On being kind to women and children

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Event Name: On being kind to women and children
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ng on a

computer company that cannot be here at

a money really and and it's better that

you quit your job and go do something as

where you can devote some time to our

walk and rattan and his messenger I mean

see the folly of the Welcome given it

out of you rubbing on who said the best

situation is a man he can give his wrist

in one or two days and he spent the rest

of his time for the sake of Allah

subhanAllah Dada and who isn't they used

to work you know they worked from after

the shiur earth and turn about two

o'clock and then that was done they were

done with our dunya and then they went

did the other thing really so you can't

have just your good marriage or any

projects you have to be financially

dedicated and also speed and an

otherwise those things in this community

we have groups Rahima is one of them

there are other ones you know just like

sister Aviva this is mainly doing this

bastard there's other people involved

and I can't name all them I don't

northerners but there are other people

involved you know this was started to

help some of the media list and there

it's been helping there's now she has

over 70 families that she's helping and

these are families that need help these

are Muslim families that need help and

people have to support in the community

financial have to go and say what can I

do welcome you know I'm just even

wanting about other examples in the

community but i'm using this morning up

what can I do sister is there anything

you need is there some help there has to

be some support people get burned out