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Secularism The Greatest Danger facing the Ummah

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Event Name: Secularism The Greatest Danger facing the Ummah
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we're in an age with massive

we've got these these people are cloning

animals then that you they've got

they've got cats that they put DNA of

lepers so they get leopard spots they're

crossing and they're unbelievable stuff

they're doing mad people completely

insane it's Frankenstein it's mad

scientist's like this I told this at a

conference about talking about science

and this man got up and said I'm a

nuclear physicist and I take offense to

physics is good and this and I said

what's good about you told me what you

you gave us the atom bomb

you know I mean seriously you gave us a

hannahb on this wonderful remarkable

improvement on on the quality of life so

the Hiroshima people of Hiroshima and

Nagasaki I'm sure they're very grateful

for your great contribution to the 20th

century and and what right do people

have to go around smashing atoms who

gave them the right to go around and

smash atoms seriously I mean yeah they

don't even know what they're doing they

go and just smash an atom with their

nuclear accelerators just to watch what

happens there's absolutely no they just

want to watch what happens it's a type

of madness and they're they're deeply if

you meet a lot of these people and I

have I met them and not all of them and

there's good in physics and engineering

and things like that Honda says arbic

Keith aya so learning fears I'm not

saying don't learn physics but recognize

that we have a different methodology and

a philosophy of design and you meet a

lot of these people and they can't even

sit and talk with human beings they'd

rather talk to a computer there I know

people at work in Silicon Valley

engineering and they tell me that

they've got all these engineers on these

computers and and when you come in to

tell them something they say send it on

my email they don't want to interact

with a human being they'd rather

interact with a computer you see so

everybody can end up having sex with

computers and everything that's what

they're doing now it's not a joke

they've got downloading all this

pornography and things fun but

unfortunately people aren't learning how

to each the ad and things like that do

you think Saudi Arabia applies complete

study I threw my own

do you see the Muslim preacher in the

Muslim country who is thinking he was

dealing with non-muslims emphasizing all

the time al Qaeda but fail conservatives

on this modern world emphasis on pita

first of all neither is dogma I want to

remind us see there is not a man

peter is dogma the Muslims never

emphasized that Peter what they

emphasize would be men Peter is very

simple you can learn it in a few days

with a good scholar sit down there's

mattoon you learn them I have a mitten

that I learned in the deserts of

Mauritania it's literally 20 lines of

poetry and the whole of the dog was

there and you can learn that that's what

we're emphasis on RP there is a sickness

it's a disease of the Muslim we need to

emphasize Eman so our vehicle Eman says

kids in the foods of all we sit around

talking about where is Allah you don't

even know where you are Subhan Allah

you talked about the secular how these

turn people upside down what attracted

you to become a Muslim hum do you doubt

he died I became Muslim at 17 I was very

fortunate I had a serious car accident

made me think about death and some other

things and how many law showed me his

problem with that the hands of some

people that I thought had a good

understanding and I became Muslim and

then I decided to go study is wrong

because I wanted to to find out for

myself I mean follow the confusion of

the aid his people don't learn they

don't study anymore you know and the Rif

law was part of the Islamic legacy of

literally leaving your home and going

and finding out what Islam is from

people and I went and and you know

hungry right there's Muhammad Ali I

haven't seen in years

when we first met I didn't know Arabic I

didn't know it's not true when you first

met me and I'm their lives you know some

of the chefs I studied with I went and

studied with people that that they have

a good understanding of Islam and that's

what I wanted to get from them you know

and and now that's for me solve my

confusions you know really I mean

there's a lot of things that are

bewildering but I'm do you know Islam to

me is very clear I mean the Quran is

moving with Nuveen also means clear and

clarifying you know it's clear and it's

clarifying you know it makes things

clear so if you're confused is because

you haven't really studied the Dean then

you get it from the people who know it

don't get it from people who don't know

it or who are as confused as you are

or who memorized a few slogans was it

not a resume claimed at the he only

drank wine for medicine

there's many Iraqis the FACA Rodino

Rosie that I quoted definitely not a

resort Farabi great powers of

Aristotelian thought and there are Rossi

is from a city in Persia called right

and there are many scholars named Rossi

and there was Rossi who was an

Aristotelian but that is not for Dino

Rossi who I was mentioning how should we

pay for goods cash only the best thing

is to use cash and even this cash be

aware that it's also banknotes that are

interest bearing bonds and the only

reason they can print that paper is

because they've been given given

permission by the banks and they're

based on selling bonds and these type of

things so even the cash is usually I

mean it's it's all the we're all covered

in the dust of it folks what is your

opinion on the end of the Roman Empire

relation to the rise of the church and

the eventual rise of materialism well

the the rise of the church and the Roman

Empire very interesting because I think

that we're in the same type situation

and it's literally they are in the same

serious decline of the Roman Empire and

this Lomb is it should play the role

that Christianity played in the first

river the vacation of the European

society because Christian despite what

we say about it there are positive

effects of it are on on these societies

I mean even they recognize that the

atrocities that they did were committed

against religion not you know even

though it was in the name of religion

now the Muslims never did these things

because our book teaches us literally to

tolerate other religions and they don't

have that right so but you know there

were positive effects I mean they did

they did worship God in their own way

and and now's the time for Islam because

Christianity is an unscientific religion

it really is not in harmony with the age

at all Islam according to Octavio Paz

who is a Nobel Prize winner from Mexico

he said that we are literally on the

brink of destruction the only thing that

will save us is a reunification of

religion and science and he said in the


in the history of human society that has

succeeded in doing that his Islam that's

what he said that's their Nobel Prize

winner and and that's but if we're not

there to let them know what it is you


what is your comment on some Islamic

organizations going through a coup for

parliamentary system as I understand

that to go through this system is haram

could you please enlighten me on this I

don't really know about it like they

might be referring to this thing called

the Parliament of Islam or Muslims I

don't know I've just heard it I have

nothing about it

the actual systems in Islam government

systems it's it's rather open base there

there is a type of legislation that

takes place in Islam based on muscle aha

sweaty mathematical Abdullah no in his

school called Muslim masala like traffic

log that's part of Sharia traffic laws

literally based on this idea of Muslim

or Sarah and and to disobey traffic laws

is actually considered by the ulama

as a type of wrong action because the

muscle have the reason for the traffic

laws is to maintain safety of the people

driving so if you abuse those laws you

endanger yourself and others which is

Haram so this is the type of PS that's

used and there's Muslim they don't you

know they just run red lights and don't

you know don't care and techie I don't

know like about Cooper laws what is your

comment on corrupt leaders of the

so-called Muslim countries are they

cafes or what or what yes I don't know

that's Serrano ma as you there is no

asan party in British Parliament or

politic therefore is it allowed to vote

in party which I don't just refer to

your focus on those things you know

today we are in a very bad condition

please can you expound the reasons for

the maybe they just got here I tried to

do my best

took a bit of fun mr. Nunez I don't kill

him at that many I kind of mash up on


that would only show me what up to the

huntys name and only for him without if

hopefully this person saying like a lot

of Muslims use the word and many yet

which is the very poor translation of

secularism a better translation would be

dunya we are literally because

secularism in Latin means the world and

Romania comes from knowledge and it's

not a good translation unfortunately

this is part of the corruption of the

Muslim mind I wouldn't be surprised if

this was done by a non-muslim whoever

originally put this word in many here

because it was somebody or a committee I

it was probably by some Lebanese

Christians I would think they say the

satanic word there are dunya we sciences

that we accept there are also secular

aspects to light there's there's aspects

that the Prophet said inside Muslim when

they were doing the date palms the chair

of the date palms and and he thought it

was strange because and and he thought

it was strange because it seems strange

I think it's strange it's amazing

you know that you have to a second date

to get a better harvest and he mentioned

that then they left it and they had a

bad crop when they came to and he said

you know don't I'm to either die vo

Mauritania come you know better about

your dunya affairs

he's means for those aspects that don't

you know that Islam allows for the dunya

but if you have imbibed an Islamic world

view you will not transgress those you

see I'm not the important thing is that

concerning our dunya affairs we are

still constrained by the injunctions and

the moral and ethical principles of

Islam but there are aspects of life that

are temporal that do not involve these

so I mean Henderson like learning

engineering and these type of things

they're useful and they're important

sciences there's no doubt about that

it's not the only thing in the world

which they have a hard time convincing

some few Muslims of that but but they're

useful Sciences and I'm

condemning Sciences I mean what I'm

saying is that the philosophy of science

is what we need to examine and

investigate you know because we have a

different philosophy of science their

philosophies based on control

subjugation on exploitation on

commodification our sciences were based

on enhancement on nourishing human

societies I mean most of the Islamic

inventions dealt with the enhancement of


most of these inventions are just

gadgets to get people to consume so

somebody can make some money and most of

them the vast majority of them are

completely useless I mean the hadith

about the Dajjal having a fire that when

you go into it it's paradise and having

a paradise when you go into it it's a

fire I mean to me there's a there's a

real I'm not saying this what I did mean

that it's there's an interesting analogy

of what they promised you know that the

consumer society and technological

society they present it like it's a

paradise it's going to save all our I

solve all our problems but when people I

could get into it I mean I know there's

people that came here from from Pakistan

from a village in Pakistan and and

really they were in paradise there and

now they're living here like they're in

hell you see but but these people think

that's hell if you ask them like living

in a village in the middle of a backward

quote-unquote backward country they say

oh that's hell there's no washing

machines where they go to the bathroom

right and those people happy they don't

have heart disease they smile all the

time they pray five times a day in the

message and they're you know they have

healthy children I lived in the Sahara

Desert with people like that

and they were actually happy people it's

amazing to meet happy people nowadays

you're kind of wanted we hear they were

you smiling about

no it's like like something wrong with

you or something

surely the solution of jihad okay you

talk about the problem of secularism

surely the solution is jihad could you

please talk about how you go about doing


well jihad has many meanings in Islam

there is a jihad which is jihadis ain't

no doubt and you know I've read by

analogy jihad of arms and things like

that part of what we should recognize is

that Western societies literally sell us

weapons see they're not afraid of us

they'll give us all the machine guns we

want if you have enough money you can

buy all the machine guns you want as

long as they have the atom bomb they're

not worried about your machine guns so

people say well then we should get the

atom bomb right well what then what's

that gonna solve they used to call the

arms race between Russia and America

maad mad mutually assured destruction if

they blow us up we're going to make sure

they all get blown up as well so once

the all the missiles the inner ballistic

intercontinental missile if they once

they saw they were coming from Russia

then we'd push the button and we'd send

all their there probably a lot of

solutions to our problems would have

been solved had they ever done that but

but I mean in the end that's what it is

Matt it's just a mutually assured


personally the profit for babe killing

with fire nuclear atomic warhead are

killing people with fire it is

incinerator and Allah said the Prophet

said lay uiview will be not in love with

Nam no one can punish with fire except

the Lord of fire and that's what these

bombs in Iraq they used fire bombs a lot

of the bombs they literally roasted the

Iraqi soldiers alive these great

humanistic wonderful people have a nice

day that was a stain America have a

night they say that droughts in

California because people have been

saying have a nice day for 20 years then

he was anyway so yeah there's a hadith

most noted he

Beata marina with the bottom of another


the character McGee has his Villa de la

salle de pena de como lava I do an

Iranian physique on when I are how

uncommon Bella of the divided hotter to

rowdy Rudy Nicole if you begin to buy

and sell with credit and usually and you

start following the buffer the tails of

butter interesting cow's beef and that

means following jr. because agriculture

to the Arabs was a was the type it was

kind of synonymous with worldly dunya

and he said and leave you have

feasibility that Allah will subjugate

you to an enemy from outside of yourself

and you will not be raised that that

tribulation will not be taken from you

until you return to your Deen which

means also returning to jihad but we

have to recognize where we are who we

are what our own limitations are you

know it's what what what they call in

corporate management sphere of concern

and sphere of influence

you see Muslims always talk about jihad

jihad jihad what's the reality of that

you see I mean we need to stop talking

about things and literally start doing

things we can talk all day long so we

have to recognize what is our sphere of

influence our sphere of concern is the

entire world but what's the sphere of

influence where can we actually impact

what can we do and this is what we need

to be concerned about

I mean Muslims talk about the rulers all

the time as an individual I am NOT going

to change the the regime and such in

such a place as collective group of

people if we rectify ourselves we are

promised by Allah that he will rectify

us in fact in the Quran it says yeah you

had Lavina no Topiwala poodle code and

sadita i have taqwa and just speak up

right we apply how many Muslims that you

know are applied in their speech how

many Muslims do you know that are

upright in their speech Autocode on


then what does Allah say you're cynical

automatic on whatever fill that comes in

overcome allah will rectify your

conditions if you do that this is like a

condition if you do this Allah will do

this this it's a shot and in the Arabic


the thing is contained in the other

thing so we have taqwa of Allah and if

we're upright in the way we speak which

includes calling to dour because Allah

says in the Quran that the most upright

this is the one who speaks the truth and

calls to the deen of islam so being

upright in the speech from an external

condom in my diet a lot that's the best

way to be applied is to call to Allah

well I mean I'll slightly how that you

do righteous actions

so unless is a tough Allah well poodle

code and sadita you select local

American why I've been looking video

become not only will he take care of our

dunya but he will take care of our asura

as well by forgiving us our wrong action

it's very clear

Palance Mubeen unity based on you what

can muslims do the establish the song

and british society starting in their

own communities personally I think one

of the most important things right now

is the establishment of areas where

Muslims live Muslims should live

together I mean the Chinese you see you

have China towns all over the world

Chinese are stupid they're very clever

people they literally stay in there they

maintain their language

we've lost our language I'm not an Arab

last night told me he grew up here he

doesn't speak Arabic Subhan Allah

I mean Allah has you exchange the high

for the low you got to speak to Queens

English then then the King's Arabic


and that's another thing that I didn't

talk about language and the effect the

impact that Arabic has on the mind and

also on the world view of learning

Arabic language deeply Muslim all of us

should be committed to Arabic among

seven in history Satta said here's your

water could be Muslim in time them a lot

of the nah yeah blue a would you ever do

that every Muslim has to learn Arabic

according to his capacity and even

though the later Muslims who put it as a

faulty fire keifa is only good if

there's enough people that know it and

we don't have enough people that know

Arabic anymore guarantee you so far

occupy becomes an iron until the key

fires reestablished so really learning

Arabic is incumbent on on the entire

Ummah and we should learn anyway people

learn English for dunya they can't learn

after at all language really people shot

some people Muslim we have most of you

today speaking as much better than

English people and they learned it for


you mentioned death of Jesus do you

think believe jesus is coming back or as

he dead the dominant position of the

people of cinema in general and in the

al-qaida in malawi is that he signed a

sternum returns at the end of time and

that's the dominant position of the

Muslims and Shia that's the one I died

adhere to and I hope I die on that

shoulder our zoos halau he's acting that

cuz we're living in one London man this

is the biggest zoo is the biggest zoo in

the world I was on Edgware Road last


that's a zoo from the Middle East they

brought exotic animals over here hon

Allah the Almighty said in the Quran way

that were shorter shots he said that

that was one of the one of the signs at

the end of time that that actually AIA

applies to the before the Alcala that

the wild animals would all be contained

in the end of time and a lot that's I'm

not making that gesture that's the

tafseer of imam ali mahdi who was a as

harish a phantom ahadith these are only

domestic animals that we are allowed to

keep zoo is a very strange i mean this

part of the whole the the the Kafar have

made the whole world their zoo they

literally Morocco's a zoo for them they

go down and they all go the animals

that's what they do they take pictures

of them and Subhan Allah how can you go

and take if you did that in London to an

English person just take his picture

like that he come up and grab the camera

you doing please think I am just some

kind of freak show but the Muslim in the

Arab countries and their and the non

Arab countries people going with their

pictures and take pictures I'm like

there's some kind of animal they even

take pictures of their women which is


you know I mean people doesn't allow

surveys that we don't have dignity

anymore why because Allah says and what

Allah says what is the to deal and he

says for Allah

Sudi and for his measure what it what we

mean and to the people of email to me

alone in question what meaning you're

over them if you're morning that's a

shot including to mock me all the ayahs

in which Allah says that we will be

given victory that we are over there but

they're all conditional sentences in the

Quran they're all conditions based on

actions then comes to the ryeom circle

or you set it up damn them if you give

victory for Allah Allah will give it you

for you but don't expect accuse on the

laughs you're not doing anything for

Allah we don't believe in unconditional

love that's just something some

psychiatrist made up to make some money

what do we do because even a lawsuit in

kuntum traffic normal ah but to the

early become Allah Allah is not as

conditional that based on following the

Messenger of Allah

it's not like the Christian it's all

love and harmony and God's gonna forgive

us all they don't even believe that

because we'd that their revelations at

the end of time when they say Jesus

comes back and everybody condemned to

hell except these 144,000 people which

the Jehovah's Witness they're only

144,000 people going to heaven survived

who wants to join that revision

and it's one of the fastest growing

religions in the world and all they have

to do is just some basic mathematical

but they don't encourage you to go to


did you overdo it they don't want you to

go to school because you learn

mathematics really like 144,000 there's

five million Jehovah's Witness man most

of us are going to hell if the calf ears

fight us with atom bombs and how do we

counter attack them without nuclear

bombs there's a cartoon I once saw that

showed these Africans with Spears and

the British came down with their guns

and they were shooting then the Africans

were throwing the Spears and then the

next picture it showed the Africans with

guns and the British with machine guns

and they were just mowing them all down

and then the next picture showed the

Africans with machine guns and the

British with airplanes dropping bombs

and then the final picture showed the

Africans all with the tanks going by and

the airplanes and they're all saluting

that one-handed tech beer right I mean

people now are silent for the national

anthem and they speak while the Adhan is

going on really people are signing for

the national anthem and we gods going on

they talk baby talk one squad going on I

was at a conference and and we are

trying to buy a book in a in a soup in

the conference and and the guys got

caught blasting next to me I went over I

said yeah hey could you please turn this

off because I'm trying to do it during a

transaction then this is harm and he

said why because he's selling it I said

because I want to see the Opera I cook

it up put it up online first in a room

that one see two if you listen to the

Quran if you did the Quran is recited

listen to it and be silent and he said

is that why'd you sit Subhan Allah

and we want to know why we are in the

condition we're in you see

but if he's watching television you know

what he says she was right shut up I've

gotta watch this

you see seriously these same characters

be quiet I'm trying well you you just

throw to me Mike Tyson gentlemen there's

only 85 seconds and I paid 25 quid for

this they say now listen that when they

do they took leader Mike Tyson once the

bottom line that's really no one so

anyway the last picture in the frame

showed them all with the airplane and

then it showed this one kaffir and a big

computerized ruling with these warheads

all facing Africa so that's where where

they gave us all their dead weapons and

we end up killing each other with him

anyway if the Muslims were in the state

of mind they're in now and they have the

nuclear bomb

they wouldn't drop it on Tel Aviv they'd

drop it on reality Appa Don da Dada

seriously we think that the characters

are but I hope Saddam Hussein never gets

the island long because you just drop it

on the missile before you drop it on

there they're cool far seriously we

should use our brains I'm the guy just

like my Hutton and my intention these

are you know the purpose is just

inshallah just to get us all thinking a

little bit and my intent not to offend

anybody if I mention many nationalities

any thing that is not my intention I

don't and even some of the questions if

I'm a little harsh on my response it's

just you know it's just it's not so much

the question but it's you know it's

being having done this for several years

now and this being the thousandth time

I've had that question you know and I'm

just wondering I mean if my genuine we'd

be the first time you've ever asked a

question or you might be a new Muslim

responder so my intention wasn't to make

fun of asking the question but just you

know it's just frustrating for me as an

individual so I apologize for that I did


I wrote that question I apologize to you

for my reaction it was not from you as

an individual but from a collective

state the mathematics said in America

melodic MIDI Stalinism said na na de

huracán asked for one Oklahoma the one

who says that people are finished or

destroyed he's the most destroyed of

them he nomadic said that that means if

he says it out of arrogance thinking

that he's better than them in other

words if he says it's a husband I'm out

of grief and just of our own human

condition then then it doesn't that that

what ye from the public doesn't apply so

all of us you know we're in a destitute

state and we need to ask about we need

to turn to allah subhanho wa taala in a

sincere Toba - we had allah heat over

candle so he'll turn to allah you know

pure Toba collectively as an ummah and

this is really as far as i can see we

have to turn to allah because allah

allah i mean who in that day there is no

safety from him except to him there's no

safety from him except you and that's

true he he wanna pay that there's your

Arpita there is no safety from him

except to him because that i'm gonna be

a did that the affairs in the hand of

Allah is not in America I told him

Muslim I was so grieved really I was I

was almost in tears when I saw

McDonald's in Mecca I mean I really just

it just broke my heart to see McDonald's

in Mecca and I'm in this sacred place

that you can't even uproot a tree

you know and these cool fog just running

around with impunity and the person I

told us to keep he felt like weeping and

he said we just have to remember hands

up that all buzz Allah over them Allah

is over these people Allah is over them

and Allah will take them to account we

need to raise this up and if we don't do

it well insert our lowest abdominal

consumer Iook around article if you

don't do it

Allah would replace you with people who

do it and I might take two three four or

five ten generations but it's gonna

happen so I don't know talking behind

this for money