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awkward uh first of all thank you for

inviting me chefs Adam I am originally a

resident and a student of the United

Arab Emirates I studied here between

1979 1984 so I lived here when shaddup

out was much smaller none of the boys

here were born yet and but I've been

coming back every once in a while and

seeing the changes that have been quite

radical in terms of I you know talked to

the boys first before addressing any

issues I I guess the most of the parents

are probably working or something

because right there's a lot of chairs

that are empty but the boys the chairs

are full almost so one of the things

that I wanted to say I mentioned to the

the the principal and some of the

teachers here that one of the major

problems now for the students is the

types of distractions that you have

what's in Arabic they call mahiette and

mobile yet there's a lot of distractions

for the young students you young boys

have distractions that were not around

when I was very small and learning and

studying at your age you have a lot of

toys electronic toys that waste an

incredible amount of time and have been

proven also there's a lot of evidence

that there actually many of these games

are harmful to brain development and

there's they're actually having effects

on the brains that haven't been fully

studied so one of the things that I

suggest really is that you strengthen

the policy about television and

electronic toy the prophets Allah I am

sent min and Marui T and yes ma'am a

hadouken DF he can emit a column that is

it's part of Moodle or Manliness to

listen to somebody when they're speaking

to you especially young people if you

don't listen to your elders you won't

benefit very much so a lot of these toys

are a complete waste of time so I want

to talk to you a little bit about your

time time is the gift of life you have

time but your time is allotted you know

what allotted mean it means you have a

limited amount of time none of you know

how long you're gonna be here none of

you and it's a good thing to go visit a

cancer ward in a pediatric unit in a

hospital because you can see children

that are there they've got cancer there

they're literally dying and that

happened so none of us know how long

we're gonna be here you want to make the

best of your time while you're here and

especially during a ssin you have a

limited amount of time you're gonna be

here and it goes very quickly just like

the summer goes quickly the school year

goes quickly and it gets quicker and

quicker as you get older so you have a

very limited amount of time and it's

very important that you utilize that

time the prophet sallallaahu Ali was

said them said nimittani boon and Fatima

Kathy Roman & nass two blessings that

the majority of people are cheated out

of a sachet oh well for your health and

your free time leisure time your spare

time the time when you're not

preoccupied one of the blessings of

having parents is that they take care of

you you don't have to work you don't

have to go out and and find food for

yourselves you have time now your

parents are working your father and your

mother taking care of you and you have

time to study and to develop your mind

and your intellects and tools that you

can use in your future if you don't use

this time how many of you have seen the

film Pinocchio almost everybody

all right do you remember pleasure

island pleasure island in Pinocchio you

remember you there raising your hand

yeah you remember pleasure island what

happened there and what happened what

did they turn into donkeys hammy Oh cuz

they could do whatever they wanted they

could eat whatever they wanted they

could play whatever they wanted they

turned into a hammy oh you know why

because people that occupy their time

when they're in school and utilize their

minds for education they under they end

up working manual laborers what they

call oh man

they end up working manual laborers it's

the hardest life on earth because when

you're 4550 years old

and you're still using your body to lift

bricks and build buildings and do these

type things it's a very hard life but

those people there's no fault in people

because it's Hilal livelihood and

they're not donkeys those people out

there doing that but they didn't have

the opportunities that you have if you

were given this opportunity to learn and

you don't use the opportunity than you

are a team ah but if you were born in a

place where you couldn't do anything

else but become a laborer there's

nothing it's not your fault you didn't

have the opportunities and if you're

living an honorable life and a halal

livelihood then you're a good person but

people that squander the blessings

they've been given they're worse than

donkeys and that's what you don't want

to become like the boys on Pleasure

Island that wasted their time Pinocchio

was on the way to school and he got

tricked into going to Pleasure Island

and forgetting about school right so

it's very important to utilize this time

and also health

masha'allah some of you might have

asthma you might have eczema you might

have some things that are problematic

but generally everybody here was able to

walk into this room and sit down by

themselves that's a blessing some young

people don't have that blessing many old

people don't have that blessing the fact

that you have your physical health is a

great blessing from Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala you should utilize it in a hadith

that even a bath and if not bass was a

young boy he was about your age most of

you in here he was about your age when

he was learning from the prophet sallahu

sent him some of the boys from the

operation on saw said to even abbas come

play with us he said no I want to go sit

and listen to the the prophets Elijah

ham and they said oh there's plenty of

Sahaba doing that and they're all

learning and he said but they're going

to die and then who will be knowledgable

and so they went and played any but a

bus went to learn later on the boys said

when they saw even a bus become a

scholar and people honored him and

people sat at his feet they regretted

the time they wasted when they were

young people at the same age of even our

best oral delano even our bus relates a

hadith that the prophets Eliza damn said


tanum hamsun table hamsun if tenem

hamsun table Hampson a Fannie Mae Fannie

Mae even a mu means to benefit from

something Hanina is like something you

get from struggle you struggle and you

get the rewards of your struggle is like

what they call in English booty like

some type of unthawed so he said benefit

from five things before five things the

first one he said Shabab akka habla

harem iike your youth before your old

age who can tell me how long saab lasts

right there

good that's 40 years old from the Asian

now you're in the Shabaab until you're

40 you have strength that you don't have

after 40 it begins to diminish because

life is what they call in English

curvier linear in Arabic m'appelle was

you begin here you get stronger stronger

stronger Hutta but other a de ho

you know he reaches his strong point

better or Bernina when he reaches 40

he's at his peak it's downhill from

there and then you begin to hula and

then she ha ha see ha ha you know sama

Tanisha Han what is to be shaken in the

mushiya woman leader Buddha vive a man

proposed to a woman she said you're too

old your share

he said she claims on the old man but

I'm not a chef is the one that walks

around slowly

I still have some energy she ha ha is

the last phase and then right before the

final phases ages I Jews is after she ha

ha you become a Jews you can't do

anything so when you have your youth

it's a great blessing do you know what

shut but an R means schibetta not

schibetta not you don't know schibetta

know a Latin or Shabaab is from HT ad

it's the time you have fire you have

energy and you have to use that energy

for good

don't waste your life don't waste your

time the prophet salaallah alayhi wa

sallam warned us about your bharat and

man wasting wealth the next one he said

was Socata sahat ik publicity Mika

benefit from your web health before your

sickness if you left after Allah may

Allah give you all a fear you might a

token beside he was sadhana and I dumped

him area but if you get sick the one of

the who , he said us

tattoo tajen adderall selasa ha layer

Ajo inland mobile that health is a crown

on the healthy only the sick can see it

it's a crown on the healthy only the

sick can see it so your health is a

great blessing guard your health some of

the Shabaab here already getting pouches

not good you guys need to exercise don't

eat bad food don't eat McDonald's don't

eat it's bad food really if you know

what was in it you would need it

don't eat you know really take care of

your health

eat good food healthy food don't eat a

lot of food the Arabs they say le Befana

to to be beautiful Tana having big

stomachs will cause your intellect to

deteriorate I just read three days ago

in the International Herald Tribune an

article on a study done in Sweden

proving that the bigger the waist

expands the more mental deterioration

there is and they actually have proven

that young people that have too much fat

around their girth or their waist they

actually are already developing plaque

in their brains so exercise get out run

around you have your health take

advantage of it you need to recreate you

know exercise is a good thing you have

to recreate don't be studying all the

time but also don't be playing all the

time there's a time for each one right

now you have to have balanced life and

then he said so la la la was Sedna he

said to benefit from your Malica a brief

Africa benefit from your wealth before

your poverty some of you are given

allowances don't squander your

allowances use them for intelligent

things as you get older you see a lot of

people waste their money

wallahi i was just in Mecca and Medinah

and the amount of food that is wasted

from people in those hotels they go to

the buffet and they piled their plate

and then they leave their plate at the

table and like it's nothing is froth

Kulu was horrible well at to silly fool

eat and drink but don't be wasteful

don't be extravagant in hilarious

anything because God doesn't love people

that are extravagant or wasteful my wife

and I we took food every single time

there was food leftover we took it down

and there were poor people on the

streets of Mecca that were so happy to

get the food don't think there's not

people here in this country that if you

brought them a food they wouldn't be

happy that you gave them food wallahi so

really recognize the sacred trust of

having blessing some of you come from

wealthy families don't squander your

parents wealth utilize it on good things

there's orphans you can pay $30 a month

my wife and I have orphan in Indonesia

we get letters from from this orphan a

$30 a month supporting an orphan you can

do that things simple things that you

can do at your age now and then he said

Farah Hakka publish' halika as tenem

utilize your free time before you're

preoccupied your young people now you

have a lot of free time you have a lot

of free time your young people but your

free time is going to be lost you won't

have it forever

you'll get preoccupied say now omar said

to fucka who table and tesu do learn to

learn how to live before you're in

positions of authority

we have ministers in many countries now

not just Muslim countries in the West

you know Dan Quayle he was a vice

president in the United States he

misspelled potato it's a famous story

he wasn't very bright you know what he


when he got elected vice president if I

knew I would have got this far I would

have studied harder in school you don't

want people in positions of power that

don't are not educated

you don't want doctors that didn't study

hard we have doctors now that cheat on

their examinations they go to school

they don't study they cheat now how is

that going to be when you go to get

surgery and the doctor doesn't know what

he's doing and that's why the number for

cause of death in the United States is

from doctors mistakes

number four according to the Journal of

American Medical Association the number

four cause of death in the United States

is iatrogenic diseases doctor induced

diseases misdiagnosis giving medicines

people don't need mistakes they make in

treating the patients

you don't want doctors like that you

want doctors that know what they're

doing that studied hard you know what

they call a graduate from a medical

school who got DS all the way through

when he graduates they call him doctor

and he might be your doctor so you don't

want to be that type of person because

you have a trust

- so benefit from your time don't waste

your time and then he said well my mad

wahi attica problem America benefit from

your life before your death you have a

short time here you don't know how long

it is maybe 20 years 30 40 50 maximum

you're going to go maybe a hundred more

years maximum 120 people don't live

beyond that very rare for somebody to

exceed 120 most people now average death

is between 60 and 70 years globally the

Prophet said our motto

almaty ma baina Cetina was 17 it's a

miracle of the Prophet because he said

the lifespan of people after my religion

starts until the end of time will be

between 60 and 70 years that's a miracle

of the prophet sallahu cinema that he

didn't need to do statistical studies to

find out the the mean the median

had the average lifespan Allah told him

how long people were gonna live for his

Ummah which means Muslim

non-muslim because it includes everybody

after his message so he said I'm on

Ultimate Team a Venus a teen with Sabine

so most of us will live between sixty

and seventy years it's a limited amount

of time my suggestion to you don't watch

television except maybe on the weekend

and then watch things that are

worthwhile I wouldn't just watch waste

things if it's a film that has some good

meaning or something useful or it's a

there's a lot of interesting you know

National Geographic and other programs

that you can benefit from some of the

the programs that use good Arabic you

can learn Arabic so I you know there's

some even some of the cartoons and

things are using FASTA that you can

benefit from that but don't waste a lot

of time doing that I wouldn't watch

television during the week because you

have to study and then the time that

you're not studying instead of watching

television you should be out kicking a

ball around getting some exercise

exercising your body visiting your

friends doing intelligent things with

your friends these are the things that

you should be preoccupying yourselves

with and I'm finished with a story I

told the girls all right because it's

useful for you as well there were three

fish three fish in a lake one fish was

brilliant the other fish was intelligent

and the t