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but Islam literally should have a group

of people that are practicing with the

spider and the idea of it being a

perfect religion comes right out of the

Quran itself when Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala says and nomic mantra from the

Neukom today Allah subhana WA Ta'ala has

completed for us our Deen was meant to

add a community were a little Akuma and

is na Medina I have perfected my

blessing for you and and and I am

content with Islam as your way of life

and Dean is a very fascinating word when

you look at it in the Arabic etymology

of the word it has to do with debt the

iodine is a debt it also has to do with

how you behave mandan enough salute the

one who conquers himself or overcomes

himself and Dean also is a rain that

returns again and again the Deen means

an offer returning rain and Islam is

like that it is literally a heavenly

source of nourishment for the earth that

returns again and again and we are

seeing once again the return of his mom

and the fact that this auditorium is

filled with people in the United States

of America is a sign of that nature that

Islam comes again and again so Allah

tells us visiting the Quran and that day

was actually the day of jummah

on the Hudson WA da which is the last

Hajj of the prophets of Allah and it was

a lamb and it was done on the Friday

that this ayah was announced now that

was not the last version of Quran there

were some other verses revealed later

but those verses did not deal with a cam

so literally the a cam of Allah or the

rules by which I lost behind what the

Anna has demanded that people live their

lives according to which is the Deen

kaif and the Dean will be B he you know

how we live according to this rule of

Allah Subhan Allah data which is the

Sharia of Islam so this is the Deen is

the Sharia of Islam and Allah has

perfected it now in that

action the idea that literally Islam is

complete and full and that it is an

inexhaustible source of guidance until

the end of time and what this means is

is that there are not people that can

come at a later date and say that Islam

needs to be revised

we need an updating we need to

invigorate Islam with new ideas so that

it can really fulfill its function in

the 20th century or the 21st century we

need a new robotized or technological

islam or an islam that is in harmony

with the time or the age and this

unfortunately is an idea that's been

cropping up in the Muslim Ummah for some

time there are many Muslims that are

actually talking about a complete

revisal of literally rewriting the Islam

and there are many you will see this

particularly in some academic circle the

idea that Islam now is something that we

have to look at it with a fresh

perspective and recognize that we've had

fourteen hundred years of for instance

from one perspective which is the

feminist party Milanesi type perspective

we've had fourteen hundred years of male

scholars that have been interpreting

Islam and they need to be reinterpreted

this is a completely unacceptable

position in Islam because we believe

that Islam is a protected Deen and it

was not simply protected in the time of

the prophet sallallaahu as to them but

it has had an unbroken chain of

protection throughout the centuries by

the rightly guided scholars of this

Ummah among which were women the vast

majority were certainly meant but among

which were women and they're mentioned

in many books of the avocado and tan

karateka father and these type of things

and certainly Aisha of Delano has many

fellows and many Hadees that have come

down from her over 2,000 in fact so

looking at these there are 10 things

that I'd like to look at that were

pointed out by this great scholarship

from the remain and the first one being

to heed the idea that Islam the highest

and the really

the the thing in week we are calling

people to is to heed about loss to

Panama talent before we call them to

Islam and this is right out of the

hadith the Prophet SAW Allah and when he

sends his people to call people who used

to say call him to Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala and if they answer you then call

them to five prayer and this is called

Allah we act this is called taking

prioritizing you have to first call

people to Allah subhana WA Ta'ala if you

see a non-muslim drinking and you tell

them that's Haram for you to do that

which from one holy position it is

because there's a difference amongst the

eluvian are people including the

non-muslims do they have technique or

responsibility of the four or the

particulars of Islam or are they only

called to the pool or the principles of

Islam this is a difference of opinion

that's valid but nonetheless you cannot

call somebody to leading wine if he

doesn't understand that wine is

prohibited by Allah subhana WA Ta'ala in

other words it does not make sense to

him without a context so the first thing

that we call people to history

now the completeness of the truth of

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala is that it isn't

what is termed in religious studies in

the West a radical monotheism in other

words that the the the monotheism of

Islam the absolute unity of Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala which is

uncompromising all is unique amongst the

world religions although we believe that

tohave is the essence of every true

revealed religion they have been

adulterated and altered and changed as

time passed so the the true hint of

Islam is literally the the pure and

final manifestation of the toheeb of the

Deen of Allah says Adam ELISA them until

the prophet mohammed salameh harness on

them and this toe hated is based on a

recognition of the absolute unity of

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala Allah is one and

this terminology the idea of a la ilaha

go P that he was referred to you a via

ferrata he like the later theologians

use this type of terminology which is

actually not a terminology used by the

early set up is nonetheless useful in

its articulation but really the future

heat of allah which is mentioned in the

quran is summed up very clearly in sort

of the class on who allah wa had say

that allah he is a head allahu allah

allah is completely independent of this

creation the definition of either in the

arabic languages and most of jnana cool

when kumamoto played on a lady the one

that is independent of all things and

all things are dependent on that and

that is the meaning of somewhat limb

yeti allah nothing came out of allah

allah did not produce anything nothing

was born out of allah allah creates out

of nothing

Eva ha ha Shaitan he creates that thing

out of nothing by narada by his

absolutely radha and his foot rock

nothing comes out of allah creation is

not something that came out of our

lawsuit on Owatonna then headed when i'm

yuda nor did allah subhana WA Ta'ala

come out of anything

Allah did not give birth nor was Allah

born so this not only negates the idea

of the Christian belief in the divinity

of Christ but it also negates the idea

of the philosophical belief that somehow

the universe is eternal that all of this

has come out of the universe and there

are people now that worship literally

talk about the universe as if it was a

God and really like Louis like the the

christian the christian writer CS lewis

said that mother nature is the

secularist word for god in other words

if you look in books wherever they write

mother nature all you have to do is put

the word god there and it will make

sense because mother nature makes

absolutely no sense in terms of giving

it some reality that it simply does not

have so a lawsuit behind

in the story the tawheed of the the idea

that a logic panel diana has created the

universe out of nothing what the

catholics called ex nihilo is a concept

which really the human Apple does not

have access to it cannot comprehend the

idea of something coming out of nothing

because when we look at creation we see

that everything comes out of something

but what is termed this going back if we

continue to go back there must have been

some original point and this is why I

lost behind with Diana calls himself in

the horror on the Yosemite without the

originator of the heavens and the earth

and if that in the Arabic language means

to create something Allah lady meets an

English pop that has no previous that

has no previous existence so Allah is

the dearest a Marathi were all literally

and the word in Arabic kenapa to create

when we use it in terms of a human being

it means to lie in other words the human

being is absolutely incapable of

creating anything we can make things

that is why we can be a Sonia we can be

a maker of things that we cannot be

product that is uniquely Allah subhana

WA Ta'ala x' attribute alone so if you

say esta la caja or Holika who in arabic

concerning a human being it means to lie

because human beings cannot create

anything they cannot even create a fly

like the quran said and all of these

attempts to manipulate DNA and to make

life forms and think this is all still

based on materials that exist within

nature they are absolutely not creating

anything out of nothing

they're simply taking different

materials DNA from this life-form and

splicing it onto another and creating a

cat with leopard spots or something like

this this is this is to build health

Allah it's changing the creation of

Allah but it certainly has nothing to do

with creation and it's something that in

the Quran she upon said that he will in

fact encourage the creation the human

beings to do that so this idea of hate

almost behind

says a formula in cell to him and her

doctor whom they a pululahua if you ask

them who created them they will say

Allah so we agree at this point the vast

majority of creation will agree with us

if we ask them who created these things

they will say God in whatever language

hold out there in Persian or India they

will say God if they're in German they

will say whatever they will say in

whatever language but they still have

this idea of a creator with the

exception of a small portion of human

beings who are called atheists which is

really a completely untenable situation

in fact the houn who is recorded in the

Quran as disbelieving and Allah and

saying an Arabic amanada that he himself

was the lord most high in the Quran

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says we are to

be her waist was Panetta and Suzhou home

woman what a new one that they

disbelieve in the truth about laws signs

although their own selves were certain

of it so the helm and his people knew

the truth inside deep within themselves

but they rejected it out of this

arrogance out of transgressing and so

even the Atheist really is simply

denying something that his own nafs is

absolutely in certitude of which is that

he is a created thing and every created

thing means that which brought it into

existence and so then a lawsuit behind

with the Allah tells us that in the

Quran woman we know actor who belie he

in the album mushrikuna that the vast

majority of human society do not believe

in Allah except that they commit share

with allah subhanho wa taala

and ship has many variations there are

many types of sure but the the dominant

share of human societies is literally

seeing that there is power intrinsic in

something that a lot of Hannah with

Dianna has not given it and this is

something completely prohibited in Islam

we do not say that a medicine cures we

do not say medicine

what we say is is that a large bandwidth

that occurs through a means or a seven

and this is so he this is an essential

understanding of so he is that a lot

behind without occurs through medicine

but medicine in itself has no intrinsic

power to cure it's cured by the

permission of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala


the other thing that Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala tells those be the human beings

is that to feed itself is based on two

aspects the first is called Miffy and

the second is called if that there is a

negation and then there's an affirmation

and this is also articulated in the

Quran in another way in which the it is

Kufa and email the Cooper is in Peru

that you have to make cooper of Tahu you

have to be careful of Tahu and you have

to be movement of allah subhanallah

donna and this is nothing what is bad

and it is beautifully in the most as a

simple language that even a child can

say because the first letter that is the

easiest letter for a child to actually

say is the lab they're called the liquid

letters and this is the ladder and if

you look in the arabic language the la

ilaha illaallah is made up of these

liquid letters which are in arabic arco

de araújo pia which are the letters of

the inner part of the mouth and a child

can say these letters in fact in the

english language to load somebody low

somebody is to put somebody at peace or

at ease and it comes from the idea of

saying la la la la la and this is where

the lullaby comes from and this is

something that is universal that women

all over the world use this la la to

rock their children to sleep quite

literally and so there is a significance

in that a type of home at Nina or

tranquility comes to the heart simply

through the physical expression of the

lamb and lamb articulation in the Arabic

language and it is a fascinating point

that the letters of la ilaha illaallah

are a repetition of this movement of the

joke letters and so this the idea of

saying this la ilaha illa-llah is to

negate which there is no shut down there

is no such G la ilaha is easy to negate

in LA and now you have said the thing is

heavy it takes effort to confirm Allah

subhanAllah Donna

it is easy to negate it is difficult to

affirm and this is why criticism is

uniquely the the capacity of every

individual everybody can criticize

everybody can negate but it takes effort

to be constructive to be an affirm

to that make affirmation it's easy to

find fault in the creation to find fault

in people to find fault in our human

condition it's easy to do all these

things but it's difficult to be positive

it's difficult to be in a firmer it's

difficult to be someone who sees the

good in things but like one of them said

if you go on looking at creation for

fault you will go on until you find no

end of fault but if you go on looking

for perfection you will go on until you

find no end of perfection and these are

the different ways the caviar is an

engraved by nature they look constantly

and criticize the moment by Nature

the promise of I am said Safa el gerente

jinho that you should always be

optimistic about situations and you will

find things to be optimistic about Ana

in the one year of DV I am in the

opinion of my slave if you have a good

opinion of Allah creation will confirm

that opinion for you if you have a

negative opinion of Allah creation will

confirm that opinion for you the Muslims

are people that have the best opinion of

allah subhanho wa taala and because

their opinion of a lot is so great allah

continually shows them and showers them

with experiences in their lives to

confirm that opinion which is a good

opinion and the next thing says wa an

adidas women that colony allah says that

he is the companion of the one who

remembers him and that is the quickest

way to have a good opinion of allah is

to remember allah subhana WA Ta'ala the

the next thing of this so the first

thing is to heat and this is really an

inexhaustible subject I mean the Muslim

spent centuries just riding about your

feet and it's and it's it's an

inexhaustible subject and really the

theme of Quran is to heat I mean this is

the dominant theme although it's

considered a third of the Quran it is is

really the the continually returning

theme of the piranhas the toe heat of a

mazda panel china but the next aspect

once we understand that shall heed of

Allah that Allah is one and that he

alone should be worshipped the next

important issue in terms of