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Secularism The Greatest Danger facing the Ummah

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Event Name: Secularism The Greatest Danger facing the Ummah
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udeo-christian is an appellate became

in the 20th century when they started

accepting the Christian but when the

Jews gained more and more power they

began to add these things right and now

you've got the the Pope apologizing for

saying for even intimating that the

Christians ever the Jews ever killed

Jesus even though their own book says

that so he apologized for blaming the

Jews for that now we solved the problem

because we said no they didn't do it

they're innocent what they're guilty of

is rejecting him and they killed other

prophets but in terms of Jesus we hungry

that we said they didn't kill him so we

solve all these problems we could solve

Ireland's problem overnight they just

become Muslim and

you don't have crossing Catholic but

departments they probably have we've

become students that have become shit

and they just carry on anyway now

insuited to roll a lot talks about Rome

being conquered and then saying that

they will conquer and saying that the

moment he would be happy about that now

the reason they would be happy about

that and don't forget this is because

they were Christians they were able to

tell these Romans are no longer

Christians now they they are the dalek

Christians in the sense that they still

use the appellate and they still have a

stake in maintaining some semblance of a

Christian inheritance but the reality of

it is the Christians completely reject

this if you read modern Christian

literature most of the Christians

writing today actually consider this to

be like Babylon

alright I've read a lot of their

literature and they condemn what's

happened in this world as much as the

Muslims would from a moral perspective

but I love super Hanna with Diana when

he says that this is the promise of a

lot like the law then he he tells his

narrative Allah Allahu Allah ever breaks

his promise and then reminds us what I

can act out an ass like Allah moon but

the majority of people do not know they

don't know this and then Allah said

after making a negation of knowledge

when I can act out on that play I don't

know this is called Nephi then Allah

makes it back yeah the moon of our

heaven when our higher dunya they know

the outward of this world this is their

knowledge they know the outward of this

world will human and after a few more a

few own but they are completely heedless

of the next world this is the secular

worldview is that they

reduce all of science to investigating

the world to manipulating to conquering

in to controlling the Romans and the

Greeks believed that there was a tension

between the gods and nature they saw

that there was this tension between

nature and the human being that nature

was antagonistic to the human being this

is not the Islamic world view Allah

tells us that he literally suffered a

local map is similar to Allah has

subjugated to you all that is in the

heavens in the earth says here is divine

from Allah there is a divine subjugation

of nature to the human being and we have

proven this now that we are literally

transforming nature because of a

sickness because we don't have these

constraints of divine law but Allah

reminds us that the entire creation has

been subjugated for us now a subject is

exactly that somebody under your control

and this necessitates responsibility and

this is why our eyes may be human be

Khalifa now Arriva in the gardens with

of the Khalifa I am placing in the earth

and halifa this is the role of the

Adamic man and the Adamic woman is to

become literally a caretaker of the

earth itself and Allah said after

telling us well actually do miss our

lattice - don't listen Allah reminds us

well and now the earth has been

literally placed for all living

creatures there is a hierarchy and human

beings are literally at the top of that

hierarchy we are at the top but the

hierarchy is necessary for thee we

cannot be at the top of we destroy

everything underneath us we literally

under MA

the hierarchy itself so the King doesn't

want to destroy his subject because once

he destroyed then he's no longer King

you see once he destroyed them he no

longer has he's not Felipa so by

destroying this divine hierarchy that

Allah has established we literally

undermine our own authority on the earth

so we have been challenged by a lot to

maintain this divine hierarchy that we

literally take care of the earth the

Prophet said yeah cool

Mahad you are in favor Ani beware of

this earth what tubby Lohmann huh

and be vigilant about it in the how a

local because she is your mother was

that text hadoo we clearly mumble a

Mahayana Piana

and she will bear witness against

everyone who has oppressed her that and

one of the aspects of this is very valid

ah that we literally show a

righteousness to the mother that allah

subhanho wa taala brought us forth from

her heard us from her Torah

she is the matrix from which the Adamic

creature came out and this is why there

is a rabbit ah quite literally with the

earth and the mother and because the

mother is been abused in this

civilization reduced to to the lowest of

the low

there is literally no elevation of the

mother right a stewardess or a

prostitute has a higher status because

she's a wage earner

in this culture then a mother who is

literally bringing about the next

generation of human beings and because

people when they are treated in that way

don't expect from them except to not

fulfill their obligation teachers in the

same way

the world teachers are literally

considered one of the lowest occupations

in the Muslim world when Islam was

powerful and established the Magnum was

literally the highest home didn't know

anymore but you know we together

Kathryn wondering when you corner a

surah get up for your teacher and show

him respect this teacher is almost a

prophet from God

this is how the Muslims understood what

Saleem was

hydrokleen meant animal ulema

the best of you are those new young

Quran and teach it and this is what the

modeling was the Millennium was

literally and it's not for nothing that

the mononym they call the magnum is the

Robert Annie the teacher is the the wet

the second wet nurse and there is a

feminine aspect of teaching because it

takes right now this is why the prophets

are lies and one of the things that used

to accuse him of being like a woman this

is one of the things with the woman this

is one of the things that the Quraish

accused him of being too feminine that

he wasn't like masculine he wasn't el

macho man like the Arab they're like you

know like one of the Arabs said you got

there you know what Lenape are then like

that admitted easily people weep over us

we don't we for anybody

we have livers like camels because

delivers the seed of emotion when I

laughter I will have a satiny me and

very something very interesting tried

from the net that Allah revealed in his

his or on about them like auto-layout to

do most of them have no understanding

and that with deference to any Chinese

here but the that I thought oh not all

of them so Chawla if you are to

understand but this Kamini came to the

prophet in the process of eyes and

kissed his child which is something ever

did not do it because it was feminine it

was like acting like a mother that's

what mothers do to their to especially

in front of people see they might say I

don't do that but then when they go home

they're kissing and hugging right

because they're trying to be macho like

the macho people the public kiss them in

front of this error then he says about a

good owner you kiss children

I have changed order I haven't just one

of them and the Prophet said how many

kosher and PVE identical deck do I have

anything in this dream for somebody

Allah has taken rock him out of his

heart do I have anything in this bin for

somebody who Allah has taken rukmi out

of his heart so this the honoring of the

mother and by extension the word in

Arabic Tamil if you look it up one of

the meanings is literally to take a

mother that's one of the means of Tamil

in the Arabic language

it literally one of the meanings is to

take a mother telmo same manner he took

a mother so this idea of secularization

commodifies because nothing is sacred

the earth has no sanctity no inviability

that can be raped in the same way women

are raped in this society prostitution

is literally it women are encouraged to

become prostitute

modeling is actually a high calling we

call that prostitution in Islam she's

selling her body whether or not she

sleep with people is irrelevant

she literally commodified her body and

this is a high calling you start

actresses and all these things these are

forms of prostitution as far as Islam is

concerned voyeurism of people watching

people make love on a screen or not you

can't even say make love it's just

having sex like animals you see and so

this is literally these big heart

people are encouraged to do these things

and if a woman like becomes a model our

friends are so excited

why don't there was a time in any human

culture on the earth but they were

literally the parents wouldn't weep

tears tears and how the what they

perceive had happened you see so this

idea of womanhood and the preservation

of womanhood is so essential to the

Islamic world view and something that

secularism must destroy in order for it

to be maintained secularism

Detroit is this aspect this element so

the earth itself becomes a something

that can be raped and killed that's even

a usual word to be raped and killers and

these things take place now the Islamic

sharia literally came down for the

preservation of human societies and for

the preservation of the human being in

order for it to be nurtured for the

human being to grow to become fully

human to realize his humanity and this

this is something that in the Muslim

world we have been so distance from the

Islamic world that we have many Muslims

that literally believe that the Sharia

is no longer appliable it is in the

times that we're living it there are

Muslims that believe that the the Sharia

is no longer viable to be applied and

the we have to recognize the Quran and

the Sunna cannot be applied piecemeal

you can't take parts of it and leave

others it is a total integral system

that when it's applied in its integrity

it succeeds in its purpose which is to

establish human societies and humane

society whereby people are preserved and

protected and can worship their Lord and

families are protected but when it's

used as the tyrants use it because the

food can be used as a tyrannical system

the father told us the pokémons idea was

that they a farmer had Allen sofia

boutella cool honey that they establish

the hut punishment on a poor person and

they leave the rich people which in the

few countries now that claim to follow

Islamic law this is what they do they

apply to the poor people and they leave

the rich people but this is Dalia

it's the same thing now the Muslim

because they've been completely

secularized the most important thing I

want to move in Charlotte now just to

looking at what the getting out of this

mess the most important thing to

recognize is literally that our

worldviews have been taken from us there

is a Quranic worldview and it is very

different from this worldview it places

out here

dunja the secular worldview places dunia

paramount over and above everything and

really does not believe in anything

beyond dunya they believe that the

ultimate knowledge is to pursue worldly

knowledge --is that otherworldly

knowledge is are a waste of time

they don't encourage people to do these

things even their theological

departments in the Universities have

completely died out because they don't

they don't the only people in the

theology Department our are lesbians and

homosexuals that are trying to prove

their whole point of view really when I

was at Harvard University I asked

somebody how do you get a get appointed

here on the on the faculty in the

religious department and he said well it

helps with your gay or lesbian that's a

plus and definitely an atheist you see

so this work they've reduced religion to

so the dunya is placed over after that

in fact they don't even recognize that

pillar which is what a lot said yeah I

don't wanna buy it I mean I'll hire two

junior home and they laugh at it you

might be doing they literally do not

they're in complete heedlessness about

the Alpha

what Allah tells us literally is a lot

of alcohol it a common habit worried

he's nearer to you than your own carotid

artery this is how close are lots of

Muhammad Ali is meaning that literally

death and the presence of Allah is not

only inevitable but literally presenting

us in every moment we are literally

presented with the inevitability of our

own mortality so part of the Islamic

world view is to literally embrace death

to embrace death the promise of life

that I'm said I'm kuru octoroon Invicta

kun have a minute of that do much

remembers of the destroyer of delights

now it's a very beautiful term that they

are used for that the destroyer of

device one of the things that you will

notice in this dunya this secularize

dunya is it's all about delights it's

all about pleasure all this is

constantly being thrust onto the people

and this is the

element within this secularized society

even cigarettes

they'll have outer silence they chased

the pleasure right I mean it's literally

killing them that is Hanuman to death

the cigarette is glittering one of the

destroyers of pleasure and then telling

you its pleasure itself this is how

clever they are I mean if they can

convince you of that

I literally watched a woman die of

respiratory failure

Wester died right before my eyes and her

last words were a jingle from

Chesterfield which was a popular

cigarette in the 1940s when she began

smoking and she literally those were her

last words were jingle from Chesterfield

and then she cursed them she says

they're lying son of a bitches that's

what she said and I watched her died

literally because of smoking cigarettes

that was the cause and she was singing

the jingle and cursing them but you see

in the end of the day you believe the

jingle you see and we have to take

responsibility for our actions and this

is what they want to do put all this

massive propaganda and the dangerous

thing is our children we have internet

we have aqua the children Apple is

developing and if you allow to develop

within this context you will destroy

your children they will become junior

people they will not become overly

people because this is what the entire

society is telling you is the goal of


so one with the most toys at the end

wins like this is what they stay in

America I have a bumper sticker the one

with the most toys in the end wins and

somebody said well you still have to die

right I mean yeah you have all the toys

at the end but then you don't take them

with you so really do we call that

winning so the goal of life for these

people is just to gain and acquire more

and this again is in the Quran clearly

articulated the consumer mentality the

opponent in channel left to Mary Lou


the human being says I have consumed

quantities of wealth they actually boast

and this is something people do and

Muslims are caught up in this of how

many bangles they have some of these

women talk about bangles all all day

long they have bangles for brains

really it's lalala I mean I hopped him

it didn't even wear gold the best of

creations daughter didn't even wear gold

which is neat Isaiah the Haram but she

was setting an example the puppet did

not wear her to wear gold because one he

wanted to her to be an example I mean

honey is not gold is the hell out thing

and I'm not telling women to throw away

but to acquire and collect until your

arms up you can't even move your arms

because you got so much gold on it you

weighted down you know I mean what kind

of this is not embellishment Billy it's

being shackled to the dunya

so the the media we have to understand

the role of the media and the

secularization now just to look at a few

things within the media to recognize the

the deep psychic psychological impact

and I want to use children's media

because we have we have many of us have

children the Muppets

if you watch The Muppets a lot of people

don't know this but Bert and Ernie are

homosexual it's not a joke there are

literally homosexuals in the mind of the

creator of the Muppets and it was

something that they actually wanted to

admit at a certain point to the little

kiddies get them used to Bert and Ernie

they love Bert and Ernie

and then Burton get them used to Bert

and Ernie they love Bert and Ernie

and then Bert and Ernie come out to them

you know why we're living together right

notice a muppet its imagination but it's

very odd for Muslim children instead of

having a

like a mother and a father a being is

dirt and Ernie

one of them cooks where's the really one

of them is the feminine one and the

other the masculine one and your

children watching that and we don't

really know the deep implications of a

lot of these television programs and

it's not a joke because these people

have psychologists working for them if

you go to Madison Avenue many of the

people that work in advertising agencies

have PhDs in psychology they've

literally studied how to manipulate a

lot of the ads that you see are

literally they're not a lot of time you

see people use contorted positions and

things like that very unnatural if you

try to imitate some of these ads

seriously look at them they're very

unnatural contorted it all has to do a

subliminal of impact and there's many

books written about this if you look at

a film like Aladdin Aladdin has a deep

message to children one of the messages

the most dominant message is you can

obey your father and he'll forgive you

in the end this will pay your father and

he'll forgive you in the end the other

thing is an undermining of the idea of

Sharia because the whole film revolves

around a law that says the princess

cannot marry a commoner and this has to

do with the idea of Sharia with

tradition you see so it undermines the

idea of tradition because all she keeps

talking about is why do I have to follow

this tradition and this is a deep

subliminal message to children when the

parents try to instill in them

traditional values they remember I'll

add me and oh yeah that's like Princess

Jasmine she had to do this and and that

was and in the end she didn't do it and

her father still loved her you see

there's a there's a commercial in

America where they had a soldier he's

driving in a taxi to his home and he's

in his nice shining marine suit which

hair and he comes in and he gets off the

car and you see he's very hesitant and

reluctant to go up to the door and then


door opens and there's a very stern

father looking there with his face

frowning and then he sees his son and

goes back to the Sun in the Sun looks

very apprehensive and then they both

break out in a smile and they go and

race each other

now why would they do a commercial like

that because there are many people who

have son now of the military age who

were war resisters in the 1960s and they

don't want their children to go into the

army they don't want them to come out

part of this military-industrial complex

and so these commercials are and you

watch them with football games that's

when they come on when these young 18

year olds are watching it so there's

deep psychological messages being thrust

into the mind of these people that are

literally in a hypnagogic passive

receptive state uncritical mode another

example the Little Mermaid again the the

daughter betrays the father the father's

the stern lean person that wants to

follow tradition and the mother goes

against him again the same thing happens

like in the end it all works out

everybody's happy the message is if you

get pregnant and you're out of wedlock

well your father's going to forgive you

anyway right and this is the message

that they're giving to children out of

these things so Muslims have to be

deeply aware of this that you're not

it's not this innocent harmless thing

that's taking place

no there isn't alternation taking place

people have a worldview the creator of

Bart Simpson was interviewed that I read

this interview and he said that he was

an anarchist that did not believe in

authority and he said but he realized

that the best way to get his views

across was to make people laugh if you

watch Bart's engine I don't encourage

this right but dark Simpson is all about

undermining Authority making fun of the

principal the school the authority of

the school making fun of the father is

constantly making fun of the father what

a buffoon his father is you see so this

is what happens

now the the same thing there was a film

called the goofy movie which was a

Disney film for children the film

basically completely mocked school and

education and the aspiration of this

child to become a rockstar now this is

something you're taking your little

child to see thinking it's some innocent

film by Walt Disney that great lover of

children and good wholesome clean

entertainment people don't know that's

touchdown touchstone production which is

a pornographic film production company

is owned by Disney that's how they they

Disney is for the PG and the G film

touchstone is for the the films that

have pornography and sexing and and

these type of things in it so these

people have no family values they have

no fans they're only looking for a

market that's all they are they're

looking literally for a market and they

want to commodify the people and so

literally all these films that they make

you have toys that come out of it so the

children are learn to become consumers

they go see the film and then they want

the doll and they want the tennis shoes

and they want the t-shirt and they want

the Hat so they learn to become

consumers which this is the goal of the

of the secular society is to make

everyone a consumer now the word

consumer in the Old English language

means devil that's what it means

consumer in Old English means the devil

and Allah says that the movie thirteen

are it one of champagne the extravagant

consumers all the brothers of the shell

theme this is what Allah says so

conspicuous consumption is literally a

banach activity people now when they get

depressed instead of going to the Masjid

they go to the mall they go to the store

they go to

shop this is a fact so theoretically you

can read all the study people when they

get depressed they go shop if they don't

have money they just pull out their

credit card which is the next thing

they're moving from the media to the

economics of the secular society the

economics of the secular society is to

make every single human transaction

repubiic transaction every single one

when you pull out your credit card that

is a repo each transaction there's a

middleman which is called a students are

in arabic a stem cell and this form of

samsara is not permissible

it's literally Haram in Islamic law so

what you do is when you buy with your

credit card

there is a somebody in a bank somewhere

that's getting three four to six percent

out of that transaction between two

individuals and now in Sharia we have no

income that allows that that permit that

between two buyers and sellers no third

person can come in there like that and

get money out of that transaction and

yet this is what they want every single

transaction to be where you're literally

being charged by this third party for

human transactions of buying and selling

the public so lights that have said you

should go on yes yada

nezam and room yeah - Luna Reba there's

coming a time on humankind where all of

them will be consuming Reba and he said

no man leia hulu you hub bubble vehicle

body oh you see you you fought with evil

body huh and the one that is not eating

it will be covered in its dust it's me

and this is the age we're in so the

bankers are consolidating their power

and making all of our transactions early

but we transaction which is the most

common form of transaction and the

prophets Eliza have likened it to in

violating the mother you see this is

like and

in hadees to in violating your own

mother and in one rewire and their sound

Hadees that is like in violating your

mother fornicating with your mother in

the shade of the Kaaba and people say

how do I ask somebody tell me how is

that possible that Arriba could be to

this level when you begin to study RIBA

and the effects it has on society Reba

literally is one of the main causes of

prostitution seriously it's one of the

main causes of prostitution world right

the worldwide poverty that exists today

the basis of it is because of the river

system if you want to understand why

South America is in the condition it in

you have to understand the World Bank

and the IMF policies that are usually

policy people talk about the rancor is

being destroyed and how the oxygen is

going to all wear out and they don't

know that the oxygen the rainforest is

being destroyed because Brazil has

massive debts they have to pay interest

on their debt so they make cash crops or

they graze cattle so you can eat your

McDonald's hamburger for 99 cents in

America and I don't know what it is here

I only know it's 99 cents because I see

it advertised I have never bought one I

don't wanna buy one I mean we used to

have an understanding of Baraka in food

which is the next thing you see

economics look at food the Quran is a

Shiva it's not only healing for the body

but for the mind but for the body as

well it commands us to fast the Prophet

is so much successful fast and you will

become healthy food even a coma see

young come out could be behind the live

in America become logical touch upon

there is a relationship between the way

you eat and the way you behave mizerock

said whom a shelter from mr. cutter

found eat whatever you want but

you're gonna do whatever you eat in a

counter Holliman I meant the hardened of


if you eat halal you will do halau in

spite of yourself we're in a culture

Harmon Harmon aroma Africa and if you

eat Haram you will do Haram in spite of

yourself they asked the Prophet how do

we make our do a heart mr. job he said

fuck your Bionic you suggest to Alka

make pure your food and Allah will

answer your prayer when the people of

the cave came out of the cave the first

thing he said go get food and look for

the purest food ask a piranha look for

the purest food and Muslims they have

completely abandoned for the purest food

and Muslims they have completely

advantages food made with the love of

whoever's making it the cook because

women shouldn't cook all the time

men should cook for their lives

think about this the message that I work

40 hours a week and I come home I expect

her to cook my meal for me first of all

it's not magic and that's your magic you

which I am he's not wisely she doesn't

have to cook but then think about this

you work 40 hours a week maybe I mean

most most people nowadays in the Muslim

countries don't even work 20 minutes a

day they did a study a sociological

study in Egypt and found that the

average bureaucrat in Egypt did 20

minutes of work a day so you can imagine

why the countries in the state of sin

they spend the morning reading the harm

and then the afternoon talking about it

and every once awhile they say give a

shame bring the tea

and their work is probably just signing

some paper have you all taking the

Rushworth something like that

that's a little work there but sheesh

okay I mean seriously then they go home

the woman who has five children who's

been literally sweating her brow all day

long and he says gee Baraka clean that I

can where's the food

this man had been working so hard all

day it's like the woman doesn't do any

work at home really that's the hardest

job just the seriously take your

children if you have children take them

for one day take them for one hour and

and then see really make an analogy of

what your wife is doing so if she's

cooking your meals

seven days a week that's unjust that is

unjust you have to just like you get a

weekend from your work the woman should

have a weekend from her work as well not

only that only sounds just as it only

sounds fair that we should be giving our

women some alleviation the reason we

have so many disgruntled women is

because we treat them that way that

creates that atmosphere so the food is

important now if you've got a woman

that's cursing you while she's cooking

your food that's gonna have an impact

you get when you wonder why I'm in

digestion or no she's paying and why you

guessed that I'm gonna hole

so we have to eat good food now the meat

I'm gonna mention something about me

because this is part of the secular

world is to create turn people into meat

consumers because meat is very

profitable and if you study the history

of the Western people their history is a

history of literally destroying sheep

people for cattle you can read that

there's a book that I recommend for you

to read called beyond beef by Jeremy

Rifkin which is a history of cattle now

there's a hadith sahih that the Prophet

said lemon buckled that only well then

why she fat is Asahi Hadi the the meat

of the cow is a disease and the milk is

a is a healing now we know that ibraheem

adham ate meat and he brought me the

audience I mean he came with a good car

and the meat is definitely beef meat is

permissible but eating beef meat

continuously brings on many diseases

this is absolutely confirmed in medical

science they have no doubt about the

deleterious impact particularly feet

which is of a great deal of a fat but it

literally hardens the heart now there is

a tradition from Santa Ali saying beware

of much consumption of meat because it

pulls Rama out of the heart and in one

traditions that you se love it makes the

hard heart now it literally does that

physically it it it destroys the

elasticity of the heart and oxygen does

not get to the heart so there's an

impact now there are only two hobbies in

the wok of imam malik dealing with me

both of them are warning people about

meat and we know that the hadith sahih

al-bukhari the prophet praise meat me to

save the farm all these things but the

prophet according to mama taught to be

let me at em it who wanna me about

animal in was a the will occur offal he

did not take it as his staple diet nor

did he seek it out when he found it he

ate it and they did

eat a lot of meat and I can test anybody

who has been born Muslim if your

grandfather is still alive and they're

not from a wealthy family ask them how

often they ate me in the Muslim world

people literally I know Yemenis were

told me in Yemen they had meat maybe

once a month twice a month some people

only under any times and then when they

had meat they just used to be literally

hardly any sprinkled on the the food now

the other thing is traditionally the

Muslims did not eat beef it's not a

traditional meat of the Muslims and

Muslims a sheep but the V feeders in

fact they the British had that you know

the beef eater that's literally a

British in the Army right they have the

beef eaters and literally these people

forced beef on people Longhorns in

America they killed the Buffalo to make

way for the cows for the cattle the

completely wiped out millions over 25

million buffaloes were killed in order

to destroy the the economic basis of the

Indian the Native American nations but

they also fought and opposed the sheep

farmer because sheep farmers are humble

according to the tradition of the puppet

the ones that follows sheep they learn

humility there's a hadith and that's why

the the Prophet said that there was

never a prophet except that he looked

after sheep now these two create

arrogance people that literally raised

beef can become arrogant so the American

thing is beef Texas beef steaks all

these things but read that book the

other thing they didn't fill it with

massive hormones and steroids and all of

these things so you're not it might be

allowed if it's sacrifice but is it five

years I mean this is something you have

to ask yourself hello I'm Peggy but eat

halal and pure fighting and that means

pure and all of the the aspects of it

and Baba one

the fathers be good imam malik said in

the morta that Omar said he yeah Kamala

so in Lonavala rawa qatar a little camel

we wear of meat because it has an

addiction like the addiction of wine

people get addicted to it and then

people don't thank Allah meat is

something that when you eat it it should

be a blessing and a gift that you say

hungry enough and you teach your

children now but if they get used to it

every day even if half says don't give

your children good food every day with

like eid am but he called me down get

them used to having food that's not

always really tasty and all these things

so that they are they are thankful and

grateful and appreciate what they have

this is this is kavya of the muslim you

can see this in our book that's a book

from the 5th century of islam so this is

important really as food of eating

healthy food and raising our children

unhealthy food and then the next thing

that follows that is medicine because

there is a secularization of medicine as

well the medicine that you have a

military-industrial complex you also

have the medical industrial complex

medicine is a massive industry billions

and billions of dollars and the United

States alone over five hundred billion

dollars a year

it's bigger than their war industry you

see and they have massive conflicts of

interest what they do a much of the

medicine that is used if there's any

doctors in the ER then without deference

to you because Muslim doctors should

really question things and shouldn't

just take all these things face value we

have a film we have a food in the

Islamic tradition and which doesn't

negate that you can progress and learn

new things on all these things but we

should not take the theories of medicine

as absolute fact because much of the

medicine that exists now is based on

maintenance of illness of not getting

people better but of maintaining illness

so you end up if you go to a doctor they

give you pills before you know it you

literally getting of the pharmacy bill

every month and then these bills disturb

your biochemical balance in the body so

much that you can't go off them it

becomes dangerous to stop taking the

pills now I'm not saying some people

need I'm not saying give up all

medicine I'm definitely not saying throw

away your medicine what I'm saying is if

you do become ill look at all the

possible alternatives much of our

illnesses from the way we eat because we

don't exercise if you look at Muslims

they look unhealthy seriously

they look unhealthy the National

Institute of Health in the United States

which is there that's their icon that

their major it's like what they say it's

like stuffy will over hottie with us

they said 85% of the illness in the

United States is directly related to

diet and lack of exercise but if you go

to a doctor he doesn't say eat well and

exercise he said take this pill that's

what he says it's like a magic thing you

just take it that everything goes away

but if you go to a good doctor he said

listen you first of all you look like

hell you better do something about no

that's a good doctor

they say the friend isn't one that makes

you cry not the one to make you happy a

good doctor will tell you what are you

doing to yourself how did you get it

unfortunately doctors they're out to

here too they need is that his triple

bypass really he just had his triple

bypass and the psychiatrist he's seeing

a psychiatrist down the road and his

daughters taking drugs really I mean we

have our own being that convene open

what do you Dean

so we are Dean is different including

our medicine what doesn't mean we can't

learn I'm not saying throw out all of

Western medicine but what I'm saying is

muslims should not be so naive to think

that these people have our good

interests in mind because the same

companies that make those drugs and

write the textbooks for these doctors

that are studying them are selling drugs

that have been outlawed in the United

States and Muslim countries give it to

the brown people who cares they get

Chancellor five years from now this is a

fact you have to understand how ruthless

these people are they don't care about

you the only person you care about you

is your own self bulan zoobel Miami come

save yourselves and save your family

they've we are full on booze Belial

equal save yourselves and save your


if we all took that I at the heart we

wouldn't have any problems in the Muslim

world anyway just some thoughts to think

about you know that really we're in a

very desperate condition the the

secularism has had a massive impact on

the Muslims and we have to get back to

our worldview really we have to look and

analyze the Quran and study it and look

what it considers knowledge and what it

considers knowledge knowledge is not

science Sciences is this modern science

that's one branch of of Nod and the

Muslims always saying well Islam is not

against science yeah but there are

methodologies of science there are

philosophies of science that we are

against and most of the methodologies

and philosophies that are used with

their sciences we are completely opposed

to and consider them unethical they have

no problem with torturing animals they

have no problem at that they torture

animals constantly they say for the

betterment of humankind is for the

betterment of the drug company that's

funding the that's the only reason

they're torturing animals they literally

you can see what they torture them put

electrodes and they don't need to do

that but they just want to find out how

the central nervous system works and all

these things so we need to really look

and find out what the Quranic worldview

is and the only way we'll be able to do

that is literally first to examine our

own assumptions because we literally

many of us are looking through colonized

eyes we have ideas in our mind that are

alien to our culture to our Deen to our

way of life and we have to examine the

way we perceive reality and in reality

in Latin comes from a word which means

thing press so their reality is this

this was no reality this is not our

reality the word in Arabic for reality

is how people and how people comes from

a word which is a name of a

and how and this is what we believe

reality to be is Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

that is reality and all this other stuff

is just it's just a contingent existence

that Allah has given for a temporal

period of time that will disappear and

then we will be raised up and recreated

and brought before us with Hannah

without it in a way only known to him

and we would be questioned about what we

did we will be questioned all of us we

will because you know what we were doing

here in London we will be questioned

what we're doing in the United States

what we were doing and we have to start

really thinking seriously getting

together using our intellects setting

aside differences to try to work out

strategies again for reigniting our deen

through the recognition of the hearts of

the believers of getting back to the the

deep teaching of islam

there's radical critical analyses of

Cooper of applying it in our lives

altering the way we behave and literally

becoming transformed and transformers

Solley own will mislead home how people

floating out of the stuff for ludie

whatever which is like my father

Oh single ideas provable then in order

to have a stable society that insures

mutual respect tolerance and dialogue

you must not let any idea prevail above

others hence secularism that that's an

aspect of secularism is literally the

reduction what they call Values

Clarification which is admitting that

all ideas and all values can be reduced

to a relative perspective of the world

based on our socialization and the

historical context of where we came from

which we reject we believe in absolute

reality and the Quran itself we believe

is the absolute truth from Allah

although we recognize that there are

human that we are subject to

misinterpretations but we believe also

literally in the preservation of the

book of allah subhana wa ta'ala and of

the deen of allah is also preserved from

false interpretation and this is very

clear in the hadith that the Prophet

Elias Tim said that I mentioned last

night yamuna anhu hadith al-sharif or

Hadean went ahead and moved in with

Heidi there will always be people in my

own now who preserve this team from the

the transformations of the excessive

people from the omissions of the those

who want to nullify it and from the

interpretations of the ignorant ones may

I please ask how far do you think that

Muslims living the secretary have been

in infecting their thinking by these

secular ideas to new movements springing

up that's a good point there's a lot of

movements that that really they're just

they're just secularized ideas their

methodologies have been adopted by

Marxism I mean a lot of the Muslim

movements literally were influenced by

fascism and Marxism completely alien

ideas to Islam and Marxist Marxism

Marxist first of all Marxism critiques

they don't really offer they never offer

a real solution they just critique

Marxist are very good at critiques their

solutions are slogans right that's what

they are so when you hear Muslims saying

Islam is the solution

that's called a

logan right no where is where is it

let's see it what is it that takes

intellectual depth that takes thinking

you know anybody can just learn as long

as the solution but to actually know

what this long does in a given situation

and how we bring it about that takes

depth that takes thought that takes

analysis we have to transcend the slogan

Islam and we can't do that if we follow

methodologies of slogan ears and

pamphleteers how Muslim how can Muslim

be united again Allah says in the Quran

dr. boham give me a macaroon shut up you

consider them all gather together and

their hearts are dispersed Allah tells

us why some vivid kicked out that it

could be under whom all moon lay up

alone because there are people that

don't use their intellect the way that

people become United is literally by

using the intellect and the reason that

the the Jewish people are able to to

come together even though they have

massive differences within their

community is because they use their

rational thought what is the Muslim

Muslims we've forgotten the idea of must

know how what's the benefit of this

thing everybody just wants to put

themselves up and put everybody down

it's like what the Native Americans say

too many chiefs are not enough Indians

you see that's it that's what we've

become to everybody a job will could be

Villa in Villa ehi every opinionated

person impressed with his opinions

opinions have to be thrown into the

light of the Book of Allah and the

Sunnah of the messenger and if they're

not then we just thrown like a mom at

Excel or Iman Chevy that we open up

being a lot about higher up just throw

it up against the wall because it's

worthless so that the way we unite is by

literally using our intellect because

Allah says the reason people are

disunited is because they don't use

their intellects and unfortunately we've

stopped using I'm I'm actually trying to

work out the exact historical point when

we stop using our intellect but it seems

that a certain point all the Muslims

just like and just turn some key and

stop thinking and part of not thinking

also is being afraid

of dialogue you know Muslims we become

very close-minded we don't like to have

a honey purse at with atheist he sat

with materials in messages and they

talked like human beings had too much

undergrowth let's see what you have they

weren't afraid why because they won they

knew with your theme they had your theme

they have to judge

they have Boheme Allah says that these

are Bisaya that what Allah gives us our

troops but if you don't know them any

Tom Dick and Harry could come along and

just get you confused so Muslims is they

get afraid of literally sitting and

debating what we'd rather kill each

other than debate it seems easier just

that hit somebody over the head then I

have to think about what they're saying

the prophet Elijah said two things that

I left which is the harm in the sooner

if you take them you will never go

astray that's that's the absolute truth

but also the Quran and the Sunnah it's

not enough to just memorize it it says

in the Quran Oh Olivia by the video

machine I'll soon a minimum yet today

IIT will use that kyun we need test kiya

purification of the nafs

we need to literally start purifying our

nafs and recognising the ego recognizing

us when it's playing games with us Imam

Shafi Ilan who said I never got into an

argument with anyone except that I hope

that the truth would manifest on his

tongue subhanAllah I mean there's

somebody that's worthy to debate who

recognizes that if the teeth manifests

with this person that I have to accept

it and I'll submit to it that's somebody

who doesn't have an ego that's somebody

who's nuts is under control you're a

couple enough stuff enough stubble went

out for couple he's riding his

then US isn't riding here that that's

though those are the Imams so we need to

us here use that Kim will you add them

home at tea table and he teaches them

the key that word hikmah how to apply

the book wisdom so it's not we can say

the book and the Sunnah but if there's

no test Kia you don't have access to the

Sunnah like what Satan is you bypass the

Malaysian scholar said that if we don't

have a debt we have no access to this

knowledge Allah will not give it to

people with bad other and the word in

Malaysian society for a profligate or

somebody that I'm colder uncouth person

is be edible stop somebody without EDA

and the prophet called the Quran meta de

bacalhau the place where you learn other

although you are not a scholar do you

know what the ruling is on music singing

playing and listening that's a tough

question and just refer to the folk on

that one well I mean everybody why we

keep asking these questions over and

over again I've heard this question

seriously I mean and hungry lot I mean

I've studied it lying but I'm not gonna

waste my time answering the question

seriously we just a secret is Reba hello

can we buy a house on Reba can we do

this can we do that I mean seriously

well you do this can we do that I mean

seriously well we have to stop

reinventing the wheel what are the

modern problems which needest you had

but now they're qualified Muslims to

make intellectual exercise there's a lot

now we're