Al-Quran: The Living Miracle

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Event Name: Al-Quran: The Living Miracle
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first the idea of the Quran as the

miracle of Islam Islam is is fascinating

in that we have before us the miracle of

the Prophet sallallahu sanim and like

the miracles that we read about in the

Quran that are taken based on faith such

as the miracle of moosa a.s a time when

he thrust down his staff and it became a

haya a snake and the miracle of the ISA

is to them who brought the living to the

dead or dead to the living or the bird

that he fashioned from clay and then it

was given life by the power of Allah

these are miracles that people

experienced at that time and some people

would contend that they have a type of

what's called tolet or or because

there's such a vast chain of

transmission of these miracles that they

can be accepted on that value but we

would believe in them because they're

mentioned in the Quran but the Quran

itself is the miracle of the Prophet

this is the triumphant miracle that the

prophets alighted some was given one of

the poets put it best when he said a

hookah ISA that a matin for Carmela your

brother isa al salam he called the dead

and they became they answered him and

they stood up one Tov Gaeta

as Yellin mine'll Adam II but you have

brought generations back to life the

prophet sallallaahu Slim's miracle is

that his book is with us to this day

track to thicken and rainy Matta

mastectomy hemolymph illumined by the

abbe de Quito Allah was from the sea I

have left two things with you as long as

you adhere to them cling to them hold to

them you will never go straight The Book

of Allah and

sooner and the sooner is in reality an

explanation of the book of Allah it is

an explanation of the book of Allah the

prophet saww license life is a tough

sear a commentary on the Book of Allah

so beautifully articulated by Aisha when

she was asked how was the character of

before the prophets Eliza me she said

Kenneth Oppel Quran his character was

the Quran were in the katana horican

oven you are on a vast character a vast

ethos the Quran can be really summed up

in one statement that even Jews a says

in his table Sarah says here he says

that it is the call of creation the

invitation of the creation to the

worship of al Haq the truth which is

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala now this

invitation is exactly that it is is an

invitation Dawa in the Islamic tradition

is an invitation we invite people we

have never historically have never

outside of the arabian peninsula have

never forced anyone to become muslim

this is historically documented nowhere

has a Muslim held a sword over

somebody's head outside of the arabian

peninsula and say become a muslim or you

die this is simply falsification of

history other religions have been

notoriously known for doing that the

muslims have never done that and the

reason that they have

then that is because the power-on is an

invitation it's a gala

the Muslims know what that one means it

means literally to invite a druid a

sevillio bigger better hikmah one more

that that has a call invite to the way

of your Lord in the best way with wisdom

and in the best exhaustion the best

exhortation this is the message that

Islam has gone out and spread to people

so if we look at the Quran as a

invitation it is a Dawa we can see there

is a beautiful hadith that articulates

this and gives a different nuance to

this idea the Quran is the medulla of

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala in the creation

in this earth

dooba in the Arabic language means a

place it theirs to rewire two

transmissions one is Madiba and one is

Madiba the medulla is a banquet in which

a king sets forth and invites those

worthy of the invitation to his banquet

and they must have the proper and

requisite Edel in order to enter into

the the tent of the king and this the

Quran is the banquet of Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala in his earth the other area which

is also sound calls it Madiba

if you look at the word matter but it is

what they call ISM I can in the Arabic

language it's the place where one

acquires Adele and EDA is that which

makes us human the prophet sallallaahu

sanam said the best of what a parent

gives to his child or her child is a dub

hassle is good at up this is the best

and highest

thing that a human being can give to his

child is good Adam and the prophets

Eliza and in a hadith that is has some

weakness some people called moon car but

it's by the consensus of the Ummah the

the meaning is sound at debonair rugby

Roxanna DB My Lord has given me a dub

and how excellent he made my adapt the

word Arab in Arabic means courtesy and

it's a deep courtesy it's a spiritual

courtesy and this is what the Quran in

it is a place where we learn the

requisite courtesies in order to be

fully human and those courtesies are

beautifully demo kated by our scholars

in the two sections of sip which are a

bad ads when more amal at the courtesies

between the slave and his lord which is

called badet or the acts of worship and

the courtesies between the slave and

creation which are called more amulet or

the human transactions allah subhanho wa

taala has given guidance in both of

these when we look in the the idea of a

Veda a better has two aspects the first

is al-qaeda and the second is a calm

there are peda can be broken off again

into two branches one of the sicknesses

of the age is an obsession with al-qaeda

which in using Western terminology which

would go into the category of what they

call kerygma or rules of which you learn

the updater is not complicated it's

something that can be learned very fast

the update of America Howie is a

beautiful al Qaeda of which the OMA has

agreed upon it can be learned very

quickly but the RP that must be seen as

three essential aspects and all what we

say we say Allah is one we say Allah has

no likeness we say Allah has not give

birth does not give birth these are

aspects of the RK that which we

articulate and then there

Javad a belief in the heart that

al-qaeda must penetrate the heart it

cannot simply remain at the level of

ratiocination at the level of the

intellect it has to transcend the

intellect and enter into the heart and

directly impact the heart and this is

what manifests human behavior at the

level that a Muslim is demanded to show

and this is where the Rp that then

permeates every cell of the body and the

human beings behavior shows that he is a

Muslim that he is a Muslim lonna madona

welcome America we have our actions and

you have our actions it is actions that

deed that distinguish human beings and

nothing else it is the actions which

distinguish human beings based on their

understanding because actions emanate

from understandings and not vice versa

and this is very clearly understood in

modern social sciences and I would

recommend studying the concept of

cognitive dissonance which is a

beautiful a beautiful insight which the

Quran gave us centuries before I haven't

found really any insights in my own

personal studies of modern Sciences

except that I found already either

explicitly articulated in the Quran and

the Sunnah or implicitly understood by

the scholars of Islam who came later if

you look then at what the Quran is the

Quran is is formulated on this this idea

of al-qaeda the other aspect of the

Quran which is from from the account is

how then do we get human beings how does

how does the human being get from a

stage where he is bereft and without

guidance to a stage where not only does

he understand but he is acting according

to the guidance of Allah so Panna with

Donna and this is done in

and with two very important concepts and

you can see the quran beautifully

following this pattern constantly the

first is called Talib and the second is

called Turkey in Turkey what this means

is that Allah calls us to the Book of

Allah and gives us the sound reasons for

following the Deen of Allah Subhan Allah

Tala and the benefits of following the

Deen of Allah and what will happen with

us if we follow the need of Allah the

next aspect is called Tar Heel which is

out of ah

to inspire awe Bravo the prophets are

listening in the hadith beautiful dua

that he made when he went to sleep alone

as them to an FCE take forward after

what he baked

well Chava hurry like another patent wah

but an awake I have surrendered myself

to you I have faced my home have placed

my back in your security and safety

grandpa tell what a habit an awake out

of desire for you and an out of all of

you and these are the do these are the

two sandals that the human being must

have in his life he has to have the

symbol of Raja and he has to have the

sandal of health and so he moves forward

or she moves forward in her life with

the turkey and the toheeb and this is

the balance even Masood said that the

movement is the one who the turkey

vanatter Hebe history they become equal

with him abu hamid al-ghazali of the

Llano preferred the Raja because he said

Raja engendered love and fear engendered

despair if we then look at the aspects

of the Quran there are seven identified

by even josée what are the law and who

in his test he'll the first one is there

are seven knowledge that the Quran

encompasses the first one is illumiroom

via which is the knowledge of lordship

who is

Lord who is Allah subhanAllah to Anna

who is Allah subhana WA Ta'ala Allah

tells us and declares it in the Quran

know that there is no god but allah

subhana wa ta'ala that there are no now

part of the miracle of the Quran and in

the central aspect of it is the Arabic

language the Arabic language is unique

in terms of certainly European languages

it has a unique aspect and that is that

there is no copulative verb to be in

other words when we say in English there

is no god but Allah we use the verb is

which in Arabic does not exist when we

say there is no god but Allah we say la

ilaha illa Allah there is no god but

Allah but we do not use a copy of verb

to be what this enables us to do in

language is to transcend being in other

words there is no conceptual limitations

of allah subhana wa ta'ala when we speak

about allah subhanho wa taala in the

arabic language which exists in the

english language and that is why it is

impossible to say la ilaha mola in any

other language than the Arabic language

the Quran is an Arabic revelation before

it is anything it is revealed in until

now or on an outer billion line the

Kentucky moon the lalala here is in

order that you are it's not a help like

taraji there's different types of line

that here it is it is in order that you

talking on that you become people of

intellect the Arabic language somebody

asked me why should

learn Arabic I said to increase your IQ

to increase your intellect with the

Arabic language by its nature and all

the Arabs that speak Arabic don't fall

into that because they don't speak

Quranic Arabic which is that is the

language that empowers and will

literally give the human being a much

deeper and broader understanding your

your actual understanding of existence

increases with your increase in the

knowledge of Arabic language why because

it is a true language it is a true

language in other words the language is

not simply a symbolic language in which

people have agreed on certain phrases to

use like in the English language we use

the word cat in Arabic to describe cat

or self to describe self if you look at

the actual evolution of the language

there it's these are arbitrary

distinctions in the Arabic language

there is no arbitrariness there we

believe that the Arabic language is part

of Revelation it is a Tulpa via language

that was revealed it is not a language

of which human beings agreed upon and

this is why as you begin to move into

the Arabic language and the meanings of

the Arabic words you will see

conventional understandings of words

that exist when an Arab says nufs he

understands self but if you begin to

actually go into the language itself it

will articulate for you the reality of

nufs you will understand what enough

says if you make it and I'm even though

the bus Cities won the battle I I like

the crew fee school of the grammarians

you have the bus cities and the crew

fees and they used to if they ever got

together they throw sandals at each

other and and in the good old days all

right now we throw bombs at each other

in those days they just used to throw

sandals when they disagree but the crew

fans believe that words the source words

were roots of the verb and the noun

came after and the bus friends believe

that the noun was actually the source

because Allah says that he taught Adam

the SMAN

physical affair

if you look in Arabic if we look to the

verb itself the Arabic word for nuts has

as to possibly more but two words in the

first form there's six what they call

Bab six forms in the in the Arabic first

form or what they call a fool a fever

the two are not ISA empezó

which is on the bab castro patent and

the nephew say enforcer which is bomb

abandon the the neffe scientist who

means to be miserly the Nephilim who so

means to be precious already Allah is

indicating two types of self the

prophets Eliza ham said in in a

beautiful hadith about one of the

monarch Athene when he was asked who's

your savior and they said sayyiduna

so-and-so and it Lannister killer who

except we consider him miserly the

Prophet said well who naked on a diamond

and Bajal is there a disease more sick

than miser leanness because the kaffir

is a miser in reality because he will

not give thanks to Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala out of thanks is easy to give you

know it's like this London taxi cab

driver that I got and he was complaining

about all these Muslims that had come to

London and I won't say from which

countries but they come during the

summer and they take over a place called

Edgware Road and he was going on her and

he would told me the thing that really

bothered him was they never say thank

you right and and I said well it does

exist in their language which means that

it's just they're bad mannered people

just like you have bad men are people in

any culture any language and I I wanted

to tell what comes around goes around I

mean they stole everything in the the

English right stole the whole world and

they never said thank you to anybody for

all the stuff that they took from it

right the colonialists didn't go and

tell that the Afghan 'yes thank you for

letting us steal your country right but

that's another story the but the the

idea of the Bohemian as one aspect of

humanity the other aspect is

preciousness in a feast the nufs itself


primary nature is precious that is why

whoever kills enough it's as if he

killed all of humankind

this is the phonic worldview the nafs is

precious now if you go into the second

form you have naphtha which means to

help other people to alleviate somebody

suffering which is the cream the

generous the preciousness will do this

but then if you move to another type of

transitive verb it is NASA which means

to literally buy and compete you NASA

civil and this is a sickness that comes

from miser Lina's not wanting other

people to have generosity to have the

blessings that you have and this is why

the Prophet said well attend FSU and

don't buy with one another and if you

must make Tanaka's poor feed addict

affiliate NFS and Mota nephew soon if

people must compete with one another

then let them compete with one another

for akhira but not for this world and

what is very interesting that the

dominant philosophy now is what they

call competitive capitalism which is

literally destroying people as the

prophets Allison and said it would

destroy people when they tenaha sue ha

when they begin to buy over the dunya

but the Velichko home come out a

headache at home and it destroys them

like it destroyed the people before them

so this is again a dise