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to take up the sword sometimes to take

sword out of mad men's hands that that's

jihad is we take up the sword to take

sword out of mad people's hands but

violence is not

something that a lawsuit piano with

diana has decreed because we should be

violent people

no he's decreed it to prevent violence

and this is in the Quran whatever that

divine oneness without the home be bound

or develop there's two rewire that Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala said in a hoodie man

so on or hoop demon so on or what they

on what sort of odd to almost had you do

I mean this is the reason that Allah

makes some people defend other people in

order to preserve the worship of Allah

and not simply the worship in Islam but

the right for other traditions to

worship Allah as they see fit this is

the glory of Islam that we don't just

defend the messages we defend the

churches and the synagogues and the

temples as well a more like bar I mean

what other religion has that the other

religions say let's tear down the

temples let's tear down the messages

because they don't agree with us the

Muslims say no you have a right to

worship Allah as you see fit

but we are the protectors where the

Allah moon we are the people that can

establish justice not you because

historically you have never shown

tolerance except to your own self

historically you have never shown

justice except to your own selves it's

like the Pax Romana the Roman peace it's

based on that everything all the taxes

go to Rome and everybody's persecuted

except the Roman citizen and this is the

Pax Americana the American piece the

Americans can get the howl of Unnithan

be that they can go wherever they want

but it's at the expense of the literally

the destitution and the slavery of the

rest of the world's population because

all of their resources and all of their

wealth goes like this centripetal force

from the these countries into this

source so they can all have their

gratuitous consumption and Merry

Christmas and everything else

so then the next I'm gonna have to go

through this quick after sincerity then

it has to be based on email in other

words that one's understanding about

logic behind our data has to be correct

and then and I don't like an emphasis on

art either because to me there's a big

difference between al-qaeda and Eman P

that is something that is not


it can be learned Imam Ali's book is a

very short book you can learn that book

in in literally a month with a share and

that's it

IP this over then you have to work on

Iman in other words not what you

articulate on your tongue but what you

live in your heart you see and this

whole emphasis on how Peter where it's

like and more has to be says ya can

attack with a lot than alpha beware of

worshiping Allah with your brain with

your intellect where until he becomes an

articulation on the tongue but nowhere

is it experienced in the heart when the

actions and certainly the the best

behavior of somebody who has fear of

Allah is that their that their will have

a no home that they are merciful to the

Muslims but they're not you know at the

the next is talking ladyship and Kareem

that Allah demand that we literally have

this team to a lawsuit panel to Anna and

and this can't be under emphasized in

other words that the hokum is to allow

the panel to Anna and the hukum of other

than Allah subhana WA Ta'ala is the

fuck'em to share bond to thoroughly -

how are the one who took his own hawa

auras and Athiya tejada allah ho hawawa

the one who took his own hawa his own

passion as his god which is the god of

the age we're in the age of the the idol

of this age is the idol of how are you

know it's the I did it my way

age is where everybody if you look at

all the advertising like Calvin Klein

and all these deals all about no limits

do it just do it do it because it can be

done you know there's no sense of

dude you'll see some guy climbing up a

mountain to the top of a mountain like a

madman that's something a madman would

do for no reason just to climb up

literally put his own life in jeopardy

and people die fall to their death there

was a woman in Pakistan who climbed k2

this English woman she left two children

in England in Wales and she climbed to

this mountain to be the first woman ever

to climb to the top of k2 and a big

snowball came and took her down the hill

and there's her two children that she

orphans because and everybody's weeping

over this woman they ought to be

spitting on her grave what this is a

this is child abuse and what do you mean

climb a mountain go home and take care

of your children let the mountain take

care of its health and King too if you

ever see a picture of that mountain what

that mountain is saying what called me

sallow ha you know in Arabic the tone of

state is they don't mess with me that's

what the mountain is saying don't mess

with me really and so this woman who

wants to prove well that the you know if

a man got there so can i but why if a

man wants to go to hell you want to go

there too if a man wants to jump off the

Golden Gate Great Wall if a man can do

it so can i let's jump off the Golden

Gate I mean let's use our intellect here

you see so this is this is the type of

of what we're dealing with in this age

of worshipping haha of doing whatever I

do and and America exalting people that

do these mad things right really they

just bungee jumping and things like this

you know there are more interesting ways

to enjoy an afternoon than jumping off a

bridge with a string you see and

interesting enough one and some of the

envies in the room can confirm this with

one of the hospitals that I worked at in

the intensity in the emergency room a

lot of the doctors on the weekend used

to jump out of airplanes because they

get into adrenaline rush like when you

have a yeah a cardiac arrest and you

have to split the chest and do cardiac


it's they like it they start getting

high it's like a drug because adrenaline

is one of the most powerful

physiological drugs that we have and so

these people when they after

works over they go home and it's this

what's on television it's not very

exciting watching er when you were just

in ER and so they decide to go out and

jump out of airplanes to get that

adrenaline rush you see and this is why

many of them end up on drugs and things

like that and they just had an empty

died of an overdose of fentanyl they

found her in the in the room she was in

there and she had all these track marks

all over and drug abuse amongst empties

is very high in this country for a

number of reasons but that's certainly

just one of them so the idea of team

with the eraser Oh No and then the

promise of my sternum was told in the

Quran about the Christians that suffer

do I borrow more than whom Arvada but

that they took their priests and their

rabbi Cesare bad Lords other than Allah

when the when one of the Sahaba are they

alone and who went to him I've even had

him who was a Christian before Islam and

he went and he asked him he's the star

of hatha mahai the great generous Arab

and he asked him we didn't take them as

Lord other than Allah he said did you

make halal what they made halal and did

you make how long what they made Haram

he said yes he said then their Lords

other than Allah and so this idea of a

hokum of other than Allah is a ship in

Islam and this is one of the things that

brings on the health of of Allah subhana

WA Ta'ala while man lam yahkum bima

anzala la foule that it got woman cast

it on and those who do not judge

according to the decree of Allah those

are the Kathryn and that I should be

very careful and because a lot of people

take the ayah out of context pass it

Mojang who was the great student of even

our best said this type of cooker does

not lay your determine and Midler it's

not a Coulomb that takes somebody out of

the Minda

in other words the Jews do not rule by

the rule of Allah but we still call them

Jews and there are many Muslims that do

not rule by the rule of Allah but they

still go into the fuck'em of Islam and

let they openly deny if they say I don't

believe in Islam then there kappa but so

that's that's aid the next of

quality steamer which is just the look

at the the command of Allah to the

rulers of the society where a la

stupenda with the other said what the

generic thirty minutes to come in and

what meaning lower the wing of

humbleness to those who follow you from

the believers this is to the best of

creation but it's to every person who

has authority or has ruler over Muslims

that you should be humble and this is

how the ruler is commanded to be with

those that he rules over and then Allah

says serve America with him in alive

into the home but I'll plaintiff Alden

are either other than problem and how

Allah it's by the mercy of Allah that

you were made soft by the mercy of Allah

that you were myself had you been

hard-hearted and and raisin and course

they would have dispersed from around

you even when Musa is sent to surround

and her own he's they're told to said

I'm palatable and lagina say to him a

gentle word you see so the the ruler is

supposed to be gentle and not be hard

what does not mean that there are times


Severinus we we know that Omar Abdullah

no he was hard in the time when it

needed Shinda and soft when it needed

lean and the same with Abu Bakr a severe

for the Allah who was known for his

softness but when people refused to face

I can he said he would fight them even

though I almost said no so this is all

done with the hikmah because the Prophet

was sent do I know you really key table

at hikmah to teach them not just a book

but how to implement the book in their

lives then Allah tells the people under

the rulers Johanna Dina Avenue available

la for a theater Rosco were ruling a

Medine income oh you who believe

obey Allah and obey His Messenger and

those in authority over you and in the

beautiful subtleties of the Quran Allah

does not repeat for a third time

while Peter wounded amédée minkum and

obey those who were put in authority

over you is by what's called out in

there there my both and the motto a lady

is Allah and his or her so in other

words as long as the rulers are obeying


his messenger then we obey Allah and His

Messenger when the rulers be disobey

Allah and His Messenger then la partie

de ma rope and female sadhana

there's no obedience for they created

one induced obedience to the Creator and

this is the wisdom of Islam when Omar

Othman who said to his companions around

him what would you do if you see I'm on

a hop up going astray and the man pulled

his sword instead new a woman got me

Hannah will straighten you out with this

yeah I met her and what we need and he

said I've come to you guys that there's

still people that have some guts in this

Ummah you know and this is part of the

tragedy of that people literally allow

these tyrants to take over and not

speaking out what album would you had

Kenny method hock and discipline and

yeah the greatest jihad is not the jihad

of the sword of the physical sword but

the sword of the tongue and in Arabic

the word heavy MA in Arabic comes from

the same root to cats it means to cut

and the word phantom which is pen also

means to cut and so the sword

the pen is mightier than the sword

because it is a type of sword and it's

the sword of the intellect which cuts

through one home it cuts through all of

the illusions image and how did I have a

balton when truth comes falsehood goes

and that truth is the truth of the sword

of Islam which is the victory of the

Deen of Allah but it's also the sword of

the arguments of Islam the frigate and

the baleen the proofs that Allah subhana

WA Ta'ala has given this Ummah over all

other own mas and so this is and then in

terms of just dealing with so you go

from the ruler to the rule you go from

the ruler to the rules and then you go

even into the house and Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala says yeah you know kulusuk

illegal nara

bakudo and that's what Hazara oh you

believe save your families and your save

yourself and your families from a fire

and so a lot teaches us how to behave

with our family and tells us in them and

that's why from our dad come I do what

level I do in your in your wives and not

just why because that as well in the

Quran applies the husband's

Kabhi abu bakr in his hammock or instead

that this can apply to a woman who has a

tyrant just like as jihad fell over her

there are women who have tyrants over

them and there are many good Muslim

women who have bad Muslim husband

so the ayah although many of the trends

that returns that is surely in your

wives and your children are enemies for

you that's not what it said as well as

applies to male and the female and

people should recognize that so the the

the there is a Allah tells us that but

then all the super Hanna wa'ta'ala

remind us in the Quran that we also hold

an awkward one more than over energy

healing that you have to be forgiving

you have to be merciful you have to turn

away from ignorance you have to do these

type of things so in these awkward these

states these that Allah creates harmony

Allah tells us its ability here accent

turn return wrong action in the best way

and certainly the tongue gets us into

trouble more than anything else which is

why every morning the tongue is

literally all the limbs shake and say to

the tongue that's something that fina in

Rajesh - Jenna we went into safar

mystical one Oh tongue be straight and

don't be crooked because if you're

crooked we're crooked and if you're

straight we're straight so the tongue is

very danger and the tongue is literally

that women have to have gentle tongues

with their husband and husbands have to

have gentle tongues with their women and

if the women's tongues are harsh on you

then you should be like the prophet of

allah salat is to them there was gentle

with his women there's a story of one

out of a man who was complaining about

his wife and he went to home on even a

palpable and he was a leader what we

need and he thought up a lab he knocked

on the door and and then he heard from

inside his wife screaming at the home ah

and telling him what

louse he was and he said a stuff for

Allah this is a me remote meaning I

don't have anything to complain about

he started leaving omar opened the door

and he said what do you want he said


nothing I don't want anything he said no

no I tell me what you want you came for

something he's an owner or nothing

he said when she look a bit loud you

know imagine you buy a lot he's a

dominant meaning

kwinto ashtec he means OG&E; I was

complaining about my wife but when I saw

what you're putting up with I said I

don't have anything to complain about

and a lot of the liner who everybody

knows was harsh in a lot of ways Omar

said he laughed and he said yeah he said

he he is og don't be Oh daddy what's up

what's up Miami but you know that baby

were talks tertiary allows little idea

either either happy but this is my wife

who raises my children who cooked my

food who cleans my house who washes my


shouldn't I be patient if she gets angry

occasionally you see this is so

beautiful and really a lot of people

don't understand in the Quran when Allah

says that they have what is against him

what a miserable Aegina that they have

what's against them and Allah says and

men have a derasa over women

look what even a - whose cars you manual

Quran said about that da Raja

he says it's the damaja of Tannersville

which means that while he gives her all

of her rights he doesn't expect all of

his rights from her

that's the donnager that he forgives his

wife for the shortcomings in his rights

although he gives her her complete right

because he recognized this woman is in


she's Mujahid oh she's doing targeted

all that the Prophet said whoever dies

in childbirth dies a Shaheed

that whoever raises a Muslim child in

Islam has the a job of a motel refused

to be real and this is jihad and men

liquor - Rashaad is jihad now we have to

recognize the men and I've told you the

men here our women are doing jihad and

we're not so as far as I'm concerned

they have amacom over us because those

sitting around doing nothing aren't like

those are letting you die doing a piece

of it either

so we need to really get off of our


you know seats and get up and start

doing jihad and then we can start maybe

complaining about the women I know some

of the men sir there he goes again off

about these women so I mean there's so

many things and he's cut short my time I

wanted to go to deputies hard to if

dissolved which is economics in Islam

and Subhan Allah this Deen has looked at

everything that from economics there are

two things that the Islamic religion

looks at first of all what table chosen

another 57 a man in other words that

where your source of income must be a

good source of income and that's the

most important thing what's called the

Halong that you take your wealth from

the Holland because the hi Yvonne voila

a borough in La Paz Eva Allah is pure

and only accepts the pure so far wealth

and our source of wealth is not pure

then Allah doesn't accept anything from

it and even our own food becomes hard on

the cells that make up our bodies are

made out of Haram well and and this is

why Marcia and all these thing and this

is why food and guarding one's food used

to be the major concern of the Sahaba

and this is mentioned in many books

so Allah tells us about it design phase

alpha theater so after fantasy look at

all what the woman probably laugh when

prayer is over go out and seek the

bounty of Allah that Allah

this is not like Christianity that looks

down on the world no the world is a

place for us to earn our livelihood so

there's nothing wrong when in fact

wealth in Islam is not seen as bad as

long as the half of Allah the right of

Allah in the wealth is used properly

there's nothing but we need wealthy

people we have too many Futaba and we

have too few Lavinia and I mean Saudi


I mean Muslim Ummah filled with a veneer

that are just about our hannah0 spending

their life just in their shahe and let

that which is these people are just

really they have like say no honey he

said that man he said haram ahora de

banana what he said the harm of wealth

is a punishment and the Halal of wealth

is a reckoning so really people who

aren't thinking about wealth that Allah

has given them to use to spread this

deen rhodesia exalted her well

supporting the prophet of the omaha and

how was some omaha he will send them we

know after and even our earth many been

a fan of a bucket of severe who gave all

his wealth man I want a banana poverty

mono I will run deeper you brought dates

to for the husband because he was so

poor but he gave everybody gave what

they had and if this spirit of Islam

returned to that even just this

auditorium but people took on this this

really this is amazing what can be done

with that so they get this on and the

second aspect of the FT Saad is that

husband another piece for team authority

so you guarding the way that you earn it

and then watching the way that you spend

it and almost behind with Dallas's what

else is identical of Luna you know no

pika but that's also talked to LaBeouf

don't make your hand too stingy nor make

it too extravagant it's the middle way

with our wealth

be you know if she's God in Arabic like

any in English economical means to be

kind of to not spend but in in English

it actually

means to be a croissant a slit is a

middle way so the impetus heart of Islam

is following the middle way and Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala says hakumen man in

from Halawa plaintiff ah he's a devourer

what you have gained in a good way and

many irons and Latina iris buckle and

they neither I'm talking what I'm and

they need a new city for what I'm not

through a carabiner that is a Kalama

those who when they spend they're not

extravagant nor are they stinky but

between the two in a moderate way and so

this is their croissant of Islam and

then the next thing which is the seventh

one is the politics of Islam and the

politics is based on two things

Hagia with Dhaka via external politics

internal politics the external politics

that islam teaches us in the quran is

what i do the most apart to Managua one

in regard to hell for his ability here I

do belong what I do welcome that we

should prepare in power and strength of

all forms in order to frighten our

opponents now you have which is taken on

a very negative term in the modern

language Islam actually believes in a

true type of your heart not in the

blowing of buses or how but in the Arab

that you scare people so much they don't

want to fight you you see and this is

really we prefer a preventive method to

war and this is why Allah tells us to

prepare so that they don't want to fight

you and the Prophet said you look to be

covered I was given victory by fear that

Allah struck in the hearts of those who

opposed him and Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

says in many ayahs of the Quran about

guarding being aware who do I become

that watching and being aware of them

and that you should know that these

people want us to be heedless and to

fall into heedlessness which is what

happened so this is the siesta ecology

which also is based on what's called a

canvas here which is the icon

or the rules that relate to dealing

international we literally created

international law international law even

though the modern international law

takes no look at the laws that Islam

produced in international law is called

a hemisphere but Islam really provided

the world with its first sense of

international law and this is a

historical fact and our laws are based

on justice not based on injustice like

these international law of the League of


and the United Nations of exploitation

for these things okay just

I gotta get I'm gonna get through I have

two more things

two more so let me just get to the ten

because this is a whole I want to get

the whole ten or else is meaningless

like Dina Canon Wahab gotta Canada

so I don't know if people do we have to

go I mean what's the let me I'm almost

done here

so the this yesterday idea is based on

six things like Levani says wah hello

Dean anthem were heavily demon feminists

and man Nessa were mid the raha

afternoon were out on adviser these are

called the six could we add some cotton

five depending on the Oh luli Sun foot

NASA the health in the same category but

the six things that Islam came to

preserve this is the basis of the

internal politics of the Muslim the six

and if you want to talk about Islamic

state this is what the Islamic

governance is based on it is based on

preserving six things and if you know

them and you should know them

the first is Dean that we preserve the

Dean of Islam and Allah preserves that

in several ways if amethyst Allah is one

way of preserving it also the Ferrari

that Keith ayah that people have to

learn the rules of Islam and now and and

I don't think this is an exaggerated

State Keith I is eying

on people when they're not doing it and

there are not enough people learning the

Islamic Sciences and it is an eye on

people to learn the Arabic language to

learn the rules of fifth one of the

signs of end of time do you have lots of

Quran recitals and nobody that

understood it and and and really we have

people that memorize from a different

name all the way to nest and you ask

them the meaning of the ayah and they

don't know and this is although

hundred-odd they're preserving the Quran

the rules of the Quran have to be

preserved the Prophet secret said yes

yeah Annan s demand laiá laiá promenade

Quran in the Osmo

there's coming a time on my Ummah on

people that nothing remained of the

Quran except the letters that's him and

he said to his father of the law and

whom was all alone instead I'm anthem

he's the man - Harvey - I'll do the law

but today your honor for Abajo was the

idea rheumatism and you

Valona alle farofa where you'll beg your

owner to do double you're in a time

where you guard the dude of a lodge Dean

the boundaries the Sharia and you're not

you know you don't not not because very

few people memorize the whole Quran but

the actual letters are not known by any

of you but he said there's coming a time

on my own man many will know the letters

but they'll forget about the renewed and

so that that's the Dean and then enough

and the reason there's often you kill

somebody who kills to preserve nobs and

so the preservation of life itself is

sacred in Islam and and then the

preservation of the well and this is why

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala has commanded to

cut the feet of the the one who steals

if they steal why to preserve the the

the wealth of Muslims and then Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala has preserved Nessa

and this is why fornication is

prohibited prohibited in Islam to

preserve Vanessa the lineage of people

people have to know who they are and

where they came from and who their

fathers were and this is all the

preservation of the deen of islam and

then the haka Allah has made , the

Muscat and the Musa Dagh there's two

types of things that influenced the

intellect must grant are those things

like wine alcohol spirits those I think

the Musa Dagh are drugs and those type

of things like hashish marijuana opium

and now crack cocaine and these type of

things go under the category of Musa

Dagh and Muscat Muscat

they're all Haram all of them are Haram

so nobody some I heard let me say that

marijuana was not come out or something

like that and you know I mean that's why

they call pothead no because

they're just stupid so there's no you

know preserving the intellect and then

the which is why Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

has prohibited us to call one another

names and things like that so because

there a lot of people well that's the

never zoo but I'll call don't call one

another names Allah says what I have to

become Baba don't you backbite one

another well that suggests us who don't

spy on one another God there a lot of

people so that it is the good name of

Muslims and this is something people are

so laxed about in this age well life

people have no type of Allah about other

people and if you don't know something

if you hear things about people to be

general you have to find out whether

it's true most things my advise you is

just tell them like one of the setup

somebody came back fighting and he said

didn't ship on find anybody else but you

to bring me this stuff you know that's

the way you should look at it that

people just don't you have something

more to H barbecue stuff like don't you

have anything more to concern yourself

with than the news of other people

really like one man during the fitna one

of the sardine was asked about malaria

because they want to find out whether

you were with Adi or moralia out of the

allahu anhum Demyan and he said chef let

me review the under you lady I'm too

preoccupied with my own wrong actions to

be even thinking about what other people

are doing wrong and this is the motive

of the setup like Stata Hadi one man has

said Nadi

why is it all the truth trouble started

when Atman and you came into power when

when when Abu Bakr and Omar were in

power we didn't have fitna and Satan Ali

said because Omar and Abu Bakr had men

like earth man and me under him and we

have men like you under us

so that's the whole problem right there

in a nutshell and then so that's the sea

otter and then the next one is why the

coop our are over the Muslims and the

Dean of Islam chosen well I'm a star

that come mostly from a stop to Maitreya

totem and nod and a Haida a woman in the

inclusive home and when you were

afflicted with a tribulation that they

were afflicted with just like the Crafar

used to be under us and they see that as

a most evil now we're under them

well Allah said you asked why did this

happen Allah says follow him an Indian

Fujiko it's from your own self every

Juma the Imam for 1400 years has been

saying well that was funded Elena be the

Rubina malaria Hammond oh Allah Arabic

Athena don't put over us because of our

own wrong actions those who have no

mercy and do not fear you and so the

two-slit of Ko far obras is by our own

self we can't we have to stop blaming

them they're just like the dog over a

dead body you see you can't blame them

just like you can't blame like people

that use organ transplant and things

like that if if the person wrote on the

thing you can use my liver or kidney and

then the person dies they take the liver

out don't blame them because you gave

them permission through our wrong

actions we give them permission to come

and take us over and that's the truth so

we have to recognize the city I dealt

with that as a problem in itself

and then the next is the mascara but

muslimeen and how to fight the Muslims

how we fight them and we know that the

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala has told us in

the Quran that the girl is not based on

weakness of power material weakness that

is not the birth of the Muslim the

weakness of the Muslims is a weakness of

Iman and the reason for that is Allah

when a soul can be better the veteran

will assume as illa Allah give you

victory in mother and you were weak and

all based in the earth this is what

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala tolls in the

Quran it says that they say the minaj

upon say what a Tunes requirement and

the rasa-lila hot am photo don't spend

on those who are with the messenger

Allah until they disperse now this is

what is called in modern times economic

sanctions that's exactly what it is

these economic sanctions and they put an

economic sanction on the prophets Obama

s enemy in Mecca we know that for a fact

they did that they completely tied him

up they would not allow people to sell

to him anything or to his followers they

wanted to destroy them but Eman is over

that a lot of power is over their power

these are test from Allah for profit and

to fit up the new that's all they are

and so a lot of places this Ummah up

through these if see that that's how

they're raised up but we have to respond

with the right response because the

Moraga for are the ones that when things

go bad they turn away from Allah the the

ones who yeah we're doing a lot on a

house that they worship Allah just on

the bare edge when things are going good

there with Allah when they go bad they

turn on their back no we have to be with

Allah when things are hard and when

things are easy I demand the I'm at a

moment boku no hair the the ombre of the

movement is all good he's affair if it's

hard he thanks Allah if it's easy

thanks a lot and that's only for the

movement and so that's the whole idea of

the book amongst the Muslims

and unless you're behind with Addison's

wedding day cuz that you know somehow I

do it all what I can then when I get


Layana move lie upon they don't

understand that Allah has in the in the

storehouses of the heavens and the earth

and if we truly believe that then we

know that power is with Allah what I

hold out for whether you dare be left

warming you to work it out Allah but who

has poo

this is not a slogan hasha the one we

trust in Allah Allah is enough room that

is not a slogan but it has to be really

believed and understood in order for it

to be effective e effectual Allah says

Allah willing in lovina aminal you

please a woman abode imagine and norm

Allah is the one D the protecting friend

of those who believe he takes them out

of darkness into light Eman is base that

were intimate alone with that I know

what I want women alone in come to mock

me name don't grieve

don't despair and don't be weak if you

are believers in are lots of vanuatu


that's the condition it's a Juma -

Althea the condition is that you are the

ones Allah alone if you're in that

conditional state of believing in Allah

and once the condition doesn't exist

then the the once it can contingent upon

no longer exist either

and the last one is why suburb

economical ooh why the hearts are why

they're in dispersion why our hearts are

separate and this is a really important

question and really the whole basis of

Quran can be reduced to two principles

what's called Doublemint acid well

gentlemen Masonic putting off evil and

bringing about benefit to human beings

and this has to be the understanding of

the Muslims dot dot or the facet which

in all food is based on avoiding any

harm to come to these six things that I

mentioned before the Dean the the nafs

the mouth the nest of the intellect the

good name and these things so that

dominat acid and the general Masonic is

doing good things and so Allah has given

on all of these guidance to bring the

hearts together in Islam and if we

follow that guidance that Allah would

give us no fear unite the heart and the

reason that the woman give me an Apollo

Rosetta you think that they're together

but their hearts are dispersed Allah

said that it can be a non-polar

afternoon because there are people that

don't use their intellects and the

reason that hearts become different is

because we're not using our intellect

like the Moroccan same I can't alkyl

Adam there's low they don't have any

brains then this is why the Muslims are

separate because there's no brains

because if we recognize that our benefit

is in our unity we put aside our

differences to harmonize in order to

accomplish what we need to accomplish

and I've said this before and I'll just

reiterate it again because reminding

benefits the believers this is an age of

defending the house not cleaning the

house in other words we're being

attacked from every side and we're all

inside Vickery about you know who's

going to wash the dishes and literally

the house is being bombarded and we

literally have to broaden our

understanding a bit and recognize that

our benefit is to work together and I


book which is an interesting book done

by a missionary in college professor in

Missy ology and he did a book called the

possibilities of Dawa in America and

it's a very interesting book and one of

the things he said is that that really

the Muslims will not have success in

establishing the deen of islam

and he gave several reasons among which

were he stated the fact that their

organisations rarely worked together and

in fact more occasionally working

antagonism to each other that they work

against each other and they love that

there is a man sponsored by the state

department did a PhD called areas of

potential trouble between

african-american converts to Islam and

immigrant Muslims they're already

looking what are the potential areas

that we can create fitna between

african-american Muslims and immigrant

Muslims because they don't want us to

unite they want to further pursue this

is the great rule of colonialism and of

every conquer divide and conquer and so

that's what Allah tells us that we

should unite the hearts that we should

really make Tetley's and pollute to bind

the hearts together now I'm I'm a

fat ugly Jimmy I'm not I left there

being put over him what I can a lot and

dr. Bing put a beam in my eyes even

Hakeem yeah and you have to walk a lot

one minute to back them in and what

meaning o you who believe a lot enough

for you and allows enough for those who

follow the messenger protocol he had

those tougher lodges are not Islamic

we have a few quick questions that we

can answer really fast but it has used

up did you say that you are translating

of waha

okay another the second question is some

people say that those who emphasize

loving the Prophet are approaching

others respond by saying these people

are heartless what is the middle way

well this is the cult of evil and the

conflict and these two terms but the

middle way is what I would recommend

people is to read a book called the

Sunni scholars explaining who the

prophet Elijah is and what the rights

are and it's a book that was accepted by

all of these for these dollars and

people you know what happens I don't did

so much share but what happens is just

bid on which is I haven't met any

Muslims who say that they were Sawamura

to send them I never meant that I hope I

don't but that you know might do some

things that would be considered and so

the total ice now you know what we'll

say he said in the board up that were

marking Netanyahu but the extent of our

knowledge about the prophet Elijah is

that he's a human game wealthy like

believing and he's the best of Allah's

creation you know does that is the

extent he is a human being and he said

don't go to extreme about like the

Christians once you extreme about Jesus

is an event where I can Peru have no

body was Google and say this the slave

of Allah and His Messenger

I mean really problem but he said

al-jamal ethical compass will teach your

children to love Messenger of Allah

what of the annotation of vanilla until

of the family of the messenger Allah

rachida of the Quran you have to teach

your children to love the messenger and

it really we don't celebrate our

messengers of Allah understand I'm sure

who the messenger is you know and I

think it's important you know to Romani

it's your I mean I started my voice but

now even for and I remind him all the

time you know the promise of Iceland we

learned this from our prophet and you

know they have to have an understanding

of who the messenger and one more thing

is called I knew a man came in and asked

him how can I love the problem crease

and he said we see ah he can breathe the

seal of the prophets of Islam because

you love you don't know anything about

it what kind of love is that

that's just emotional empty love it has

to be based on knowledge wants you I

mean for many people who don't cry when

they read the Quran the co brings tears

to their eyes because it's just the

public who this man was the chosen one

yeah you meant even that there was a

myth I mean this beloved manda who loved

to go off into the mountain at

Dumbledore and just disappear from

creation and a lot shook him out of that

came and said go and guide this world

don't you

the cave is not for you that's the way

of the Christian go out and be in the

world that's the way of Islam

take light to those who are in darkness

and that's what he did his nature was to

be alone he hardly spoke at all

but Allah made him speak he made you do

things against his his natural

inclination which was decided which was

- arista - moving away and he put him in

the midst of the world but one of the

poet said that the caravan of

civilization has been ambushed and he

said and the purpose of hawaii's them

was sent to put it back on his right

course and to stop these brigands and

this is what's happened Pillai the other

day on the airplane this man actually

using this computer and he's playing a

game on this computer and I think he

viewed this grown man he was a pilot and

I was flying with the airline but he was

going he was probably in his pilot suit

he was a man who's probably has six

years of college education with this


incredible amount ingenuity and

engineering to build and there he's

playing a stupid game written I mean

this is the state of human being you

know wasting our time because this

character of civilization is an ambush

and so instead of these instruments of

media and things being used to educate

people they're used to make them more

students and down low down we television

being used to make people stupid to

making laugh at stupid inane jokes

meaningless comedy I mean if you

can watch a sitcom me for five minutes