in the Arabic

language it's called my war that they

are Mahal and she upon one of the names

of chiffon is Al hawa the one that

deludes people you see he takes them

away from reality

and this is a chiffons nature and it's

his job the Muslim is the one that

perceives reality as it is he perceives

it with Mozilla and Becerra is a word

which comes from buffer which is sight

but the Arabs in their language they say

a buffer all the lines can be austerity

little pal that the site and buffer is

for the eye what the box IRA is for the

heart in other words the heart also has

a vehicle right of perception which it

sees the

the heart sees things and when the heart

sees things

it recognizes those things to be as they

are so this Basia

is the thing that is opened up in the

muslim and this is why in the quran at

the end of surah yusuf an age to them

the process of item is commanded to say

upon hadisha very thorough in aloni out

of bosnia Anna

one minute's Abani say that this is my

path I call Dawa this is what Islam

after one has accepted it himself of the

invitation the Dawa

I called to this path right a la Fiera

on a true which comes from an inner

sight I and those who follow me so it's

not the boss sirens not for the Prophet

alone but it's for those who follow him

as well and that comes from a correct

perception of reality which come there's

an intellectual aspect to it but

unfortunately the intellectual aspect

isn't enough because we have Jewish

people in universities in the United

States or Christian people or atheists

or whoever they are that have studies

for instance what the Muslims believe

and in some cases much more deeply than

the vast majority of Muslims and yet it

has not impacted their perception of the


so it's something more than simply

intellectually being able to say yes the

Muslims believe this this this and this

it's something that goes beyond that and

so the ateva if you look at what those

elements are the elements there is an

intellectual aspect to it you see we

have to know those attributes of are

lots of cameras on us we have to know

what is impossible for Allah helmet on

we have to know what is permissible what

is it in the realm of possibility and we

have to know also about the Prophet the

nature of the Prophet you see and once

you have this these elements these

essential elements to use this the title

here once you have these things then you

have an actual criterion of for fun or

meta a criterion by which you can

measure all of those things that you are

confronted with and this is why it is

the most essential element in Islam you

see the

we are correct understanding is takes

primacy over all other aspects of Islam

before tip before anything we have to

correctly understand things and perceive

things as they are if you look at the

Shahada what I was saying about both era

that both era is a is a perception that

has to do with a type of site if you

look at actor work ash hadu an LA illaha

a lot she had a means to witness so at

the type of seeing it's translated as


or or this but if you look at the arabic

word Shahada it means to witness to see

such as i see that there is no god but

allah well ash hadu Ana Muhammadan Rasul

Allah so that seeing is a fight that

takes place in the heart that is why

that is the place of Eman is in the

heart it's not in the intellect it's not

in ratiocination intellectualization

it's in the heart and that is when the

intellectual understanding and the

spiritual or the cognitive mo that the

human being has unite and this is when

we have a complete human being and if

you have emotions without an

intellectual perception then you fall

into the trap of the Christians you see

who everything becomes love I love all

of you in the name of Jesus it's all

emotion that has no meaning and if you

go to the intellect without the heart

you become like the Jews because the

Jews are the ones that that look at

everything in terms of the intellect

they take things apart they like to what

type of cow is it female is it a male

does it do this does it do that what and

that's what they do and that's what

Allah tells us about them that is their

nature they try to take existence apart

they split the atom right and there's

three Jewish people that did that they

actually split let's find out what

happens when we split the atom all right

and then they found out and now we're

living under this constant threat of

nuclear mutual assured destruction whose

acronym is mad right so they call it now

they call it the Islamic bomb this I

mean its interest if you think about it

we didn't invent it who invented it

Linnaeus all right we based on

theoretical formulas that was given to

them by Einstein all right the thing of

zionists and he was a scientist too

so that's it's actually the Jewish bomb

and that's how you should call it the

Jewish bomb say oh we're worried about

the atomic bomb no no it's not this

Homer it's the Jewish bomb they invented

it they have it and they've used it I

mean we know now that they had secret

contracts with the South Africans and

they were testing nuclear weapons in

South Africa which is very odd I mean

it's interesting that the South Africans

who are the most racist white people on

the earth and the Jews from the most

racist people on the earth like get

together they must hate each other right

and because the South Africans I don't

think like the Jews but they have so

much in common right they feel

comfortable because they have the same

operator it's interesting

but birds of a feather flock together so

those are the two ways of going astray

and it's interesting that they're both

mentioned in surah Fatihah when I love

Hannah Montana's Yaak and I will do what

ya understand that by Fiza her hoody is

for Allah it is Diana like worship

adoration is for Allah and if the Jana

is for Allah dependence remind is that

we rely upon Allah is Yakka now with

what you have in a sign and then if you

know so often with nothing guide us on

that straight path right that's straight

path shut off and levena and I'm sorry

the one that you your Nana is with those

people they're on the right path laid in

marble dining and those that the Provost

office that was the Jews and if you look

at it extended it embodies anybody that

falls into I mean even Kenya or him

Allah says that the Muslims will go

astray two ways by the Jewish and that

is their tendency this is in the hadith

that we are the

closest illness of any dysphoria and the

public poll I said and said in a hadith

it's in the mishegoss and my father yeah

he said that that's it the VMS women a

novena man probably compote he said

somebody lucidum sicilian the Benitez

for our ears had won and the man

Hospital Kahneman woman after awhile

Ania the cameraman uma team infernal

Erica that you will follow the Jews just

in their footsteps even if there was one

that went to his mother

sexually in the open there would be from

my Ummah one that did the same thing so

the tendency of the Muslims is to go

astray like the Jews to become obsessed

with the intellect and to lose sight of

the heart that is the tendency the but

the other way is there too and it's

embodied in ignorant worshipers right is

it that and and look if you look at the

Muslims now how many people in the

Muslim Ummah they're ignorant worshipers

they're worshipping Allah without

knowledge and this again is a separation

of these two essential elements in Islam

which is the intellect that Allah has

given has been honored us with and the

heart and these two elements need to be

working and functioning together and if

they're not then you have an incomplete

human being so if you look from an

appeaser point of view the most simple

and basic and it's not it's not simple

it's a bad word but the clearest hears

him sort of it is halal now it's

interesting that it's culturally a flop

because your class means sincerity right

it means to be purified to be Mullis to

be the one that is sincere that they

don't have ulterior motives in what

they're doing and it's also sorted so he

it's the sort of so he so that the

action of the heart

according to Fabio evocative in and out

of these the party not the the Sufi

father Abu Bakr says that the action of

the heart a Middle Earth is two things

and a TFI the the belief was a flop

those are the two things that the Muslim

has to have in other words he has to

have the belief the correct belief but

he also has to have the sincerity that

enables that the need to take into our

last pleasure and content

and so if you're looking for a teraflop

this is the most clear commentary on the

the unity on the dot Peter which the

fundamental and essential element of our

Peter is the stories of a lot of panel

data this is what we differ from all the

other religious teachings in that they

have all deviated from that primal

teaching which is so sheet that is the

primal teaching of Adam and the prophets

that came after him uneven to them and

the culmination is in the Prophet

Muhammad's allotted to them and it's in

the what offensive who are the element

the people his inheritors who have

preserved this teaching by a lot of

panel data and to this day we have still

why he doing the Muslims are not in ship

so the air philosophy is the simple and

clear it's not this a lot I want to use

that word it's not a good word for the

pond but it is the clearest perception

of so he in very concise and the most

eloquent language but if you move then

to to that understanding of absorbing it

then you look at the practical

application that the public alike and

I'm gay if you look at the hadith that

even our bad about the alignment relates

that the promise of my Center was behind

him one day and he said yeah well then

find in the yell with them well I knew

more Peck hitting that let me teach you

some words this is the prophet Elijah

salvia it is teaching the youth because

if an adverse was very young at that

time he said let me teach you some work

and what follows is the pure Islamic


this is the pure is from yes Holly

laughs yeah opener guard Allah which

means preserve that he'll dude about

lots of panel of data and Allah will

preserve you one of their own Emma says

in Allah Allah yup aloo Goliath Atoka

Anna that one else Lisa when in the

mayor said O'Connor ulema when Noah he

grew hey Luca he said that a loss of

animal data will not ask you about his


nor will he ask you about his attributes

this is the theologians go into the

essence and the attribute and these

meanings he said he will not ask you

he will ask you about what he commanded

you to do and one of them naturally is

to affirm his unity and he will ask you

about what he forbade you to do so he

said seek Allah where he seeks you so

then the prophet Elijah them says yes

I'll be left the second time and this is

a techie that's an affirmation of the

importance of Muhammad which is

preservation preserving our Deen

preserving what Allah has given to us

and this is what the Muslims have lost

as Hevel see they've lost it and the

first thing that went according to the

hadith the boats Elijah and said that

that look that the grips of Islam or WA

Eastern and he said the grips of Islam

will break one by one and he said Oh 1

million of these lock down the cam

that's the first thing that goes in

other words the Sharia the hokum Perdue

and he said and the last thing to go is

the prayer so that is a dangerous sign

for those people out there those Muslims

who thinks by Joffe that I'm a Muslim in

other words in my intellect I'm a Muslim

right like the man in New York who told

me I said how's the fasting going he

said fine I said you're not hungry

because it was long right in the summer

he didn't no no I'm fasting in my mind

so and this is what happens you see the

Muslims that they they've completely

intellectualized Islam out of existence

so there's nothing left because Islam is

not a pita alone in other words it's not

just a belief system that belief system

has the impact on the life or it is not

a PITA in reality it's only information

like the Jewish professor of Islamic

Studies has and our University or

wherever he is

that's all this information and it's

meaningless because the information

without action is meaningless and so he

said yeah I'll be laughs say it whoo -

Jack if you preserve these things these

hadoo that Allah has given us you will

find him in front of you right you will

find a lots of panel of Dianna will be

your Mona your Nasser

he will be your master he will be your

the one that gives you victory he will

be constantly protecting you and then

you said either to enter that's any done

if you add a scale of the panel

because Allah loves when you slave asks

him and likewise the slaves do not like

people to ask them by our nature nobody

you like to give some about but nobody

really likes the beggar to come up to

him and say give me some celica nobody

likes that

he says you like to give people without

having to ask Allah loves for his slaves

to ask him and so he said if you ask ask

on lots of panels on it don't ask

creation because they don't have

anything to give you

in reality you see they don't have

anything to give you

and then what is a scientist suspend is

that if you seek help then seek help

with Allah and with that if you seek

help seek help with a lunch panel time

that you see Anna is with Allah is with

a lots of hanumakonda it's not with the

United Nations it's not with the

Americans the Europeans right when they

all went to Kuwait if everybody's

searching for help but from whom the one

that can give them help you see now I'm

going to get into inshaallah quickly a

very important concept in this one it's

not a concept but a very important law

and then the focus the light that I'm

says what enough and no this is fair and

imma in the urban areas command you have

to know you have to know the command a

lot of commanders and cuando Adam I knew

Latin that is low in the law you have to

know that there's no god but allah azza

knowledge that you have to know the

command and so we command random under

the meta louis MO and Dada in America if

the only gathers all together to benefit


lemmie America in lavish Aegon's

accessible of Unix

if they will only be able to benefit you

with the things that Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala has decreased for you

the benefit is from Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala is not from them they're only a

means by which Allah has enabled that

benefits to arrive to you and then he

says so a lot is to them what an eternal

wisdom as Anna and your booboo could be

Shaitan and if the OMA gets together to

harm you and there's a rewire is in

solution also applied not just to the

Ummah our own but to all of humanity and


if they all gather together to to harm

you with something that Allah does not

agree to decree that you did with


it can never arrived to you but I mean

that is pure Activa of the Muslims that

is so heat that is right perception now

delusion is incorrect perception and I

mentioned earlier that most people are

in a state of delusion most Muslims on

the state of delusion you see but we

move Islam is an evolution when we first

become Muslim when I first became Muslim

I know a lot of things I didn't

understand as time passes then these

veils of this delusion begin to get

lifted one by one if you're moving on a

path and this is the path and inshallah

I'm not going to talk about this now

because I have another talk about this

tomorrow Iman is listen I'm human and XM

but it is a path towards xn and xn is

when you are no longer deluded because I

was kind of the prophet Elijah and said

the definition of xn is to worship Allah

and set with Allah and the Kitab also in

them fickle in survival so in New York

that you worship a lot as if you see him

in other words you're no longer to do

you're in the state of true perception

of reality and that is the highest state

that human being can achieve

now if you look many of the Muslims in

this age are bewildered and the prophet

Elijah them in a beautiful house he said

Babel in and I meant go quickly to

action to action you see because if the

Arpita is not impacting your nature to

move towards action then it's of no

benefit to you it is of no benefit to

you it's not going to benefit you

because it is through actions that we

affirm what we believe if you have just

an idea and you're walking around with

this idea and it you don't act according

to it a principle then in reality it's a

split there's a split in the nature your

you have a type of schizophrenia and

this is the Muslims now all over the

place like this just split right down

the middle when you see so many examples

of it amongst the Muslims so if you have

this understanding then it has to go to

action and

once a licen and said go to action and

he said that that time is coming you

should go and Yeti as a man you step

aluminum you stick a motto Romina

William C CAP data that a man will wake

up a movement and go to bed a cancer in

other words he will become so bewildered

by things you see I mean imagine if we

are in Sarajevo really think about it if

we are in Sarajevo and every day to go

get water you have to dodge snipers

bullets see people that you grew up with

died or if you're in these villages that

were pillaged by these people and your

wife is raped and your child abused or

murdered I mean think about what that

would do how that would impact on you I

mean that is called if she left right

how would that impact on you where would

your iman be at that point I mean we

asked a lot not to give us that

tribulation like one of them said not

your evaluation let rather empty hands

we're slaves of the goodness not of

tribulation other words the tribulation

comes and we get into trouble but if

somebody is firmly grounded in the

Athenian right in certainty then even in

these situations nothing can change him

and we know that from the hadith the

greatest share in the hadith of the

Dajjal that does unbelievable things to

him and he each thing he does to him in

torturing him he says it only increased

him in certainty that he's the Messiah

had the job and he killed him and that

man is raised up as the greatest Shetty

so that if you look at the Muslims now

Allah says laniel will render katafanga

when ladina capital Sevilla

don't be deluded by how the Crafar move

about in the earth

don't be deluded by that in other words

don't have a misperception about the

reality of the events if we know now the

Muslims have declined right they're gone

into an unbelievable state of disarray

and yet we affirm that Islam is true and

Islam yada whether you're an ally that

Islam will always be

about will always be in a superior

position and everything else is

underneath it but the public did not say

and Muslim une ya doin

well a alone are they right he didn't

say the Muslims always in a superior

situation and they will never be

conquered he did not say that he set a

nice nap so what it means is if we're in

a state where we lose that superiority

we lost it because Islam is no longer


it's no longer being live it's no longer

embodied in the people and we are in a

state a type of Cooper I mean it's a

type of Quran it's not what they call

Cooper why but it's Cooper mignon and

the greatest Nana handle an enormous

addition and welcome Fatiha and the

proper to license them Thanks praise be

to Allah for the blessing of Islam and

it's enough as a blessing in other words

if you've lost everything but you have

Islam that is enough for a blessing and

so you look at the Muslim well you have

to look at what our last panelist on is

telling us in the Quran Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala tells us that there are Bella for

the movement but for the co father's was

called ISA dodge a logic behind what

Allah says in the Quran Sonesta religion

whom men hide R'lyeh animal what we

level imitating machines that I will

establish the religion home that we will

and if the garage means to take somebody

by degrees and what it means in the

Quranic terminology is it means

according to the more flesh your own

that are lots of panelists gotta give

them blessing and and they become

diluted you see they become diluted by

it they think that God you know if since

he's giving us it means he loves us like

they say America

God is watching us and God's over us and

God bless america

Why What if you look around it certainly

looks like they're blessed right a lot

of Turkey on the table these days right

it's not Familia Somali is a Muslim

country you see look at those Muslims

they can't even feed themselves right

both near the Muslim countries they

can't even defend themselves the Iraq is

a Muslim country look what happened to

Iraq Syria the Muslim country

all these countries right there Muslim

country and look at the state of affair

there are Muslim country but they're not

Islamic country

so we understand by that that the reason

they're in that state is because there

is not in slumber this is what we

understand if we read the plan we

understand that that Allah gives victory

to those who give victory to him and he

gives victory to those who do righteous

actions I mean you will find I know for

a fact in almost every single Muslim

country if a policeman stops you you can

give him money now let you go and I've

seen it practice many times believing me

in this country in Detroit you probably

could get away with Tigers in Chicago

you could but in California where I come

from you're going to go to jail if you

try that so why is he taking it as not

only an insult to him right but a breach

of the law and he's gonna arrest you and

this other one is go well one thing this

policeman here has a goal he's a master

chart you can go by TV or whatever you

want that policeman over there makes 10

rupees a month or something and he wants

the TV right so that's one of the

problem but this is the reality of our

culture's now and our societies is they

really depart from Islam so you have

espionage in these countries and you

have if Sheila in the Muslim countries

and you see letting the Muslim countries

like in Kuwait Saudi Arabia but of a

wellness and an audience and Janet I

mean a mock my illness

yeah jihadis for hahahaha anemic at but

cover that's the enemy left allah says

in quran we have given you an analogy of

a city right it was in a tranquil state

and it was the provision coming from all

over I mean look at Kuwait they had

kiwifruits coming from New Zealand

they had oranges coming from California

they have rice coming from China they

had unbelievable and things we don't

even want to mention or even know about

alright coming from all over the place

but look what happened trust us the

enemy left they made Cooper of the

blessings of Allah because never you


give sugar for NEMA we're in Chicago

that is identical right if if you are

thankful to Allah Allah increases if

this is our Peter in other words we

understand we don't think a lot foot

increase that's what they call C Java

could I be right just try back I worship

Allah because I want to go to Jenna

Allah it is appropriate that we worship

Him so forward to Neverland never

absolutely the what a great slave is to

hey Lowell and ma lemma up a lot even if

there wasn't a fire the head wouldn't

disobey Allah you see that's bad is a

high perception I mean that is a great

then who's worshiping Allah because he

knows that Allah subhana WA Ta'ala is

alone worthy of worship and that human

being by their nature will worship this

is our nature this isn't our al Qaeda

times I have to be not what don't have

what the funny farm the provost a life

that I'm said what a wretched place is

the one that worship the genome the deal

hem the clothes the car there out there

like the idol they used to polish the

idol right cheap moonshining now they're

out there Saturday morning polishing

that Idol to drive around these are Idol

there I don't we we think I don't have

to be wooden or have some form like no

idols can even be soft structure miles

can be your ha ha the Quran says you can

take your hawa as a god let's talk about

how out you know he took his dispassion

his desires as his God so if psalm has a

very sophisticated understanding of

idols they're not necessarily things

that that are made and carved like a

human form and worship like that no

they're people worship clothes people

worship movie star some people commit

suicide if their favorite movie star

gets married or died I mean this you can

read it in the newspaper so everybody's

going to worship what the Muslim

realizes then is that Lamar Buddha is my

mother's nothing in reality worthy of

worship but I love the kind of data and

so he worships him so these people going

to if your blood allah can give

it's decided we have to be fearful of

that and aware that Allah can give us

now and not there's no sugar with that

Namur there's no thankfulness with that

blessing then we are in his garage you

see and that's a very dangerous position

to be in to think that uh-huh that all

eat up that I would have go so I cannot

move on that a Mahal either that I'm in

general when I move a I put it up here

common when a large if Sheila

tribulation to his slaves and he gives

him things right

economical he then done demented

acrimony rugby with a master other idea

dystopia Hoda Kotb Johanna but if a lot

constricts his provision makes things

difficult for him then he said My Lord

he humiliated me and this is the way the

Cathy of thinks he thinks in these two

extremes if if I'm rich this is a sign

that God's been bounteous to me this is

the like in America it's very ingrained

in people they think that that in the

Protestant work ethic if you work hard

you will get rewarded from God in

worldly things when they believe that so

they think that's why they look down on

football for people with a disdain like

something's matter they're not good

people there's something inherently

wrong with them and that is not the

Islamic perspective at all

we look at things that allow their

custom that Allah has made custom like

he has made dividends for people

everybody has a portion right and

they're they're given that point what

doesn't mean you don't you just stop and

not go out and strive no you go out and

work but you realize it's only going to

come to you what a lot has a portion for

you and that is basically I mean some of

the essentials of what we believe

I would I would really recommend that

people study the Quran from this

perspective look at the the lot of

incredible laws of existence if you do

this this will happen if you believe the

heavens open up and give you rain

drought is not a good sign you see and

these are these are laws that are and

meanings are more perfect right or

equally so as the the laws of McCann

but I mean people know they learn these

laws they don't realize there are more a

lot their biological love if you are

promiscuous the purpose of life that I'm

said in the Quran there talkable zina in

the whole package that what's Kotzebue

that don't get near don't even approach

it don't get in this sphere of

fornication this is why Wilson have a

separation with edge of a separation of

men and women of the brothers and

sisters it's not because we're saying

these people are bad or these two no

it's a car boot don't get near it

see I mean fifty percent of all the

adulterous Affairs that happens in the

United States happens from the work

place of a man working with a woman you

see in also you know the woman finds

father sounds a lot more interesting

than my husband that or the man thinks I

wish my wife talks like she does yeah

and that's what happens and so I would

have you know you know they get this

sickness in their heart and so they're

not content with what a lot of given

them they want to go out fight so they

exceed the boundaries the other thing

showing naked women everywhere right all

these pictures of naked women all over

the place and so and now naked men

didn't used to be now naked man right

and this the new thing comes equipped

for men just like we exploit women that

right I mean that's what's happening now

there's all these naked men and

underwear commercials and things with

all these muscles and I mean this man

who has a pea brain and literally spends

about eight hours a day to look like

that right and he's put there and then

that becomes like a norm people think

that's how you should look it's not how

you should look amazingly that is not

how you should look that's not how a man

should look I thought as a completely

artificial creation based on hyper

nutrition and and working out with

weights that this is unhealthy

it really is to do that to that extreme

I'm not saying like lifting things is

healthy to exercise and do those things

but to those extremes that is an extreme

now put and then on the other hand you

have women who are models professional


well actually their faces right you

don't see walking around because most of

it is makeup they're actually made to

look like that but you don't see women

that look

but then it's put out there that here's

a beautiful one you go home and your

wife doesn't look like that I'm sure you

get this it's a sickness in the heart

right she's not as attractive as whoever

the top model is right now I mean they

disappear pretty quick because that is a

real illusion and it doesn't last very

long and then you have these poor women

I mean they really are poor pathetic

women like 60 Elizabeth Taylor of them

we know like 60 years old 55 they've had

like 10 facelift right and then they do

this blow brush pictures and they look

like little girls right it's really sad

she can't a teach gracefully all right I

mean she can I mean what some women as

they grow old they get more life and

militias recognizable if you go to the

Muslim country all women who have grown

old in Islam their their form of life

they they raise their families they

serve their husbands and they're full of

life and their spirituality really a

woman spirituality flourishes in her

later years it's much stronger a man's

spirituality should but a woman her

spirituality really comes about after

she's done with the work of this world

she's raised her children and then you

see this incredible light and they have

beautiful faces and then you look at

this the opposite of that which is a

woman in this society I think they're

done they're full of darkness just like

the men are they get old you look at the

faces I mean to me that is a proof of

this mom is just looking at the old

people look at the result of living as a

Muslim and look at the result of living

on the campus and see the difference

just compare it do you want that face or

do you want that face right I mean which

one you want and the face one of the

words in Arabic your face is puffy but

which means your books when you're

carrying around the book of your actions

in your face right and it's a life that

Allah gives people I mean what we know

and have a like to have a reckoner see

novelty will Julian it's not up here

like this thing that some people work on

I think giving and then I think so

because I know that the hadith of live

in metros he saw a man with

mark on his forehead and he said when

did you become Muslim that's done and

the man says from from 10 years he said

I've been looking 20 years and I don't

have one of those but any stretch team I

hope you will join him it doesn't say CG

Valley him on their forehead it says in

their faces so it's not a physical

thinning it's something else I'm going

to stop here because I don't know if I

went on yeah I'm gonna stop here just to

open up because I know that the

questions were and comments people are

welcome to make comments and this is an

endless topic I must have our Lords of

Lebanon chase I'm Zhen Shan that would

continue to cinema yesterday will

entertain questions both oral and

written and comments if you have one

please whether you have any questions

you want to ask the weather is this mic

and sisters could use that like you have

written questions please pass them was

top of the sister here the first thing I

managed asked when he dies is of his use

what is the woman asked agenda base it

understood mostly men automatically when

the prophet Elijah entails in any

hobbies what he did he mention women are

almost automatically implied unless the

hadith deals with certain things that

are incumbent upon men that aren't

income account women like jihad jihad is

not incumbent upon women so that verses

in the Quran that deal which he had

except you had enough but but actually a

Piton fighting combat those are only

obligatory on man and left the city

exactly attacked and then it becomes yes

I mean olive Jeanette becomes like a

fault line or a

it becomes a carbine or blicket Orion on

everybody even the children the bathroom

unusual exception

so the hadith means male and female and

there's different than Hadees that that

tells the actually the very first thing

unless there's a lot of heavies are not

contradictions that they sophisticated

explanation for them the first thing

that you are asked about in terms of the

ADA that is the prayer for Muslims I

mean obviously the copilot don't even

get to that point on the test right it's

like these lines in these anyway what

the first thing is the prayer if the

Muslim fails that then it doesn't go

beyond that and that's why you should do

nasty though because Allah says after

the are left behind with anna tells the

angels to look into the product and they

come with deficiency in the fog Allah

says look into that Matthew line and see

if those things that they can rectify

the public so if you're not doing nasty

laugh you're really putting yourself in

danger on their mccammon and then after

that the DA does and then while I'm a

lap and the first thing because Islam

like shift is divided into a by death

which are those things that concerns the

relationship between our life and

between the slave right and what I'm a

dad are those things that concern of the

slaves and other aspects of the creation

right so the first thing from the a

buyback is the prayer and the first

thing from the mama that is the dumb if

you killed somebody right but but the

heavy says that you'll be asked about a

Shabbat Dina of make will not one man in

my base like what you did with your

youth what you did with your wealth what

you did with your body your good health

and so we're just be part about a woman

when she gets over anyway you can make

it that no I was just saying up

generally you will notice and this is

not true in all cases right you can't

make blanket generalization generally

you will notice that a oh look some

women still

we tend to make a quantum leap once you

take place as those later years

come on I've seen that many times and I

mean I'm not saying that from any

there's no bullying and I don't have any

happy I'm just saying that from my own

personal experience okay I'm a bit

confused on two points you made and I'm

just going to ask you to clarify on one

hand you said that the reason you were

having so many problems in Somalia in

Bosnia and other places in the Muslim

world because the people have left us

them so are you saying that God is

punishing them for leaving a thing no

it's actually purification it's not a

punishment the purpose of life that

instead idea to almighty said dunya like

the lungs of the whole time no Santa Fe

a javelin I've ever had a dome a pigeon

yaha my Allah has made the punishment of

my Ummah or the purification my Ummah in

this world in other words because of all

these wrong actions of the Muslim have

accumulated instead of Allah sending

them to the fire in the next world and

if you leave what's happening in our

other local kind even is buggy and such

because you need the Quranic description

of what happens in hell it is nothing

compared to what's happening to the

Muslims anywhere on earth I guarantee

you that it is nothing you can't even

compare the two there's no comparison it

is nothing in terms of the punishment

that Allah has promised the merger

demean and body means fatty opinion

captured in when I became all these

people that are delineated in the Quran

the penitent saw a lot cura fights the

Ummah of Muhammad SAW Allah do send them

in this world and what I'm saying is it

if you if we look at the Quran Allah

will give you see lat - great Muslims

like a behavior if see that but he will

give them victory he will give them some

keen in other words establish him in the

earth he will give them mr. Clapp he

will give them Khilafah he will give

them all of these things if they follow

it we saw the what I want to find what

the other has told us to follow if we do

not then other things happen right and

then there bad things and if you look in

the Quran a lots of Honora that occurs

in many verses right

romance from the Maliki Laura Aloha


Roni moon but we didn't destroy any

cities except that it's people were


right format camera of a book the you

had a capital for ah the woman well I

heard wilhelmus Leone Allah would never

destroy a people oppressively when they

were looking at home right rectifying

things when they were in honor of the

models and many I'm in one car which is

commanding to the good and forbidding

evil on the Prophet Elisha them says

models in my open her and in Mongkok

command to good and forgive for this

evil because you should go on your own

look auntie I love in that but to the

owner that I used to have Lacombe

because it's coming soon that if you

leave this Allah will give a general

punishment to the Ummah and they'll make

dua and they won't be answered because

even though I'll has conditions you see

people say I'm making dua and the public

said don't say I need you are not Laden

answer me individuals we don't ever say


but but do i itself making supplication

to allah has conditions and if the

conditions are not fulfilled that do I

will not the answer and from the

conditions the metal has to be Allah

you're eating your your drinking which

means your position is hell out your

money there's no rebar there's no

Mohammed in your money and your clothes

what you wear have to be allowed and

those things and the Prophet said if his

master my master will meant that happen

unless together how these do are going

to be answer divide those things are

Haram so on saying is we have mercy in

our heart and grief in our hearts while

Muslim brothers and sisters wherever

they are in the tribulation sister that

are taking place right we we have to do

that because there are OMA and many of

them are better than us

you see I mean just because we're not

being punished does not mean we just we

don't deserve the same thing

Allah has a thick smoke or wine maybe

this is if Shabbat Allah Adam I don't

know that we hope not you know I have a

good opinion of my

that's an evangelist the maximals on the

left and I'm asking about the movie so

so the first thing when you look at

these events don't victimize the Muslims

Muslims are not victims and this is a

complete list if you want to get into a


there's no victimization in Islam

there's a completely little adage of

deluded way of thinking oh you know

where everybody's against us reach or on

find out well why is the situation is

the way it is and you'll see very clear

it's very clear in the Quran because we

have left Islam we have left Islam and

we make claim to something a lot of

Hanoi China has ruled I mean this the

creation is governed by very strong

rules and and one of the rules

Lazaro Corrigan understand that there's

a principle in existence and you can

find it in habeas and he said manager I

respect and later know who I'm sucking

IV so I didn't the hands that the one

who claimed to have a face or a rank or

a position that he doesn't have a mouth

will give him tribulation and expose him

so if you claim to be Muslims and you're

not Muslim Allah is going to give you

big tribulation and expose that false

claim and like that manager I was but

then he level you get an Enhanced and if

you claim a station that really is yours

Allah will take it away because he's

become proud and arrogant and he said

woman at the hospital he had university

he's broken out of us with an atom in

her and the one that makes face that

claims a rank lower than his own race

Allah will raise him up to a higher rank

and look at stigma and even other

father's brother lon he's madinat al

he's the city of knowledge and when the

Prophet Allah I should have gave him the

lira he gave him the the flag but when

his son asked him who was the best

Muslim he said I'll go back up this is

Fatiha be he said I were walking and he

said then who and he said oh ma and and

then he said no enter what about you

yeah yeah I mean I'm not meaning he said

manikin Baba gentleman and listening I'm

just a simple man from the Muslim mass


I hope I clarified that to you because

it's an important question

some of the living question would you

please give me your suggestion for an

interesting or interpreting the meaning

of the ayah in the line idea but the

reason for that ayah was that the

prophet Elijah them have been asking his

his uncle who had protected him of a

father have protected him and he really

wanted him to become Muslim because our

Father has done many generous things to

the Prophet and protected him and when

he didn't allow reminded the Covenant

this again is affirmation of a paper

that nothing is in your hands

guidance is not in your hand that you

don't guide you you want but Allah

guides who he will even that man was the

closest man to the process in many ways

he wanted his guidance Allah didn't

guide him for whatever reasons just a

hikmaíh wisdom that I love to behind one

no than we don't question his wisdom and

won a penalty man came to the prophet

Elijah them from Bennington Milkha's or

arabian tribes who was living he was a

messenger from her activities or her

become and and he came to the Prophet

Elisha him in the form of a sin first

cutting edges I'm not gonna feel Mandi

Nia because you have some force love if

your father Ibraheem Dean and he said

Anna Anna Dean you finally had to out

I'm the Dean of my people he was

Christian until I go back to them and

the purpose that he coded that ayah it's

not in my hand

and that man became Muslim years later

during wiliest Hadassah

but he's not for haba cuz he didn't

believe in the problem he came to this

this one says at what a big data and

this one how do you present how the

answer to this question presented by

animal anyone distinguish oh the thing

one yeah to a non-muslim the promise of

my students there's a hadith that he

said hidden munathara fabric of fooling

him speak to people according to the


said ali karram allahu once heard a man

trying to explain cut up like a love

measurement or his decree to another man

and he said Cooper Anka you know stop

doing that a Toledo I'm left coronary

Martina ala muhammadin whenever a new

don't see clear about if you want people

to disbelieve and what was revealed to

the public elijah speak to people

according to their understanding so you

have to speak to people with wisdom and

according to the understanding with baka

dawa has to deal with mafia and there

are certain things that some people are

not at it at their own personal

evolutionary because there is personal

evolution at their own personal

evolutionary states that they're not

ready to hear that they may never be

ready to hear that I don't know that

that's in the hands of Allah but you

have to be aware of who you're talking

to and what they're willing to hear and

those certain things you know because

this is what they call a simile it's a

difficult the between is very

complicated and the bottom line you have

to look at our lives that we have around

has given us the volition He has given

us free will and he has told us to

believe and he showed us the methane he

gave us the tooth has but he also tells

us everything is in I left behind

without of knowledge the beginning and

the end if out in Allah subhanAllah

damage knowledge there's no caste and

cousins with a lustful valadares only

reality and so everything is encompassed

in the knowledge of Allah right there's

no forward and backwards Allah knows

everything that he's not I can't date

every given instant because he there's

no time he's not in the realm of time

he's cleared of time this one hour of

the job the other hand sizes within one

day or one year or whatever doing

lifetime could you give us some advices

on how to help ourselves to increase our

mmm and strengthen it so that's very

true that that's the position of an

Akuma well Jamar some of the the other

groups that are outside of our new stuff

that it didn't but the position of

Allison all of them are the people of

the public way and of the large

community uh that is mad its agreement

there's no disagreement about this that

a man increases and decreases and in the

Koran as many eyes or Tara dad home in

mana it increased them in email life and

a lot of us had about another home all

of their actions went to not so

people can believe and then lose that

belief that about but I managed called

in the Quran so Iman definitely

increased decreased button how it

increases with obedience to allah

subhanaw taala and it did decreases with

disobedience to Allah because all I can

accept that if a man retains his glance

at a woman that you slept Amanda who you

know I images that his a man being taken

out of his eyes that guy as he's looking

with laughs this is so that's how and

the heart we have to protect the heart

is an image ogia I can know Allah said

that the body is like a doughnut it's

like a country and he said that the

boundaries are the seven the limbs right

the hands the town the eyes the ears the

stomach the private part and the feet

the bows are like your boundary your

border and chiffon is the enemy that

constantly trying to attack this these

burgers if you allow him to come in he

wants control of the capital which is

the heart of the city

and he wanted the king in the city is

the intellect and he wants to control

the cities he wants to abate the

intellect the King right because he's an

enemy and once the intellect is the base

then you get a profile right if you kill

the king then you get anarchy and chaos

and that's what's called jihad so people

become slaves of their lower appetite so

you have to guard these things

everything is all we're all responsible

for the hands are going to talk against

us on your mo Keanu Allah will give them

the ability to tell what we were doing

with them so all of these things we have

to guard that we have to guard the town

when County woman is beating daddy with

you man athletically upon hate and only


whoever believes in Allah and the last

day let him speak good or just shut up

senator montgomery nanine Medina hakke

he what is very of I'm into the agenda

whoever will guarantee for me what's

between his two jobs his tongue and once

between his two sides and that applies

male and female that I will guarantee

him for her gentleness allow the public

will guarantee for us Genma this is so

so that's the way through obedience and

we're all striving to become more

complete loss bones to enter into the

obedience in a more full way and it's a

struggle it's an agenda

I mean look at the word two hedges one

of the best ways really is cm and layers

to get up at night and do a play on the

mail and to have you the word itself

means to fight sleep get the hedges who

uses sleep get the hedge it means to

fight sleep so it's not people think I

have to do something you wake up feeling

oh I've got a lot of energy this morning

three o'clock still two hours to go

before judging or maybe I'll do a few

raka that's not I mean that's ahead you

that I'm doing that but it's only two

hedges it by a shot meaning not by

lowering the the majestic beings not

there but the Shetty I mean you get the

reward for that but that isn't it

indicates a struggle you're struggling

with yourself so we have to struggle

with ourselves and do mujahadin okay we

have another question inna and that

muslim committed a commented that jesus

reason is for them

never ever fought in a war but Mohammed

Salim Ali Salim has led worse I have

told this person that the positive

qualities of Mohammed Salim ala send

them and the reasons forge ahead but do

you have other physicians well if you

look at yeah I have a very good

suggestion I mean first of all that

that's not a delusion of the Christian I

mean the audience's read the Old

Testament you know and it's very odd

that I mean literally I you know they

have I mean their imagination of God

right because it is a Cayenne

it's an imagination their imagination of

God is this schizophrenic God but in the

Old Testament is this ruthless vengeful

you know that smites the firstborns of

the israelis and days it in the

according to them I don't believe but in

the song glorifies the Smashing of the

Babylonian babies up against the rocks

and we you could read that stuff that

Moses is commanded to kill all the

Islamic and we read the Old Testament

and now do they believe in the Old

Testament did God tell me how the change

of heart and then all of a sudden it's

all love and peace and harmony you see

these these are their own internal

conflicts that they don't like to deal

with so they call the Old Testament and

New Testament got the New Covenant which

is all love God love it will read

revelations and read what happens to

people when Jesus comes back according

to them thanks read it if you want to

know I mean it's a pretty terrifying

example when humanity judged before the

altar of God the throne of God and

condemned to eternal hell I mean they

you see it as lies they're not telling

you the whole story Jesus was never in

power he he never had marshal power

moses was was in battle we know that

David killed Goliath in a battle and we

know that John OU's he fought the

enemies of God at that time so they're

prophets had fought battle the Prophet

ISA they sent him did not he what he

comes back to fight the battle because

he didn't have enough good people at

that time right to do that so he was

unable to like the same if you look at

Hossein talking up a lot idea one of

their lungs I'm saying is if Cabella he

was Khalifa he didn't have people to

fight with him so he dies a martyr's

death literally now they claim Jesus

died a martyr's death why what was he

threatening well they say well he

changed back to lose to the mankind is

just relish but the in reality if you

look at he tells them to go buy a sword

I mean even in their own book he said


whoever's might have sword that himself

he's gone it and buy a sword

I've come to make war I haven't come to

make peace that's in their own it well

then it's a spiritual war it's a

metaphorical sword well come on I mean

what you know it's these are just real

heavy concert

diction they don't want to deal with it

my advice you in all sincerity don't

waste your time on very emotional

Christian because and I'm saying that

some just bad experience you're going to

waste it there's a lot more people in

those that are interest I mean these

people put an emotional block you see

they think that you are possessed by the

devil you have to understand that if he

is a born-again Christian he thinks he's

talking to the devil and anything like

if you come with like for instance I

just heard this one again Christian say

well you have to admit you see you say

Jesus wasn't God but man he said man is

derived from the sperm and he's only a

man by the insemination of the woman and

Mary was divinely inseminated by God

therefore he has to be God I miss the

reason right so it was closer to him the


well then let's get the Adam Dan right

with racist

Tiffany Mariana committee Adam like his

likeness of Jesus is the likeness of

Adam Allison Allah said be and he was

therefore why don't then you worship

Adam because Adam doesn't have a mother

or father make more sense with this type

of logic right and but he shank devil

devil candy would don't listen to this

you're talking to the devil devil's

clever that was inspired by Bach and

that's what they do

and he thinks Holy Spirit's moving

through me I have to get through this

Muslim you know come in holy spirits

come in right I mean that's what you're

dealing with you see so these people are

really unfortunately it's sad I mean

they're just very unhealthy people

they're born again for the first time of

the disaster

okay at one point in your talk you said

I'm when after was one who becomes

Muslim out of fear can you explain that

well if you if you look at the that

that's not that's only partially true if

you look at the time of the public alike

a time there were no monastic own in

Mecca but the father in Mecca will not

burn up your phone they did not have

Manasa why because if you became Muslim

often you're tortured and that is not a

strong incentive for becoming Muslim

right so the people that became Muslim

at that time had complete and absolute

belief in what they were doing and they

became with them with commitment when

the Prophet gets to Medina so a lot is

kind of all sudden the Muslims have

power and authority well people love

power and authority right that's

something human beings are that it's in

their nuff and so now if let's join the

bandwagon because they want booty they

want things it was good but then they go

out with the Muslims to get the goods

and things like that so in a situation

where Muslims have power and authority

then you get them without the pain now

now we have a different type of manasseh

because when access is a very

sophisticated creature he's not temple

the cassio is very temple this is why in

the quran allah gives in the if you look

at the beginning of bara there are the

first few ayahs describes the movement

the 4-iron to ayahs describes the the

capital and then the next 13 or 14 is

described in oaxaca so allah gives a you

know much greater portion of eyes to the

description of the Menaka because he's a

much more complicated creature you're

dealing with somebody that has serious

splits within his self within his

perception and his being and so now we

have new phone let me know the same it's

the same principle but we have a new top

we have Manasa that are working for

secret police so they

Oh piers like this guy that was in New

York and and got next to the shift that

was there and all that trouble that can

I don't know what happens very unclear

situation but this guy was working for

possibly this raving intelligence

possibly Egyptian intelligence but

definitely working at the FBI informant

and he looked real nice guy and he

looked like a Bela down at the much

different and he had his beard and you

know he looked great but he was in

Manasseh right and so you have that type

of Monica who now has a different he's

coming into Islam to subvert it from


I think popomon of meetings is from that

type of category I really do

and Allah forgive me but but that's just

for reading her but if she I went off

phase if she believes what she's written

in her book right maybe she's made hell

but I don't know but if she believes

that then how did enough I mean she's

subverting Islam from within Islam and

so that you have those type of mengapa

the public said Oklahoma Havana

almighty's MonaVie Appa for fear hell


a monarch who has an eloquent speech

right and in another rewind he says

about the an immortal body like a

learning Manasa you see people that

so-called the element now that keeps us

was for the rulers

they're usually sitting next to the

ruler like that Allen had his magician

now Mubarak has his up higher right next

to him and they have magic of speech in

the minute ban mister house in eloquence

is magic and they get up and and they've

got all the hadees and all the ayahs to

tell you why MOBOTIX a great guy right

so that's someone answer so we have

different types of monopolies in america

the most people that come to the

messages i really don't fit we now you

get into one on top of that woman apple

of see fat you have one ethic who is at

his core of his being he is a hypocrite

and this is the one to the huddle in a

shell any his motto right if they go

back to their shell pain they say that

we don't were just making fun

we're with you in the nomicon we're with

you we're just making fun of these

innocencio giving just making fun of

them right that is it

I mean that is a deep sickness but then

you have all of us have some portion of

me pop in us I think everyone in this

hall I mean we all have our areas where

where there's contradictions you see and

we live with those and we try to purify

ourselves from those things but they're

there those contradictions are there and

it comes from weak Eman why we don't do

things I mean the public said if you

knew what was inside you you would go

there even if you had to crawl right so

people that you know sleeping through

beggar or something like that and what

kind of state are they in you see what I

mean so there's different degrees

the the prophet or I think gave us the

definitive definition after the national

for on in the Hadees is in Menasha

Siddhartha and in one narration for

either habitat Kevin the he speaks he'll

I see there's a contradiction right he's

saying one thing but he's believing

another well he's a assuming upon and if

he's given a trust then he breaks the

trust again a contradiction because he

took a trust from you said yeah I'll

take care of it and then he breaks it

well you know what I've got a collapse

and if he makes a promise he he's he

focused that he breaks it also again a

contradiction he says one thing does

another thing what he's a hostile

massager if he gets in an argument or

fight you'll see his phallus comes out

right a marvel loveable own sanctity

sanity you should remember that

principle people lie hidden under their

tongue if you see somebody getting angry

and he starts swearing right and becomes

the two third event and growth that is a

big sign of me pop and walked out twenty

Coliseum what do you think about those

people who supposedly leader of the

community like a man and president and

other people like their to devolve


almost evolved most of their time to

extend conferences and meeting of what's

what's called an interface talking to

people from another religion and not

really put that effort until we come you

know certainly Muslim India community

who like a lot of knowledge and a lot of

guidance and they always they want to

get the acknowledgement up from those

people at for example like

acknowledgement of all the Muslim

occasions and you know the AIDA and

stuff like that in these American

calendar this is just an example of one

of the things that they really want the

Muslims to be acknowledged in my opinion

I think this is putting Islam in this in

the same level like as if it is a choice

and with the other religion which we

know all of us know that this is not the

case because Islam is for all the people

I'm so done in 89 the lightest one so

I'd appreciate you can do it together

yeah I think that you summed it up very

well this pathetic attempt at getting

acceptance which if they would just read

the Quran just read the con length of

banca you who do well Ana Paula has the

Presidium aletter whom we met who de

who's Allah I mean is so clear don't and

that is one of the proofs of policy

because the prophet Elijah had almost

nothing no dealings with Christians and

study historically you see that this

conflict was with the Jews it was not

with the Christian it only come later

during the time of our model on where

the Christians come into the scene in a

big way but Allah tells us in that verse

the Jews and the Christians will never

be content with you until you follow

their way and that's what they want in

and it's also important to see the

Christians have been subverted as well

I mean to give to be a little

sympathetic with them the part - I know

but they have been subverted as well and

it took place quite some time ago who

like free masonry of Masonic movements

in Europe the Enlightenment all these

people were Masons and they you know

they held certain ideals one of the

ideals was that religion is a tyranny

over the mind

men that is a Masonic Police it's not

the Freemasons these guys with says caps

and funny cause that ride around in

parades and make the children laugh or

start Shriners Hospitals that that's not

masonry I mean that's just fun and games

but they hat and Thomas Jefferson it is

on as you go to the without that big

Idol is exactly what it is the idol of

Thomas Jefferson Washington DC over a

head it says I have sworn before the

altar of God right

eternal animosity or he I can't really

was this easy but it's eternal that

he'll struggle fight against the detail

animosity against every tyranny over the

mind of man and what what he meant

what's not written there is it he meant

religion because he believed that and if

you read his writings you will find that

he believed that religion that it was

completely anti irrational in fact he

rewrote the gospel there's not forgotten

specifically the gospel corny Thomas

Jefferson you get it at the library he

rewrote it and took out every single

thing that had anything to do with a

miracle or any supernatural thing

because he was a materialist he didn't

believe in that

he's a rationalist and ideas right and

and so they destroyed Christianity from


I mean hallelujah you know good riddance

because that religion has done more

damage on the face of the earth then all

of human facade put together honestly I

mean the Jews have a big they've got a

big portion of that but and if you look

at what colonialism what what European


a hundred million Indians they killed on

the American continent 100 M we ever

they crying about six million Jewish

people but so alright already

stop crying I mean you know at what now

Steven Spielberg I still ders he didn't

change his name they don't have to

anymore because it's the status symbol

now didn't used to be even still that

now he's got his Holocaust another

Steven Spielberg takes on the Halle

two thumbs up haven't seen it yet but

who comes up right and now everybody has

to be put through the grinder again

let's all fly over the 60 note what

about the twenty million Russian you

know what about them look I mean Britain

sang Winston Churchill life this we're

here to preserve democracy and freedom

and the rights of man but what about all

the coolies in India that you were

controlling at that time mr. Churchill

and what about all the logs in Iraq that

he actually wrote write the war he

actually wrote the decree to bomb the

iraqis villages with nerve gas that will

in revolt against the British occupation

of Iraq that's the great Winston

Churchill right he's a war criminal

so this I'm not from hypocrisy of these

people I mean it's just a pathetic

constant and ongoing so you know now we

have to deal with oneself can you please

define who is the captain afar and the

other one is I have I have heard that

the Muslim would not face even after he

was told three times to pray is no

longer a motion detection well look

Catherine right come from Arabic world

capital which literally means to vary a

seed in the earth and cover it over

right and cattle in vascular between

former and it's used as formerly in the

Quran Allah says what I give a coupon

and a bathroom like the farmer the kebab

same words though the kuffar the farmers

were impressed by the the agricultural

growth no bathily so the castle is one

who covers over or tries to cover over

and bury to kill not to grow but to kill

the truth

that's what he does he tried to bury it

in the dirt and put it in a grave and

kill it that we have in the Muslims can

be guilty of cumin and nama like the

woman when the prophet Elijah was asked

out the woman and her punishment he said

that the one of the main reasons is

called confinement and why I thought

like that she is she has Cooper of her

more agile like the good things that her

husband does for her she'll reject them

if she gets angry right and things like

that so that's a danger that women have

a tendency towards not all women but

women have a tension the public's

warning them about that right and so

that's a type of cooker those coupon

aneema now captive in the islamic under

the appeal all i see the divide humanity

into three classification and then there

are subdivisions within those

classifications so the general right

what we call the rubrics and then you

have sub rubrics the general categories

categorization our wanna muslim monastic

and kappa now Muslim natural you have

moat men and mock them and you can have

look some fast up etc and monastic is

somebody who is outwardly pretending to

be Muslim intimately they don't believe

it and then you can have a Muslim who is

more not partially when I said but still

has a men and then you have the cafe and

then there's an acute abdomen the Musha

teaching the miletti ride the bed again

there's different categorizations within

that but the generic is captive so

Caviar's anyone that reject the the

process culminating in the last stop of

muhammad for like them or any of the

third books that allah has commanded us

to believe in reject that the angels

rejects the device that were raised up

and the 11 of the GEMA and the knowledge

the punishment and the pleasure of allah

and reject the other that the decree the

measurements that allah is measured our

existence that is kappa now there is a

hadith in the fire yet the imam ahmed

the lake and it's in other satya I think

it might be in anyways I know for sure

that it seems that looking at of Imam


meant Erica Baba and Anna Devane you

obey nakooma cut off from intellect oh

I chopped up right the

the contract between me and my Ummah is

the prayer

so whoever leads the Claire has become

Catholic couple now in school there is

something called mock talk and Mahajan

mock up is a thing that has an absolute

meaning is there's no conditional

clauses in its statement so a mahkum

ayah would be like the part of the ayah

of whipping the residue Homa like

whipping the authoritative that's mapa

anybody that fornicate that happened to

them like that you can't so how you

doing say it's only for slaves or it's

only for three people or whatever so and

this happy Imam Ahmed said that video is

more fun if you leave the prayer you are

kaffir you are no longer Muslim and you

are killed by the bridge deck which is

apostasy becoming captor after becoming

Muslim now that is not here in America

you don't kill people

don't play or even in local country so

there's a concept there's a you have

laws and we have and it's not anarchy

Muslims are not allowed to take the law

into their own hands there's new process

of the law in Islam and it's our concept

it's not their content so there is su


now our bodies are sharing and maddux do

not agree with that opinion maddox I

need to ensure every day that it's my

ideas and what is that it has to be it's

conditional the condition is if they

read the prayer and say they do not have

to do the prayer they all kappa if they

say no that's where i'm a muslim i

believe everything but prayer is not

obligatory on me that is kappa he's

jackets and and and he is killed after

Toba now if he says well i know i have

to do the prayer but i just-i can't--

I'm too busy I work at IBM they don't do

any time and you know that's just the

way it is right or oh I can't lose my

killer right I can't leave the cash

register so that person then is given a

chance for Toba

the method of the opinion is jihad of

matter and and shattering he is killed

he sprayed over and he's buried with the

Muslims about Anita says that he should

be put in prison and for a time and

giving him a chance to think it out on

bread and water right which I think

there's a good dusting now because you

took the other Imams opinion we have to

kill of Ultima we wouldn't have 1

billion of the interface that dialogue

that the Jews initiated with the Vatican

in the aftermath of the Second World War

and the interfaith dialogue that many

Muslims are rushing to engage themselves

in is part of a policy that was

initiated amongst others by the World

Council of Churches when their

headquarters in Switzerland as a way to

subordinate the Muslim and forget the

who are Muslims to begin listening to

Christian so we should be very wary of

this because we don't control the agenda

and the agenda and many instances will

lead to outcomes that are contradictory

to our Islamic principles just as the

Vatican recognizing Israel contradicts

the church teaching and it rejects the

pronouncement of Jesus against the Jews

in the New Testament

Shakalaka a very very important point

and I got sidetracked on that I didn't

answer the question but that's a very

important point and I would add to that

just that the identity you thought what

I was trying to get to about the

Freemasons in the subversion of

Christianity part of the way of

subverting it was to take them from

their teachings and one of them is that

the person the Christians did not

believe in the revival of the state of

Trail does not believe that they believe

actually that the Jews will curse that

they lost their covenant when they

rejected Jesus and they did not believe

now in the 19th century those this whole

movement within Christianity saying that

the Jews still were the chosen people

house says they're not chosen right but

they say no they're the chosen people

and we have to respect them for that and

now we've got this very insidious

collaboration between right-wing

fundamentalist Christians in this

country and Jewish interest in Israel

and really even it gets to very spookey

levels of working with their

intelligence and subvert in the Muslims

as well and the ecumenical of position

now is that all the religions have their

validities within themselves and no one

religion can really say to another

religion that anything is categorically

wrong they think that is a ethnocentric

in the politically correct language of

1994 that that's an ethnocentric or

religio centric position and it doesn't

fit in with what they call their Values


right which is relativism which is

realism which is completely against

Islam and so I agree wholeheartedly at

that point I think was it's very

important looking to keep that in mind

so I'm always a man with this question

sex going I can see you after the

session but no matter what university

class I sit through they always portray

the Sahaba as people went and invaded

and conquered I just would like to you

to comment on that and how would I

approach the professor about this and he

made a career out of this mythology well

they have you know they look at because

of the what they call the materialistic

anticipation of even though they're not

convicted or not communist they have

borrowed so heavily from the methodology

of Marx and what they call like

dialectical materialism in interpreting

everything right because the most

brilliant critique of the 20th century

have come out of the Marxist like the

French Marxist as you read them and many

of the South American launches the

critiques of of Western society and the

historical revisionism that's gone on

within Marxism and so it's infiltrated

had a big impact on historical

perspectives one of their perspective is

that there are material interpretation

for all these actions they do not and

and the Shia in fact fall into this trap

in many instances unfortunately but the

they look at for instance really the

reason why the Muslims invaded these

countries is because they wanted booty

right I mean they wanted to Panama

that's what they wanted and there were

materialistic interest there that were

actually the catalyst for these this

expansion well there's a few problems

with that why all the sudden in the 7th

century did they decide to do that I

mean why didn't they blast out on the

earth in the 5th century or the 4th

tension and what is it that they reached

a certain point in history and all

sudden they float out on to the world

while they would say well if you Tom had

a really nice way of bringing a knife

together on the one banner and that

poster and they have their

interpretation we don't accept any of

those publications you don't expect the

historical actors they don't even have

is mad right and seriously if you want

to talk about scientific method they

don't even have is much for any of the

we have is nuts right and we are are

news and we have puffy and running I

mean it's Muslim historical research is

so sophisticated right they don't have

any idea of that I mean at best they

have weak traditions or completely fab

get a lot of their stories that you

still see in their book they even

themselves have proven that they're

completely fabricated the fact that

Constantine supposedly saw this big

often the sky and converted to

Christianity that is a historical life

that their own researchers know is not

true and yet to this day you will still

find it written in textbooks that people

read in history classes and they know

it's a lie he did not convert to

Christianity and shut on his deathbed he

was not Christie with a pagan until his

deathbed he made a confession of faith

and that whole thing about the sword

it's all lies in this by this time he

will conquer that is rubbish and it also

if the Christians really believe that

where's all the stuff about it's not a

real sword at the metaphorical sword

right I mean it is all these internal

contradictions but these the Sahaba of

the Allah we know right that the the

faba were when they went they were being

attacked by the Romans when they went

into Syria we know that for a fact

because they lack see in a political

crises in Medina at the time and you can

read this and it was almost suggestion

but they not send the army to sham they

said we can't afford to do it we need to

keep them here in Medina because they

were having look rebellions within the

ranks of the Muslim and and this is

historical fact and Abu Bakr said now

Ally I have to send that because the

Prophet prepared that army why because

the Romans were beginning to infringe on

the Muslim territory and they were

threatening them and so they went and

they did conquer Syria and that when

they conquered them they freed them from

the Roman tyranny the Syrians and there

are letters to this day historical

errors that we have preserved in their

handwriting the Syrian Christians were

so happy when the Muslims got there

because they did not hack them the way

the Romans were taxing them by the Roman

of Byzantium right which was in

Constantinople with us they considered

them to be co-opted colony when Lucas

came many of them who were Arian

Christian historian Jacob and they

became Muslim they wanted to know Soares

that the throw all that made-up we know

that because we know that they're still

Christians there while how could there

still be Christians there if they were

all forced to become Christian by Thor

you have to tell him that

we still have Christian Syrians why was

they forced to become Muslim or kill why

are they still that why are their

churches still intact why are there

still Christians in Palestine who hates

to choose in the same way they hated the

Roman I mean if the Muslims came and

took over Palestine again with proper

Islam that was some I don't know

whatever his goal what I don't know but

with proper Islam those Christians was

welcomed to Muslims as they welcomed

them before that's historical reality

they welcome to Omaha into Jerusalem he

went the bishops took him they took him

to the church they tried to get him to

pray if they hated him do you think

they're going to ask him to pray in

their church I mean it doesn't make

sense the first thing that Alma had them

do was clean the mountain jebel so he'll

know the mountain of the Zion life

because the Christians were using it as

a dump site for their garbage and that's

his go-to historical fact so then the

Muslims went into North Africa they went

into Egypt the Egyptians welcomed them

they went into Mount of another

important point Napoleon conquered

almost all of Europe did everybody

become a Napoleon or French freemasons

or learn the French language and lovely

but no his their concerts a great

portion of Europe did they all come

Nazis no why because those were tyrants

with when the Muslims went into those

countries they went in as people of

justice and they brought just systems

about education to the people and they

did be saved with sincere intentions

allowing them victories and the people

either became with them or maintained

their religion only a handful maintain

religion the Muslim allowed them to do

it and you could see many and historical

documents that we have that confronted

the Persian the Muslims invaded Persia

because the Persians were attacking the

Muslims on the borders of the Arabian

Peninsula that is historical fact all

Marcel Ilan you know candy and candy and

enjoyed annual dinner 4 kgs and laganja

hoon and legacy Luna

Valera Phyllis divided could put a

barrier between me and Persia I would do

it so that they couldn't get to us and

we couldn't get to them he didn't want

to go into Persia

that's historical fact they were for now

another thing that's important and I

don't want to say Islam is not jihad is

not a defensive tactic that a lot of

mock so-called modernist scholars most

of our journalists with degrees in

journalism that write about Islam and

who try to claim that Islam jihad is

defensive that we can only let that

settle in the LA later husband might

redeem and think they use these is like

to try to prove that jihad and has a

defensive Ascot you have an offensive

aspect that's fact any book except will

tell you that electrical modernist

conversion which they've made up a

religion which the public told us that

they would do so jihad is does offensive

but we gives downward to people if they

do not allow first we give downward that

is the first thing if they do not allow

us to give our then we go there to

freeze the intellect in order to allow

the owl to be and this is a long top of

feminist clothes you have so many

questions now and we only have few more


maybe let me ask those three I hate to

disappoint the brother of the sister and

give us just fresh answers if you can

for if you could comment on the Hadees

that says a lot of America subtle

dealing luck and the other one related

to this can a woman be a doctor okay the

first have you survived Satya hadith and

the prophet saw a group of women and he

said that Mara I saw a column in Cunha

Knox in Vienna maracanã no naka Kadena

balcony I haven't seen anyone more

deficient in beam or intellect than you

the woman and one of the women said why

is that yellow so Allah and he said

don't you see that Allah has made the


of one woman equal to two men and that's

the nuts in the intellect and he said

don't you see that the man the woman

doesn't play when she has the monthly

and that's her deficiency in beam

now this habit is not if you don't take

it on a simplistic view of you know oh

man lalala we're so much more

intelligent than women and

this is a general statement there are

many women that are much more

intelligent in the vast majority of men

I mean that is just fact right and and

we have many incidences of that in his

history demomen only mentioned five

hundred healthy watts from women that

were happier in the science of hadith

which is a very high position I my

inshallah DeLonge hook she relates over

2500 heavy and the public foot and

there's only six people that relate over

6,000 hadith and she's one of them she

was also a lutea

she gave that book and people sat in her

halakhah and learn from her and the

wives of the Prophet Elisha were all

learned and educated Aisha had

extraordinary intellectual powers the

suit that superseded the vast majority

of the the father at that time there's

just there's no doubt about that

he said take from this little red

one-half year Dean there's something of

some weakness in that hadith but but the

mean is true because she has an immense

impact on the fifth and relates many

hadith and there are many women are

related to happy and many women that

were have is important

now about this deficiency women and and

there's an interesting book called brain

sex which is written by some English

researchers when the woman is a PhD in

genetic and she wrote this book she has

said that it is categorically undeniable

now that the certain intellectual

capacities were meant for superseded

women and and she said many female

researchers have tried to disprove these

things and she quotes many of them in

the book and saying that they finally

gave up because they realized that one

of them is in higher mathematics and

they found that for the 13 men that are

exceptional in mathematics though the

only one woman

statistically now what the sociologists

have tried to prove is the baddest

socialization in other words women are

encouraged to be mathematician etc etc

right so this is the thing she's

category denies that she said that we

are building a society

based on a biological lie men are not

the same as women nor are women the same

as men they are not equal that does not

mean one is better than the other it

means that they're not equal the Sun and

the moon are not equal the opposite the

heaven and earth are not equal their

offices are not create everything in

pairs pairs are not equal the opposite

the right hand is not equal to the left

hand is it you have a dominant hand one

is more you can facilitate you can do

things with more ease than the other and

the offices all the offices are like

that the dominant opposites the Sun is a

is dominant to the moon and this is the

cosmology of the Muslims you can look at

it there are signs right in the in it

some reason yeah a pocket will see I'm

pushing him so no diem is you know that

Allah pollution has to get the beginner

level underworld how we're going to show

them our signs in there in the horizon

and in their own selves until it becomes

clear that this is true they have proven

that women because of the actual cones

and rods within the I perceive events

differently for men they have proven

that that women tend to take in a big

picture and men tend to focus on the

incident they have a tunnel vision which

in other instances is not a good thing

to have right the women will have in

certain aspects well if they can have a

big picture a broader picture that is

acting more beneficial than having a

tunnel vision in acts of witnessing

obviously having a tunnel vision is a

preferred capacity because you're going

to be able to focus in on acne what's


women will tend to is specifically in

violence events tend to lose themselves

and become going to a hysterical face

there are many men that will do the same

thing right I mean it's not but you're

going to find more women do that than

more men so it's not a blank

cut-and-dried thing there's not like one

of the pellets that they were messing

the virtues of a woman one specific

woman and he said lo can and he thought

will come I lose you come other cops who

never get any so an illegally if women

were like the one

we were mentioning if all of them were

like her then women would have been

preferred over men so there are many

women with much longer iman than many

men just like there are many women that

much bigger intellect than many men yeah

II understand it's not a general thing

if we took this group in here of the

women in this group of men there might

be some women here that are more time

but what we're going to find is that

generally generally that that will not

be true this is in certain areas now

they have found categorically that women

have stronger verbal capacities and men

right so analytically which is what's

needed in witnessing right analytical

skills analytically men are stronger

than women in in in those spatial terms

that women tend to be strong in verbal

skills you don't find women that stutter

did you ever heard a woman's better I

don't deserve it you don't see having it

better I never met one of you it's

pretty interesting she might have a

beard and it's not simply the hormones

either because the brain is actually

designed differently the brain of a

woman is different the white mass is

different and and the way it functions

is different these are these are

biological facts that are politically

incorrect that's what they are they are

politically incorrect they don't want to

hear it and many scientists doing

research in this field have been

ostracized and have lost their grants

and have been denied grants because they

don't want to hear it right

these comes here you come a long way

baby we've come too far you don't want

to step back right and that's the point

but deal with reality and read that book

it's because it's really an enlightening

book it's really interesting book and

though it's a woman writing it that

that's what I mean if it was a man

without that right by it you know this

guy's fixing all the documentary stuff

questions because we don't know about

the doctor about the doctor the Arabic

language has certain words where there's

no feminine like Imam you can't have a

Imam oh right

so the Imam is only a masking word can

have a mama and the Artemis opinion

about a woman leading the prayer amongst

when there's a mathematics there's no

but the hobbies that they did and some

of the folk AHA as you use them but a

woman cannot be Imam you know like

continual Rockets she can lead it in her

house or it was a group of women

something like that but probably them

paviva you can have a female doctor

linguistically and legalistically

there's nothing in the Sharia that says

women cannot become doctors they can

become physicists they can do whatever

they want if they have those

intellectual gifts and they've proven

themselves I mean there's no doubt about

that and there's many women that a much

finer doctors they have certain elements

of compassion and we know for a fact

that the women were at the time of the

public alike and women have already

skinned the nurturers and the doctors

they have always had the midwifery it

had the knowledge of herbal medicine you

know it's the Syrians are always telling

about them that is with all these herbal

remedies that they do that by hand the

discussion with nan last questions of

the mission from Johanna what is your

advice for a single mother where the

tribe and please your blushes will be on

lowering the gaze and practicing fasting

laughs well I think that the practical

advice that she should get married and

the Muslim men should you know we have a

jihad yeah and she was well hold on let

me just because there's some porn

element we have a jihad among the

Muslims where look amend will not marry

women with children and we know for a

fact not only did the Prophet do that

but the father did that he could young

men to marry virgins

I mean that's historical but there's a

beautiful Hadees bhai I mean it's so

beautiful it's beautiful from the

prophets perspective and it's beautiful

from the sahabis perspective all the

heavies wonderful from the public's

perspective but this hadith is the


a man was just getting married than the

Prophet Athens was she a virgin man and

he said that no and he said why didn't

you marry a virgin and he said because I

have some children and I didn't want to


ah somebody that wouldn't be able to

raise them in the same way because a

young girl would find it difficult come

in to already made family because she

wants to make her own town so he married

a woman who had children as well so it

was and the puppet told him that it was

a righteous thing to do and we have to

that we also and I'm not saying this in

America because polygamy is illegal but

men that are capable of doing it

should or should be encouraged to take

on some of the women that have children

and possibly unlikely to get married or

will be married with difficulty so

there's a jazzy amongst the a lot of the

Muslims and that is that they do not

marry divorce women which is the idea

could we know divorce women were married

they do not marry widows women I mean

they always blame the woman for the

divorce if it's like automatically oh

she must be a bad woman she got divorced

right and that's almost you find that

epidemic among Muslim men I've seen that

again and again and that is jahmiya a

lot of times will be very good women and

the chemical reasons they just weren't

compatible so the man could have been a

parent I know a lot of abuse Muslim

women and I I get their phone calls and

I hear them after the Juma prayer you

know there's a lot of bad stuff going on

this is very laundry but it's reality

and and and look them to have to really

wake up to this fact and you have to be

compassionate with a lot of these

sisters because we don't have

unfortunately community situation

parties particularly with the convert

Muslim you say with American Muslim we

don't have the same infrastructure if

you come from a certain Syria where they

have wonderful familial infrastructures

that will women get divorce it's easy

for her to go back to her family and

there'll be people to help her

unperfect not the situation here in a

lot of cases for women have incredible

hardship and the men have to be aware of

that and there's a big reward in helping

those those women in terms of problem

and things like that well you know in

reality there is just no jihad

male/female is all the same is mujahadin

and we know in the hadith that actually

women have can have much stronger have a

stronger or more difficult time that

that type of jihad and fasting is

important during the gauge is important

and being patient with a lot and they

can do a lot

it's a beautiful happiest when I think

it was Omaha visa me I can't really name

I know but she am her husband I he's one

of the great Sahaba and the fella

provided in said to make the Aloha

a Philippine had a minimal I like give

me better than him does anybody know her

name boom was caught him he was able

sedima yeah and she said I never thought

there could be anybody better than and

the public's a lifetime he said the

clock people worship the clock in this

country we're out of fun