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ods and money

for love of god it also can be despite your love of the goods of the money so

the could be so it has both meanings they give it out of love of god but also they love those

the things they're giving so it's it and that's like the prophet saw i said was asked

you know that you are the best when you're

healthy you're sound because people on their death bed you know will give it away right no when you're healthy and

sound and you fear poverty you you hope for increase and

you fear poverty i mean it's quite stunning to relatives and orphans again the most

important what masakeen women is and the wayfarer and to the needy was

the needy here really are the beggars people who are asking

freeing the slaves and who are constant in prayer and who give alms for welfare and those

who fulfill their promises when they make them and who are patient and suffering adversity and hard times

so is difficulty in your circumstances the is

difficulty in your actual body so they're patient when they have difficulty also

can mean like and poverty and also humiliation those

difficulties the ra can mean here marat or zamana like chronic disease

people have chronic pain for those of us who have chronic pain you

know people who have chronic pain know how difficult it is and traditionally those type people

you know like my mother and father's generation they didn't even complain they didn't even mention it to people because they didn't

want other people to know that we would make them feel bad it's like

you know there's a there was a comedian who died a while back and he

had cancer for 10 years and he never told anybody even his own family didn't know uh jan or daddy

mentioned this to me because he liked this uh norm macdonald but he

he didn't tell anybody he was sick and they asked him why when he they found out he was dying and he said he just

didn't want to make anybody sad you know so there's people that they just they they suffer enduring that's

what it means enduring law you know patient enduring

in war and jihad but also hard times they're all sound meanings suffering adversity and hard

times they're all sound meanings they are the truthful ones

[Music] and then 254.

so there's spend before that day comes there's no

bartering there's no friendship there's no mediation and it is the ungrateful who abuse and oppress

and then this is the great ayat the prophet isaiah said it was the greatest verse abu under he asked him

what was the greatest verse in the quran he mentioned this and he struck him on it gave him a strike on his chest and

said you know congratulations on that knowledge

because this really gets at the again the essence of the quran is really a book about god

from god about god and goes back to god like he he recites

it the prophet isaiah said the best thing that you can give to god is what came from god which is the quran

so it came from god it goes back to god god

allah exclamation mark

the end of time won't come until nobody says allah allah you know you know there is no god but

the one the living the self-subsistent these are two really important

attributes of god drowsiness does not overtake him sinneh is like just a nod off just a knot

does not overtake god nor sleep well i know the humaf is

he possesses that's who god belongs what is in the heavens and the earth who could there be who can intercede with

god ladies who can intercede except by leave of god

god knows what is in front of them and what is behind them but they do not comprehend

anything of god's knowledge

the throne of god extends over the heavens and the earth and the preservation of them both is not oppressive to god it's not a burden

it doesn't weigh him down

and then [Music] comes immediately after that once god's declared

it's amazing no compulsion in the religion

it's clear so if somebody's blind you can't guide them unless they want guidance

but if somebody just says leave me alone you have to leave them alone

[Music] so whoever just believes in idols are things worshipped other than allah

and believes in god and has taken hold of the most reliable handle that uh does not break for god is all hearing

all-knowing those who spend their wealth in the way of god and then do not follow what they spend with reminders of their

generosity or with abusive treatment they have their lord they have their reward with their lord and there is

nothing for them to fear and they will not sorrow again hope kind and forgiving words are better than

charity followed by abuse because there's people that are abusive with their charity they could remind you of how much they

helped [Music] don't tell me uh how much you've done

for this religion that's what the prophet was told to say to these bedouin who were coming out we

supported you we join your religion you know wanting something

don't tell me what a great boon your islam is to this religion

no allah can remind you of his blessings to you so and that's why al-manan is a

negative term except for god god has every right to remind us but when you remind other people

and partly it's because in reality it's from god you were just a subup so don't tell them what goodness you've done for

them because in reality it came from god it's just god has told us you know we have to thank people and encourage people

and then don't nullify your charities by reminders of your generosity or by abusive behavior

as do those who spend their wealth to be seen by the people without believing in god in the last day and what that is

like is a hard stone with dust on it on which a heavy rainfall so it's just barren and there's nothing nothing comes

out of it the example of those who spend their wealth seeking to please god and strengthen their souls is that of a

garden or a null and that it's quite beautiful i mean i don't know if he's the first

one to use that but it's a perfect term because uh noel is a you know the grassy knoll at dallas there's a place where

you know they think there might have been other gunmen but it's called the grassy note because it's an elevator it's an eminence so is

elevated it's in english language no it can also mean null like the null of a bell like nell the death knell of the

bell ask not for whom the bell tolls it tolls for thee but also asks not for whom the bell knows

it knows for thee so null can also mean the ringing of a bell it's a verb to know the bell

the messenger and then this alhamdulillah we got to the end so the mecca i want to get to at least finish

bakara the messenger believe

so the messenger believes he believes the prophet when the jewish rabbi came and gave his description of the torah he

said i meant to be rasulullah i bear witness that i'm the messenger it strengthen his iman

remember when he got the message he was troubled he didn't know

and that was his sincerity who am i that was who am i to get a

message from god who am i and that's why it's so arrogant you see

these people that god spoke to me really god

creator of the heavens and the earth knower of the scene and the unseen spoke to you what did he tell you

i mean it's like that is a sure sign of madness and that's why the prophesied sin was so troubled

but then look here's the proof this is what came out of him it's not like somebody wandering around talking to

himself saying that god's speaking to him i mean this transformed the world

this transformed western civilization all these things that western people see they don't even know that it came from

ikra bismi arabica lady all the mathematics all the architecture all the

science if you read george sartan's multi-volume on the history of science

the first two volumes are all muslim names right

so this is what came out of god speaking to a man

by their fruits you shall know them don't look at isis in the same way you can't look at pedophilic priests to

determine what catholicism is you know no look at our civilization look at what the muslims built

look at look at the taj mahal look at the alhambra palace

what kind of people built those

these are the remnants that we leave behind to tell you who we were so after we're

gone look at what we have left behind if you want to know who the muslims were

look at what these people left behind and those were people that were following this book and they were

following our prophet saw isaiah and that's why they were given toffee and when they die

deviated and the prophet isaiah said you will deviate you will follow the way of other peoples

that went before you the jews and the christians and the other religions he told us that and he warned us of that

and that's why muslims have to make taubah and so do all the faith each believes in

god and god's angels right well mo minoon we believe in allah

and his angels and his books and his messages

we don't make distinction these are all prophets from god and they say we hear and we obey him

we ask your forgiveness our lord

does not compel a soul to do what is beyond its capacity this is from allah's rahmah

it gets what it has earned and it is responsible for what it

deserves our lord

do not punish us do not take us to account if we forget or if we air

in because nisian and khatta are different you can forget and you can make a

mistake if we forget or we air to air as human to forgive is divine

right so we make mistakes but we're asking allah and then we ask him for what we know and

what we don't know because sometimes we make mistakes not even knowing

do not place on us a burden

[Music] like you put on those who went before you they had great burdens of piety and

practice the muslims we have it easy compared to the previous dispensations of what they had to do to get close to

allah and we're in the latter days of this ummah which is even easier to get close to allah subhanahu ta'ala in these

latter days when so many people are turning away from allah

and please our lord do not make us carry that for which we lack the strength

and please grant us pardon and forgive us

and have mercy on us you are our mawlana you are our

protector um they have no protector you are our protector

so help us against the ungrateful people help us against the ungrateful people

that are wreaking all this havoc in the earth alhamdulillah so that is uh

i that's what i was hoping to how relevant are concepts like stress syllable intonation pitch the quranic restoration

how do they affect the meaning is there a book explaining the poetics of the quran you know poetics we're using that term

obviously i i understand how he's using that term because quran is not poetry

but but it has in it in english poetry meaning beautiful language not poetry not sure

right so stress civil intonation pitch these are all very important in in in the quran

what are called the in in tajweed those are ishtihad so those are the ishtihad of the the

quran and they're different israel so you have different there are places where it's haram to stop obviously

because it will it will affect the meaning and in the house quran it's very nice because they give you the a little

signal uh of the huh yeah

like not just yet don't stop here right because you can uh

corrupt the meaning of it um like the khatib who said to the prophet

something and then he said because he added a wow where there shouldn't be so

stress is very important syllable intonation all these things when you get into deep tajweed studies

the great quran of this ummah actually learned the muhammad

and recited the quran based on the mahamat so the are

what traditionally in music theory are called modes which are slightly different from key signatures so in music you have key

signatures but you also have modes so you have these famous modes that have been identified like the doric mode

right the phrygian mode these are modes so like there's melancholic modes like if

you look at irish music it's it uses uh melancholic modes that's why when you

listen to it it's it's just not the jigs are very upbeat but a lot of irish music is very mournful

so so uh the great masters of tajweed learned the

modes and they would recite that they still do this believe it or not in fact there's on on youtube there's actually a

then from turkey who shows you the different makaams that are used in the different prayers so the fajr he uses a

makam to wake people up and so the this is how sophisticated our religion got was that they were using

uh the intonations uh to do that and stress so

raising the voice i mean one of the sheikh nuren who allah

lot of people very attracted to his recitation that's those

where he's going up and down those are all regulated so the stress will affect the meaning the wakufa are interesting

because you have like imam who aloha i mean i have no problem with

this some people have a problem but he actually his he said were purely from kash

that uh although according to you can't use it for like you can't the

you can't use kash for the prayer time like to have a question the prayer times in you can't use it you have to

do the go out and measure the shadow or now people just look at the prayer time

on their watch or their adhan which they can end up praying at the wrong time in any case

the um the very interest like help the imam is moroccan he has like kalila

[Music] it completely changes the meaning so

kalila they are a few minaleili they don't sleep at night whereas if you

don't do the waku there it's [Music] they only sleep a small portion of the

night so the the stops can really affect the meaning

that's different from raibafihi and then hudalin so the walks

it gives a lot of possibility for many many interpretations which is really interesting one aspect

of the quran the names of jacob's sons and wives are not in the quran does that information come from yes

they're mentioned in our tafsirs they it comes out of the bible the prophet sallallahu alaihi salam

permitted us to quote the bible and just he said

don't be absolute don't deny it and don't be absolute in its affirmation but

there are many useful things there's been a modern trend amongst the mufasirun to

completely remove all of the israelites there is some benefit in that because a

lot of the superstitions that got into the tafsir came out of

the previous dispensations but on the other hand there's a lot of interesting things how do we understand the quranic

verses give giving glad tidings to jews christians jews and saviors in the light of perennial thought i mean obviously

the perennialists like that verse i think for me the best thing that i've

read on this subject is faisal which is imam al-qazadi's book

that allah allah is going to judge people we're not judges we can't say anybody's

going to heaven and hell the quran makes it very clear that if

people do this this and this they're going to hell but in the end there's something called

in our tradition the of allah allah fulfills his what in terms of his threat if he does not

fulfill his threat it doesn't diminish him whereas if he if he didn't fulfill his

promise it would diminish him so the example they give if if a ruler says

to you know some somebody in another land he said wallahi is

like if he comes here i'll slaughter him and then the man comes and he forgives him

nobody's going to say oh that he didn't fulfill his promise they'll actually see it as a good thing

he said oh he's a merciful ruler whereas if he said

if he comes i'll give him a thousand dinars then he comes he says sorry i'm not giving you anything everything you

say ah what a miser that guy was right so allah makes threats he doesn't have

to fulfill the threats but he makes promises and he has to fulfill the promise although he has promised that he

will fill jahannam so that's not a threat that's a promise so

you know people should be concerned about that i'm trying to study arabic to better understand the quran how long did

it take you i mean i'm still learning arabic so it's going on 44 years

arabic is an ocean and you know i still

i still study arabic i learn words i learned a word today that i didn't

know so it's it's the ocean the the muritan is

nobody can learn all of arabic except a prophet so there's always something new to learn

always something new to learn i didn't know tamara meant to for your

hair to fall out you know there's in the hadith it says

the prophet seems his face changed like the the

they say like you know you could see that he was upset in his face but also means for your hair to follow

i didn't know that so there's always something you learn any other questions

i understand the quran is eternal means but i don't see how many verses with us how can those verses be applied in different scenarios then

well remember that the quran is in quran

which is the matrix of the book so the quran there are infinite possibilities with

allah's words allah says if the oceans were inc and the and the forests were pans

the words of god would never be exhausted so allah could rearrange he could i mean

it's just infinite possibilities out of 29 letters allah can adi

and then but there are other possibilities i mean the there are infinite possibilities to

the meanings that that allah could generate from uh from the quran

so what do you think of the view by imam and other scholars that say the mary was

i mean yeah that's been pointed out some of them said asiya also

the prophet isaiah mentioned about the perfected women the kumbh amongst the women

i mean maryam is you know i my understanding the word or what i was

taught the dominant opinion of uh the school of uh of akida that i was taught is that

the prophets are males and the reason for that is

is that the the position that allah has put the the

male in the male is and the male has a daraja the male is

has allah has given an authority to the male

which doesn't diminish the female and it shouldn't be seen like that it's actually a tribulation for the male

because it's it's a it's a big tribulation to be put into that position

so um but if if she was a prophet you know we'll find out in the afterlife

i mean this is a valid difference of opinion the mature the dominant opinion

is that they're from the men but clearly the angel spoke to her which

i mean that's that's a revelation certainly

and there's a difference obviously between the messenger and a prophet so the rasool has the book or has a new sharia

whereas the prophets are given revelation so the idea that that she

had revelation from god i mean that's clearly in the quran and that's why i mean many mention this that that they

considered her to be amongst those who received prophecy um

aloha adam you know i the safe position always to stick with

the majority and the dominant opinions are there for a reason so that's that's where we hold to inshallah

inshallah i hope that you continue to support the college in the last few days of ramadan

even if you've already supported it maybe you could think about giving a second one just out of

a desire to see more that we can do the more you help the more we do the garden

project that has to be specified we don't use any of your donations

uh for things that somebody might think that's extravagant or why are they doing that and

they should use their money more wisely and that's a valid opinion i've thought about that too but my goal is about dawa

and about making this religion again as attractive as it should be

and that's one way that people are attracted it's it's a way to it's like honey you know to bring

uh to to uh to attract people with beauty and then then you can explain to them

what the religion is because we have a lot of bad information about our religion in this country and around the

world and we need to work better you know another thing i've been thinking a lot about is we really need to have more

outreach to the hindu community in the united states because the hindutva is is a very

serious problem um and and the muslims are really under threat

uh in many places where there are there are extremists it's always ignorance

because educated i know that educated hindus that really understand their religion must be horrified by a lot of

what's happening and it's really important not to collectivize people and not to generalize about people but to

really to recognize that there's good people everywhere i mean we have

a hindu lady that's helped us every year with taxes she's a really good lady and she's all you know just a

really sweet lady and i have no reason to have any animus towards her

at all on the contrary she's been very helpful to me and so i feel gratitude and

you know and i think that's the way we should be with people is just judge people

by the content of their character not by the the creed that they happen to follow

because there's a lot of bad muslims you know and and then there's a lot of good

people outside of islam and it's really important just to acknowledge that and to recognize the goodness in people and

i think in doing that we're truer to the nature of our religion and certainly truer to the

nature of our prophet samus he was a mercy to all the worlds

and and and we were said speak nicely to people inshallah