Al-Quran: The Living Miracle

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Event Name: Al-Quran: The Living Miracle
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hat we speak that

English has become the language of our

conferences and our intellectual and

scholastic pursuit is an indication of

our humiliation because it's a language

of a people that conquered many Muslim

lands and they have implant

they've given us this language and this

is what we're left with it's a language

that and I say this as a native speaker

of the language it is a poor language

it's a poor language it's what the Arab

they called lava to tiara the language

of Commerce which doesn't mean they

don't have philosophy and Shakespeare

Sheikh Isabel right they even say he was

an Arab but the point that as long as

we're trapped in the language of English

I believe as an intellectual community

we will not rise to the level anywhere

near what those who went before us do

part of regaining our heritage is

regaining the Arabic language and also

unlike almost all the other languages in

existence the complexification of

languages increases despite the fact

that that that it changes in other words

Latin moved into Italian Spanish French

these are like slangs or dialects of

Latin but by the nature of language

because they left Latin there was a

complexification that took place that

enabled them to articulate difficult

thought unfortunately this has not

occurred in the Arabic language and the

reason for the I say unfortunate I

really not unfortunately but it has

unfortunate consequences the Arabic

language by its nature has been

preserved intact unchangeable with the

revelation of Allah subhana wa ta'ala

the arab grammarians and the arab

lexicographers were the first people the

first dictionary in the English language

is 16th century they don't even know

really what Chaucer's language meant

they can only guess at a lot of words

the meanings of words the Hebrew

language the Hebrews caught on to

dictionaries from the Muslims and this

is why in modern biblical studies in tel

aviv and the universities where they

study they go to arabic brews

to understand the Bible this is a fact

that I'm not making this up they go to

Arabic roots to understand the Bible

because they recognize that as a Semitic

language it is the only language that

has maintained a lexical purity that

other languages have not maintained

because of the preservation of our

scholars and and by the trophy of Allah

because when Allah said in Ana's Elna

dhikr winner who the Harvey boon that

includes the preservation of the Arabic

language because it's an essential

aspect the Arabic language has been

preserved and it's there for whoever

wants it if you want dunya then learn

English but if you want a shuttle learn

Arabic because it is the language that

literally opens up a whole world of

meaning that is inaccessible in the

English language and I'm saying that as

somebody who is bilingual who reads upon

in Arabic and reads English the Arabic

the Quran is not the Quran in English it

cannot be called the Quran in English

and this is not a kind of you know a

boasting of the scholars of the past no

part of the ages of the Quran is the

Arabic language itself and it is a

language of Revelation so we must learn

the language of the book itself and this

includes Arabs who go through year 12

years of high school and they can't they

can't you know one one of the Ottomans

Muhammad banir for saying said this

house lot hosted Holly DOMA be Thoth an

unsub what is nad will Arab this OMA has

been given three special things

knowledge of the unsub genealogy the

knowledge of the is mad Lola Senate La

Paloma Capanna mansion Hashanah less

eminent Mubarak said if it wasn't for

the Senate of this Ummah that he would

have said whatever he wanted to say

whoever wanted to say it so we have the

Senate which is the unbroken chain of

transmission which to the Piranha exists

to this day in an unbroken

chain of transmission to the messenger

of allah to gibreel a days to them to

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala there are

Muslims who memorize the Quran with the

Senate unbroken chain to allah subhana

wa ta'ala and this exists to our day

it's a miracle of the Quran that we have

an absolute Senate of unbroken chain of

transmitters of the Quran both Moshe

hava Sheraton and da Mucha faith then

Wakita Burton by articulation and by

writing its unbroken or estimate as many

all of this has been preserved so

learning the Arabic language now the the

next aspect is and this does not mean if

you don't know Arabic you can't read the

means of a part on I'm not suggesting

that but I'm saying it's a crutch and

lame people use crutches but the beauty

of it is you can throw away your

crutches because the Arabic language is

learn about I mean Marie spoken was 50

years old when he learned the Arabic

language a French scientist who just

wanted to read the Quran in its original

language 52 years old

we have Muslim that speaking was better

than the Queen they speak English better

than the Queen why why is that people

grow up in the Swat Valley and they

speak Queen's English what we want to

speak the King's language not the

Queen's English more I speak the King's

Arabic which is the language of Alan

Milliken mulu the King of Kings Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala so Allah says in the

Quran where da porra al-quran systemic

allahu wa ANSI to la la coneja moon if

we want Rama from Allah subhana WA


this is Allah has given us the formula

when the Quran is recited listen to it

now the word in Arabic here this

terminal is from an eighth form verb is

this Tamara which is what it's called

babban Muhammad which means it's a

reflexive it goes back into the self in

other words it's not simply a hearing it

is an internalization of the hearing

it's a harkening if we say in the first

form semi

it means we we hear like some actor

mauritania dollars they smell like smell

that's not there always ask me do you

hear that do you hear like here they

used to say I heard that right now but

that's not what is the matter it means

that is what semia means estimate means

to internalize it so you you not only

hear the word you internalize it you

take it into the cell you allow it to go

through the ear and into the heart where

it's understood and comprehended what on

c2 and then once it enters into the

heart there has to be silence and

stillness there has to be silence and

stillness if you do not steal the heart

from the chatter of the world then you

cannot understand and penetrate the

meanings of the Book of Allah

Liam you Sue Ellen Mata Harun they only

touch it the purified ones the purified

ones mata haru which is a passive form

they're purified by their class - Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala purifies them they

only have access intimate access to it

those who are purified and so this Quran

has to be internalized there has to be

esteem this this estimate festa me Allah

who were on Seto Lana come for a moon in

order that you are shown Rama now we one

of the things that I think is is a sign

of the the sickness of our Ummah is that

we no longer listen to the Quran in

other words in our Suk's the Quran now

is played like background music you will

hear it out of it I am in a shop another

scene you will hear Quran now in the

Suk's of all the Muslim countries you

will hear the Quran even in the soup and

if you hear it here then tell the people

to stop playing it because the soup is

not the place for Quran in fact it's my

crew to recite the Quran in the soup

except for part of it in who's doing

melodia and you can look at the books of

fear I'm not making that up

and I was once trying to do a

transaction and somebody had a CD of

Quran that he was trying to sell and I

asked him please turn it off and he said

why and I said because Allah says he's a

hotel for infest amir una who if you

hear the quran listen to it and be

silent and and i can't make a business

transaction if you got caught on plane


said is it wide you see this is I mean

this is a sickness this is a sickness it

means there's a deep loss of Adam and

this is what's happened in our Ummah we

have lost add up to the Book of Allah

I'm gonna close it up now we've lost add

up to the Book of Allah Subhan Allah to

Ana now from the add above the Book of

Allah is that you listen to when it's

recited and you're silent now in the

Quran it says left our fart was rotten

for assault and nippy don't raise your

voices over the voice of the Prophet the

Animus many of them has said it includes

when hadith is being recited now there's

a principle in tafseer Muhammad Allah

which is the even more storm like when

Allah says don't say to your parents

both that's the least thing you can do

it obviously means not hitting them or

going on if we're commanded to be silent

when the prophets Elohim is speaking

then what is the commandment when allah

subhana wa ta'ala himself is speaking

which is the kalam of allah which is the

book of allah subhana wa ta'ala if we

hear the Book of Allah we should go

silent if you don't understand it then

be silent anyway neither come tohe moon

in order that you'll be shown Rama from

Allah subhana WA to Anna the the Quran

is the unending miracle of Allah subhana

WA Ta'ala it is the book that enriches

those who have no wealth it dignifies

those who are based and ends and and

subjugated it gives nourishment to those

who are spiritually malnourished it is a

book that brings light and life to the

dead and the blind someone book moon a

moon for home la opción

they Allah says about them they are

blind deaf and dumb and they do not see

their they're deaf they can't hear and

there's they can't speak they can't

articulate and they can't see and the

Muslim is somebody who is listening

attentively to the signs of Allah seeing

the signs of Allah subhana without

because the signs are both things that

we see with the eyes a some amount well

busts are wilful add we see with the

eyes we hear with the ears and we

understand in our hearts the Muslims are

people of intellect they're not people

of stupidity and an idiocy

Muslims are people of

intellect and the Quran is a book that

demands deep thought it is not a book

for simplistic for just just a that no

it absolutely demands from us that we

think Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says

bare-knuckle hockey on a button Fayed

mother who fat either who was a hair we

thrust this Quran against falsehood and

all forms of truth against falsehood and

it is overcome now the air there's a

modern translation that says and it

smashes out their brains which that's a

Grossman's translation of Quran because

da Matta although in its one of the

meanings is a soffit edema to to hip

strike the brain that striking does not

mean smashing it physically out which is

a lot of a way that a lot of Muslim

modern Muslims would like to finish

arguments by smashing out their

opponents brains know where people are

bored on and the proof is if you read

the ayahs that follow that verse you

will see that they all asking about do

you think there's more than one gun in

creation haven't you looked at the

heavens on the earth it's using

intellectual proofs to show these people

in other words you're the mother who yet

mother who means that it overwhelms

their intellect until they have to admit

that it is the truth from allah subhana

wa ta'ala

muslims have never been afraid of open

debate and open discourse the muslims

have never been afraid of open debate

and open discourse of a hadith or of the

omaha and who he debated the atheists in

the masjid he debated people that didn't

believe in the bath this is what the

muslim because they were not afraid of

any forms of falsehood because they had

the truth but because we're so distant

from the book of allah we actually fear

now all of this falsehood that is out


well I al Hawk is a half a bottle in L

bought that I can as a hook-up if the

truth comes falsehood vanishes falsehood

is vanishing the Prophet when Saint Ali

he said sits alone Calcutta Leyland

Muslim there there are fictions like a

dark black night and then

ali karram allahu wa ja reveal on said

Marshall Asuma edenia Rasulullah what is

the way out on that day he said kid have

allah the book of allah fissionable

omaha broken maha brahma better come

worship mama vanakkam it has the

information of those who went before

news about those who will come after and

it is a judgment between you the

prophets alliance edmond de la who

teairra sirat al-mustaqim Ikuo Coronado

was tougher Allah give Baraka Melissa

and Musa Musa Ramallah the beer the beer

the beer desert Allah brother Hamza in

view of the shortage of time I'm going

to allow only one question if anyone in

the audience has a burning question to

ask brother Hamza I am white just one


yes brother if you would stand up and is

there a microphone in the


go back to me

but a

the question if I understood it right

was as from Arabic speaking people

because an Arab by definition is

something who speaks Arabic and the word

in fact comes from a word which means to

articulate clearly baba your Arabic

means to articulate clearly and some

call an out of mind is like rubber

lining things like that but the and some

say it comes from the Arab which is the

one of the fathers of Arabic but it's

those who articulate clearly which means

the vast majority of people now claiming

to be Arab are not really Arab in fact

if the Sahaba heard them I think they

would just shake their heads and say are

these what kind of language is this but

like a eyes in are like Hagia they would

just say what was that active the LME

that means in Arabic I write with pain

so they you know they really wouldn't

understand I don't think I mean they

heard so Hebert Romi once saying yeah an

S yeah an S and all Madhavan of kebab

said mybatis oh hey you Nadia Ness

what's wrong with sohave he's calling

the people and he said no no he has a

boy named Yanis but so he had the urge

MA in his tongue so he didn't pronounce

the hat very strongly I would say that

the the the way that we go back to the

Quran is taking them in Hajj of the set

of people the men have the cell phones

to read the Quran in 30 days this was

the Manhattan of the cell of the Quran

was divided into 30 Jews 660 his 30 Jews

the the his was 60 to be recited at Fajr

and mother it takes about 15 to 20

minutes to read and most people spend

more time in the bathroom doing their

toiletries then then that takes really I

mean just to put our priorities straight

agua Hanif are up in LA I know who is

oftentimes the most generous in terms of

his new

Nancy said that the least amount that we

can recite the Quran is twice a year

that it must be recited at least twice a

year the prophet Elijah in a hadith that

has weakness that arrazi mentions that

says men today are Barina

Fahad Jaffa the one that has gone past

forty days and hasn't completed the

Quran has been rude to the Quran the

Quran must be read but it has to be read

with deliberation we know that the

Sahaba did not memorize the Quran until

they were acting according to it and

this will increase us in our knowledge

when I'm gonna be my edema or death or

Hollow in my madami annum whoever acts

according to what he knows Allah will

increase him in his knowledge so there's

increased by acting according to what we

know the Arabic language of Quranic

Arabic although there are deep

intricacies and subtleties in the

Quranic Arabic by and large the Quranic

Arabic is not a complicated Arabic it is

Mubeen the Hadees are actually more

difficult to read than much of the Quran

but the Quran must be read with

commentary and the commentary is is

something that this is one of the

problems of the modern age is that

people are literally reading the Quran

misunderstand there's people reading

English translations and

misunderstanding because the translator

misunderstood it and there's

misunderstandings in the translations

and also translations only give one

aspect the Quran oftentimes have many

different aspects so the the Quranic

Arabic there is a beautiful vocabulary

that is not extensive that can be

learned very quickly I have a class that

has been working with me two hours a

week for about three and a half almost

four years too and they are they all of

them were a gem when they

and now they're reading the Quran with a

considerable amount of understanding

they can understand it with a dictionary

using relying on a dictionary for some

words and this shows you just that a

small amount of time a massive amount

can be gained now Arabs already have a

considerable jump on everybody else

because there's a great deal of the

platonic Arabic that they still can

understand even for a person on the


my friend Abdullah Ahmad in dead that

told me he was in Egypt once and he he

speaks four high Arabic and he got in a

taxi and he said read on Hobart a

Superman paprika hat - Terry about of

Allah and the men said subtle Allah


so now Egyptian taxi drivers are

notorious for being like what they call

FIFA dumb so I don't know if he was just

not understanding it was caught on or he

was making fun of my friend but we'll

give him the benefit of the doubt now

yes Coleman minute oh man I send your

crew no Heidemann home let not want

people mocking other people perhaps

they're better than them so the the most

beautiful tafseer' that we have is the

jela lane for a quick understanding of

the quran it's in a remarkable work with

and i also recommend a testy Lee Adama

tanzeel by even Jews al qalbi

which is also concise and just brilliant

in what it contains and then you move on

to the bigger tough series but we should

identify resources and the other thing I

didn't I want to talk about this but

again I'm just not I need to be more

structured but I want to talk about our

children and and giving our children the

book about la Savannah with Anna the

prophets allies and I'm said on the Omo

qiyamah that the parents who give the

caught onto their children will be given

crowns that radiates like sons you tell

we drew T Jan tell America since I mean

Subhan Allah

oh I don't understand how we can give

our children chemistry and biology and

physics and I mean it's just that

they're not going to be tested about

that stuff on yo mo camera which is not

to under two diminish the importance of

those Sciences I'm not but we need to

get our priorities right and our

priority above and beyond everything

should be the book about loss of Panama

Tiana and what lie and I'm saying this

and making an oath by Allah our own

amount who were the most brilliant

scientists and scholars that the world

has ever known

I mean way beyond the people now who

don't even know how to to take care of


I mean scientists are uninspiring

by and large it's not all of them but a

lot of them they look at these Western

scientists they don't even know that how

to send it to me on email they'd only

want to talk to people anymore send it

to me on email but these are anima all

of them what they share in common is

that they memorize the book of allah

subhana wa ta'ala and they learn the

language of the arabs and I believe

personally that that I in the Quran is

absolutely literal in its meaning land

of contact they don't in order that you

use your intellect that you learn to use

your intellect when Allah tells us the

reason why we're all scattered and

separated he says Vatika the end of all

Monday afternoon because there are

people that don't use their intellects

taxable and Emanuele Pirro vinsetta that

it can be uncommon a afternoon you think

that they're united their hearts are

separate because they don't use their

intellects we need to begin using our

intellects raise up to the level of this

Deen and Arabic is a means it's a tool

that's all it is it's a tool but it's a

powerful tool that empowers the

intellect certain types of

understandings that are not available to

people through other linguistic mediums

jazakallah harmless automatic