On being kind to women and children

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Event Name: On being kind to women and children
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First of all, just to talk a little bit about a person upon which I think, it's very significant in relation to the family and it's a very everybody knows of this Hadith, because it's

quoted almost every Juma and it's a person that a Uthman ibn Mathum said that when he first became Muslim, he actually became Muslim because he loved the Prophet (SAW) 

and the Prophet(SAW) used to always be explaining Islam and finally he became ashamed every time he saw him, that he became a Muslim to please him, and he said

that in that ended higher maruti nice of life now and he said without internet

doctor POV had a resident Patti Adam the

email really didn't come into his heart

until this ayah was revealed and its

really the probability the depth of the

ayah is awesome but unless banana

analysis in la banda llamo Bradley would

Excel our recipe and without a commands

to Adam which is justice and xn which is

making things beautiful the Italian

fella and commanding to taking to

helping and giving to relatives when

Yanina and in fact shaggy balloon

carrier buddy Yahoo come down to come to

that government and almost an entire

prohibits at a faction which is

everything you stop by with the colonel

anything that people don't like to hear

about that is factual things that are

really the unmentionables Unspeakables

when moo cow everything rejected in a

healthy society that's probably some

milk on is the outside of Maui its web

people reject when their mounts are

healthy and this is why the Federation

was commanded to 1mm to command when

people know what's common knowledge it's

now in this mayonnaise its opposite like

the fertilizing itself in the end of

time the Maru be kind of mellow par and

remain how it becomes morrow this is

what's happened and this is the state

health and then finally a body which is

a question and buggies in a good word it

comes from the root meaning is to desire

and so the major of depression

oppression of one personal remember use

the results because they want something

that that person or that country has

right this is really the essence of

oppression is taking what is not yours

what are you sayin telling in mahogany

and the essence of Justice is giving

everything it's due giving everything

else dude and then Allah said that he is

telling us

do this amended that we might remember

now just in relation to the families you

look at these atoms the first thing

about the family is the ambien has to be

based on justice there has to be justice

for instance unless to panera taba has

made the human the mail generally

stronger than the female physically the

mail has generally this is obviously you

get your banker out and it's going to

you know you'll get your deviations from

the mean right but normally you are

dealing with strength that a female is

is mess strong physically and I'm

talking about Ruth is perfect because

women have other types of physical

traits that mental map for instance a

child when if a man had to give birth to

children they said there wouldn't be any

more people so because of that physical

strength that has to be added in other

words and ruler becomes unjust when we

turn dresses and one of the things that

are lunar has that you don't have

is an army the river has an army and

when he uses the oddity to impress

people he becomes of Ireland when this

is the army to protect people he's just

so it uses his strength to protect his

women than was a last minute but it he

uses a straight to impress his woman

he's abroad and the biggest model is

found he's the he's the head of the body

me his email and not the people have the

power they never even with serrano he's

better talk about that they all wanted

to be like really might makes right this

is the methodology of the time might

makes right so in many houses a melon

ruled the roost not true justice but

true the power of his arm might makes

right shut up just dude I say and don't

ask questions right and I know there's

million that word these type of things

may be more abusive now not to be

totally unfair to the men there's also

women that do the same thing to the men

because I women can have a man who's

very patient and doesn't

that and should abuse that type of

health or that patients and the public

ruined about that he will about women we

had a profiling wine shop that they were

ungrateful for the grid company of that

husband and complaining about him and

then agreement that become discontent

with my husband because he doesn't make

enough money or he doesn't have this or

he doesn't so these are the roots of

troubles in with family you know we

can't always put it one side and it will

be words but words but often you have

this problem of an onion husband and

throwin had a right as yet who live a

righteous woman and she asks a lot to

save her phone fill out from his

impression her allah as he asked you for

a house to be felt in general so i hope

that has to be justice in the house now

this doesn't simply related to the red

and artillery ID about nana to i and the

premise and i should have said but he

come on little tiananmen and how did his

body is paralyzed and they asked him

about that and he said it was a man who

did not show justice between his two

wives and eleanor was founded by two

wives and repenting to give them a li he

would count the scenes with each piece

to make sure

acne the same this is not a joke these

people have talked about they knew he

was coming so justice not simply to the

white the children the poets of Iceland

someone saw a man kiss his son and the

daughter was there and he said mom sucks

opinion you haven't been just between

the two if you kiss the one you have to

kiss the other this is teaching Heather

you have to have justice the cheddar and

demand justice now not only does not

command to justice did you make say I

said in other word not just being just

but going above and beyond the just with

the just cause we're and actually

remembering the riots to give it to the

other one and about this I adult when I

wasn't ever taught ourselves that men

that have a degree right well i'm gonna

give anything that will reserve

we represent a team that Loretta the

women have the same the rights are the

same as the men its equal that's

leprechaun said the right hand the same

as a minute and then it says without any

me now dollar said men have one degree

away with it when amerigas who is given

the temira perform the ability time the

center of our armies called on Romero

from the internal of the pond because of

the dryer that was answered by the third

when he said along my little weird the

with ed teacher the interpolation

fun and give him understanding of this

beat you cannot pass him the Dodger that

are not necessary Family and Community

Luca Luca he said the pathology our

minds given our men over women is the

damaja of telecom that they relinquish

their right to the one in a

people know everything that's due to her

but they don't expect everything that's

due to less it's an amazing

interpretation think about that and who

is better example than the messenger

Allah who is better if you want to see a

better example who are unified with a

message of allah the writer commented in

material came to the family of the

purpose of myself and they said that she

melts looked miserable china mechanics

be rotten by ever claris her face looked

bad they said not need you to hurry over

bill they said what's wrong with you and

he said under the whole society one

malade for partying what's wrong with me

my husband as for the day time he fast

and after the night time his play all

night long in other words she wasn't

given were right and here's a man we

wish the river wish they had men not

giving advice like that bank I mean

somebody so preoccupied with her walk

the perils of my son had of men even met

her brought to him and he said young man

and he was upset with her he said LF

studious Radhika are yer example and he

said no me hace Novotny said Korea I'll

tell me then follow me in other words

the power supply to know did not do that

and he's not better than a messenger

Allah they said the next time they saw

his wife she was wearing nice clothes

and she was in a good state he took the

messenger Allah told him to do so that

has to be xn there has to be Excel

inside the house the man has to be a

maxima and the woman has to be a Messina

and if there's no exam with justice you

don't have a relationship that at least

there is no depression like there's no

because mom comes from xn xn is one of

the things that it comes from that when

you let her out you want to be mixed in

and sort of a man who loves his right he

wants to do etc and vice versa and also

to the children but each other a lot not

only does not have to be dusters and XL

but there has to be the extended family

in other with Islam encourages us to

strengthen the bars not simply about a

medium running this country to have

nuclear family but beyond them clear for

me to let them go why there's two things

about this weather is that the first

thing in which we learn to be human is

within our own immediate family but that

humanity has to move the arm the

immediate family in other ways the

socialization has to take place and will

be on it to where we begin to learn to

live with other people and the first

people will be able to learn to live

with is booting para bots are only

cousins our uncle's RS the person has

said that the uncle is the same as the


aunt is the same as the mother they are

the same prepared you have to show them

their righteousness in your piety these

things have to be displayed and then a

modular data set whenever an infection

or become a less bandwidth added

prohibits fact she'll there cannot be if

you have an owner that has added XM and

is treating the blood bank balance then

that is American malice but they have

many animal cop in other words that the

society not only has to have all the

positive attribute but it must have

actively engaged in including negative

qualities within the cultures and within

the societies and this is why our newest

fad shall note our and buzzy Allah

reminds us that perhaps we might take

exhortation so I want to just quickly go

over some basic things about the shop

the first thing to remember is personal

itself comes from an Arabic word which

means to bind together and a seer is a

prisoner and in the sense each one of us

is a prisoner about family the family

itself is something that you can get out

and I'm talking about blood farms

initially in terms of marriage that are


worse in circumstances in which a merits

can't at work and this is from the

blessings of this Dean because of the

Christians prohibitive divorce and it

became a big problem they used to have

ruler that needed the Pope to annul

marriages because they wanted to just

get rid of a woman or she wasn't

providing heir to the throne mr. famous

that I'm wicked church house because

King Henry the hell wouldn't give him a

difference aging for these many the

Spanish woman couldn't give a child and

the Spanish millions mother move as the

Prince of Spain was very close to the

park and so the park was in this double

bond and this is the duty now you see so

he wouldn't give a dispensation from

Henry the eighth one of his advisers

told him seven times make your own

church so he did he said that's a good

idea we called anglican church

anglo-saxons and that's what it became

and that's why the Christians now in

England father they don't follow the

Catholic tradition that's why the Irish

are still comics because they said

forget at first you convert us to

Catholicism now you're going to save

them Academy Catholics anymore so it's

time finding them been going on since

there are all right both very simple

solution they all become a son the king

could have gotten a second wife couldn't

maintain the first

no more thing and everything's fine

right it's some songs problems that's

what it does and get rid of the para

frightened he is a problem right

seriously I mean don't get rid of a life

that's a Turkish man tried to do you get

in trouble if you think about it because

people like a stupid whore do something

captain they took like you know the

answer yeah sure mom tell you that come

about this red carpet they ask you trips

all right you know what you said up to

take that may allow destroy these people

and then this won't make you happy I

they took the tape though certainly said

Muslims they cut stratum in it says yes

you more wirelessly a new problem in our

own kind of X and then this is my bitch

wat right my wife wrote this I mean it

was talking about well Superman is

completely framed fred samara for

another one there is unbelievable and

it's more polite and shouldn't even be

making light of it because it's they

could do it to anybody there was this is

their game with it's like with these

things so that's right at the clarified

but they could still be who cares ready

for all right which is a certain point

you just thought that our thumb all

right and we were in the kitchen

he's of towners right I love you on a

panel of the Terios come on and this is

what happened to the Muslim right it's

true you know tomorrow no comment well I

for all the family so this is no adamant

that this is what you know it's not

really came to protect the family and to

create an environment in which the words

of Allah otherwise conducive the

environment is conducive to emotional

almost catatonic if you have think about

this if you have a situation where

there's strife within a family that was

fighting between the husband and the

wife this puts a steely look if there

are it's like people fear they are

constantly in a state of turmoil and

it's not going to be secure right Lydia

came to bring the king of the people and

if people are not living acquaintances

on the environment that takes place

inside the household is disastrous

because it results in there being an

unsettled situation show them suffer

women suffer and also be the husband

suffered everyone suffers so the

situation of the family is something

that I think is grossly neglected we're

reflecting the rights and

responsibilities with an emphasis on

responsibilities and just time that a

little bit about where we should be

going in terms of our own area here the

first thing to remember that the

American society is a society that

really in many ways is designed to

destroy the family just to give you some

examples there's no real good in this

country there is no they create these

fast communities that you can go you can

rent like an apartment where they create

this false community setting there

in the center what is community there's

no community you live there 10 years you

never know you're late you won't know

its name you won't know I'm not making

this up because all of you have been in

this situation how can javis from Islam

the right of the neighbor people should

at least know their neighbors name they

should be communication between them now

part of this is the television and the

Muslims should just get rid of it and

i've seen so many time i know that there

are some people in this community we've

done that because they came to me they

told me you notice since i got rid of

the television my life totally changed i

have time i read worth i spend more time

with my family there's people that

opponents i know people but there's many

people you look at the man you work from

he go to the Miller as seven in the

morning he come back at seven at night

he sit down in front of the television

no conversation between the family no I

mean first of all how many time now

they're there already debunking that in

fact they say it's better just for the

mother to be with the child all day long

really know it than to have ten minutes

of quality time because she's working on

it baby you can leave their own research

on a quality time there already

debunking the myth of quality time

children need attention they need to

hear from the parents they need to get

hugs they need to be talked to and if

we're using the television and to raise

our children then first of all like the

Jewish rabbi in London when he was at

Aquinas community didn't have

televisions and said because we look at

it I have enough open surah in your

thoughts at room right a Jewish rabbi

same I know soon I'm telling you you

can't watch TV now now only they have a

program and I read about this stuff I

don't want

stuff and how do you I don't want it I

read about this program in Newsweek

where they have this moment Ellen

DeGeneres having a relationship with

another one and then kissing on the

television I mean first of my

heterosexual we don't do that to prote

Islam for the heterosexual but this is

this is actually promoting homosexual

relationship on prime-time television

you don't want your and you don't want

one of this another cent the inner eye

of the heart is more sensitive than the

outer arm in other word but posea to the

human being is more sensitive very high

you get a tiny little here and ride or a

piece of sands of the life and think

about that Iran shatter your balloon

well he used to memorize the entire road

at one reading and one day he went out

and a woman's at silwan dy and their

dress do a piece on her leg and maintain

his glance at it another look there and

he'd look at her face and he looked at

without turning immediately away he went

back he couldn't imagine that he read it

three four and five times he went to

over here and he said shakily lie low

key issue I can't leave out said Anita

thought kanimozhi famous lines I could

went to my teacher were here about

having a bad memory and he told me you

want to leave this reveals for the ball

because knowledge of this deal

nice and the light of Allah does not

even about that a disobedient one now

here's a man who actually felt a

profound difference in his ability to

acquire knowledge from looking at eleven

one time right this one time I mean

we're people watching pornography people

you know it's looking at all of this

field it's unbelievable where are the

hardest and then you wonder why you here

wow you don't get affected by it more

money you hear the Quran it doesn't move

your heart people don't cut one of the

scholars he said if you want to know

whether your part is alive or dead then

look whether your eye is moist or dry in

it's nice that you should know that your

heart is a lot if it's dry then you

should know your heart is good the

prophets enticing them said if you

recall and weep and if you can't leave

pretend to weep because to shut that

little army fella even to imitate the

new people is a type of success not in

front of other people but in the private

pretend to we if you cannot me if you

are watching all this what does that do

to the hardest you think it doesn't have

an effect can never run a European

mechanics you burn because of what they

were earning this is what destroyed

their hearts really these people where

they are appointed the chimi you know

they just kill their young people are

just shootin killin people without my

demeanor you think you're me

can do that you think you know the boat

Aaliyah be served the number one in

pornographic country right in Europe was

Yugoslavia they were producing more smut

in all of Eastern Europe right or even

their many magazines have pornographic

pictures of women so why should you be

surprised when these men go away 50,000

women why why you're surprised at that

they are living off the denigration the

deputation of women they seem every

single day why should they care and this

is what happens so television is

destructive to families i will divide

everybody read either their celebrants

you can read picture of truth for

arguments for elimination of television

read the drag and drop by with the

plug-in drug the evil online right these

are all studies they'll give you

documented studies of the destructive

effects the television how long family

documents studies of the positive

effects that happens for families when

they got rid of the television right but

i guarantee you read home you turn on

the television and in other words you

don't want to bother people in their

growth now they come we want a peaceful

silence plays of reflection where we can

actually think about our death and we're

going to ask whether they bring a

tractor and they dumped into a grade you

tell me where you come from

India Pakistan Afghanistan say they do

we do this to our dead in Muslim

countries more often do they do that

with its fast food and this is it you

know it just keep get it over with big

tractor come in and jump in stock it's

soulful music and then a pounding

machine when our portable item said that

we hear the sound of the sand pounding

machine blasting the soil into it right

so you don't have to come back to the

lair after the serves on contract and

after filling some more which is all do

it fast get it over with quick what are

we doing this for their right they

deserve better than support Kataya to

bear out that we should have our own

secretary we should have a network if

somebody buys people know that collector

themselves you will suddenly be sociable

is the best thing there should be 70

people at the funeral event we need to

survive that's why we go so very

prepared to make an exception for us to

make the other than 11 less activity

along with the residential area 11 ah

hello you know did with this was

community but now I'm saying this there

has to be one person in this room that

says you know you I can't do everything

all of you can there has to be something

you said plz fillery let's change the

condition one person that matter it just

taking one person in this room that says

I'm going to do something about this and

I'll say something that one

we'll do it and my god was going to live

for every single person that's dead

probably sensing Mecca we don't even

have the people facing Mecca properly

they give these grapes single now didn't

get us a compass out they don't lift

really i mean this is another area we

should have a room in here for bristles

which would be people that we have a

community as a group of people that are

committed to bettering washing the plan

to be touching the ferry teaching there

because a lot of people don't even know

we should have tip around here we have

the most we should have this the camera

these things to prevent our death right

we should have a car to take the body

prices we have get out and be lifting

things no this is what you know how many

people start not muslims in this area

there's people dying in the rain weather

there must be best we buried adult a

lady was not all right by him all night

is what we have to do to to to make a

real community where there's some care

and concern not just for living but for

the dead as well and and and it's a

blessing to go and visit those people

said amazing either I really we need

food one half and the other tips today

wow I used to tell you don't visit the

grave now I can you go visit them it's a

good thing to go to the graveyard of the

Muslims as they are so many other

sagaponack neurological insha'allah to

see said unto them to remind yourself of

where you're going to go we're all going

to be there and I don't want to it

everybody in the Anubis I don't want a

tractor I'm asking you all what if I

thought I don't know well right I do

yeah I'll rather be very thin I don't

want to tractor I want my Muslim

brothers to take their shadows and

bearing me like a human being not like a

doll you know really I mean that's one

area now just think that the brother

asked me just to distinguish because

time is getting up yeah just one thing

about the discipline the air the

Shenyang the website is you should not

be doing this you know bang your head on

the shop from Earth that they have no

terribly with that similar to Jesus

seven and seven making bigger sit and

don't feel tired he understands me I

graduated you study at neurophysiology

you'll know very clearly they don't you

can tell them two minutes later it's

it's forgotten completely before seven

there's no technique a logical directly

be nice to your children at seven

traditional set new management center

rather different abuse it a lot and in

the group you mentioned about one of the

hot tub that you shouldn't discipline

children sad and he said this is obvious

but we were never taught shown in the

Quran in other words you saying you

moved from after seven you need some

discipline with some children not all

children but some children but it should

not be a punishment it's not be done out

of anger right and in this country you

have to be very careful but the pair

would never get a child not once he

never hit a woman and he never hit a

servant not once and eat whatever they


canaletto sri lanka's wouldn't happen so

it may be some question and then we'll

stop and pray inshallah we get nearly 45

minutes yeah okay yeah that's true there

is a Muslim Cemetery in Liverpool little

more that I heard about and and we

should be supporting that you know and

it is off as well from Shelia it's

paying mind you're not supposed to waste

money in burying the dead like the

coffin and all this is all from their

culture it's not our tradition the dead

you're not even supposed to throw the

perfume and thing into the thing cuz

it's considered a software how to

preserve like the sense behind the

funeral out in the open air no I

understand that yes right now yeah i

understand it I mean there's the people

that did that they did oh then what

others about taste like yeah about tapes

about advises people nothing is people

watching ABC NBC CBS are any type of

things i will do that it's propaganda

you don't get used from there are

enormous elements watching

they proven that people watch TV news

don't know anything about what's going

on it's all top again you're not

learning anything that's going on if

people have television sets and they've

already started the investment or

whatever and they have programs that are

beneficial that's another matter not i'm

not really talking about that but i

would say about children be very careful

about your especially before the age of

seven giving them having given these

poems have a strong programs the more i

think about it the more powers meet and

i'll tell you because if you stay the

development of the bird and also as many

of the things that are being shown

there's too many excitement there's too

much children ruth to learn in

environment that are conducive to their

own levels in mind they're already too

cramped up no need to crack them up

anywhere with you know Sesame Street's

title from programs and things anything

mrs. Pritchard no you still have that

backup of your extended family yeah

about extended family if they're not

Muslim the family who is not Muslim has

the same color as the family that's

Muslim in fact even in shelley out your

parents at the National I did it the

right to the Muslim prayers except once

they die you don't you don't make broad

for them that's the ban the exact thing

people of the very right game on all of

those things they have the same you know

any look even in the shell yet so just a

woman who's a non Muslim woman if she's

married to her hustle man and they have

children she has the haunted they get

support I'm not missing women she had

the right to bring her children the

devil take the children just because he

says no she's a cancer as well why did

you see that when you married it right

now she's a cabin before he was


like a lot who didn't stays the same we

will not pay of Josie invention once he

said that it's not an indeed but there's

truth in the same no one leaves a thing

for the sake of Allah except Allah will

replace it for something better but when

Tim payment of the money said about that

saying he said Allah would not give you

something better immediately because he

wants to test your sincerity if you

leave something for the sake of Allah

Allah to replace it with something

better if you leave the television for

the sake of Allah Allah we will place it

for something better he will replace it

for something better right because

you're just introducing a food and your

family your drum you're depriving your

family your children at a time that they

should be given from the fathers and the

mothers right now the other thing about

the family is maintaining time are just

hung a few things about this community

we have people to get sick in this

community nobody knows nobody visits

that nobody asks about them we have

people who are dying in this community

nobody knows nobody asthma is a funky 5

you're supposed to go to feed the family

the people of the house you should go

and take them food right well I mean

this is what community is about and if

we're not doing these things then

nothing there's no community it's a lie

with pseudo community it's like me

virtual it become virtual community we

live on the email we send each other

emails right virtual community there's

no gatherings there's no necklace

there's no setup this is mike coming

together meaning and not just all this

mana larger you know i'm not saying

chocolate not just multi the drunk

person coming and you know give some

speech or something like human

interaction literally going and visiting

people in having human interaction and

not wasting our time with Muslims so the

human interaction should be based on

Ellen during our space when we come

together we should be talking about

things of substance not just empty talk

talking being people are substance young

people are dead just people getting

together and studying a book together

for money reading a book together take a

look if you don't know Arabic take the

book of set up five people you have some

friends get together and said let's read

this book and let's discuss the world

that's all you have to do just look some

some entrance even taking a group of

your truck we don't all have to be

rather we can I inner ourselves with our

I mean the I cannot natural relationship

with every single for the macmini

alright we cannot reach it you can you

can't help but you have to have a little

people then then there's some same ever

there's some companionship there's some

love firm that you take care of each

other and that extends out and it

primary should be the extended family

that in this situation many with normal

extended family here it should at least

be a group of brothers and have

something even if it's a culture was

nothing wrong with a group of Egyptian a

group that

there it shouldn't be for a surreal

another have just you know you exclude

other people but there's nothing wrong

with groups that share certain

characteristics and qualities language

ethnic background culture where these

are things that are joined in event

online again either to truly terrible

you know that will try and amazes we

come to know each other alright so this

is part of our reality Super Show and

arrive and then finally just a couple of

other things we have to have projects

that transcend simply are our work that

we're doing if you're working on a

computer company that cannot be here at

a money really and and it's better that

you quit your job and go do something as

where you can devote some time to our

walk and rattan and his messenger I mean

see the folly of the Welcome given it

out of you rubbing on who said the best

situation is a man he can give his wrist

in one or two days and he spent the rest

of his time for the sake of Allah

subhanAllah Dada and who isn't they used

to work you know they worked from after

the shiur earth and turn about two

o'clock and then that was done they were

done with our dunya and then they went

did the other thing really so you can't

have just your good marriage or any

projects you have to be financially

dedicated and also speed and an

otherwise those things in this community

we have groups Rahima is one of them

there are other ones you know just like

sister Aviva this is mainly doing this

bastard there's other people involved

and I can't name all them I don't

northerners but there are other people

involved you know this was started to

help some of the media list and there

it's been helping there's now she has

over 70 families that she's helping and

these are families that need help these

are Muslim families that need help and

people have to support in the community

financial have to go and say what can I

do welcome you know I'm just even

wanting about other examples in the

community but i'm using this morning up

what can I do sister is there anything

you need is there some help there has to

be some support people get burned out