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this is not a slogan hasha the one we

trust in Allah Allah is enough room that

is not a slogan but it has to be really

believed and understood in order for it

to be effective e effectual Allah says

Allah willing in lovina aminal you

please a woman abode imagine and norm

Allah is the one D the protecting friend

of those who believe he takes them out

of darkness into light Eman is base that

were intimate alone with that I know

what I want women alone in come to mock

me name don't grieve

don't despair and don't be weak if you

are believers in are lots of vanuatu


that's the condition it's a Juma -

Althea the condition is that you are the

ones Allah alone if you're in that

conditional state of believing in Allah

and once the condition doesn't exist

then the the once it can contingent upon

no longer exist either

and the last one is why suburb

economical ooh why the hearts are why

they're in dispersion why our hearts are

separate and this is a really important

question and really the whole basis of

Quran can be reduced to two principles

what's called Doublemint acid well

gentlemen Masonic putting off evil and

bringing about benefit to human beings

and this has to be the understanding of

the Muslims dot dot or the facet which

in all food is based on avoiding any

harm to come to these six things that I

mentioned before the Dean the the nafs

the mouth the nest of the intellect the

good name and these things so that

dominat acid and the general Masonic is

doing good things and so Allah has given

on all of these guidance to bring the

hearts together in Islam and if we

follow that guidance that Allah would

give us no fear unite the heart and the

reason that the woman give me an Apollo

Rosetta you think that they're together

but their hearts are dispersed Allah

said that it can be a non-polar

afternoon because there are people that

don't use their intellects and the

reason that hearts become different is

because we're not using our intellect

like the Moroccan same I can't alkyl

Adam there's low they don't have any

brains then this is why the Muslims are

separate because there's no brains

because if we recognize that our benefit

is in our unity we put aside our

differences to harmonize in order to

accomplish what we need to accomplish

and I've said this before and I'll just

reiterate it again because reminding

benefits the believers this is an age of

defending the house not cleaning the

house in other words we're being

attacked from every side and we're all

inside Vickery about you know who's

going to wash the dishes and literally

the house is being bombarded and we

literally have to broaden our

understanding a bit and recognize that

our benefit is to work together and I


book which is an interesting book done

by a missionary in college professor in

Missy ology and he did a book called the

possibilities of Dawa in America and

it's a very interesting book and one of

the things he said is that that really

the Muslims will not have success in

establishing the deen of islam

and he gave several reasons among which

were he stated the fact that their

organisations rarely worked together and

in fact more occasionally working

antagonism to each other that they work

against each other and they love that

there is a man sponsored by the state

department did a PhD called areas of

potential trouble between

african-american converts to Islam and

immigrant Muslims they're already

looking what are the potential areas

that we can create fitna between

african-american Muslims and immigrant

Muslims because they don't want us to

unite they want to further pursue this

is the great rule of colonialism and of

every conquer divide and conquer and so

that's what Allah tells us that we

should unite the hearts that we should

really make Tetley's and pollute to bind

the hearts together now I'm I'm a

fat ugly Jimmy I'm not I left there

being put over him what I can a lot and

dr. Bing put a beam in my eyes even

Hakeem yeah and you have to walk a lot

one minute to back them in and what

meaning o you who believe a lot enough

for you and allows enough for those who

follow the messenger protocol he had

those tougher lodges are not Islamic

we have a few quick questions that we

can answer really fast but it has used

up did you say that you are translating

of waha

okay another the second question is some

people say that those who emphasize

loving the Prophet are approaching

others respond by saying these people

are heartless what is the middle way

well this is the cult of evil and the

conflict and these two terms but the

middle way is what I would recommend

people is to read a book called the

Sunni scholars explaining who the

prophet Elijah is and what the rights

are and it's a book that was accepted by

all of these for these dollars and

people you know what happens I don't did

so much share but what happens is just

bid on which is I haven't met any

Muslims who say that they were Sawamura

to send them I never meant that I hope I

don't but that you know might do some

things that would be considered and so

the total ice now you know what we'll

say he said in the board up that were

marking Netanyahu but the extent of our

knowledge about the prophet Elijah is

that he's a human game wealthy like

believing and he's the best of Allah's

creation you know does that is the

extent he is a human being and he said

don't go to extreme about like the

Christians once you extreme about Jesus

is an event where I can Peru have no

body was Google and say this the slave

of Allah and His Messenger

I mean really problem but he said

al-jamal ethical compass will teach your

children to love Messenger of Allah

what of the annotation of vanilla until

of the family of the messenger Allah

rachida of the Quran you have to teach

your children to love the messenger and

it really we don't celebrate our

messengers of Allah understand I'm sure

who the messenger is you know and I

think it's important you know to Romani

it's your I mean I started my voice but

now even for and I remind him all the

time you know the promise of Iceland we

learned this from our prophet and you

know they have to have an understanding

of who the messenger and one more thing

is called I knew a man came in and asked

him how can I love the problem crease

and he said we see ah he can breathe the

seal of the prophets of Islam because

you love you don't know anything about

it what kind of love is that

that's just emotional empty love it has

to be based on knowledge wants you I

mean for many people who don't cry when

they read the Quran the co brings tears

to their eyes because it's just the

public who this man was the chosen one

yeah you meant even that there was a

myth I mean this beloved manda who loved

to go off into the mountain at

Dumbledore and just disappear from

creation and a lot shook him out of that

came and said go and guide this world

don't you

the cave is not for you that's the way

of the Christian go out and be in the

world that's the way of Islam

take light to those who are in darkness

and that's what he did his nature was to

be alone he hardly spoke at all

but Allah made him speak he made you do

things against his his natural

inclination which was decided which was

- arista - moving away and he put him in

the midst of the world but one of the

poet said that the caravan of

civilization has been ambushed and he

said and the purpose of hawaii's them

was sent to put it back on his right

course and to stop these brigands and

this is what's happened Pillai the other

day on the airplane this man actually

using this computer and he's playing a

game on this computer and I think he

viewed this grown man he was a pilot and

I was flying with the airline but he was

going he was probably in his pilot suit

he was a man who's probably has six

years of college education with this


incredible amount ingenuity and

engineering to build and there he's

playing a stupid game written I mean

this is the state of human being you

know wasting our time because this

character of civilization is an ambush

and so instead of these instruments of

media and things being used to educate

people they're used to make them more

students and down low down we television

being used to make people stupid to

making laugh at stupid inane jokes

meaningless comedy I mean if you

can watch a sitcom me for five minutes