Al-Quran: The Living Miracle

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Event Name: Al-Quran: The Living Miracle
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problems of the modern age is that

people are literally reading the Quran

misunderstand there's people reading

English translations and

misunderstanding because the translator

misunderstood it and there's

misunderstandings in the translations

and also translations only give one

aspect the Quran oftentimes have many

different aspects so the the Quranic

Arabic there is a beautiful vocabulary

that is not extensive that can be

learned very quickly I have a class that

has been working with me two hours a

week for about three and a half almost

four years too and they are they all of

them were a gem when they

and now they're reading the Quran with a

considerable amount of understanding

they can understand it with a dictionary

using relying on a dictionary for some

words and this shows you just that a

small amount of time a massive amount

can be gained now Arabs already have a

considerable jump on everybody else

because there's a great deal of the

platonic Arabic that they still can

understand even for a person on the


my friend Abdullah Ahmad in dead that

told me he was in Egypt once and he he

speaks four high Arabic and he got in a

taxi and he said read on Hobart a

Superman paprika hat - Terry about of

Allah and the men said subtle Allah


so now Egyptian taxi drivers are

notorious for being like what they call

FIFA dumb so I don't know if he was just

not understanding it was caught on or he

was making fun of my friend but we'll

give him the benefit of the doubt now

yes Coleman minute oh man I send your

crew no Heidemann home let not want

people mocking other people perhaps

they're better than them so the the most

beautiful tafseer' that we have is the

jela lane for a quick understanding of

the quran it's in a remarkable work with

and i also recommend a testy Lee Adama

tanzeel by even Jews al qalbi

which is also concise and just brilliant

in what it contains and then you move on

to the bigger tough series but we should

identify resources and the other thing I

didn't I want to talk about this but

again I'm just not I need to be more

structured but I want to talk about our

children and and giving our children the

book about la Savannah with Anna the

prophets allies and I'm said on the Omo

qiyamah that the parents who give the

caught onto their children will be given

crowns that radiates like sons you tell

we drew T Jan tell America since I mean

Subhan Allah

oh I don't understand how we can give

our children chemistry and biology and

physics and I mean it's just that

they're not going to be tested about

that stuff on yo mo camera which is not

to under two diminish the importance of

those Sciences I'm not but we need to

get our priorities right and our

priority above and beyond everything

should be the book about loss of Panama

Tiana and what lie and I'm saying this

and making an oath by Allah our own

amount who were the most brilliant

scientists and scholars that the world

has ever known

I mean way beyond the people now who

don't even know how to to take care of


I mean scientists are uninspiring

by and large it's not all of them but a

lot of them they look at these Western

scientists they don't even know that how

to send it to me on email they'd only

want to talk to people anymore send it

to me on email but these are anima all

of them what they share in common is

that they memorize the book of allah

subhana wa ta'ala and they learn the

language of the arabs and I believe

personally that that I in the Quran is

absolutely literal in its meaning land

of contact they don't in order that you

use your intellect that you learn to use

your intellect when Allah tells us the

reason why we're all scattered and

separated he says Vatika the end of all

Monday afternoon because there are

people that don't use their intellects

taxable and Emanuele Pirro vinsetta that

it can be uncommon a afternoon you think

that they're united their hearts are

separate because they don't use their

intellects we need to begin using our

intellects raise up to the level of this

Deen and Arabic is a means it's a tool

that's all it is it's a tool but it's a

powerful tool that empowers the

intellect certain types of

understandings that are not available to

people through other linguistic mediums

jazakallah harmless automatic