Qurrat al-Absar - Discerning the Eyes Delight

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Event Name: Qurrat al-Absar - Discerning the Eyes Delight
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2th of arabia it's the time he made he made hijra at the beginning of but he
arrived in medina on the 12th of so that day is a very blessed day
there's no doubt about it um the the the the uh
imam sharisi has a fatwa in the that it's it it is by far the greatest
day even more than the leila but that most of the ulamas say to on that one
that don't you know but there there are many um that wrote fatwas in the book of topeat that i studied uh
of ibn abi makara which is the moroccan book of orology the sacred science of time keeping like
learning how to tell that the shadows and and the days of the year
the star rising so that you can keep calendrical sacred time he he just states that it's
like ijma that there's no gilaf about it that the day he was born is the best day uh in in ever in the
history of uh the world so that that uh
uh that's that that's how it's presented in in uh in those you know medieval texts the
later text in the early period i think i i haven't seen any of that but that's that's
what the later scholars uh make mention of well allah subhanahu wa knows best but
there's no doubt it's a blessed day and
the chosen one was given a choice to remain in this abode to at dubai allah subhanahu wa ta'ala told the angel
to give him this choice i mean obviously the prophet isaiah is going to choose but it's a
with the messenger of allah sallallahu alaihi to give him that choice because the angel seizing death is a very intense thing
and so the angel took permission from the prophet sallallahu alaihi and the angel of death doesn't do that
with anybody so it was the the he was given that choice
so he chose instead to meet his lord benedictions upon him how exalted his station was
his final illness lasted 14 days dal is four years 10 and he was buried
on wednesday in the evening later
his companions were stunned when he died it was a major trauma to the community
and none of them was as steadfast as abu bakr and the prophet's pleasing uncle abbas
and then abu the best of them delivered his famous speech the pro abu bakr went in
just to ascertain that he had died
and you were pure both in life and in death and then he went out and said his famous
khutbah telling the people you know whoever worshipped the prophet muhammad
whoever worshiped muhammad muhammad has died and whoever worships allah you know the living god who never dies
so it was a very very difficult time
allah and with his words he was able to strengthen and resolve al haddar also
came the this is a narration that you know some of the utama say that
he remains on the earth like ilyas is there's a giraffe about ilias also
elijah you find that in the gospel when when when they the they ask
john the baptist are you elijah because the jews believe that elijah
still walks the earth is it said that he drank from the the
the fountain of youth which is where ponce de leon heard these stories from the muslims and went to
florida looking for the you know the story for americans who know that history ponce de leon was a spanish
one of the explorers and he'd he'd read about this story of the fountain of youth in the
muslim tradition that there's a a fountain that if you drink from it
you won't die until the end of time and al-khadar was according to one
tradition was a scout in the army of suriman was sent to get
this some water and he found that water and drank from it and when he got back to tell them he
couldn't find where it was after that so allah that's mentioned many of the saudi king have mentioned
that about al-khadar about meeting with al-qaeda allah it's something that ulama debate about
but uh is definitely in the camp of those who
say that he walks the earth
and the chosen one's body was prepared and washed while still clothed and those who performed the right among
his companions were abbas uh
another so the family of the prophet saws are the ones who who washed him obviously the shia have
an alternative narrative about this that while the these people were busy fighting over
the family was in taking care of the prophet so they have a different version of the
events the position of the ahra sunnah is that the fidafa was such a momentous event it
was a farb kifaya on the ummah and the danger so
when you have triaging in medicine like in the emergency room you have what's called triaging
if a person comes in with a hemorrhage uh and another person's got a headache you don't start taking the guy with the
headaches blood pressure because he was there first you treat the the one with the hemorrhage
so this is what the sahaba were doing the abu bakr al-mar and they were concerned
about the split of the community and so that that was their immediate concern was to hold together
the community and and the the family was taking care of the
the the the father kephaya of of washing the prophet isaiah and preparing him for his funeral
and usama and it's been mentioned that evan khali also was present
and the problem was shrouded in garments all
three were white they rolled him sallallahu islam in these garments
that that's also you'll get into khiraf about that i'm the mataki's it's a madup to have a imam when when you're
buried um and no shirt
they were not stitched according to the sound text
but they were laid out as coverings and he was wrapped in them benedictions of god upon him
most and for the chosen one they prepared in
his grave a red blanket laid out without doubt so
it's it's interesting read there there are many uh uh people are tired huh
people that are really slouching if you could just kind of sit up it's
i know like modern university everybody's kind of falling asleep and slouching and do they
do that in your class yeah and the foot yeah
hannah walks when he had like people that just he
didn't feel like were real students he'd just stretch out and kind of stick his feet out
like he'd you know if you're going to do that with him he'll do it with you
my father told him once he went saw robert frost at when he was a university student and
he said frost came in he said that he was my father was sitting up front there was a student that was just like
completely just almost asleep like laying in the chair
and he said frost just looked down he said sit up young man and he said like he just bolted up in
his seat and my father said the rest of the elect you know he he was reciting poems that night but he just said he was just
the whole time he was just like that and that's it used to be like that in you know
people had that type don't think america was always tattoos and t-shirts seriously you know
you couldn't get into an ivy league college without a coat and a tie
uh you couldn't i mean the prep school i went to we had to wear suit and tie just a class very very
uh based on edeb towards the teachers and so those things used to be even part of
western tradition but we're certainly we want to see those maintained in our own uh tradition just out of respect it's
not even so much the teachers respect for the the subject matter more than anything
and that's what we're really respecting they said that in the prophet's majesty
that in his majesty it was as if birds were perched on their heads that's how the wakara and the sukina and the
stillness the prophet saw i saw him his religion is adeb the whole thing is
adam and if you lose adap you've lost everything eddeb is the base and i would recommend
everybody reading his book secularism because
he really i think more than any other modern critic of
the islamic community he to him it is loss of adeb that is the
single crisis of the muslim ummah and adam if you understand the implications of adab of
courtesy in fact the french author who wrote that book on the little book of virtues which is a
modern study of virtue theory his first chapter is courtesy that
that's the basis of all virtue is adeb it's it's not the end-all
because you know if you have a courteous nazi uh you know he's still a nazi like you
can have a nazi with good edeb but he's still a nazi and you know if a cannibal eats you with a fork and knife
and using proper table manners he's still a cannibal but adap is the basis of
of of
it's the basis of civilization which is why commerce is so important in islam
9 10 of all provision is in commerce the prophet was a merchant if there was a better job on this earth
the prophet would have done that but he was a merchant allah made him a merchant abu bakr was a merchant
merchants are the best i mean you know when we when we just dealt with this manager here he
he he had adapt because he i mean inshallah he's a deep but he also
wants your business if you notice you lose business when you when you're not good to people
like if you mistreat people so the beauty of tijara is it inculcates good adeb in people it teaches people
good at what they call customer service in america they teach people to treat their customers right my
brother who's a lawyer he's an expert in osha the osha laws which are
are the um laws of that deal with uh workplace you know accidents and
sicknesses and things um but but he he told me he was at a conference where
one of the lawyers gave a talk they were all doctors and he gave a talk about how that they have shown statistically that
people that have good bedside manner and treat their patients well
the rates of of malpractice cases against them are much lower than doctors that have bad bedside
medicine so they were just arguing from look it's a benefit to you financially to
treat your patients well i mean you know it's sad that that's why you do things but
that is the reality of treating people well if you treat them with basic basic
dignity and and these things they respond in turn uh with goodness so
it's it's uh adab is is really a a beautiful
thing and it's the pro nobody had better adab than the prophet elijah anyway this was
all about the red red is a the the message of the prophet used to be red
the the ottomans maintained that red the the inside the kaaba was also red
it's now green the the al used green but before that it was actually red
rumi has some beautiful lines about red and the power of red the effect that red has on us
it's it's a it's an extraordinary color it's the beginning of the you know red is the first as you move up
in the uh in the uh color spectrum red is where everything begins it's the
opening uh and then violet is the highest
and the prophecy if you actually take red vibration and violet and
and then you know add them together divide them by two you get green so green is that middle it's a perfectly
balanced color it's also the first color that's seen the green flash at dawn
and it's the last color right before the sun goes the green flash at sunset so green the dome and
chlorophyll i mean to that to me the dome is it's like this is the
spiritual chlorophyll this is where all the like the radiation the noor
that the prophet saw is it's like the radiate this divine radiation comes into this
place and then it's the transformation the spiritual transformation and then this it just goes and radiates throughout the
world you know the prophet saw i sent him it's like he is that he is the chlorophyll of our souls
he's that thing that transforms human being that you know he he is what allah put
into the world to be that transformative force that enables people
themselves to go through that alchemical process from lead to gold from
from worthlessness to to great worth i mean the prophet isaiah the spiritual presence of
of of the prophet isaiah is immense and people unfortunately who deny it or deprive
from it completely but it's real it's real the prophet salam is real
and and his his his spiritual uh power is real uh
he's he's he's a sub he's not worshipped the prophet saw isaiah is a means but he is the means by which allah
subhanahu ta'ala has given people guidance and it and it's just such a great gift to be in his city
um to me it's like if you watch that masjid five times a day it's like it's like the lungs you go in
like uh oxygen deprived cells and then you get you go in you get
and then you come back out and it's just like that and then prophet sam also said that
that the iman would go back to medina like snakes go to their hole and iman
is one of the meanings of iman is prayer because the the imamatic said that in
the quran it says that allah does not will not cause your your iman to be lost that when the qibla
got switched all the prayers they prayed to jerusalem allah counted them so the iman is
a meaning of prayer but it's like the prayer is like that now it goes into the masjid and goes out
and if you watched it from above it'd be like snakes going into the into the into the hole you know so
medina now the city is just for prayer like the original city now
is covered by this masjid the city of the prophet now is is the
the masjid covers the whole city that was once there so now it's it's just prayer
so literally it's now that's what the city is like in the end of time it's just prayers amen
that just keeps going back and forth five times a day it's just it's amazing
at the time in the pure land two gravediggers prepared graves one used an open grave dug straight down
the the and the other a grave with a place carved out of the bottom
of the the the grave for the body to be inserted the lahad so you have the and the with
the two types of grave so the the the the
if if you went down dug straight down was the shock and the other one had a carve so you
went down here's the grave and then at the bottom you had it carved out so you'd put the body under
they used the shuck if this the soil was soft and so so it didn't collapse on itself
and they used the lad if the soil was hard and could take it as a way of putting the body and then
they would put the lebena the the stones along that like a so it was
it was what now they call it like a green uh funeral where they don't use uh it's
starting to become popular in the west um so where they don't you they just put
you directly into the soil so that's what they they did with the prophet sallallahu alaihi sinam now what they did is
is they the uh the uh
they waited to see who would come the the shack digger or the lad digger
and because it was the lahadiger who came first they they knew that was the way that the prophet was
meant to be buried because he didn't give them a wasaya so so he was he was placed like that
into the grave and nine rock slabs were there to cover
him vibheti was in the house of aisha the prophet
aisha saw in a dream that three moons would come down onto her lap
and she went to abu bakr who was a great interpreter of dreams and she said that she saw three moons fall onto her
lap in her room and the prophet saw ladies
the three best people in the world would be buried in your room and then when the prophet sam died abu
bakr al-dilani said that's the first one and so the prophet sallallahu alaihi sam was buried in
in aisha's room which is where where we visit at the wajiha and then when
sadiq died he was buried there and then omar when he was wounded
she was hoping that she would be buried there aisha
so when when omar was assassinated he
was dying and he asked if he could be buried there
so aisha gave her place to say no more
so benedictions and peace of our lord be upon him and his family and companions those celestial stars
asmahl this is the last section um
on his names you know one thing about the death of the prophet isaiah is it's the greatest moseva of
the community the the presence of the prophet saw he
said my life is good for you but my death is
also good for you he said
you do things and things are revealed to explain what you've done so had the prophesize him stayed the
rules would become so much that we couldn't take it we couldn't do everything because there
would be clarification about everything whereas because it's been left for ishtihad
there's room for people that's why the prophet i said there's so few things that are
clear cut in his sharia because it gives room for people the prophet isaiah did not bring this
statute book of laws the quran has very few
most of the quran is a vaniyat because it's giving room for people to breathe so the prophet saw isaiah his
death was a great tribulation one of the sahabayat when all of her family was killed
and all she was concerned about was the prophet sam and she just wanted to see him to make sure and they told no
your father died your husband died your son died she she just wanted to see the messenger
of his thought when she saw him she said every calamity after you is
insignificant every calamity after you is insignificant um that
that's the love that these people had for the prophet saw i said him so his his presence was such an immense and
great blessing
know that amongst you is the messenger of allah and so one of the great blessings of this ummah
is that we know where he is the christians don't have jesus the jews don't have moses but we have
the prophet isaiah we have him here and we know where he is
and and uh it's just a great sustenance for this community to have the messenger
of allah to salaam uh still amongst us here the prophesizing is here we can visit him we
can give him wherever you are on this planet the the prophet said that anybody who says an angel
will deliver him that message and in the reward it says that
allah returns my soul to me and so i returned the salaam to him imam
asiyothi said that does not mean that his ruach is coming in and out of his body what it means is
that the istikh that he's in in the presence of his lord that his consciousness comes back
that portion of his consciousness comes back to be aware of that person so he goes from jama to farc he goes
from the presence of of the divine presence and unity to the realm of differentiation so that
he actually can differentiate and he also one of banani said you know people say how
could the prophet be giving salam to everybody you know individually like
one person you can only give and he said the sun is one source but
its rays are hitting everybody so the i mean now we have computers with
a push of a button you can send out a uh an email to millions of people
and is a computer less conscious than the messenger of allah i mean we're
only using a small portion of of our
of our in intelligence and intellect so
people people don't give god his full measure and they
certainly don't give god's creation its full measure so the prophet of allah is
don't use your ps from this dunya the akhirah is very different from the
dunya and the abilities in the much greater than the abilities in the dunya
so so he says
he was the most beautiful of humanity the most complete and outward form and ethical character
in shabbat s
you've made a mistake if you likened him to the full moon and this is many many
people have likened him amongst the poets he's saying you made a mistake
in splendor or deemed him like the ocean phil judy almathal tohu bizahari fitarafin
this is responding to imam at bolsadi's lines about the prophet saw ism so he's saying
you made a mistake imam bulsadi with all respect he's not like the moon he's not like
the ocean and generosity he's not like flowers and fineness he's not like time in its determination
fee him a
even if you inverse these statements and said they were like him it is still a mistake in my opinion
utter nonsense
what has the full moon in relation to his cheek how can time compare to his loyalty
how can the ocean compare to his hands liberality what comparison do flowers have to his
gentle disposition the prophet isaiah the dunya is finite the prophet
is is going to help determine people's people's eternity i mean he's making intercession
on our behalf for our eternity
[Music] no i swear by the one who granted him every adornment that there is no one similar to him in
the entire universe
and onlookers have never seen the likes of him how sweet he is how radiant his form
was stephanie no i swear by the one who adorned him with every beauty in meaning
and image i make no exception
he has names and attributes that have elevated him above all the rest of humanity
so tell me o man above men in beauty and be attitude most perfect what then
can those who praise him hope to achieve with their tongues even if they carried on for all time
especially after god's praise of you in the quran when you were described as being one who is vast
and magnanimous in character
may the benedictions and prayers of god be upon you and upon the family and companions those celestial lights
for as long as sinners seek refuge in the ancient house and the remorseful seek refuge at your sublime port
yarum nima yordika seeking forgiveness and success
in whatever pleases you most honorable of those who have smiled
i have wronged my soul and come hoping at your door for forgiveness oh you who is sought now
by all of humanity on that calamitous day be my intercessor and give sanctuary for this fearful one
this is the prophet isaiah in in in surah nisa allah says
for allah had they only when they wronged
themselves come to you and ask for gifts of god and you asked forgiveness for them they would have
found god merciful and forgiving that there's no
differentiation despite what the some of the people who reject shafara
have said that it applies to him in life there's no indication in the verse that it applies only in life the eye is
one of the great scholars amongst the tabernin even kathia relates in his tafsir and
makes no incar of the reward the reward is related
by many of the great scholars none of them made inquire of the riwaya when the
bedouin came to the prophet salallahu and alaini said he stood before the door
and he said ya rasulullah he said and then he recited that verse and he said
i have come to you seeking your intercession and this rewi is related by all the
great udama uh who who who who some that i mention and many that i have
not mentioned they related none of them making call of it and had there been something wrong had it been shirked they
would have clearly said you know none of them did that even
tamiya rejected that that's fine but with all respect to even tamiya these other scholars
uh are our great scholars and and that is the dominant opinion of the scholars
so this is what he is in he's in the uh the tradition of the the dominant tradition of the sunni
scholars of islam uh and uh
the the the lines that that arab said are to this day on the prophets you can see the poems
uh the the lines there are there on the pillars in the wajihab
whose bones are buried in the earth and because of you the earth was made pure by
your bones
my soul is a is a is a is a ransom for the
the tomb that you are in in it is
jude in it is generosity in it is his purity and uh and also uh in
it is knowledge and action so that that is is why he's he's doing that
because this is uh what muslims have been doing for centuries
with uh and the first to reject it was ibn taymiyyah so it's really a seventh century
uh sheikh said said it's a 7th century innovation that's the opinion of sheikh abdullah bin bayya
and many many of the modern scholars that have looked at it if you analyze the two positions
uh the the the position for intercession is so much stronger than the other position
that's what my teachers taught me it's what it's what adeno
in sha allah
do not forsake me to myself and grant me sanctuary and for my father mother and family from all the hardships of that
great tomorrow
so he says it is with your rank and saturday i seek refuge my master whoever seeks refuge through it for
guidance is guided by your noble rank or best of prophets as long as the desires achieve
their wildest dreams my object of desire at your door is forgiveness from allah clemency success and divine pleasure
radwan of allah not to mention security on the day of terror from allah as well as an acceptance and victory
from the beloved and arrival so what joyous congratulations are in
order for the one you accept and what calamitous hardships are in store for the one you reject
but far be it for one of such mercy and charity to turn away someone hoping for forgiveness from god
for the servant truth has none other than his divine master so now he's making it clear you're a sabab we have none other than
allah subhanahu wa ta'ala when whether he draws him near through bounty or distances him justly
uh mawlana in either of the two cases we
have no choice but to go to the door of our master for to whom else can we go yarabi
oh my lord god mandelhalke
our lord who can help the perishing drowning one for he has none other than you alone
as a gentle companion so this is very clear that he's what he's saying here the
prophet saws is a suburb in reality it's only allah which is why even in the dua
allahumma fiya o allah make him intercede for me was
and make me also an intercessor for for myself make me worthy of being accepted in my
prayer just as he is worthy of that so my lord save him from the blazing
inferno mustafa by the rank of the chosen one the one
who guides that buzz sababia by the sabab on the day of judgment everybody is
going to be forced to recognize his intercession they'll go to adam why don't they just go straight to god
go straight to god they go to adam adam says nafsi nafsi i can't do
anything for you they go to nua nafsin fc they go to
isa al-assad never seen every prophet rejects them this is not their maqam and then they go
to the prophet sallallahu alaihi that's what he said this is my maqam and
then goes to allah does says
make intercession and intercession is granted this is the great intercession
of of eternity for people uh their eternal reality and that's the
one with allah gives him the permission and he makes intercession and then when his
intercession is done other people from zuma get intercession the martyrs get intercession
the uluma get intercession the righteous people people get to intercede and this is all to sharif
allah needs no asbab but this is the sunnah of allah in his creation
the also on the o qiyamah allah
does not judge by his knowledge if aqua is on the way to the makkah to his work and he sees a man
murder a man and then the man's brought to to his court he cannot testify
in court the khadi cannot judge him he can be a witness but he cannot judge
him the quality is not permitted in islamic law to judge with his knowledge he can't do
it why because allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala made it his sunnah that he will not
judge with his knowledge allah knows everything but on yom kiyama the witnesses come in
your hands testify your feet testify your neighbors testify all those
it's going to be a court of justice it's not going to be god saying i know what you did now go to hell no everybody's going to
come they're all going to testify you're going to have your day in court it's all going to be very clear what are you going to be begging
mercy you don't want justice you want mercy but if you don't want mercy for other
people don't expect mercy from god on the day of judgment if you don't want mercy for other people
if you want you know be just with these people be jealous ya allah be just with these people give
them what they deserve i hear people saying that although allah
none of you believes until you want for others what you want for yourself well what do you want for yourself just ask
yourselves that question what do you want for yourself you want justice you can have justice that's what
the world is it's all people getting what they deserve wallahi it's just a place where
everybody's getting what they do
had a lot taken people to account there wouldn't be one creature walking this earth so
this is this is the day when the prophet salallahu this is his day
we only sent you as a mercy to all the world this is the day when that mercy is going to be so manifest
to everyone the mercy of the messenger on that day and he is the suburb he is the mushaf he's the pericle the
paraclete is the advocate the intercessor greek parakletos the the intercessor he is the
intercessor he is he is the the chosen intercessor allah has given
him that macam and the the the prophet isaiah said that the people that deny my intercession will not be given my
intercession on yama qiyamah they won't be given it the people that deny his intercession won't be given his
oh my lord tell me who can this derelict broken servant both transgressing in wrongs and neglectful
rights imprisoned by his own desires oh my lord by the rank of the chosen one
set me straight be my protector
by his essence protect me from the agonizing flames of fire be abdul oh my lord here's a humble
servant who has come to you seeking sanctuary mustache and
interceding through the one who came with good news
for his own safety and that of his brothers family all of them by the rank of ah the chosen one yaseen bin abdi
of the the one who has the kalib and the najib i'm supplicating oh my lord
respond to me
by the rank of the s save me for you our god the best of
those who save.
by the way remove from me every disease oh my lord
bill hashemi [Music]
by the rank of al-hashemian muhammad oh my lord grant me success and make
straight my crookedness
by the rank of ahmed and mukhtar the best of messengers oh my lord forgive me and rectify my
actions by the rank of the prophet of mercy the mukapha oh my lord grant me the grace
that i was given that i was promised
because by the rank of the prophet of tawba al-mahi the the remover of of
of wrongs and evils removed from my heart everything other than your love that it might be contented
by the rank of each and every name among his names i beseech you oh my teacher of these names
so please my master do not destroy my hopes that i have in you and my good opinion of you
answer my plea because o mercy to all the world surely
i beseeched and sought aid through you against everything that depresses me
o compassionate and merciful one you are more worthy of my soul than myself so take it
and keep it as a pledge from me
i do not even want to redeem my pledge or would that one could obtain another's essence
having said this i admit my wrongdoing in pledging my soul it is as it is not mine to pledge o
possessor of all the essences
so graciously grant this sinner aziz
forgiveness grace and atonement
and bestow your prayers o my lord upon this chosen one
he was his family and righteous companions
finally the verses of the eyes delight are complete through the aid of the guide the glorious the forgiving
at the outset of the blessed month of his illustrious birth the most exalted of humanity our prophet
the abode of the chosen one upon him the prayers in honor of our
lord amen
and upon his family and companions and whoever follows well his path among any of the god's creatures
any sins that we've done in this city forgive us we've been here a long time now
and we forget where we are so forgive any wrong actions in this
anything that we've done against you
anything that we looked at that we should not have looked at anything that we thought that we should not have thought
in this place that you made pure allah
please accept all of our intentions here ya allah
keep our hearts united strengthen our religion take us back to our homes safe and sound
sha allah find our family in the best of health yeah
shall i give us love of the prophet sallallahu and the ability to follow his deed
[Music] me