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 was in the shop on the regime's menara some lawyers hitman wanna anyone sorry
was sent him to see me but I hold over Aquitaine about me alone there in Medina
Alama al antenna in the contract aluminum ion beam at Lambton I was in
Elma one of the Edina Hickman Turkmen for Elena Metapod and Jared even from
Mosul in the home under seed in o Muhammad why I didn't care on what I heard over a 14 mm earlier darling
before we get into the the the purpose
of these these railings you know why we
started them the the Muslims have a tradition of traveling for knowledge in
fact that's where the word comes from rata that's what they used to call them and a lot of scholars actually wrote
their there raha lat so they have their journals and they would keep them on
their journeys and they would talk about who they met and what anima they took from and these became a type of
literature in the Muslim world but the the benefit of traveling is getting away
from the mat leuf you know what's your custom to the people of tassels say that
the thing most destructive to a person is routine is falling into routine and
that's why God throws so many wrenches into the lives of human beings because
without those wrenches we become cogs in a machine of our own device so there's a
benefit in getting out of one's routine Ramadan is certainly a month that every
year turns everything upside down and for a lot of people the first few
days are quite difficult because of that turning upside down for people that fast throughout the year it's not as
problematic there's a reason why fasting in Rajab and Shaban are considered
virtuous acts because it's preparing you for Ramadan so that you don't come into it
cold turkey so to speak so the it's a
benefit to go one of the problems with the modern world is that we have technology that enables us to pretty
much be in the same place wherever we are we also have a type of hegemonic
corporate global culture that tends to provide the same services wherever we
are so you can go to the depths of Africa and stay in the Intercontinental
Hotel and have the same marmalade that's
made in England and same tea that you drink in Hong Kong or somewhere else
so the the problem with that is obvious
for people that actually have experienced travelling at a different
level but one of the most important things about travelling is in fact in
some ways and I've spent a lot of time in airports so this is not something
that just kind of popped into my head I spent a lot of time thinking about
airports in some ways the world is like an airport it's like we've been put here
and we're all waiting to get on a plane to somewhere else and one of the things
that's so interesting to me about airports is that people tend to generally be on their best behavior
lines or even in the Muslim world lines tend to be better in airports than they
are in other places because they're non-existent in other places but people
tend to be quite well behaved in airports there's a kind of compartment that's quite surprising
people are very there's a lot of deference there's people helping each
other helping with the bags and part of the reason is because everybody knows they're going through the same torture
of being on a journey so it certainly helps when other people are willing to help you out in that so there's a
perhaps a utilitarian aspect to that but nonetheless travelling brings out the
best in people and it brings out the worst in people which is why the Arabs call it sefa which means to expose use
fiddle on and Marty the the same word for ambassador Sofia because he he tells
the people he's sent to what the intentions of his government are visa vie those people so he's revealing the
intentions of his government so Suffolk is a type of Revelation for yourself and
for others and one of the things that's interesting about people when they travel there's a lot of people think
somehow things are gonna get better if they can just get out of where they are now for some people that's true if you
have malaria it's usually wise to move out of the malarial swamp area in order
to get treated if you stay in the malarial swamp area you can treat yourself or have somebody
treat you with quinine and but you get reinfected one of the bizarre aspects of
american penal system is that they force parolees to go back to the same place
that they committed the crime and actually to stay there sometimes within
very small narrow areas so they go back to the same gangsters that got them in
trouble in the first place and the same types of temptations and setting allowing them to actually get out of
those environments so sometimes that's true to get out of an environment is actually a useful thing if somebody's in
a domestic situation where there's a lot of anger and violence and trouble they're not going to really be able to
start meditating seriously until they get out of that type of environment because
it's just difficult to be able to concentrate when there's a lot of anger and hostility in the room that's true
just for people normally so the there
that that does happen there was a benefit in leaving but for a lot of people when they go to another place
they find out they're the exact same person that they were in in the place they just left and the same things that
they struggle with are those same things that they find themselves struggling with there so people come to me and say
I really want to learn Arabic but I have to go somewhere to learn Arabic and I
there's maybe an element of truth to that sometimes but a lot of times when they go to that place where they think
they're going to learn the Arabic they end up doing exactly the same thing they were doing in the other place and so I've met people that have gone to the
art world live two three four years and their intention was to learn Arabic and they come back and and you say talented
otterby and they say oh yeah yeah that's happened a lot on the other hand I've
know people that have never left America that can read fluent Arabic so you have
to look into your hearts and look at what your intentions were because the
prophet sal is a time and it's one of the most important hadees and in some ways it's the single most important
hadith in the Melamed open yet actions are my intentions when le Colima in
Manoa and every man or a woman has what he or she intends in their actions from
in Canada jarate radula era dunya you see Baja Oh in Mauritania who have a
hitter to Yamaha era la you know he ends up by saying man Canada is arathi with
Allah he wore a suit if a territory Allah he wore a suit woman Canada he Jarrah to who so whoever's he Jarrah is to Allah and
His Messenger and then he repeats it then his migration is to Allah and his
messengers he repeats that but when he says but whoever's migration is for some
worldly attainment or for a spouse they're trying to get then their hitter is to
what you know mahadji day he didn't name it again with a lot his measure we've
repeated it but with those low things he
didn't really waste the words in mentioning them again because they weren't worth mentioning and so that's
the difference between people some people have high him and him is your aspiration it's what your heart's
connected to we have an American saying from Ralph Waldo Emerson
you know hitch your wagon to a star in other words have high him and when you do things
Imam a Junaid once saw a man about to be
executed for brig injury and he greeted the man and and one of his students said
do you greet a man like that he said I'm impressed with any man that's willing to
risk his life for what he wants you know and so and that's Ark that's in essence
part of the mystique that we have with bank robbers in America you know people
people are kind of there's there's a hidden admiration for people that are willing to just risk it all for what
they want Mona Rumi said you know if you want to
fornicate find a princess you know don't don't waste something like that on you
know something low because if you're gonna go to hell you might as well go to hell in in a really nice vehicle do you
know just go in style so you have to
look at your you know what your nia is you know what what you want now one of
the things that our tradition roots itself in is the idea of a dub and Etta is it's a difficult word to translate I
mean I don't really I have a I have a
report card from my great-grandmother Lillian Cummings she was in high school
in Wisconsin in 1882 because I have her little handwriting on the book because I
got the book from my father who got it from his father but I know she had a
toothache on December 10th 1882 very strange thing to know about your great
grandmother who you never met but she has a report card in this book on
rhetoric and the very first thing on that report card that she was graded on
was comportment now we don't even use
that word anymore in this culture in fact most people don't even know what that word means comportment I think
people that speak Spanish note because they still use it but most well if you ask the average American what is
comportment isn't that's in the car you put something into it or they law so
comportment is is comes from a two Latin
words which mean how you carry yourself you know like a porter carries things
your comportment is the way in which you carry yourself so adapt is related to that not
everything in the Sharia is specified there are certain things that relate to
a Deb I'll give you an example when
bilal radhi'allahu brought Sophia and
her sister who were notables from the Jewish community when he brought them to
the Prophet SAW in his tent he passed through an area where the this battle
had taken place at the high bar and there were some dead relatives Jewish relatives that they had and one of the
women began to wail because she was so distressed by seeing her
in that state and the profit came out to see what happened and when he saw this
he said what are you doing he said I was I was bringing Sophie and her sister to you and he said couldn't you find
another way to bring them and Bulow said I didn't think you would mind and then
the Prophet looked and he said I know I am a touka where is your mercy you know
in other words this isn't you don't need Sharia you don't need like a revelation
to have basic common decency and so a
lot of a dub is just that it's just a basic common decency one of the things
that is a hallmark of Islamic learning
is the relationship between students and teachers is a relationship of respect
and compassion the Prophet said lay Samina Malaya ham severe Anna will I you
what there Kabir Anna he is not or she is not from among us the one who does
not respect our elders and Kabir is not just an age but it's in knowledge it's
in anything that puts you in that in that ranking and and does not have
compassion for our young ones so there's that relationship of you know a teacher
is supposed to be compassionate with the students but the students are also shits supposed to show respect to the teachers
so those things are required some things some some is just purely breeding it's
the way you were raised I've noted that a lot of people coming from the South Asian community tend to
have that drilled in them and in America
we tend to have a more informal relationship with teachers and to be
honest with you when I study in West Africa and it's certainly a lot more informal than it is say in Syria but if
you if in Syria students are kicked out of classes all
the time and teachers won't teach
certain certain students if they exhibit certain behaviors mo madacorp oddly lana
was very strict in his modulus especially if it was hadith because of
the you know the exalted nature of it so there's definitely a great benefit in
having that comportment and and learning it and acquiring it now personally I'm
I'm I used to be a lot harsher about this and I'm only talking about because
I was kind of asked to talk about it but I do think that it is important and I was years ago I was in in Medina and one
of my teachers from early on when I was maybe 19 one of my teachers in
Mauritania came in and we met him I hadn't seen him in a while and I hads
about several Western students and he just started talking about what I was like when I was his student and I had
completely forgotten a lot of things but I was very happy when he he just said
that I had an immense amount of respect for him and he said that he used to make
me tea because I didn't know how to make Mauritania and tea and he said and I didn't I don't even remember this but he
said this he said that I demanded that he teach me how to make tea because I could not have my teacher make tea for
me so I think part of the benefit that I derived from the teachers that I studied
with was from having that drilled into me because it was drilled into me my
father was very he was old-school in
terms of you know he taught he told me once he saw Robert Frost give a reading
I think was at Fordham University my father went to Fordham for a year but he
said he saw Robert Frost and he and frost came out and he said there was a undergraduate that was in the front row
and he was kind of slouched down like this and he said frost came out
and he looked down at this man with a utter contempt like just a winsome scorn
and he looked down at him and he said sit up and and my father said that this
young man just stood up and for the rest of the reading he was like that the
entire time that was a university student and that was in the 1950s now
nowadays that teacher might get shot if they try something like that I don't
know but that certainly was very different experience from my experience
at school and how students but we're not we're having another tradition and we're
trying to maintain that tradition to the best of our ability and so it's
important and that's all I'm gonna say about that
so alhamdulillah we're going now on a section here
this next section is about the beatific
vision now the reason that I use the beatific vision for the yeah is because
in in Christianity the beatific vision
is part of the afterlife and I think some Muslims tend to forget that we do
share a lot of truths with the previous dispensations with the Jews and the
Christians the Jews consider one of the highest degrees in Judaism was called tzaddik tzaddik is Cydia it's from the
same in fact min Hajj in Maine manag in Hebrew is mentioned Sheraton women Hodja
in the Quran so the min Hogue is is is the way or the methodology that's used
in the Sharia so the Quran shares words with the previous traditions because
they're the same truths that were being explained the the bietak the beatific vision which is yeah is the
greatest bounty of the next life whereby the inhabitants of paradise will gaze upon the countenance of God without any
veil and there's different layers of this some people have access on a
regular basis and regular we don't I'm not talking time it's not even something
that we can really comprehend but there's different people's depending on
the types of people in this world and how they prepared for the next world but the the word you know the the Quran says
the sorry the Imam how he says I wrote you to Haqqani identity be ready
Hobbiton what I came here so the Rodya is is a reality for the
people of paradise without enclosure there's no a hapa so you don't see God like there's a hatha when I look at this
glass I'm seeing the the glass it's more hop right I can see it there's
no doubt that when we talk about the vision of God what a keffiyeh and there's no modality so what does that
mean the word modality refers to the form in which something is understood
the way in which equality is or can be possessed by a thing as in green as a mode of the quality of color so or it
can be possessed by things in green as a motor thus the beatific vision is a vision the mode of which is incomprehensible and in his commentary
on imam how he's cree dr. honey and may Danny who was one of the the scholars
from Syria says the vision of the transcendent holy essence of God the
sublime the exalted without encirclement or Direction is true and real for the people of paradise however this vision
is not with dimensions or limits due to God's transcendence beyond finiteness descriptions limits and containment
it is a modal belief in its nature and has no Direction distance description or
light rays connecting the seer and the seen nor any distance between the one gazing in the object of his gaze for all
of that is related to the vision of bodies and substances and God the sublime and exalted is not a body
contained in dimensions therefore envisioning God the sublime the exalted cannot be likened to gazing upon a god a
body vision is in accordance with what is being seen so that's what he says now
this is an important point to do to
mention that because Imam Appa Howie
what's what's interesting is that his he
is writing at a time when there was a great deal of confusion about what a lot
of these things meant and he's one of the first formulators of a Creed to
really get to the essence of what we believe in and there were people during his time
that actually denied the possibility of seeing God there were other people that understood it in an anthropomorphic
sense that that Allah subhana WA Ta'ala will be seen in some kind of way that we
see things in the world and and one airs on the side of what's called Tish BIA
which is imminence in to a certain
degree I mean these terms are dangerous in Western theology because Tish BIA is it can be also understood as
anthropomorphic or anthropomorphism to seem as a is a type of Toshiba which is
more anthropomorphism but Tish BIA is how God is liken to us in other words in
order to speak about Allah subhana WA Ta'ala we have to use words and in using
words we enter into the problem of language language by its nature is
problematic because language is symbolic when I say tree the image of a tree
comes up in your mind I don't know what kind of tree you might see a laurel tree you might see a poplar tree you might
see an oak tree you might see a pine tree one could argue that none of those are really in that category of what
we've determined to be tree but language is what we use to convey meaning and so
the basic idea of a tree is something that has a trunk it actually has to be a certain height before it goes under the
name tree in in scientific taxonomy if it's less than something it's called a
shrub or something like that so you have a tree but you have palm eighths
somebody could argue that's not a tree a palm tree it doesn't look really like a
tree but it's considered a tree it's a type of tree it's a palmate so when we speak about trees I'm using that word to
conjure up and image in your mind and the image is the
image of a tree that we share when we use this language now I can qualify it
with adjectives which helps for instance I could say a perennial tree and now you
know I'm talking about certain types of trees that the leaves never fall or a deciduous tree or I can talk about a you
know a pine tree and which has certain needle-like leaves and not broad leaves
so those adjectives help understand it now when we talk about God we're in a
whole other realm because what we're talking about is what is ineffable it's it's that which cannot truly be
described to add a lot on Maya see foon exalted is God above any descriptions
they can give to God that's what Allah says title law I'm I'll see foon God is
beyond their descriptions marcado Logica cuddly he they did not give God a true
estimation and so language fall short but God Allah subhana WA Ta'ala uses
language in the corner and he uses a language that can give us some type of
approximation but at the same time it can lead to a type of misunderstanding
and this is why our LMS a cool ohno-san automaticity huh faux wood Oh a will ho warum tansy huh
every every text hadith or Quran that
gives some type of likeness when it's talking about Allah to this world for
will either completely leave it up to God in other words say I don't know what
it means but I believe in it or defer it to God
tough wheel is like a deferment I'm gonna defer that meaning I don't know what it means or you interpret it now
that wheel which is what that is is to say where you actually say what what
it means in other words you give it a metaphorical meaning some of the later
allama preferred that method but the earlier anima did not they preferred to
look at these meanings and they said they definitely don't mean what they think they appear to mean because that's
impossible but I'm not gonna say what they mean now they take that from a
verse in al-e-imran when Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says well did the UNH's
eradicate kotoba he has revealed to you this book hehe I don't mean who I add on
mahkumat well haram mutashabihat una um al khattab it has mohkumat ayat on
mahkumat it has clear ayahs their meaning is absolutely clear una all
multi-tab they're the matrix of the book there where you derive all of your necessary meanings from ohio
mutashabihat but there are other meanings in this quran that are hazy
they're metaphorical they they don't they're not clear what they mean they have more than one possible
interpretation now there's debate about what those two terms mean but generally the Oh lemma
understand them that some eyes are clear and outliers verses are not clear and then it says from melody 'no melody
nathie adobe homes Eowyn fayette en una muchacha baja Minho as for those who
have deviation in their heart they follow the hazy verses that's what
they're they incline to these hazy verses in the Quran et al fatuity
woopsie ah at Ely seeking dissension and
tribulations and troubles there's some people believe it or not they actually enjoy causing problems they they it
excites there's people I've seen in our community that never do anything and then when
some kind of fitness suddenly they're typing they're faxing they're calling
their do not they just get so excited about some Fitness did you know and he did and this end he said she and he
stole this money from them and they never do anything they're never volunteer nothing but when a fitna comes
they just get so excited so the Quran says they desire fitna they desire this
dissension is trouble this this this strife and then it says well Maria
damata we lo who in la la but no one knows the real meaning of these verses except
Allah nobody knows the real meaning of the verse except Allah watashi hornoff
elaine and those who are firmly rooted in knowledge yaku luna a man nabi he we
believe in it hulu man ND Robina all of this is from allah this is what they say
the people now some of the Ummah and I mean you have to Allah subhana WA Ta'ala
for whatever reasons right there in that verse there's a debate because the Quran
is a book that doesn't use punctuation punctuation czar modern invention we've
only had punctuation in English for a few hundred years there's no punctuation
in Nepal so how do you know when there's a period it's open to debate there is a
certain type of Wow that's used for a period in the Quran it's tit nav but then there's a wow
that's used as a conjunction so in this verse it says well Maria Enomoto we know
who in la la huarache own affiliate and no one knows the interpretation except Allah and those from the rooted in
knowledge so some say that Wow is actually includes this group of
people that knows what these verses mean and there's a from even a bastard said diamond Ric he
Nephila in I'm amongst those who are from the firmly rooted Najma animal tech
we do and I know the interpretation and we know the profit made the dua Allah whom muhfucka who 15 what a limb who
that William O Allah teach him knowledge of this religion and how to interpret
the meanings of the Quran and they said about even our best Nadi said about even
our best used to look at the Quran as if he was looking at the unseen with a thin
thinly veiled garment before that you could see through so it was it wasn't
completely but you could see to the other side so even our best part of the line who said that and then this is now
what's interesting is the verses in the
Quran that if you look at all the deviant sex of Quran of Islam all of
them without exception focused on these verses all of them you look at every
single deviant sex in the history of Islam and they take hazy verses and they tell you what they mean so the other
area said Allah said this and that's why we say that there's no there's there's
there's no you know Allah subhana WA Ta'ala is completely left human beings
free to do whatever they want there's no there's nothing stopping them from doing what they want the Jeopardy Isetta and
they use these verses in the Quran everybody used what they wanted now
Allah says immediately after that one
ayah that kuru Allah Allah al bab and the only people that really understand
this the only people that really recollect what's being said here other people who use their intellects if you
don't have intellect when coming to the Quran the Quran leads people astray
the Quran becomes a book that you can find countless things in it it's a
holistic book if you take part of it I took Monona be violet Akita what a corona bebop do you believe in some of
the book and reject other parts of the book and that's what some of these sects
do because the the the the people that say God is in a direction and there are
people we have people that's a popular myth have these days you know there are people that say God is in a physical
direction which is folk which is very weird because China's under us you know
now we know that the earth is round so that becomes a problem for people that
think because our up is there down and there up is our down you know there's
people that think that God physically descends to the lowest heaven in the
last third of the night because it's a hadith Annette Bihari you know in Nara
bonala n0 Kula late attend yuria-sama at dunya God comes down to the but now we
know that the third part of the night is coming in in every instant because I can
call people throughout the day and there's a third part of the night somewhere on this planet every instant
so what does that mean he's always doing that I mean this is you know these
people nothing is tradition it's what's handed down upon is intellect it's how you
interpret the tradition knuckleheads are people that don't use their their Apple
they don't use the Apple it's just nothing really this is it's a problem so
unfortunately for some reason or another there there are a lot of people because
people want simplicity they want to just Douce everything to black and white it's
the fundamental impulse it's it's that protestant impulse of rejecting nuances
rejecting the the fact that the world is not melodramatic the world is not black
and white there are hues and shades there's diversity and and things just aren't as
clear as people like to make them out to be that there are mutashabihat in life the Prophet said in Al Hilal a beginning
were in al-haram a beginning well they know whom I owe more on mutashabihat in a rewind much to be had
in an elderly wife that the halal is clear and the Haram is clear and between
them are hazy things there's gray areas people want it is halal Haram
that's it every that's what people want halal Haram you know people ask you question you say there's a difference
between don't tell me I just is it halal or Haram it's just not that simple you know if you want a simpletons
religion you're in the wrong religion it's really this is not this is not a
religion for for simple people dummies there are people that can be in Islam
and be simple that's fine but they can't reduce the religion to their level the religion is celestial if
they want to pull it down to their terrestrial level then they're doing a grave disservice to this religion
because it's something very high and that's why these are anima who I mean
I'll give you an example for daddy not Raji said about the reason why allah
subhana wa ta'ala put hazy verses in there he said god could have just made
it all black and white do this this this and this don't do this this and they
made it all clear because there's things the Prophet SAW I said I'm said God told
you some things and he said was sakata and ashiya rahmatan
he was saying about things as a mercy to you for a Tibetan let us arrow on her don't don't seek
them out those things that God was silent about just leave that it's it's mercy of God the Prophet said Hayati
hydrolic omoi moti high-roller calm Geordie tuna failure death hell comb my
life is good for you but my death is also good for you because you do things and then you get rulings about them
so didn't when the Prophet was alive people would do things and then they'd get a ruling to say you can't do that so
if the Prophet what he was saying was if I stayed with you it would just get too
overwhelming in fact one man came to the prophet and he said Katherine Talia Shire and a tsunami honest with Allah
the rules have gotten too much for me Fedor Lanier Anna Xin Atisha betta be he
give me something that I can cling to and I'm gonna be saved by it and he said
lay as a duly Santo Colorado Bambi tequila may your tongue always be moist with the remembrance of God
it's sight and and that is just a reminder that you know you can follow
attempt to follow all the rules the prophets all I said I'm said o hero feeha the Dean but if enter into this
Deen gently filleting you said that Dena I had on illaha laba because nobody
tries to take on this religion in its entirety except he will be completely overwhelmed
completely overwhelmed there are doors to paradise there's a door of charity
some people that doors not open to some people it's open to but then there's the door of fasting some people that doors
not open to other people that's the door they go to paradise by the eight doors and Abu Bakr said does anybody go
through all eight and he said yes and I and I hope that you'll be one of them but Abu Bakr did more before fudger than
most people do in their month because we know people wonder how a book of the
Prophet said if my Alma's faith was put in one scale and Abu Bakr's in the other
scale of a walker would outweigh them at fudger the Prophet once asked did anybody visit a sick person this morning
Abu Bakr's I did yeah so Allah said did anybody give chair this morning of what I did Yellowstone
did anybody wake up fasting this morning oh my god I did the other so Lola did anybody follow a funeral janazah this
morning or what I did they are also Lala this was before father you know and
that's why when Omar wanted you know he thought okay I'm gonna get him this time Tabuk really all might used to compete
you know he wanted cuz he was he was the second best and he wanted you know it's like the one that tries harder the
second person and she said Tabuk I'm gonna give half my money for this
expedition and I'm gonna finally get Elba bucko you know I'm gonna outdo him this time
so he brings half his money you know just really excited and and Prophet
masha'Allah and then abu bakr comes and brings his puts his money down the Prophet said to Omar what did you leave
for your family said I left half and they looked at Abu Bakr and he said what did you leave for your family
he said Tareq taught us a little I left for them God in His Messenger he gave it
all and at that point Omar said I'm never gonna try to compete with this man
so those you know this this modern
impulse to reduce this religion to slogans to reduce it to simplistic
formulas it just it's not gonna work and like I said it's a disservice to the
religion Fahed Adina Rossi said the reason that Allah has given us this
complexity is because he gives several reasons but among them he says is had it
all been spelled out black and white no difficulties we would have been like automatons there would have been no
diversity there would only been one method one way of doing things and everybody had to follow it that's not
human nature you will never have all of humanity agreeing on any one thing and
and so diversity is our nature there are people that are strict so there's all
these hadith that suit those strict people there are people that are leaning it there's all these other Hadees that suit those lenient people there are
people that really like to be strict on themselves and on others and there's all
these hadees that they're gonna find that are they fit them perfectly they
seem to know all those hadees they don't know any of the other hadees about leniency and being but they know although that's the vastness of islam is
that and then there's people that that incline towards certain things that
don't incline towards other things and it's all there in the prophets lies cinema cinema so he says that that
vastness is the universality of islam and and and when you have a book that is
nuanced that is subtle that is can be interpreted on many different levels it's going to encourage the universality
it's going to complement that aspect of humanity and then he says another
important aspect is that everybody wants to prove their point so when they take a
position about something in the Quran they're going to work really hard
to strengthen their position so it forces a type of study if everybody
agreed on it people wouldn't be studying like today for the people that were in my madaky class I was talking about the
difference between the subtle and the Hubbell if there wasn't a difference of opinion everybody would just be doing
this and nobody would know why they're doing it other than that's what everybody does but because there's a
difference of opinion it forces you to look at the Hadees it forces you to know the people that had this opinion why
they had that opinion and then what they're DeLeo was and why and so it creates a type of intellectual
engagement with the tradition that would not otherwise exist which is very
important I mean one of the things people tell me all the time Muslims are always arguing over stupid things like
the moon sighting every year we have this argument why can't we just work it out well it is amazing that we are an
omen that still cares about these things that much to where they're actually important because a lot of religions
don't even care about these things anymore and they're like who cares what's the big deal and that's their
attitude towards their religion but for Muslims they do care they want to do the
right thing and there's different opinions about what the right thing is and they get passionate about it now sometimes they become overzealous and
that's a problem but better in some ways
to be overzealous than to be dead spiritually as a community to not have
any real zeal about your faith or your religion so I don't think that's a
negative about the Muslims what we're lacking is civil society what we're lacking is a debate if to death and one
could argue that we've never had it universally in the Muslim Ummah I'll
give you a few examples just to point this out imam abu body his house was
stoned by students of the humbly madrasa in iraq when he was teaching because he
didn't consider ahmed zaki they went in stoned his house imam and nasa he was
stomped to death by one of the greatest Mahadevan in muslim history he was
literally stomped to death in a Masjid so it's not like there hasn't been these terrible things that have happened in
our history there are there have been terrible things and you'll find these in all religious traditions when you get
fanatics when you get idiots when you get knuckleheads that have no other way you know of understanding something
except their limited way you know this this this provincial attitude and that
somehow it's my religious duty to stomp out any other way of viewing it it's a
problem religion becomes poisonous as far as I'm concerned it actually becomes a source of human suffering as opposed
to a source of human enlightenment of actually elevating people states of
getting them closer to God it actually it it distances them from God they become harsh hard-hearted and that's why
immediately after this verse first of all it warns us about people whenever you find people that are interested in
you know these verses in the Quran that are hazy and they wanted you to make
sure you know that they mean exactly what they say they mean in other words that their mock come at the first thing
know that they're from the people of fitna that allow warns against and that they have deviation in their hearts they
have zaiah in their hearts but the second thing know that they don't have intellect because Allah praises the
people of intellect at the end of those verses saying that the people that really understand this or people of
intellect because they know that when Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says is still
around allows you know that he's upon a throne that they know by their intellect
that it is absolutely inconceivable for the infinite creator of the heavens and
the earth to be limited by time or space to be my to be carried on anything they know that
but they're not going to deny that first because that verse is there so they say
we believe in it but but and we know it doesn't mean what it appears to mean because with God there is no how and
this is what Emma Matic when he was asked ki Fateh stiva how did how did God
Estela which in in Arabic can mean to sit so he asked how did God do this st
WA and Imam Malik said at least e WA madam the ISTE WA is known in other
words that it's in the Quran well caifa oh hey doma pool and how is completely
irrational it's inconceivable and in a rewind module it's you know it's just
it's not something you could ever know what that means and then he said what was so adorable
and to ask about it is a bida it's an innovation because none of the self
asked about it that that was imam an exposition so these the only reason I'm
focusing on this is because this is a problem in our time that's the only
reason I would pass over these a lot quicker but you need to understand it there are people out there that are
presenting a position and they're saying this is the position of the first community and it's not it's a deviant
position and they can call us deviants I that's fine you know Allah says I'm
gonna I'm gonna settle this on the day of judgment so you're a deviant I'm a
deviant fine we'll wait let's just act civilly towards each other
I'm gonna pray next to you in the Masjid I'll break my Ramadan fast with you I'll
say Salam alaykoum and we'll be friends you're a deviant I'm a deviant but on
the ohmic P AMA we'll see who the deviant is and I'm willing to wait I'm
willing to wait but if defending God's vastness is deviancy
I'm willing to be a deviant so this when
Allah is talking about this our Prophet SAW I sent him said it's real he went out in sahib o haughty he went out in a
sound hadith he went out and they were looking at the moon and he said set our
own Arabic home yo Malik reality come at our own Ahad a little better you will
see your Lord on the day of judgement like you see this moon little bomb Mona
and you won't be like crowded over one
another because when you try to see something if everybody's interested in seeing something in dunya it's always
becomes a crowd what he was saying was it's not gonna be like that but the
owner must say when he pointed to the moon what he means is with the same certainty that you see this moon because
even we could interpret it if you want a job not going to push the metaphor because he was definitely using the moon
as metaphorically but I'm not gonna push the metaphor because the moon the only way we see the moon is through a
reflected light the moon is seen by the light of the Sun so it's not even the moon you're seeing it's actually the
light of the Sun on the moon that you're seeing so the metaphor is is not in any
way that God is going to be in a place like the moon is in a place or something like that it's impossible and that's why
Imam al baiy happy says malik lathe sad
lathe been sad imam al awzai all of them said about these hadees that have any
touch be a likeness to the world emiru herkimer jet passed by them just
as they have come past a mirror ooh ha comedians what artifice aru ha and don't
try to explain what they mean now some of the later allama I mentioned did explain these things metaphorically
and that's it's a method we don't consider them of petia and we don't consider them bad people but the Mohawk
people the ARA ARA anima the people of Tapia the highest level said that it's
better just to leave them the way they are just say Oatman will be hi Adam or
Adela whatever God meant by them I believe in them and and not because to
interpret them to speak about the essence of God you really have to have an absolute proof and that's why it's
best to be people of tough wield and but at the same time we don't in any way denigrate those great Alima that came to
those conclusions because they were interpreting the verse in the quran that they were the rossi horn Fillion and and
and that is one of the meanings of that verse it's a possible meaning all those other automated and said that it did not
include that so then the proofs for this the Quran says voodoo who Yomi even now
there are it out of be Hana there are some faces will be a glow that day gazing at their Lord and then there's
another verse in him yummy then jus boon on that day the sinners will be veiled
from God Imam Shafi said if the sinners are veiled that means the righteous see
God now the Prophet SAW lies and the Quran tells us that Moses asked to see
God right he said ireenie arabiya Rini
you know show me show me yourself and Allah subhana WA Ta'ala said to him you
know lent irani you won't see me you can't see me and then it said what I can
unload a little jeopardy you know look at the mountain right in istikhara
Meccano who writes for soviet irani if the mountain is stabilizes then you will
see me that that's the verse okay now that is a proof that you can see God for
two reasons one Moses will not ask the impossible of God because
you know we don't ask God oh Allah give me two wings so I can fly to New York this weekend
we don't ask it's bad Edda to ask God and it's Haram to ask God for the
prophets they can't ask that I mean an ignorant person nothing but the prophets will not ask God the impossible so the
fact that he asked to see God indicates that it's possible but then the fact that Allah subhana WA Ta'ala the Animus
say Allah you know in other words he made a conditional sentence and he said
in eNOS taka you know if the mountain
holds its place when God revealed himself to the mountain the mountain collapsed but if the mountain holds his
place you will see me so he put it in in an Arabic structure that permits seeing
if the mountain held its place but the mountain didn't hold its place but it didn't say lo like lo how I am Tina and
iam Tina in as a conditional that indicates possibility so and then
there's other there's other things the prophets allies to them now I assuredly Ilan who said whoever says that the
prophet saw his Lord has albumin theoria has really told a big untruth that was
her opinion but even a bath said in a
hadith which is sound by Papa Ronnie he said i'm mohammed abu omar retain the
the prophet saw him saw his lord twice mariaogtone the abbas ali he wore martin
beef before a.d he one time he saw him with in with vision which is on the
israel and another time he had a vision in the heart and that and that's a sound
tradition on even our best now the anima like mohammed bin rashid said
aisha is not more knowledgeable than even our best they're both of equal stature in terms
of knowledge and in all soul in our jurors prove in Turpan we and most bit
more uh demand an a fee that somebody who affirms something is actually taken
over somebody who negates something so for instance if somebody comes and says I saw I saw the moon on Ramadan and
another person says I didn't see the moon we take the one who says and most bit moped them out and Nephi so when I
just said the Prophet didn't see his Lord and if an i-best said the prophet saw his lord you're gonna I passed his
opinion is over Aisha is on that and so there are two methods but Aisha was interpreting the
Quran wasn't because she heard that from the prophets life she was interpreting a Quran that adequate up saw you know that
the vision cannot contain him which is true in the Quran that is in the Quran vision cannot contain him so the the
other thing about the Rodya that's important to note is that it is it is
possible for people in the world in dreams and we know that ahmed muhammed
saw in in a true narration from him he saw his lord ninety nine times and he
said if if i said that if i see him a hundredth time in a dream that i would
ask him and so he saw him on a hundredth time and he said to allah subhanallah
Donna how do people draw nearest to you what is the closest way and he said by my
speech by my speech and then Ahmed all day Lana said be famine over Haiti
famine through understanding it or just through reciting it without understanding and Allah answered to him
in this dream the famine will be lady famine Ahmed through understanding and not understand didn't matter as long as
they were reciting it i met and imam
bukhari Rajab Hanabi mentions one of the righteous people who saw him in a dream and somebody asked him how
how did you see him and he said this is it's a very beautiful expression but he said he said that my basa and a casaba
sorry Vasya rotten my sight became inner sight for silk to bursary fficer to
coolly bursary I became all vision like my entire being became vision ye to
Monday's a committee vishay and I saw what no thing is like him so when we
talked about the vision of a lawsuit behind Wattana we're not talking about this eye which is called a anal fannia
the the temporal eye we're talking about the eternal eye the AV ternal I that God gives us in the next world and then
we're talking about a vision without encirclement because allah subhana wa
tada cannot be contained led to the record up saw vision cannot contain god
there's no Iraq with Allah subhana WA Ta'ala and then he says well cool
America that Achaemenid hadith Asahi Anna Russell for Comicon Adama Arad Lana
totally daddy Camuto we're in the era you know what i'ma do what he mean be a Hawaii in a all that came to us from the
messenger in the authentic hadith is just as he said it was and the meaning is as he intended we do not interpret
any of it to accord with our opinions nor did we presume any of it to accord
with our whims so this is very important this is exactly what I was saying he is
saying we believe in these things but we're not going to interpret them neither to say that they're literal
obviously because if he didn't believe that they you know they weren't literal he would say we accept them literally
but he's not saying that now and this is part of his you know he's he's it's it's
a very interesting thing that he does here he says and I had you know I
debated about whether to interpret this literally but it just didn't work very well in English but in Arabic he says
for in the whole mass Eddie Murphy elements animal allah azza wajal valley
rasoi he wore at the in my master Bihari era enemy he that that no one is secure
in his religion unless he resigns himself to God the sublime he thought and His Messenger and consigns whatever
obscures is understanding to the one who knows its meaning in other words I don't know what it means so he's saying these mashita bhai alayhi
just say God knows what it means this is the Sunni al-qaida don't say it means
what it means literally but we're not gonna say how because it's not literal
and then he says what I thought Bhutto Buttonwood Islam in Nava head at this theme then he uses a metaphor to really
drive home this point so he says the foot of Islam is not firm on the back
except on the on the on the ground on the back of resignation and surrender so
he's using a metaphor to show you don't think that this you know language is
language so when I talk about is something having a foot I don't mean that Islam has a foot with five toes and
it walks around and and when I talk about the back of resignation I don't
mean that resignation has a back with a vertebrae it's its language its metaphor
and and that's why he says that immediately after that famine Rama in mama hadera anwar el mejor well I'm not
gonna be tested e me Fatima ho hi jabo Homearama ho and ha de soto he'd while
Sathyan my reefa well so he an e man theater devs ever Baynard kaveri what
amanwe toss neatly with degree B would occur re would in car Morris we sent Aaron Schock Anza even La Mina Musa Dagh
Viraj ahead and Makeba whoever covets knowledge that was barred from him discontented with the limits of his
understanding shall be veiled from pure unity unadulterated comprehension and sound faith on account of his
covetousness he will then vacillate between belief and disbelief assertion and negation and
resolution and denial obsessive Amos skeptical and deviant he is neither an assertive believer
nor a resolute denier now immediately after these verses the Quran rabinal air - Zico lube and a
bad it had a tenor don't cause our hearts to swerve or deviate after you've
guided us to this understanding this is pure tawheed after you've got don't
deviate us waha Blenheim in the nunca Rama and give us mercy from your
presence in the canter Wahab you are the web right give us mercy so those who
want from the Wahab right those who want from the Wahab mercy are people that are
worried about their hearts swerving and they ask God keep my heart straight keep my heart firm on this path because there
are many words that allow users in the Quran to indicate Baba right that Allah
seals their hearts Hatami he puts a availing over the Baba right pass
wa their hearts become focus at KU Leuven their hearts become hard but callable Arana and up alluvium their
hearts becoming crusted right Fatima's Avvo as our local ummah home when they
deviated god caused their hearts to deviate there are many many words Echidna their hearts are locked a fan
puffle i'm an approving a fatwa those are all to show you that you cannot get
arrogant about this that it is a mercy from allah subhana wa tada if you're on
a straight path and you should be concerned about staying on that straight path and not become arrogant because if
you think you're right the guide and everybody else is astray God can make you astray and make everybody else
rightly guided and the Prophet SAW I sent him said whoever faults another person for something in them God may
free that person of that thing and give you the tribulation so you have to be
very careful with with people that that I mean most people you know most people are they're just
trying their best I mean there's a lot of people out there that are just trying so if you've been blessed with guidance
or something like that you have to feel gratitude and then let me know I had to come how do you hate belly I hear my
your hip you lean up see you don't truly believe until you want for others what you want for yourself the prophets all I
said I'm said let me know hotter ahamill you won't believe until you have mercy
and one of them said ya Rasulullah Cullinan or ham we're all merciful and he said lay satara hammer to a had to
come this ah heavy I'm not talking about the mercy of somebody to his friend what
I can brahma turn a CRI matter I'm but I'm talking about having mercy for all
of humanity general mercy universal mercy that's what I'm talking about the prophets
talking about Universal myrrh not anybody can be merciful to their friend I mean that's just that's just natural
it's like the man who said he was cleaning his mother because she lost countenance became incontinent to stool
and he was cleaning or and he went to the prophets eyes and he said the Arizona law I'm clean I'm cleaning my
mother the way she used to clean me when I was a baby is that bill and he you know as am I being filial showing filial
piety he said no that's just payback this just recompense
so then he says well I asan Amano Bharati da de da de Saddam diminutive
our aha min home what the women believe in the beatific vision of the denizens of Paradise is incorrect for anyone who
surmises that it is an Imagi imaginary or interpret it to be a type
of comprehension Oh tell what a happy famine do you see so we believe it is a
vision it's a Raja and it's a right yeah with the buzzer it is a vision but we
don't say how you cannot we don't wrote utility we could Lee Martin in Yahoo
adorable via the target that we D what a zoom it is Tasneem Aditi non-muslim a notion are in the
beginning and then he says and it's very important for correct interpretation of the beatific vision or any quality and
extra lordship lies in leaving interpretation don't say what it means the tough wheel means that you don't see
what what the sect that that focuses on these verses that what they say is we
know it's mana but we don't know its cave we know what it means but we don't
know the how nice of it so when Allah says he has a hand it means he literally
has a hand but we're not going to say how that hand is do you understand the
people of Tov we say we know that it does not mean what it appears to mean
but we're not going to say what it mean we just believe whatever God meant by it that's what we believe about it but we
know that it doesn't mean and if you want more proof for this frauds the
lightest that I've said yamino law like the right hand of God and then he said
what kill tell you yet the holy I mean and both of his hands are right hands I mean that if that doesn't just get it
out of your mind you know in other words God doesn't have a left hand but he's
not saying you know that there's two right hands over here he's trying to get that out of your mind you know that that
these are words that are conveying metaphysical truths and and the dominant
opinion is we don't know what they mean that is the opinion of our ulema we
don't know what they mean but we believe them whatever they mean we're not going to deny them they're in the Quran and we
believe them and we believe them according to what God intended by them and that is the method of the set of
that is the set of via method
and then he says woman Lamia tehuacán fu watashi ha Zella whoever does not guard against
denying God's attributes and against anthropomorphism thinking that God is
like his creation has erred and failed to acquire understanding of divine
transcendence well mu Louboutins eeeh so you I mean he's made it really clear I hope it's
really clear to everybody because you know this is our IP then I really want
you to leave this program with a you know firmly rooted in what this means
because this is a big fitna of our time unfortunately it shouldn't be but it is
this this question was resolved over a thousand years ago but people have revived it and and and want people to
fall into their errors and and and I'm gonna do my best to defend this
tradition because this is not my opinion this is what I inherited by telepathy from my teachers it's what they taught
me it's what they were taught from their teachers and you can see the Senate in this book those all those people in I
mean the the people that that this was transmitted to through these ages I mean
all you have to do is look at these names of these people that are in here alright these are the people because
this is
this is related share Zachary and I'm sorry or Javed even hydras Palani Abu is happy
Ibrahim Mohamed Atta Nuri el Bali Muhammad Abdul Rahman bin abdullah bin
ibrahim ali al Danny's married Vendela Rafi Abu Musa Medini right I mean these
these are the great ornament of our tradition among the hello am real
Magette daddy Mohammed Abad is Cindy all these people and this is the this goes
back to imam what the Howey so these are
the meanings that have been transmitted through through this I mean these these are this is how we know that it's these
are what he intended phenomena general Adam also visited any Manero to be in a
hotel for Danny yeah laser beam on ahoo ahoo dominant vidya for undoubtedly our
lord the sublime and exalted is described with the attributes of unity and uniqueness no one in creation is any
way like him what's an Allah now I mean this is where he really this
he drives it home now and this is where it ends this section alright so we're done but he's gonna drive at home he's
gonna he's gonna shove this right down your throats because if you don't get
this you don't understand anything what Allah and illudude well Hyatt God is
transcendent beyond limits ends when our can what Allah supports components or
instruments what let will jihad to sit to kisara noted that the six directions
do not contain him as they do created things what are the six directions right
front of you behind you to the right of you to the left of you over you and under you God is not in any of those
directions tonight allah i'm my elsie phone it's true you Haruna you know they
have all of their Lord and Allah says who are on volca a body you
folk in the piranha he is above his his servants and that's true he is over us
but we don't point and if they say well that the prophet saw him asked the Giardia where's your Lord a shot at it a
somach he pointed to the heaven and he said Who am I and in a rewire she
actually says a shot and then she says you're a sue but in the sound is her rewire she was she could not speak
she was Buckman and and so a shot at it
a Semih you know that's where Allah in other words tan Zia and then when he asked Who
am I a shot at it a Samantha my it out or sweetie that in other words you're the messenger of all he said Amina
release her because she's a believer so that and then also Imam Razi said one of
the reasons God uses anthropomorphic language is to make common people if you
if you if you explained it in pure transcendence they would think God didn't exist like you said he's in no
place he has no form he that you know people say so the the this is a way of
just helping people to approximations of meaning but khulna mahaprabhu vadik for
the Hokkaido food addict everything that occurs to your mind got his other than that I'm gonna keep driving that point
home I'm sorry but this you know this is our religion this is our understanding
of allah subhanhu at the anna-san a lot on my ELC phone so I'm Dina that's it he
has no limits now in in one commentary in English that I saw it said he has no
limits known to us that way that's what
it said in the commentary he has no limits known to us that's not what he
says in the text that who do thou and it's Nephilim jinns let who do that he
didn't say that who do dune in the had on my new moon aho he could have said
he's allahu dhu de there's no limits so to say there's no limits now and that
was because these poor people think if you say he has no limits it means he's everywhere
it means he's permeating the world what in your understanding because your
little pea-brain can't grasp that god is you know we are we're all pea brains I'm
not making fun of them I'm a pea brain - we're all pea brains in relation to God
you know we that's it but don't limit God to your own limitations because you
can't understand God don't try to make him understandable to your limitations
because he's it's it's incomprehensible a loss of behin Owatonna and that's why
Allah comes from what aha to be bewildered because God is that which
bewilders and imam al Junaid said this affair ends in utter bewilderment this
affair ends in utter bewilderment hara
subhanAllah and that's why we say subhanAllah cuz it's subhanAllah subhanAllah that's
all the angel they're all saying it we should all just start saying it's over hon Allah subhanAllah tonight Allah I'm
miles you won't exalted transcendent is is God above anything that we can
comprehend hum do that so that section is done you won't hear me on that again but I I needed to do that I'll quickly
go through them we'll pray if al buck was better than Omer why did the prophets say if there was a prophet to come after me it would be Alma in praise
of Omar's genius that that Alma had an
ability to to get to the truth so quickly so that was really praising all
Marky's Farook and and that's his mt as abu bakr as-siddiq abu bakr relates more
to Eman say tomorrow lates more - to Islam in
that way DC because Faruk is the one that distinguishes I mean what Almonte
has great Eman I'm not but Abu Bakr his it's all about Iman so he's talking more
about the genius of all Mars understanding for people coming into
Islam are those strengthening their Iman how do they reconciled I enter into the being completely orifice enemy kapha
with enter into the Deen gently you know I mean that just that means kapha that's
about Eman because really that the sin there that it's talking about to enter
into is to enter into the faith completely with faith you know to come into this religion utterly with your
faith but when it says a little bit if Ben is talking about practices taking on
practices if you try to take on too much so that there's no contradiction between
the verse and and the and the hadith
Allah is nothing like we know once Imam humble had seen him did Imam humble have
a framework for the beatific vision you know he didn't go into detail but but he
I mean they all have tansy with this about the division how do we know when
the line between acquiring knowledge and understanding of Islam and pushing questions too far on those hazy issues
you know the thing about the mutashabiha hat is that it's important to know that
we're living in a time when there is certain people focusing on those things and that historically that was seen as
very negative thing and then it's this is part of the oppe then that's why he
mentions them in there and that's why I talked about them but that's all you need to know what we just covered you
don't need to do it ever again if anybody wants to bring them up and debate them or something like that just say you know Saddam Oh Nadia come
learn at total Jelena I mean you don't have to say that literally but you know you should just know right away that
something's wrong with it if he's I mean I went you know I was I mean I won't say
where but I you know I was years ago tested for something for a program and
the guy asked me you know well what is a brahmana Island artist OA you know which
is the throne verse what does that mean and I gave the answer of Imam Malik you know and he said to me when he ma Malik
said madam he met Madame luetin that we know what it means literally and I said
that's not my understanding of that thing he said no that's what it means so I was just like okay why are you
testing me on this I'm just gonna get me closer to God why are you testing me on
this why do you want to know what I think about that I mean it's like you know grand inquisitors or something like
that seriously it's like Muhammad of teach like the inquisitorial courts auto
they say you know let's let's test you and then next thing I'll be in one of
those orange suits with things over my ears or something like that you know I
mean what is that you know why why are why are people so worried about what
other people believe do you know really
it's an American
Thomas Jefferson said whether my neighbor believes in one God or twenty gods does not rob my pocket nor break my
leg these people alone I mean if they're
watching train guides you can tell them there's only one God and you know I'm doing you a favor but if he wants to
keep forcing the twenty God's let him keep worshiping I'm seriously you know
Muslims lived with Hindus they lived with all these different people they live with Buddhists you know solitary oriani in his book of
magic he felt he's a modern scholar a friend of mine you know he says secularists atheists they're all they
can all you know live under Islam there's no you know that could I have a
Dean don't don't coerce people into religion the Quran says do you want to force people into being believers you
can't do it all the coercion does is create hypocrites that's all it does creates hypocrites does we ruin your money then
now there are two nits out of behin Avira do them faster and leave the Tufts your blank no I mean they talk that this
is the vision they're looking at their Lord but it's villa cave well then he saw right I mean that that's Vedic -
well then hey sorry when our urban atutor a cubed up sorry that I keep in
well and hey sorry no Joe hirato he says our Lord will be seen with vision but
not in any modality and not by a hapa it's it's not there's no containment
because he can't be contained and then the you know the more tizzy light debate
I mean the market is alight reject the ROI yeah and they say it's irrational and that God can't be seen and they use
the verse that vision cannot contain him but he contains vision and and they say
that he says that but to say that the
word Navia doesn't mean looking it means Mondavi are not waiting because in arabic it could be interpreted to mean
waiting he said waiting is i Deb when you're waiting for your beloved that he said it's it's Motorama it's the Red
Death the Arab sale in tavar molten Hamada waiting for something is the Red
Death you know it's the worst type of death so waiting for God as a reward
because the verse is a reward so their reward is that they're glowing and
waiting for God it's saying that's not a reward it's a punishment but that's a
more tizzy like trying to get out of and that just shows you how when you try to prove something that's the silly you end
up saying silly things can can you indirectly generalize the people of fitting are people that lack
intellect I mean sometimes they have you know Aristotle said that intellect is is
a mean between craftiness and stupidity so sometimes you have people that are
very crafty and they can be brilliant in that way but they don't have real
intellect in in that intellectus to really distinguish between truth and
falsehood because that's what intellectus alkyl is yeah palooka it prevents you from doing going into error
so they don't have intellect in that way but they definitely have a craftiness and some of them are quite brilliant and
some of them oh you know I mean Christopher Hitchens is very clever you
know I'm like I actually enjoy listening to him sometimes because you know I like the way he strings words together and
you know and there's something about British you know Cambridge trained
Sophos that's you know it's it's something interesting for me like
language and he's a good writer - I've actually read four of his books you know
so he's a good writer although once I
was reading him and I was like kind of admiring the language and this is true story I put him down I picked up Gibbons
you know given I star reading Edward Gibbon and as night and day
this writing was paled in comparison so modern writers I you know Ivan I'm not a
big fan of modern writing including my own but
in terms of a PDF one is not a shoddy or Matuidi are they on an incorrect path I mentioned earlier you know that I am
personally and this is a lot of my shoe would not agree with this but channel dollop in baya does and and and and it's
not because of share of dollop in beta but this is my own conclusion from reading and things like that I do believe that there is an a 30 al Qaeda
that is is sound that is not a shoddy or Matuidi and and and I do believe it's a
valid Arpita and it you can find it within the humbly tradition not the
Magesty mime in them not the anthropomorphise and imam APPA how I
close to the Etherea mean this is this is an ethereal peda more than a shoddy
and more than Matuidi although the mathura these definitely base a lot of their because this is based on chocolate
ball abu hanifa text or at least it's attributed to him but there i think it's
valid to say that the i30 is a you know it's that dialectical theology which is
what the later asha ideas are from a bucket or buckle on eon it's a
dialectical theology and the Matuidi is are also of that ilk personally I think
it's a great contribution to the Islamic tradition I don't see it as a negative I see it as a positive I know that there's
a lot of modern Muslims just think that they went off but I don't think they did and and I you know so all three of those
are perfectly valid they're all valid and the Shetty's i mean i'm i don't i'm
muffled I don't do tat we love the ayat in the Quran of you know the ad means
Quadra the I dine means in a baccarat
wanna who is to Allah but to who I mean all those I don't do those that's I
prefer the tough tough wheel that they mean what they mean and Allah knows what
they mean and I believe in whatever Allah intended by but I'd rather not say what they mean because it's just I think it's it is a
safer method but I'm certainly not going to call those great Imams Mata di
or you know they've been there do you
think the reason why the Muslims that can find the religion - one way of practice is due to the hadith which states that this religion will divide
into 73 sects and only one will enter paradise and I left two things for you to follow the Quran Sunnah so stick to
these and you will not go astray first
of all I don't think I mean the question seems to be asking do I think the reason
why Muslims that can find the religion - one way or practice is due to the hadith which states that this religion will
divide into 72 sects I think it's a misunderstanding of the hadith but yeah I would agree that that's definitely one
of the Hadees that they use to say there's only one way which is Miley was
hobby and that is true but what they have done is like the Bedouins who
urinated in the Masjid and and and when the Prophet you had you know the Sahaba
wanted to you know attack him and the Prophet had unveiled and then when he finished he explained him very gently
you know that this is a clean place and and don't you know and the man raised
his arm I said alone about how many were on Muhammad them with a time this time see wanna have mercy on me and Mohammed
and nobody else and the Prophet SAW I said him said you know you you have constrained the vast you know to me
that's it's kind of that mentality it's very similar mentality and and also the
idea that they're all in hell there's 73 sects I'm Rahul Isfahan II relates it through Kula - Jenna LOI that all of
them go to paradise eventually except for one and Imam al-ghazali says when I'll when the Prophet said that they
were in hell it doesn't mean they're going to hell it just means that they deserve to before he intercedes for them
because the prophets Aizen said she fought to the ll kebaya demon almighty
the as for the people of big sins in my community my intercession is for the
people of big sins so I mean these people think that you know paradise is like a little hotel that's that that's
been you know completely you know that
they've got the reservations and nobody else is going really I mean they that's
what they think about it but the Quran says that heaven is audible has somehow at you but it's bigger than the heavens
and the earth now we know that there's billions of galaxies out there so if paradise is where all the people gonna
go what it's for all 50 of you it's a
big place and you know I Muhammad has some what good do who I really like and
you know he's he's got his views about
things he's a genius and he's a great scholar and I you know I don't I can't even put myself you know there's no
comparison at all but but he appreciates me in my and my views about things and he gave a talk once and you know
somebody asked him where are the Jews and the Christians and then I said and he said well the padang clear about that
and he's clear you know Jew and Christian they go to hell and so when we laugh we were in the car
and I said some you know chef Muhammad the house and I wish you wouldn't have said that and he said what I said about
the Jews and the Christians and he said why and I said I have you read five sort of tougher to pile by imam al khazzani
he said no I said you should read that and I just said you know those hadees
and those ayahs about that I mean they really need to be interpreted you know with Co followed that people know the
truth and then they reject it and then and I said that's what Imam al-ghazali points out and he said he said that
sounds that's that sounds like a good easy and generalize yeah I know Myron T was good I like it so don't Jimmy I said
you know paradise is vast I'm out from if Allah wants to bring them in he can bring whoever he wants in its gonna be a
big place plenty of room there's not going to be any you know hustling and bustling at the
door once you're in everything's comfortable really nobody's going to get
in your face nobody's gonna ask you what your IP that is they'll assume it was good enough to
get in and they'd does that coming off in super Hanukkah longer home to get it
on day you don't know it's all futile war to blue egg