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So we raised them up from their sleep that

they might question each other said one

of them how long have we tarried the

other said we have stayed a day or part

of the day and then they said how do I

become an animal be mad a victim I had

to comb the Waterpik home Harry he ate

in Medina

so Allah knows best

how long you have tarried and then they

he said send one of you with this


which is money what up means silver and

they have they have been football and

what occurred silver so be walking home

happy he ll Medina Sally on door I knew

her as Kappa Anna Thalia t combed it is

10 min ho well he had a lot of what I

surrender become I had that so he says

so send you then with this money of

yours to the town and let him find out

or seek out said younger means to look

and young more never I am gobble nabber

on means to look you know but I am the

Luna L an EBD k fo for the apart and you

haven't a contemplated haven't they

looked seriously so it has the idea

looking with a concern or look at which

is the as common

the purest food but he convinced the men

who so let him bring some provision from

that food what he has a laptop

and he should behave with care and

courtesy or beware go easy

in order not to inform the others about

you so the idea that young or AHA escapa

Anna let them look at which is the

purest of food and this is a issue that

in some ways wasn't there's been a

concern about food from the very early

period of Islam if you look at the

Sahaba from below on whom and koshari in

his reseller says that they were more

concerned about their food than they

were about p.m. and laid that's him that

he said of Iran no pushing so why were

they more concerned about their food

because if they were eating food that

was not good there wouldn't be any p.m.

at night in other words if you eat out

on food you you won't be able to to do

p.m. unless in fact one of the reasons

why we find it difficult to get up in

the night has to do with wrong actions

and think one of the set up said I heard

something as a result of it I was

deprived of night prayers for forty days

because he heard some of Heba or

something and didn't say anything about

it so the idea of having pure food if

you look in the Quran every time the

word halal is mentioned with food Bible

is mentioned with it which means pure

now usually it has to do with enchilada

nama and also with the fact that it

should be pure from its source which is

halal in a sense so and there's nothing

redundant in the Quran there's no reason

to have an adjective with something if

it's redundant in its meaning so when I

lost as Hal Adam Feige ba halal means

Hara and fire it means fire so if it's

not five years in the sense of it not

being from a proper monetary source it's

certainly not allowed right you can't

say it's allowed with the

money is Haram the food is Haram which

you bought it with but one of the things

about the early period and until very

recently is that the majority of food

was pure by its nature in other words

because there was not a sophisticated

way of operate of packaging food

preserving food refrigeration all of

these types of things by its nature

there was limited things which people

could do to food because it went off so

they learn natural ways of preserving

food like pickling and doing these type

of things Marat because they found early

on that sugar was a very good

preservative but as we've increased in

our understanding of chemistry and

technology in these things people now

are able to do the most sophisticated

things in manipulating food changing

literally changing the chemical

structures of food and there's a whole

what's called dietary science is

learning how to do that now if you look

if you give the idea that Allah created

everything and guided it to its purpose

that everything is created and guided to

its purpose right everything that Allah

has made it has a purpose and it will

fulfill its purpose but Allah in several

verses in the Quran tells us to not

change the creation of Allah and he also

tells us the Chaffin promises well

ioveiy your end allah that he will get

the humans to change the creation of

allah subhana wa ta'ala to begin to

change it at some fundamental level now

in the quran it talks about clipping the

ears of the animals because this is what

they were doing these are the things or

in the sunnah about splitting the teeth

what the women used to do to augment

their teeth would they would put two

fleas they would make up gaps in the

teeth because they thought it was

beautiful now people close the gaps

because they think gaps in the teeth are

ugly right but the Arabs they used to

actually put things between the teeth of

the women in order to split the teeth so

that they when they smile they had these

gaps in the teeth

very interesting you know why humans do

this also the idea of plucking the

eyebrows the prophet Elijah discouraged

that unless a woman in the move the

focus a unless a woman has excessive

hair or something like that but to pluck

them until there's nothing but a small

line or nothing left there or even

putting on fingernail polish so if you

look at at really or letting the nails

grow because it's against if Allah right

so if you look at all of these things

I'm innocent arm generally is a deem

that teaches us to leave things in their

natural state the claw that's part of

what stuff that I mean the original

state father is the originator papa was

somehow accurate our so Shepherd I has

to do with natural state there's a

beautiful hadith in the sake of Imam

Muslim in which the promise Allah is in

passed by a group of people that were

doing be nor they were tell piya what do

you say not so clear huh yeah how do you

say that in like fertilizing a bee

pollinating pollinating they what they

were doing is they were doing this you

up there and Athene so they would take

the mail Poland and put it onto the

female tree and the Prophet passed by

and he thought something was very

strange about that because he wasn't

from Medina he was from Mecca they

didn't have palm trees in Mecca so never

seen that before but there was something

that seemed unnatural about it that the

person would have to go from one to the

other now for me what I find fascinating

about that is the prophets natural

reaction to it that it seems something

unnatural about it now the Sahaba left

doing it the unsolved and they had a bad

crop that year and they went they

complained to the Prophet and he said

why did you I wasn't why did you listen

to me I wasn't you know he said I'm

tomography amore dunya cone you know

better about your dunya I was he just

made a remark and it wasn't worried and

it wasn't it was his own comment about

what they were doing that he thought it

was strange but the point is is that I

this is an indication of how the Prophet

SAW item viewed the world you see that

there's something that people are

impacting too much on the world there's

something unnatural now there's a very

interesting theory you just want to take

this a step further beavers make dams in

America I don't know if they have you I

don't it's an indigenous American animal

I think but there's beavers that are

animal they make dams along rivers and

damming is obviously an ancient form of

for agriculture but the idea of making

these mega dams is a modern 20th century

phenomenon there's a theory that was

some physicists in America came up with

what they actually thought that the the

atmospheric changes that were taking

place were not a result of this global

warming and and the ozone layer lost

they actually said it was because of

these mega dams that were being built

all over the world that they're acting

like weights on the on the wheels that

there's they're upsetting at very very

fine levels the axis of the earth and

the balance of the rotation of the earth

because the water is not flowing at its

natural levels and you have these masses

of water which are minut in relation to

the earth itself but just like those

small bearings on the wheels are minut

it has a radical effect on the wheel

itself anyway I thought that was a very

interesting theory

with this whole idea of when you when

you begin to play with the creation of

Allah without knowledge without Bossier

then you end up doing much more damage

than you do harm and now they want to

build this huge dam in the Yangtze River

in China right and these are all IMF

World Bank projects I mean they're not

there's nothing for the indigenous

people in it really there are just giant

projects to get cooked to get these

countries into massive debt on usury so

the whole basis of it is use areas and

so the effects are going to be bad just

from that but

the ecological effects and the effects

that it has on me on the the place

itself is also relevant so if you look

now the thing if you if you go down to a

very fundamental level basically what's

happening is we are already

we're literally electromagnetic

resonance that's what all of us are at a

very basic level we're vibrating at a

certain resonance and when food is also

has a resonance and when you eat food at

either nourishes or it harms these are

include is not neutral right it's either

gonna be beneficial or harmful if you

eat it in its right proportions and you

eat good food it's going to be

beneficial to the body if you eat it in

its wrong proportions or if it's bad

food it's going to be harmful to the

body and the worst thing that you could

do is fill the body with food shuttle we

Iron Man level even or Adam Balkin or

who the worst vessel that the son of

Adam can fill is his stomach

subhanAllah that's a Sahadi the worst

vessel that the son of Adam can fill is

his stomach and he said the Prophet

Salla I said I'm said to actually have

been Adam Lupe max you're gonna be have

a ho ho it's enough for the son of Adam

to have just more souls that he keep his

back upright with Luke a Matt that's

tough fear of lucuma it's a diminutive

of LACMA which is a bite so small bites

it's enough for the son of Adam to have

small bites that he can keep his back

straight with and then the prophet

Elijah and said but if you have to eat

more than that and this is the one

everybody thinks is Sunnah he was saying

at the most extreme than one-third for

food one-third for water 1/3 for air

that's the extreme if you can't do with

just little pay mats then just do it now

people say and this I'm making this up

or what people nowadays they always say

the Sun that one-third one-third

one-third is true or not true people

forgot the first part of the hadith and

they think that that's the

that's not the Sunnah that's for

excessive people and always the people

to mention these hadees invariably eats

much more than they need and they kind

of say well mama soon america you know

nobody practices that soon anymore it's

not a sunnah in the first place the

Sunnah is not paying that this is the

rocks are in Canada good if you have to

do more than that then just do to return

the upon you or shall I be one of the

city so the second is are oxides a

dispensation the first is is the center

and we know that the prophet Elijah time

did not encourage asceticism he did not

like asceticism he didn't like going to

extremes and food is one of the extremes

and this is wild bull said he says what

Obama Hamas offense are long and it took

on me maybe sometimes too little food is

worse than too much food you see because

the nature of the nerves if you go to an

extreme the agenda the excessive

extremes are safer than the deficient

extremes there's very interesting

phenomenon if you look at diabetes a

diabetic will rarely be in serious

trouble if their sugar goes way way up

they get into trouble when it drops way

way down you see they get into trouble

when there's not enough blood sugar when

it goes under like 50 40 you go under 40

and you go into a glucose coma right and

then BOOM there's no sugar to the brain

and you can die they go into coma and

they'll die whereas it can go up 18

800,000 right if you know the normal

range is like between 80 and 120

something like that right in the blood

if you go up past like eight hundred a

thousand you're gonna have problems

right and they'll they'll be aware that

something's happening but the danger of

dying is not imminent like it is if you

go the other way which is deficiency and

this is what happens an overeater can

overeat for a long long time but an

under eater can go into serious problem

in a very quick time and what Bo Sadie

Proffitt lana was saying there is that

sometimes excessive xored is worse than

people who are too much in the dunya but

going to an extreme of rejecting the

dunya can be often times more dangerous

why because those people will often time

to go to the opposite or kill themselves

and so the Prophet did not like

asceticism nor did he like this other

extreme because he's the man of the

middle lace on the law Eddie was

cinnamon and this is why in this in the

sooner you will very rarely see the

Prophet ever pointing out to people

false he did it very subtly and he was

not his character to expose people's

fault but there are a few hadees that

are very interesting in that there was a

man who had a large stomach and he said

to the man had this been on somebody

else it would be better for you meaning

the food that you're overeating it's

better if it was somebody who really

needed it right now we also know how

much in the kitab Boracay febiven and

mubarak sees Yazeed making Pallava and

his stomach was coming over his ease are

and omar took his daughter his stick and

he lifted his harem and he said a bottle

kuwait Ojeda is this the stomach of a

little calf here because he's taking it

from a hadith that says that the

movement and it's inverse aji the

movement eats the caterpillar eats from

seven and a half and Kathy who yet home

in sobriety and the cat that eats from

seven intestine and the movement only

eats from one and this came because of a

man the a suburban world is that a man

came to the prophet Elijah and he told

him about Islam and they brought him

milk and he drank a whole ball and then

they brought he said you want more he

said yes if on he drank seven bowls and

he and then he said I'm finished so the

next day he came back and he said

Shahada and the Prophet offered him milk

he drank one ball he said you want

he said no I'm full so the Prophet said

the moment drinks from one intestine

whereas the kaffir it's he drinks from

seven so the catheters appetite for the

dunya is much greater than the movement

and food is our essential connection

with the world you see the first

connection with the world is the breath

and then the the next is the food itself

so this is the essential connection with

the world that we have is food and this

is why if you don't conquer that level

of the knobs it's a big problem the food

knobs it's a very serious problem now

it's not really fair for me to talk

about this because that's not where my

some people have different problems and

food maybe because when I was about I

think 21 or something I got amoebic

dysentery and I lost my appetite after

that and I've never really got it back

and that's what the Chinese call spleen

deficiency you know you get a deficiency

in the spleen from dysentery and that

causes like your appetite diminishes so

it's not it's easy for me I'm not giant

as ID is somebody that fights there

enough you know they have a difficult

time and they withhold from food for me

that's not the situation I just food has

never been a serious you know I'm not

somebody that can eat a lot of food and

I don't I can go a long period of time

but it's not because I'm it's mujahadin

it's just my nature that's what they

call shout out on the laptop ha ha WA

laughs ah shut up you know it's when

your own nafs is in accordance with the

shut up

so there's not really a reward for it

it's just lucky you like I have a friend

he hates onions and he's always quoting

the hadith the Prophet didn't eat onions

but he just doesn't like them it's you

know it's how I woke up a Sunnah so

here's how it goes according with which

is good ham daily left that's a good

thing but some people have a serious

difficulty with food like it is a real

difficulty they eat a lot and they want

more and that takes more data so you

need to learn

literally and one of them said of the

cell if he said I would prefer to stop

before I'm satiated Kobayashi back that

he would leave the food that I would do

p.m. and late that it was harder on

enough for him to do to stop the food

than getting up at night and doing p.m.

and late so they had a very strong

understanding of that what Mujahid is

and what struggling against the self is

and if you look at Abu median about the

law under the Great North African master

of ascent his whole book is about you

one that he says this path is about you

what that you have to do wet enough sick

you have to really make yourself hungry

and we know that the poet Sol I said and

his soon that was too fast on Mondays

and Thursday and some of his Sava fasted

every other day the same Ladell cm what

we saw and he prohibited which is a

continuous cm the fasting every day he

prohibited that or what they call in the

West which is a medicinal fast they

called a dry fast where you literally

don't eat food or drink and we know it's

in the confirm Sunnah that the prophets

Eliza Dunn did it and some of the shoe

have done that and even tenía in his

patella actually has a talk about that

and mentioned that he did do that he

performed that type of fast but it's a

very dangerous fast and the Prophet

prohibited it because he said that that

Allah in our be your family where you

say me my Lord gives me food and gives

me drink you see so he was having a

spiritual nourishment now we know also a

bizarre every thirty Robin I know in the

Sahara when he went to Mecca to find out

about the Prophet he stayed in the Kaaba

for one month and he used to drink only

Zemzem he wasn't eating any food or

drinking anything else and he said he

gained weight in that month from the

Zemzem water you see so that's a

spiritual nourishment that happens and

there are people that you know I've seen

I know one share that he only drinks


that's all he lives on and he's been

doing that for several years and

he's actually he's robust he's not thin

at all you know so there's people that

can do that we can't do that if I did

that I'd kill myself and that's why it's

hard on to do that for somebody so those

things are related to people's stations

and things like that and so this idea of

you know food and and it's what what it

means and it's essential qualities the

prophets of light incident what I

learned in Africa and people some of the

people here who've been in Africa and

lived with Africans whether it's in

Ghana or Nigeria Sudan food in Africa is

fuel right really its fuel the Africans

the the Saharan African sub-saharan

Africans are not big connoisseurs of

food they don't have cuisines they don't

have it's actually quite simple food

when you move inside I mean in the

cities obviously you're going to get a

little different but still it's still

very simple when you go to places where

there's high civilization you get a

massive amount of energy being put into

food you go for instance to Syria

Palestine Lebanon people will spend the

whole day cooking a meal you know so the

whole life revolves around food the

public did not like that at all and he

talked about the colored foods that his

Ummah would eat and when some of the

Sahaba got to Syria and found others saw

how the eating colored food they were

shocked because they were used a very

primitive food they ate if you look at

the diet of the province Eliassen which

is in the Shema ed of imam Academy

he ate basically barley was the staple

the grain barley Shire which is actually

the best of all the grains it's been

proven to actually be the most

nutritious of all the grains barley and

then he had dates and dates were were

eaten in several different stages so

they ate that Bella had a thorough pub

they ate the souk area or the family

they had different stages of development

and each one of them has different

properties as well because they actually


and they can't they did not drink cow's

milk they'd write sheep's milk goats

milk camel's milk and they did make a

type of yogurt drink from it which they

would use with a leather what they call

a pedal bar and they call it there's

another word for it when they make the

yogurt with it which I can't remember

the bedroom you know that yeah the money

they make the the yogurt with it and

take the butter out because they do make


so they had some butter xub de the cream

or the butter and they and then he had

we know that he liked pumpkin you clean

that he liked cucumber he our of pizza

that he liked grapes which they did have

a fight and they used to bring them to

Mecca and there were even some of the

carom in Mecca some of the houses the

Irish had date buying I mean grapevine

and he liked also the melon the melon so

they did have melons and things like

that they had mich Mich they knew about

mich Mich which was from syria

they brought dried apricots they also

knew about team which was dried that

they brought from Syria but those were

very expensive and for the you know for

the wealthy people the poor people

didn't eat those things so the diet was

very simple and then meat was something

that they actually ate quite rarely they

were not heavy meat eaters in fact

really we would say now in the language

of this time they would be called

semi-vegetarian because they really ate

very little meat the Arabs loved meat

but only the wealthy could afford it

because poor people could not afford

meat because meat in those days you

sacrifice when you ate the meat you

didn't you couldn't go to the butcher

they didn't have like a butcher were you

going but no you had the meat and you

would sacrifice it yourself or you would

go to somebody's house and sacrifice and

that's usually when they got meat was

when they went as I guess

to somebody else's house that's

generally where people got me and that's

why meat is considered nine it's an

alien food it's an excess of food and

this is why I've heard people tell me

you know about eating the meat from

grocery stores in America they say Minh

babbled Autobots you can't prove that by

Sharia because meat is not from the

bottle docks it really isn't

now there's a certain character that the

Arabs call fatty moon right

patty moon is somebody who loves meat

right carnivorous they say in English

they love meat fat him and there was a

hadith that say na al-marwah Delano says

to a man you know why why I always seen

you buy meat and he said in the affair

ammonia and merriment meaning I'm Karim

I love meat and I almost said to him

that I'm afraid you'll be from those who

all have a pie that even for hire at


you'll be from those who lose all of

their good deeds in this world by taking

too much 19 from the dunya that's what

he was afraid and Omar during his

Khilafah prohibited the eating of meat

every day and this is called Chuck

needle mover which is permissible for

the Khalifa to do that because it's

mobile to eat meat every day and they

say Hasan al-basri can a ya Kudo Pharma

kulla yawmin one a Kuna naka de théâtre

de one of the Salif said has an

ambassador used to eat a small amount of

meat every day and we didn't consider

that it affected his status as a Zayed

that he was there you see but during the

time of Allah when people started eating

a lot of meat because a lot of wealth

was coming into from the venom and

things he's made it impermissible for

people to eat meat every day they had to

do it every other day he was worried

about that now I find it very

interesting that although there is a

hadith and there's some in a Bihari one

of them which Aisha

the prophets Allah I am said fabulous 30

other Seraphim cuff of the Aisha for

Aisha RSI didn't miss a couple Barbara

13 at a secular farm the preference of

aisha over other women the preference of

that studied over the rep of food so

that the Prophet said is the highest

type of food because it's the most

delicious and there's also a hadith

which says ulema sato farm that meat is

the master of food it's like the

aristocrat of food now despite those

hadith which in mimetic new rod Allah

knows the two Hadees that he put he has

a chapter called Babylon in his Moapa

you could look it up there's a moral

here mm the chapter concerning meat he

only has two Hadees and both of them are

warnings about me one of them both are

from Ameer al-mumineen

o Madhava mana who said in one of them

the yacumo Lama in Idaho bar Allison Cal

barometer Hama

beware of meat because it has an

addiction like the addiction of wine and

to this day in Yemen they call meats

Ramadan what we mean the line of the

believers that's a name they call in in

in the Habra me language for me , and

what we need now what happens to people

who eat meat consistently is they become

they don't like food that doesn't have

meat in it they lose the taste for it

and they always want meat where's the


you see they get used to the flavor of

the food having meat and they become

addicted to meet now in in

traditionally in most of them Muslim

countries and like they do in China meat

was a flavoring they did not eat large

pieces of meat it was literally a

flavoring for the food and you will find

if you ask people that are still alive

from say 70 70 80 years old who grew up

in anywhere in the Muslim world you

asked them how much meat they had when

they were growing up and you will be

amazed to find that

very little surgery but because of the

modern ability to refrigerate to raise

massive amounts of harmonized beef and

graze all of these animals bulking them

up if you go and see you know in in

America during the time they call

Thanksgiving which everybody eats turkey

they have these turkeys like just

enormous unbelievable and then right

next to him you can see organic turkey

in other words a turkey that didn't have

any hormones and and growth all these

growth hormones and chemicals and it's

like about one-third the size of this

now if you also notice Americans tend to

be very big all right they're big people

now I grew up vegetarian oh so i

spilling the beans in some background

baggage bringing into Islam but I

actually did not eat meat after - what

when I when I was 12 I stopped eating

meat but if you look at Americans

generally they're actually much bigger

than most people really they're giant

people it's true or not see Abdullah now

what you notice immigrants when they

move to America

suddenly they're children and this is

amazing because you see it all over

America you see these Indian who came to

America the father's five foot six the

mothers five foot two the son six foot

they think it's good protein in other

words that they didn't have good food

when they were in India that's really

what most of them think it is and they

don't realize it just has to do with the

hormones in the milk and in the meat

that these are unnatural growth hormones

that they're putting in these foods so

wherever American beef has gone there

has been a raise and increase in the

height of the people this has happened

in Japan in the Asian countries like

Philippines right the houses in the

Philippines now they're all having

because Filipino people are

traditionally like five foot four now

the ideal height for a human being by

our physiology is about five eight and

you will find in the Muslim war

that is pretty much the average height

of people is around you know if you go

on had and you're over six feet you find

yourself kind of towering over everybody

and then the Malaysians walk by you know

and they're kind of you know like midget

people and and they're actually quite

normal in relation to you know but when

you compare them to these people that

are actually very large right they're

very big people but they're inorganic

people in other words a lot of what they

have is is just it's unnatural the way

that they've acquired it so now there's

obviously stock as well because we get

into some areas I mean even in Europe

you can find there's areas where there's

larger people and that is true but but

this is something that's a very

interesting phenomenon now another thing

there's a researcher in the US that did

a study on estrogen which is a very

common hormone that they use in the

poultry and in the beef an estrogen is a

female hormone and he thought that the

rise in homosexuality was related to

using all these female hormones in the

cows and in the chickens and all of

these things that it was creating

unnatural tendencies and people things

like this so there's people taking this

very seriously you know what people are

doing to changing the creation of Allah

and it's all for money that's the only

reason they're doing it it's not doesn't

make healthier animals it's simply to

make more meat so that you can sell it

pound for pound for more money

that's the only reason there's no other

reason and it's because also Americans

want to eat these big giant steaks right

now the other thing that's very

interesting is the second hadith which

is in the mapa where he sees the man who

buys it every day and he says Akula

master date as the hater state every

time you get hungry you just buy meat

and he said yes and he said it would be

better if you just tucked your stomach

in a little bit and let other people eat

now this the promise a license said

though can an idiom the ID that cannot

home out if there was a prophet after me

it would have been oh ma now one of the

really interesting things about the age

were living in is that grain

a massive amounts of grain are going to

the livestock industry to raise cattle

right because the British they're called

beefeaters right and then they took this

beef eating idea to America because

America is anglo-saxon and the

beefeaters went around in fact the

reason they killed all of the Buffalo of

the Native American Indians who that was

their staple was simply to create

grazing land they killed millions of

Buffalo went out they used to go out and

just shoot them and they didn't use the

meat they were just wiping them out one

to starve the Native Americans but two

to create grazing land for their cattle

the Longhorns and these things and they

also wiped out the sheep herders there

were huge battles up in Northern America

in the Montana Utah in these areas

between the sheep ranchers and between

the cattle ranchers and the cattle

ranchers defeated them so beef became

the dominant food now one of the

interesting things is that in the Muslim

world most of the Muslim countries did

not eat beef they ate lamb which is the

traditional meat of the profits alati

cinema's man he did not eat beef

although he did sacrifice a cow on the

head and it was for his women he did not

eat beef and my whatup that has told me

that he had thought about getting rid of

his cows at one time just because it

wasn't a animal of the Prophet but he

decided because ibraheem Alisa dam had

cows that did that it was alright

because ibraheem after the incidents I

mean he brought a young healthy calf and

said the cap so there's certainly

nothing wrong there is a hadith that

says lamb will buckle Valon well daniel

has Shifa and that's Asahi Hadi and it's

called mush kill with the Mahadi thing

it's the meaning anyway that the meat of

the cow is a disease and it's milk is a

cure and now we know it's it's it's one

of the number one causes of cardio

arterial vascular disease right all of

the arteries get

and now they have like in in Pakistan

because people like this me and things

like this

and by the way bypass operations are

very common amongst upper-class

indo-pakistani people it's true or not

true very common tragic because if you

follow the Sunnah you would never have a

bypass operation and I'm amazed at

people that they say things like a hum

do masha'Allah the operation went very

well and this American masha allah allah

masha and sal you know and i want to say

to them you know why you blame things on

allah Sakuma why shareable allowed to

city food in a little bit misleading eat

and dreams but not to access allah

doesn't love those who are excessive the

prophet elijah himself higher allah

quran for me from melody nia you know

whom to melody mia know whom some may

other famous them and the best of my own

that is the first generation then the

second generation then the third

generation and then they start getting


that's a hadith ie they start getting

plump so you eat all this food that

allah told you not to do and then you

say masha'Allah

I got a cardiovascular disease no you

say you know you blame your naps it was

your own appetite that led to that

condition there's no reason why you

should have I mean there are people that

have certain congenital disorders that

is true but for most people it's just

simply a matter of bad eating that there

enough Scott the better of them and they

weren't able to control that so people

really should recognize that that the

body is literally designed to live a

hundred and twenty years by Western

materialistic scientists the body is

designed to live a very long time the

proposal I sent him said a model Ummah

team of a necessity no a subterranean

myomas ages will be between 60 and 70 so

the majority of the Ummah will die

between 60 and 70 that's a sorry hadith

and that's what Allah has determined the

agile of this Ummah

hamdullah the Prophet died at 63 he was

in perfect health when he died he died

of a fever but they said that his

stomach was completely flat that he had

only 17 gray hairs in his beard that he

was very strong he had the strength of

40 men and he walked very and he was

doing jihad until the last I mean Hamza

Rabia was 55 on the Battle of Badr and

they said yo mo burger can a young hamza

it was hams day because of what he did

with the mushrikeen on that day and what

she was hired by him because of what he

did on butter he killed some of the

great warriors of forest he was 55 years

old you look at a 55 year old now in the

Muslim Ummah and they're all dent over

they've got their guy and share food on

you know so the body has certain rights

in the Lee Jessica a later haka your

body has a right over you and the right

of the body is that we eat we fuel it

properly we exercise it properly we give

it enough sleep that it needs Oh Mohamed

Atta's Adi says the maximum amount of

sleep that you should give your body the

maximum amount is eight hours that's the

maximum if you some people need a lot of

sleep if you need a lot of sleep that is

the max and you should never go more

than eight hours and it actually becomes

negative sleep now it's just to talk a

little bit about sleep because sleep is

nourishment it is literally food for the

law the body is is fed by proteins

carbohydrates and lipids but the Lua is

fed by Vicar and by known by remembrance

of Allah and by sleep and that's why the

more dickerer you do the less sleep you

need people that do deep dhikr actually

sleep less than people that don't this

is a fact and even interestingly enough

people that do forms of non Islamic

people that do forms of meditation where

they've shown that they go into theta

wave states in their

they also need less sleep so it's not

simply an Islamic phenomenon you can

find this in other traditions that

people that do learn how to concentrate

or meditate at a deep level don't have

to sleep as much as other people so

there's something to be said for that

just from that perspective now the

nature of sleep is if you sleep before

12 and I'm using 12 midnight not that

number 12 like on the clock

but before midnight if you look at five

years at four and mother is at eight

then twelve would be half night midnight

right but if Rogers at three and mother

lives at eight then it would be eleven

o'clock the sleep after Isha before

midnight is worth twice of sleep after

all right so if you sleep one hour

between say now you go to bed at 10:30

and you sleep till twelve that's the

equivalent of three hours sleep it's

only an hour I have but because that

sleep is before the half night it's the

equivalent of three hours right so

people and this why the Sunna of the

Prophet was to go to bed immediately

after Asia and in this I'm not making

this up this is really this isn't sleep

houses theories or something like that I

mean this is actually from food and it's

confirmed by if you do it so now the

other thing is if you sleep after fejoe

before shuttle it's negative sleep so if

you sleep an hour it's as if you were

deprived of two hours of sleep alright

you won't get rest from it it's negative

sleep if you sleep after a sort of the

four mug ative or before Asia it's

negative sleep all of that is negative

sleep it's it's as if you didn't sleep

you actually lose sleep if you sleep

after the the whole prayer before I saw

it's positive sleep and it's worked

twice so if you sleep one hour between

one and two o'clock say you prayed the

hora at 1:00

if you go to sleep at 1:30 get up at

2:30 it's as if you've had two hours of

sleep in terms of the regeneration

rejuven application of the body

rejuvenation all right so you following

this now if you sleep also after awesome

there's a hadith that Imams feel they

relate in the third whenever we and I

don't think it's sound but he's related

in there and it said whoever sleeps

after a sir and wakes up mad today

alumina in Lenexa let him only blames

himself memory was there for them

there's Nina that I owe to Amanda Elena

said that usually blame himself

so some share was telling that in the

nitrate and some crazy guy got up and

said no that can't be right I always

sleep after Asif so that's basically the

benefit you know of the sleep that we

should and the prophets Elijah and used

to sleep after the home and he said

Peter finish up in late afternoon take

Tallulah which is that afternoon sleep

because shellping don't take Tallulah so

it's a good sleep to do and it's also is

tiana out of qiyama layin it helps

people get up at night

to do the night friend because if you if

you're up all day from after pleasure

all the way up to asia you're exhausted

and you're gonna sleep very heavily and

you you won't have any rest if you and

also they've done studies these are like

medical studies that the universities

have done in the states and these have

been published in medical journals that

mediterranean people who have tabooed at

like southern spanish italians that's

where the studies were done they didn't

don't bother do him on the muslims and

in greece those people had lower blood

pressures lower heart attack rates less

stress rates they were healthier people

right and and they felt that there was a

direct correlation between afternoon

naps and actually based it on level

stress levels rising throughout the day

that when you stop after the hora and go


sleep that literally bring you back to a

starting point that you had in the

morning so you literally get a deep

rejuvenation that takes place in that

type of sleep so I mean basically what

you know the point of this is that I

think none of us should forget the

responsibility that we have just to keep

ourselves healthy you know it's really

important now sickness is not a bad

thing because it's fahara for this Ummah

and and you know they say Lafayette I

suggested in either I'm no model there's

no good in a body that doesn't get sick

you know that it's it's a purification

and the Prophet Elisha him got sick we

know that he didn't have any fowl

illnesses which is not permissible for

the prophets right a model of Tahu some

disease but they can get the simple

illnesses coughs colds fevers things

like that they they can get these things

generally you will get sick when your

immune system goes down the immune

system goes down when you're not giving

the body it's half if you eat for

instant sugar if you're eating over 40

grams of sugar a day they know very

clearly in Western physiology that your

white blood cell count goes down quite

radically so people that are constantly

taking sugar are in an immunocompromised

state and this is why your sugar intake

should be actually very slight sugar

should not you shouldn't take a lot of

sugar it's actually quite harmful if you

do I think personally drinking all of

these sugar drinks is really bad for

your health people that drink Pepsi and

Coke first of all I would not want to

support those corporations that's the

first thing because they really are and

mostly doing for auto and second of all

it's totally unbeneficial and it's

actually doing worse if there's no

benefit in it you're actually harming

yourself if you drink if you eat a meal

and you drink water that there is an

effect on the digestive system that's

why the sumo was not to drink we

with meal the father did not drink with

meals and it's in a bad Judy mentions

this if you drink sugar not water if you

drink sugared water with a meal then you

create a fermentation that takes place

inside especially if you've eaten

carbohydrates and bread

I mean neat because what happens is your

your your your stomach actually there's

two stomachs you have a cardiac stomach

pyloric and cardiac the the cardiac

stomach is the higher stomach right and

initially when you eat something it will

stop at that point for a period of time

and and the the Thailand and and the

other enzymes that come from the saliva

if you chew your food well will begin to

digest the food when it moves down into

the pyloric stomach what happens is

whatever enzymes were not there in the

food then will be released into the food

when you take water with that you dilute

the enzymatic power of those so the

digestion is weakened right and it also

puts out the fire of digestion because

digestion is heat and it needs heat if

you drink cold fluids that's why it's

better to drink a warm fluid actually

then a cold fluid it's actually

deleterious to your digestion to drink

cold with your meals right because

you're actually putting out the fire of

the digestion and the other thing is the

when you get into the the element theory

which is it's an Islamic theory it's not

even though the Greeks had it the

protozoa isn't clearly articulates it in

several Hadees and a debate and by

jewelry on his karma chair and the Shema

intervene on pyramid ii in the hadith

that about the eating the dates and

eating the the cucumber with it the

Prophet said had a you'v re-do hada the

the cucumber cools the heat of the date

and that's based on the four element

theory because basically they divide

foods into hot hot dry cold wet

that's every food can be classified so

dates are hot and dry they're hot and

drying foods and cucumbers are cold and

wet and so they actually counter if you

eat too much of a hot and dry food then

the body get creates too much heat and

it'll create an imbalance in the body if

you eat too much cold and wet foods then

that will also create an imbalance and

cold and wet is all those it just

depends somes worse than others it

depends but generally if you want a good

memory you'll tend you should tend to

eat more hot and dry foods because

people that are hot and dry have better

memories and people that are cold and

wet phlegmatic people what they used to

call phlegmatic people in the West

people that are heavyset have a lot

produce a lot of mucus and and these are

cold and wet people they tend to be less

acute less sharp than the more hot and

dry type now there is a natural drying

out as you get older the more cold and

wet you are the more sleep you need the

more hot and dry you are the less sleep

you need so what happens is babies sleep

all day long and they're very wet and

and they're actually wet and hot but

they sleep a lot because of the wetness

as they get older they get colder and

drier so by the time you get to old age

you're actually quite dry and getting

cold because the vital heats being

extinguished and this is why old people

actually in the West they call it

insomnia Muslims don't have insomnia

because they just take it as a sign they

should be praying right but in the West

older people get very upset about not

being able to sleep for a Muslim it's

kind of like you're getting on you know

you're going to die tomorrow or the next

day or the day after so you better take

advantage of your night right seriously

I mean in in traditional Muslim

societies an old person that didn't get

up and do too had you then it was a fool

right so people that have insomnia in

old age they should really what they're

supposed to be doing it's worshipping

and they don't know

so food can be related to those things

and there should be a balance of your

food but I think what the basic thing is

food should be reasonably simple right

it should not be you shouldn't eat a

whole bunch of different things and

certainly don't eat more than one meat

Atta I mean that's actually quite

disgusting to have like chicken beef

lamb at the same setting I mean it's

very extravagant to do that now Sahara

story was asked once about people he

said what do you say about a person that

eats once a day and he said I couldn't

Mb yet that's the way the prophets eat

and he said what about somebody that

eats twice a day and he said I could

have thought it came and he said what do

you say about somebody eats three times

a day and he said even Anna who never

just build him a stable right well he

can graze all day now I think that if

you eat reasonable amounts there's

nothing wrong with having a breakfast a

lunch and a dinner if you're eating

reasonable amounts if you're getting

extravagant you know breakfast should be

it's better to do some work before it

you know do some get the body moving but

it's it should be you know reasonable

meal and then the lunch should be the

heavier meal and then that's why you're

supposed to sleep after lunch the Arab

they say they'll have that - medic - I

shaft and the chef's eat lunch go to

sleep eat dinner take a walk so lunch

should be the heaviest meal of the day

and then dinner should be a light meal

and the Prophet said eat dinner even if

it's just a handful of dates and he also

said about suppose the Sahara in the

fist of all the Baraka take the Sahara

because there's Baraka in Soho it's a

time it's about at a time to eat it and

when there's Baraka that means that you

don't need a lot to sustain yourself

throughout the day so there are times

where things have more about our kind

like fruit has more Baraka in the

morning than it does

the evening it's better to eat fruit in

the morning than it is in the evening

and imam Aseel t mentions that in the


fruit is gold at lunch it's silver and

in the evening it's LED right so the

benefit of it decreases through the day

and because fruit is a spring food and

the the time of the day that relates to

spring is the early morning right and

then the other thing is that it's better

to roast in the winter to boil in the

summer right roasting meat in the winter

boiling it in the summer because

roasting infuses it with heat which you

need in the winter and boiling it

diffuses the heat because you need less

heat in the summer you don't want to get

too hot and that's why you should eat

less meat in the summertime than you do

in the winter winter is a better time to

eat meat because it's cold and and it's

a yang food it's a strong energetic food

and meat will give you energy there's no

doubt it gives you an energy but you'll

pay a price for it if you do it

constantly it becomes addictive just

like wine is a stimulant initially and

then it becomes a depressant meat is

like that it's a stimulant initially but

it'll eventually wear your body down

until the body actually goes into

disarray so these are just some general

guidelines about this matter and part of

I really think Muslims have become

really inattentive to these these

aspects of the cinema because food is

definitely a very important thing the

phone-- soul hasn't came to teach us how

to eat as well we definitely came to

teach us how to eat and I think if you

want to know what to eat the best thing

is to traditionally look at what your

people ate your ethnic group ate in

their traditional food not modern diet

but what they ate traditionally and that

will usually be the best genetic food

for you in terms of what you need to eat

when you're in a country like England

it's better to eat cooked more cooked

foods hot foods heating foods than it is

to eat raw and cold foods when you're in

hotter climates you eat more raw foods

you know because the body needs that

innate heat so here it's it's a damp and

cold country you need more hot and dry

foods if you go to a tropical country

you need more drying cooling foods if

you're in a middle country you need more

balanced foods so it just depends on

where you are geographically and this

these are all real concerns I mean

they're not there's a very good book by

El Elyon Hass called eating through the

season and he gives very good guidelines

based on traditional Chinese medicine on

what types of foods you should eat

throughout the year because they change

and the Chinese understand this and the

Chinese by Western studies have shown to

have actually the healthiest diets they