Jewels of the Quran 2022

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Event Name: Jewels of the Quran 2022
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n pointed out some of them said asiya also

the prophet isaiah mentioned about the perfected women the kumbh amongst the women

i mean maryam is you know i my understanding the word or what i was

taught the dominant opinion of uh the school of uh of akida that i was taught is that

the prophets are males and the reason for that is

is that the the position that allah has put the the

male in the male is and the male has a daraja the male is

has allah has given an authority to the male

which doesn't diminish the female and it shouldn't be seen like that it's actually a tribulation for the male

because it's it's a it's a big tribulation to be put into that position

so um but if if she was a prophet you know we'll find out in the afterlife

i mean this is a valid difference of opinion the mature the dominant opinion

is that they're from the men but clearly the angel spoke to her which

i mean that's that's a revelation certainly

and there's a difference obviously between the messenger and a prophet so the rasool has the book or has a new sharia

whereas the prophets are given revelation so the idea that that she

had revelation from god i mean that's clearly in the quran and that's why i mean many mention this that that they

considered her to be amongst those who received prophecy um

aloha adam you know i the safe position always to stick with

the majority and the dominant opinions are there for a reason so that's that's where we hold to inshallah

inshallah i hope that you continue to support the college in the last few days of ramadan

even if you've already supported it maybe you could think about giving a second one just out of

a desire to see more that we can do the more you help the more we do the garden

project that has to be specified we don't use any of your donations

uh for things that somebody might think that's extravagant or why are they doing that and

they should use their money more wisely and that's a valid opinion i've thought about that too but my goal is about dawa

and about making this religion again as attractive as it should be

and that's one way that people are attracted it's it's a way to it's like honey you know to bring

uh to to uh to attract people with beauty and then then you can explain to them

what the religion is because we have a lot of bad information about our religion in this country and around the

world and we need to work better you know another thing i've been thinking a lot about is we really need to have more

outreach to the hindu community in the united states because the hindutva is is a very

serious problem um and and the muslims are really under threat

uh in many places where there are there are extremists it's always ignorance

because educated i know that educated hindus that really understand their religion must be horrified by a lot of

what's happening and it's really important not to collectivize people and not to generalize about people but to

really to recognize that there's good people everywhere i mean we have

a hindu lady that's helped us every year with taxes she's a really good lady and she's all you know just a

really sweet lady and i have no reason to have any animus towards her

at all on the contrary she's been very helpful to me and so i feel gratitude and

you know and i think that's the way we should be with people is just judge people

by the content of their character not by the the creed that they happen to follow

because there's a lot of bad muslims you know and and then there's a lot of good

people outside of islam and it's really important just to acknowledge that and to recognize the goodness in people and

i think in doing that we're truer to the nature of our religion and certainly truer to the

nature of our prophet samus he was a mercy to all the worlds

and and and we were said speak nicely to people inshallah