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Secularism The Greatest Danger facing the Ummah

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Event Name: Secularism The Greatest Danger facing the Ummah
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or ignorance is done to me or that I

should trip or that I should be true

Shahla the title of this talk is

secularism the greatest danger facing

Islam and what I'd like to do is in

shallow look at the idea of secularism

historically and the results of the the

secular idea upon the psyche of


what the implications of that mean for

us as Muslims particularly but also the

implications of it globally for

humankind because we are Benny Adam we

are all part of the the the offspring of

Adam and Eve sedan and so we share

common destinies in this world and

insha'Allah we will not share a common

destiny in the next world

with those who reject the identical

brahim equate and the Mohammedan way

sell a lot it was for the most awfulest

era milan and vietnam the idea of

secularism is a really a rather modern

idea in fact it means enlightenment one

of the meanings of it is modern or of

the age or of the time and it has the

idea of temporality or an anytime

situation the word in in Latin cycle you

will find on the dollar bill which in

the back of it there's a free Masonic

steel and most of the founding fathers

and this is historical it's not

conspiratorial theories or it's it's

accepted history in the United States

that most of the founding fathers were

freemasons but the actual steel did not

come until 1935 when it was placed on

the dollar bill during the Roosevelt

administration and on the back of the

dollar bill that says Novus Ordo

seclorum which means a new secular order

or a and really what the word seculars

is a nice way of saying worldly or out

of the world quite literally a new order

of the world and this was the V

encounter distinction with the old way

which is orders that were based on

religious structures in other words

understandings that people's had that

were based on religious hierarchical

structures on the belief that not only

were we created but there was a creator

and that there was a certain standard of

behavior that was demanded of

individuals that made up the society

based on certain religion and moral

injunctions that came down to them so

the Christian tradition

despite the gross breaches of

Christianity nonetheless had a

or that is not really that different

from the more order of the Muslims and

this is why we share with other

religions certain basic moral concepts

and precepts the the where we begin to

depart grossly is how we do with reaches

of the moral order and this is what we

call in Islam the dude in Shariah in

other words the when gross breaches of

the moral order how the Muslims view

with that we deal with it by going back

to our loss of Mohammed and his

messenger and looking at what the Sharia

dictates for us this sacred law this

sacred way the Christians traditionally

because they separated their teaching

from the Judaic tradition which did have

a sacred law and this can be found in

remnants of it in deuteronomy's and

numbers and levitz's and in the books of

the Old Testament where there are

injunctions of how to deal with thieves

of how to deal with fornicators

adulterers all of these things the

Christians departed from this based on a

verse that's in the New Testament from

Paul in Romans 7 where he uses an

analogy of a woman married to a man and

she's bounded by the law as long as

she's married to the man and when the

husband dies she did a lot rebound by

the law in other words of being a

married woman she can go and marry other

men well in what Paul uses this in his

analogy for the death of Jesus Christ in

other words that thought when Jesus was

alive we were still bound to the law

meaning the Judaic law but since Jesus

has died we are no longer bound to the

law Jesus has freed us through his death

from the law and this is a very

important concept in Christianity and

this is really setting up the scenario

of the using the rational intellect to

deal with

in other words Paul's belief and whether

he was sincere in it or not Allah Adam

but Paul's belief within his is based on

what he said is that people because they

were in such a deeply spiritual state in

viewed with the Spirit of Christ they

would not go into the errors that

necessitated the law in the first place

so it was almost like if we're looking

at it as part of being a sincere person

in what he was preaching that he that

his spiritual state was so high they

from being imbued with the holy spirit

and with this fear that he could not

fornicate that he would not but because

he was he was in such a deeply exalted

spiritual state this is the idea now

this is a extremely idealistic romantic

picture of the human being the idea that

through accepting Jesus Christ won't

become angelic when the one has now

entered into the realm of spirit and the

flesh is no longer a difficulty for him

now we have seniors therapy the result

of this kind of idea but what it did in

separating from the sacred law it

created the viability within a Christian

society for secular law for secular life

in other words there will be laws to be

brought about by the emperor or by

legislation like now this use in

Parliament or in the United States and

Congress the legislation of laws so the

secular idea is literally that religion

has studied the human being from

progression in other words what happened

in Christianity because the Christian

rule was so deeply suspicious of science

and in fact because they tied their

metaphysics to Aristotelian metaphysics

in other words the transubstantiation of

the the wine and the bread into the

blood and the flesh the calories don't

like to talk about this but they

believed based on Aristotelian

physics but this was possible they based

the idea that the blood and the flesh

were literally blood and flesh it was

not a metaphor and this was a doctrine

within the Catholic Church that they're

ashamed of now when Aristotelian thought

began to become challenged and this

happened oddly enough from the

introduction of Muslim arguments against

Aristotelian thought the habit of

philosophy was one of the books that was

translated into Latin where Imam

al-ghazali refused much of what the

Aristotelian believed in terms of

metaphysics and he in fact categorically

denied the ability for the human

intellect to arrive at a sound

metaphysic in other words what is beyond

the physical world that within certain

limitations the human beings could

discover things about the natural world

but about the spiritual or otherworldly

in the enve conjecture which is what

Allah said that they are not one they

only follow conjecture ultimately and

from a Muslim perspective really just

does not simply apply to metaphysics but

to the physical world as well people

don't like to admit this but the vast

majority of Sciences in the Western

civilization are actually based on

conjecture they are theories now they

watered them down to the masses as fact

we learn them in schools as facts but

those people that actually write the

textbook or those discoveries and

scientists that actually have come up

with the theories they're the one

that know the limitations of their own

thought people learn for instance in

chemistry the the table the chemical

table of the table of elements and this

is a model that human beings have just

projected onto the world it is not

reality it is a model now the model is

it's useful obviously I mean they've

done extraordinary things with the

chemical table that's me I have a

limited perspective of what is taking

place in the chemical world we can only

assume things based on our own

perceptions and so we're making

hypotheses based on a configuration of

facts that in fact are limited because

they're limited by on our own

perspective of it and this is something

that the deeply the deeply esteemed

scientist amongst them will admit

amongst themselves but it's something

that really is not admitted when you're

studying chemistry in the classroom you

learn it as if this is reality it is

simply a model for something that we are

experiencing now they had a philosopher

hearing here is from Scotland who

literally destroyed this whole idea of

absolute knowledge because he came along

and now the news comes the sad thing

about it is is that we made this a long

time ago way before they have a renew

about this if you study the mythical

moon I mean they talk about that we

cannot determine true cause and effect

because our perspective is limited it is

only a loss of $100 that truly knows

what is happening even in chemical if

you pretend goes together and see

reactions and things like this what is

causing the reactions from a materialist

point of view it because this and this

substance came together this and this

substance came together that does not

allow in its number what we call hada

colada which is a break in the chain of

events for instance when allah subhanho

wa taala said to the fire crew bikini

bottom with sadhana be cool and peaceful

solana the owners

why he says not only did he say be cool

but he also said be safe because it's

not simply enough to say be cool because

of a lot could have taken the heat out

of the fire but still inflicted the same

damage that fire we inflict on a human

being so this is a Muslim understanding

that fire does not intrinsically burn it

burns by the power of Allah Subhan Allah

Allah so a material that we will say

well know if you if you put a match to

your finger you're gonna burn your

finger well then you have people that

walk on coals and these type things and

and this kind of makes people scratch

their head right but the point is from

the Muslim perspective all of those

Sciences are conjecture now they are

useful that useful within their own

limitations and we should never forget

when Newton this this Giants to the

Western civilization intellectual giant

who gave them the foundations of their

physics this man's physics screaming to

deep questioning at the turn of this

century because they recognized it was

only limited to a certain model it did

not apply at the subatomic world it

worked very well in dealing with this

physical world that we experience every

day but once they started actually

looking into the atomic world and the

subatomic world they realized that this

thing is very limited this model now

they think now that they reached the

height now but 100 years from now there

may be scientists that look back now and

say look at what the darkness these

people were in so Muslims have always

had this historical understanding that

human knowledge is deeply limited will

not receive them in an Indian law kalila

this is a principle that the Quran used

us to know that knowledge

first and foremost is from our last

panel at the ANA Allah is the one that

teaches the human being unravel column

Allah taught the human being so

knowledge is literally a revelatory

process it is a process in which the

human being is given insights based on

the power of the intellect that Allah

has has has endowed it with now when

it's coupled with revelation it allows

for the human being to literally work

within creation and not be a danger to

himself or to creation because you have

certain parameters that he recognizes

that he must stay within as an atomic

human being that is responsible for his

actions now to give an example in the

secular world what happens and recently

in in the South Pacific

there were liberal scientists who are

oceanographers people that study the

ocean now they had this they were having

a problem understanding why is it that

plankton and other types of seaweed do

not simply take over the ocean what is

it in the ocean that is preventing this

seaweed to proliferate in the same way

that person's grass will proliferate in

an area given the right circumstance

because the ocean has all these right

circumstances for a limited amount of

seaweed what is stopping it from growing

everywhere so they came up with a

hypothesis that it was iron that there

was the mineral the the middle iron was

lacking so what they did was they took

an area five mile radius and seeded it

with iron pellets all over this area

they came back a month later the

reasoning in New York islands they came

back a month later and the entire area

was covered with seaweed it was

completely covered with seaweed they had

destroyed the ecosystem of that area

completely one of the scientists who is

being interviewed said that several of

the people on the boat actually vomited

that they were so horrified and this was

their initial reaction and then he said

and then

we kind of became elated so the initial

reaction the human got heart reaction

was they were horrified him that they're

like children playing with extremely

dangerous toys you see they're literally

out there experimenting with a system

that Allah has set up and balanced to

perfection and it's not for us to ask

why there's not seaweed all over the

place it's for us to say subhanAllah

that Allah has created this thing in

perfect balance Allah says in the Quran

in surah Rahman that he says no one is

on a laptop the Havanese and he has

placed this balance in order that you

might not transgress the balance I laugh

at the dolphin is an what a demon wasn't

a benefice and established this balance

with justice well that of civil Nissan

and don't destroy this balance now this

balance applies at every level of human

existence there is an ecological balance

that we literally have the power to

destroy based on the linguistic analysis

of this this injunction in the Quran

when Allah says lat of sit on Nissan

he's telling us don't destroy it which

implies we have the ability to destroy

it and so this is what the human being

without revelation becomes an extremely

dangerous animal becomes a dangerous

animal because the intellect which has

massive power the intellect must be

constrained by revelation if the

intellect is not constrained by

revelation then we see what we see

because this is what's happened in our

modern world we have an intellect that

is completely gone crazy and the word in


literally means to bind something to

constrain that this is the point of the

internet that it's an alcohol that is

imbued with Rakhi

what's a difficulty not resistant when

Allah says move on Allen or he says what

you nala Apple that no light upon light

is revelation upon the intellect of the

human being because the intellect itself

is an interface for revelation it's a

it's a it's a receptacle third

revelation itself revelation cannot be

carried by idiots Allah in the Quran

says never an arena for millennia

minnerath committed in our middle

Apsara that's the matter in all this the

likeness of those who carry these this

sacred revelation on their backs right

without like donkeys they're like

donkeys because the donkey carries it

but doesn't know what's on its back the

dope you have no idea is carrying

knowledge and this is what happens when

when we take the Quran as a book to put

on our shelves and we don't actually

study it we don't have it impact the

intellect the Quran if the individual

begins to recite the Quran it will

create a dynamic tension within t